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Asked: 9 months ago

Should I sell my xbox one?

Okay I have super crappy internet so I can only play multiplayer games occasionally so I was wondering should I sell t xbox one. And just play my xbox 360 if I keep my xbox one I gotta sell my Xbox 360 I want keep my xbox one but I can't sell my 360 I like it so much better but if I sell my xbox one I know I'll get one in a couple months or a year I also have a big library if games on demand on Xbox 360 and the walking dead season 2 games coming out next week

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Have you opened it? Have you turned it on and set it up?

Have you taken english?

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If you have opened it, turned it on, and set it up: KEEP IT. You're gonna sell it for less than you want to, probably not even what you paid but less. If you're willing to deal with those loses because you really love your 360, then sell it. Obviously you've got more pros than cons to keep your 360.

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I would say hold on to it for now. I mean think of it this way....are you going to have bad internet forever? The XBox 1 will eventually come out with great single player campaigne experiences also.

You also say you'll end up buying one again later so why not save money and keep it for now. That's what I would do. It'd be foolish to sell for a loss and then go buy one again. If it's what you like then go for it.

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You have it keep it. No reason to sell just to end up buying it later.

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