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Asked: 4 months ago

So how does playing pre owned games work?

If i get an xbox one i wanted to make sure that i understand how the use of preownd games would work, bc i hope microsotf didnt make so we couldnt use used games

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As of right now, there is no difference between Xbox One and the previous generation consoles regarding playing used games.

If the game itself has some form of lock-out feature (such as requiring online passes for example) then you may need to purchase that, but the Xbox One console has no restrictions on used gaming at this time.

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Just to clarify for anyone that was like me.

If you have not played 360 for a while and your just about to get a One, EA have dropped the online code so ATM its only Assassins Creed that seems to cause problems for gamers buying second hand.

Every other online game works fine.

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