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Internet on xboxone?

I'm knew to this forum so please take it easy on me,
I'm getting an xbox one for my birthday so therefore I'm new to the xb1 as well. I get 12 gb of internet a month thru a portable wifi that's on a 4g network. To get to my question will this be enough to use the xbox one like anyone else would? I know I wouldn't be able to purchase digital copy's as a man from eb games (in Australia) told me that forza 5 is around the 18gb mark and titian fall is around 22-24gb so I gathered most games would be to big to download. Also I'm I die hard forza fan - how big are the updates for it. I'm going insane thinking about this and I don't want my parents whacking out $600 for something that i won't get the full use of


Barforever answered:

Most updates are less than 1gb not seen one over that yet and I own 20+ games
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