Are there any ways of making decent money fast in v1.31?

  1. I've been trying to find a money making method that doesn't involve a bunch of meditation and monster nests. Doesn't have to be quicker if it is more profitable. Any ideas?

    User Info: ShouldveGotnPS4

    ShouldveGotnPS4 - 1 month ago


  1. Loot absolutley everything you can find if its weapons or armor. Loot all of that, sell weapons to a blacksmith and armor to an armorer. Even if they are low or mediocre weapons or armor. This is the fastest way to get money. At one point I had 35k gold crowns. Spent all of it l. Hearts of stone dlc with the runemaster and I'm back at 12k. Easiest method. I suggest having the 'Strong back' perk on to loot more things. Sell saddles to merchants as well.

    User Info: Sitik23

    Sitik23 - 2 weeks ago 0 0

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