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    Dragon Lore for 3DO
    Quick Movement Press C + Left, Right, Up, or Down to move Werner in that
    -------------- direction instantly, instead of first moving the cursor to
    the edge of the screen.
    Hint Never talk to anyone while a weapon or book is in your character's hand.
    * Talk to the old man that is whittling. He will tell Werner to get a bowl.
      Take the war hammer from the back of the farm house and the curved sword
      from the cart.
    * Exit through the gate. Turn right. Go straight. Turn right. Go straight
      until the end is reached, and ignore the creature.
    * Go to the small hut in the pasture and get the bone. Return to the
      creature's location and give it the bone. The creature will move out of
      Werner's way.
    * Go to the barn-like building and get the bowl. Return to the farm house and
      give the bowl to the old man.
    * Enter the farm house. Talk to the old man. He will tell Werner to take Daisy
      to the pasture. Get the rope from the farm house.
    * Exit through the gate. Turn left. Go to the broken gate that appears before
      the location of a second creature. Use the rope on Daisy. Daisy will follow
      Werner back to the pasture. Use the rope on the tree near Daisy.
    * Return to the farm house. Talk to the old man. Take the von Wallenrod ring
      and the whistle. Take the flint, sulfur, quarterstaff, armor, and shield.
      Wear the armor by placing it on Werner's chest. Use the shield by placing it
      on Werner's right hand. Use the war hammer or the sword in Werner's left
    * Return to the second creature, who is blocking Werner's path. Use the
      whistle and the creature will let Werner pass.
    * Go straight to the stone monolith. Turn right. Enter the large skull to the
      left. Go to end of the corridor and get the key. Exit the skull and enter
      the skull to the right. Open the gate with the key.
         + To kill the skeleton here, turn around and quickly exit out of gate.
           Turn around again and wait for skeleton to approach the gate. Enter the
           gate and to trap the skeleton next to the gate. Kill the skeleton and
           take its halberd.
         + To kill the skeleton later, move past it.
    * Look to the right half way down the hallway wall after entering the gate.
      Find and push the off-color brick, and avoid the rolling boulder. The
      boulder will kill the skeleton, if it was not killed earlier (take its
      halberd). Look closely at the smashed boulder and take the key. Use the key
      on the iron gate at the other end of the hallway. Go down the trap door.
    * Use the von Wallenrod ring on the door. Touch the casket with the von
      Wallenrod ring on the side that is missing the ruby. The dragon will talk to
      Werner. Keep talking until he gives Werner an Open Door spell.
    * Go back outside to the stone monolith. Turn right. Talk to Chen Lai. Walk
      past Chen Lai through the archway.
    * Go through the wooden doors. Look on the left wall for a dome-shaped
      outline. Use the war hammer to smash the wall on the left to reveal a spell
      book. Take the spell book. Place the Open Door spell in the spellbook. Put
      the book on Werner's eyes to see the spell runes. Use book in Werner's left
      hand. Cast the open door spell on the second set of wooden doors.
    * Go straight until Werner reaches a crossroad. Turn left and enter the inn.
      Talk to Albert and George until they give Werner a ladle. Leave the inn,
      cross the crossroad and enter the cave.
    * Kill the dragonfly. Take some resin from the back of the cave with the
      ladle. Give the ladle with resin to Albert and George. Take the rope, the
      morning star, and the Fireball spell. Add the Fireball spell to the
    * Go back to the crossroads and turn left towards the web. Cast the Fireball
      spell at the web.
    * Continue down the road to the building containing four trees. Talk to
      Diakonov. Kill the demon he leaves behind. Take the axe and oar from the
      demon corpse's inventory. Use the oar on the ferry and cross the river.
    * Talk to Formar Thain of Hav'shal.
    * Continue moving ahead until some columns and a man-eating plant appear. Take
      the strange skull that is on the right side of the plant. Attach the skull
      to the rope to make a grappling hook. Use the grappling hook on the tree
      branch over the plant and swing over it.
    * Talk to Tanathya Hyrenapth.
    * Continue moving ahead to the Toadstool village. Talk to Cheldrya Serpentina.
      Follow the path that is towards the left and away from the Toadstool
    * Go towards the fountain. Take the first path to the left. Enter the tree
      house. Talk to the fairy woman in the tree. Listen to her advice regarding
      not trusting her sister. Take the cog. Climb the stairs to the upper level
      of tree house. Take the piece of cloth from the dresser drawer. Return to
      the fountain.
    * Follow the path to the left. Take an apple and give it to the dog. Use the
      lever to take Werner up to the tree house. Talk to the fairy woman and take
      the key. Use the lever in the tree house to get back on the ground. Return
      to the fountain. Soak the cloth in the fountain.
    * Turn left. Take first path on left. Go to the garden. Pick one of each
      flower, and two yellow flowers and ride the dragon. Talk to Arthus of
    * Return to the garden. Use the wet cloth over Werner's mouth and nose. Pick a
      blue flower. Return to the Toadstool village. Smell the flower and Werner
      will shrink. Kill the scorpion. Take the blue vial. The blue vial will heal
      Werner. Enter the toadstool near the dead scorpion.
    * Talk to the sprite until he gives Werner a Dispel Illusion spell. Place the
      spell in the spellbook. Leave the toadstool.
    * Look for another toadstool that Werner can enter. Enter the toadstool and go
      upstairs. Look for a green vial in the cupboard by the bed. Take the green
      vial. Leave the toadstool. Use the green vial and Werner will grow back to
    * Return to the garden and follow the path on the far left it until Kuru the
      Seneschal appears. Talk to Kuru.
    * Replace the missing cog on the wall. Look for an outline on the wall to the
      right of the cogs. Cast the Dispel Illusion spell on the wall, and a doorway
      will appear.
    * Enter the doorway. Turn left at the first fork. Turn right at the second
      fork. Turn right at the third fork. Talk to Klaus von Straupzig.
    * Take the torch from the floor and return to the third fork. Follow the path
      on the left to a red room. The center lamp is an upside down bucket. Take
      the bucket.
    * Return to the first fork and take the path on the right. Fill the bucket in
      the well. Take it outside to the cogs. Place the bucket full of water on the
      lever next to the cogs. Enter the grate, go to the see-saw and take the
      silver chest. Return to the red room. Go through the doorway and enter the
      green crypt room.
    * Give the chest to Fujitomo No Samatori's skeleton. Take his ring. Use the
      torch in the dark doorway on the other side of the green room. Return to the
    * Talk to Herg Nach Drakhonen, who will ask Werner to look for a diamond.
      Continue moving ahead to the river. Jump in the river. Werner may be
      swallowed by the pike or choose to kill it.
         + If the pike is killed, take the diamond from its inventory.
         + If swallowed by the pike, pick up the diamond. Then use a weapon or the
           yellow flower on the inside of the fish. Werner will be thrown clear
           onto the other bank of the river.
    * Head towards the mountains. Jump past the tree toward the lake. Walk into
      the waterfall and give the diamond to the turtle dragon. The turtle dragon
      will allow Werner to get a large jewel. Jump in the river to return to the
      opposite side. Take the jewel to Herg Nach Drakhonen to get his vote.
    * Return to the waterfall and cross the lake using the stepping stones. Walk
      up the spiral path to the structure made of standing stones. Talk to
      Hellaynea D'Artica. Use the ring to prove Werner's identity. Accept her
      challenge and spar with her. Take the pick axe. Go back down to the path. Go
      to the right until Werner is on a path. Turn around to face the end of the
      path. Use the pick axe on the blocked pathway and enter.
    * Talk to Diakonov. Take his axe. Chop down the dead tree to create a bridge.
    * Walk across the tree bridge. Talk to the two thieves, then kill them. Take
      the bag and Kuru's sword. Go between the mountains.
    * Talk to Alexandre of Egregalionne & Sylvan of Sygill. Give them the vase in
      the bag. Use the bag to hold Werner's items.
    * Continue moving ahead to the castle. Enter the gates. Pass the Guardian
      dragon. Show the ring to the dragon on the drawbridge. Enter the castle.
    * Kill the undead man. Go to the throne and touch the brass serpent. Refer to
      the doors in the main hall as zero to six, moving clockwise with zero being
      the castle entrance.
    * Enter doorway one. Get the holy water sprinkler from the altar. Go to the
      back of the chapel and enter the rear doorway on the right. Get the candles
      from the shelf and the bible from the book stand. Return to the altar and
      place the candles in the candlestick holder. Take the piece of the von
      Wallenrod Seal.
    * Enter doorway two. Turn right and go to the back wall. Smash the bottle on
      the shelf with any weapon. Take the first stone eye. There is an effigy of a
      dragon god above the bed in the other room, which may not be needed in the
    * Enter doorway four. Retrieve the orna (sword) at the right side of the
      bottom of the spiral staircase.
      Enter doorway three. Replace the orna next to the matching orna on the
      display to reveal a secret compartment. Take the piece of the von Wallenrod
    * Enter doorway five. Push the metal bracket on the fireplace to lower the
      lamp in the next room. Enter the pink closet to get to next the room. Get
      the key from the lamp above the chess board. Use the key on the chest. Add
      the final piece to the rest of the von Wallenrod Seal.
    * Enter doorway six. Enter the library. Touch the dragon bookstand for
      information on releasing the spirit that is trapped in the castle.
    * Return to doorway four and climb down the spiral staircase. Touch the von
      Wallenrod Seal to the door with the markings.
    * Go through the door. This room has debris on the floor. Enter the door to
      the left. Climb up the ladder and take the broken key.
    * Return to the room with the debris. Enter the door straight across from
      Werner. Werner will enter a room with doorways. Refer to them as zero to
      seven moving clockwise with door zero being the one just used to enter the
    * Enter doorway one. Turn right. Continue forward. Touch the skeleton lying
      down on the bench. Take the second stone eye. This area exits near doorway
    * Enter doorway three to go to the banquet hall. Take the crowbar from the
      rear right corner of the room. Return to the room with the doorways.
    * Enter doorway three. Go through the door on the right to enter the kitchen.
      Take the ladle from the shelf. Return to the room with the doorways.
    * Enter doorway four. Turn right. Go forward through the door. Look under the
      sheet. Take the third stone eye. This area exits near doorway five.
    * Enter doorway six to find the blacksmith's work area. Go through the door in
      the back and look for a sack of coal. Take the sack of coal and put it in
      the fire pit. Light the coal buy using the flint on the sulfur. Use the
      bellows to stoke the fire. Take the hammer from the table with the three
      swords on it. Put the broken key in the coal to heat it. Put the heated key
      on the anvil. Use the hammer to reforge the key. Use the ladle to get some
      water from the trough. Quench the key with the ladle of water. Take the
      hacksaw that is near the black kettle on the floor. Return to the room with
      the doorways.
    * Use the key on doorway seven. Go downstairs. A dragon fountain will be in
      front of Werner. There are three cells on the right. Refer to them as zero
      through two, starting on the left.
    * Enter cell one. Take receptacle containing the small skeleton. The sword is
      a trap. Enter cell two. Use the receptacle on the skeleton in this cell. Put
      the bible on the skeleton. Put the holy water sprinkler on the skeleton.
      Select the skeleton to free him. Take the mage's key.
    * Enter the doorway to right of cell two. Enter the door within and take the
      map from the treasure room. Return to the room with the dragon fountain.
    * Enter the door to the left of cell zero. Kill the orc. Take the pliers. Exit
      the room.
    * Enter the door across from Werner's current location. Climb up the stairs
      and jump in the pool of water. Take the crank. Climb out of the pool. Return
      to the room with the dragon fountain.
    * Use the crank on the dragon head that is sticking out the wall. Return to
      the room with the pool of water. The water will be gone. Enter the pool and
      go through the door. Walk on the catwalk follow the path.
    * Talk to Phlogiston, Dragon of Fire. Take the magic powder and the sleep
      potion. Return to the castle entrance.
    * Use the sleep potion on Guardian dragon. Take the molten sphere. Return to
      the interior of the castle.
    * Go to spiral stair case. Use the magic powder on the invisible barrier. Go
      upstairs and through the door. Enter the door on the left. Kill the undead
      skeleton. Enter the door on the left side of the room. Look in the low
      drawer of the table next to the bed and take the first metal ball. Return to
      the top of spiral staircase.
    * Enter the door that is straight ahead. Take the second metal ball from the
      planter on the left side of the room.
    * Enter the nursery through the door on the left side under the ramp. Take the
      third metal ball from the floor. Enter the door to the right side.
    * Turn left in the hallway. Use the hacksaw on the bars of the window that
      overlooks the egg. Enter the nest. Go to the perch outside the nest and turn
      around. Place the molten sphere next to the egg. Use the pliers on the
      sphere. Select the egg.
    * The dragon's son will follow Werner, although he can not be seen. Return to
      the hallway. Open the far door. Take the fourth metal ball from the
      bookshelf. Return to the hallway.
    * Enter the middle door. Get the twig from the fireplace. Use the flint on the
      sulfur. Use the fire on the twig. Use the lit twig on the falcon. Four holes
      will appear on floor in front of falcon. Put the metal balls in the holes.
      Take the talon with the attached string. Return to the room with the dragon
    * Enter the room immediately to the left. This is the armory. Search the
      second rack on the left side of the room for the fourth stone eye. Use the
      four stone eyes on the two skulls in this room. The crystal containers will
      disappear. Take the sword, shield, crossbow, and key. Return to the room
      with the dragon fountain.
    * Go down the stairs. Open the door with the mage's key. Enter the room and
      take the dragon saddle. Enter the far door. The dragon will thank Werner for
      bringing his son. Give the dragon the saddle. Talk to the dragon. The dragon
      will take Werner to a secret location at the top of the castle if he is
      given an item. Give the dragon any item except the ring (the item will be
      returned later).
    * In the secret location, take the Transport spell from the wall. Place the
      Teleport spell in the spell book. Take the vial of Diakonov's blood from the
      chest. Cast the Transport spell and go to the dragon's lair.
    * Take back the item that was given to the dragon. Return to the interior of
      the castle.
    * Go to the top of the ramp. Use the key from the armory to open the door.
      Enter the next door and turn left. Look in the kettle with the hole in the
      bottom. Use the string with the attached talon in this kettle. Take the
      dragon key that was hanging over the falcon. Exit the room.
    * Go up the stairs. Use the dragon key and enter the door.
    * Talk to Addlepate, the mage. Put the sword, shield and crossbow in the
      pentacle. Werner will not be able to pick up the weapons after Addlepate
      asks him to do so. Leave them and go to the upper chamber
    * Climb up the ladder and retrieve the ruby from the railing. Return to
    * Addlepate will give Werner a magic map of the land, which can be used with
      the Transport spell. Return to von Wallenrod's tomb.
    * Put the ruby in the slot on the casket next to the matching gem. Touch the
      original ruby on the other side of the casket. Take the von Wallenrod armor
      and shield. Return to the top of the castle.
    * Talk to Addlepate. Show him Diakonov's blood. Follow his instructions. Throw
      the blood in the pentacle. Take the chalice. Take the power stone (amulet)
      out of the chalice. Throw it at Diakonov. Take the dragon effigy and the
      crystal ball. Break the dragon effigy by selecting a weapon on it from the
      inventory. Take the weapons from the pentacle. Teleport back to the dragon.
    * Enter the back room and take the dragon saddle and lance. Return to the
      dragon. Wear the dragon armor. Use the dragon saddle on the dragon. Ride the
      dragon to the Dolmens.
    * Voting will begin. After Werner receives the majority of the votes,
      Hellaynea denounces Diakonov. Werner will become a Dragon Lord.

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