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    Out of This World for 3DO
    Section Codes       LDKD   KLFB
    -------------       HTDC   TTCT
                        CLLD   DDRX
                        FXLC   TBHK
                        KRFK   BRTD
                        XDDJ   CKJL
                        LBKG   LFCK
    * To access a hidden game called "Stalactites," enter the code BRGR.
    The object of this game is to avoid the balls and falling stalactites
    and to survive as long as possible. [May not work on all 3DOs! - Ed.]
       Watch the introductory movie.  After you get zapped, you'll reappear
    underwater.  Go up immediately or else the tentacles will get you.  Once
    on the surface, go right.  Don't worry about the great hulking beast in
    the background for the moment.
       In the next area, slugs with stingers fall from the ceiling then crawl
    across the ground to kill you.  Crouch (down) and kick (button or space)
    them.  Make sure you kill ALL of them.  Don't let any of them get close
    to you or they'll sting you and you'll die.  If any get by you, leave
    left and return.  Once you've killed all of them, go right again and
    kill the slugs in that area.  Then go right once more.
       In this area, walk toward the right side.  Before you reach the right
    side, the beast will leap into your path and growl.  Run left and don't
    stop for anything.  The beast will follow you.  When the beast gets
    close on your heels, leap left and keep running.  After you pass the
    area with the water, the next area will have a ledge with a vine hanging
    past it.  Keep running then leap from the ledge to the vine.  You'll
    grab the vine and hang there until the vine snaps, swinging you back to
    the water area.  Run right and don't stop.  Soon you'll reach the area
    where you first ran into the beast.  Keep running right.  As you run off
    the right side, an alien will stop you, then shoot the beast.  You'll
    stand, wave, and grin.   Then the alien will shoot you.
       You wake up in a cage with another alien who becomes your friend.
    After you come to consciousness, you'll see the cage hanging from the
    ceiling.  Start swinging side to side.  Soon, the guard below will
    notice what you're doing and fire a few warning shots.  Keep swinging
    until the cage falls on the guard.
       After you land on the guard, your friend says something alien and runs
    right.  Step right a little then crouch to pick up the gun that the
    guard dropped, then run right.  Keep running through the next area.  In
    the area after that, your friend sees a guard and starts running left
    again.  Shoot (button or space) the guard immediately then wait a few
    seconds for your friend to catch up, then run right.  In the next area,
    let your friend stay near you.  He'll have to get the doors open and
    you'll have to fight off a few guards to buy him some time.  Now's a
    good time to explain. . .
       The gun has three functions.  You can fire quickly,
    shooting a red beam that will kill aliens.  If you hold the trigger for
    a few seconds until a blue-white blob appears barrel of the gun, when
    you release the trigger, a shield appears in front of you.  This shield
    will stop any red beams from passing through but you can still walk
    through it.  If you hold the trigger even longer until you hear a loud
    thrum then release the trigger, you'll fire a super-blast that will
    demolish a shield, a door, a wall, pretty much anything.
       While holding off the guards, don't use the super-blast because your
    gun's energy is already low and you'll need the super-blast later.  Just
    create a shield, then wait for the guard's shield to expire, then shoot
    him.  Don't let your own shield expire or you'll be toasted.  When your
    friend gets the door open, follow him out to the right.
       You come to a platform in a shaft.  Stand on the platform with your
    friend, then go up.  When you reach the top, go over to the window on
    the right.  You'll see a view of the city.  Actually, this part isn't
    necessary to complete the game but it helps set the mood and seems a
    shame to skip it.
       Get back on the platform and go two floors down (one floor past the one
    you started on).  Go to the left and you'll be blocked by a door that
    you can't open.  Below you is a guard behind some doors.  Below his feet
    is a little blue power line leading down.  Go back to the right and hop
    on the platform.  Go down to the bottom of the shaft.  Run to the left
    and, as soon as you reach the next room, fire the gun quickly.  In fact,
    start firing as soon as the computer pauses to swap views between
    rooms.  After you've successfully toasted the guard lying in wait for
    you, wait for his bones to crumble, then fire into the left wall,
    disarming the power line leading up.
       Now go back up the floor immediately above you.  Let your friend catch
    up with you, then use a super-blast to destroy the door.  Then run to
    the left and stand on that gap in the floor.  The gap isn't really a
    hole in the floor but a teleporter.  Immediately teleport down and run
    left.  Be quick because when the guard behind the doors discovers that
    his doors won't open for him, he starts super-blasting them to dust to
    follow you.  In the next area, teleport up and run to the left.  A guard
    appears beyond the left door and starts trying to open the door.  Your
    friend catches up to you and opens a floor panel.  Step into the floor
    panel and you'll land in a pipe of some kind.  Above you, your friend is
    too big to fit in the pipe; you'll just have to go on without him.
    Don't worry, he can take care of himself.  Just roll to the left and
    drop down the pipe.
       In the pipes, roll a little ways to the left until you're next to the
    deadly poison steam jet.  Wait for a break in the steam, then roll
    through.  Roll to the left, drop down, then roll to the right.  There's
    another steam jet at the second blue line in the pipe.  Wait for a break
    then roll past it and drop down the next pipe.  Now there are steam jets
    immediately on either side of you.  Wait for a break and roll past the
    steam jet on the right.  Keep rolling right, drop down, roll left, drop
       You land in a large room.  A door opens to your left, enter the chamber
    and energy courses out of the left wall.  It's a nice effect and it
    recharges your gun.  Now walk back out to the right and you're stopped
    by several doors that won't open, super-blast each door, go back and
    recharge your gun, then run out the right.
       Run through the tunnel to the right.  Outside, you find another guard.
    Kill him quickly.  In the foreground, you see your friend running,
    pursued by guards.  Run to the right.
       You come a bridge that has been blasted in half.  Get a running start
    and leap for the other side.  You miss the jump but land on a cliff
    below.  Turn to the wall on the right and super-blast a hole in it.
    Enter the hole.
       Now you're in the caverns below the next building.  Go to the right and
    drop down the first hole.  You fall and land on an oddly colored piece
    of rock wedged in a hole.  Go the right and drop down through that next
    hole.  You land on a large, T-shaped rock formation.  Drop off the right
    side of the formation and run out to the right.  You come to an ledge
    overlooking some stalagmites (pointing up from the floor).  Get a
    running start and leap over them.  Then go right.
       In the next room, rocks fall from above.  Find a pattern to the falling
    rocks and get past them to the next room the the right.  More falling
    rocks.  Get past them and watch out for the tentacles above you.  Run
    past the tentacles because they can't get you if you keep running.
       In the next room, run past the tentacles and leap over the jaws on the
    ground.  More jaws ahead.  You can do a standing jump over these.  Go
       More tentacles and floor jaws.  Use super-blasts to destroy all the
    tentacles.  A red beam will make them retract for a few moments but you
    can just hold the super-blast until they come back down.  After you
    finish off the tentacles, you'll have to get past the floor jaws.  The
    middle and rightmost floor jaws are so close together that you can only
    get past them with a running jump.  This means you'll have to use a
    running jump past the leftmost floor jaw so that you can keep jumping
    past the other two.  Tricky to time but it can be done.  Get past the
    floor jaws and go right.
       Use a standing jump to over the hole in the floor, then another
    standing jump over the floor jaws.  Then go right.
       Here the caverns meet up with an empty well.  Later in the game, you'll
    be at the top of the well and need to get across.  Use a super-blast to
    open the well into the caverns for now.
       Go left back past the floor jaws and tentacles until you reach the
    first falling rocks area you came to.  Now you're on a higher path while
    the rocks fall harmlessly on the lower path.  When you see the red
    dragonlet hanging from the ceiling, fire a red beam at him.  He'll get
    spooked and fly off to the left.  Follow him but be careful not to fall
    off the ledge.  Watch as the dragonlet gets eaten by the tentacles.
    This keeps the tentacles occupied as you leap from the ledge to the
    stalactite (hanging down).  Climb up the stalactite as high as you can
    and leap to the next stalactite to the left.  Keep doing this until you
    leap off the left side of screen.
       This lands you on top of that T-shaped rock formation.  Now step of the
    left side of the formation and super-blast the support from under the
    formation.  It falls over on it's side, becoming a handy exit ramp back
    up to the caverns above you.  Go up the ramp and head to the right.
       Keep going to the right, being careful to jump over those holes in the
    floor, until you are under a reservoir.  From the leftmost edge of the
    screen, use a super-blast to destroy the bit of rock below the reservoir
    and start running left.  You've unleashed a torrent of water.  Keep
    running to the left, leaping over all the holes.  In the room with two
    holes, you can make running jumps over both if you time it right but you
    can make a standing jump over the second if you've run fast enough and
    still make it across.  Jump over the hole in the last one and get onto
    the oddly colored wegde.  The rushing water blasts the wedge, with you
    on it, to the cavern above.
       Now head over to the right until you reach a wall.  Super-blast the
    wall and head right.  Go up the stairs in the next area, then go to the
    right again.  You pass by an algae covered area.  This used to be a
    waterfall until you let the water out of the reservoir.  Keep going to
    the right.
       As you enter the top floor of the building, your friend pops out into a
    pipe beneath the floor.  Watch for a few moments as he crawls forward
    and is stuck behind a metal thing in the pipe.  Now go left back to the
    stairs and head down.  Then go right, cross the ex-waterfall, and arrive
    in a room with chandeliers.  Go down the stairs and when you're about
    3/4 of the way across the room, a guard steps in from the right.  If you
    time this right, you can zap him before he has a chance to react.  Kill
    the guard, and head right.
       The next room has a teleporter at the base of some stairs about halfway
    up.  Ignore the teleporter for now and go right.  As you leave the room,
    a guard punches you in the face, knocking you down and sending your gun
    flying from your hand.  The guard picks you up from the floor and starts
    talking at you.  When your head comes up, kick him (button or space),
    then run to your gun, crouch to grab it, and come up firing at him.  Do
    it without pausing and you'll fry him before he gets a clear shot at
    you.  After you kill the guard, go right once more.
       This room is really hard.  You're in a corridor, as you reach the point
    about halfway between the first and second pillars, guards approach from
    both sides.  My technique is to go a 1/3 past the first pillar, erect a
    shield to the right, turn around, crouch, erect a shield to the left,
    then turn back to the right and walk just far enough to make the guards
    enter.  Make another shield to the right, turn left, make a right
    shield, super-blast the left guard's shield, then shoot him.  Turn
    right, make a shield, super-blast the right guard's shield, then shoot
    him.  You gotta be quick to do this part.  If you get killed, you start
    back where you see you friend in the tunnel.  You don't actually have to
    kill these guards right at this point.  You _could_ do other things
    first and kill them last but I prefer to go after them first since the
    rest of the stuff is easy compared to these two.
       Now go back to the left to the room with the chandeliers.  Stand at the
    top of the stairs and shoot the middle chandelier.  This loosens the
    thing blocking the tunnel where your friend is.  Now head left past the
    ex-waterfall, go up the stairs, then head right to where you friend is
    no longer trapped.  Make a shield about 2/3 along towards the right side
    of the room then head into the room to the right.  As you enter, you see
    your friend slide past in the lower left corner and a guard enters on
    the right.  Go back to the left past your shield, turn and wait for the
    guard behind the safety of your shield.  Shoot the guard as he enters.
    Then go right.  Continue right through the next room.
       In the next room, you see a fleeing guard.  If you shoot at him, you'll
    just miss.  Don't go down the stairs yet.  Follow the guard into the
    next room to the right.  In this room, the guard is hiding behind three
    doors and a shield.  If you step through the door, he'll shoot you.  If
    you make a shield before opening the door, he'll drop little bombs on
    the floor that can roll right under your shield and kill you.  The trick
    is to make a shield, then open the door and, when he drops a bomb, back
    up so that the door closes.  The bomb bounces off the door and kills the
    guard.  After the guard is thoroughly dead and there are no bombs on the
    floor, go through the door and super-blast the door behind the dead
    guard's shield.  Then go right.
       Above you is a re-charger.  You can use it but it doesn't seem to
    really matter because you never run out of gun energy after the first
    re-charger.  But do it anyway because the animation is really nice.  Now
    go right to the next area.  This area overlooks a domed area with some
    green spheres hanging from the ceiling.  Look at the spheres and you'll
    see a tan dot reflected on them moving back and forth.  This is a guard
    who you can hear pacing in the room below you.  Crouch and wait
    patiently for the guard to stop pacing directly below the sphere, then
    fire, causing the sphere to fall on him.  Do not fire until he has
    actually stopped beneath the sphere.  Then go left to the staircase
    where the fleeing guard was and go down.
       Use the teleporter to get to the floor and head right until you reach
    some water.  This water was the empty well whose wall you shot out
    earlier and which is now filled from the water in the reservoir you
    emptied.  Jump into the water and swim down.
       When you reach the tunnel at the bottom, swim left into the tunnel and
    keep swimming through the next room.  Do not pause because you'll run
    out of air quickly if you dilly-dally.  In the next room there is a
    shaft leading down and two shafts leading up.  Swim up the leftmost
    shaft leading up.  At the top of the shaft is an air pocket where you
    can catch your breath.  After you dog paddle in the air pocket for a few
    moments, swim down again to the room with the shafts.  Now swim down the
    shaft leading down.  In the lower chamber, swim over to the ledge and
    climb out into the underground grotto.
       Do a standing jump to the right which just barely clears the floor
    jaws.  Then walk to the right and shoot the power line in the wall.
    Then go back to the left.  I've always used a running jump to get back
    into the water but a standing jump might be alright.
       Once back in the water, swim up to the air pocket for more air, then
    swim down and back up the well to the surface.  Then swim to the right
    side of the well and climb out.  Walk to the right and you'll see the
    dead guard who the green sphere fell on.  Continue walking to the next
    room where there's a shaft in the floor leading down.
       Drop down through the hole in the floor and immediately use a
    super-blast to shoot out the down on your right.  Since you managed to
    shoot out that power line in the grotto, the left door is jammed which
    slows down the guards since they have to super-blast it open.  As soon
    as you have the right door blasted, start running to the right.  There
    will be more doors but these will open for you without trouble.  Don't
    stop to repel the shooting guards, just keep running.  The doors close
    behind you as you run but the guards super-blast them open again.  Above
    you, your friend crawls along a tunnel.
       When you reach the end of the tunnel, get beneath the panel in the
    ceiling, then turn and fight off the guards.  You'll have to kill
    probably between three and five guards to buy enough time.  Soon, the
    panel will open and your friend will poke his head down.  When he
    reaches an arm down, make sure you have a shield constructed for safety
    then stand beneath his arm and he'll pull you to safety.
       Back in the open air, your friend sets you down beside the hole.
    Below, the guards shoot up, loosening rocks above to fall through the
    hole onto them.  Your friend runs off to the right.  Run to the left
    side of the screen, then run right.  Gunshots come from inside the
    building to the right where your friend went.  By running left first,
    you are now on a back ledge that takes you around the building instead
    of through it.  Run to the right and you'll pass behind the building,
    visible in the windows.  Inside, the guards have your friend at
    gunpoint.  When you pass the building, run left inside and kill the
    right guard.  If you're fast enough, you can use the guard's own shield
    for defense and blast him before he has time to erect another shield.
    Meanwhile, your attack has given your friend the distraction to attack
    the left guard in a fist fight.  You MUST kill the right guard before
    your friend finishes off the left guard or else the right guard will
    kill your friend and you can't finish the game without him.
       When both guards are dead, run with your friend to the right until you
    reach the ledge.  Wait a few moments until your friend beckons you to
    the edge.  Walk to the edge and he'll throw you over to bounce off the
    awning on the right side, landing on the opposite ledge.  You have to
    let him throw you across because you can't make the jump on your own.
    Next your friend tries to jump across but he's too heavy for the awning
    and winds up hanging precariously from the end of it.  Make a standing
    jump to the left and you'll grab onto the edge of a lower awning and
    swing down to a passage to the left.
       In this passage, two guards will run out to shoot you.  They're tough
    to beat.  My technique is as soon as I land in the passage, I run a few
    steps back to the right, then turn, crouch, and make a shield.  Then I
    super-blast the first guard's shield then shoot the guard.  At this
    point, the second guard takes a few steps forward and erects a second
    shield.  If I hadn't taken those first steps to the right, he'd be able
    to reach right past my shield and shoot me.  Now make a new shield,
    super-blast his shield, then shoot him dead.  When you've finished off
    both guards, run to the left and keep going through the next room.
       Keep running to the left.  In the room with the staircase, keep running
    or the hidden guards will shoot you.  Don't go up the staircase yet.
    Keep going to the left.  In the next area, three unarmed guards run away
    from you.  Don't shoot them.  Stop for a second and you'll see one of
    the guards get trapped behind a door and a gate.  Walk up to the door
    until it opens, then crouch and point your gun at the guard.  He'll
    raises his hands in surrender, then reach up and push a blinking red
    button which is apparently the emergency shut for the doors in this
    room.  Now go back to the stairs and head up.
       At the top of the stairs is a guard behind a door.  Leap over to the
    right, turn around, make a shield, then super-blast his door.  Since you
    have a shield up, he'll drop some bombs but these will slide harmlessly
    down the stairs.  As they go down the stairs, you'll hear some
    explosions.  After he's dropped four bombs, shoot him.  Now run past his
    rapidly decaying skeleton, stand on the teleporter, turn to face right,
    then teleport down.
       Immediately crouch and make two shields to your right.  The guard on
    the right will super-blast the door between you and start revving up
    another super-blast to take out your shield.  Make a super-blast to take
    out his shield and then shoot him.  This may be a close thing so don't
    waste any time.
       Now run over to the teleporter on the right and zip down.  You appear
    in small room with a powerline on the right.  Shoot the powerline and
    teleport back out.  Use the other teleporter to teleport up again and
    then run down the stairs and fall through the hole in the floor made by
    the bombs.
       In the underground corridor, run to the right.  The next room is pitch
    dark thanks to that powerline you shot out.  Keep running non-stop to
    the right.  You pass over a grating on the floor where the guards shoot
    blindly up, missing you because of the darkness.
       As you enter the next room, stop immediately.  The light will return
    and you'll see a hole in the floor that looks like a teleporter but it
    really just a hole in the floor.  If you drop through the hole, you'll
    be in a courtyard with several of those huge beasts (like the one that
    chased you back in the beginning) inside cages where, running to either
    side would drop you into a pack of guards.  Instead of just heading down
    the hole right away, jump over the hole to the right and pull down the
    lever sticking out of the right wall.  This opens the cages below you as
    you can hear by the roars of the beasts and screams of the guards.
       Now drop through the hole and start running to the right.  In all the
    chaos, the guards won't be able to stop you.  Keep running to the right
    and soon you'll reach a long teleporter above you at the end of the
       Go up the teleporter and then head to the left.  You'll come out just
    below your friend, still hanging onto that awning.  Step up to the edge
    and you'll release a bridge that your friend can drop down onto.  Now
    follow your friend to the right where you'll ride another teleporter
    up.  At the top of the teleporter, follow your friend down the ramp to
    the right and into the juggernaut.
       As you get situated in the juggernaut, it rolls out into the middle of
    an arena where thousands of aliens cheer to the slaughter of the alien
    gladiators.  After a few moments, a cutaway view will appear in the
    upper left corner of the screen.  Use the arrows keys to position your
    hand above a button, which will light up to let you know which button
    you're pointing at, and the fire button or space bar to hit a button.
    Some buttons are weapons, some buttons make new buttons appear.  Some
    just turn colors when you press them.  Eventually, after hitting the two
    buttons that turn green and the two buttons that turn red, a long white
    button will appear.  Press it and you and your friend will be shot out
    of the juggernaut in escape pods.
       Your escape pod lands in the middle of an alien bathhouse where lots of
    naked alien women are lounging.  As you land, they scream and swim
    away.  Guards rush in.  Run out of the bathhouse and to the right.
       As you come onto the bridge leading away, guards approach from the
    right.  Use the shield-super-blast-fire technique to kill the guards.
    There will be at least four guards.  When no more guards approach, run
    to the right and keep going.
       In the next area, your friend breaks through a stained glass window and
    starts running beside you.  Keep going right.
       In the next area, your friend is a few steps ahead of you when a blast
    from the foreground takes out the floor beneath you.  Jumping won't
    help.  You fall from the bridge as your friend looks around in
       As you fall, an arm reaches out to grab you, pulling you up onto a
    lower ledge.  This alien is a real meanie (you can tell by his red
    eyes).  The bad alien slams you against the wall and then punts you off
    to the right.  As he walks towards you, he doesn't see your friend drop
    down onto the ledge behind him.
       Start crawling to the right and keep crawling.  Behind you, your friend
    gets the jump on the bad alien and they start fighting.  Crawl, crawl
    like you've never crawled before, to the set of levers on the right
       Soon, the bad alien throws your friend over the ledge and starts
    towards you.  Below, your friend hangs onto the ledge by his
    fingertips.  As the bad alien reaches the middle of the purple thing on
    the left, use the fire button or space bar to pull that lever.  A huge
    super-super-blast zaps the bad alien into charcoal.
       Now pull another lever, opening the super-teleporter above you and
    immediately start crawling left.  Don't stop crawling because the guards
    are catching up.  The first two shots will miss you but, if you stop,
    the third shot will kill you.  When you crawl under the teleporter,
    you'll be transported up to the roof.
       Congratulations. You won.  Now sit back and watch the closing film.

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