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    [PZR]                          Panzer General
    [Bug #1: This game has a very unfortunate save game bug. A save game from
    Panzer can only exist with three other game saves. In other words, you
    can only have three other games saved in order to save one game of Panzer.
    SSI has announced no plans to fix this, and contends that because the
    save game will become very big as you progress through the scenerios you
    won't have room for any other games.  - Ed.]
    [Bug #2: You can not get to the Washington scenario by winning a major
    victory in SeaLion 43. The bug (Confirmed by SSI) always will kick you to
    Anzio. You can, however, get to Washington through SeaLion 40. To work
    around this, see the cheat code below.  - Ed.]
    End Scenerio Press and hold down Stop, Play, and C (In that order) and
    ------------ while holding those down, tap Left on the direction pad.
    You will be given a menu to chose between "achieving" a major victory,
    loss, or quit.
    Panzer General Scenario Flow Table
    Tu Scenario           Major                Minor                 Loss
    -- ------------------ -------------------- --------------------- -------------
     7 Poland             Warsaw               Warsaw                LOSE
    13 Warsaw             Norway               Low_Countries         LOSE
    20 Norway             Low_Countries        Low_Countries         Low_Countries
    25 Low_Countries      France_I             France_II             France_II
    14 France_I           Sealion_Plus/40      North_Africa/Balkans  LOSE
    14 France_II          North_Africa/Balkans North_Africa/Balkans  LOSE
    13 Sealion_40         Barbarossa[NoW]      North_Africa/Balkans  LOSE
    20 North_Africa       Middle_East          El_Alamein/Kiev       Torch
    21 Middle_East        Sealion_43/Caucasus  Caucasus              El_Alamein
    26 El_Alamein         Sealion_43           Torch                 Torch
    18 Caucasus           Moscow_42            Kharkov               Kharkov
    13 Sealion_43         Moscow_43[NoW]       Moscow_43             Anzio
    13 Sealion_43(NoE)    Washington           Anzio                 Anzio
     D Torch              Husky/Kursk          Husky                 Husky
    *D Torch(NoE)         Husky                Husky                 Husky
    ?D Husky              Moscow_43            Moscow_43             Moscow_43
    *D Husky(NoE)         Anzio                Anzio                 Anzio
     D Anzio              D-Day/Byelorussia    D-Day                 MAJOR_DEFEAT
     D Anzio(NoE)         D-Day                D-Day                 MINOR_DEFEAT
     D D-Day              Anvil                Cobra                 Cobra
     D Anvil              Ardennes             Market_Garden         Market
    NA Ardennes           Budapest[NoW]        Berlin                Berlin
    NA Ardennes(NoE)      MINOR_VICTORY        Berlin_West           Berlin_West
     D Cobra              Ardennes             Market_Garden         Market_Garden
     D Market_Garden      Ardennes             Ardennes              Berlin
     D Market_Garden(NoE) Ardennes             Ardennes              Berlin_West
     D Berlin_West        MINOR_VICTORY        DRAW                  MAJOR_DEFEAT
    22 Balkans            Crete                Barbarossa            Barbarossa
    11 Crete              Barbarossa           Barbarossa            Barbarossa
    18 Barbarossa         Early_Moscow/Kiev    Kiev                  LOSE
    20 Kiev               Moscow_41            Moscow_41             Sevastopol
    18 Moscow_41          Sealion_43[NoE]      El_Alamein/Sevastopol Sevastopol
    18 Moscow_41(NoW)     Washington           Sevastopol            Sevastopol
    14 Sevastopol         Stalingrad           Stalingrad            LOSE
    14 Sevastopol(NoW)    Stalingrad           Stalingrad            MINOR_DEFEAT
    17 Moscow_42          Sealion_43[NoE]      Kharkov               Kharkov
    17 Moscow_42(NoW)     Washington           Kharkov               Kharkov
    18 Stalingrad         Moscow_42            Husky/Kharkov         Kharkov
    18 Stalingrad(NoW)    Moscow_42            Kharkov               Kharkov
    15 Kharkov            Moscow_43            Kursk                 Byelorussia
     D Kursk              Moscow_43            Byelorussia/Anzio     Byelorussia
     D Kursk(NoW)         Moscow_43            Byelorussia           Byelorussia
    16 Moscow_43          D-Day[NoE]           Byelorussia/D-Day     Byelorussia
    16 Moscow_43(NoW)     Washington           Byelorussia           Byelorussia
     D Byelorussia        Ardennes             Ardennes              Berlin
     D Byelorussia(NoW)   Budapest             Budapest              Berlin_East
    15 Budapest           Berlin_West[NoE]     Berlin                Berlin
    15 Budapest(NoW)      MINOR_VICTORY        Berlin_East           Berlin_East
     D Berlin_East        MINOR_VICTORY        DRAW                  MAJOR_DEFEAT
     D Berlin             DRAW                 MINOR_DEFEAT          MAJOR_DEFEAT
    15 Washington         MAJOR_VICTORY        MINOR_VICTORY         MINOR_DEFEAT
    19 Early_Moscow       Sealion_43[NoE]      El_Alamein/Sevastopol Sevastopol
    19 Early_Moscow(NoW)  Washington           Sevastopol            Sevastopol
    13 Sealion_Plus       Barbarossa           North_Africa/Balkans  LOSE
    "Tu" column lists the turn that a major victory can be accomplished by
        when on the offensive except for the following codes:
    "D"  - axis are on the defensive, objectives must be held.
    "NA" - is for Ardennes which is an offensive scenario with special
        victory conditions.
    "*"  - seemingly impossible state to be in.
    "?"  - not sure about path for minor and loss.
    "??" - not sure about turn for major.
    "[NoW]" means war is over in the west: use scenarios which include the
    line "(NoE)" from now on.
    "[NoE]" means war is over in the east: use scenarios which include the
    line "(NoW)" from now on.
    A result listed as "scenario1/scenario2" means the player can choose
    between the two scenarios to play.
    All other results, like "LOSE" for example, end the game.

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