• Invincibility

    This code does work in one and two player modes and must be done separately for each vehicle, or else it will not work. Choose a vehicle from the vehicle select screen, and then press C to display the fuel/ammunition screen. Hold RS + LS + B + C, then press X to bring up the exit menu. While the ''Do Not Exit'' icon is highlighted and all the buttons except C are pressed, press Down + A. A ''double'' vehicle select sound will confirm the code.

    Contributed By: Carter12.

  • Unlimited Vehicles

    Choose a vehicle from the vehicle select screen and then press C to display the fuel and ammunition screen. Hold LS + RS + A + C. While the buttons are held, press Down. A sound will confirm code entry. Then, press Right. Three light blue shadows of the selected vehicle will appear. Then select the car you want to use.

    Contributed By: Carter12.


  • Level Codes

    Enter these passwords into the Password Menu

    POTSLevel 1 - Multiplayer
    TNODLevel 1 - Single Player
    SRAWLevel 2 - Multiplayer
    YALPLevel 2 - Single Player
    THATLevel 3 - Multiplayer
    HTIWLevel 3 - Single Player
    LLIKLevel 4 - Multiplayer
    LAERLevel 4 - Single Player
    EVASLevel 5 - Multiplayer
    SNUGLevel 5 - Single Player
    HCAELevel 6 - Multiplayer
    TSUJLevel 6 - Single Player
    EFILLevel 7 - Multiplayer
    SIHTLevel 7 - Single Player
    MROFLevel 8 - Multiplayer
    EMAGLevel 8 - Single Player

    Contributed By: jimfish.

  • Passwords

    ZZZZLocks All Levels
    TITLPlay Opening Sequence
    WOLFStage Select

    Contributed By: Xeon and KasketDarkfyre.


  • Debug Menu

    After entering the Stage Select code, start a game and press L + R + P.

    This will open a debug menu that allows you to change the game attributes.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Removing the control window

    Select a vehicle from the bunker. Press P immediately as the ramp begins to rise with the vehicle. Then, press P to resume the game at the pause screen. The control window will now be removed.

    Contributed By: Carter12.

  • Self-destruct

    To self-destruct, press A+B+C.

    Contributed By: Xeon.

  • Zoom Out

    Press A + B and to zoom out the view by about 25%. This only works when the camera is fully zoomed in.

    Contributed By: Carter12.

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