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    [PHT]                          Pharoh's Tomb
                                   GAME CONTROLS
    * L - Toggle weapon and shield display in lower right corner on or off.
    * R - Toggle health display on top on or off. The white bars at top left
      indicate your health, the pink indicator at the right the enemy's health.
    * Use the directional pad to move.
    * Pick up items by pressing A when the item appears.
    * The same square may contain several items or monsters, each one visible
      depending on which facing your character is looking into.
    * B - Access item list
    * A - Use item
    * C - Discard item
    * Use directional pad to switch from one item to the next.
    * You can carry up to 15 (16?) items. The game won't let you pick additional
      items once you've hit the maximum.
    * A - Attack with current weapon.
    * Turn to the left or right to escape combat.
    * You can access items anytime during combat.
                                            ITEM LIST
    * Page 14, first row:
              + Wooden stick: Starting equipment
              + Iron knife: Stronger than the stick
              + Silver axe: Can be used to cancel traps
              + Golden battleaxe: Strongest weapon
              + Dad's Notebook: The secrets of the dungeon...
    * Second row:
              + Wooden shield: Starting equipment
              + Iron Shield: Defense power up
              + Silver Shield: Stronger than the iron shield
              + Golden Shield: Strongest defensive item
              + Door key: Opens specific door
    * Third row:
              + Holy water: Throw at enemy
              + Healing potion: Restores HP. Can also be used to transact...
              + Bag of money: Transaction item. Can only carry 1 at a time
              + Jewels: Transaction item. Can only carry 1 at a time
              + Lamp: Weapon which weakens enemy with fire
    * Page 15, first row:
              + Pleasure mist: Use to remove cursed mask
              + Wise man's hand: Use to cancel traps
              + Demonbane flute: Use to repel monsters
              + Quartz Sickle: Needed for ???
              + Rope: Throw at enemy
    * Second row:
              + Regeneration ring: Restores HP
              + Water jug: Weaken enemy with water
              + Pharaoh's ring: Use to cancel traps
              + Blue statue: Use to cancel traps
              + Map: Floor plan for each level
    * Page 16, first row
              + Water of Immortality
              + Hardening Drop
              + Hellfire Gem
              + Acid Sword
    * Page 16, second row
              + Sun bow
              + Pyramid Unit
    * Dungeon creatures:
              + Pink slime: Nur Dafut
              + Blue/green bug; Gi Doruk
              + Wasp: Zeruk Zek
              + Wooden toy: Talisman
              + Dog: Terukel
              + 4-legged machine: Scarab Machina
              + Skull on legs: Necro Ak
              + Blue skull on legs: Necropolit
              + Mummy: Moomia
              + Armored mummy: ???
    * Bosses:
              + Gun machine: Machina Machina
              + Three pillar machine: ???
              + Wooden creature: ???
              + Blue knight: ???
              + <secret>: <secret>
    * Other denizens:
              + Pink scorpion: ???
              + Weeping snake: ???
              + Starfish: ???
              + Blue/red globe Ramses III
    * The more you practice with a weapon, the better you get with it and the more
      damage you can cause.
    * The pink scorpion and the snake always want something, either trade or
      something else. For those of you who are Japanese animation fans, Chisa
      Yokoyama (voice of "Sasami" in Tenchi Muyo!) plays the weeping snake.
    * Ramses and the starfish help you. DON'T HURT THEM!
    * Sometimes, just talking to a starfish will open a secret passage to explore.
      After you encounter one of them, doublecheck parts of the dungeon which may
      show up on the map, but which were previously blocked.
    * The game is automatically saved every time you beat a boss monster.

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