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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ShdwFlash

    Version: 1.3.2 | Updated: 12/26/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    This is actually a Frequently Asked Questions Guide and Walkthrough for The Ur-Quan Masters, a free open-source remake of the original game created by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III in 1992.

    Although the game is essentially the same and you can use this guide for both the remake and the original, there are some minor changes to the UQM. These changes are mostly cosmetic but we recommend you get it as it also includes performance updates to make the game run better on modern computers. For more information and to download it (free), visit http://sc2.sourceforge.net/

    A fan made sequel to the game is also in the works and is called UQM Project 6014.For more information and to download a demo, visit https://code.google.com/p/project6014/


    The latest version of this walkthrough will always be available on http://www.gamefaqs.com/

    Version 1.3.2

    • Corrected an error where some formatted text disappeared.
    • Updated coding to latest HTML editor of GameFAQ's.

    Version 1.3.1

    • Fixed up a number of grammar, spelling and formatting errors.
    • Fixed incorrect links in the guide.

    Version 1.3

    • Completed most of the overhaul for the rest of the guide.
    • Started a new section to explain game mechanics and controls.
    • Merged some sections with the Forming Alliances (Part 2) section
    • Fleshed out some sections to make it easier to understand and follow.
    • Fixed up a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Version 1.2.1 (Phase 2 of Overhaul)

    • Updated and improved guide up until the end of the the Rainbow World Expedition.
    • Added some additional information to existing sections and cleaned up formatting again.

    Version 1.2 (Phase 1 of Overhaul)

    • Updated contact details
    • Updated to new formatting markup in GameFAQs
    • Added some additional information

    Version 1.1b

    • Modified Disclaimer (Again!) I did not expect to be contacted by so many people. Thanks!
    • Updated small things in the following sections: About, FAQ and E-mail rules

    Version 1.1a

    • Modified Disclaimer
    • Completed the status column of the current list of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds
    • Added a few more ships to help you with battling.

    Version 1.1

    • More information added and an easier layout applied.

    Version 1.0

    • First Issue. Basic walkthrough and misc. information. More or less complete & correct.

    Keyboard Controls

    For many modern gamers the mere concept of a PC game that doesn't use a mouse in any way can be quite a shock. So, before we get to actually playing Star Control II and understanding some of the mechanics used in the game, let us first take a look at how you maneuver by just using a keyboard.

    Navigating your Flagship (Space)

    Coming Soon

    Navigating a Starship (Battle)

    Coming Soon

    Flagship Menu

    Coming Soon

    Planetary Menu

    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon

    Game Mechanics

    Understanding a little bit about how everything works in the game will ensure that you get the most out of it.

    In-Game Currency

    The currency in the game is called Resource Units or RU's for short. To obtain RU's you can either mine planets for valuable minerals using a planet lander or destroy enemy spaceships in battle. RU's are only used at your Starbase.

    Another in-game currency that you will come across are Credits. Credits are used to purchase a variety of things from a race of traders called the Melnorme. To obtain Credits you will have to find biological lifeforms on a variety of planets and subdue them (this means shoot them until you can pick them up and bring them back onto your ship) or you must locate the mysterious Rainbow Worlds.

    Rainbow Worlds offer you 500 Credits each. For a list of where to find them, click here.

    Exploring and Mining Planets

    The process of mining a planet always starts off by scanning it. You get three different types of scans which are pretty self-explanatory. You can either scan for each category (mineral, energy or biological) individually or select Auto-Scan to cycle through them automatically. You can mine without having to scan first, but in doing so you will not be able to see where the various items are on the map. This can prove quite bad since, depending on the planet, you might be confronted by some dangerous lightning storms, deadly earthquakes or hotspots.

    Navigate the cursor over the map displayed below the orbiting sphere to a location where you want and select launch. The planet lander will be seen flying down to the planet's surface and land close to where you specified. Landing consumes fuel, so be careful! It is best to gather as many items as possible before returning to the ship. Note that every planet lander has a set amount of crew (green circles) and storage space for minerals (red bar) and biological life forms (blue bar). Navigating across the various items will cause you to pick them up. When your lander's storage is full you must return to your ship by pressing the <Esc> key on your keyboard. You will be able to upgrade your planet lander at a later stage.

    Below is a table indicating which minerals are extremely valuable and which ones are not.

    From Least To Most Valuable:

    GrayBase Metal3
    BlueNoble Gas4
    GreenRare Earth5

    Outfitting your Flagship

    Coming Soon

    The Shipyard

    Coming Soon

    Normal Space

    Coming Soon


    HyperSpace is a layer of space time where you can travel very fast, thereby enabling you to visit other solar systems. To enter HyperSpace you simply fly off the "edge" of the solar system. Just keep heading away from the Sun until the screen goes blank.

    You can also activate the StarMap, select a star, press enter followed by space to activate auto-pilot. This will automatically take you to the star you chose (A line will be drawn to it on the StarMap). If you press any directional buttons while in auto-pilot mode, you will switch to manual control and will then have to reinitialize it again.

    In HyperSpace, solar systems are indicated by a variety of dots or stars. To enter a solar system from HyperSpace you simply fly over the relevant dot. Likewise, enemies will show up as moving black dots that will start chasing you as soon as you enter an alien species' sphere of influence. Should they catch you, you are provided with two options. You can either strike up a conversation with them or head straight into battle. To leave without battling you must select the "converse" option and simply say goodbye. This will, of course, not work if the species is hostile.

    Some additional things to be aware of:

    • HyperSpace drains a lot of fuel, make sure you have enough before warping away to a planet.
    • The amount of fuel you will use is shown when utilizing the StarMap. This only shows the fuel consumption for a one-way trip. Make sure you have enough fuel to get back to Earth.
    • Time passess considerably faster in HyperSpace than in Normal Space
    • There are situations where you consume fuel out of HyperSpace (such as pressing the <Esc> key during battle to warp out) so rather have more than enough.
    • Warning: Slylandro Probes are extremely fast and can pop up anywhere. Use an Earthling Cruiser to destroy them to obtain 550 Credits or warp out by pressing <Esc>. Later in the guide you'll find a way to permanently remove them from the galaxy.
    • You can find a completed spoiler-induced StarMap here: http://www.star-control.com/files/Starmaps/07.png


    Coming Soon


    The original version of this walkthrough was created together with my friend H4VoC about 15 years ago (at the time of this update) when we were still in middle school. Ever since then I have systematically re-wrote, upgraded, and added content to this walkthrough to such a degree that only small portions of it remains the same. One can now argue that I have essentially created my own walkthrough. However, I believe that statement to be wrong.

    Therefore, in honour of the great time we had playing the game together and creating the original walkthrough, I've decided to structure my sentences to use the word "we" instead of "I".


    After the introduction, you start with your flasgship idling in our solar system. If you want to, now is the perfect time to change the names of your flagship and your captain. These changes are merely cosmetic, but it does make your journey a lot more personal and is highly recommended. Refer to the Flagship Menu section located earlier in the guide for information on how to do so.

    At the moment your ship is still a mere skeleton and you will no doubt find it difficult to navigate. Don't panic though for, as you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade your flagship to be a lot more maneuverable. Remember that you can also visit the Navigating your Flagship section and the Normal Space section for more details on how to explore a solar system.

    Upon arrival near Earth, you will be confronted by a strange vessel which identifies itself as an Ur-Quan Drone. There are no dialogue options available to you so simply listen to it until it goes on it's merry way. Unfortunately, stopping the drone is impossible. Now turn your attention to the Starbase orbiting the bright red planet Earth. Hopefully someone there can provide you with some answers.

    It seems that the Starbase is in trouble and needs your help restoring power to critical systems. Continue listening and respond accordingly when prompted. If you are struggling a bit with the dialogue controls or want to know your way around a bit better, feel free to look at the Dialogue section mentioned earlier in this guide. In additioan, do not worry about rushing through this part. This is still considered the tutorial and so there is no time limit on getting the necessary minerals. Finish off the conversation and depart the Starbase. Just as the Commander suggested, head towards Mercury (Planet I).

    To aid the Starbase, you will need to gather radioactive minerals which appear as orange dots on the planet surface. For details on how to land on the planet and more, visit the Exploring and Mining Planets section of this guide. We recommend you only focus ons those and ignore the other minerals since Mercury can be quite dangerous to visit. Should it happen that your planet lander gets destroyed, you can simply visit the Commander again and he will give you a free planet lander to try again. Once you have at least one radioactive mineral in your storage bay, leave orbit and return to the Starbase. The Commander is thrilled and will immediately use them to restore power. Now, with the catastrophe averted and a much clearer image of you and your ship being displayed on his monitor, the Commander seems to have developed some trust issues. He instructs you to go to the Moon and destroy a Spathi base. If you manage to pull it off he will gladly share the Starbase and all its resources with you in your quest to liberate Earth and rid the galaxy of the Ur-Quan. Depart the Starbase and head on over to the Moon. Once in orbit, initialize Auto-Scan. Your scanner should pick up energy signatures all over the surface. Land as close to one of those signatures as you can and approach it. Don't worry about the biological life forms on the planet - they are as harmless as paper towels. Having read the report you will automatically return to your flagship. Fly back to the Starbase.

    When you've docked, tell the Commander the good news. You can lie about what happened without serious repurcussion if you really want to. Suddenly your conversation with the Commander is rudely interrupted by an approaching vessel - an Ilwrath Avenger! It intercepted the drone you encountered earlier and learned of your arrival in the Sol system. Fortunately, the drone is now gone and will no longer deliver its message. Unfortunately, the Ilwrath are not here to drink milk and eat cookies. Before long you will find yourself in your very first space battle! If you haven't checked the controls yet or you have no idea how a battle between two starships work, click here for more information.

    Battling in UQM is a lot of fun! In story-mode, you can make use of your flagship or a variety of other ships that you can purchase as the game progresses. In this case, we recommend you select the Earthling Cruiser. Make use of its long-range primary weapon while staying away from the close-combat Ilwrath Avenger. Should you get destroyed, you will be able to use you any other ships at your disposal. Be warned though, that if your flagship gets destroyed, you will lose the game regardless of how many other ships you have left over. It is therefore a good idea to leave your flagship for last. Later, when you have a greater variety of ships at your disposal, refer to the "Best Ship To Use And How" section later in the guide for some extra information and tips. Since this battle is still part of the tutorial, the Ilwrath Avenger only has half of its crew. But don't let that fool you! If you don't keep your distance you will die very quickly.

    After blasting your enemy into space dust, Commander Hayes will continue his conversation and congratulate you on your victory. He is now thoroughly convinced of your capabilities as a starship captain and will offer the station and all its services to aid you in your quest to free Earth. After a two week period of adjusting the station to accomodate the Precursor vessel, you finally have the opportunity to offload some minerals (only if you got minerals other than the radioactive ones on Mercury) for extra RU's and ask some questions.

    This ends the tutorial section of the game. From now on you won't get any free planet landers and all enemy ships will have full crew compliments.

    Information Block 1: A Summary of Starbase Services

    At the Starbase you can do the following:

    • Offload minerals for RU's
    • Get news/updates from Commander Hayes.
    • Get fuel
    • Get crew
    • Add modules to your ship to improve it.
    • Purchase other fighting ships.
    • Get information on devices and the history of various races.

    Fueling your Adventure

    Now that you have completed the introduction, it's time to get started on your quest. The first order of business to attend to is getting some RU's to fuel your mission. You can do this by mining planets for minerals or destroying enemy ships. Whichever method you choose is up to you. We prefer mining above fighting mostly because we know of great planets that give very valuable minerals. These planets are known as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds. To see a list of them and their coordinates, click here.

    Start by mining Mars (Planet IV) followed by Jupiter's (Planet V) 1st and 2nd moons. Don't leave the Solar System just yet! Continue on to mine the moons of Saturn (Planet VI) and Neptune (Planet VIII) so that there is nothing left. Once finished, return to the Starbase and offload your minerals. Before you can offload, however, you may be informed of a signal coming from Uranus (Planet VII). What could it be?

    Leave the Starbase and head for Pluto (Planet IX) where the signal is actually coming from. If you scan for energy, you will find a Spathi Eluder hiding on the planet's surface. Send a planet lander down and start a conversation by - literally - ramming into his ship. This act will make you lose about half your planet lander's crew and it is completely unavoidable. You will be greeted by Captain Fwiffo. Do not antagonize him or start a battle no matter how great your lust for revenge is. By choosing dialogue options reflecting the fact that he is all alone, vulnerable and that you can offer him protection, you will eventually persuade him to join your fleet. Spathi Eluders are quite fast and maneuverable, but they lack the very powerful weapons of most other ships. They are, however, the ideal ship for defeating a very specific enemy which you will meet later on in the story.

    Return to the Starbase to recrew and refuel. Make sure you have at least 60 fuel units before departing. Any leftover RU's must be used to add as many speed and turning modules as you can. Speed modules always get preference above turning modules. If all goes well you should be able to buy enough to have 7 Speed Modules and 4 Turning Modules. In the event that you do not have enough RU's we suggest you mine some of the other planets in the Sol system that you haven't visited yet.

    Forming Alliances (Part 1)

    To defeat the Ur-Quan and free the Earth you will need the support from the other spacefaring species in the quadrant. Getting allies and enlisting the help of as many species as possible is thus a top priority. It is finally time to enter HyperSpace!

    Most of the alliances aren't crucial to completing the game. In fact, you only need to befriend the Pkunk, Orz, and the Melnorme which is surprisingly easy. Still, we urge you to ally with as many species as possible for they hold many benefits and are generally worth the time and risk.

    If you are unfamiliar with how HyperSpace works we suggest you read the relevant section of the guide by clicking here.


    The Melnorme ("mal-nor-may") are traders who do not use RU's as a currency. Instead, they make use of credits. Interestingly, the Melnorme has no homeworld available for you to visit. Where to find them, you ask? Easy! The same Melnorme Trader ship can always be found in the solar system of a supergiant star. On the StarMap these giang stars are visibly shown as the largest dots. The closest one to Earth is Alpha Centauri. First, however, let us grab some minerals.

    Warp into HyperSpace and fly to Beta Lyrae, Planet V @ 189.5 : 104.1. Mine only the fifth planet. Continue on your journey to the Alpha Centauri solar system (155.9 : 099.3). For traders at heart, the Melnorme are sometimes rather difficult to locate as they move around from planet to planet. Start searching the system until you see a silver ship - that's them. Head for it and strike up a conversation. Since you can't do anything without credits, say goodbye for now. Before leaving we suggest you mine planets III and VIII. These planets are relatively hostile, but try your best to get all of the minerals without losing your lander. It's worth the risk. Remember to save your game!

    Leave the solar system.


    The Pkunk are known to be very spiritual and have a generally calm nature when conversing. But don't let that fool you. For behind those beady eyes lurks a surprisingly fierce fighter! Just as with the Melnorme you will not gain a formal alliance and so building their ships will not be possible. Don't despair though, as there is light at the end of the tunnel! Their homeworld is located on the first planet of Gamma Kreuger (052.2 : 052.5),so start travelling in that direction.

    Along the way, you may want to mine Eta Giclas, Planet IV @ 070.8 : 004.1 for some good minerals. If you happen to meet any Pkunk just converse and say goodbye as soon as possible. You won't be able to form an alliance in outer space. Eventually you will reach Gamma Kreuger. Head for the planet closest to the sun and open up communication channels. After the initial greeting they will suddenly give you a strange object called the Clear Spindle. This item is very important and will only be of use later on in the game. You now have a choice of either leaving or staying to chat. Our suggestion? Talk some more and see what you can get out of them.

    Introduce yourself and start elaborating on your mission to defeat the Ur-Quan. Though they cannot help you as formal allies, they will assist you by providing you with 4 Pkunk Furies! Should they not give them to you at the end of the dialogue tree, just keep talking and eventually you will get them. The conversation tree is easy to master. Once back in space, leave the solar system and head back home to Sol. The direct route will most likely take you through Ilwrath Space. The Ilwrath ships are deadly, but not fast and you should be able to outrun them with ease.

    At the Starbase speak to Commander Hayes and get an update on the current situation. If he says something about a distress signal, ignore it for now and offload your minerals. Be sure to add another fueltank, refuel to maximum capacity, recrew and buy an additional planet lander. If you find yourself short on RU's, you can sell some of your Pkunk Fury ships in the Shipyard.


    You already met Captain Fwiffo and now it is time to meet the rest of his species. Before heading there, go to Gamma Volantis, Planet I @ 104.8 : 191.9 for some minerals. Once again we suggest you avoid any and all Ilwrath Encounters. You can also mine Epsilon Volantis, Planet IV @ 070.5 : 183.8.

    If the Starbase Commander informed you of a signal when you returned from the Pkunk Homeworld, you can fly to Rigel @ 210.4 : 208.3 and meet the Zog-Fot-Pik. It appears that they are in dire need of assistance and an alliance would be very beneficial. As usual, be diplomatic in your conversation with them and ultimately agree to help. Leave the solar system and the Zog-Fot-Pik behind. We will get back to them after we have dealt with the Spathi. Along the way you can mine Gamma Vitalis, Planet V @ 308.3 : 367.4 and Alpha Ceti, Planet II @ 287.5 : 447.9. If you rather want to skip the mining session, you can start travelling towards the Spathi Homeworld at Epsilon Gruis @ 241.6 : 368.7. Remember that you cannot form an alliance in HyperSpace. Any Spathi you encounter along the way will not attack you unless you provoke them. Just say "Hi" and "Goodbye" and continue on your journey.

    Once you arrive at their solar system, you will see a lone Spathi Eluder circling a blue planet. This is a decoy. Their homeworld at the moment is actually the purple moon orbiting the planet. Head there now. Without warning you are confronted by the Spathi High Council who is talking to you from within complete darkness. Give them the password you learned from Captain Fwiffo (Huffi-Muffi-Guffi) and start talking to them. In order to have their allegiance you will have to eliminate the "Ultimate Evil" from their home planet. Say goodbye and fly towards the planet. Apparently the so-called "Ultimate Evil" is none other than gigantic stationary monkey-like aliens just waiting to be captured. Using your planet lander (after scanning for biological life forms) head down to the surface and shoot them until they are subdued. You can then pick them up. Do this for all the lifeforms on the planet. It will take more than one trip and consume quite a bit of fuel, but the good news is that you can use these lifeforms to get Credits for the Melnorme. When the final evil one falls, return to the Spathi High Council.

    After telling them that you've eradicated the "Ultimate Evil" from their planet, they will gladly...ask you to leave? Well that sure is nice! But you aren't going to give up just yet. Leave and come back immediately. After some more dialogue you'll start to realize that an alliance might not be formed unless you take drastic measures. Gently remind them that you have the monsters from their homeworld within your cargo hold in suspended animation. The Council will quickly change their tune and a formal alliance is born. Nice work!

    Information Block 2: The Dissapearance of the Spathi and the Umgah Caster

    After a while the Spathi will close themselves up on their planet's surface using the same slave-shield technology that the Ur-Quan used on Earth. When this happens, you will no longer be able to build any of their ships so it is suggested that you have at least one. If you still have Captain Fwiffo as a part of your fleet, it will do.

    On the bright side, you'll find an Umgah Caster on their moon once it happens. The Umgah Caster can be used to contact the Melnorme while in HyperSpace and will come in handy later in the game.

    Having finally formed the alliance, fly to Gamma Gruis, Planet I @ 225.0 : 370.8 and mine it. Now fly back to Earth.

    The Commander will have some good news. A contingent of Spathi have already arrived at the station and you can now build their ships! Do the usual and make sure you have all your speed and turning modules, 3 full fuel tanks, 2 full Crew Pods, 2 Planet Landers and at least 1 Storage Bay. If you have some cash left, buy and fill up another fuel tank. Otherwise leave it.

    Zoq-Fot-Pik and Arilou Lalee'lay

    This is going to be a very long trip so make sure to have everything you need as outlined at the end of the previous section. Did you also remember to save? Good. Let's get going.

    If you haven't been to the Rigel System yet to meet the Zog-Fot-Pik, go there now and agree to help them. Otherwise fly to Beta Normae, Planet III @ 141.6 : 531.5 and mine it. Try to avoid wasting fuel. You are a long way from home and the only way to get fuel now is from the Melnorme. Let's hope that they don't have to come rescue you.

    The Arilou Lalee'lay (henceforth refered to as "Arilou") is a very elusive species and, as you will find out, live in a completely different layer of space known as Quasi-Space. To reach it, you will need to make use of the naturally recurring gateway located at coordinates 043.8 : 637.2. The gate only appears between the 17th and 20th of each month which gives you a very brief window to access it. If you were to look on the Starmap during those days it should register as "Unknown". Even if you don't see it at the moment, fly there anyway. Should it happen that the gate is not open yet, simply wait for it in HyperSpace. Alternatively you can go and mine Beta Chandrasekhar, Planet II @ 037.5 : 671.6. While waiting you may also run into the Arilou. Just as with the previous species you've encountered, as long as you are not hostile towards them in any way you have nothing to fear.

    When you go through the gateway you will enter a realm that is as green as HyperSpace is red. Welcome to Quasi-Space!

    Open the StarMap and select the top-most (and biggest) dot you see. This is the Arilou Homeworld. When you eventually reach it, you are presented with the familiar option to either converse or fight. Strike up a conversation. You will find that they won't readily give you help in the form of ships or a formal alliance, but they are willing to give you something equally impressive. Wangle the conversastion until you get the option to ask them what they can offer you as a people. They will say a lot, but eventually they will mention a Portal Spawner.

    A Portal Spawner is a device that allows you to create an artificial gateway between HyperSpace and Quasi-Space! The trick to getting this device is to find a crashed Ur-Quan Dreadnaught which contains sufficient materials and components to create one for a ship your size. Follow their instructions and proceed to coordinates 544.0 : 532.0 in Quasi-Space. After emerging back in HyperSpace, head on to Alpha Pavonis, Planet VII @ 056.2 : 800.0.

    Scan for energy once you reach the planet and head down to the large signal on the surface. This is the Ur-Quan Dreadnaught. After investigating it, return to the Arilou Homeworld using the naturally occuring gate again. If you did everything correctly you should come back just in time for it to appear again. If not, go mine the planet mentioned earlier. Back at their homeworld you will receive a custom built Portal Spawner for your flagship. This device is very handy and allows you to traverse great distances in a very short amount of time. Simply use it while in HyperSpace and enter the relevant gate. Be warned, though, that every trip to Quasi-Space consumes 10 fuel units. In the greater scheme of things, however, this is negligible as you don't consume any fuel while travelling between gates. Leave the Arilou Homeworld and use the gateway @ coordinates 502.0 : 460.0.

    For a map of Quasi-Space and where each gateway leads to in HyperSpace, click here.

    You are now back in HyperSpace. More specifically you are in the combined area of influence of the Ur-Quan, Khor-Ah and Zog-Fot-Pik. If you haven't heard of the Kohr-Ah yet, you will soon enough. While in this area it is strongly suggested that you avoid any and all contact as most of the black dots on the map here are enemies. Use auto-pilot and set a course for Alpha Tucanae, Planet I @ 400.0 : 543.7. The Zog-Fot-Pik will be very happy to see you once you arrive and will gladly accept your assistance. In exchange they will provide you with the designs for their ships, the necessary crew to pilot them and also update you on the war between the Ur-Quan and the Kohr-Ah. Feel free to ask them as many questions as you like as they have some very interesting information. When you're done talking, simply head outside into HyperSpace and activate the Portal Spawner. Head to coordinates 506.0 : 474.0. This gateway will take you very close to Earth and is a convenient way to get back home quickly.

    Information Block 3: Zog-Fot-Pik in Trouble

    Later in the game you will receive a distress call from them. When you get it, go as soon as possible. If you take longer than 3 months before heading to their rescue they might suffer some serious damage from a Kohr-Ah ship. To defeat it, use your Spathi Eluder. Refer to the "Best Ship To Use And How" part later in the guide for an in-depth explanation.

    Also, a great mining place is Beta Cephei @ 362.5 : 575.0.

    Once back at the Starbase, speak to the Starbase Commander and offload all your minerals. Resupply your ship with crew and fuel.

    Rainbow World Expedition

    If you thought the trip to the Arilou and Zog-Fot-Pik was long, think again! We are about to embark on an expedition that takes us right around the quadrant to visit Rainbow Worlds. Rainbow Worlds are, as the name implies, raibow-coloured planets that for some or other strange reason forms an arrow pointing towards the centre of the galaxy. It is speculated that they might have some connection to the Precursors. But why go on this expedition you ask? Well, besides the fact that each Rainbow World is rich in minerals, every world we discover also nets us a huge amount of credits when we provide its location to the Melnorme. We need the credits so that we can buy fuel from the Melnorme (since buying fuel from the Starbase is quite expensive), but also to acquire crucial information about a species known as the Syreen. In addition, we also get a free HyperSpace Caster along the way.

    To make things simple, the expedition will be in point form and deviation is not recommended. Avoid all encounters. If you do encounter a ship converse first and, if a battle is unavoidable, leave as soon as possible. Also, if you have to mine a planet we will tell you, otherwise don't. Mining planets consumes fuel which will end up being counter-productive. In the unfortunate event where you run out of fuel just wait for the Melnorme in HyperSpace. Once they come to your aid, sell your Rainbow World data and bio-data to get credits to purchase fuel.

    For the trip your ship must have the following:

    • 3 Full Crew Pods
    • 7 Full Fuel Tanks
    • 3 Storage Bays
    • 2 Planet Landers
    • 1 Ion-Bolt Gun
    • All the Speed and Turning Modules

    If you don't have enough RU's, sell some/all of your Pkunk Fury ships. Do not sell your Arilou ships because you are going to need them later. If you still need RU's, rather reduce your fuel tanks to 6 and crew pods to only 2.

    Start of Expedition:

    • Head out of the solar system and activate the Portal Spawner.
    • Use the portal @ 544.0 : 532 0.
    • Mine Beta Chandrasekhar, Planet II @ 037.5 : 671.6 if you have not already.
    • Proceed to Beta Pegasi,Planet I @ 039.5 : 745.8 and scan it
    • Proceed to Epsilon Draconis, Planet 1 @ 283.6 : 785.7 and scan.
    • Mine Fomalhaut, Planet I @ 437.5 : 856.2
    • Go to Epsilon Lipi, Planet I @ 543.7 : 827.0 and mine it.(Note: Only get the orange-red minerals)
    • Proceed to Beta Leporis, Planet I @ 766.6 : 866.6 and mine it. (Only the orange-red minerals again & the big blue Bio-Lifeforms)
    • Fly to Gamma Aquarii, Planet I @ 853.4 : 879.7 and mine it.(As always, only orange-red minerals)
    • The next stop is Groombridge, Planet I @ 996.0 : 904.2. Just scan.
    • Proceed to Alpha Andromedae, Planet I @ 862.5 : 700.0 and scan.
    • Go to Arcturus Planet Ia @ 964.5 : 579.1 and scan for energy. Pick up the Burvixse Caster (No need for the Bio-Life forms)
    • Head for Gamma Reticuli, Planet I @ 741.6 : 508.3. Just scan.
    • Continue on to Gamma Kepler, Planet I @ 602.0 : 297.9.(You can try mining, but it's not advised. We didn't mine)
    • Go to Epsilon Scuti, Planet VII @ 533.8 : 035.5 and mine it.
    • Proceed to Zeta Scuti, Planets II and III @ 531.3 : 015.0 and mine them.
    • Fly to Zeta Sextantis, Planet I @ 468.1 : 091.6 and mine it.(Only the orange-red!!)
    • Finally, fly back to earth. Don't use the Portal Spawner!

    End of Expedition


    During the course of doing the expedition, the Spathi should have vanished from the quadrant and the Pkunk most likely started moving towards the Yehat which you may not have met yet.

    Do not worry. Just leave them be. Remember that you can, whenever you want to, visit the moon of the Spathi Homeworld and get yourself an Umgah Caster.

    Back at the Starbase, speak to the Commander and offload all your minerals. Recrew your ships, but do not refuel. Instead sell all your fuel. That's right! Sell it.

    Travelling in a solar system does not require any fuel. Leave the solar system and enter HyperSpace. Use your Burvixse Caster to call the Melnorme. Sell all your Rainbow Planet locations and all the bio-data you gathered. Now, purchase all the technology upgrades they have to offer and keep on buying "Useful info on alien races" until you learn something about the Syreen and the destruction of their planet by the Mycon - then you stop.

    Now for a little trick:

    Buy the maximum amount of fuel you can carry @ 1 Credit per unit from them. Leave and go back to the Starbase and sell this fuel @ 20RU's per unit. Repeat the process 2 more times for a total of 3 times.

    After you've emptied everything for a 3rd time you should have a lot of RU's. Now, add and remove the modules on your flagship so that your ship will only have the following:

    • 3 Hellbore Cannons (In front 3 slots)
    • 3 Full Crew Pods
    • 3 Full High Ef. Fuel Tanks
    • 1 Storage Bay
    • 3 Planet Landers
    • 2 Tracking Systems
    • 2 Shiva Furnaces
    • 2 Dynamos
    • All the Speed and Turning Modules

    You should have some money left. If not, cut back on 1 Hellbore Cannon. That should give you enough RU's for the rest. If not, don't worry. We will get some extra RU's again later. Go into HyperSpace and call the Melnorme. For the last time fill up your fuel tanks. From now on you must always buy your fuel from the Melnorme. Simply call them in HyperSpace and fill up all your tanks.

    Forming Alliances (Part 2)

    It is time again to rally some more species to our cause. Unlike the previous alliances we had to form, these species are far more fussy and will require a little bit more work before they will commit to anything. We suggest you take a moment to save your game in a new slot so you can always return here should something go wrong.


    If you've played the original Star Control you can't help but remember the Shofixti. These furry creatures are known for their deadly self-destructive attack and their ability to procreate at an alarming speed. They were uplifted by the Yehat to help fight against the Ur-Quan and have proven to be quite tenacious.

    To befriend the Shofixti you'll have to do quite a number of things, but if you made sure to upgrade your ship after the Rainbow World Expedition then this should be no problem at all.

    First, head to Delta Gorno @ 290.8 : 026.9 which is the last known location of the Shofixti race. Look around for a ship orbiting a planet. The ship tends to move in a similar way to the Melnorme Trader so be patient if you can't find it immediately. As you approach the lone Shofixti, the ship will suddenly change course to intercept you. Don't panic. Converse with him. Due to the extensive damage to his ship he will mistakenly believe you to be an Ur-Quan. Trying to convince him by being nice will get you nowhere. Instead, insult him. Each time you do so he will attack you. Chose your flaghip as the first vessel to enter battle and warp out as soon as you can. Once again, talk and insult him. Repeat this process until he realizes you're not Ur-Quan. Apparently Ur-Quan do not insult other alien species. Who knew? Continue the dialogue some more until you hear the reason why he is in this system. Feel free to chat with him about some other topics as well. When you are done talking, tell him to stay where he is and protect the solar system. Let's go save the Shofixti race!

    Apparently a Vux Admiral called Zex has managed to get his hands on some Shofixti females. He's on Alpha Cerenkov, Planet I @ 422. 1 : 198.6. Start by casually chatting to him until you have the opportunity to ask him about the Shofixti Maidens. As you might have guessed he is not eager to part with them. Tell him you will use force if necessary. Continue your dialogue and ask him what he is doing on the planet surface. Keep at it until he agrees to give the Shofixti Maidens in exchange for capturing a "little critter" that he wants. This "little critter" is actually a beast and we highly recommend you have all the upgrades for your planet lander before trying to capture it.

    Naturallly, the beast is located on the other side of the quadrant. Luckily for you, you got your hands on a Portal Spawner. Go into Hyperspace and enter Quasi-Space. Use the portal at coordinates 448.0 : 504.0 to get to the Lyncis constellation. When you're back in HyperSpace set a course for Delta Lyncis, Planet I @ 570.4 : 979.5. Scan for biological lifeforms. On the planet's surface you will find the Vux beast. It is the fastest and strongest lifefrom on the planet so you can't miss it. Be careful. Unlike most other lifeforms you've encountered you will have to shoot quite a lot of times before he will succumb. Rather return to your ship than lose your planet lander and be sure to keep your distance. Before leaving, we suggest that you also capture all the other lifeforms on the planet.

    When you've finally manage to capture him, head to Theta Lyncis, Planet I @ 612.5 : 960.4. and mine it. Afterwards, head back to Admiral Zex. Don't forget to make use of your Portal Spawner!

    It appears as if Admiral Zex doesn't want to uphold his end of the bargain. You have no choice but to give him the beast. Wait! Something is happening! To the Admiral's horror the beast escapes and violently eats him and his entire crew! The best part? You cannot be blamed.

    Go down to the planet surface after doing an Auto-Scan and claim the Shofixti Maidens. Make sure to get all the lifeforms and minerals as well. Time to return to Tanaka at Delta Gorno and give him the good news. After some dialogue he will excuse himself so that he can err...go perform his duty. And by the looks of it he does a very good job. A mere 3 months later and you can build Shofixti Scouts at the Starbase. As a bonus the price for crew will also be reduced by 2 RU's. This means you only pay 1RU for per crewmember!

    Back at the Starbase do the usual, but remember that you must only refuel via the Melnorme.


    The Orz is a race that occupies the area the Androsynth once did. Set a course for Gamma Vulpeculae, Planet I @ 371.3 : 253.7. Upon starting a conversation with them you will immediately realise that you have a big problem. Try your best to make out what they are saying and whatever you do - do not ask about or even mention the Androsynth! Asking them any such questions will upset them and may make it impossible for you to form an alliance. Speaking of which, it may take you a couple of conversations with them before they will finally agree. Just be patient and remember what we said.

    After the entertaining conversation with them is over, fly towards Delta Vulpeculae, Planet IIc @ 372.1 : 261.9. Once you've arrived, the Orz will permit you to go and explore the planet. Scan for energy. On the surface get the Taloo Shield. This device protects you against mind-control and psychic attacks. Well, that's that. The only thing left to do is to go back home.


    Tired of those pesky probes? So are we. Even if you can annihilate them in one blow with your ship as it is, they are still an annoyance. Simply follow these instructions and say "Good Bye" and "Good Riddance":

    Based on information you received earlier from the Melnorme, go to their homeworld on Beta Corvi, Planet IV @ 033.3 : 981.2. Believe it or not their homeworld is a massive gas giant.

    Converse with them and ask them a little bit about the probes they've purchased from the Melnorme to help them explore and meet new species. After some further investigation about the probe's program you'll realize that the Slylandro programmed their probe's incorrectly. Now you just need to convince them of it too. Leave the solar system and enter HyperSpace. After some time a probe should come to attack you. Battle it. Once the probe has been destroyed, head back to the Slylandro. Now, through dialogue show them the mistake they've made and in return they will give you a self-destruct code.

    From now on whenever you encounter a probe converse with it and transmit the selfdestruct-code to destroy it. Head back home to the Starbase and speak to Commander Hayes who will gladly transmit the code as well. Within a couple of months you will see no more Slylandro Probes in HyperSpace.


    By this time the Commander should have informed you that the Shofixti have returned and their ships are now available for purchase. Head over to the Shipyard and get one for your Flagship. If you haven't received the message yet wait in HyperSpace for a month or so before trying again.

    As we mentioned earlier, the Yehat uplifted the Shofixti and, having one onboard, will act as excellent leverage in getting their assistance for your quest.

    With the Shofixti ship as part of your ever growing fleet, plot a course for Yehat space. Any place near Gamma Serpentis @ 492.3 : 029.4 will do - all you need is one ship to converse with. Initially they won't believe you if you tell them the Shoftixti have returned. Agree to show them a living specimen and suddenly all hell breaks loose. The conversation ends and your Starmap will show you that the Yehat have split up into two groups. Well done, you have just started a civil war.

    But don't break your head over it. Later in the story you will see why it was necessary to do this. Escape the consequences of your actions by using the Portal Spawner to return to Earth.


    If you find yourself running low on RU's, it may be a good idea to do some extra mining. For a list of all the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds we found, click here. Remember to only use RU's for fuel when you have no more credits to give to the Melnorme.


    Before the war with the Ur-Quan the Syreen's homeworld Syra was destroyed due to, what they believe, to have been a natural disaster of some kind. Thanks to the Melnorme (they really are useful, aren't they?) you've learned that there was nothing natural about it. The Mycon send a Deep Child to go and agressively terraform the planet. In doing so the planet is now classified as a "Shattered World" and is completely uninhabitable - save for the Mycon. Plot a course for Beta Copernicus, Planet I @ 600.8 : 263.1 also known as Syra. On the planet's surface you will find additional proof in the form of a Mycon Eggcase. Grab it with your planet lander and return it to your ship.

    Now fly to their new homeworld which is Betelgeuse, Planet I @ 412.5 : 377.0

    It appears that they have also fallen victim to the terrible Slave Shield created by the Ur-Quan. Head for the nearby Starbase and you will be pleasently surprised to by the commander, Talana.

    Feel free to talk to her about anything you want, but the most important thing is to inform her about how her original homeworld got destroyed. As can be expected, she isn't happy to hear it and wants revenge. She comes up with a plan to trick the Mycon into sending a Deep Child to another planet. The Mycon will no doubt send a large number of vessels to escort it safely. When this large fleet enters the solar system in which the planet is found, the Syreen will launch a surprise attack and annihilate them.

    Proceed to Epsilon Camelopardalis, Planet Ia @ 593.7 : 393.7. and do an Auto-Scan of the planet. Land on the planet's survace and then immediately launch back up to your flagship. Now return to the Syreen and let them know that you have found a suitable planet to act as bait for the Mycon

    Follow her instructions and pay a visit to the Mycon Homeworld which is Epsilon Scorpii, Planet I @ 629.1 : 220.8. Tell the Mycon about the planet and they will fall for it hook-line-and-sinker. Now leave the system and go to Beta Brahe, Planet I @ 639.5 : 231.2 but wait just outside in Hyperspace. On your Starmap you will see how the Mycon's entire sphere of influence moves towards Epsilon Camelopardalis where the Syreen lie and wait. Keep checking your Starmap periodically to see the progress. After some time the Mycon's sphere will shrink considerably - forcing them to retreat to their original star systems. Enter the Beta Brahe solar system and head towards the planet closest to the sun. Fight the remaining Mycon (using the Arilou ships you hopefully still have) and get the Syreen's Sun Device from the surface of the planet. Head back into HyperSpace.

    When you finally return to the Syreen, they will be ecstatic. Their revenge is complete. After some more dialogue they happily agree to a formal alliance.

    Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr

    These two species were great allies during the war and, if they are still alive, will no doubt prove to be excellent allies once more. According Commander Hayes, they were last seen at Procyon II which is at coordinates 074.2 : 226.8. Upon reaching their homeworld you notice a very familiar scene. The Ur-Quan struck again. Approaching the orbiting Starbase, however, turns out to be quite a surprise. Somehow the Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr have managed to get back onto their planet through the Slave Shield!

    Enter into an orbit with the planet and use your Burvixse Caster or Umgah Caster to communicate with the Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr. Not only have they found a way to break through the Slave Shield, they also found a way to defeat the Ur-Quan once and for all! The only problem is that, in order to break through the shield, they will require a massive amount of energy. Fortunately for them and you, you have just such a device.

    Exit the conversation until you can see the spinning planet again. Go into the menu and use the Syreen's Sun Device to blast them with a ridiculous amount of solar energy. The screen will turn completely white and then...a new race is born. That's right! The two species merged to form a new one called the Chmmr. The Chmmr is one powerful ally. They graciously provide you with their ships which are considered to be on par with the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah - if not better.

    Continue talking to the Chmmr and they will reveal their plan to cripple the Ur-Quan and the Kohr-Ah. A large virtually invincible Precursor battleship was discovered thousands of years ago by the Ur-Quan and has since become their means to dominate all the other races. By taking out the Sa-Matra the Ur-Quan and the Kohr-Ah will be far less of a threat. The catch? Your flagship will have to be transformed into a gigantic bomb ala Shofixti style.

    Without much of a choice, agree to their terms and set a course back to the Earth.

    Repairing the Ultron

    We bet you've been dying to know what you are supposed to do with that Clear Spindle you picked up ages ago from the Pkunk. Well, you are in luck, because we will finally make use of it.

    The Clear Spindle is one of three components necessary to repair the Ultron. The Ultron is an ornament that is of great value to a race known as the Utwig. Repairing it will allow your to obtain the Utwig bomb necessary to turn your flagship into a kamakazi weapon of mass destruction.

    The following items are required to repair the Ultron:

    • Clear Spindle (Pkunk)
    • Rosy Sphere (Druuge)
    • Aqua Helix (Thraddash)
    • Broken Ultron (Supox)

    If you skipped a portion of the walkthrough and never got the Clear Spindle, please visit the section that deals with the <i data-underline="inline"><strong>Pkunk</strong></i>|Pkunk.

    Rosy Sphere (Druuge)

    The Rosy Sphere is held by the infamous Druuge and can be purchased from them on the Trade World at Zeta Persei, Planet I @ 946.9 : 280.6 by offering one of three things:

    1. Give them a Mycon Eggcase (Find one here: Gamma Brahe, Planet I @ 635.4 : 272.9)
    2. Give them the Burvixse Caster you got from Arcturus Ia @ 964.5 : 579.1
    3. Give them 100 crewmembers (Not advised - the cost of crew will skyrocket as a result)

    Aqua Helix (Thraddash)

    You will find the Aqua Helix on Zeta Draconis, Planet I @ 277.6 : 867.3 guarded by the Thraddash. There are two options available to you on how to get it. Choose whichever fits your play-style.

    The first, and easiest method is to destroy the Thraddash by tricking the Ilwrath into starting a war with them. This has the added bonus of also annihilating the Ilwrath. The downside to this is that it takes a very long for the war to finish and you lose out on the great Thraddash Torch ships you get by forming an alliance with them. If you want to go this route, simply visit the Alpha Tauri system (022.9 : 366.6) and use the Umgah Caster while in Normal Space. The Ilwrath will believe you to be their gods Dogar and Kazon. Instruct them to "seek new prey" and they will target the Thraddash. Now you can sit back and watch the show. After both species' spheres of influence have dissapeard completely you can go and collect the Aqua Helix.

    The second and more challenging method is to befriend them. The Thraddash do not want weak allies and so you have to prove that you are strong. Every time you encounter a Thraddash Torch in HyperSpace converse with them first and choose a dialogue option that tries to convince them of your power e.g. "We have weapons of mass destruction". Repeat the process until you have destroyed about 25 of their ships. Destroying their ships at their homeworld or in Normal Space will not count. At some point they will acknowledge how incredible you are and agree to an alliance with you. You can now go and collect the Aqua Helix. Once you do, however, the Thraddash won't be friendly anymore. Fortunately for you, you will still be able to purchase their ships at your Starbase.

    Broken Ultron (Supox)

    Now that you have the Clear Spindle, the Rosy Sphere and the Aqua Helix you must get the orginal broken Ultron so that you can finally fix it. After the Utwig broke it they gave it to the Supox and that is where you are going next. Use the Portal Spawner to enter Quasi-Space and make use of the gateway located at coordinates 530.0 : 528.0. You are now inside the Supox's sphere of influence. Fly around a bit in HyperSpace until a Supox Blade intercepts you. Converse with them. As always you are free to chat to them about anything, but the important bit you have to ask is why the Utwig is apparently in such distress. The Supox will reveal to you that it is because they broke their Ultron. In the hopes of fixing it, they entrust you with this ever so important item. Well fancy that! End the conversation.

    Combine the four items by using each one in turn from your Flagship Menu. Voila! You now have the fixed Ultron!

    Now take the repaired Ultron back to the Utwig who are so grateful that they instantly become allies. As a bonus the Supox will also become your ally. If that wasn't enough, both species will now attack the Kohr-Ah to give you some extra time to complete your mission and destroy the Sa-Matra battle-platform. In addition, you may now go and get the Utwig Bomb (with the Utwig's blessing) at Zeta Hyades, Planet VIb @ 850.0 : 937.2.

    But it looks like it won't be that easy. Some Druuge Maulers will already be there and they are not willing to hand the bomb over without a fight. An Earthling Cruiser or 2 might help if you're having trouble beating them. Once they are out of the way, go down to the surface and claim the Utwig Bomb as your own.

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