• Stage Skip

    What for the LucasArts logo to spin, and press the following:

    Up + A, Down + A, Left, A, Right + A

    Repeat until you hear a bell ringing.

    When you want to skip a stage, just press C.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


  • Passwords

    DERLINEasy: Asteroid Field
    BOSSKEasy: Beggar's Canyon
    LIANNAEasy: Cannon
    ENGRETEasy: Canyon Asteroid
    RALRRAEasy: Canyon Run
    KLAATUEasy: Death Star
    IRENEZEasy: Death Star Surface
    MOLTOKEasy: Imperial Walkers
    PAKKAEasy: Power Relay
    FRIJAEasy: Star Destroyer
    MORAGEasy: Storm Troopers
    LARFRAEasy: Tatoonie Attack
    TANTISSEasy: Transport
    NORVACEasy: Trench Run
    OSWAFLEasy: Yavin Training
    TARKINHard: Asteroid Field
    BORDOKHard: Beggar's Canyon
    VONZELHard: Cannon
    SKYNXHard: Canyon Asteroid
    DEFELHard: Canyon Run
    IZRINAHard: Death Star
    KARRDEHard: Death Star Surface
    MOTHMAHard: Imperial Walkers
    OSSUSHard: Power Relay
    JEDGARHard: Star Destroyer
    GLAYYDHard: Storm Troopers
    MADINEHard: Tatoonie Attack
    OTTEGAHard: Transport
    MALANIHard: Trench Run
    RISHIIHard: Yavin Training
    MAZZICNormal: Asteroid Field
    BOTHANNormal: Beggar's Canyon
    UMWAKNormal: Cannon
    HERGLICNormal: Canyon Asteroid
    LEENINormal: Canyon Run
    JHOFFNormal: Death Star
    ITHORNormal: Death Star Surface
    JULPANormal: Imperial Walkers
    ORLOKNormal: Power Relay
    THRAWNNormal: Star Destroyer
    MORRTNormal: Storm Troopers
    LWYLLNormal: Tatoonie Attack
    MUFTAKNormal: Transport
    NKLLONNormal: Trench Run
    RASKARNormal: Yavin Training

    Contributed By: im superior.

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