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    Syndicate for the 3DO
    Money code Enter "NGOR MAT" (note: space between the "R" and "M") as the name
    ---------- of your corporation to get 100 million credits and immediate access
    to all countries.
    Easy money Begin a mission and select a territory. Accept the mission brief.
    ---------- On the Team Selection Screen, highlight the Equip command and
    press A. Buy a Pistol (no cost) for all eight slots on all four agents. Press
    B to return to the to Equip command. Press B again to enter the inventory box
    of the current agent. Press A. Instead of selling the weapon, use the cancel
    command. On the equipment list, press Up and highlight any item except for the
    Pistol. Press A. Choose the Sell option to get the amount of money that item
    would cost if purchased, while one pistol is deleted from the agent's
    inventory. Repeat this process to accumulate a large amount of money.
    To get the most cash return from each pistol, select the Gauss Gun as the item
    on the equipment list. This allows $50,000 to be obtained per pistol. In order
    for the Gauss Gun to appear on the equipment list, it must first be researched
    under the Heavy category.
    Equipment stats     Item            Cost   Range  Ammo   Reload
                        Access Card     1000    256    n/a    n/a
                        Energy Shield   8000    768    200     15
                        Flamer          1500    512   1000      1
                        Gauss Gun      50000   5120      3  15000
                        Laser          35000   4096      5   2000
                        Long Ranger     1000   6144     30      2
                        Medikit          500      0      1      1
                        Mini-Gun       10000   2304    500     10
                        Persuadetron    5000    256    n/a    n/a
                        Pistol             0   1280     12      0
                        Scanner          500   4096    n/a    n/a
                        Shotgun          250   1024     12      2
                        Time Bomb      25000   1000    n/a    n/a
                        Uzi              750   1792     50      2
    Mission information
    Intelligence reports have indicated that an army colonel is stealing resources
    from your weapons division and using them to equip his mercenaries. His base has
    been set up just outside one of our cities and the populace have reported
    disturbances caused by his troops. Your squad will be deployed near the entrance
    to the camp. Their objective is to eliminate the colonel.
    Defence update: Surveillance reports show that the camp is guarded by about five
    militia armed with both shotguns and pistols.
    Target update: The colonel is believed to stay in the northern-most building of
    the camp. If he becomes aware of your presence he may decide to withdraw. He
    must not be allowed to escape.
    Tactics: A single agent could infiltrate the camp and assassinate the target
    quite easily. It is important to note that while a shotgun is devastating as a
    close in weapon it is seriously outranged by the pistol and so provision should
    be made for both of these weapons to be used to their best potential. It is also
    advised that a similarly equipped agent be kept outside the camp for backup if
    An enemy syndicate has brainwashed a notable scientist who now works for them.
    He has improved their equipment a tremendous amount and is a serious asset.
    Unfortunately they have inserted a small chip in his brain which detects the
    activity of the persuadertron and blocks the signal making him immune to
    <persuasion>. He cannot be allowed to continue his research for the enemy and so
    he must be eliminated.
    City update: The city is quite small and relatively undefended. A small squad
    should have no problems in reaching the installation in the south west sector
    and achieving the mission objective.
    Tactics: Resistance is expected to be quite light so heavy weapons will not be
    needed. Indeed it would be risky allowing such technology to possibly fall into
    enemy hands. Proceed with all speed to the installation ignoring all other
    aspects of the city. Keep it tight and you should have no problems.
    A small town is holding out against all our advertising campaigns thanks to
    enemy syndicate influence. This is having a detrimental effect on our profits
    and so we have decided to step up the campaign. An assault squad should enter
    the town and eliminate all enemy syndicate activity in the area. This will leave
    the town open for our marketing boys.
    City update: The town is very small and the main entrance is only accessible by
    vehicle. The transport division has provided a ground car for this mission.
    Please try to bring it back.
    Defense update: There is little or no police influence in the town and the enemy
    syndicate forces are seriously under strength. Now is the ideal time to strike.
    Tactics: A well equipped squad should have no problems with this one. Stick
    together and the enemy squad should fall before you. Shotguns and a few medikits
    just in case are all that is really needed.
    Two notable scientists are both staying in a small hamlet close to one of our
    research complexes. They would obviously be a great help to our R and D boys.
    Your squad has instructions to <persuade> both the scientists to join our
    reputable organization.
    City update: There is a sewer system that runs from the research complex to the
    river and it has inlets in the hamlet itself. Your squad will be transported by
    sewer raft to a drop off point in the town itself. The sewers are very dangerous
    however and without the proper equipment it is inadvisable to enter them.
    Defense update: There is a very small police presence in the town that should
    provide no problem at all. The scientists however have brought along bodyguards.
    These have to be eliminated carefully so as not to damage the target.
    Tactics: Small arms are all that is really necessary for this mission. Do not
    use shotguns for dealing with the bodyguards or anyone who happens to be close
    to the target. Only one agent is required although you may want to take in
    another as backup.
    As a primary step to the taking of a city you are to land a recon patrol to
    investigate the target area. Your squad will be landed at the docks in the
    southwest of the city and you are to secure a beach head and conduct a sweep of
    the surrounding area. Any enemy syndicate forces you encounter must be
    eliminated. Once this is achieved then return to the docks for retrieval.
    Defense update: Enemy squads are believed to be spread throughout the city and
    sophisticated surveillance equipment will detect the landing craft long before
    you reach the docks. You should be prepared for very stiff opposition.
    Tactics: The full squad should be deployed for the sweep. As long as you keep
    them together and juiced up there should be no real problem. Uzis backed up with
    longer range support are all that is necessary but you should not overlook
    The notable professor Valken is attending a conference in the research labs of
    a nearby city. He is believed to be the world's leading authority on cybernetics
    and so would make an ideal ally for our research and design department. The
    research labs are in a separate complex in the southern sector of the city. Your
    squad will be deployed in a cooperative chemical plant to the north. Their
    mission is to <persuade> the professor to join us. Once he has been persuaded a
    drop ship will come to pick up the squad. Ensure that all agents are within the
    pick up zone.
    City update: The city itself is split into two distinct levels. The lower ground
    level is a slum while the upper apartments are quite plush. A monorail runs
    through the middle of the city and it is believed to be quite reliable.
    Target update: Reports seem to indicate that the research complex is only
    accessible from the higher street level so finding a way up to the walkways is a
    very high priority.
    Tactics: A small squad will attract less attention to itself that a larger one.
    Shotguns should be adequate for dealing with the slums but when you enter the
    research complex we cant have any firing in there.
    A team of bandits has taken over a small research complex in the area and they
    are holding the city to ransom and terrifying the people. Their leader is an ex
    army corporal who has trained his own men and uses them to guard the area. He
    must be taken out.
    Defense update: As far as we know their weapons consist mainly of light machine
    guns with an occasional mini gun. It is believed that there are a lot of guards
    and reports indicate that they are quite well trained as a group.
    Tactics: As there is only one entrance to the actual complex caution must be
    used in the assault. Long range weapons should be deployed to take out any
    perimeter guards while heavy weapons are used to take out concentrated guard
    formations. With any luck he may have underestimated our weapons technology and
    you may be able to pick him off without entering the camp. If you are forced to
    enter the camp try to take the guards on one at a time and not let them rush you
    as a group.
    A nearby city has just fallen into anarchy with the untimely death of the
    mayor. Even though this was nothing to do with us we feel that the good citizens
    of the city require our support and understanding at this terrible time. Other
    syndicates also seem to have the same idea however. Your squad is to perform a
    sweep through the city to clear out any of the enemy syndicate slime.
    Syndicate update: At least three enemy squads have been sighted in the area.
    With any luck they will all be gunning for each other as well so you wont have
    much to worry about them.
    Tactics: Let them fight it out amongst themselves. Keep your squad together and
    just try to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Bide your time and just
    defend yourselves until most of the enemy has died before mopping up the rest of
    the opposition. Automatics with a few long range support weapons are called for
    in this one. As it could be a long mission you would be well advised to take a
    few medikits as well.
    One of our politician friends has started to refuse us our normal and courteous
    requests. This is extremely bad form and is just not tolerable. In order to
    restore the status quo and make an example of him we have decided to kill his
    good lady wife. Your squad will be deployed in the docks of a floating city
    where it is believed she spends most of her time. We have been unable to find
    her location but we do know the whereabouts of a likely informer. He may require
    some <persuasion> to reveal her location however.
    Defense update: The local police force is all that really stands between you and
    the mission objective. They are poorly equipped and badly trained so they should
    not be a problem.
    Syndicate update: There is no reason to expect any enemy syndicate forces as
    this doesnt have any direct influence on their business. Nevertheless you should
    still keep an eye out for any enemy scout squads in the area.
    Target update: It is believed that the target has bodyguards. No further
    information is available on them however.
    Tactics: A single assassin could walk right up to the house almost undetected by
    the local authorities. When you arrive at the house pick your time well before
    striking. If the building is guarded it would be advisable to wait for the
    target to leave and pick her off with a long range shot.
    An enemy syndicate has been experiencing problems with the population of a
    nearby city. This is mainly due to subversive techniques from our espionage
    department. As a result of this the enemy syndicate has pulled out most of its
    forces from the surrounding area and the city has fallen open for us to take.
    Your squad is to conduct a reconnaissance sweep of the area to clear out any
    enemy syndicate agents remaining inside city limits before returning to the pick
    up point.
    Syndicate update: The enemy squad is seriously under strength and poorly
    equipped. The police force is almost non existent and shouldnt provide any more
    problem for you than it does for them.
    Tactics: Small arms with automatics for support are all that are really needed
    for this mission. A squad of two agents could cover the city in almost no time
    at all. Either keep both agents tight to each other and concentrate firepower on
    individual targets or drag one agent further behind with longer ranged equipment
    to provide cover for the first.
    An up and coming town has just attracted the attention of head office as being
    a very promising base for our marketing boys to experiment with. It is occupied
    and defended by several syndicate squads and obviously we cannot move in until
    they are removed. Your squad must sweep through the city and wipe out all trace
    of the enemy scum.
    City update: The city itself is divided in two by a rail line. The only way to
    cross between the two is by a shuttle train that is very quick and efficient.
    Syndicate update: The latest reports seem to indicate that there are at least
    three enemy defense squads. We also believe that their spy network knows that we
    are coming. They will therefore be ready for you and you should expect stiff
    Tactics: The full squad should be deployed for this one. One or two of the
    agents should be equipped with support weaponry and drag behind the others when
    they move. This will allow them to provide cover fire for the front line men.
    Try to clear the first side of agents before moving the whole squad over to the
    other side. Do not split your squad between the two halves as they will then be
    easy pickings for the enemy.
    One of our informers has been foolish enough to get arrested by the police.
    News of this arrived too late for us to influence his trial and he is currently
    incarcerated in the local penitentiary. He is believed to have useful
    information regarding local syndicate activity but we are seriously restricted
    in the amount we can gain while he is inside. We have tried leaning on the
    prison authorities but they are protected by a rival syndicate. Your squad is to
    break into the prison and rescue the informer. He has been briefed on the plan
    and he is waiting for you.
    Defense update: Being a prison the defenses are more concerned with keeping
    people in than keeping people out. The exercise yard where the prisoners are is
    accessible by a large gate. Most of the security personnel patrol the courtyard
    on catwalks raised above ground level and there are two more guards on the watch
    tower above the gate. The remainder of the security forces are in a building to
    the east of the main prison. We believe them to be quite well equipped.
    Informer update: The last message he managed to get to us concerned an assault
    weapon that he managed to hide prior to entering the city but unfortunately most
    of the message was garbled.
    Tactics: Fast in fast out is the order of the day. The transport division has
    provided a car for this mission. Look after it well as it is the only way you
    can get access to the courtyard. When you enter the yard our man will be waiting
    next to the lights in the centre of the yard. Pull up next to him and wait for
    him to get into the car before returning to the pickup point as quickly as
    possible. It only takes one agent to drive a car but passengers could provide
    cover fire and take out any guards that get in the way.
    The local populace is being terrorised by several rampaging enemy syndicates.
    As this town is on our expansion list we have decided to step in and offer our
    support. Your squad will conduct a sweep to remove all enemy syndicate activity
    from the area.
    Tactics: Keep your squad tight and perform the sweep in a methodical fashion.
    Light automatics should make short work of enemy agents but the occasional long
    range or support weapon could be employed for cover fire.
    The nearby city is infested with enemy syndicate scum. Their presence is deemed
    unseemly and your squad is to wipe them from the face of the world.
    Tactics: No subtlety with this one. Kit out your lads with automatics and kick
    some butt. Sweep through the city in a methodical way so that you do not miss
    any agents.
    A member of the civic council that used to be on our payroll is opening a
    shopping centre soon. He was quite well trusted and had access to some
    information that could be dangerous and embarrassing. He must be assassinated
    before he has a chance to divulge this information to anybody.
    City update: There is a canal which splits the city in two. The shopping centre
    is on the north bank. As there are only a few crossing places your first
    objective is to secure a crossing point.
    Defense update: Reports show an interest from at least three enemy syndicates
    all after the information that the councillor holds. It is also possible that he
    has hired his own bodyguards to look after him.
    Tactics: Secure the nearest bridge before crossing to the north bank. Uzis
    should take care of most enemy agents but if there are any bodyguards it would
    be wise to employ long range weaponry against them.
    One of our former employees has taken it upon himself to leave and start his
    own business. He is using technology stolen from our labs to aid his research
    program and obviously he cannot be allowed to get away with this. Your mission
    is to infiltrate his premises and terminate him with extreme prejudice.
    City update: The city itself has a warren of underground passages and access
    tunnels and it is rumoured that one of these tunnels leads into the target
    complex. If you could locate this you have a nice and sneaky way into the camp
    without attracting the attention of the authorities.
    Target update: The target complex lies in the south western corner of the city
    just off the train run and we believe it is guarded by a number of lightly armed
    Tactics: A lone assassin stands a fairly good chance of infiltrating the area
    and eliminating the target with the minimum of fuss but it is always wise to
    keep and extra couple of agents as backup. For the tunnels it is advisable to
    take weapons such as shotguns as a lot of the encounters will be very close up
    indeed. If you choose to go the surface way try to make use of the rail system
    to get closer to the camp without running into trouble with the police.
    The corrupt mayor of the nearby city has been sponging from the good citizens
    for months now. The people are getting fed up with him and now is an ideal time
    for them to be shown the light of our syndicate and glory of our leadership. But
    first the mayor must be eliminated. That is where your squad comes in.
    Target update: The target is currently in a conference with his chiefs of staff
    and so now is the best time to strike. The meeting is taking place in a large
    building in the middle of the city.
    Syndicate update: Several other syndicates have also noticed this great
    opportunity and have sent squads to interfere with our cause. The latest
    intelligence reports indicate that at least three syndicates have shown an
    interest and sent combat squads.
    Tactics: The biggest problem will be actually reaching the target without
    running into an enemy squad. For this reason the whole squad should be deployed
    with standard combat patrol equipment. Your best bet is to deal with the enemy
    syndicates before turning your undivided attention on the mayor. Once you reach
    the target building split your squad and send men in both entrances taking care
    of the guards from long range first. After that its a cakewalk.
    Two noted reporters are both staying in a nearby city. With their journalist
    connections they could provide a valuable source of information. They will of
    course require the right preparation and motivation. Your squad will be deployed
    to <persuade> the reporters to join our worthwhile cause.
    Syndicate update: Reports show that there is also an enemy tactical squad active
    in the area. While they would have no reason to interfere with the targets they
    may pose a problem if they become aware of our presence.
    Tactics: Its a cakewalk really. One agent with a persuadertron should be
    deployed for each of the targets and a third could keep an eye on the enemy
    squad. No attempt should be made to engage the enemy and you should only fire if
    fired upon. Ensure that the targets are safe from any crossfire if a melee
    Rumour has it that a rival syndicate has developed a personal protection field
    generator capable of resisting bullets while still being small enough to be
    carried by an agent. You dont need me to tell you the effect this will have in
    future confrontations and obviously we cant let this happen. Your squad is to
    penetrate the enemy complex and acquire the prototype.
    Syndicate update: As this is such a revolutionary device expect resistance to be
    fierce. As far as the latest intelligence reports go we are looking at several
    enemy squads armed with uzis and mini guns. These squads roam the city
    attempting to intercept and eliminate enemy actions before the complex comes
    under threat.
    Defense update: The security network of the city is fairly lax but the security
    forces around the target complex itself are a force to be reckoned with. We
    anticipate several guard units with light weaponry supported by almost
    inaccessible heavy weapon squads.
    Tactics: Group together for maximum defense against the enemy syndicate squads.
    Once these are dispatched then you can concentrate on advancing to the complex.
    Attack the building itself from two sides forcing the defenders to split their
    firepower. Long range weaponry should pick off guards before they are in close
    A couple of rebel activists have been spotted stirring up trouble in the nearby
    double city. The local police force seem to be reluctant to deal with them and
    so your squad is to be deployed to take care of them both.
    City update: The city is split by a large expanse of water which is spanned by
    two road bridges. Access to these bridges is restricted so you will have to find
    transport to cross.
    Tactics: A low key assassin squad of one maybe two agents would stand the best
    chance of eliminating the targets without annoying the police. Long range rifles
    are the prime weapons for pinpoint assassinations and should be used to their
    best advantage. One agent could enter the house to flush out the rebels while
    the other lies in wait with a sniper rifle. Keep an eye on your transport as it
    may be required to reach your pickup point.
    The police force in the local city has become increasingly corrupt and
    dangerous to our advertising efforts. After meetings with the local civic
    council we have decided to help out the hapless citizens by removing their
    corrupt and useless police force and replacing it with one of our own. Your
    squad is to head the clean up operation by eliminating all police officers from
    the city.
    Syndicate update: One of the reasons for the amount of corruption was the fact
    that at least three enemy syndicates have got interests in the police. If they
    get wind of our plan then you can expect defense squads to be deployed.
    Tactics: Deploy the whole squad and equip them with light automatics. If ammo
    starts to run low then use the equipment dropped by the policemen. The trick to
    this one is to make a methodical sweep through the city and not just blaze
    through any which way. Clear each house before moving on to the next.
    One of our army contacts has just informed us of a major weapon project that
    the army has been working on. The RLX 240 is an experimental portable rocket
    launcher and it is being developed in a science base in the desert. Reports show
    that it has just reached the prototype stage. Naturally our tech boys want this
    weapon and its down to you to get it.
    Defense update: The base itself consists of a long alley from the entrance down
    to the main building at the far end. It is guarded by several security units
    with some quite heavy weaponry. We also believe that there are bunkers with
    heavy weapon emplacements in the main building itself. If this is the case then
    they would have an incredible field of fire and be able to take out anything
    that moved down the main alley.
    Target update: The weapon itself is believed to be housed in a secure room on
    the roof of the far building.
    Tactics: As resistance is going to be tough you should take in the most powerful
    squad you can muster. You will be attacked from both sides as you walk along the
    road so try to stick to one side. It may be worth while sending a lone agent
    around the side and try to reach the building that way. As nothing is known
    about the internal structure of the main building you are very much on your own
    when you enter it.
    The captain of the local police force is planning to retire after a long and
    glorious career in which he rarely strayed from the path of justice unless we
    asked him to. His replacement is reputed to be in the pocket of another
    syndicate and will obviously not be as helpful. Your squad is to <persuade> the
    new captain and bring him back to the landing zone so he can be taken to
    headquarters for a chat.
    Syndicate update: The enemy syndicate has gotten wind of this plan and has
    despatched a defense squad for the protection of the captain.
    Target update: The target is in the complex in the northwest sector of the city.
    He may be considerably harder to <persuade> than a normal civilian due to his
    police background. We also believe him to be armed.
    Tactics: One or two agents with light automatics and at least one persuadertron
    should have no trouble with the captain. The enemy squad should take more
    consideration. If you deploy a few agents then keep them together for the best
    defense and let them watch each others backs. If you deploy a larger amount then
    try to lure the enemy squad into an ambush situation. Do not engage anybody near
    the target zone as this may endanger the target.
    The latest potential retail and advertising outlet has been overrun by enemy
    agents. Your squad is to land in the city and remove every last trace of the
    City update: The city is split in two by a large expanse of water. As there is
    only one route across the bridge must be secured as soon as possible. As it is a
    road bridge it is inaccessible to pedestrians. Some form of transport will be
    required to reach the other side.
    Syndicate update: There are at least five different syndicate squads present in
    the city.
    Tactics: The full squad should be used. Keep it tight and maximise your
    firepower on individual targets. As we believe there to be quite a number of
    enemy squads you should be aware of your ammunition level. Be prepared to steal
    weaponry from fallen enemy agents and dont forget to take plenty of medikits.
    A severe information leak from a mole in our intelligence department has found
    its way to a local official in charge of the military activities in the area.
    Since then the mole has been dealt with but that still leaves the problem of
    this information floating around. We have learned that the same official is to
    attend an inspection at the local barracks. Security around the barracks is too
    high for us to drop you into the complex itself so your squad will be deployed
    somewhere around the perimeter and you will have to find your own way inside.
    Once inside the official must be assassinated.
    Target update: The target is being greeted by the base commander at the north
    side transport deck. As he has just arrived by car he may attempt to leave if he
    sees you.
    Defense update: Being a military installation you can expect heavy defenses.
    Most of the foot soldiers are equipped with light automatics but there are also
    some heavy weapons specialists. It is not known exactly how many men are present
    at this time but the figure is definitely in the thirties.
    Tactics: The first task will be getting into the complex itself. Some form of
    transport is definitely required. Once there keep your team tight and keep your
    eyes open for ambushes. Concentrate fire on the heavy weapons specialists as
    they will provide the most danger to the squad. Once the target is eliminated an
    armoured transport will arrive to take you to the pickup point. It will not hang
    around so you have to be on your toes.
    Two street punks from the nearby city have been acting as informer against us
    for an enemy syndicate. They have been passing on information regarding our
    training and scout activities in the area. This is obviously detrimental to our
    scope of operations in this area and so we have decided to take action against
    them. Your squad is to enforce a strict no information policy on the two people
    in question. Preferably with a lot of ammo.
    Syndicate update: We believe that they know we are after them and that they have
    passed this information on to their contacts. You can expect to meet resistance
    from several enemy strike squads.
    Target update: The targets have split up in an attempt to make your job harder.
    We suspect that they are holed up in individual buildings in the east and the
    south of the city.
    Tactics: Try to deal with the enemy squads first as they will be too much of a
    distraction when it comes to the targets. When the enemy agents are destroyed
    then its up to you whether you persue the targets one at a time or both at once.
    We only know the location of the first target at this time so its probably
    better to do it one after the other.
    One of our undercover agents has had her cover blown by a mole in the
    department. At this time she is in a nearby city and several enemy syndicate
    acquisition squads have been dispatched to retrieve her. They must not get their
    hands on her as she has had access to some confidential information. Your squad
    will be dropped nearby and you must escort her to the rendezvous point.
    Syndicate update: At the last count our scanners showed three drop ships heading
    towards the city. Previous information leads us to believe that each ship
    carries four agents for a total of twelve enemy agents in the city.
    Tactics: Keep the enemy pinned at long range. Do not allow them to get close
    otherwise a stray shot could hit our agent. She is very resourceful and will
    find her own way out but she needs a fire support team to keep the enemy off her
    back. Two or three agents should be deployed with light automatics and long
    range weapons. Support and area of effect weapons should not be used as these
    too could endanger our agent.
    A renowned research scientist is working for the military weapons program in
    the area although she has no idea of the importance of her work. The military
    are anxious that she completes her research as soon as possible and consequently
    she is under heavy guard. Our research and design boys would dearly like to have
    a chat with her and find out what she knows. Your squad must <persuade> the
    notable scientist to come and see the R and D lads.
    Defense update: While she is working in the research building there is a very
    strong security presence. These guards are well equipped and very well trained
    although obviously not to our standards.
    Target update: Rather than keep her locked away for all hours the target is
    occasionally allowed out for a walk now and again. This is definitely when she
    is at her most vulnerable. Even so there are still guards along the way.
    Tactics: If ever there was a job for a sniper then this is it. Two agents should
    be deployed. One with a persuadertron and the other with a long range rifle.
    Make a detailed study of the area and specifically the guard points along the
    way before making your move. The agent with the long range rifle should pick off
    the guards from maximum range while the other agent moves in and <persuades> the
    target. Take care not to alert the guards as they may accidentally catch the
    scientist with a stray shot.
    An activist is staying in the nearby city. She has already proved that she has
    great leadership abilities but better still is her network of underground
    communications. If we could <persuade> her to join our cause then she would be a
    valuable ally. Your squad will be deployed somewhere in the vicinity.
    Tactics: A single agent stands the best chance of getting in quick with the
    minimum of fuss. If enemy syndicates are present and reports indicate that this
    is likely then you would be well advised to take in one or two further agents as
    backup. They can then provide cover fire as the first locates the target and
    <persuades> her.
    A military adviser to an enemy syndicate is holed up in a bunker in the city.
    He is a valued asset to the enemy but wouldn't be much use to us and so he must
    be terminated. The enemy syndicate has seen fit to deploy a number of defense
    squads in the city so your strike team will be deployed just outside the area
    close to a transport system. You must infiltrate the bunker and assassinate the
    target before he can leave.
    City update: The city itself is raised above the vegetation level on a series of
    supports. There are only a few access ways to the lower level so anybody falling
    off the main level will have a hard time trying to get back up again.
    Target update: The bunker itself is accessible by vehicle or a long tunnel. As
    we cannot provide a vehicle for this mission your squad will have to proceed on
    foot to the tunnel entrance. We believe the entrance to the tunnel is located
    near the docks area to the south of the city.
    Tactics: The adviser isn't stupid and if he sees you coming he will either
    mobilise further enemy intercept squads or attempt to get away. You should post
    a guard at the rear entrance in case he tries to make a break for it.
    One of our undercover spies has been ambushed while en route to his drop off
    point. The APC he was riding in has been wrecked and he is now stranded in the
    middle of a hostile city. Your squad will be dropped in around his location and
    you are to ensure that he reaches his drop off point safely.
    Target update: We have contacted the target and warned him of your arrival. He
    is under orders to wait for your squad before continuing on to the safe house.
    Syndicate update: Several syndicates would be all too pleased if they could get
    their grubby little hands on our man. We believe that at least three enemy
    squads have been dispatched and are in the area. You must make sure that they do
    not harm our man.
    Tactics: The full squad should be deployed to provide the maximum amount of
    cover for the target. Try to get on a direct line between the enemy agents and
    our man. Try not to stay too close to him as stray shots from the enemy may get
    lucky. One agent should sweep a path in front of him to the safe house.
    One of our early model agents has turned renegade after too much adrenaline
    abuse. She has been picked up by the police force and is currently undergoing
    interrogation in a safe house. As she used to work for us she has vital
    information on our tactics and weapons research programs. Obviously this would
    be disastrous. She must be terminated before she is able to divulge this
    Target update: The safe house is located in the middle sector of the city. Our
    preliminary scout reports show that it is flanked by two larger buildings and
    that the only way into the entrance courtyard is by traveling over the rooftops
    and down the access ramp.
    Defense update: As a captured syndicate agent is not an everyday happening you
    can expect there to be several well equipped guards stationed around the target.
    Even so they should still be no match for a well equipped assault squad.
    Syndicate update: Without any doubt this agent will also be of great value to
    enemy syndicates and you can expect several enemy squads to be active in the
    surrounding area. They must not be allowed to get their hands on the target. You
    must not allow them close enough to <persuade> the target as they will then have
    access to her higher memory functions.
    Tactics: A small squad of one or two agents should proceed with all haste to the
    safe house and secure the roof tops. When this is achieved then another agent
    can enter the courtyard and safe house to carry out the mission. The other two
    agents should provide cover fire where necessary and above all prevent the enemy
    syndicate squads from reaching the house. Long range weaponry should be employed
    by the rooftop defenders and light automatics should take care of the guards and
    One of our executives is in need of medical attention. Unfortunately the doctor
    is out of supplies. We need somebody to steal some supplies for the doctor and
    then run an escort to protect him long enough to get to the exec.
    Target update: Civilian medical vehicles carry enough supplies for field surgery
    and one of these would be ideal. If you can locate one and get it to the doctor
    then all you have to do is keep enemy agents away.
    Tactics: Find and retrieve the ambulance before you get to the doctor. Only one
    agent is necessary to drive although another should be deployed to guard the doc
    while the ambulance is en route. When you get to the doc then leave the
    ambulance and let him drive. You should then adopt an escort role to see that he
    gets to his destination successfully.
    An enemy syndicate has established a supply base in a nearby city. They are
    using it to provide a stopping off point for their forces. As preparation for an
    assault strike your team is to enter the base and destroy all vehicles present
    therein. No trace must be left of the attack.
    City update: The base is located over to the west of the city and we believe
    that it is only accessible by road.
    Defense update: The base is currently understaffed and so now is the ideal time
    to strike. We believe that only one enemy squad is in the area to provide
    defense and oversee the final stages of the project.
    Tactics: Obviously you will have to locate a means of transport to gain access
    to the base. Heavy or close assault weapons will be required to destroy the
    vehicles while agents with support or long range weapons can pick off guards and
    keep agents at bay. The vehicle that you use to infiltrate the base also has to
    be destroyed.
    An enemy convoy is stopping off for supplies nearby. One of the APCs contains
    potential agents before their outfitting process and the other contains
    documents and surveilance reports. Your squad is to break into the compound
    where the vehicles are and destroy the troop transport. Once this is done then
    steal the surveillance apc and return to the pickup point.
    Syndicate update: The enemy who owns the apcs is not going to be impressed when
    he finds out that you are about. Expect several defense squads to be in the
    Tactics: One agent is enough to infiltrate the complex and destroy the target.
    As long as you get the correct vehicle then you should be fine. Either support
    weaponry or close assault flamethrowers should be used. Explosives if available
    would also be very handy.
    An enemy undercover agent has malfunctioned and is obviously not responding to
    any of its control commands. Intelligence believes that he had access to high
    level information which would be of great use to our intelligence boys. Your
    squad has been issued with a remote portable uplink device which attaches onto
    the persuadertron. When the subject is <persuaded> then any relevant information
    is immediately beamed by satellite to head office. You must direct your squad in
    to <persuade> the enemy agent before anybody else gets to him.
    Syndicate update: At least three enemy squads are en route to deal with the
    target. If they reach him before you they will probably kill him and we will
    have lost the chance for that information.
    Tactics: A single agent with a persuadertron would be able to get through the
    city with the minimum of fuss and <persuade> the target. Once the uplink is
    achieved then the mission will end as head office will have all the information
    they need.
    A small weapons supplier of ours is being leaned on by the military and we are
    now experiencing difficulty with our hardware supplies. We believe the reason
    behind this is a mr carson who has been divulging classified information to the
    military. He has been under surveillance for some time now and he has just
    confirmed our suspicions by visiting a military training camp. Although it would
    be far simpler just to kill him he may have information that we could use about
    the military and so your squad is to assault the camp and <persuade> mr carson.
    Once he has been persuaded proceed to the landing strip in the camp for dust
    Transport update: The camp is only accessible through the main gate and the
    transport division has provided a ground car for this mission.
    Defense update: Obviously there is a very strong military presence in the area
    although we believe them to be armed mainly with light automatics. There are
    also a series of guard towers that line the perimeter fence. It is unknown what
    sort of firepower these have but they should be taken out at any opportunity.
    Tactics: Long range sniping should take care of the tower guards but be sure to
    do it at maximum range otherwise you could be in for some serious return fire.
    One agent should drag behind the others to provide cover fire with long range
    weaponry. Heavy weapons or area of effect weapons should not be used due to the
    proximity of the enemy and possible damage to the target. As soon as you enter
    the camp expect the soldiers to come at you thick and fast.
    Doctor Cauldwell has made significant advances in the field of chemical warfare
    and would therefore be an immense asset to the company. However his current
    workplace has come under scrutiny from enemy syndicates who are anxious to grab
    him for their own needs. Obviously we cannot allow this to happen. Your mission
    is to <persuade> the good doctor to move offices.
    City update: The chemical plant that the doctor is working at is located in the
    southeastern corner of the city.
    Defense update: It is believed that the doctor has been aware of a lot of
    syndicate activity and interest for a long time. It is therefore reasonable to
    assume that he will have hired bodyguards. If this is the case then you can
    expect the complex to be well defended.
    Tactics: Due to the proximity and aggression of enemy syndicates you would be
    well advised to deploy a full squad with automatic weapons. If the chemical
    plant is defended then long range weaponry should be used to accurately pick off
    any guards that happen to be around without endangering the doctor.
    The army have developed a new anti tank weapon and our research boys want it.
    It has been designed and built in the saracen military base in the south east of
    the city and we believe it is still stored on the base.
    General update: The first task is to reach the base. This is harder than it
    sounds as the army received some backing from a rival syndicate. As the
    syndicate doesnt want its investment to be lost be on the look out for enemy
    Defense update: Being a military establishment the base is obviously well
    defended. The defenders are believed to have access to all the latest military
    hardware so expect some serious resistance.
    Target update: We believe the weapon itself is held in a locked building in the
    south of the base.
    Tactics: A whole squad should be deployed. Split the squad into 2 groups for the
    move on the camp. That way if one of them is wiped out you will still have a
    chance with the second. Long range guns or heavy weapons should be used to take
    out the perimeter guards and mini guns should take care of the rest.
    The military has constructed a small fortress close to one of our production
    plants. Reports indicate that an enemy syndicate is also using it as a stop off
    point for raids into the plant. An assault force is being dispatched to destroy
    the fortress. Your assault squad is to launch a preliminary attack and take out
    much of the defenses as possible before withdrawing to allow the main strike
    force to attack. The primary target is the base commander who must not be
    allowed to leave the base. It is believed that there are two armoured personnel
    carriers in the complex and these must also be destroyed. Finally there is a
    medical rescue vehicle with some very interesting equipment on board. You must
    steal this and return to the drop zone for retrieval. Transport has been
    provided for this mission.
    City update: There are two entrances to the fortress. The main gate is quite
    well defended and is only accessible by car. There is also believed to be a side
    entrance leading to the roof area. This is very heavily guarded as most of the
    guards are on the roof.
    Tactics: A frontal attack using the vehicle provided to get through the blast
    doors would get you into the base with the minimum of fuss and exposure. All
    agents should be deployed and equipped with close and area of effect weapons. At
    least one should carry some support firepower and explosives for dealing with
    the APCs. The ambulance is your best bet for escaping so do not destroy it with
    the APCs.
    Miss Westwood has been threatening one of our execs with a scandal unless he
    conforms to her demands. He has found her persistence annoying and we have been
    asked to change her point of view. Your squad must <persuade> Miss Westwood to
    come round to our way of thinking and bring her back to the landing zone for a
    Syndicate update: At least two enemy syndicates have expressed an interest in
    Miss Westwood's well being and have dispatched squads accordingly. These may
    pose problems to the mission and you are quite free to deal with them as you see
    Target update: The target is believed to live in a small house in the southeast
    of the city. We think she may have employed a bodyguard although this has yet to
    be confirmed.
    Tactics: The main problem with this mission will be the enemy syndicate squads
    who may pose a significant threat. With this in mind you should deploy the full
    squad with the best available weaponry and a few medikits. At least one should
    carry the persuadotron for the target. While this agent proceeds with the
    mission the others can concentrate on keeping the enemy away from the target and
    your agent.
    One of our corporate friends has just had his farm taken over by the military.
    They seem to be using it as a forward observation post as part of their
    operations in this area. We believe a military strike is planned soon and it
    will be coordinated from the farmhouse. Our friend and his wife are being held
    against their will in one of the out houses. Your team is to disrupt the enemy
    activity while at the same time rescuing our friend and his wife. You will need
    to <persuade> both of them.
    Defense update: As it is a military operation you can expect a well planned
    defense with plenty of backup. They will probably be equipped with light
    automatics but will no doubt have the support of heavier guns.
    Target update: Their main communications bundle is housed in the rear of an APC,
    which is parked in the courtyard. You must destroy the APC to successfully
    disrupt their comms network.
    Target update: The prisoners are kept in one of the out houses. As far as we can
    tell we believe that it is located to the south of the main complex. They are
    believed to be under guard and very frightened. They may need <persuading> to
    leave the area.
    Tactics: The squad should be split in two for this mission. One section should
    proceed to the courtyard. Once there the apc should be destroyed with anti tank
    weaponry and any guards should be taken care of with automatics or assault
    weapons. By this time the second section should have reached the out house and
    as soon as the APC is destroyed the out house guards should be killed and the
    prisoners rescued. We believe that there is also a ground car on the premises.
    This would be a valuable aid to the escape.
    The wealthy widow of an enemy syndicate executive has bought control of a small
    city near here. She has set up her home on a small island in the west of the
    city and she has also provided some serious financial aid to the police force.
    Consequently our underground connections in the city have been jeopardised by
    this influx of authority and we are having problems intercepting enemy syndicate
    information. Your squad is to assassinate the dear lady as quickly and quietly
    as possible.
    Syndicate update: The last message that we got before our links were cut was
    that an enemy syndicate assault squad was on its way to ensure that the widow
    managed the city effectively. Since then we believe that another squad has been
    deployed as a bodyguard. This information is not entirely reliable. Target
    update: there is no means of getting on to the targets private island on foot
    and her team of guards patrol the perimeter twenty four hours a day.
    Tactics: The only way to kill the target is by a long range sniper shot from a
    neighbouring roof top. If done properly she will be dead before the guards know
    what is happening. A single agent will attract considerably less attention than
    a whole squad and the enemy syndicates are less likely to detect your arrival.
    One of our underground agents has been intercepted behind enemy lines and he
    has now gone missing. He was scouting out potential territories when he was
    attacked. The information would have been stored in a scanner unit that was on
    his person. Your squad will be dropped into his last known location and you are
    to recover the scanner and bring it back to the landing zone.
    Target update: The scanner emits a signal that shows up on your standard
    scanning unit. Our intelligence reports show that this is in the southwest of
    the city.
    Syndicate update: The scanner and its information has created a large interest
    amongst our rivals and we believe that several enemy squads are on their way to
    attempt to retrieve it. They are exceptionally well equipped.
    Tactics: Get in there and get the scanner as fast as possible. If at all
    possible dont engage the enemy forces and just concentrate on getting the
    equipment out of there. If you are caught in a firefight then try to edge back
    into an ambush position and attack the enemy on numerous sides. Split your squad
    so that the enemy have multiple targets and they will split there firepower.
    The nearby city has just undergone a rebellion against the local government. As
    a result the whole city is in a state of anarchy. Amongst this turmoil are three
    political candidates who may be of some use when it comes to patching the city
    back together again. Your squad will be dropped into the centre of the city and
    you must <persuade> all of the candidates before returning to the drop zone.
    Police update: As a result of the chaos the police force is non existent. You
    can therefore act with impunity during your stay inside city limits.
    Syndicate update: Obviously a situation such as this attracts all sorts of
    unwanted attention. We believe several enemy squads to be en route to the city.
    With any luck they will be so busy fighting amongst themselves that they won't
    bother you with the mission.
    Tactics: To be on the safe side a large squad should be deployed not forgetting
    the persuadertron. Whatever you do try to avoid direct contact with the enemy
    squads. Definitely do not get in the line of fire between two opposing groups.
    At the end of the mission you can feel free to move around the city and mop up
    any surviving enemy agents however.
    A distinguished government minister is preparing to leave the country. We
    believe that he has some confidential information about us that could prove
    dangerous as well as embarrassing. He is being escorted from the station to the
    heliport in an armed convoy. Your agents are to intercept this convoy and kill
    him before he can reach the heliport.
    Security update: The whole route is lined with police officers as well as
    civvies. They are all armed and ready for trouble. The main part of the convoy
    consists of two apcs and the police car in which the target is riding.
    Tactics: A single agent would stand just as much of a chance as several. The
    hard hitting approach involves hot footing it over to the convoy route and
    destroying the police car with heavy weapons. A more subtle but risky manoeuvre
    would be to steal a car and follow the convoy. When the target leaves his car
    and starts towards the heliport then open up with a burst of automatic fire.
    Timing is everything on this one.
    The nearby city is riddled with organised crime. It is divided up by several
    crime families of little note and the citizens are getting really fed up with
    the whole affair. It is time for us to do our good samaritan act and step in to
    show these crime families what real power entails. Your mission is to
    assassinate the heads of the families as they attend their monthly meeting.
    Defense update: Crime families do not normally trust each other and this is
    apparent in the fact that each family has brought along a host of armed
    bodyguards. Further guards look after the building entrance and even more cover
    the grounds. The police force is in the pocket of all of them so you cannot
    expect any help from them. In fact if you start shooting up the guards the
    police are more likely to intervene on their side.
    Tactics: Fast in fast out is the order of the day. Light automatics should be
    more than enough to take care of the guards and a close assault weapon or shot
    gun should be used to clear out the house in one fell swoop. You should only
    need one or two agents for this one although a third could come in handy when
    keeping the police at bay while the others get on with the guards.
    A squad of early model agents has gone haywire in the local city. Their chips
    have been damaged and they will not respond to their control codes. Your squad
    must enter the city and <persuade> them to return to base for reprogramming.
    Syndicate update: At least two other syndicates have been showing an interest in
    getting their hands on our cyborgs and intelligence reports show that several
    squads are on their way to the city. They must not be allowed near the old
    Target update: With their chips going haywire the signals from the persuadertron
    may appear garbled and you may have difficulty <persuading> them otherwise.
    Tactics: The hardest part about this mission will be identifying the friendly
    agents and distinguishing them from the enemy ones. Check your scanner as your
    targets will not appear as threats. Accurate weapons are required for this as
    area of effect or spray fire weaponry increases the chance of damage to one of
    the targets.
    Our intelligence reports lead us to believe that an enemy syndicate is about to
    test its prototype new weapon on the unsuspecting populace of a nearby
    settlement. Your squad will be deployed to ensure that the test firing does not
    go as planned and also to steal anything that you think is of any interest to
    our research and design boys.
    Syndicate update: Four enemy squads have all been deployed and they are all
    equipped with this new weapon. The weapon itself is reported to be some form of
    Tactics: We have learned that while the flamethrower is lethal up close its
    range is sadly lacking. Your best bet is to keep the enemy pinned with the use
    of long or medium range automatics. Even so the full squad should be deployed
    due to the amount of enemy present.
    The Atlantic Ocean after decades of misuse has become one of the most polluted
    seas of the world. The sea bed while still being mineral rich is rapidly
    declining and with the world water and energy shortages growing more and more
    severe there are an increasing number of syndicates and countries looking to the
    sea for answers. The Atlantic Accelerator is a huge water and mineral research
    station that floats on the polluted surface. Science probes and exploration
    craft are lowered into the murky depths for research in a vain attempt to solve
    the worlds water and energy problems. Our intelligence shows that the scientists
    on board are extremely close to making the great discovery which may save the
    planet. The syndicate that has this discovery can surely rule the whole world.
    Your squad has been airlifted to the accelerator and your mission is to sweep
    all other enemy agents from the platform to claim this station for our
    advancement and conquest.
    Syndicate update: The enemy syndicates have realised that we are the most
    significant threat to their survival and as such have bonded together in an
    awesome alliance of resource and manpower. The strike and assault teams of seven
    other syndicates have also been deployed on the station but instead of fighting
    amongst themselves they are acting together as a team. Their weaponry reserves
    and technology have been pooled to equip this fearsome fighting machine.
    Defense update: You are totally outgunned and outnumbered on this one. In
    addition to the enemy syndicate squads there are also the resident guard posts
    manned by the efficient and well equipped security forces. They too realise the
    major threat that we pose to them and so expect them to side with the enemy
    syndicate coalition. We believe that gauss guns and mini guns are the standard
    guard post equipment.
    Tactics: The whole squad must be deployed for this one. All team members will
    have to be modified to stand a chance. As you are completely outnumbered try to
    lure the enemy agents and guards into ambush situations where you can direct
    maximum firepower towards smaller groups. Keep on the move as eventually they
    will overwhelm your position if you dig in. At least two team members should
    carry heavy or support weaponry and consequently their arms must be modified to
    allow them to operate efficiently. Do not allow your squad to get split up
    otherwise there is a danger of them becoming cut off and wiped out. Medikits and
    energy shields should be carried as standard. Due to the number of the enemy
    ammunition levels may become strained. Take every opportunity to replenish
    weapon supplies from fallen comrades or enemy. Above all keep it tight people
    and watch each others backs. Good luck... Message ends.

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