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    FAQ/Walkthrough by falsehead

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    *************************** D: FAQ/WALKTHRU *****************************
               Sega Saturn Survival Horror; released (1995) UK (PAL)
                      FAQ/WALKTHRU (Final Version) 14/03/2003
    Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com
    Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
    your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
    me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
    content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
    purposes that's OK).
    This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
    print unless you are prepared to pay me for its inclusion.
    If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
    to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
    type all this up for the good of my health you know.
    ********************************* CONTENTS *****************************
    ********************** 1) INTRODUCTION/REVISIONS ************************
    INTRODUCTION - D is an unusual and atmospheric survival horror type game that
    appeared on the ill-fated Sega Saturn.  Although graphically and
    atmospherically it suffers in comparison to later titles like Silent Hill and
    Resident Evil, it is still quite compelling.  The two-hour time limit on the
    game gives you a sense of urgency and the story is pretty good as well.  Its
    definitely an acquired taste, but if you are a survival horror completist its
    one to play if not actually treasure.  I decided to write this FAQ up as the
    other FAQs posted only gave guides to the fastest completion.  This way you
    should see all the scenes the game has to offer.
    The latest version of this guide is always posted first at www.gamefaqs.com, if
    you found this guide on another site please check gamefaqs to make sure you
    have the latest updates before emailing me with any questions.  I may have
    already answered it!
    REVISIONS - Final Version (20/07/2002). First and Final Version. Full
    walkthrough of game typed up.
    REAL Final Version! (14/03/2003) Ahem forgot to mark the last version as final.
     But have corrected a few typos. Also although I am happy to take emails
    regarding this FAQ, I cannot give anymore gameplay advice further to what is
    contained here.  Sadly my disc 1 of the game got scratched and I can't play it
    anymore and its unlikely I'll be replacing it any time soon =(
    Also, in response to a couple of queries.  There was sequel released for this
    game starring Laura that mixed the same point and click gameplay with some more
    action orientated stuff and was set in a snowy wilderness.  It was called "D2"
    and was one of the early titles to appear on the Dreamcast and by all accounts
    wasn't very good.  It got a US release and seems to be a fairly cheap buy on
    eBay right now...
    ************************* 2) GETTING STARTED  ***************************
    STORY - They year is 1997.  It's the dead of night in Los Angeles.  There has
    been a mass murder in the general hospital on the outskirts of town. The
    perpetrator is the director of the hospital, Richter Harris.  He has locked
    himself up in the hospital and taken a number of patients as hostages.  The
    police are helpless, unable to move in.  Richter's only daughter, Laura Harris,
    hearing of the situation, rushes to LA from San Francisco, and drives alone to
    the tragic scene at the hospital grounds...Will Laura be able to penetrate the
    riddle of her transfigured father?
    D-pad - move forward, backwards, turn left/right
    A - touch/open/take or move items
    Rear Buttons - Display items
    Taking and using an item happens like this.  If an item is discovered that is
    needed you automatically take it.  Use the left or right back buttons to
    display the item then press A to use it.
    RULES OF THE GAME - There is a two-hour time limit in this game.  If you fail
    to complete it within that time the game will terminate.  Laura enters the
    hospital at three o'clock, so you must finish up before five.  You cannot pause
    the game during play.
    **************************** 3) WALKTHROUGH *****************************
    "A full moon rises over L.A. National Hospital.  Inside - the father, a doctor
    gone mad... but why? Outside - the daughter... the innocent, the seeker.  You
    are about to enter the darkness forever! D... the Daughter.  D...Darkness.
    D...Destiny.  D...Despair.  D...Delirium.  D...Death.  D...Damnation."
    - After viewing the opening FMV you gain control of Laura in the dining room. 
    Practice using the controls. Laura begins the game with two items.  The Clock
    lets her know what the time is and the Compact gives hints on the game.  Access
    these to get an idea of how the item system works.  Keep a look out for Beetle
    symbols, every time you see one you'll trigger an optional flashback scene that
    helps fill in the plot and add to the mood.
    - Go to the table and look at the bowl.  It will fill with blood.  Go to the
    door on the left pf the fireplace.
    - Examine the chest of drawers/dresser to the left of the stairs.   An arm will
    come out of the mirror and make a grab for Laura.  Go into the room to the
    right of the hallway.
    - You are in the Barrel Room.  Carry on to the far end of the room.  A spiked
    wall will suddenly come towards Laura.  It won't hurt you though.  Carry on
    upstairs to the Second Floor Hallway.
    - Open the door on the left and you'll see a skeleton.  Carry on through the
    door opposite the stairs to enter the second floor sitting room.
    - Approach the draws in the corner of the room.  There is a numeral on each
    drawer.  Open the drawer marked "I" and Laura will get a piece of paper. 
    You'll have a flashback.  After this if you reopen the drawer you may see a
    Beetle symbol.  Now walk to the fireplace and Laura will automatically collect
    the silver key from the fireplace.  Now head back downstairs to the Dining
    - Place the paper in the bowl (the one that filled with blood earlier). The
    numerals "IV-II" will magically appear on the paper.  So go all they way back
    to the numbered drawers in the second floor sitting room.
    - Open the drawers marked "IV" and "II" in that order.  There is a handle in
    the drawer marked "II" which Laura will collect.  Now go back to the Barrel
    - Use the handle on the barrel tap, which will retract the spikes on the far
    wall.  Now you can enter a stairway that was previously blocked.  Go up the
    stairs until you reach a door marked "78".  Now return to the Dining Room.
    - Use the Silver Key to unlock the door on the right of the fireplace.
    - Inside you'll see a rather manky looking person chained to the wall. His arm
    disappears into the wall.  Go into the other area of the bedroom and you'll see
    a safe on a pedestal.  You have to set the number on the safe to "78".  Pull
    the handled and set the left number between 0 and 1.  This should see the
    number tick forward to seven.  Now pull the right handle and set the right
    number between 2 and 3, it should go forwards and stop at eight.  Do this right
    and the safe opens to reveal the prisoners arm.  Laura will remove the ring. 
    Now go to the Barrel Room.
    - Go down the stairs and use the ring to unlock the door.  It will open to
    reveal a circular stairway. As Laura walks down a huge stone boulder will roll
    after her, but it won't kill you.  She will end up in the downstairs bedroom. 
    The boulder will totally block your access back to the first floor.
    - Go towards the painting of the girl that hangs over the fireplace. As you get
    closer the girl will transform into four animals.  Chicken, Horse, Rabbit,
    Deer. Go to the desk with two drawers (you may see a beetle symbol). Go to the
    nightstand and you'll see four cups with pictures of the animals on them. 
    Rotate the tray until the animals match the painting (deer at the front).  Then
    the tray will rotate of its own accord and this will unlock the door to the
    right.  Open it and enter the Library.
    - Take a look at the busts on the table (you may see a beetle symbol).  Then
    examine the bookshelf (you may see a beetle symbol).  Then open the other door
    to go into the prison.
    - Go and collect the key from the dead body and return to the Downstairs
    - Use the key to unlock the desk.  Laura will automatically take the book
    inside it.  Now go back to the library.
    - Put the book on the bookshelf.  The shelf will then slide away to reveal a
    secret passage. Laura will walk up the stairs in the passage and as she goes
    though the arch at the opposite end a metal gate will slam behind her and block
    the way back.  You are now in the Rotating Room.
    - The podium at the centre of the room has a wheel.  Turn the wheel to cause
    doorways to appear.  They will come up randomly behind Laura and are:
    1) Stairs to the Hall of Knights
    2) Stairs to the Circular Pool
    3) Stairs to the Garden
    4) The locked gate blocking the way back to the Library
    5) A room with a Stained Glass Window
    6) A brick wall that is impassable but a beetle symbol may appear there.
    Turn the wheel until you can enter the Hall of Knights
    - Laura will walk down the flight of steps lined with suits of armour.  You'll
    approach a pit at the end of the hall.  Watch the bottom of the screen
    carefully as when Laura turns you'll be face to face with a Knight.  If you
    defeat the knight straight away you can take his sword and go back to the
    rotating room.  If not follow this sequence.
    1) You're in the pit, so approach the metal rungs (you may see a beetle
    symbol). Climb the rungs.
    2) When Laura reaches the top of the rungs follow the controller prompts
    3) Climb out and press Left when prompted
    4) Then move right when prompted (Laura will slip and hand on the edge of the
    pit before hauling herself back).
    5) The Knight will grab her and hurl her against the wall, now press Left when
    6) Now Press A when prompted to push him into the pit.
    You will now take his sword and its time to return to the rotating room.
    - Rotate it until you can get into the garden
    - You'll go up some stairs and through a trap door into the garden.  Approach
    the statues and examine them to discover their names (Aquarius and
    Sagittarius). Now got to the fountain.  You'll see a door in the Tower and a
    slot in the door.  Place the Knights Sword in the slot and it will break in
    half.  This will unlock the door.  Now enter the Tower.
    - You'll go up the stairs and see a telescope on the table.  Use the lever on
    the right to select the Aquarius symbol.  Now look through the telescope to see
    a constellation outlined in blue.  Now pull the lever to select the symbol for
    Sagittarius and check out the constellation, which is now outlined in green. 
    Head back to the garden.
    - Take a look at the Aquarius statue and press the light blue button.  Check
    the Sagittarius statue and press the green button. The fountain will drain,
    while the circular pool fills with water. The chest that was in the pool will
    now bob to the edge where you can get at it.
    - Return to the Rotating room and get rotating!  This time you need to access
    the Circular Pool
    - Open the floating chest and Laura will take out the pistol.  Now go back to
    the Rotating Room.
    - Now you need to go to the room with the Stained Glass Window.  So rotate the
    room until it comes up.
    - Use the gun to break the window.  Now use the metal rungs to climb up to the
    - Laura will climb in through a window, but as she does so the shutters will
    come down and lock her in. Carry on down the hallway until you have a
    flashback. Now turn around and walk back to the middle of the hallway. Face the
    window and turn to the wall on the left.  The hallways will shake and the wall
    will split open to reveal the Gear Room.
    - Inside this room is a machine with two gears.  On the left there is a red
    sphere and the right hand gear has a sphere-sized hole in it.  You must line up
    the gears so the red sphere can be seen through the hole.  Use the two levers
    to move the gears.  Set the left lever to the middle position and the right
    lever into the front position. Press the red button until the red sphere is in
    the area between the gears.  Push both levers into the front position.  Press
    the red button until the hole overlaps the sphere.  Now the machine will move
    back into the wall and some stairs will appear suspended in mid-air.
    - Laura will climb the stairs and find a painting of her mother. As she
    examines it a series of images will be displayed.  Now you'll be confronted by
    Laura's dad who will explain to you the meaning of "D".  He will also explain
    Laura's disturbing visions.  Now he will transform and ask Laura to join him. 
    You have two choices, either join him to get the "Bad Ending" or use the pistol
    to shoot him to get the "Good Ending".
    Feel fee to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
    would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
    Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
    My email is falsehead@aol.com. However gameplay information is something I can
    no longer supply extra to what is already written.
    (Blatant plug: check out my games website at www.kungfuhamster.cjb.net for
    loads of info on Martial Arts, Beat 'em Ups, Kung Fu Movies and Pokemon!)
    Big Thanks to CjayC, the cool bloke who runs GameFAQs.  You've given me the
    opportunity to reach more people with my stuff than I ever could have alone!
    Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
    Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
    contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.
    Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
    and being all round awesome dudes! fakeplasticmanatree, bloomer, sashanan,
    ASchultz, MaxH, Vegita, the daremo/Masters and Bobo The Clown Love yah all
    ***************************** THE END *********************************

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