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Reviewed: 08/05/08


This Virtual Vivid Sampler includes 10 trailers for their own products. I am unsure where this came from, I take it it was given away with some of their products or sent out to retailers. Most of the titles on the disk were actually released on the 3DO, some were planned at some stage but later canceled due to the demise of the 3DO or poor sales of the existing software. There is also on preview for Vivid in general which at the time was trying to introduce CD games and its features.

Apart from watching those trailers, and those are very short, there is not much to do. Most of them range from two to five minutes tops. The controls allow you to skip back and forth through them so this is rather easy to do. As it was given away for free I suppose you could give it the benefit of the doubt, but seeing that most of these previews do not tell you anything about the titles and are hardly a tease with the short clip, this product fails with what it attempts to do - promoting the rest of the software.

The sound is also broken, only the music plays for most of the clips. The one preview that really needs the speech is therefore rendered useless. A few of the titles do not even mention the name in the trailer, making you wonder what they are really showing you there. Some better voice overs would have done here, not just the guy saying "you are watching a Vivid Feature" or some lusty lady repeating "Love Bites" several times to the point that you want to throw the disk away. Love Bites, by the way, has the longest trailer in the bunch because it was a special video they created and not just ripped off their existing video retail product.

Being a preview disk, the trailers also do not feature any nudity. The real deal does, however, something they fail to mention. If I would have watched this then I do not know what to expect from the actual product later. The company obviously thinks promoting their products is not required as the target demographics already know what they are about.

Finally, the disk have awful digital effects linking the clips. A model will float around on a magic disk (read: magic carpet but exchange the carpet with a CD) to signal the end of the trailer. Use of green screen at its worst, not to mention bad acting for this minimal task of sitting and waving your hands around.

Verdict: It's free, free trash.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Virtual Vivid Sampler (US, 12/31/94)

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