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How do you catch Tapu Koko? 1
Where can I buy vitamins? 2
How do I get to the Lighthouse in Konikoni City? 2
Is ralts in pokemon sun and if so where? 1
Can I re-battle Tapu Koko after I beat him? 2
What are the three passwords to battle guzma? 3
I accidentally killed Tapu Lele, does it regenerate? 1
When it is day and night in Pokemon Sun and in Pokemon Moon? 1
Where can I buy PP Up and PP Max? 1
Mystery Gift: Cant claim genesect code? 6
Recent Questions Answers
How do i get back to poni island? 5
The special code will display only when you are logged in with a qualifying game? 1
What does the C-Stick do in New Nintendo 3DS? 1
Why does the battle spot keep telling me there is a problem with one of my Pokemon? 1
What is the best move set for Midnight Lycanroc? 1
Help with mystery egg run? 2
Is my ending team good enough for competitive battles? (leave suggestions) 1
Accidentally traded Lucky Egg! Can anybody help me out? 2
What is with this shiny mewtwo!? 1
Is my Theory Right About Oak making the master ball and agatha making Voltorb? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Help with ultra beast mission? 2
Help with ultra beast mission? 3
Genning? 1
What do the posters in the ingame Game Freak office say? 1
Can I get another Incinerate Zorua? 1
What is the best team to start with? 1
Team help? 3
Different region ditto? 1
Why does the dye house tell me I don't have the correct amount of berries? 1
Can somebody with a level 3 blue dye stand help me? 1

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