How do I beat Legretta?

  1. I'm having trouble beating Legretta. Does anyone know a good strategy and also what characters I should use to beat her?

    User Info: GamingFan19

    GamingFan19 - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Which fight is this?

    User Info: DarkLink50

    DarkLink50 - 5 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Just to make this clear, I'm fighting her at Deo Pass.

    User Info: GamingFan19

    GamingFan19 - 5 years ago


  1. Depends on where you are fighting her ... at Deo Pass, I guess. Boot Tear and put Natalia in for healing - Tear and Legretta are basically copies with the same artes, so her spells will be useless. You can use Guy as a meatshield and run around like crazy to distract Legretta while Jade and Anise are using their spells from the backrow.


    User Info: CatMuto

    CatMuto (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. I ever play with tear, jade, guy and luke.... my strategy is.. I`m luke just do simple atack and short cut with Tear - eclair lame and Jade- flameburst and Guy - tiger blade... i`ll do a 137 hits combo.

    User Info: fabian456

    fabian456 - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. Oh okay.

    This is my party for the battle:
    Luke, Guy, Tear (can be replaced with natalia if wanted) , Jade
    Dont use anise for this battle because she is just too slow to avoid legretta's attacks

    Disable all of Tear's/Natalia's artes except for first aid, healing circle/heal and set them to use only fonic artes
    Have Jade use his best spells and set to 100% TP usage

    Control Guy for this battle and run circles around legretta to dodge her spells while luke attacks her (however you want). As Guy, try to always get legretta distracted so that Jade and Tear/Natalia can cast. Every once in a while attack Legretta however you want with Guy.

    If you notice that Legretta is targeting Tear/Natalia or Jade with a spell, quickly stagger her if possible or switch to the character being targeted and dodge the spell.

    User Info: DarkLink50

    DarkLink50 - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. I recommend if u really need help in beating her, use Natalia, Tear, Luke and Guy.
    Disable non-healing artes for the girls and luke and guy just attack like crazy.
    That strategy is also good for Van.

    User Info: RaldEmerald

    RaldEmerald - 5 years ago 0 0
  5. My Party:

    Luke: Level 25
    Tear: Level 24
    Natalia: Level 24
    Guy: Level 24


    First off, Never go for the frontal assault. I didn't really control Guy, But He got hit only a bit because Me, (As Luke) always went for the behind strike while Guy attacks from the front. Have Tear Only Heal. And Have Natalia Have Arial Assault, Heal, and Barrier on. I can't stress this enough when I say TIMING. If you attack, and Legretta Staggers, most likely she'll get up before the stupid AI's of the others start to attack again. Most people think, "Oh Attack attack attack the whole battle. It works" WELL IT DOESN'T.

    Wait for Guy to attack, then, almost exactly before he finishes, you attack and use as many artes as possibe (3 attacks - sonic thrust - Fang Blade Havoc) By then, she's staggered, and hopefully Tear and Natalia will attack (Tear's 3 attacks while Natalia is using Aerial Laser) then, by then, Guy will attack again, but that most likely will be the end of the chain. This works for most battles, with a few acceptations (Anyone who uses Mystic artes)

    I'm Not saying you won't die. Bring at least 3 Life bottles, and some Gels. Hopefully you win. Good Luck!

    User Info: VentusNeos

    VentusNeos - 4 years ago 0 0
  6. Firstly, I will say that if you can enter the fight with a full Over Limit gauge with at least your controlled character, that would be a fantastic idea. Easy way to do this is to enter a fight, set all characters to Manual so they don't move, and take your controlled character to an isolated corner and use Taunt. This fills the OL Gauge; not necessarily quickly, but steadily.

    Now, for some battle preparations. It doesn't necessarily matter which characters you choose to have fight, just make sure you know what that character's strengths and weaknesses are. From the moment I had them all to my very last battle in the game, I always used Luke, Tear, Guy, and Jade as my constant active battle party, with my controlled character being Luke. My lowest level was 35, which I can only assume at this point of the game, people would say it's overkill.

    For items, bring as many Gels and Life Bottles as you can afford. Try and make sure your characters have all of the best equipment they can get at this point of the game, and they're all armed with it. Set your most useful and powerful Artes to each character, and as an added bonus, see if you can boost the FS Chambers of your Artes before jumping into this fight. My Luke had Rending Thrust, Havoc Strike, Steel, and Fang Blade Havoc. All of my Artes had a Carmine Chamber equipped to them, and they were all maxed out. In order to max them out, you have to use the Arte 100 times while they're equipped with that specific chamber. This is easily done in battle by switching your characters to Manual and spamming the Arte without killing the enemies, then running away and healing at a nearby save point or going back to a town and resting at an Inn (which I know is not really plausible for you at Deo Pass). This will increase the damage output and effectiveness of all these Artes. It also wouldn't hurt to do this for all of your characters, considering it can only help you in the end.

    I won't really go into AD Skills, seeing as there's no real reason for you to unequip ANY of them once they're unlocked. C.Cores don't really matter, except if you plan on leveling up from the fight (which is understandable). However, you'll want to have as many of the Combo Plus abilities unlocked for your physical fighters. Each character (yes, including those primarily using spells) can unlock a total of three.

    As for the battle itself, it's not necessarily too hard. The number-one priority for the battle? Get a combo started. This means using any Base Arte (try to avoid wasting time with Arcanes) that hits multiple times, such as Rending Thrust for Luke and Void Tempest for Guy. If you lock Legretta in a combo early on, with your physical attackers and spell users timing their strikes accurately, she won't be able to make a move in retaliation. You can literally lock her in an endless combo until the damage you accumulate is too much for her to endure, but as with most battles that end this way, you need to have the proper setup and a little bit of skill that comes from practice; you WILL fail, and that's okay. Practice makes perfect.

    If Legretta gets onto you and you can't seem to escape, use Over Limit. This is why I told you to have a full OL Gauge before the fight. Not only does it stop her from whatever she was doing, but it also causes her to recoil backwards, and the best part is that usually, she'll perform a backflip to regain balance; this is your perfect chance to rush in and attack; the perfect chance for locking her into a combo. If you need some extra time, that's fine; Over Limit makes you temporarily invulnerable to being stunned or suffering recoil from damage. You'll have a much easier time taking her down this way.

    Enjoy your EXP, Gald, and shiny new Sephira; you'll win for sure!

    User Info: Stroup

    Stroup - 1 year ago 0 0

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