What arte setup do you use with Guy and Luke?

  1. E.g rending thrust - down 'b'

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    DarkLink50 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    If possible, include screen shortcuts.

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    DarkLink50 - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Luke:
    Up B: Havoc Strike
    Down B: Slag Assault
    Left/Right B: Rending Thrust
    B: Fang Blade

    Steel (healing)
    Devil's Inferno
    Light Spear Cannon
    Guardian Field

    Up B: Serving Wind
    Down B: Void Tempest
    Left/Right B: Beast
    B: Tiger Blade

    Sword Rain: Alpha
    Soaring Light Spear
    Final Cross (Brilliant Overlord)

    User Info: Garioshi

    Garioshi - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. Not counting the screen shortcuts:


    B - rending thrust
    ^B - light spear cannon
    down B - devils inferno
    </> B - havoc strike / swallow fury (sumthin tat fof changes via fire)


    B - crescent strike / tiger blade (w/e i feel like using)
    ^B - sword rain alpha
    down B - final cross
    </> B - center / white tiger strike / demon fang / severing wind

    I usually set my side Bs for utility (steal/situational moves like tempest on big bosses/mobs) or fof needs/wants.

    User Info: JC_EXE

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  2. Here's my setup for Luke and Guy

    B: Rending Thrust/Swallow Fury
    ^B: Rending Blast
    vB: Raging Blast
    </>B: Light Spear Cannon

    B: Sword Rain Alpha
    ^B: Demonic Void
    vB: Void Tempest
    </>B: Final Cross

    User Info: YamiJorie

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  3. Luke:
    B: stell
    ^B: havoc strick
    vB: demon fist
    </>B: rending trust

    sc 1: light spear cannon
    sc 2: lighting blade
    sc 3: devils inferno
    sc 4: guardian field/swallow Fury

    B: center
    ^B: tiger blade
    vB: demon fang
    </>B: void tempest

    sc 1: final cross
    sc 2: Severing Wind
    sc 3: Tempest
    sc 4: Nihil Blade Tempest

    User Info: fabian456

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  4. Luke:
    B- Swallow Fury
    Up+B- Devil's Inferno
    Forward+B- Light Spear Cannon
    Down+B- Slag Assault
    My shortcuts are Lightning Blade, Guardian Field, Rending Fang Blade, and Raging Havoc
    B- Sword Rain: Alpha
    Up+B- White Tiger Strike
    Forward+B- Beast
    Down+B- Final Cross
    My shortcuts are Nihil Blade Tempest, Tempest, Demonic Void, and Center

    My main is Anise, so I don't really use Guy very often (my main team is Anise, Tear, Natalia, and Luke, and I use all of them quite often, though I use Anise by far the most) which makes his move setup a lot less refined.

    User Info: NaomiNakashima

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  5. My Luke set up including short cuts

    B - Rending Thrust
    Up B - Havoc Strike
    Down B - Fang Blade
    Side B - Raging Blast

    Short Cuts:
    Up - Light Spear Cannon
    Down - Rending Fang Blade or Swallow Fury (Depends of the boss)
    Left - Devil's Inferno or Slag Assault (Depends of the boss)
    Right - Sonic Blast

    User Info: DarkVaati13

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