What's an easy way to get gald early in the game?

  1. I just got to St. Binah for the first time and the monsters on the overworld in that area don't give you squat for gald and the prices in the stores are outrageous for this point in the game. I'm really hurting for supplies and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

    User Info: JBL81

    JBL81 - 5 years ago

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  1. There really arent any easy money tricks until about midgame, when you get to the keterburg casino. if you have the patience to rack up on chips, great swords have the best chip-to-gald ratio. once you get anise's "push & pull girl" title (+3% sell price), selling them in engeve seems to give the best payoff (i'm getting ~60000 gald per trip).

    User Info: tathra

    tathra - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. It is tough to get money in the beginning. Either you play with the strategy of your team members until they don't get killed or hurt too much and you don't need supplies, or you see what you can sell without hurting too much. Like Anise's doll-accessories. They can bring you a few thousand gald and the only one really worth keeping is the Reala one.


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    CatMuto (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 1
  2. This is the most efficient way to earn lots of gald in this game.
    The weapons are cheapest at the end of the game. Equip Jade's "Emperor's Best
    Friend" and buy as many silverware weapons (Knife, Spoon, and Fork) in
    Keterberg as you can, then equip Anise's Cat costume and sell the weapons in
    Engeve. Lather, rinse, repeat (auto-pilot shortens the time considerably). You
    might need to have done some sidequests that affect Keterberg's TLP to get the
    weapons low enough to make a profit, though I'm not sure. You should be able
    to buy the silverware weapons for 43650 gald and sell them for 50124 gald. If
    you buy and sell 16 of each (which runs you about 2.1 million gald) and sell
    them all you'll make 310752 gald each trip. If you can buy 20 of each weapon
    (which costs 2.6 million gald) you'll be making 388440 gald each trip.

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    fabian456 - 5 years ago 2 2
  3. But the above post ONLY applies to the end of game early on I only got my gald from bosses including beating the 1 time only Sword Dancer battles.

    Besides I only got the 2 million gald to buy and sell those worthless equips via a 2nd full playthrough since I barely had 400,000 going into the final dungeon.

    User Info: VeghEsther

    VeghEsther - 4 years ago 1 1
  4. Certain items are not meant to be bought during your first play through. They are only possible to be purchased on a second or later play through where you can carry over all Gald in your possession. They are intended to make Unknown mode less totally insane. Purchasing only the cheapest upgrades to your gear is perfectly fine on first play throughs

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  5. At the time when you are around St Binah the best way to get the money for the better weapons in the shops there is to farm for the material drops from the enemies and sell those. The average price of a material drop around there is 100 gald.

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  6. I'm sorry man. There really are no tricks. I had this problem too so I just fought and fought until i had enough gald.

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  7. If you have the time you could go back and forth between Cheagle Woods, search points 1,2, and 4, and St. Binah, get gald from fights and sell the common search point items, keep the rare ones (Chokma Bark, Silk Thread, and Meadow Crystal). Since the points reset when you enter either location, you can get 2 rounds of all 3 search points each visit to St. Binah. That's the fastest way i know of.

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  8. You could also sell at engeve instead of st. Binah

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