How do I beat Sync and Largo? (Zao Ruin Battle)

  1. Can Someone Please Help me. I know this has been asked multiple times, but my situation is a little different. Here's my Party (I use Jade instead of Natalia because he was more recommended):

    Luke: Level 21
    Tear: Level 21
    Jade: Level 19
    Guy: level 20

    Description of fight:

    I've done this battle on 2 different save files. The First save file, I went for Sync, then Largo, and won, fairly easy. All my guys were like, 19. I used Luke, Natalia, Tear, and Guy. Went after Sync first, then Largo. Won the battle blindly. I got stuck on Deo Pass, and realized I forgot to get Demon Fist for Luke, and Tempest (First part) For Guy. Luckly, I had A save from Coral Castle, to see the 2 different choices. And Battled the Sword Guy.

    Later, (Back At Zao Ruins) In my second File I'm stronger then I was in the First match, have the same amount Of Items (3 apple gel, 3 Pineapple gels, and 3 life bottles) And think (This will be easy) and BOOM I die. Try again, BOOM dead. I start to use Jade, being more recommended than Natalia, and I die a couple more Times. Could Someone Help?

    There was nothing different in the save files. Except:

    Jade Instead of Natalia
    Stronger in the second attempt
    And that's about it.

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    VentusNeos - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Actually, I ended up being able to beat them after I had Natalia Learn Barrier, and switch her with Jade. It made the party much harder to kill (Or, so it seemed to me). I've tried that Anise Idea before. I don't know why but whenever I do, It seems to become a much harder battle. Anise is really good when some people have her. When I Have her, she dies really quick, and I waste items and TP to get her back up. She only uses Fontic artes, and stays on the back line, but EVERYONE goes after her for some reason. And I can't use her efficiently, so it doesn't help much. But thanks. I Appreciate it. Now (Since I'm over level 30) I just save up my OverLimit and use Mystic artes.

    User Info: VentusNeos

    VentusNeos - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You may want to consider using Anise instead of Jade for the earliest parts of the game as a caster. Jade's powerful spells come around midgame. Have her play as a spellcaster and mostly use the spell called Limited. Her melee abilities are decent, but too slow to be of much use. Limited hits very hard and casts fairly quickly. I'm pretty sure it has a good chance of staggering your target as well.

    You have the right strategy for the most part. Sync is a lightweight that will take a lot less punishment than Largo while putting out a fair bit more. Just be careful of their positioning. Both of them can make quick work of most characters in a few seconds. Anise and Luke are generally tough enough to take a beating though.

    I managed to one shot the fight every time I tried, but I was more well prepared than you were. You may want to consider backup items or even running a team like Luke, Anise, Tear, and Natalia. You have two tough characters and two healers that way. Make sure to set the AI on your healing characters properly (check under the Battle tab and look at strategies.) You can also turn off the AI from using certain Artes by checking the Artes menu and hitting Y (it's either X or Y, pretty sure it's Y) on the skill you don't want that character to use. This is helpful for turning off ineffective or risky artes.

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