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"A good action RPG for anyone out to get some of this on the go until another game comes out"

I'll be Frank. this game has one of the best character growth I've ever seen in this medium. However it is also been out for far longer and was designed to be played on the ps2. check point saving and all. So really the only reason to have this game is if your an action RPG fan and are waiting for Kingdom hearts....unless that somehow ends up a stinker. Or you live in Europe where you never got an english version of this game. Otherwise I'd say go the the ps2 version.


Well first off going to the good points all of them are still from the ps2 version. Great story, decent acting except from Tear 40 percent of the time. Very different characters and movesets even if some share weapons. And a battle system only possible from refining it for so long to get the best it could with being as deep or simple as you wish. All is a nice long time taking package.

Now the bad which is mostly from this port.

First off I had to knock a point for the look of the game. here we have a system that is in theory better graphically than the ps2. but you can't tell it from this port/remake since they didn't bother to improve it. in fact it kinda looks worse to compensate for the slowdown in the framing. and it lags in places, not in gameplay which is surprising but in cut scenes, very weird. Lastly the 3DS' claim to fame the 3D sucks in this game. I must have played too much of the system if Lautrec which looked like it belonged on the N64 at times did a better job with 3D than this game.

All that comes to the foreground most times is the speech bubbles and menus. Needless to say unless the game is new to you and your willing to get used to it, which on top of everything you have to really be pinpoint in the sweetspot with this to not make it seem blurry in the Background, stick to turning it off. which also helps with the battery life considering how long some scenes can go before you get to save again.

Last issue is how they changed the battle system. Rather than map say the overlimit and other button Activated AD skills to the touch pad they instead use that for the customizing of your moves aside from the normal circle pad and button use. Not really too much of an issue but it screamed to have a pad pro option to play it like the ps2 game or to the D-pad which has the parts that should be there.

you don't know until you try how annoying it is to stop your normal fighting style to touch so you can use the lesser used powers like stat boosts or telling a character to heal as a shortcut when your trained like me to just flip quickly in these to use the d-pad for secondary things.

outside that a solid game. it only is never a perfect game in either version hence the fact it's a 7 here while the PS2 port is about and 8.5 or 9 depending on your fandom to this series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/27/12

Game Release: Tales of the Abyss (US, 02/14/12)

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