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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JosJuice

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 12/27/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version history

    • v0.50, April 10 2011: First release. Information for the first six game modes is nearly complete, and work on the Fish Gallery has started.
    • v1.00, April 25 2011: Pretty much all of the content is done. There will most likely be an update that fixes the layout of the images and adds a Cheep Cheep image very soon.
    • v1.10, April 29 2011: The image layout is fixed (or at least I hope so...), the Cheep Cheep image was added, and the 3D images are now available for download (I forgot them last time)!
    • v1.15, May 16 2011: Minor updates
    • v1.20, July 30 2011: The guide now uses the Creative Commons BY-SA license! There are also some other minor updates.
    • v1.25, December 27 2011: I love minor updates, so here are even more of them! (No, I don't remember what I changed.) The hint texts for the first five fishes and the dragon have also been added.

    This guide is released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license, which means that you can share, republish and edit it if you want to, but there are some restrictions. Read the license before you redistribute or modify the guide: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/


    AR Games is a pre-installed set of Augmented Reality minigames on the Nintendo 3DS. Augmented Reality is a cool use of the 3D cameras of the 3DS. Six AR cards are included with the system. Place them anywhere, and when you aim the cameras at one of them, things will appear such as video game characters and new environments! (And no, AR has nothing to do with Action Replay...)

    Almost every game mode of AR Games uses the ? card - it's a yellow card with a question mark block from the Super Mario games on it. The five other cards are called Character Cards, and they're only used in the mode Star Pics. If you've lost your cards, you can download images of the cards from the internet (http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/3ds/en_na/ar_download.jsp) and print them using a printer, or even make hand-drawn cards that look similar to the real ones. AR Games accepts both the real cards and copies of them.

    To start playing AR Games, start AR Games from the Home menu and put the ? card on a flat surface such as a table. If AR Games doesn't recognize the card, instructions will be displayed on the touch screen (bottom screen). Make sure that there's enough light, and that the card can be clearly seen. Don't place anything above it - this is especially important if you want to hold it in your hand (for taking pictures in modes such as Star Pics and Mii Pics). You'll probably want to have a bit of space around you, since some of the modes require you to move around a lot. When moving around, make sure that the whole AR card can always be seen!

    All the images in this guide have been taken in 3D. You can view them in 2D here in the guide, or download a separate zip file containing 3D images that can be viewed on a Nintendo 3DS or any other system that's compatible with MPO files here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?m7c56ndmn1bin68

    Main menu

    The first thing you'll see after AR Games recognizes the ? card is a yellow box character standing on the ? card. Aim at the front of it, and press the A button to shoot. It'll fall over and reveal the main menu. In the main menu, shoot a box to select it. If you've completed Fishing, you can switch main menu by shooting the alternate-colored small box in the bottom-right corner. When playing a game, you can press the START button to return to the main menu.

    Normal (yellow) main menu

    Normal (yellow) main menu


    • Location: Bottom-middle box
    • Unlocked: Beginning

    Star Pics

    • Location: Top-middle box
    • Unlocked: Beginning

    AR Shot

    • Location: Bottom-right box
    • Unlocked: After clearing Shooting

    Mii Pics

    • Location: Top-right box
    • Unlocked: After clearing Shooting


    • Location: Bottom-left box
    • Unlocked: After clearing AR Shot


    • Location: Top-left box
    • Unlocked: After clearing AR Shot

    Extra (purple) main menu

    Extra (purple) main menu


    • Location: First box (from top-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop


    • Location: Second box (from top-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop

    3D Tools

    • Location: Third box (from top-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop

    Fish Gallery

    • Location: First box (from bottom-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop

    Free Fishing

    • Location: Second box (from bottom-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop

    Shooting 2

    • Location: Third box (from bottom-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop

    AR Shot 2

    • Location: Fourth box (from bottom-left)
    • Unlocked: After purchasing from the Shop


    • Location: Bottom-left
    • Unlocked: After clearing Fishing


    There are eight items in the shop that can be bought using virtual Play Coins. The first one will allow you to take pictures in any game mode by pressing the L button and the R button at the same time. The last seven will be added to the extra (purple) main menu when purchased. Free Fishing, Shooting 2 and AR Shot 2 cost 3 Play Coins, and everything else costs 1 Play Coin, for a total of 14 Play Coins. If you need instructions on how to get Play Coins, check out the enclosed instruction book.


    Shooting is one of the simplest games available. A number of targets will appear along with some scenery, and you need to shoot them by pressing the A button. The game will tell you how many targets are left. Make sure to shoot the front of the targets - the back will not work!

    Shooting - Stage 1

    There are four targets in this stage. The first three can be seen easily, but the fourth one can be a bit tricky. It's in the hole where the ? card is located. If you can't hit some of the targets, try looking at the ? card from a different angle when you're shooting.

    Shooting - Stage 1

    Shooting - Stage 2

    The first part of this stage is very simple since there's only one target, right on top of the ? card. Once you shoot it, the ground will start to shake and move up and down! Three new targets will appear. They're easy to find, but can be tricky to shoot since they're moving.

    Shooting - Stage 2 (part 1)

    Shooting - Stage 2 (part 2)

    Shooting - Stage 3

    The first part of this stage is a dragon statue. There are two targets - one on the left part of its head and one in its mouth. Once you've hit them, the dragon turns alive! You need to defeat it in order to complete Shooting. The dragon has six body parts that are initially yellow. (One of them is its head.) Hit a body part once to make it turn red, and once again to make it turn black. The head must be shot many more times than the other body parts. Sometimes the dragon will attack by slamming into you or launching a fireball. You can turn away to avoid the attacks. If you're hit, you'll be unable to attack for a few seconds. When all the body parts are black, the dragon is defeated. If you have trouble defeating the dragon, remember that you can turn around!

    Shooting - Stage 3 (part 1)

    Shooting - Stage 3 (part 2)

    Star Pics

    In this mode, you can use both the ? card and the character cards to take 3D pictures! AR Cards can be added or removed at any time, but you can't take pictures if none are present. The pictures that you take can be viewed using Nintendo 3DS Camera or a computer with an SD card reader, but images will not show up in 3D on regular computers.

    • A button / B button: Change pose of character
    • X button: Change size of character
    • Circle Pad: Move character
    • + Control Pad: Switch selected character (if using more than one card)
    • L button / R button: Take picture

    There are also a few things you can do with the touch screen. If you tap the top of the screen, the controls will be displayed. The button with two eyes on it can be used to make all characters face the camera, and the button with two poses and an arrow will reset the poses and positions of all characters.

    AR Shot

    AR Shot is a game in which you need to get a ball to a hole. Aim at the ball, and shoot it using the A button. Try to get to the hole using as few shots as possible!

    AR Shot - Stage 1

    This is a simple stage that introduces you to how this game works. Simply shoot the ball at the hole!

    AR Shot - Stage 1

    AR Shot - Stage 2

    In this stage, the ball needs to roll down a path around a small temple. Aim as shown in the image in this guide.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    You can jump straight down the cliff instead if you want to...

    AR Shot - Stage 2

    AR Shot - Stage 3

    You have to use a huge ball here! Simply shoot it towards the hole. You'll need to walk to the other side of the ? card. If you can't do this, you can rotate the ? card instead.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    If you're lucky, shooting the ball in the opposite direction of how it should be shot might also work!

    AR Shot - Stage 3

    AR Shot - Stage 4

    In this stage, timing is important. An island will move across the water as well as your path. Don't shoot when the island is blocking your path!

    AR Shot - Stage 4

    AR Shot - Stage 5

    This one can be quite tricky! You need to shoot in a specific angle, and timing is still important. When the ball touches the moving pieces of land, the ball will follow the movement of the land. Shoot the ball as shown in the image in this guide to avoid the water. You also need to keep in mind that the hole moves up and down. You should shoot right when the hole goes from being up to being down.

    AR Shot - Stage 5

    AR Shot - Stage 6

    The hole is on a moving island. Try to aim straight forwards, then shoot when the island is in that position. Once the ball hits the hole, the dragon will appear again! You have to shoot bombs at it to defeat it. The attacks are similar to the ones in Shooting. The dragon can slam into you, or breathe green smoke at you. You can turn away to avoid the attacks. If you're hit, you'll be unable to attack for a few seconds. The bombs that you must shoot at the dragon will drop down onto the large island, but when the dragon is moving in the lava they fall into the lava instead of landing properly, and in that case you can't use them. The dragon will change from green to red to black when it's been hit a few times. Continue to shoot bombs at the dragon when it changes positions, and you'll clear AR Shot!

    AR Shot - Stage 6 (part 1)

    AR Shot - Stage 6 (part 2)

    Mii Pics

    Mii Pics is a mode that's quite similar to Star Pics, but instead of Nintendo characters, Mii characters are used. You should only use one ? card. Remove all other cards. The pictures that you take can be viewed using Nintendo 3DS Camera or a computer with an SD card reader, but images will not show up in 3D on regular computers.

    • A button / B button: Change pose of Mii
    • X button: Change size of Mii
    • Y button: Change expression of Mii
    • Circle Pad: Move Mii
    • + Control Pad: Switch selected Mii (if using more than one Mii)
    • L button / R button: Take picture

    There are also a few things you can do with the touch screen. The first thing you must do is to add a Mii using the button that says "Mii". That button can also be used to remove Miis. If you tap the top of the screen, the controls will be displayed. The button with two eyes on it can be used to make all Miis face the cameras.


    Fishing is a game that's quite unlike Shooting and AR Shot. The surface that your AR Card is placed on is turned into a lake... Or a sea... Or something like that. You have two minutes to catch fishes. There are five types of regular fishes, and each one awards you a different amount of points. The gameplay is probably very familiar to you if you've played Animal Crossing. The fishing rod is controlled by moving the Nintendo 3DS system. Fishes will appear and disappear sometimes. Disappearing fishes will appear semi-transparent. First, you must make the fish notice you. Move the rod so that the float is in front of the fish that you want to catch. If you're moving the rod while it's in the water, be careful to not make the float touch any of the fishes! They'll most likely be scared. Ususally, if a fish looks at the float and doesn't move, it means it has noticed it. Fishes that are about to disappear will not be semi-transparent anymore if they notice the float. Once the fish has become interested in the float, it'll start moving towards it. The first few times it gets close to the float, it'll move back right afterwards, but after a few times, the fish starts pulling on the line! When this happens, move your Nintendo 3DS system up quickly to catch it! If you aren't quick enough, the fish will escape.

    When there are only a few seconds left of your fishing session, the music will change and a strange shape will show up in the water... Maybe you recognize it. It's the dragon again! If you don't try to catch it, the fishing session will end when your two minutes are over. If you do attempt to catch it, a boss battle will start! This time, you have to drop bombs on it using your fishing rod. You can press the A button to drop one, or simply make the bomb touch the dragon while the bomb is still on the rod by moving the rod down. If a bomb touches the water, it will disappear. The dragon only has one attack, and it's to shoot water. (Or maybe it's soap? I like soap dragons.) You can turn away to avoid the attack. If you're hit, you'll be unable to attack for a few seconds. Once you've hit it a few times, it'll start hiding a bit more. Just moving the rod usually won't work when the dragon hides - you need to actually drop your bombs on it. It'll change color from blue to red after a a few more hits, and once it has been defeated it will be floating on the surface of the water. Catch it using your fishing rod to get 200 points and clear Fishing! (If you have trouble catching it after you've defeated it, try moving the fishing rod closer to the dragon's mouth.)

    Tuna100 pts
    Red Snapper25 pts
    Salmon35 pts
    Flounder30 pts
    Mackerel5 pts
    Dragon200 pts


    Graffiti is an interesting mode where you can draw things using the touch screen and make them appear on the ? card.

    • A button: Make drawing jump
    • Circle Pad: Move drawing
    • X button: Open / close menu
    • B button / + Control Pad up: Open menu
    • L button / R button: Take picture

    The menu can also be accessed by touching the icon in the upper-left corner of the touch screen. There are six tabs in the menu that allow you to modify the images and the tools you use to draw. In the first tab, you can choose pen thickness or one of the six special pens that can't actually draw. In the second tab (only available once you've drawn something), you can choose an eraser (three different thicknesses) or clear everything at once. When clearing, you also have to choose a clearing animation. No matter which one you pick, all of your drawing will be erased. In the third tab, you can choose what color to use, including a special rainbow color. In the fourth tab, you can select stamps that can be placed anywhere in your drawing. In the fifth tab (only available once you've drawn something), you can choose what 3D shape your drawing will appear as. The last tab is used for selecting a background image.


    This is an analog clock that shows the current time. You can also manipulate the time using the Circle Pad and see the light change from day to night.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    If you press A, a bird will pop out of the ? card. It it gets too close to your screen, something might happen... If you do it many times, something else happens.


    This is a miniature version of the Earth that you can play around with. Your location will be displayed.

    • Circle Pad: Spin globe
    • X button: Change size of globe
    • A button: Shoot
    • L button / R button: Take picture
    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Do not shoot too much. You will regret it, I promise you.

    3D Tools

    In 3D Tools, you can draw on the touch screen to change the terrain where the ? card is placed.

    • X button / + Control Pad up: Open / close menu
    • A button: Shoot
    • L button / R button: Take picture

    Like in Graffiti, there's an menu that you can access by touching the icon in the upper-left corner of the touch screen. In it, you can select the pen thickness, if you want to raise, lower or even out the terrain, and there's also an option to clear everything. You can also shoot exploding balls that will affect the terrain. (There can't be more than three balls at once.)

    Fish Gallery

    A group of sardines

    A rainbow and the five rainbow fishes

    Cheep Cheeps jumping

    Lakitu and a Blooper

    Green Shells floating on the water

    Fishbones and a thunder cloud

    An UFO abducting a crab

    Gold Marlin

    Mr AR

    The Fish Gallery is a book of all 31 fishes that can be caught in Fishing and Free Fishing, but most of them (25 fishes) can only be caught in Free Fishing. You're able to see a 3D image of the fish, its name, how many times you've caught it, its number, and if you've earned a crown for that fish yet. If there's a fish you haven't caught, a hint text will be displayed instead. When you've caught every fish, the book will become golden. Catching them all can be tough, but I hope that you'll try anyway!

    • A button / + Control Pad right: Flip page forwards
    • B button / + Control Pad left: Flip page backwards
    • L button / R button: Take picture
    NumberNameHint textDetails
    1TunaLarge daytime fishThis fish can be caught in both Fishing and Free Fishing.
    2Red SnapperMedium-sized daytime fishThis fish can be caught in both Fishing and Free Fishing.
    3SalmonMedium-sized daytime fishThis fish can be caught in both Fishing and Free Fishing.
    4FlounderMedium-sized daytime fishThis fish can be caught in both Fishing and Free Fishing.
    5MackerelSmall daytime fishThis fish can be caught in both Fishing and Free Fishing.
    6Flying FishSmall night fish
    7SardineSensitive to blueWhen playing on a blue surface, sometimes these fishes show up in large groups.
    8CrabUnusual night fish
    9Porcupine FishUnusual night fish
    10EelUnusual night fish
    11JellyfishUnusual night fish
    12Sea BreamMedium-sized daytime fish
    13Butterfly fishThe rainbow's your cue!When a rainbow appears, this fish is the yellow fish.
    14Regal TangThe rainbow's your cue!When a rainbow appears, this fish is the blue fish.
    15Clown TriggerfishThe rainbow's your cue!When a rainbow appears, this fish is the white fish.
    16Coral HindThe rainbow's your cue!When a rainbow appears, this fish is the red fish.
    17Moon WrasseThe rainbow's your cue!When a rainbow appears, this fish is the green fish.
    18Cheep CheepSensitive to redWhen playing on a red surface, sometimes a swarm of Cheep Cheeps will jump out of the water.
    19BlooperWhen a real pro appears...When Lakitu appears (a yellow/green creature on a cloud from the Super Mario games), all fishes in the water are Bloopers. They disappear when Lakitu disappears.
    20Green ShellSensitive to greenWhen playing on a green surface, sometimes these shells will start raining from the sky.
    21FishboneCareful - electric!When thunder strikes the water, all fishes turn into Fishbones. They look like skeleton fishes.
    22CanCrops up occasionallyThis is a can, but it looks like a fish and moves like a fish... Just like in Animal Crossing.
    23UFOWhen you hear an odd sound...Sometimes there are strange noises and an UFO appears. Knock it down into the water, and it will appear as a purple fish that can be caught normally.
    24MarlinLarge daytime fish
    25SharkLarge daytime fish
    26RayLarge night fish
    27AnglerfishLarge night fish
    28Longtooth GrouperLarge night fish
    29Gold MarlinGlistening fishThis special golden fish will only appear when all other fishes have been caught. You need to be an excellent fisher to be able to catch it, because it's very quick!
    30Mr ARSensitive to yellowWhen playing on a yellow surface, sometimes Mr AR will appear in the water.
    31DragonGet it at the last minute in Fishing...The Dragon is the only fish that can't be caught in Free Fishing. It must be caught in Fishing.

    Free Fishing

    Free Fishing is a game that doesn't really have an end. You can fish for fishes just like in Fishing, but this time there are 30 different fishes to collect, no time limits, and no points. As you play, the time of day will change, and some fishes can only be caught during the day or during the night. There are also special things that can happen. Some of them, such as the UFO, Lakitu, thunder and the rainbow are completely random. There are also a few that only happen when the ? card is on a surface of a specific color. The sardines (blue surface) are caught like other fishes, except they will start pulling on the line immediately when they reach it. The fishes that appear on other surfaces (red, green, yellow) are caught just like the dragon is caught when it has been defeated - by placing the hook where it is and then pulling it up, without letting the hook go into the water. When 15 kinds of fishes have been caught, king-sized fishes will start to show up in the water. They're much larger than normal fishes and are a bit harder to catch. A crown will be added to the entry of a fish in the Fish Gallery once a king-sized version of it has been caught. There are king-sized versions of all 31 fishes, including the Dragon which can only be caught in Fishing. More information about all of the fishes is available in the Fish Gallery section of this guide.

    Shooting 2

    This is a trickier version of Shooting, with more levels and harder levels. The goal is the same - shoot all of the targets. However, it will be much more difficult this time...

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    If you shoot a target right at its center, the sound effect will be a bit more special! There will also be a small sparkle. You can do this in Shooting too.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 1

    This stage is similar to the first one in Shooting. The three first targets are the same as before, but the fourth target has been changed a bit! It's still in the same location (in the hole where the ? card is), but you can't simply shoot it. You have to shoot at the ? card so that it flips over and reveals the final target.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 1 (part 1)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 1 (part 2)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 2

    A hole will open up in the ? card, and you need to look inside to shoot the targets. If you get too close, the game won't detect the ? card anymore, so you need to be careful. The first two targets are easy to see, and the third one is on the left wall.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 2 (part 1)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 2 (part 2)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 3

    You have to shoot the button to make the ? card go up and reveal the target. After you've shot the first target, you'll see two targets when you shoot the button. After those have been shot, the final one will appear. It's at the bottom of the chain, so shoot the button many times so that the ? card is high up in the air.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 3

    Shooting 2 - Stage 4

    Here, sets of flying targets will appear from a hole. If you miss one of them, you have to shoot all of the targets in that set again. This can be very difficult, so try to memorize exactly where the targets will appear, and decide in which order you should shoot them. The final target is a huge one that you have to shoot many times.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 4 (part 1)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 4 (part 2)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5

    Now, you have to shoot rolling targets... The first five will roll up from the stairs, but the last one tries to be sneaky and hide below the stairs! After this, new targets will appear below walls that go up and down. After all of those targets have been shot, six new targets will appear on a platform. However, there's a final one that tries to be sneaky again. It's under the platform.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5 (part 1)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5 (part 2)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5 (part 3)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5 (part 4)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 5 (part 5)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 6

    This stage is a battle against a ghost. When you hit it enough times, it will split into smaller copies of itself! If you don't defeat the smaller ghosts, they'll merge back into large ghosts again. There are three different sizes of ghosts. When a ghost of the smallest size is hit, it's defeated.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 6

    Shooting 2 - Stage 7

    If you thought that you wouldn't have to face the dragon again, you were wrong! The dragon is back, and this time it has a lot of targets on it. Look at the images in this guide if you need help finding them. After all targets have been shot, a boss battle with the dragon will start. It's harder this time, but you still need to do the same thing to defeat him as in Shooting.

    Shooting 2 - Stage 7 (part 1)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 7 (part 2)

    Shooting 2 - Stage 7 (part 3)

    AR Shot 2

    Once again, this is a harder and longer version of a game you've already played. Get ready for some complex shots! Also, please remember to look at the images in this guide. They show how to aim in a way that words can't.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 1

    At first, it might look like it's possible to shoot the ball straight to the hole, but that won't work, because there are spikes in the middle. You have to shoot the ball at the hill to the right so that it falls off it and goes to the hole.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 1

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 2

    Here, you have to shoot the ball down a path again. However, this time there's lava that will try to stop you! You need to have good timing to clear this stage. I recommend that you shoot when the lava is sinking and is at the level that's shown in the image in this guide.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 2

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 3

    You have to use a huge, bouncing ball! Aiming isn't hard, but timing can be tricky at first. Shoot right after the ball has bounced.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 3

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 4

    This one is hard. There's moving land, and this time there's something special... You can't get to the hole at your first shot! You need to shoot to the island to the left and make it stop there. After that, head for the hole.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 4 (part 1)

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 4 (part 2)

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 5

    You'll need a lot of patience here! The land around you rotates, and the hole moves. Try to always aim in the same direction, and wait until the hole and land reaches that direction instead of chasing the hole.

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 5

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 6

    This stage isn't as difficult as the other ones. The island will move, so focus on one single location instead of moving around. Shoot the ball while it's moving upwards, like in AR Shot 2 - Stage 3. Once you get to the hole, the dragon will appear again, as expected... You need to use everything you've learned to defeat him!

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 6 (part 1)

    AR Shot 2 - Stage 6 (part 2)

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: After changing the time in the Clock, it started moving on its own! What is happening?

    A: This is normal. The clock is simply trying to get back to the correct time.

    Q: My Globe was destroyed! Is it gone forever?

    A: No, it's not gone forever. You can get it back by re-purchasing it from the Shop for 1 Play Coin.

    Q: How do I catch the Gold Marlin? It's way too fast for me!

    A: First of all, practice! Everything becomes easier if you practice enough. If you fail to catch it, a new one will appear - but only a few times. After you've failed a few times, normal fishes will start appearing again and you need to wait a while until another Gold Marlin appears. If you feel that you still can't catch it after practicing, you can try to guess when it will start pulling. For example, you can try to always pull up the rod on the third time. You'll fail a few times, but if you do it enough times, the fish will strike exactly when you want it to.

    Q: Are extra points awarded for king-sized catches in Fishing?

    A: No, you'll just get the normal amount of points. However, the king-sized catch will be added to the Fish Gallery just like in Free Fishing.

    Q: How do I get Play Coins?

    A: Close your system (put it in Sleep Mode), but don't turn it off. Then, put it in your pocket or a bag and go out for a walk. You'll get one Play Coin for every 100 steps you take, up to 10 Play Coins per day. You can't have more than 300 Play Coins at once. Play Coins cannot be exchanged for real money.

    Q: The first game is named Archery. Why is it called Shooting in this guide?

    A: The name of the first game varies depending on the region of the 3DS system. I'm using the European/Australian version, where it's named Shooting.

    Q: The image of AR Shot 2 - Stage 3 doesn't show the right angle to aim in!

    A: When 3DS images are converted to 2D, only the left eye image is preserved. Because of this, if the object you're looking at is very close to the screen, it will appear to the right even if it isn't supposed to be there. This also applies to objects that aren't as close to the screen, but the error on those images is smaller. The images will appear correctly when they are viewed in 3D.

    Q: Will more AR Cards be released in the future?

    A: Maybe... If new cards are released, they're not going to work with AR Games unless AR Games is somehow updated since the game and levels are stored in the 3DS system, not the card. However, there will probably be Nintendo 3DS games that use the ? card and possibly other cards in new, exciting ways!

    Contact info

    If you have any questions about the game or want to tell me about anything that's missing or wrong in the guide, please contact me! My email address is:






    If you send me an email, please include "AR Games", "AR Games guide", "AR Games FAQ" or something similar in the title.


    Written by JosJuice. AR Games was created by Nintendo.

    • Thanks to everyone on a Swedish Zelda forum that I visit, especially Mighty and Crazy Noa, for discussing the Nintendo 3DS with me.
    • I would also like to thank Henric/Marietta/Cladius (he changes names often...) for providing many of the hint texts for fishes. I couldn't get them myself since I had already caught many of the fishes when I started making this guide.
    • My grandparents helped me by providing a weird green table that my 3DS thought was yellow. It made it much easier for me to catch Mr AR.
    • My sister allowed me to use her 3DS to find the hint texts for the fishes that both I and Henric/Marietta/Cladius had caught. Thanks!