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"Marios first debue in 3D is not without flaw"

Here is the low down with Nintendo's first 3D Mario Experience.

"Super Mario 3D Land"

Ill cut right to the chase. You are saving Princess Peach; The game has 8 worlds; In each world their contains about 5 stages. If you are used platformers that are difficult, then will seem really easy to you. I managed to breeze through the 8 worlds on my first time in less then 5 hours. The Tanooki suit will make the hard platforming parts of this game even easier for you.

Which brings me to the suits. Grabbing a leaf (a la SMB3) gives mario the Tanooki suit complete with a raccoon tail to hover. The only thing missing to the Tanooki suit is the stone feature; however, this is unlocked after beating the 8 worlds and bowser and grabbing new gray leaves in the special world.

The Fire Flower also makes a comeback and functions just like it always has. The new suit is the Boomerang Bros suit. Which like the boomerang koopas from SMB3, gives mario a boomerang to toss. However this suit functions similarly to the fire flower and doesn't really stand out except for nostalgia purposes. Leaving me to use the Tanooki suit the majority of the time.

The games difficulty picks up quite a bit after beating bowser in World 8 and unlocking the special stages. The increase in difficulty is negated a few when you consider how many 1 ups you can obtain. Coins and 1 Ups are practically spoon fed to you throughout the game making it impossible to issue a "Game Over", which leads me to say that 1 Ups have become obsolete.

The special stages are similar to the regular stages you just beat, but with a twist. Some stages have you fighting against time, running from your Doppelganger , or just an overall increase in difficulty in the stages. The location of the star coins have also been rearranged and harder to find.

The problem I have with the special stages is that it becomes redundant running from shadow mario or racing the clock. Some of the special stages themselves are reused more then once (like bowsers 1st castle which was reused more than once). Nevertheless, it can be a challenge.

It should be said that I beat the game and got 5 stars (the equivalent of 100% percent completion) with a game time just shy of 20 hours. I was also disappointed at the reward given to you for completing 5 stars.

I personally had the privilege of borrowing the game and I think that served me well. I would not spend money on such a short game with little re-playability or reward; however, I still think it is worth playing as it is fun and delightful to see Mario in the Tanooki suit again. The special stages can be challenging and where you will use more of your platforming skills; although this leads me to ask why nintendo didnt just make the initial 8 worlds more difficult and have the special stages be something unique. My advice to you is to give it a chance but if possible rent or borrow it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/01/11

Game Release: Super Mario 3D Land (US, 11/13/11)

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