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"A good way to boil down everything Mario, Nintendo Safe But Nintendo delivers"

I bought my Nintendo 3DS on June, and had to wait almost six months for Super Mario 3D Land to be in my hands, timing is perfect, I just arrived at the states, got it from Best Buy, in the after Black Friday ruckus, two games-get the third one free. I open the pack, played the game and even sleeping, or at the office, I'm still thinking about the game. For me, a game that stays in your mind is a game that either leaves a deep footprint or you can´t wait to continue enjoying it, for me its been both.

I've been able to cover the first two worlds in the game, trying at heart to collect all three coins per area. The game offers colorful scenarios, movement mechanics reminiscent to Super Mario Bros. 64 and game play similar to Super Mario Galaxy. It offers very sharp perspectives in every area, even though it is through a small screen, yet you feel being swallowed by that great fall facing in front of you. The addition of tricks like following Toad in order to find the Star Medals, or being mindful of the way Mario stares at the space in order to find a secret, is what gives me as a player a chance to explore a level. The game offers a middle point in exploration between running through the areas, like in a Sonic game; or time consuming exploration as in a Zelda game.

As a Mario fan, I love Super Mario Bros. 3 mechanics, and my guilty pleasure is Super Mario Bros. 2. With the Nintendo 3DS I´ve been able to return to Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2. So to get this game came naturally.

As a portable gamer, the sheer knacks of the levels, the use of 3D technology, is engaging at first and fun when revisiting the levels. Even though it feels save as a product, since it doesn't do anything new regarding platforming or other Mario games, In direct comparison to New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. Its really nice this game didn't came as a flop, and instead it tries to explore the possibilities of 3D gaming, social connectivity and social gaming.

As an overall Super Mario 3D Land reminds me why I decided to go this way in portable gaming, and why I love portable Mario games. The game play is engaging, the game is really fun to play and really brings joy to myself. Can´t wait to continue playing and uncover new secrets.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/11

Game Release: Super Mario 3D Land (US, 11/13/11)

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