Review by Bop_Louie

Reviewed: 01/04/12

Another disappointment.

I had very high hopes for Super Mario 3D Land. However, these hopes were crushed after I beat the game the same day I got it.

Story - 2/10. It's the same unoriginal story as usual. Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, Mario to the rescue, you get the idea.

Graphics - 9/10. The graphics in this game are fantastic. Nintendo has done a great job with the graphics on the 3DS. This game almost looks like a Wii game because of how good the graphics are. As for the 3D feature, Nintendo really didn't take advantage of it in this game. There were some pictures of what was happening to Peach that looked nice in 3D, but that was about it.

Sound/Music - 7/10. The music in this game isn't bad, but it's boring. It sounds just like any other Mario game. It fits, but it's still rather boring. Some of the songs were pretty much taken straight from the Super Mario Galaxy games. As for sound effects, they were good. None of them really made you want to turn off the volume.

Gameplay - 5/10. Here's where 3D Land starts to fail. The gameplay is much more similar to the classic side-scrolling Mario games. You go from point A to point B in a limited amount of time. However, the levels were also like the levels in 3D Mario games. Instead of going from left to right, you could go any direction you want to. In each level, there are 3 star coins to collect. These can be used to unlock more levels. One thing that annoyed me was how some of the castles at the end of each world forced you to collect a certain amount of star coins before you could play the level and fight the world boss. This was a cheap way to get players to play the game for a longer time. The most fun part of this game was seeing the interesting level designs Nintendo came up with. The level design is some of the best 3D level design I've ever seen. Still, the game gets old fast, and the level of challenge certainly doesn't help.

Challenge - 0/10. I did not die once in this entire game. When I beat it, I had around 80 lives left. There is no challenge in this game, which totally ruins it. The enemies are very easy to dodge, the game hands you items, the bosses are just pathetic, and to top it all off, getting extra lives was easier than getting items. I didn't even have trouble finding all the star coins. Plus, you can ADD EXTRA TIME TO THE TIME LIMIT. I was severely disappointed with this game after I discovered how simple it was.

Control - 9/10. I applaud Nintendo for adding the circle pad to the 3DS. It works so much better than a D-pad. Nintendo also made improvements on the D-pad. It's still not great, but it's better than the D-pads on DS Lite and DSi. The controls in game are also very good.

Replayability - 1/10. Unless you really want to get every star coin, there is no reason whatsoever to play this game again.

Overall - 6/10. Although the game looks and feels quite nice, the gameplay is rather dull and gets old fast, and the game is about as hard as brushing your teeth. This would've been a great game if Nintendo added something a little more fresh to the gameplay other than new items and if they actually made each world harder than World 1. I'd pass on this one unless you're a really hardcore Mario fan.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Super Mario 3D Land (US, 11/13/11)

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