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"Another Mario game in a different console."

Most Super Mario series are action games that are designed for every player to complete every course that is thrown at them. Super Mario 3D Land is no different, either. To me, it is a generic game that can be finished within a day and it can be a source of passing time. I kept that game in my DS case because I am accustomed to liking the entire Mario franchise. However, when it comes to reviews, sometimes there might be aspects or flaws that people want to bring the attention to. Personally, I like this game. However, my medium rating comes with the fact that there aren't many things to say.

The controls are straightforward: you use the analog stick for movement, A and B for jumping and X and Y for running. Some power-ups might function differently on the X and Y buttons; fire Mario shoots fireballs and boomerang Mario shoots boomerangs and can collect any coins including star coins in the process. Also, you have to hold the analog very tightly because the direction you're trying to maneuver Mario can be sometimes a little bit off; you would go northeast/west instead of running in the north direction.

For graphics, the stages are focused on 3D level design. The stages and characters are colorful; you can see waterfalls and you can dive underwater. You could walk anywhere or jump higher on any level. If you have Mario in the tanooki suit, you can also cut corners (because tanooki Mario hovers in the air and floats down and if you fly too long you fall even further) as long as you don't fall in a pit.

Due to 3D design, this game is too easy to finish. Even the bosses in each castle or fortress have no difficulty because you can cut corners without being damaged instead of running in a bridge where Bowser will always block you. That however ruins the fun (shame of me for that idea) because you can cheat by whatever means to complete the course.

For a classical Super Mario game, there's barely a story. The main objective is to save Princess Peach by going through all the stages of this game. In previous Mario games such as Super Mario World, you can skip certain courses (because some courses have 2 pathways) and still finish the game.

After the game is completed, there are special stages that account for the same amount of courses just like the required courses. You have to collect 3 star coins from every stage to proceed. The replay value doesn't bring much.

Well, that's all I have to say. For a classic Mario game, this game may or may not be in your favor. 3D Land is just like New Super Mario Bros but in 3D graphics and gameplay (which is magnificant). However, if and only if you don't have a single classic Mario game, this game is for you. It may be somewhat enjoyable and it might be a source to let time pass by while taking a break and calming bad emotions.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/23/12

Game Release: Super Mario 3D Land (US, 11/13/11)

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