How do I beat ultimate ghost?

  1. How do i beat the final boss in find mii after armord fiend?

    User Info: Linksally

    Linksally - 6 years ago

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  1. You just need to keep at it!

    However, here are a few strategies you could try out:

    Meet up with a friend who has a 3ds a lot to get a powerful Level 7 hero to make it go by faster.
    If you get a purple Wandering Hero, or a low level purple, have him/her cast their magic before anyone else by using Return to select them. This will add an extra 1 damage per turn for that day, which adds up!
    Don't bother using any damaging magic, because that will usually do less damage that just hitting enemies.
    Most of the status magic (pink, orange, black) is either a bigger risk than reward or a straight waste of damage you could be doing. Don't be fooled! They're only for special circumstances!
    If you have a low-level Green hero, try to use them on any level 2-6 heroes you have (use Return until the Green hero is in front of the hero you want to make stronger). A little goes a long way! But if the Green hero is level 2 or higher, don't bother, as they'll do more damage attacking! And make sure not to waste them on Level 7 heroes!

    Hope all of these help. In the end, all you can really do is keep attacking, making progress every day.

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  1. Just keep attacking him with mii's. I have beaten once and going for round two. He has no armor just has a lot of health.

    User Info: IRKOW

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  2. Depends on whether you are talking about Find Mii or Find Mii II. Regardless, high-level Miis are always helpful.

    Find Mii Ultimate Ghost is fairly straightforward. "Set up and hack" usually goes like this: use purple magic for poison, use orange magic for the extra hit, use light green or light blue for the extra hits, then hack away with the strongest attacker you have (if you don't have any, you can use green magic to boost someone else to a high level).

    Find Mii II, however, isn't that simple. The Ultimate Ghost dispels both solo and team green, orange, and pink (possibly black and yellow as well) unless they are affected by sleep or freeze (ie. it will only work for one attacker under this condition), which means you should forget about setup beyond burning play coins to remove the Level-Down Gas. Having said that, the tried and true way here is to buy a high-level team, and use team attacks and revives to wear it out.

    User Info: kelvSYC

    kelvSYC - 5 years ago 1 1
  3. In Find Mii Ultimate Ghost is just like any other enemy you use sword & magic attacks & he will go down after awhlie but he has a lot of HP 145 1st time 150 2nd time. In Find Mii II he is harder he spews Level-Down Gas which will weaken your heroes if you use light blue, light green, or pink magic after one turn he will get rid of it so the strategy there would get a lot of play coins hire level 7 heroes if not level 5 (Reggie and Moffit) then hire a wandering hero to get rid of the gas do that and he'll go down but he still has 150 HP hope this helps you good luck defeating it!


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  4. I would get many streetpasses with a person so you can have a level 7 person to hire. I normally use blue because the magic is strong (since it is one target blue would be more effective)

    User Info: Lovely_Day_03

    Lovely_Day_03 - 4 years ago 0 0

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