Mii Force - Gems and Reputations List by Valen-stein

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    Mii Force - Gems and Reputations List by Valen-stein

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    Platinum Beach 1-1

    Target Score30000
    Gem 1Defeat the UFO that carries it early in the stage.
    Gem 2Defeat the three UFOs coming from above before entering the Cave.
    Gem 3Kill both hermit crabs on the center rock just after you enter the Cave.
    Gem 4Destroy the prism in the cave. Shoot the blocks to open the way.
    Gem 5Wipe out the bird enemies that appear at the end of the stage.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO after exiting the Cave. (After Gem 4)
    Recommended ColorAny
    Notes: Destroying the two rows of enemies simultaneously before the cave earns bonus points.

    Dunewatch Castle 1-2

    Target Score38000
    Gem 1Destroy the prism on the right when the screen scrolls up.
    Gem 2Wipe out the flock of birds that appear when the screen scrolls right.
    Gem 3Behind the blocks when the screen scrolls up again.
    Gem 4Wipe out the flock of birds that appear when the screen scrolls right again.
    Gem 5Defeat the enemy UFO coming from behind. Do this quickly.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO surrounded by red enemies when screen scrolls right again. (After Gem 4)
    Recommended ColorLight Blue to clear enemies and fireballs fast
    Notes: None

    Cerulean Tower 1-3

    Target Score30000
    Gem 1Destroy the first medium-sized ship when the screen scrolls right.
    Gem 2Destroy the prism that appears after the second medium-sized ship.
    Gem 3Destroy the second medium-sized ship that comes after the first ship.
    Gem 4Destroy the third medium-sized ship that appears when the screen scrolls up.
    Gem 5Wipe out all the small fish that rushes from under just before the boss.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO after the third medium-sized ship. (After gem 4)
    Recommended ColorLight Blue to clear missiles shot by the ships.
    Notes: None

    Ragnablok Chasm 2-1

    Target Score28000
    Gem 1At the first fork path, the gem will be on the right. Avoid the falling blocks.
    Gem 2After passing the 1st gate, destroy the prism in the very top left.
    Gem 3Near the invincibility item, destroy the prism in the very bottom left.
    Gem 4Hit the switch on the far left and on the top to open a gate. Destroy the prism.
    Gem 5Held by a UFO right before the boss.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO after passing the first gate. (After Gem 2)
    Recommended ColorBrown to destroy blocks quickly by close range spikes.
    Notes: Destroy the blocks to earns more points.

    Roohin Plaza 2-2

    Target Score29000
    Gem 1Destroy the prism in the upper right.
    Gem 2Destroy the prism in the lower left.
    Gem 3Destroy all enemies that arrive from the first North wave.
    Gem 4Destroy the North and East wave after getting invincibility.
    Gem 5Destroy all the red mini tanks that appear from the North and South.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO located in the south. (After Gem 3)
    Recommended ColorRed to clear enemies and to stun the boss.
    Notes: The boss is can be stun with Red (Flames).

    Slitherstone Ruins 2-3

    Target Score30000
    Gem 1Destroy the prism that appears after third rock snake.
    Gem 2Destroy all rock snakes that are moving in circles
    Gem 3Destroy the prism on the lower path (Accessible by hitting switches on the bottom with (Black, Pink, Light-Green, or Blue)
    Gem 4Destroy the two rock snakes that appear after the area with the vines.
    Gem 5Carried by a UFO just right before the boss room.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO that appears as the screen scrolls diagonally. (After Gem 1)
    Recommended ColorBlack to 1-hit KO rock snakes by shooting their head and to stun the boss.
    Notes: Rock snakes can only be taken out by shooting its mouth. Black can be shot at its head.

    Parade o' Plunder 3-1

    Target Score34000
    Gem 1Destroy the Gold Bone statue.
    Gem 2Destroy the prism that appears after the second ghost.
    Gem 3Inside the cage surrounded by circling ghosts. (Requires Lv 3 light green)
    Gem 4Defeat the 3 circling bats at the far right dead-end.
    Gem 5Destroy the bosses simultaneously. Position yourself in between them so they shoot each other with fireballs.
    InvincibilityInside the prism which is blocked by a coffin. Destroy the prism. (After Gem 3)
    Recommended ColorLight Green to kill ghosts and to get 3rd gem. White or Brown to block plasma bullets from boss.

    Bone Rattler 3-2

    Target Score31000
    Gem 1Take the lower path (do not shoot the 1st direction arrow), and destroy the UFO enemies that appear after the jump.
    Gem 2On the lower path, destroy all the red bone enemies that appear from the left.
    Gem 3Before the second rail change, destroy all oncoming enemies from the right.
    Gem 4Take the 2nd lower path (do not shoot the 2nd direction arrow), destroy all four large ships that attack you.
    Gem 5(Lower path only) Destroy all red UFOs that surround you near the end of the stage.
    InvincibilityDestroy the three UFOs that appear after the 2nd lower path. (After Gem 3)
    Recommended ColorLight Blue Lv 3 to clear enemies and missiles. Bring many pods.
    Notes: You will remain in the center column for the duration of the stage. You can move up and down.

    Wheels of Woe 3-3

    Target Score35000
    Gem 1Destroy the prism that appears after entering Ferris Wheel area.
    Gem 2Defeat a flying UFO flying to the top that carries a prism.
    Gem 3Destroy the two Red Ferris Wheels.
    Gem 4Destroy the last 2 Ferris wheels simultaneously. (Strategy) Use invincibility and two Lv 2 or 3 Orange positioned up and down. Shoot while in between them.
    Gem 5Destroy the ship that appears before the boss.
    InvincibilityInside a prism carried by a UFO after the two red Ferris Wheels. (After Gem 3)
    Recommended ColorLevel 3 Orange to hit Ferris Wheel center.
    Notes: Ferris Wheels can be taken out by destroying the center piece. Destroying turrets is optional.

    Nautilus Nest 4-1

    Target Score38000
    Gem 1Destroy the prism under the 2nd underwater current. (Do not touch the current)
    Gem 2After the 5 large snails, move up then immediately left and destroy the prism. Avoid the incoming current from the right.
    Gem 3Destroy the prism in the rock. Use lv 3 light green to grab it.
    Gem 4Destroy the enemies in the Circling Current area. (Use current to go in circles).
    Gem 5Found on the top after getting invincibility.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO when the screen scrolls left. (After gem 4)
    Recommended ColorLight Green Lv 3 to kill snails and grab gems.
    Notes: Touch an underwater current and you'll be force-carried with the flow.

    Amethyst Atoll 4-2

    Target Score30000
    Gem 1Destroy the UFOs that appears in the south during the first West wave.
    Gem 2Break the Gem in the lower left corner.
    Gem 3Destroy all enemies after grabbing the invincibility item. (Stay in machine center)
    Gem 4Destroy the North&West Wave that appear.
    Gem 5Destroy all of the red tanks at the end of the stage, before the boss.
    InvincibilityIn a bubble after the North & West Wave (After Gem 4, Before Gem 3).
    Recommended ColorLight Blue to kill mobs and clear fireballs from boss.
    Notes: Gem 4 is obtained before Gem 3. You'll be bounced back when touching bubbles or orbs.

    Prospector's Trench 4-3

    Target Score40000
    Gem 1Destroy the second sub to grab the gem underneath it.
    Gem 2Carried by UFO between two submarines, before the screen scrolls down.
    Gem 3Destroy the two subs at the bottom of the downward scrolling section simultaneously. One of the trickiest gems to get. Use two Lv 3 light green for best results.
    Gem 4After the pursuing sub crashes, kill the 5 hermit crabs before they burrow away.
    Gem 5Destroy the two submarines that appear after the invincibility item. Destroy the bottom one first then the top one quickly. Use the invincibility item.
    InvincibilityIn a bubble after the 5 hermit crabs. (After Gem 4)
    Recommended ColorPink to hit boss weak point easily.
    Notes: Starfish will cover one of your weapons. Switch to Brown to destroy them. The boss has 3 forms. The first form spits out tons of bubbles.

    GB-1 Space Dock 5-1

    Target Score54000
    Gem 1Destroy the 2 large ships before they are destroyed by the circular saw.
    Gem 2Destroy the prism in the room with circular two saws. Use the pits to dodge the saws.
    Gem 3Hit the switch to unlock the gate. Destroy the prism. (Use blue, pink, black, or Lv 3 light green to hit the switch)
    Gem 4Hit the top switch then the bottom switch to unlock the gate. Destroy the prism. The top switch is guarded by a Proximity block.
    Gem 5Destroy ALL UFOs that appear after grabbing invincibility.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO after being surrounded by UFOs appearing from N.E.S.W.(After gem 4)
    Recommended ColorLight Blue to kill mobs. Blue to hit switch and home in on enemies.
    Notes: Proximity Blocks, blocks with an X on them, will pop up when you're near them or stay in the background when you're away from them. Can use them to block attacks.

    GB-1 Central Core 5-2

    Target Score49000
    Gem 1In the Gate room with Gold UFOs, destroy the 3 normal UFOs carrying prisms.
    Gem 2Destroy the two large ships simultaneously. Use the invincibility item.
    Gem 3Take the right fork guarded by a large ship. Destroy the prisms.
    Gem 4Hit the switch behind the closing shutter. Head down and destroy the prism.
    Gem 5Carried by a UFO in the left when you're trapped between two closing shutters. Destroy the right wall and defeat the UFO.
    InvincibilityCarried by UFO after the 2nd orange dot machine room. (After Gem 1)
    Recommended ColorOrange Lv 3 to destroy orange dots and bypass boss shield.
    Notes: The turning wheels require you to destroy the orange dots inside.

    Goldie VII 5-3

    Target Score52000
    Gem 1Destroy both lines of guns at the first paused of the stage.
    Gem 2Destroy the smaller guns on the left and right before taking out the main gun.
    Gem 3Defeat the UFO with the prism that appears behind the 2nd large ship. Be very quick.
    Gem 4Destroy the 3rd large ship with the shield.
    Gem 5Destroy the Gold UFOs that appear after the invincibility item.
    InvincibilityCarried by a UFO. (After Gem 4)
    Recommended ColorAny
    Notes: Bring many pods. At the start of the Boss fight, immediately move to the center to avoid fists.

    Mii Colors

    ColorNA Weapon NameEU Weapon NameDescriptionSpecial Ability
    RedBlazing FlameIncineratorBurn 'em up with blazing flames. Power up for more fire power.Continuous firepower without any gaps. Longer reach at higher level.
    OrangePiercing LaserVorpal LaserPierce right through most enemies. Power up to piece through terrain.Pierce through enemies. Can shoot through terrain at Level 3. Wider beam at higher level.
    YellowLightning LauncherChain LightningWhen lightning strikes, it spreads. Power up to electrify your experience.When lightning comes into contact, a discharge is released perpendicularly from both opposite ends. Bigger radius at higher level.
    Light GreenEnsnaring PlasmaPlasma WhipGrab items and destroy enemies. Power up for greater reach.Grabs and gathers items. Homes in on a single target. Can phrase through objects at Level 3. Longer reach at higher levels.
    GreenBouncing BallKinetic CrusherFire bouncy, ballistic balls. Power up for beefier bouncers.Can bounce off walls and terrain. More bounce at higher levels
    BlueHunting SharkHoming SharkLock on to targets like a predator. Power up for fiercer tracking powerCan home in on enemies. Works better underwater. Sharper turns at higher levels.
    Light BlueRippling WaveWave BlasterFire a rapid rush of widening waves. Power up for stronger strikesWide, long reach. Can clear missiles and fireballs. Wider, Longer reach on higher levels
    PinkSticky ShotSticky ShotThis pink stuff's persistent. Power up for more gooey globsCan travel along edges of solid objects. Faster travel at higher levels.
    PurpleAnnihilating ChargeAnnihilating BlastHold fire to build a charge, then unleash it with A. Power up for bigger blasts.Can charge up attack. Bigger radius at higher level.
    BrownHarpoon GunSpike LauncherBlast through the bad guys. Power up to block enemy fire too.Close combat spikes and long range. Can deflect plasma bullets at level 3.
    WhiteCosmic CutterCosmic CutterSlice through enemy bullets like butter. Power up for cutting-edge cutters.Can block plasma bullets. Can pierce through plasma bullets at Level 3.
    BlackBomb BlasterBomb BlasterGet a real BANG out of battles. Power up for bigger bombsSticks briefly to enemies. Bigger explosions at higher levels.


    NA NameEU NameNA NameEU NameNA NameEU Name
    Squad LeaderLance CorporalCleverTricksyPixie-Class TrooperPixie-Class Trooper
    Second LieutenantCorporalCompetitiveCompetitiveGargoyle-Class TrooperGargoyle-Class Trooper
    First LieutenantSergeantStalwartStalwartMinotaur-Class TrooperMinotaur-Class Trooper
    CaptainFlight SergeantArtisticArtisticUnicorn-Class TrooperUnicorn-Class Trooper
    MajorPilot OfficerMonstrousMonstrousMermaid-Class TrooperMermaid-Class Trooper
    Lieutenant ColonelFlight LieutenantNobleNobleGryphon-Class TrooperGryphon-Class Trooper
    ColonelWing CommanderMagicalMagicalPegasus-Class TrooperPegasus-Class Trooper
    Brigadier GeneralCaptainBeastlyBeastlyWyvern-Class TrooperWyvern-Class Trooper
    Major GeneralCommodoreDemonicDemonicPhoenix-Class TrooperPhoenix-Class Trooper
    GeneralMarshalHeroicHeroicDragon-Class TrooperDragon-Class Trooper
    PopularPopularCheerfulJovialSupersonic RacerSupersonic Racer
    RespectedRespectedCoolOld BeanUltrasonic RacerUltrasonic Racer
    DistinguishedDistinguishedKindheartedDapperHypersonic RacerHypersonic Racer
    RenownedRenownedWildDebonairSuper SpeedsterSuper Speedster
    FamousFamousRambunctiousDashingSonic SpeedsterSonic Speedster
    InfamousInfamousMysteriousJolly GoodMaster SpeedsterMaster Speedster
    EpicEpicSeriousSmashingSpeed DemonSpeed Demon
    Lucky ShotLucky ShotSkilled PilotSkilled PilotStrategic SpecialistIntelligence Specialist
    ProdigyProdigySuperb PilotSuperb PilotInnovative SpecialistSubterfuge Specialist
    Combat ExpertDogfighterGifted PilotGifted PilotInspired SpecialistStrike Specialist
    Martial-Arts ExpertMentorDaredevil PilotDaredevil PilotStrike-Team SpecialistAssault Specialist
    ChampionReaverDeath-Defying PilotDeath-Defying PilotVanguard SpecialistCounter Specialist
    Conquering ChampionWarlordAmazing PilotAmazing PilotArtillery SpecialistPower Specialist
    Imperial ChampionDestroyerIncredible PilotIncredible PilotDemolitions SpecialistTurbo-Attack Specialist
    ReaverTitanSensational PilotSensational PilotTactical SpecialistTactical Specialist
    WarlordTyrantMaverick PilotMaverick PilotBlack-Ops SpecialistBlack-Ops Specialist
    DestroyerMasterAce PilotAce PilotCommand SpecialistCommand Specialist
    Local HeroSquaddieLunar FighterLunar SoldierRookieRookie
    LifesaverField MedicComet FighterSolar SoldierSpecial TransferSpecial Transfer
    LegionnaireLegionnaireDark-Matter FighterNova SoldierSeasoned SoldierSeasoned Soldier
    RangerRangerMeteor FighterComet SoldierHonored VeteranHonored Veteran
    CommandoCommandoStar FighterMeteor SoldierReturning LegendReturning Legend
    ParatrooperParatrooperBlack-Hole FighterNebula SoldierBronze-Tiered Squad LeaderBronze-Tiered Squad Leader
    ExplorerScoutCosmic FighterEclipse SoldierSteel-Tiered Squad LeaderSteel-Tiered Squad Leader
    SniperSniperGalactic FighterQuasar SoldierSilver-Tiered Squad LeaderSilver-Tiered Squad Leader
    Treasure HunterTreasure HunterUltra FighterCelestial SoldierGold-Tiered Squad LeaderGold-Tiered Squad Leader
    Bounty HunterBounty HunterNova FighterGalactic SoldierPlatinum-Tiered Squad LeaderPlatinum-Tier Squad Leader