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    Plaza Tickets List by bamhm182 / Valen-stein

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    Plaza Tickets

    There are 90 Plaza Tickets.

    1. Free Plaza Ticket for opening Exchange Booth
    2. Plaza Ticket after getting 89 tickets

    Mii Force

    1Beat the boss of 1-1.
    2Beat the boss of 1-2.
    3Beat the boss of 1-3.
    4Beat the boss of 2-1.
    5Beat the boss of 2-2.
    6Beat the boss of 2-3.
    7Beat the boss of 3-1.
    8Beat the boss of 3-2.
    9Beat the boss of 3-3.
    10Beat the boss of 4-1.
    11Beat the boss of 4-2.
    12Beat the boss of 4-3.
    13Beat the boss of 5-1
    14Beat the boss of 5-2
    15Destroy the Robo-Bone's hands.
    16Clear all missions with all pods intact.
    17Clear Arcade Mode
    18Defeat a total of 5,000 enemies.
    19Get 100 pods through missions intact.
    20Unlock all titles.
    21Recover all treasures from all missions.
    22Reach every mission's target score.

    Flower Town

    1Enter 10 plants in journal.
    2Enter 15 plants into journal.
    3Enter 30 plants into journal.
    4Enter 40 plants into journal.
    5Enter 50 plants into journal.
    6Enter 60 plants into journal.
    7Complete the job "Crowning Achievement".
    8Complete the job "Welcome Home".
    9Complete the job "Back on Her Feet".
    10Complete the job "Cultivate a Cure".
    11Complete the job "Spicy Specimen".
    12Complete the job "Sweet Success".
    13Complete the job "Bushido Fun Time".
    14Complete the job "My Sensitive Side".
    15Buy a garden expansion.
    16Buy 4 garden expansions.
    17Buy 7 garden expansions.
    18Learn the basics of gardening.
    19Be asked to help out by taking jobs at Flower Power.
    20Welcome 500 guests.
    21Take a photo.
    22Garden with a guest of the opposite gender.

    Warrior's Way

    1Build your very own castle
    2Hire soldiers using Play Coins 20 times
    3Let 300 groups of soldiers join your army
    4Defeat an army larger than your own
    5Offer kind greetings to monarchs 100 times
    6Defeat a monarch from afar
    7Defeat 50 monarchs from afar
    8Battle monarchs from afar 100 times
    9Battle monarchs from afar 300 times
    10Defeat 10 monarchs from afar in a row
    11Defeat an army 1.5 times the size of yours
    12Defeat an army twice the size of yours
    13Assemble an army of 10,000 troops
    14Assemble an army of 100,000 troops
    15Assemble an army of 1,000,000 troops
    16Conquer a country
    17Conquer 10 countries
    18Expand your castle
    19Achieve a castle rank of 10
    20Achieve a castle rank of 20
    21Land your first critical strike
    22Conquer the world twice

    Monster Manor

    1Clear the first floor.
    2Clear the fifth floor.
    3Clear the fifteenth floor.
    4Clear the thirtieth floor.
    5Set down a total of 100 pieces.
    6Completely fill a floor with pieces.
    7Open a total of 100 chests.
    8Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
    9Team up a total of 10 times.
    10Solve a total of 10 puzzle boxes.
    11Solve all puzzle boxes.
    12Collect all of the weapons.
    13Find a plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
    14Find a second plaza ticket in a wooden chest.
    15Find a plaza ticket in an iron chest.
    16Find a second plaza ticket in an iron chest.
    17Find a plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
    18Find a second plaza ticket in a bronze chest.
    19Find a plaza ticket in a silver chest.
    20Find a second plaza ticket in a silver chest.
    21Find a plaza ticket in a gold chest.
    22Find a second plaza ticket in a gold chest.