Mii Force - Hi-Score Guide by MelonGx / Da_Vinci_Cod

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    Mii Force - Hi-Score Guide by MelonGx / Da_Vinci_Cod

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    Platinum Beach 1-1

    Maximum Score36560
    Destroy 2-row enemy simultaneously after obtaining 3rd Mii.
    Stay at left-top for a while after obtaining 2nd Gem.
    Avoid going out of the cave too fast after obtaining 4th Gem.

    Dunewatch Castle 1-2

    Maximum Score47760

    Cerulean Tower 1-3

    Maximum Score39710

    Ragnablok Chasm 2-1

    Maximum Score37210
    Clearing all the blocks at the last of this stage is required. Needs several Brown / Purple Miis.
    (Maybe the pause trick for 0.5s invincible is required either?)

    Roohin Plaza 2-2

    Maximum Score39010
    Some enemy units should be destroyed simultaneously e.g. the first 2-row enemy green tanks.
    After the enemies from up and right appear simultaneously, stay at right for a while.
    (If you do this, additional enemy reinforces from down and left will appear a few seconds later.)

    Slitherstone Ruins 2-3

    Maximum Score52760
    Get the jewels before rock snakes ate them.
    Be aware that some colors (e.g. Light Blue) cannot push the lower route's switches on.

    Parade o' Plunder 3-1

    Maximum Score52360
    Destroy the enemies before the Gold Bone Statue quickly. 5 additional UFOs will be appeared from the top at the Gold Bone Statue's scene.
    A Light Green Mii is required for killing ghosts and grabbing 3rd Gem.
    (Somewhere requires a simultaneous destroy. But has anyone found it?)
    Destroy each boss enemy simultaneously for the gem.

    Bone Rattler 3-2

    Maximum Score41510
    A Light Green Mii is required for sucking additional 4 jewels at the end of 1st lower path.
    (Put the LG Lv.3 at the back, others in the front to shoot bats is recommended.)
    Go 2nd upper path for more scores.

    Wheels of Woe 3-3

    Maximum Score48060
    All the turrets and fireworks should be destroyed on your own. (Including boss's turrets)

    Nautilus Nest 4-1

    Maximum Score52760
    Go lower path by destroying the first 5 big snails a little bit late for more scores.
    There are 2 invisible jewels can be obtained by moving to the screen top during the time fighting the first 5 big snails.
    At least a Pink/Orange Mii and 2 Light Green Miis are required for quick shooting the last big snails and grab jewels.
    Avoid touching the current from the moment you get the invincible item till the end.

    Amethyst Atoll 4-2

    Maximum Score38310
    Be aware that there are some bubbled jewels appear with the last 2 enemy groups coming from the map's left-center.

    Prospector's Trench 4-3

    Maximum Score54710
    Grab the bubbled jewels before the 3rd submarine ASAP otherwise you'll lose one.
    Destroy the 4th submarine and the enemies later quickly. 5 enemies will be appeared from the back.
    You should attract ALL starfishes.
    At least a Brown Mii is required for destroying starfishes.
    Do not pause the game for switching Brown Mii for a long time. Otherwise the capped starfish will flee away.

    GB-1 Space Dock 5-1

    Maximum Score67310
    A Blue or Purple Mii is required for destroying an invisible Golden UFO on the screen's left-top before it gets destroyed by the first gear.
    A Light Green Mii is required for sucking jewels from destroying 3 Golden UFOs after obtaining 3rd Gem.
    When the last 2 gears have their 2nd bounding, go left and wait for their 3rd bounding, then go right.
    (If you do this, an additional tank will be appeared from the left later.)

    GB-1 Central Core 5-2

    Maximum Score60610
    Destroy the 2 UFOs simultaneously after the last chamber.

    Goldie VII 5-3

    Maximum Score72310


    Highest Score750600
    Follow all the single stage tips above.
    Be aware that 1-3's 5th Gem is hard to obtain by only 3 Miis and not being invincible anymore. Practise it if possible.
    Several Brown Miis are required before 2-1 (4th).
    A Light Green Mii is required before 3-1 (6th).
    There are no additional awards from collecting all 75 Gems. So just go to the highest score path on 3-2 and 4-1.


    Highest Score681300
    Mii ColorLight Green
    A Special Mii is highly recommended because Special Miis have an additional rifle to make some simultaneous destroy possible.
    3-2's 1st upper path is recommended in this mode because it's too difficult for Lv.1 characters to survive from the bats in 1st lower path.

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