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    ----------------------------[StreetPass Mii Plaza]-----------------------------
    ------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]------------------------------
    ---------------------------------[Nintendo 3DS]--------------------------------
    I remember a few years back I made an FAQ for Mii Maker and I had listed Street
    Pass Mii Plaza as a future guide but never even gotten around to it. Now I am
    doing just that.
    Street Pass Mii Plaza is a built-in software that was release for the Nintendo
    3DS. You may call it a semi-videogame as it relies more on you walking around in
    hopes of passing by another individual with a 3DS or be near a place with a WiFi
    Spot Pass and collect their information to get puzzle pieces and/or play the
    Mii Plaza games.
    StreetPass Mii Plaza and its content is a copyright of Nintendo all copyrights
    belong to them. This FAQ is the copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka 
    IceQueenZer0 and cannot be posted on any website without my permission.
    Mii Population
    Check for Updates
    Music Player
    StreetPass Map
    Slide Show
    Exchange Booth
    <profile name>
    When you successfully tag someone, you will see a green dot on the Notifications
    tab on the 3DS main menu and on the software title. You will be taken to the
    entrance gate to meet all the new Miis you tagged and exchange greetings. If you
    are meeting them for the first time, they'll say "nice to meet you" and if you
    met them more than once, they will say how many times ya'll met and on the 2nd
    meeting they will ask how you rate them: Fantasic or OK I guess... The first
    option increases their rating and the other option will sadden the Mii but the
    owner won't really know about it. The ratings will happen again after random
    subsequent meetings later. You will also find out the last software you used
    whether it is a game or app. If you meet up with a bunch of Miis at the same
    time at the gate who played the same software, the game will say so and ask if
    you are interested in more info. From the 2nd meeting on, you can also send
    personal messages to certain 
    --Mii Population--
    You will see everyone you have met via Street Pass and they will be wearing the
    last color and outfit they were using. Highlight one and it will say how many
    times you have tagged them and the last time you did so. When you select one,
    you will view more info on them and get rid of them if you prefer.
    Turn these on or off:
    Street Pass
    Spot Pass
    Share Info
    Skip Greetings
    Other options:
    Delete Personal Greetings
    View Intro to Street Pass
    View Intro to Spot Pass
    View Intro to Game Purchasing
    Other - Delete Puzzle Swap Progress or Find Mii Progress
    --Street Pass Map--
    --Slide Show--
    --Exchange Booth--
    --Mii Settings--
    As you discover new music, they get added to the Music Player. Here is the whole
    list of music:
    *The only music that needs any explanation on how to get is the Mii Plaza Main
    Theme. It changes whenever you have obtained a certain number of Miis in your
    Mii Plaza. 
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Entrance
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 1
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 2
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 3
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 4
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 5
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 6
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Main Theme 7
    StreetPass Mii Plaza Salesbunny
    Puzzle Swap Title
    Puzzle Swap Collected Pieces
    Puzzle Swap Panel Complete
    Puzzle Swap All Panels Complete
    Find Mii Title
    Find Mii Palace Theme
    Find Mii Kidnapped!
    Find Mii Captive Mii
    Find Mii Venture Forth
    Find Mii To Battle, Heroes!
    Find Mii Current Results
    Find Mii Fight On, Heroes!
    Find Mii Dark Room
    Find Mii Armored Fiend
    Find Mii Ultimate Ghost
    Find Mii Ending
    Find Mii II Title
    Find Mii II Venture Forth 1
    Find Mii II Venture Forth 2
    Find Mii II Venture Forth 3
    Find Mii II Venture Forth 4
    Find Mii II Keep Fighting, Heroes!
    Find Mii II Current Results
    Find Mii II Save the World, Heroes!
    Find Mii II Armored Archfiend
    Find Mii II Dark Lord
    Find Mii II Ending
    Mii Force: Title
    Mii Force: Platinum Beach
    Mii Force: Dunewatch Castle 
    Mii Force: Cerulean Tower 
    Mii Force: Ragnablok Chasm
    Mii Force: Defend the Core Stones!
    Mii Force: Slitherstone Ruins
    Mii Force: Parade o' Plunder
    Mii Force: Bone Rattler
    Mii Force: Wheels of Woe
    Mii Force: Nautilus Nest
    Mii Force: Prospector's Trench
    Mii Force: GB-1 Space Dock
    Mii Force: GB-1 Central Core
    Mii Force: Goldie VII
    Mii Force: Road Block
    Mii Force: Come Get Me!
    Mii Force: Robo-Bone
    Mii Force: On Patrol
    Mii Force: Mii Force, Assemble?!
    Mii Force: Reporting for Duty
    Mii Force: Helpful Advice
    Mii Force: The Galaxy Awaits
    Mii Force: Mii Force, Move Out!
    Mii Force: Gold Bone's Theme
    Mii Force: Aye, Cap'n!
    Mii Force: Pesky Flies
    Mii Force: A Boss Appears
    Mii Force: Ending
    Flower Town: Title
    Flower Town: Florafield
    Flower Town: Garden Shed
    Flower Town: Starting Garden
    Flower Town: Simple Garden
    Flower Town: Brown-Fenced Garden
    Flower Town: Checkerboard Garden
    Flower Town: Patio Garden
    Flower Town: Terrace Garden
    Flower Town: Gazebo Garden
    Flower Town: Greenhouse Garden
    Flower Town: Shopping Mall
    Flower Town: Flower Power
    Flower Town: Poppy's Seeds
    Flower Town: Potter's Paradise
    Flower Town: Garden Grace
    Flower Town: Pick-a-Plot
    Flower Town: Progress Report
    Flower Town: A Rare Plant Blooms
    Flower Town: A New Breed
    Flower Town: New Color
    Flower Town: A Plant Blooms
    Flower Town: Master Gardener's Crown
    Flower Town: Master Gardener
    Flower Town: Ending
    Warrior's Way: Title
    Warrior's Way: A Warlord is Born
    Warrior's Way: One Problem...
    Warrior's Way: Time to Take Over
    Warrior's Way: Awaiting Your Command Play
    Warrior's Way: Your Turn to Shine
    Warrior's Way: Invasion Theme 4
    Warrior's Way: Intimidation Time
    Warrior's Way: Fight
    Warrior's Way: The Emperor's Theme
    Warrior's Way: The Emperor's Finale
    Warrior's Way: A Gift from Wentworth
    Warrior's Way: Battle Begins
    Warrior's Way: Fortified
    Warrior's Way: Congratulations!
    Warrior's Way: Ready for Anything
    Warrior's Way: Victory
    Warrior's Way: Defeat
    Warrior's Way: We Stand Victorious
    Warrior's Way: We Lie Defeated
    Warrior's Way: Tactics
    Warrior's Way: Surrender
    Warrior's Way: Here Come the Ninja
    Warrior's Way: Beware of Berserkers
    Warrior's Way: Sudden Setback
    Warrior's Way: The Emperor's Arrival
    Warrior's Way: The Emperor Has Fallen
    Warrior's Way: World Domination
    Warrior's Way: A Beloved Monarch
    Warrior's Way: Ending
    Monster Manor: Main Theme 1
    Monster Manor: Main Theme 2
    Monster Manor: Main Theme 3
    Monster Manor: Road to the Manor
    Monster Manor: A Horrifying Hand
    Monster Manor: Dangers Abound
    Monster Manor: Help for Hire
    Monster Manor: Words of Wisdom
    Monster Manor: Lost Souls
    Monster Manor: The Classic Floors
    Monster Manor: The Wooden Floors
    Monster Manor: The Stone Floors
    Monster Manor: The Stately Floors
    Monster Manor: The Ominous Floors
    Monster Manor: What's This...?
    Monster Manor: Treasure!
    Monster Manor: Newfound Strength
    Monster Manor: Trusty Companion
    Monster Manor: Max Level Up!
    Monster Manor: Setting a Piece 1
    Monster Manor: Setting a Piece 2
    Monster Manor: Puzzle Box
    Monster Manor: Puzzle Box Solved
    Monster Manor: Floor Cleared
    Monster Manor: Floor Complete
    Monster Manor: Progress Report
    Monster Manor: Spectral Sparring
    Monster Manor: Boss Battle
    Monster Manor: The Final Battle
    Monster Manor: Victory
    Monster Manor: Defeat
    Monster Manor: Ending: A Close Call
    Monster Manor: Ending: A New Dawn
    Monster Manor: Credits
    Get your 1st StreetPass tag with a Special Mii.
    *You tag someone who is using a Mii with gold pants. Usually get these via Spot
    Get your 10th StreetPass tag with a Special Mii.
    Met five male Mii characters in a row in one trip to the plaza gate.
    Met five female Mii characters in a row in one trip to the plaza gate.
    Met the same Mii 10 times.
    *Some stores have a 3DS that is not demofied. So you can tag the store's Mii.
    Collected 100 StreetPass tags in one day.
    *If there is a gaming convention nearby where you live this is your chance to
    earn this one.
    Met Mii characters via StreetPass five days in a row.
    *Other stores have a SpotPass area that counts as StreetPass. If your Nintendo
    Zone lights up on the 3DS menu then chances are you will get some free Miis.
    Met Mii characters via StreetPass 10 days in a row.
    Get your first StreetPass tag after a while.
    *Don't tag anyone in a week then get a tag.
    First StreetPass tag in AGES.
    *Don't tag anyone in a month then tag.
    Met a Mii on his or her birthday.
    Get a Fantastic rating. 
    *When you get rated Fantastic from a Mii you met before. Sometimes the SpotPass
    will make them meet you twice in one sitting and you get a fantastic rating then
    and there the first time you meet them. You also get one fantastic rating after
    a number of Miis.
    Get 10 Fantastic ratings.
    Get 50 Fantastic ratings.
    Get 100 Fantastic ratings.
    Met Mii characters from a total of two different regions.
    *People from your state and a different state or country tags you.
    Met Mii characters from a total of three different regions.
    Met Mii characterrs from a total of five different regions.
    Met Mii characters from a total of 10 different regions.
    Met Mii characters from a total of 20 different regions.
    Met Mii characters from a total of 30 different regions.
    Met Mii characters from a total of 50 different regions.
    Met Mii characters from every region in your country.
    *In the USA you have a lot of work to do. But you can cheat a little bit by
    having another 3DS to change the resident settings on the other Mii. If you go
    to the store that has a Mii for you to tag, make sure it is not set to United
    States and that means it is password protected and cannot be changed.
    Met Mii characters from a total of two different countries.
    *Tagged someone from your country and another.
    Met Mii characters from a total of three different countries.
    Met Mii characters from a total of five different countries.
    Met Mii characters from a total of ten different countries.
    Met three Mii characters in a row, all in one go, who used the same somftware
    Received a personal greeting.
    *After a second greeting, ya'll can send personal messages for any subsequent
    Get your first StreetPass tag.
    Get your 10th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 50th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 100th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 500th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 777th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 1,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 2,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 3,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 4,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 5,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 6,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 7,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 8,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 9,000th StreetPass tag.
    Get your 9,999th StreetPass tag.
    Plaza population reached 10.
    *You can import Miis from friend codes and online games to your plaza.
    Plaza population reached 50.
    Plaza population reached 100.
    Plaza population reached 500.
    Plaza population reached 1000.
    Plaza population reached 2,000.
    Plaza population reached 3,000.
    Get three identical Puzzle Swap pieces in a row with Play Coins.
    *This is not as hard as it sounds, you need to get three pieces in a row that
    are already taken. Not the exact same piece.
    Completed a Puzzle Swap panel.
    Completed five Puzzle Swap panels.
    Completed seven Puzzle Swap panels.
    Completed ten Puzzle Swap panels.
    Made it through a room in Find Mii.
    Missed with a sword attack three times in a row in Find Mii.
    *This can be done by using a Pink Mii and the next characters will attack but
    often miss as they are going for critical. They might miss three times but at
    least you can keep attacking till you get a hit.
    Dealt over 50 damage in a single turn in Find Mii.
    *This is easier to keep track of by fighting an enemy with 50 or more HP. Freeze
    Darken, Sandstorm or Sleep the enemy and take a high level and attack away. If
    you have anymore Miis left when scared away, the next Miis in light can do some
    damage to add to that 50. As long as you did 50 damage before all Miis are sent
    away, you will get this one.
    Broke through a yellow shield in Find Mii.
    *Attack with a yellow Mii.
    Broke through a light blue shield in Find Mii.
    *Attack with a light blue Mii.
    Made it through a dark room in Find Mii.
    *Have a white Mii. Will use the power automatically.
    Completed Find Mii.
    Completed Find Mii twice.
    Completed Find Mii five times.
    Completed Find Mii ten times.
    Completed Find Mii with 30 or fewer Mii characters.
    *It's a lot of work since you need high level Miis and the right kind of power.
    Made it through a dazzling room in Find Mii II.
    *Need two Black Miis
    Made it through a fiery room in Find Mii II
    *Need two Blue Miis
    Made it through an icy room in Find Mii II.
    *Need two Red Miis
    Made it through a poisonous room in Find Mii II.
    *Need two Yellow Miis
    Made it through a shadowlight shield in Find Mii II.
    *Need a Black and a White Mii to shatter the shield.
    Complete Find Mii II.
    Completed Find Mii II's secret quest.
    *After beating Find Mii II the first time you can embark on a secret quest.
    Completed Find Mii II's secret quest twice.
    Completed Find Mii II's secret quest five times.
    Completed Find Mii II's secret quest 10 times.
    Puzzle Swap
    Find Mii
    Find Mii II
    For every 100 steps you take (walking with your 3DS closed but still on), you
    get a play coin for up to 10 play coins a day and can only hold a total of 300
    play coins. You can use the coins to buy a random puzzle piece, hire a wandering
    hero, revive up to three previous allies, and in battle buy potions.
                              |     PUZZLE SWAP     |
    There are three options: Collect New Pieces, Get a Piece, View Collected Pieces.
    Collect New Pieces occur when you have tagged a character and you will get a
    chance to get a new piece. My advice to collect the pink pieces first as you
    cannot get them with Play Coins. If the tagged Mii does not have anything that
    you don't have already, you will get a message saying no new puzzle pieces.
    If you have at least 2 Play Coins, you can buy a random puzzle piece. The bird
    will arrive and hopefully you get a new piece or else you will get a duplicate
    piece and the 2 play coins are wasted. It's a gamble but worth the risk if you
    don't have that many puzzle pieces.
    View Collected Pieces shows you all the pieces you have collected and if the
    puzzle is complete, it will show the animation to it.
                              |       FIND MII      |
    Find Mii is a game where your Mii is a ruler who gets kidnapped by a evil ghost
    and it is up to your tagged Miis and wandering heroes to rescue him/her. In each
    room, you fight one or two enemies with varying HP and powers. Your Mii comrades
    have powers too and it all depends on the color shirt they wear. There are 12
    colors and these are their powers. Note: If the enemy doesn't die then the Mii
    character will get tired and move away. Each tag levels up the Mii one level but
    can't go any higher than Level 7.
    Red: Fire power. Extra damage to blue ghosts.
    Orange: Gives the remaining Miis an extra attack.
    Yellow: Creates a sandstorm that will give the next Mii extra hits.
    *Yellow Miis can shatter yellow shields
    Light Green: Puts enemies to sleep allowing for extra hits.
    Green: Strengthens the next Mii in line to double power but not past Level 7.
    Light Blue: Freezes enemies allowing for extra hits.
    *Light Blue Miis can shatter light blue shields.
    Blue: Water Power. Extra damage to Blood Ghosts.
    Purple: Poisons the enemies and adds 1 extra damage point after each turn.
    Pink: Increases other Miis chances of a critical hit but easy to miss.
    Brown: Summons a wandering bunny hero with a random color shirt + powers
    White: Lightens up a dark room (used automatically)
    Black: Darkens the room. Allows for extra hits.
    Ghost: 7 HP
    Just your basic ghost. A level 3 or more will kill it in 1 turn. Known to carry
    a yellow shield at times.
    Blue Ghost: 25 HP
    Immune to Water but weak against Fire. Sometimes carries a light blue shield.
    Blood Ghost: 50 HP
    Immune to Fire but weak against Water.
    Armored Ghost: 10 HP
    Takes 1 less damage from attacks so a level 1 can only damage it with a critical
    Armored Demon: 25 HP
    Takes 1 less hit from attacks
    Armored Fiend: 50 HP
    Takes 1 less hit from attacks.
    Ultimate Ghost: 150 HP
    The final boss.
    Room 1: Fort of Summoning - 1 Ghost 
    Room 2: Fort of Summoning B1 - 2 Ghosts
    Room 3: Fort of Summoning B2 - Blue Ghost
    Room 4: Gloomy Grotto - Ghost (yellow shield) & Blue Ghost
    Room 5: Gloomy Grotto West - Armored Ghost
    Room 6: Gloomy Grotto East - Blood Ghost
    Room 7: Gloomy Grotto Exit - Blue Ghost & Armored Ghost
    Room 8: Mirage Tower - Blue Ghost (light blue shield) & Armored Ghost
    Room 9: Mirage Tower Ground - Blood Ghost
    Room 10: Mirage Tower 1F - Armored Demon
    Room 11: Mirage Tower 2F - Armored Demon & Armored Ghost
    Room 12: Mirage Tower 3F - 2 Armored Demons
    *The room is dark and you need a White Mii to light up the room before fighting.
    Room 13: Mirage Tower Summit - Armored Fiend & Ultimate Ghost
    *Ultimate Ghost appears after the fight with the Armored Fiend and scares off
    the current Mii.
                              |     FIND MII II     |
    Find Mii II expands upon Find Mii with even more zanier adventures as the royal
    prince and royal princess are also kidnapped along with your Mii and you go from
    room to room trying to rescue them. There are many forks in the road to travel
    so choose wisely.
    --Extra Powers--
    Red: Extra Damage to Mummies
    Yellow: Damages Slimes
    White: Damages Reapers
    Black: Damages Golden and Diamond Golems.
    --Team Attack & Magic--
    Also new to Find Mii II is the ability to team up with other Miis wearing the
    same color shirt or similar colors as the Mii in action. Same color Miis and
    Black + White Mii combo get an extra attack. Others still get their three normal
    attacks. Whenever two Miis combine, their level will be the total combined level
    of both Miis + 1 giving a maximum team level of 15. Having same colored Miis are
    crucial to some rooms as where one color-specific Mii can't clear the room, two
    same colored Miis have to do the job. Black + White combo also break shadowlight
    Red Team: Severe fire damage, clear freezing rooms. 
    Red Similar: Pink, Orange, Purple
    Orange Team: Two extra attacks for remaining Miis in line.
    Orange Similar: Red, Yellow
    Yellow Team: Severe damage to Slimes. Clear poisonous rooms. Longer effects.
    Yellow Similar: Orange, Light Green
    Light Green Team: Longer sleep effects.
    Light Green Similar: Yellow, Light Green
    Green Team: Max Strength to next Mii.
    Green Similar: Light Green
    Light Blue Team: Longer Freeze effects.
    Light Blue Similar: Blue
    Blue Team: Severe water damage, clear fiery rooms.
    Blue Similar: Light Blue, Purple
    Purple Team: Two times damage to enemies after each turn.
    Purple Similar: Red, Blue
    Pink Team: Critical hits for remaining Miis but a little bit more accuracy.
    Pink SImilar: Red
    Brown Team: Nothing changes, still summons random rabbit hero.
    Brown Similar: None
    White Team: Severe damage to Reapers.
    White Similar: Black
    Black Team: Severe damage to Golems. Longer darkness effects.
    Black Similar: White
    *Some previous enemies from Find Mii have more HP in Find Mii II.
    Ghost - 10 HP
    Same as before with more HP.
    Blue Ghost - 25 HP
    Same as before but can use a mirage.
    Blood Ghost - 50 HP
    Same as before
    Armored Ghost - 20 HP
    Same as before with more HP.
    Armormored Demon - 40 HP
    Same as before with more HP.
    Armored Archfiend - 60 HP (new)
    Armored Fiend with more HP and fortifying magic.
    Yellow Slime - 10 HP (new)
    Has more evasion than the ghost.
    Blue Slime - 25 HP (new)
    Has more evasion than the Blue Ghost.
    Pink Slime - 50 HP (new)
    More evasion than the Blood Ghost and can use Growth Magic.
    Green Slime - 3 HP (new)
    Immune to most magic. Highly evasive but low HP.
    Granite Golem - 25 HP (new)
    Takes 2 less damage from attacks. Level 2 or less useless without critical hit.
    Iron Golem - 45 HP (new)
    Takes 2 less damage from attacks. Level 2 or less useless without critical hit.
    Golden Golem - 60HP (new)
    Takes 2 less damage from attacks. Level 2 or less useless without critical hit.
    Diamond Golem - 85 HP (new)
    Takes 2 less damage from attacks. Level 2 or less useless without critical hit.
    If it uses a fortifying magic it will take 3 less damage.
    Reaper Cadet - 30 HP (new)
    Takes 1 less damage from attacks so a level 1 can only damage it with a critical
    hit. Uses cursed gas to randomly disable actions.
    Reaper Captain - 45 HP (new)
    Takes 1 less damage from attacks so a level 1 can only damage it with a critical
    hit. Uses barrier gas to disable magic.
    Reaper Commander - 60 HP (new)
    Takes 1 less damage from attacks so a level 1 can only damage it with a critical
    hit. Uses cursed gas to randomly disable actions.
    Reaper General - 75 (new)
    Takes 2 less damage from attacks so a level 2 or below can only damage it with a
    critical hit. Uses cursed gas to randomly disable actions. Revives allies too.
    Shambling Mummy - 15 HP (new)
    Randomly scare first Mii in line away.
    Roaming Mummy - 30 HP (new)
    Randomly scare first Mii in line away. Heals allies too.
    Marauding Mummy - 45 HP (new)
    Randomly scare first Mii in line away.
    Rampaging Mummy - 60 HP (new)
    Randomly scare first Mii in line away.
    Ultimate Ghost: 150 HP
    Original Final Boss of Find Mii. Scares away first Mii in line and uses Level
    Down gas. Disables perks in Find Mii II Secret Quest.
    Dark Lord: 200 HP (new)
    Final boss of Find Mii II. Immune to sleep, freeze, and poison.
    Dark Emperor: 250 HP (new)
    Final boss of Find Mii II Secret Quest. More HP and that's all.
    There are more trap rooms in this one.
    Perilous Prarie: Entrance - Yellow Slime
    Perilous Prarie: Exit - 2 Yellow Slimes
    From here, the route splits. Go up for Bewitched Bog or down for Ransacked Ruins
    Bewitched Bog: West - Blue Slime
    Bewitched Bog: East - Blue Slime and Yellow Slime
    Ransacked Ruins: West - Shambling Mummy
    Ransacked Ruins: East - Shambling Mummy and Yellow Slime
    Restless Rise: South - Blue Ghost
    *Blue Ghost creates a mirage that will make the player waste a turn if hit. Fire
    Magic will deal with them both.
    Restless Rise: North - Armored Ghost (frees the prince)
    Now got three paths again: Mount Malice (up), Diabolical Altar (down) and Forest
    of Sorrow (middle). Taking the low road will be very dangerous as you will deal
    with three trap rooms before you catch up with the upper road. However if you
    manage to unlock the room on the lower right, via defeating the final boss twice
    then go for it. If you just took the middle road, you only got one trap room to
    worry about.
    Mount Malice: West - Granite Golem
    Mount Malice: East - Pink Slime
    *Pink slime uses growth magic if not killed during a Mii's turn.
    Diabolical Alter: West - Shambling Mummy and Yellow Slime
    *Yellow Slime has a Shadowlight shield.
    Diabolical Alter: East - Roaming Mummy and Armored Ghost
    If you went to Diabolical Alter first instead of going to Forest of Sorrow, you
    can choose to go there or (if unlocked), go to Omnious Shrine
    Forest of Sorrow: Entrance - Armored Demon
    Forest of Sorrow: Exit - Reaper Cadet
    *Need two Yellow Miis to rid of poison. Reaper Cadet uses Curse Gas
    Omnious Shrine - Golden Golem
    Castle of Darkness: Entrance - Iron Golem (Princess Freed)
    Castle of Darkness: Courtyard - Roaming Mummy and Marauding Mummy
    Castle of Darkness: Throne Room - Armored Demon and Reaper Captain
    *Need two Blue Miis. Reaper Captain uses Barrier Gas.
    Castle of Darkness: Roof - Armored Archfiend, Ultimate Ghost, Dark Lord
    *Armored Archfiend uses Fortifying Barrier and the Ultimate Ghost and Dark Lord
    uses Level Down magic.
    --Secret Quest--
    *Next time.
    GameFAQs and other sites for hosting
    Nintendo for making this game.
    bamhm182, Adamant, and Valen-stein for the Music Player list after Find Mii.
    You for reading.
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