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"Can 3-D revive this classic racer?"

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The answer is yes and no. To today standards racers have a wide variety of content, online modes and graphical achievements. Alongside that it has fluent controls and a halfway decent difficulty. There's nothing wrong with reviving such a high profiled NES racer with 3-D capabilities and marketing it as free. But at the same there is.

3D Classics: Excitebike is very similar to the original game. Starting up the game your introduced to a very catchy opening that allows you to either play the game, check your best records, and options. In options you can adjust the controls to your liking. In 3D options you can adjust the intensity of the 3D portrayed; as well as the option to watch the credits.

Starting the game on the 3DS is like starting the game up on your NES back in 1985. Your approached with the same three different game modes: Selection A; Selection B; and Design. Selection A and B are more alike than different. The only difference is A is more of a Time Trials mode (where you solely race against the clock), while B is where you verse multiple racers while maintaining the goal of beating the time. (Don't wipe out!) Whereas Design is an entirely different game mode and (at least for me), made the game for many NES owners back in the day. In Design mode your given 26 obstacles to place however you desire. When your done you can edit it, race on it solo, or race with AI computers.

Now the best for last. The 3D feature. I have to say without the 3-D, the graphics look like they're at a high resolution and that's saying a lot because they look good. With the 3-D feature it adds more depth to this. It not only make the 8-bit graphics look attractive but it also adds a much welcomed sky (which changes depending on the time of day the track is placed). This adds a lot of character to the games atmosphere and I haven't been able to play the game the same since. Highly recommended.

For being free (at the moment), I can't find anything wrong with this classic. Sure I could nitpick and say there's really nothing new, no multiplayer, no leader boards, but in all seriousness, it's free and how can you even begin to complain about something when its free? All in all a childhood favorite brought into 3-D is what I'm talking about and if Nintendo can hear me, bring on the rest!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/20/11

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