Review by Darkstorm16

Reviewed: 06/29/12

A quick play fun

It's an old classic from the NES era that is mostly a time waster. It's fun but a time waster still, still a classic basic racing game that brought alot to the people, now in the glorious eye popping 3D.


There's not much to the game series really. At the beginning of the screen you had the option of playing Game A or Game B. Game A is where its just a solo gameplay on the dirt road all by yourself with 10 tracks where its basically your basic "Time Attack" try to get a faster time. Game B is somewhat the same idea but now you have racers to compete with and act as obstacles too. You have your basic turbo tiles, as your trying to maneuver through the course avoiding pitfalls, adjusting your landing so you don't roll over. Also at the same time try to take out as many racers by cutting them off. In essence its your basic but fun racing game. It does offer an edit mode where you can design your own courses, test them out its fun if you feel like challenging yourself or hand your 3DS over to a friend and see how long it takes for them to beat it.

It's interesting how the graphics of an 8-bit mixed with the 3ds popping somehow made the 8-bit graphics seem sharper and gave the whole thing new experience. Sure you don't have to use it or if you can't it's graphics are still as sharp as ever. Before without the graphics everything looked so cut and paste like its a drawing, but now it has more depth because the crowd now feels like its separate from the tracks, you now look back and you see the crowd, and in the front you see the rider as the way it should, and it just feels awesome.


Not much to say about the soundtrack of an NES era game, the only difference is in the menu there's absolute no sound, but once you enter the game, it will take you back. Every single motor running, every single cheer , crashing everything is like an orchestra to your ears, mainly if your a seasoned veteran like me who grew up in this era.

Buy or Not buy
Oh that is the question, I think that for $4.99 on the EShop its great if you grew up in the era and you want to play a game that you can't find at a store and if you want a great replay value. To me I got it free but I personally would've bought it, now if you didn't grow up in this era, but even played something as far back as a SNES you might be turned off by this game. But only get it if you remember the game, or the era, or your just curious on how our games were. For others who got their start with SNES or beyond, I would say look else where.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: 3D Classics: Excitebike (US, 06/06/11)

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