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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    Dark Moon Quest Walkthrough (Continued)

    • Objectives:
      • Retrieve the Dark Moon piece

    Everything now points to the Terrace. King Boo has gone and hidden in there for an otherwise arbitrary reason, hordes of ghosts have been unleashed from there - they have to be protecting something. The Parascope is lost as to where the Dark Moon fragment can be; the only solution is the portal on the Terrace itself!

    And Mario, of course!


    ~ Terrace ~


    Hey. It's a portal.

    Hey. It's sucking you in.


    ~ ??? ~


    On the other side, Luigi glances around and spots the Dark Moon fragment in the hands of a knight nearby. Well, convenience always comes at a price - approach and examine the knight to find out what I mean.

    BOSS: Knight Army

    Okay, I'll be honest. You should know how to defeat this guy. Not because it's simple - numbers can surpress even skill - but because you've done something similar before. Think back to Mission E-1, where you saw that knight in the well possessed by the Greenie. What did you do? Why, you sucked the carpet out from under his feet!

    The same strategy applies here. The knights are limited to short-range combat, so escaping their attacks is not going to be hard. The main difficulty is in getting them all on the same carpet - yes, you have the suck the same carpet out from under all of the knights at the same time. This is also not hard - you can just run circles around them, really, until they do this, since they home in on you.

    You'll do this against two knights the first time, and three the second time. After each successful attempt, the Possessor will leave the knights, unite, then try tackling you. Dodge it, then stun and suck on him.

    The third part of the battle is a bit different. The Possessor will leave and head outside, splitting into four on the way. It will possess a massive knight outside, one Possessor per limb. Oh. Crap.

    Well... Okay, the falling debris and the sword are easy enough to dodge, so I shouldn't have to deal with that. Your goal for now is to get the knight's feet onto some carpet - both feet. Not the same carpet, though, luckily. To facilitate this, run around one of the knight's feet. Either one will work. Eventually, the boss will try to step on you - when he lifts his foot, try to be on one of the rugs when he steps down. Get this to work with the other foot.

    Now pull the carpets one by one. This will cause the boss to fall over backwards, crashing violently on the ground. This will release the Possessor as well, causing it to unite.

    This final fight with the Possessor will be a little harder. When it tackles, there will be some bolts of electricity running alongside him. This means you could easily be hit, and being hit almost assures that you won't be able to stun-'n'-suck the boss. So, instead, look carefully at the boss's orb and try to figure out where he's going to tackle. Get behind him and follow him for the duration of the tackle. You'll be unhurt, but he'll be stunned, leaving his fate in your hands.


    After winning, the Dark Moon fragment will be released. Run over to it and you'll manage to stuff it in your pockets - the final Dark Moon piece is now yours! E. Gadd will then call through the dimensional portal, somehow, congratulating you and opting to eject you from the area - again, somehow. As if he has a Pixelator camera over here. *rolls eyes*

    Okay, technically the game will progress straight to the next mission, which it will. To keep things straight in the walkthrough, Mission E-7 is below this, although you can't get to it until the game is won. So, if you're looking for what's after Luigi's return, click on this link -- King Boo's Illusion: Mission F-1: A Nightmare to Remember


    • Objectives:
      • Capture all of the ghosts as soon as possible!

    As usual, you'll need to get the Boos from the previous missions - E-1 through E-5 - to access this mission. You'll also need to finish the game, I guess, technically.


    ~ Front Entrance ~


    You should know the deal by now regarding these - it's random and I can't help. I still have the usual tips:

    • Use the E-Gates, for goodness sake...
    • Liberally abuse the Power Gauge
    • Try capturing multiple ghosts at once

    I know, they're generic, but they still work. I mean, they got me to do this in four minutes and twenty-five seconds.


    King Boo's Illusion


    You'll progress from Mission E-6 straight to Mission F-1 without a break. That's also the only misison of the "F" set, so there's no point in the sectional flowchart.



    • Objectives:
      • Defeat King Boo!

    Wait a minute. Where's Luigi? Only the Dark Moon fragment returned...

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Luigi falls into an unknown dark area, with the cackling of King Boo surrounding him as windows appear, revealing the shadow of King Boo. All Luigi gets is scared and confused in the meantime as he spots the painting of his dear brother, Mario. He reaches out to it and King Boo snatches it aside.

    It seems that Luigi and King Boo have some prior acquaintance, though what it is I can't guess - maybe the original Luigi's Mansion that I never played. It seems that King Boo has escaped from his eternal entrapment within that painting. He admits to breaking the Dark Moon, and to taking all of the ghosts of Evershade Valley under his control - all for eventual world domination. But first, murder!

    He charges up the jewel on his head and Luigi can only look away from the bright light. The area around is electrified, and the battle begins.

    FINAL BOSS: King Boo

    The first part of this battle is kind of easy. Imagine the first part of the final boss to Yoshi's Island with more of a physics trend.

    If you haven't played it, then just read. Three spiked balls will drop down from the ceiling onto the field. This battlefield will shift with the balance of weight, primarily yours, as it moves around. This will generally roll the balls towards you. Obviously, then, your goal would be to outrun King Boo and the balls, right?

    King Boo, however, will shift things up by ground-pounding the area, sending the balls into the air. They will soon come down, as marked by the shadows on the ground. As you can probably guess if you've played other Mario games, King Boo will follow you if you don't look at him, and will stop if you do. Therefore, you can lure him to one of those shadows, look at him, and wait for him to be bashed on the head! Once such has happened, begin vacuuming! Do liberally use the Power Gauge in this part, but be sure to jump around when needed.

    We're not done yet, though. King Boo will escape the vacuum and tilt you into a mansion.

    This becomes a type of escape run, somewhat like the final boss to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if I remember right. (Yay, more analogies! =P) Anyways, for this, King Boo will be running along behind you. He will take off 20 units of your health if you touch him, and that's not good. Luckily, you run slightly faster than he does, but he has a trick up his sleeve.

    Firstly, there are already a number of obstacles in the mansion - desks, falling pillars, what-have-you. As you go along, these will impede you and you have to run out of the way of them. Simple enough, I suppose. However, keep an eye out ahead and King Boo will zap some to make them suddenly do something - like extend how far they can block you - to mess up your strategy. You'll probably get hit a few times during this sequence and others, but there are plenty of hearts and stuff to keep your gauge fine - just don't delve off too much for the gold bars unless you're really looking for a three-star ranking.

    The next bit will turn the camera top-down. For this sequence, King Boo will start transforming bits of the area into snowy areas that greatly slow you down. Try to keep your eyes ahead to avoid them, but, again, you'll be hit several times.

    After you slide out of the mansion, the third part will begin. This is just a repeat of the first part with arbitrary ways to increase difficulty. For example, the spiked balls can now vary in size, King Boo can transform some tiles into snow, ice, or sand to inhibit your movement (ice just is slippery, not slowing), and frogs can fall instead of spiked balls.

    Likewise, the fourth part follows the same general idea as the second. Of course, this time there are other obstacles. For example, you will find that the mansion will go dark at points, meaning you need to navigate by the flashlight. Additionally, there is a big ice field... Stuff like that. It's easy enough to do, but you will be hit a few times. Luckily, there are more than enough hearts to deal with that.

    The fifth phase is finally a repeat of the third, but with more difficulty, primarily in King Boo's tendency to transform the terrain in ways that you are almost certain to have to deal with. He can also use lightning as a direct attack - be sure to run to a tile that doesn't glow to avoid being hurt! Beyond that? Eh, you got it. ;) Trust me, it's a lot easier this time around for some reason.


    After you beat the guy, go grab the jewel that was atop King Boo's head and enjoy the ending! Hopefully you can guide yourself through the rest, though I should say this just in case you get stuck: "press the Y Button".


    CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten the main storyline of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon!!

    Prepare for a lot of numbers...

    They're the best way to try and get my point across.

    Also, read this section in full. Like from the Three-Starring Missions header all of the way down to the Gemstone Hunting section. Got that? It makes things a lot less confusing later on.


    As one may have only been able to guess, your performance during a mission is based off of four quantities - your treasure earned, your health lost, your ghosts captured, and your time spent in the mission. As these quantities improve -- in other words, more treasure, more ghosts, less lost health, and less used time -- your ranking in a mission will also improve. These rankings are represented by stars - one star is poor, two stars is good, and three stars is the best, and the purpose of this section.

    Of course, figuring out the set of points to satisfy a certain set of conditions for a given rank is pretty difficult, as you have four different variables (time, health lost, ghosts, treasure). That would be equivalent to graphing in a four-dimensional Cartesian graph, with the four dimensions being length, width, depth, and time. So, yeah, hard to even conceive in a world (not to mention a console) typically stuck on perceiving the first three dimensions that make up space.

    Luckily, a few users on GameFAQs have found a formula that is used in determining your star ranking, based on several thresholds. Credits go to STL1989, sausage948, capndrake, Vallu, and Zalder for that info (sorry if I spelled your names wrong; darn handwriting). The formula is below, albeit slightly altered to make the order of operations more friendly. The result of the first formula will get you a score, used later on.

          (A × 120) - (B × 6) + C - D
                Variable "A" = Number of ghosts captured
                Variable "B" = Amount of health lost
                Variable "C" = Amount of treasure gained
                Variable "D" = Time spent in the mission, in seconds
                               (missions typically show an HH:MM:SS format)
          To calculate your time (variable D),
               seconds = (3600 × hours) + (60 × minutes) + seconds
          To auto-calculate on Windows Calculator, you can substitute the proper variables and
          copy-and-paste the below string AFTER substitution, then click "=" or hit "Enter".
          Microsoft Excel can do something similar if you begin the string with "=".

    Now, numerous things can be found by simply looking at this. Each thing has a certain value with regard to the others in equivalency, meaning that certain things should be prioritized. Perhaps some math would be better. (Note that a negative in a stat that constitutes a loss - such as -20 in health - means that would technically be equal to gaining 20 health, although that won't help. In other words, if a gain results in a negative having a negative, it's pretty much null and void for the game.) And, finally, results are rounded to the nearest ten-thousandth.

    This Thing...... Equals So-Much of These
    Ghosts:Health Lost:Treasure:Time
    1 Ghost1-20120-120 sec.-2 min.
    1 Health Lost-0.051-66 sec.0.1 min.
    1 Treasure0.0083-0.16671-1 sec.-0.0167 min.
    1 Second-0.00830.166711 sec.0.0167 min.
    20 Ghosts20-4002,400-2,400 sec.-40 min.
    100 Health Lost-0.8333100-600600 sec.10 min.
    1,000 Treasure8.3333-166.66671,000-1,000 sec.-16.6667 min.
    30 minutes (1,800 sec.)-15300-1,8001,800 sec.30 min.

    Okay, so this means several things - as examples...

    • For every two minutes you spend in a level, to break even score-wise...
      • You have to find one ghost or find 120 treasure
      • Cannot lose any health
    • For every 20 health you lose in a level, to break even...
      • You have to find one ghost or find 120 treasure
      • Or you can find a way to shorten the mission by two minutes

    Now, given the unit values in the top half of the table above, you can quickly see one thing. Whenever it comes to ghosts, ghosts will prevail in their value much more -- they are worth 120× more than one unit of treasure, and one ghost can undo 20 lost health or two minutes. Now, the unit values do not sound like much, obviously - oooh, 1 second is equal to 1/120 of a ghost, oooh! Hence the lower half, to give more reasonable things on a per-mission basis. See how things can quickly screw each other over?



    Okay, math aside for now. Now, do you remember that formula we detailed in depth in the previous section? The end calculation of that will give you a value. This value will be used so as to determine your score. There are two thresholds it must pass to give you certain ranks: one for a two-star ranking, and one for a three-star ranking. Obviously this section does and only will concern the latter.

    Now, when you think about these thresholds, keep in mind we haven't actually applied any true meaning to them yet. They're a general indicator of your performance and, if you pass these, you'll get a three-star ranking.

    Also note that these have not been yet narrowed down to more exact values at this time. The use of the methods in the next few sections will definitely help me if you're mathematically inclined, however - since we define three variables, using the one that is not defined to get the score is pretty easy.

    Mission3-Star ThresholdMission3-Star Threshold
    Mission A-11,000Mission B-11,100 ~ 1,400
    Mission A-21,700 ~ 2,000Mission B-21,800 ~ 2,200
    Mission A-3500 ~ 800Mission B-3500 ~ 600
    Mission A-41,300 ~ 1,400Mission B-41,500 ~ 2,000
    Mission A-5(-200)Mission B-51,400
    Mission A-62,100 ~ 2,400Mission B-6(-600) ~ (-200)
    Mission A-71,100 ~ 1,400Mission B-71,400 ~ 1,500
    Mission3-Star ThresholdMission3-Star Threshold
    Mission C-11,900 ~ 2,000Mission D-12,200
    Mission C-22,700 ~ 2,800Mission D-21,400 ~ 1,500
    Mission C-31,200 ~ 1,400Mission D-31,000 ~ 1,300
    Mission C-4200 ~ 500Mission D-4100
    Mission C-52,900 ~ 3,400Mission D-52,000 ~ 2,100
    Mission C-62,100 ~ 2,500
    Mission C-72,000 ~ 2,300
    Mission3-Star ThresholdMission3-Star Threshold
    Mission E-11,900 ~ 2,300Mission F-1200
    Mission E-22,500 ~ 2,900
    Mission E-3800 ~ 1,600
    Mission E-4200
    Mission E-56,600 ~ 7,000
    Mission E-6(-400) ~ (-200)
    Mission E-72,100 ~ 2,600

    Applying the Formulae

    Now, question is, how do we apply them? We have the formulas, we have the thresholds to meet, but that's pointless if you and I cannot actually give reason to them being here or attain them, right? Well, I've come up with two methods to do so - a Completionist Method and a Speed-Run Method. Each method will have its own characteristics...

    • The Completionist Method will use the highest number of ghosts and treasure I' - just I, not anyone else - have gotten in the mission ever, hence making it completionist. Note that Boos and Gems won't count for or against you, so they waste time!'' At that point, I assume you are able to get by with zero health lost total, and I give you a time to beat the mission in.
    • The Speed-Run Method will assume you get nothing really out of the way. In other words, since some things in the speed-run would not be preserved by records, I will run a speed-run through each mission. I name off the time I had during it, name off the number of ghosts I got (pretty much always mandatory ones), assume you have zero health lost, and therefore that will leave one variable undefined -- treasure. Obviously a lot of the treasure is covered in the Dark Moon Quest Walkthrough, so it won't be hard to read along and find out the biggest treasure troves along the path. The minimum amount of treasure will be named for you to get.

    Now, as you can see, I have provided methods to give you 3-Stars on a mission by giving you three set variables and one more to beat - those "to beat" variables currently are time and treasure. Trying to make a health-based one is nigh impossible, and the ghosts tend to be almost always mandatory. So then, if you somehow can help me define the various parameters for those, feel free to e-mail me in the Legalities section.

    So, without further ado, here comes the methods.


    Completionist Method

    To note the characteristics of the Completionist Method again...

    • Ghosts and Treasure amounts are defined by my current highest records
    • Health lost is assumed to be zero
    • Time is the variable you must beat

    The unit values for time are below. This is noteworthy in case you can want to try cutting down the time counter to something more reasonable (though the conditions listed below are oddly very reasonable, most of the time).

    • One ghost effectively adds two minutes to time, which is good
    • One unit of treasure effectively adds one second, which is bad
    • One health lost effectively adds six seconds, which is bad

    If details end up taking multiple rows, this is because the exact three-star threshold is not yet known, and therefore listed are the approximate minimum and maximum times. ("Low" and "High" reference the thresholds, by the way, not the times themselves.)

    Now, some tips on completing them this way...

    • Always use the Power Gauge liberally; more gold means more saved time
    • Know a place with some gold on the way? Get it; if you get even a bar of gold for 5 seconds of your time, you basically earn 15 seconds
    • Practice makes perfect; knowing where to go saves a lot of time, as does skipping scenes
    • Only side-track for relatively large sums of gold - it's pointless in going there for 5 Gold if it wastes more than 5 seconds
    • Ghost-wise, Creepers seem to count as two if you get caught and split them up before capturing them. That's a lot of extra time earned when you think about some missions with lots of Creepers...
    MissionGhostsHealth LostTreasureYour Time To Beat
    Mission A-1601,12114 minutes, 1 seconds
    Mission A-21701,52531 minutes, 5 seconds (low)
    26 minutes, 5 seconds (high)
    Mission A-39094825 minutes, 28 seconds (low)
    20 minutes, 28 seconds (high)
    Mission A-41501,56334 minutes, 23 seconds (low)
    32 minutes, 43 seconds (high)
    Mission A-58092934 minutes, 49 seconds
    Mission A-610226[Negative time; needs more treasure]
    Mission A-720068933 minutes, 3 seconds (low)
    29 minutes, 3 seconds (high)
    Mission B-111092519 minutes, 5 seconds (low)
    14 minutes, 5 seconds (high)
    Mission B-22001,74639 minutes, 6 seconds (low)
    32 minutes, 26 seconds (high)
    Mission B-31101,50338 minutes, 43 seconds (low)
    37 minutes, 3 seconds (high)
    Mission B-418098927 minutes, 29 seconds (low)
    19 minutes, 9 seconds (high)
    Mission B-51701,16030 minutes, 0 seconds
    Mission B-6606023 minutes, 0 seconds (low)
    16 minutes, 20 seconds (high)
    Mission B-724033530 minutes, 15 seconds (low)
    28 minutes, 35 seconds (high)
    Mission C-11301,66522 minutes, 5 seconds (low)
    20 minutes, 25 seconds (high)
    Mission C-22401,99336 minutes, 13 seconds (low)
    34 minutes, 33 seconds (high)
    Mission C-31401,46932 minutes, 29 seconds (low)
    29 minutes, 9 seconds (high)
    Mission C-46032714 minutes, 7 seconds (low)
    9 minutes, 7 seconds (high)
    Mission C-52301,82928 minutes, 9 seconds (low)
    19 minutes, 49 seconds (high)
    Mission C-63101,37549 minutes, 55 seconds (low)
    44 minutes, 55 seconds (high)
    Mission C-725070128 minutes, 21 seconds (low)
    23 minutes, 21 seconds (high)
    Mission D-11201,69715 minutes, 37 seconds
    Mission D-21101,38421 minutes, 44 seconds (low)
    20 minutes, 4 seconds (high)
    Mission D-31201,48332 minutes, 3 seconds (low)
    27 minutes, 3 seconds (high)
    Mission D-410601 minutes, 20 seconds
    Mission D-521064819 minutes, 28 seconds (low)
    17 minutes, 48 seconds (high)
    Mission E-11201,97625 minutes, 16 seconds (low)
    18 minutes, 36 seconds (high)
    Mission E-21902,46137 minutes, 21 seconds (low)
    30 minutes, 41 seconds (high)
    Mission E-32102,59471 minutes, 54 seconds (low)
    58 minutes, 34 seconds (high)
    Mission E-4000[Impossible; need treasure]
    Mission E-55102,84037 minutes, 20 seconds (low)
    30 minutes, 40 seconds (high)
    Mission E-61008 minutes, 40 seconds (low)
    5 minutes, 20 seconds (high)
    Mission E-721057516 minutes, 35 seconds (low)
    8 minutes, 15 seconds (high)
    Mission F-1102202 minutes, 20 seconds

    Speed-Run Method

    Let us recall the characteristics of the speed-run method...

    • Ghosts and time are as determined by a speed-run I run at the time of documentation
    • Health loss is assumed at zero
    • Treasure earned is the variable to beat

    The unit values for treasure are below. This is noteworthy in case you decide to go for more treasure, or cannot do so and want to opt for an alternative - ghost-catching, evasiveness, or speed-running, respectively.

    • One Ghost caught is a gain equal to 120 Treasure
    • One health point lost is equal to a 6 Treasure loss
    • One second used is 1 Treasure lost

    If details end up taking multiple rows, this is because the exact three-star threshold is not yet known, and therefore listed are the approximate treasures.

    Additionally, some values listed here are negative for the "Treasure to Beat" column. Unlike the previous method, that's a good thing - it means meeting or beating the conditions associated with that value automatically will guarantee the three-stars, so long as they remain met. Such numbers have been bolded for your convenience.

    Now, some tips...

    • Always use the Power Gauge liberally; more gold means more saved time
    • Know a place with some gold on the way? Get it; if you get even a bar of gold for 5 seconds of your time, you basically earn 15 seconds
    • Practice makes perfect; knowing where to go saves a lot of time, as does skipping scenes
    • Ghost-wise, Creepers seem to count as two if you get caught and split them up before capturing them. That's a lot of extra time earned when you think about some missions with lots of Creepers...
    MissionGhostsHealth LostMy Current Speed RecordTreasure To Beat
    Mission A-1603 minutes, 7 seconds502
    Mission A-21607 minutes, 7 seconds207 (low)
    507 (high)
    Mission A-3602 minutes, 40 seconds-60 (low)
    240 (high)
    Mission A-41104 minutes, 56 seconds276 (low)
    376 (high)
    Mission A-5708 minutes, 34 seconds-526
    Mission A-6105 minutes, 56 seconds2,336 (low)
    2,636 (high)
    Mission A-71903 minutes, 42 seconds-958 (low)
    -658 (high)
    Mission B-11105 minutes, 55 seconds135 (low)
    435 (high)
    Mission B-21906 minutes, 36 seconds-84 (low)
    316 (high)
    Mission B-3907 minutes, 7 seconds-153 (low)
    -53 (high)
    Mission B-41706 minutes, 25 seconds-155 (low)
    345 (high)
    Mission B-51606 minutes, 46 seconds-114
    Mission B-6506 minutes, 35 seconds-805 (low)
    -405 (high)
    Mission B-72105 minutes, 45 seconds-775 (low)
    -675 (high)
    Mission C-11205 minutes, 24 seconds784 (low)
    884 (high)
    Mission C-21805 minutes, 50 seconds890 (low)
    990 (high)
    Mission C-31308 minutes, 8 seconds128 (low)
    328 (high)
    Mission C-4604 minutes, 22 seconds-258 (low)
    42 (high)
    Mission C-522011 minutes, 41 seconds961 (low)
    1,461 (high)
    Mission C-63007 minutes, 50 seconds-1,030 (low)
    -730 (high)
    Mission C-72505 minutes, 12 seconds-688 (low)
    -388 (high)
    Mission D-1805 minutes, 25 seconds1,555
    Mission D-2807 minutes, 7 seconds867 (low)
    967 (high)
    Mission D-312010 minutes, 37 seconds197 (low)
    497 (high)
    Mission D-4104 minutes, 48 seconds268
    Mission D-52105 minutes, 43 seconds-177 (low)
    -77 (high)
    Mission E-11106 minutes, 33 seconds973 (low)
    1,373 (high)
    Mission E-21509 minutes, 52 seconds1,292 (low)
    1,692 (high)
    Mission E-31007 minutes, 26 seconds46 (low)
    846 (high)
    Mission E-4003 minutes, 33 seconds413
    Mission E-551011 minutes, 38 seconds1,178 (low)
    1,578 (high)
    Mission E-6103 minutes, 14 seconds-326 (low)
    -126 (high)
    Mission E-72104 minutes, 25 seconds-155 (low)
    345 (high)
    Mission F-1106 minutes, 15 seconds455


    Sorry about the *really* shoddy faceting...

    One of the main sidequests in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon pertains to that of hunting down the various gemstones. Each mansion in Evershade Valley is associated with some type of precious gem - rubies, emeralds, what-have-you. They are not required for progress in the game... but they're so shiiiiiiny! =P

    Each mansion will have 13 gemstones of a particular variety (again, rubies, emeralds, etc.). The shapes themselves are standardized so that you have one mushroom-shape in each mansion, one diamond-shape in each mansion, and so on. These are listed below in at least an approximate order to how the game lists them. As official descriptions for the gems are rather lacking beyond their sprites, please excuse my rather generic (and repetitive for some) names for them - again, they should be in the order the game lists them, which also somewhat coincides with the order in which you'll play through the missions.

    Also, to clear up one thing about shape nomenclature: just look at the picture nearby. Those are relatively basic diagrams of the gems as per their pictures in the Vault. Names are given with respect to order (i.e. third gem of second row corresponds to the third name of the second row). Colors are irrelevant; I just like it better that way. =P

    So, what the point to collecting these objects? Well, other than the fact that you are given them as a direct sidequest, you can also get statues with them. When you collect all 13 jewels from a particular area, visit E. Gadd's Vault. There, examine the gem collection and "View Statue" will be at the bottom of the screen of a particular area - tap it to see the statue. There are five different statues, one for each area. Collect them all!

    Comprehensive Availability List

    This box will briefly describe all of the missions I know these to be in. The descriptions further down tend to be mission-specific, though, mostly based my personal first find. The general idea should still work, though.

    GemstoneMission A-1Mission A-2Mission A-3Mission A-4Mission A-5Mission A-6 (Boss)
    Amethyst TriangleYESYESYESYESYESNO
    Amethyst RectangleNOYESYESYESYESNO
    Amethyst TeardropNONOYESNONONO
    Amethyst OctagonNOYESYESYESNONO
    Amethyst DiamondNOYESYESYESNONO
    Amethyst Rounded-RectangleNONONOYESYESNO
    Amethyst EllipseNONONOYESYESNO
    Amethyst HexagonNONONOYESYESNO
    Amethyst MushroomNONONONOYESNO

    Amethyst Circle: This particular gemstone can be found after grabbing the Strobulb. After doing so, enter the Mudroom (one room east of the entrance). Use the Strobulb to open the door at the right, then go outside and along the path to north. If you vacuum away at the tree to the northwest of the doghouse (R+X), you'll get the gem on the ground nearby.


    Amethyst Triangle: Sometime after getting the Strobulb (i.e. A-1), go to the Front Yard. There, flash the flowers to the west of the stairs and one will release this amethyst.


    Amethyst Rectangle: Zap the clock in the Parlor as early as Mission A-2; since you have to go there during Mission A-2 anyways...


    Amethyst Oval: In the Studio area (as early as Mission A-2), you can aim the vacuum upwards and suck a bunch around the general northwest corner's windows for this.


    Amethyst Teardrop: In the Entrance in Mission A-3, examine the right suit of armor. Then vacuum up the helmet it wore, blocking your hose. Go to the northwestern corner and press X to look up, then L to blow the helmet at the painting. Vacuum down the gem!


    Amethyst Octagon: In the Dining Room (accessible in A-3), you'll find a safe on the ceiling. Use the Strobulb to blow it open for this.


    Amethyst Diamond: In the Kitchen (accessible in A-3), open the fridge to find an ice block. Press R to get it on your nozzle, then walk over to the fire nearby to melt the ice block, which contains the gem!


    Amethyst Star: Also first found in A-4, go to the west side of the Patio area. Reveal the door there and go through this linear "Under the Stairs" area to find yourself behind the aquarium. Use R+X to get the star.


    Amethyst Rounded-Rectangle: At the Patio (first accessed in A-4), respawn a water feature with the Dark-Light to find the gemstone.


    Amethyst Ellipse: In the Library, during A-4 or A-5, go ahead and shine the Dark-Light along the west side of the room. You should be able to respawn a globe. Suck on it and blow it against the wall (L Button) - this will release a gem.


    Amethyst Hexagon: In the Study, after getting the Dark-Light Device, pull down the northwestern curtains, defeat the bats that appear, then use the aforementioned device on the painting.


    Amethyst Vase: Shut up, I don't have anything more creative... Anyways, in Mission A-5, you'll go upstairs to the Rafters on 3F; this is a requirement, so you can't really miss it. There, as you cross into the southeast corner, head east to the dresser and use R+X to get the gemstone.


    Amethyst Mushroom: In Mission A-5, proceed into the bedroom. Light the elongated web on the fan by opening the oven and spinning the fan; this will disperse a northeastern web. Go behind the paneling and vacuum for the gem.

    Comprehensive Availability List

    This box will briefly describe all of the missions I know these to be in. The descriptions further down tend to be mission-specific, though, mostly based my personal first find. The general idea should still work, though.

    GemstoneMission B-1Mission B-2Mission B-3Mission B-4Mission B-5Mission B-6 (Boss)
    Emerald TriangleYESNONONONONO
    Emerald RectangleNOYESYESNOYESNO
    Emerald TeardropNOYESYESNOYESNO
    Emerald DiamondNONOYESNONONO
    Emerald Rounded-RectangleNONONOYESNONO
    Emerald EllipseNONONOYESYESNO
    Emerald HexagonNONONOYESYESNO
    Emerald MushroomNONONOYESYESNO

    Emerald Circle: After exiting the Greenhouse to the southwest, you'll see stairs in the western half of the Tower Lobby. Between them and the northern wall, if you go west, is the gem.


    Emerald Triangle: In the Laboratories area, float up with one of those balloon thingies to the second level of the Laboratories - there is a second set of ledges in this room between the ground and the Lounge. On this ledge, walk to the northwest corner and you should fall into a cylinder; use R+X to get the gemstone.


    Emerald Rectangle: During the course of Mission B-2 (linked to in the below description), you'll have to go to the Garden to fight off a Gobber, a Hider, and some Greenies. After fighting them off, use one of the buckets the Greenies wore, fill it up at the northern water spout, and water the southeastern flower. Flash it to find this gem.


    Emerald Oval: Head to the Botany Lab, accessible as early as Mission B-2; see Haunted Towers: Mission B-2: The Pinwheel Gate for details. At the Lab, trigger the leak by revealing the southwestern roof pipe and then Strobulbing the red machine nearby. Get the bucket in the room and restart the machine, then fill the bucket with water. Water the northeastern dead flower and hit it with the Strobulb to get the gem.


    Emerald Teardrop: Just above the Botany Lab is the Seedling Laboratory, also available in B-2. Just climb the big plant you can make there under the Green Oval's directions to go up there. To the north of where you enter should be some kind of viewfinder; go to it and shoot (L Button) the mouse that is moving around in the background to release the gem. Then press the B Button and go east, north, and downstairs to the gem.


    Emerald Octagon: In Mission B-2, head to the Tower Lobby. There, head to the southwest corner. Spin the wheel nearby by sucking it with the vacuum, then reveal the pipes on the wall to the north. Go back downstairs and face the door, then face left. Use the Dark-Light to reveal a door. In this room, you'll see a spiky-ball plant growing. Use that to defeat the venus fly-trap nearby, revealing the chest with this gem.


    Emerald Diamond: In the Hollow Tree area (first found in Mission B-3), you can grab one of the balls of spider web and light it on a torch. Go along the westbound 1F path on the map and you'll be able to reach the bucket at the end. Take it to the water in the main area, then go along the hidden (but not hidden on-map) eastbound path. Water the flower, then flash it for the gem.


    Emerald Star: In the Old Graveyard (first found in B-3), you can basically look up and vacuum when you enter coming from the tree root to find this.


    Emerald Rounded-Rectangle: In Mission B-4, progress along to the Skybridge area just past the Plant Nursery. There, pull down the rightmost of the hanging flowers for the gemstone!


    Emerald Ellipse: Im Mission B-4, in the Rumpus Room, there is a big doll watching you... Run around it several times counterclockwise to screw off it's head, revealing a gem.


    Emerald Hexagon: In Mission B-4, in the Solarium, use the Dark-Light on the table near the entrance to find the chest containing a gem.


    Emerald Vase: For this, you need to reach the Conservatory - mandatory in Mission B-4 at least. There, float up with a balloon plant to the upper southeast corner. Use the Dark-Light to respawn the door there, then enter. Inside, you'll need to get all of the red coins in 15 seconds. Simply loop around the outside counterclockwise, then at the last coin of there, go southeast and into the inner ring. You should finish in time.


    Emerald Mushroom: In the West Bathroom (you are forced in here in Mission B-4), you will notice a roll of toilet paper on the west side. Use the vacuum to pull it and there comes your 'shroom!

    Comprehensive Availability List

    This box will briefly describe all of the missions I know these to be in. The descriptions further down tend to be mission-specific, though, mostly based my personal first find. The general idea should still work, though.

    GemstoneMission C-1Mission C-2Mission C-3Mission C-4Mission C-5Mission C-6 (Boss)
    Ruby Rounded-RectangleNONOYESYESNONO
    Ruby MushroomNONONONONOYES

    Ruby Circle: In Mission C-1, head to the east side of the area past the gate. There, light up the time bomb southeast of the blocked bridge to get to the other side. Continue east to the end of another bridge; use the Dark-Light there to find the chest with this gem.


    Ruby Triangle: When you first enter the Warehouse, there is a metal structure northeast of the entrance. If you put the various spools of cloth there (vacuum them up, bring them there, press X), you can unwind them for various rewards. Northeast of the structure, you can shine the Dark-Light to reveal a spool containing a gem!


    Ruby Rectangle: In the Clock Tower Gate area, when you arrive from the room to the west, just face north and use the Dark-Light; you'll find the chest containing this gem.


    Ruby Oval: In the Storm Cellar, found first in Mission C-2, suck down the wallpaper from above the bed, then Dark-Light the painting.


    Ruby Teardrop: In the Canyon Hall, use the map to find an otherwise-hidden eastbound path near the north side of the area. This will go to the Canyon Stairs. There, go to the southeast corner, look up, and suck that ruby down.


    Ruby Octagon: In the Quarry (first found in C-2), when you descend and head east, you'll see a mine cart. Pull it out a little - no more than twice, as three pulls screws it all up! Go east into the cave it was in and suck down the web to get the gemstone!


    Ruby Diamond: In Mission C-3, go upstairs from the Warehouse. Go north and east and trigger the flash-bomb. Go into the room to the north, the Clockmaker's Chambers. Remove the rug from the floor and blow on the fan beneath until the digital clock nearby reads "9:00" - then beat the Greenie for the gem.


    Ruby Star: In C-3, you have to do a pipe-crossing sequence in the Roundhouse (2F). After the first set, go east and south along another set. On its opposite side, go east, then south to find the toolbox containing this gem.


    Ruby Rounded-Rectangle: After getting the key in C-3 that leads to the new portion of the Roundhouse, you'll go down in there and down some stairs. Go west at the bottom and you'll see the gem in an alcove above you to the north. Suck its web and itself down.


    Ruby Ellipse: In Mission C-5, you'll reach the Gear Chamber at one point. Go to the bottom with the sand and shine the Dark-Light in the northeast corner to complete a path. Follow it to a door, which you should go through for another "???" puzzle. It's mostly another instance of following the coins, mostly. If you need help, begin by imagining it like a clock, with you at 6 o'clock. Go to 9 o'clock, then to the center and onto the thingie to the north that springs you across. Go west and along the path along to the next spring that brings you to 3 o'clock. Then go along the remaining trail to reveal a toolbox containing a gem.


    Ruby Hexagon: In Mission C-5, you eventually hit the Maintenance Hub. There, ride along the chain to the other side, then unroll the bridge to the south. Walk off the next platform and head to the south-central part of the area. Shine the Dark-Light and you should be able to reveal a toolbox nearby with this ruby.


    Ruby Vase: You have to wait until the very end of Mission C-5 for this. When you bring Toad to the Service Elevator area, suck him onto the end of the vacuum. Shoot him southward from the southeast corner. He'll pick up the ruby and 5 gold bars; approach him to gain the former.


    Ruby Mushroom: When you enter the Movements area as part of Mission C-6, go to the west side of the room and vacuum down the ruby.