What are play coins and how do you get them?

  1. I need to know how to get play coins.

    User Info: kai1999

    kai1999 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Play Coins are part of the 3DS. You gain Play Coins by leaving your 3DS on and walking around with it closed or in Suspend mode instead of Off. Every 100 steps awards 1 Play Coin and up to 10 Play Coins can be received per day.

    Play Coins are banked until used, but you can only bank up to a maximum of 300 Play Coins.

    Play Coins can be used to "purchase" in game content in certain games and 3DS applications, but they have no real monetary value and can only be obtained as described above.

    Play Coins are an evolution of the PokeWalker concept of rewarding players for using a pedometer while walking or exercising.

    User Info: Xastabus

    Xastabus - 6 years ago 0 0

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