Location of 4 rune stones, can someone help me?

  1. Ok. I already sent a question for this but the answer didn't help me. I found the first stone following the chickmunk, second in water runes. And I'm looking for the last two. Someone told me it's in selphia plains west and the other in lava ruins. Cannot find the lava ruins and search all over selphia plains. When I asked villagers they told me a monster took it into the haunted mansion. I don't understand where it is!!! Looked all over haunted mansion. Tell me the exact location of the rune stones please.

    User Info: Rhazel100

    Rhazel100 - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The third one is in the lava caves west of town, but first you have to get the event to search for it. Ask the villagers if they know anyone that has seen it, and eventually one of them will say something along the lines of "one of the travelers was talking about it, here is where they are". Once you talk to that traveler if you go to the place where there is a gorge, it kinda looks like the bridge area leading to the water ruins, Volkanon will show up and build the bridge, from there follow the traveler's directions and at the end of the lava cave is a boss that will drop the third stone. The fourth one is given to you by Doug after you place the third.

    User Info: dineme81

    dineme81 - 3 years ago 1 0

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