How to use armour skills?

  1. I have no idea how to obtain or how to use armour skills and it is not explained anywhere in the game and i cannot find a guide on the internet. If someone could explain to me what it is and how you use it or where i can find a guide that will it would be greatly appreciated.

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    DickWillen - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's not too hard. Basically, armor pieces, Decorations, and Talismans give points in Skills. When you reach a milestone (10, 15 or 20, varying with different skills), you gain the effects of the skill. You can see the number of points by looking through the Equipment Detail and Status sections in your menu. Hitting Skill Info in those sections will allow you to see what a skill does and its different milestones. That's probably the most important bit, though you can find in more detail what skills do with a bit of digging. Good resources are Gamefaqs, the Minegarde forums, of the Monster Hunter Wikia.

    When beginning to mess around with it, start with getting a full set of armor (all pieces of the same set: monster and rank) then fiddle with the Decorations to get rid of any negative skills, and increase the levels of any positive skills (for example, Jaggi Armor gives Attack Up (S), but some proper gemming can give it Attack Up (M)). Decorations are numbered by the number of slots they take up, and give varying points. The bigger the Decoration, the more slots it takes up, so keep in mind how many slots your armor pieces have (for example, Jaggi Armor has 3 pieces with one slot each, just enough to put in tw Attack 1 Gems for Attack Up (M) and have one slot left over for if you have a Talisman with a +9 in something, perhaps)).

    Talismans are basically nothing but skill points, and good ones can help you make your dream armors at G-Rank, or just give you a boost to getting an extra skill on an armor that wouldn't normally have it.

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