Where can I find Divine weapons ?

  1. i know you can get them by DLC in the game and by spotpass but my question is if you buy the DLC how many of them can you get with the DLC because in the game you can obtain 1 of each but if i want for exmple 5 of each can you get a unlimited number of them by buying the DLC

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    PaperMrL - 4 years ago

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  1. Certain Jugdrali weapons are given as drops during Chapter 21, certain Archanean weapons are given by obtaining renown points, certain weapons from all continuities are provided through the Bonus Items are in the Bonus Box (at one every two weeks, one per file), and Excalibur and Hauteclare are provided if you clear the local multiplayer mode. Finally, a character from Paralogue 23 (which will be available at the end of April) joins with Ragnell.

    You can get extras of any of them using the Infinite Regalia DLC, which gives you three per run but can be replayed as many times as it takes.

    Advice: combine Divine Weapons with Armsthrift, such that they almost never run out.

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  1. You can get the infinite divine weapons DLC. Otherwise, you unlock them throughout the story I guess. You can also purchase them with renown points I believe

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    Falchion_Master - 4 years ago 2 2
  2. You will also get a few for free on Chapter 21. The character recruited in sidequest 23 (unlocked through Spotpass, and may not be available for quite some time after release) also joins with one.

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  3. There's a spot in Paralogue 14 and a villager in Paralogue 5 that give divine weapons, but the rest are DLC only I think.

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  4. You can only get one more of each in the DLC.

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  5. You can replay the dlc as many times as you like. So you can essentially get a never ending supply of divine weapons.

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  6. The weapons are dropped in chapter 22, not 21. In paralogue 5, have Owain talk to the villager to the south-east to receive his legendary weapon. You can get up to three divine weapons each time you play the infinite regalia DLC. You might get a bolt axe and two legendary weapons, but a bolt axe is a great axe for war clerics. You can replay the DLC to get as many legendary weapons as you like, but make sure to use armsthrift and buy hammerne staves.

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