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    Chrom Solo Guide by Charpig

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    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Chrom Solo Guide
    Version 1.30
    Copyright 2014 Kenneth B. Fletcher (aka Charpig)
    Contact: fletchek@umich.edu
    All trademarks and copyright contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Because I have gotten several requests to use this guide on other websites, I
    am going to allow anyone to post this guide on their website, provided that
    the following conditions are met:
    1. I am given full credit for this guide.
    2. The content of this guide is not altered in any way.
    3. This guide may not be used in any way to make a profit.
    4. I am not held liable for anything that may happen as a result of using this
    As long as these conditions are obeyed, you DO NOT have to ask me permission
    to post this guide on your website.  However, you should bear in mind that I
    only update to GameFAQs.  So, to ensure that you have the most recent version
    of my guide, you should check GameFAQs periodically.
    I take no responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of using my 
    Version 1.01
    Added strategy for Irreconciliable Paths
    Version 1.05
    Added strategies for more DLC content
    Version 1.06
    Added alternate strategy for beating Grima
    Version 1.25
    Added strategies for a ton of chapters
    I still haven't finished going through all the DLC chapters, but since I have
    not updated in a while, I figured it was a good time to do so.
    Version 1.28
    Added in some general tips and an additional strategy for beating Grima.
    Credit goes to Sam Giles.
    Added info from Azraldar, Wolt is the cheapest SpotPass character to recruit,
    not Mist.
    Version 1.30
    Darien Hunter informs me that he was able to complete the challenge on Lunatic+
    mode, but that he had to grind for over a month.
    North America has been long overdue for a new Fire Emblem game, and now our
    prayers to Naga have been answered.  While this sentiment is better saved for a
    review, Awakening is the best Fire Emblem I have played yet.  With that said,
    it is time for a solo challenge.  The challenge is to beat the game using only
    Chrom.  Will he take his place with Ike and Ephraim as a hero of legend, or
    will he die a horrible death?  Let us find out.
    The rules:
    -Only Chrom may be deployed for each battle.  This includes required battles,
    skirmishes, DLC chapters, and paralogues.
    -Some battles will force you to deploy units other than Chrom.
    In this case, you may use the units as you see fit.  If you recruit a unit
    during a fight, you may use that unit until the battle ends.  However, make
    sure that Chrom does most, if not all of the work.
    -Items found on event squares can be used, and you can buy items from Anna when
    she appears.
    -This guide is written for Hard Classic, but you may use any difficulty.
    Darien Hunter says that he has accomplished this on Lunatic+.
    -DLC and SpotPass content may be used.
    General Tips
    -Always have Vulneraries and Concoctions on you.  Always.  Aether will not
    always activate when you need it most.  Sam Giles has pointed out that the
    Blessed series of weapons is good for restoring HP.  Also, the Sol Sword can
    restore HP, but bear in mind that it based on chance, just like Aether.
    -When Chrom promotes or changes class, train him in lances ASAP so he can use
    Javelins and other useful lances.
    -Ultimately, the best class for Chrom is Paladin, as it has the best Mov, and
    it gives Chrom much needed Res.  However, you will want to make sure that
    Chrom learns Aether and Rightful King from the Great Lord class.
    -The Hit Rate +20 skill (learned at Level 5 Sniper) is an excellent skill, but
    it requires Chrom to spend time in a bow only class.  If Chrom gets surrounded,
    then there is no way to continue.  If you have DLC, you can train on the Golden
    Gaffe or EXPonential Growth maps, since the enemies just run away.  But if you
    do not have DLC, Sam Giles recommends that you pick a map where there is rough
    terrain, so enemies can be easily separated.  Also, you should try to bottle
    neck the enemies whenever possible.
    -Use stat boosting items as soon as you get them.  There is no point to
    hoarding them.  On rare occasions, you can get stat boosters from Anna or from
    skirmishes.  If you start a new game plus with high Renown, you can get access
    to several statboosters early in the game.
    -If you want to get high Renown before starting this challenge, first play the
    Golden Gaffe DLC to max out your gold.  Then, repeatedly summon Wolt's team
    from Binding Blade.  It costs the least to recruit, at 1200 gold.  Keep
    doing this until your Renown is maxed or as high as you want it.  Then beat the
    game and your Renown will carry over to a new game.
    Credit goes to Azraldar for informing me that Wolt, not Mist, is the cheapest
    character to recruit.
    -If you are able to use some of the items obtained from event squares (the ones
    that sparkle), don't hesitate to bring them out in a tight spot.  In particular
    the Confects can be useful, as they last for a whole battle.
    -Wait until reaching Level 20 before promoting or changing class.  Chrom will
    gain enough EXP to reach Level 20 in no time.
    -If you buy an item from Anna, she will disappear when you leave.  So, if she
    has multiple items that you want, buy them all at once.
    Note that since this guide is for a special challenge, I assume that you have
    beaten the game at least once.  So, in general, you should know how to play
    Fire Emblem.  I would imagine that most people who play Awakening have played
    Fire Emblem games before anyway.  You probably could use this guide even if you
    haven't beaten the game yet, but note that this is not the easiest way to beat
    the game.
    Note that when I say a unit should pair up with Chrom, I mean to actually
    have that unit use the Pair Up command.
    For each chapter, I will list any forced or obtainable units that aren't Chrom.
    I will not cover the children's paralogue chapters, as to unlock them, you
    have to deploy units that aren't Chrom, and that violates the rules of this
    Other Units: The Tactician
    Have the Tactician pair up with Chrom, then defeat Validar with the Silver
    Sword.  Easy enough.
    Other Units: The Tactician, Frederick, Lissa
    Trade the Tactician's Bronze Sword to Frederick, then have Frederick pair up
    with Chrom.  Chrom should get most or all of the kills.  Note that for the
    early chapters, you will want to be aware of any enemies that have Gamble or
    Zeal.  This seems to occur a lot more often on higher difficulty levels.  But
    eventually Chrom should get enough Luck to avoid being criticaled.
    Chapter 1
    Other Units: The Tactician, Frederick, Lissa, Virion, Sully
    Chrom should have no problems as long as he is on a fort.  Again, have Fred
    pair up with him.
    Chapter 2
    Other Units: Tactician, Frederick, Lissa, Virion, Sully, Stahl, Vaike, Miriel
    There are a lot more enemies, but it's still not too difficult.  The enemies
    will usually not approach you unless you get within their range, so take your
    time.  You have both Lissa and the forts for healing.
    Chapter 3
    Other Units: Sumia, Kellam (can be recruited)
    This is the first map with a preparation phase, so as per the rules of this
    challenge, only Chrom can be deployed.  However, Chrom can recruit Kellam.  
    Make sure you have Vulneraries, in case you need them.  Kellam can pair up
    with Chrom to increase his Def.
    After this chapter, you can start encountering Risen on the world map.  Fight
    them if you want to.  The formations are random, but they shouldn't be too
    hard at this point in the game.  You will usually get some small Bullions, but
    sometimes Risen will drop nice items.  Also, there are two event squares on
    each skirmish map, which have a chance of yielding an item.  Next, you can
    also encounter Anna on the world map.  If she has a Master or Second Seal for
    sale, don't hesitate to buy it.  Be warned that unlike in Sacred Stones, there
    is no option to retreat from a skirmish once you enter it.  Finally, if you
    carried over high Renown from a previous game, you can get a lot of stat boost
    items.  You need at least 50000 Renown to get all the stat boosters.  A Second
    Seal is included in the Renown awards.
    Paralogue 1
    Other Units: Donnel
    Note that the Paralogues are optional, but I will cover them anyway, at least
    the ones that can be accessed.  Have Donnel pair up with Chrom to keep safe,
    but make sure to put his items in the Convoy before the chapter ends.  Take
    advantage of the pillars, as they provide a Def boost.  The chests contain a
    Killer Lance and a Rescue Staff, neither item is particularly useful for Chrom.
    Chapter 4
    Take down the Mages and enemies with Hand Axes.  Marth shouldn't be too tough,
    but if you can't take him down in one round, he will heal himself.  Chrom
    should be close to Level 20 at this point.  If you have a Master Seal, make
    him a Great Lord so that he can learn Aether.  If not, use a Second Seal to
    make him a Cavalier.  Either way, start training him in Lances.
    After beating this chapter, the DLC chapters can be accessed, but I did not
    partake of them at this point.  However, if you ever need to level up Chrom,
    the Golden Gaffe and EXPonential Growth are best, as the enemies do not fight
    back except when attacked.  For the Entombed that have Counter, attack them
    from two spaces away with Javelins.
    Chapter 5
    Other Units: Maribelle, Ricken
    For me, this chapter was a Bronze Lance Beatdown.  Chrom should be able to
    effortlessly curbstomp the enemies.  Ricken will probably die, but at least
    have him go down fighting.  Maribelle, the survivor, can Pair Up with Chrom.
    Paralogue 2
    Anna could die on this chapter, but aside from that, nothing too difficult.
    If Chrom has used the Boots, he has a better chance of saving her.
    Chapter 6
    Other Units: Panne, Gaius (can be recruited)
    Be prepared to sacrifice both Panne and Gaius.  First, have Chrom kill the
    enemy down and to the left of Marth.  He will kill some enemies during the
    enemy phase.  Panne will arrive next turn, move her to a pillar.  Chrom should
    block the space down and to the left of Marth, equipped with a Javelin.  On
    the second enemy phase, Chrom will kill stuff, Panne will tangle with a fighter
    and Marth will take a beating.  Next turn, Chrom should be able to recruit
    Gaius.  He can attack on the same turn that he talks.  Have Gaius take out the
    fighter that Panne weakened, then send Panne to assist Marth.  Use Gaius as
    bait to lure the enemies away from Emmeryn.  He'll die, but so what?  Marth
    and Panne will most likely fall as well.  But, focus on taking out the Thieves
    so they can't open the door leading to Emmeryn.  Then Chrom can block the 
    single space to Emmeryn's left.  This chapter might take a little bit of luck,
    but rest assured it is indeed possible.  Don't freak out if a mage attacks
    Emmeryn, as she can easily survive one.
    Sam Giles informed me that he cleared this map with Gaius still alive, by
    having him pair up with Chrom. He used Panne to block off the space to the
    left of Emmeryn, though Panne ended up getting killed.  Just make sure to focus
    on killing the thieves first.
    Chapter 7
    Other Units: Cordelia
    This chapter is much easier than the previous one.  Have Cordelia pair up with
    Chrom and trash the wyvern riders.
    Paralogue 3
    Dumb villagers!  Always running right into an enemy's range!  I couldn't save a
    single one.  Oh well.
    Chapter 8
    Other Units: Gregor, Nowi
    Pair Gregor with Nowi and move them north.  They can handle themselves against
    a few enemies, but you don't want to leave them in danger for too long.  The
    villages have both a Master and a Second Seal, if Chrom needs one.  At this
    point, I had made him into a Cavalier to learn Outdoor Fighter.
    Chapter 9
    Other Units: Libra, Tharja (both can be recruited)
    Chrom should reach Libra as soon as possible.  Note that Libra can initiate the
    recruitment conversation, but Tharja will not.  Once Libra is recruited, have
    him Pair Up with Chrom.  It doesn't matter if you recruit Tharja or not, but
    if you want to recruit her, do not talk to her until all other enemies are
    dead.  The boss drops a Dracoshield, which helps if Chrom has fallen behind in
    the Def stat.
    Paralogue 4
    Other Units: Anna (can be recruited)
    Send Chrom up the middle, he should be able to reach Anna on the second turn.
    Anna should, of course, Pair Up with Chrom to stay safe.  If you want the chest
    items, help yourself.  The boss drops a Talisman, and one of the chests has an
    Arms Scroll.
    Chapter 10
    You will want to catch the Thief with the Seraph Robe ASAP, but the others do
    not matter.  You may wait out the reinforcements if you wish, but for this
    chapter only the commander needs to be defeated.
    Chapter 11
    Other Units: Olivia
    Pair Olivia with Chrom so that the poor girl doesn't get killed.  The Thief
    usually goes for the left chest, which contains a Large Bullion.  The other
    Chest has a Goddess Icon, but if you want it you must use a Chest Key.  One of
    the Hero reinforcements drops a Speedwing.  At this point, I promoted Chrom to
    Great Knight.  I have heard that it is possible for Chrom to marry Olivia if
    they gain enough support points in this battle, and Chrom has not had a support
    convo with any other girl.  But in my case, he had supported Maribelle, so he
    married merry Maribelle.
    If you want to complete the Champions of Yore DLCs to get the All Stats +2
    skill for Chrom, now would be a good time to.
    Chapter 12
    Other Units: Cherche
    Cherche should pair up with Chrom to keep out of the way.  Then, Chrom can
    teach those pesky Valmese not to set foot on Ylissean soil.
    Chapter 13
    Other Units: Henry
    Have Henry pair up with Chrom to keep him safe.  You can either go straight
    for the commander or fight the reinforcements for more EXP.
    Chapter 14
    For this map, you only need to beat the commander, but before you do, I suggest
    getting the Talisman from a regular General.  Also, one of the enemies drops a
    Chest Key.  I suggest saving it for later, none of the chests on this map have
    necessary items.  At this point, I made Chrom into a Paladin.
    Chapter 15
    Other Units: Say'ri
    Move Chrom forward to quickly rescue Say'ri, then the rest of it is straight
    forward.  If Chrom is a Great Knight, beware of the General with the Hammer.
    Chapter 16
    One of the Thieves has a Speedwing, catch him if you can.  Reinforcements come
    from the sides, but to win this chapter you only need to beat Cervantes.  See
    how his mustache sways in the wind!
    Chapter 17
    Go for the chests on the left, they contain Boots and a Seraph Robe.  Let the
    Thief open the door and open a chest before killing him, then open the other
    chest yourself.  From now on, all enemies are promoted, so they should give
    good EXP.  However, note that only one pair of Boots can be used per unit, so
    if you already used the Boots on Chrom from the Renown awards, the Boots found
    in this chapter cannot be used on him.
    Chapter 18
    None of the chests are of interest.  I would just go straight for the boss and
    kill him, rather than mess around.
    After this point, Paralogue 17 will be available, but there is no way to beat
    it with just one unit.  Fortunately, it is an optional chapter, so boo-ya!
    Also, depending on who Chrom married, other Paralogues may be available.  I
    will not cover them in detail, since they are not necessary.  But, if Chrom
    married a female Tactician, Morgan's chapter will be available, and beating it
    yields a powerful Naga's Tear.
    Brady's chapter (if Chrom married Maribelle) - There is zero chance that you
    will be able to save all of the villagers.  Only the boss needs to be beaten.
    Cynthia's chapter (if Chrom married Sumia) - Cynthia will have inherited Aether
    from Chrom, so don't approach her carelessly.  Also, the regular enemies on
    this map are extremely powerful, so don't take them lightly.
    Inigo's chapter (if Chrom married Olivia) - Not much to say here, just a lot of
    flying enemies and Assassins.  Chrom will definitely want throwing weapons.
    Chapter 19 and 20
    By now, Chrom should be strong enough to shred Walhart and his army with
    ease.  In Chapter 20, the far right chest has a Spirit Dust, and Cervantes
    drops a Dracoshield.  However, the Spirit Dust is only useful if you wish to
    have Chrom make use of the Levin Sword.
    Chapter 21
    I would ignore the chests and go straight for the boss.  The magic users may or
    may not be a threat depending on Chrom's Res.  Either way, they will still be
    annoying.  The one thing to be careful of is that many enemies will have their
    mastery skills.  For example, Sorcerers may have Vengeance and Berserkers may
    have Wrath.  So, let them attack you first and kill them in a single counter.
    Note: I do not know if enemy Assassins can ever have Lethality or not.  I have
    not seen them with it, but if they do have it, sucks to be you!
    Chapter 22
    You can bypass most of the Deadlords and go straight for Aversa.  Tigris will
    have Counter, so if you decide to fight him, attack him from two range.  The
    other Deadlords can do a lot of damage.
    Chapter 23
    Other Units: The Tactician, Basilio, Flavia
    The Tactician must be brought for this chapter, so pair him/her up with Chrom.
    After Validar is taken down for the first time, Basilio and Flavia show up.
    Just have them hide in the corner and let Chrom take care of business.  For the
    second fight with him, Validar has both Dragonskin and Vengeance.  So, make
    sure to keep Chrom healed in case Validar activates Vengeance.  Also, you will
    want to have the other enemies dealt with beforehand.  Watch out for the
    reinforcements that come from the stairs.
    Chapter 24
    Keep Chrom on a fort, and let the enemies come to him.  An Armorslayer is good
    to have, it will take care of those pesky Great Knights.  They tend to have the
    Luna skill.
    Chapter 25
    Send Chrom up the right side, as there aren't as many Generals.  One of the
    Generals will have a Beast Killer, which is dangerous if Chrom is a Paladin or
    Great Knight.  Do not screw around on this chapter, you must kill Aversa as
    soon as you can.  Otherwise, the enemy reinforcements will overwhelm Chrom.
    Before going to fight Grima, make sure that Chrom has the Gradivus and forged
    throwing weapons.  To get money for forging, sell off stuff you don't need,
    and you can also play the Golden Gaffe DLC.  I would make sure to have at
    least ten or so throwing weapons in good condition, in case the last battle
    drags out.  The Levin Swords work too, but they tend to not be as effective.
    Also, make sure that Chrom has maxed out stats.  You can let Mag slide, though.
    I had Chrom's class be a Paladin for the final battle.  However, it is useful
    to learn the Hit Rate +20 skill from the Sniper class.  Make Chrom a Sniper,
    then go to the EXPonential Growth DLC.  Fight enemies until Chrom learns the
    skill, then keep leveling him up until he can change back into a Paladin.
    Chrom's skills:
    -Rightful King
    -All Stats +2
    -Hit Rate +20
    Oh, and make sure you bring some Elixirs.  The Gradivus can also be used as an
    item to restore all HP.  If the Exalted Falchion is used as an item, it heals
    only 20 HP.
    This battle requires a lot of luck, but since this is Fire Emblem, are you
    really surprised?  First, have Chrom attack the Berserker directly in front of
    Grima, either with the Gradivus or a forged Spear.  Grima will attack Chrom,
    hope that he doesn't activate Ignis.  A bunch of other enemies will attack
    Chrom as well, he should kill most of them.  Once Chrom has an opening to
    attack Grima, use the Exalted Falchion.  Now, this is where luck comes in, as
    there are a million things that can go wrong, but only about two things that
    can go right.
    Things that can go right:
    -Chrom activates Aether twice in a row
    -Grima misses Chrom
    Things that can go wrong:
    -Grima activates Ignis
    -Grima dodges an attack or activates Pavise
    -The Physic staff users heal Grima
    -The enemy reinforcements swarm Chrom and beat the crap out of him
    So, as you can see, winning is based mostly on chance.  It will probably take
    you more than one try.  Trying to take out the enemies doesn't help, as they
    just keep coming and coming.  You just have to attack Grima and hope for the
    best.  It will only take about two to three turns at most, so even if Chrom
    does die, it's not a lot of time lost to reset and try again.
    Note that I assume that you are playing Hard Mode.  If you are playing Normal
    instead, Grima does not have Ignis, nor a ton of units guarding him.  So,
    Grima is much, much easier to beat.  I came up with a better strategy for
    beating Grima on Hard (see below):
    Alternate Strategy
    Now that the Dread Fighter class is available, make Chrom learn the Aggressor
    skill from it.  Chrom should now have the following skills:
    -Rightful King
    -Hit Rate +20
    -All Stats +2
    This time around, make Chrom a Great Knight rather than a Paladin.  Also, Chrom
    should have all of his stats maxed.  With this setup, Grima will only do 27
    damage to Chrom if he activates Ignis, and most of the surrounding enemies will
    do much less damage (excepting the magic users and the ones with Hammers, but
    the ones with Hammers will usually miss).  If you have a forged Spear, take
    out the Berserker directly in front of Grima with it.  On the enemy phase,
    Chrom should kill most of the enemies, allowing him a clear path to Grima.
    Then attack Grima with the Exalted Falchion.  The Aggressor skill will kick in
    allowing Chrom to deal more damage than normal.  It might take two to three
    turns to kill Grima, depending on if Chrom activates Aether or not.  Victory
    is still not guaranteed with this setup, but I found it works the best.  I
    actually beat Grima without activating Aether on him, although Aether did 
    activate on the other enemies, keeping Chrom healed.
    Another Strategy, contributed by Sam Giles
    This strategy is tailored to beat Grima without the use of any DLC content.
    First, Chrom should be a Paladin, and before the battle, use stat boosting
    tonics (or a Tiki's Tear) to give him +5 HP and +2 to all stats for the battle.
    Chrom's skills are:
    Rightful King
    Skill +2
    All stats are maxed except Mag (which is irrelevant) and Res which is at 40.
    On the first turn, hit X so you can see the attack range of all enemies.  Move
    Chrom just below the attack range.  This will cause the enemies on the side to
    move to Chrom, and they won't be able to block the path to Grima.  On the 2nd
    turn, attack the berserker directly in front of Grima.  During the enemy phase,
    Chrom should activate Aether to keep himself healed.  If Chrom is at least half
    health next turn, attack the enemy unit in front of Grima.  If not, move in
    front of that unit and use an Elixir.  The enemy unit should die on the next
    enemy phase, and there is an opening to attack Grima.  If Chrom is at low HP,
    he can move right next to Grima and heal, so he can at least counter Grima
    during the enemy phase.  An Armorslayer should be at hand in case you need to
    attack a general.
    Sam informs me that this strategy worked 4 out of 5 times.
    DLC Chapters
    This section covers the DLC chapters.  By this point, all DLCs are released,
    and some of them are in fact impossible to beat with a solo character.  But, I
    wrote strategies for the ones I was able to beat.
    Champions of Yore
    Depending on when Chrom attempts these chapters, they can be moderately
    challenging or laughably easy.  Just be warned that if Chrom is a Cavalier,
    Marth's Noble Rapier does effective damage against him.  Also, the magic users
    can put a hurting on Chrom if he has low Res.
    Golden Gaffe/EXPonential Growth
    You don't have to do anything to win these chapters, just let the enemies
    retreat.  But, they are good chapters to play if you need gold and EXP.  For
    the Entombed that have Counter, attack them from two range.
    Infinite Regalia
    Only the boss needs to be beaten in this chapter.  I do not recommend trying
    to take on all the Deadlords.  The Deadlords will only attack Chrom if he is
    within range, so take them on one by one until the boss can be targeted.  I
    sent Chrom up the right side, as that is the weakest side.
    Lost Bloodlines 1
    This chapter is considerably harder than Champions of Yore.  Make sure that
    Chrom is promoted before attempting.  Move Chrom to the fort south of his
    starting position, and wall the enemies.  The most dangerous enemies are
    Mareeta, Altena, Julius, and Arvis.  Leif can also be a pain in the neck due to
    him consistently evading attacks.  The enemies will usually attack the green
    people first, keeping some of the heat off of Chrom.  The group on the left
    side of the map won't move until you get near, so save it for last.
    Lost Bloodlines 2
    Alm and King Marth are the enemies to watch out for.  Deen can also be bad news
    because he has Counter.  Try to keep the enemies spaced out, so you don't have
    to take them all on at once.  After this fight you get a Dread Scroll, and
    Chrom can be made into a Dread Fighter.  I suggest doing this, so Chrom can
    learn Resistance +10 and Aggressor.  Plus, the Dread Fighter class has awesome
    battle animations.
    I don't know if you get any reward for keeping Arvis alive, as I failed to
    save him.  You still get the Dread Scroll, at least.
    Lost Bloodlines 3
    If Chrom has Res +10 equipped, he has very little to fear from the magic using
    enemies.  Even so, there are a lot of enemies to hack through, and one unlucky
    moment can ruin things.  All of the enemies will make a beeline for you, but
    because of their starting positions and movement differences, they tend to
    spread out.  Take advantage of this.  Chrom can also position himself on a
    castle for defense bonuses.
    Smash Brethren 1
    The toughest enemy to deal with is Titania.  She has Counter and can't be
    baited into attacking Chrom from 2 range.  Fortunately, the NPCs will usually
    attack Titania, and that can weaken her enough for Chrom to finish her off from
    2 range.  Ike has Aether, the BK has Luna, and Sephiran has Vengeance.  The
    enemies will, of course, target NPCs first, so you can use them as bait.
    One note about Counter is that it will not activate during a killing blow.  I
    didn't figure this out for a while, but it can be helpful.
    Smash Brethren 2
    This time, the mighty Titania is on your side, but not even she will last that
    long.  Karel is especially dangerous as he has both Luna and Astra.  Lilina and
    Ephraim have Luna, and Nergal and Lyon both have Vengeance.  Aside from that,
    things should go smoothly.  The NPCs will get utterly wiped out, but who cares
    about them?
    Smash Brethren 3
    This time around, you have to fight everyone. But since the doors open one at
    a time, you can take advantage and take on the enemies only a few at a time.
    The Scramble Chapters
    These chapters are very easy compared to most of the other DLC chapters.  The
    only thing to worry about is that with the first Scramble chapter, some of the
    enemies have Counter.  But the other two Scramble chapters shouldn't present
    any problems.
    Future Past 1
    Hoo boy.  This chapter requires quite a bit of luck, but I pulled it off.  Make
    sure that there are some Elixirs in inventory, as you will need them.  First,
    put Chrom in the lower right corner, and equip him with a 1 range weapon.  The
    Generals and Snipers will attack Chrom from 2 range, but only three enemies
    can do so at a time, since he is in the corner.  The other enemies, usually the
    Sages, will attack from one range and get massacred.  Chrom will sometimes
    activate Aether to keep healed, but you can't rely on that, which is why I said
    to bring Elixirs.  Eventually, the boss will come after Chrom, and you want to
    try to fight him from 2 range since he has Counter.  By then, most of the
    enemies should have been thinned out. All of the Generals have Vengeance, 
    which is what makes them extremely dangerous.  But if Chrom has an axe equipped
    he can usually dodge their attacks.  Focus on taking down one General at a time
    with a Hammer.  If Chrom has a 2 range weapon, he damages all Generals
    equally, making Vengeance even more dangerous.
    Once the initial enemy rush is dealt with, the remaining enemies will not move
    until you get within their range.  So, take them on one at a time.  Just be
    wary that Warriors can have both Vantage and Counter.
    SpotPass Paralogues
    This section covers the extra Paralogues that can be downloaded through Spot
    Pass.  These chapters can be accessed after beating Chapter 25.  Note that you
    can  also battle the SpotPass teams if you wish, but I won't cover them.  Just
    be careful, as some of them are extremely powerful.
    Dead King's Lament
    The Berserkers can be very damaging, so mind your step around them.  There is
    a single fort in the middle of the map.  Gangrel can be recruited, if Chrom
    speaks to him three times.  If you want to recruit Gangrel, do not equip a
    ranged weapon, or else Chrom will counter attack and kill him.  If not, just
    go for the boss and end the chapter.  Visiting the village yields a Seraph Robe
    but at this point, I doubt you will need it.
    Irreconciliable Paths
    Keep Chrom in the woods as much as possible.  There are quite a few enemies,
    but if you move around the map, you can get the enemies to separate somewhat
    so only a few of them can attack Chrom at a time.  Use the Exalted Falchion
    when you need to heal.  Make sure several throwing weapons are available, and
    the Levin Sword can help too.  Several reinforcements come a few turns into
    the battle, but no more come after that.  So, as long as only a few enemies
    can attack Chrom at once, you should be okay.
    A Hard Miracle
    This chapter is easy enough to complete, all Chrom needs to do is kill the
    boss.  But you will not be able to save Emmeryn, unless you are willing to
    cheat on this solo challenge.
    Ghost of a Blade
    None of the enemies should pose any threat to a well trained Chrom.  The NPC
    Unit will not be able to be recruited, though.
    Wellspring of Truth
    For this chapter, make Chrom a Lord (not a Great Lord, a regular Lord).  Give
    Chrom a Master Seal and some lances, and make sure he is at least Level 10.
    Make sure that Chrom does not have Aether, Luna, or Aggressor equipped. However
    he should have +10 Res and +2 All Stats, and Hit Rate +20.  Enter battle, and
    on the first turn, move Chrom all the way up and use the Master Seal.  Chrom
    will be a Great Lord, but the fake Chroms will only be regular Lords!  They
    will only have Silver Swords and no ranged weapons.  If Chrom equips a lance
    that gives him an even bigger advantage.  With a forged Spear at max Might,
    Chrom can kill Aversa in 2 hits.  It is possible to save the NPC unit unlike
    the other paralogues.
    I give credit to the Fire Emblem Wiki for informing me that the Mirage enemies
    do not copy stat changes during battle.  That is why you can promote Chrom
    during battle to give him a huge statistical advantage over the Mirages.
    Final Comments
    Now, Chrom can take his place among Ike, Hector, and Ephraim as a hero of
    legend.  For the most part, this "challenge" is very easy.  Only the final
    chapters are hard, with the enemies having forged weapons and mastery skills.
    In particular, Grima requires a lot of luck to beat with just Chrom.
    Regarding the DLC chapters, most of them are simply not designed to be beaten
    with one unit!  That's just how it is.  But, the ones I managed to beat have
    strategies written for them.
    I can be reached at:
    Also, if you are a fellow GameFAQs member, you may send me a private message.
    Please only ask questions relating to this guide.  I suggest putting "Chrom
    Solo Guide" as the subject so I don't mark it as spam.  If you have criticisms
    please be constructive, not destructive.
    Sam Giles, for offering several tips, including using Blessed weapons and a
    strategy for beating Grima.
    Azraldar, for informing me that Wolt is now the cheapest character to recruit
    from SpotPass.  (Before, I had said that Mist was.)
    Darien Hunter, for confirming that this challenge is indeed possible on Lunatic
    or Lunatic+ difficulty.
    Serenes Forest, for being an excellent Fire Emblem resource in general.
    The Fire Emblem Wiki, for explaining how the Mirage enemies work in the
    Wellspring of Truth chapter.
    The Vaike, because he is a good Teach.
    Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, for being intelligent enough to make a great
    Fire Emblem game.
    GameFAQs, for hosting my guide.
    Anyone who has taken the time to read my guide.

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