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    FAQ/Walkthrough by arvilino

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    Lunatic mode Walkthrough

    Fire Emblem 13 - Awakening

    Walkthrough Created by: Arvilino

    Creation Date: 19th Febuary, 2013

    Email: arvilino@outlook.com

    Version History

    • 1.01: 24th Febuary: Created and uploaded guide, Will continue to do Paralogues chapters, update strategies and add additional sections in later versions
    • 1.02: 6th April: Added a couple Paralogues, started making a few edits to make the chapters more clear and begun to add enemy data.
    • 1.03: 20th April: Added enemies stats for chapters prologue through to seven. Corrected Chapter 3's goal.
    • 1.04: 1st May: Added more enemy stats and made some corrections
    • 1.05: 10th April 2014: Adjusted wording for more chapters, fixed terms which referred to the japanese version of the game.


    Hello, this Walkthrough was intended to be a guide to complete Lunatic mode for Fire Emblem: Awakening, however the same strategies should be sufficient for Hard and Normal mode.

    Lunatic mode is the hardest difficulty level available from the start of the game and depending on how you play it can be one of the biggest challenges in a fire Emblem game,especially if you do not have access to Wi-Fi features. This Walkthrough is a guide through each chapter to complete it without needing these features.

    By completing Lunatic mode you unlock the even harder Lunatic+ mode

    • Renown points from previous playthroughs are carried forward,For the purpose of the guide I'll avoid the ones that aren't available.
    • The Barracks can provide items, support, temporary stat bonuses and EXP
    • DLC is repeatable and provides EXP, I won't use them to keep the guide accurate for those without readily available wireless connection for their 3DS.
    • By pairing units to S-rank you can unlock Paralogue chapters, these are a good source of EXP. Note: Some of these are far too tough to do by the time they are unlocked however theyre a good choice to do before certain chapters.
    • Conserve Gold, since you can exit the preparations screen from any chapter back to the world map any shop unlocked is always available, except in the cases where random encounters block them, apart from temporary statboosters I wouldn't recommend buy more weapons/items or forge more than what you may consider reasonable at any one time, as you may need a Forge later one that will make the difference between defeating a Boss or Enemy or not.

    Lunatic Mode Differences in Fire Emblem Awakening

    • Increased number of enemies on each map, including DLC and Spotpass Teams
    • Further Increased Enemy Stats and Weapon Quality(Steels,Silver,forged weapons earlier)
    • All enemies start with A-rank in all weapon categories
    • Regular enemies can have a number of skills randomly from their current class and eitherun-promoted options irrespective of level(e.g. a level 1 sage could have Tomefaire, Miracle and/or Magic+2)
    • Reinforcements appear at earlier turns dependant on the chapter and move as they appear(same as Hard Mode)
    New Characters

    Robin(aka MU or Avatar), [Strategist]:

    Robin is heavily recommended, the war tactics skill alone means he or she is gaining levels faster than other characters and rally Spectrum is incredibly useful. However if you want to break the game you can reclass him or her into a dark mage or Sorceror, with a Pair-Up partner and Nosferatu he or she will survive easily and level quickly due to the skill Veteran.

    Chrom, [Lord]: I highly recommend you use Chrom, you have to take him into chapters for a start and he starts off as one of your best combat units and remains that way assuming he levels up. He gets Aether at level 5 promoted and Rightful King at level 15.

    An easy chapter in which you just defeat Validar, Chrom and Robin are strong enough and Validar is just as strong as he was in Normal or Hard mode. You can beat the chapter in 2 turns if you Pair-Up Robin with Chrom, allowing Chrom to defeat Validar in one round with the Silver Sword (note you may as well use it because after this chapter you no longer have it).

    New Characters

    Frederick [Great Knight]: Frederick is invaluable early on, completing a lot of the early chapters rely on him and the greater number of enemies actually provides him more EXP than he'd get in Normal or Hard mode, meaning he'll be at a higher level than normal. He stays very good for a long time so he's worth fielding even later on.

    Lissa, [Cleric]: Your best source of healing early on which will be necessary as you start with only a few vulnearies and an Elixer. She can be used throughout the game for her staff use, however there are two units who join later with combat ontop of staff use. Lissa will likely have a higher staff rank and Magic stat in her advantage though, she's pretty frail and has low speed so she won't be a major combat unit.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Prologue isn't too difficult, just remember to keep Lissa out of the range of enemies and be aware that depending on your stat choices Robin may get ne rounded by myrmidons.

    The best way to handle the first turn is to have Frederick move 1 square left of myrmidon just north of the starting position and attack. keep Robin and Chrom in the same spot and move Lissa out of range of the barbarian. At the start of turn two the myrmidons will be dead and Robin and Chrom should be able to defeat the 2 barbarian who should have a little bit of health left, have Frederick attack the mage with his Silver Lance.

    The rest of the enemies can be dealt with easily enough as well. Make sure Frederick is healed up enough by Lissa and then position him(Pair-Upd with Chrom) so that on the enemy phase the mage, both remaining myrmidon and the barbarian on the left will attack him. Keep Robin and Lissa close by but not in the enemy range on the same turn. Next turn you should be able to kill the mage and the weakened barbarian and heal Frederick with Lissa while blocking the remaining barbarian path to Lissa. Robin The Boss, Garrick will have the Gamble Skill so be aware that he'll have a critical rate on your characters so he may OHKO anyone except Frederick. Though if you trade Robins's Bronze Sword to Frederick the Boss will have a very low hit rate against him, either way you may want to trade the Bronze Sword to Frederick before the end of the chapter because it's a bit useful on him for the next one and we can't trade outside of the battlefield yet.

    With this method you can beat the chapter in 6 turns, but a more conservative method could be used to maximise the EXP Robin recieves by pairing him or her with Frederick to take advantage of the 50% extra EXP gain while Paired up.

    enemies: 11

    Ruffianmyrmidon1269011121012Iron Sword
    Ruffianbarbarian13011095110Iron Axe
    Garrickbarbarian334140812530Short AxeGamble
    • Note: while not listed the non-boss enemies can either have a random skillfrom their set(so you may see barbarian other than Garrick with Gamble on their skill set,

    mages with Magic+2 or Focus and myrmidons with Avoid+10) or no skills

    New Characters

    For this section I'd like to mention something about the new characters for the next few chapters, you should take note that for the next few chapters we'll get quite a lot of new units, they're all low levelled and due to the difficulty of Lunatic mode I'd recommend only pick a few of these units to use indefinitely, it's best to pick both male and female units as there are more supports for between them than for the same sex characters.

    Sully [Cavalier]: She's the Red Cavalier of the usual Green and Red duo you'll see in Fire Emblem games. Sully is a faster cavalier with a focus on speed and has similar growth rates to Chrom and starts with very close to D in Lances. I'd say she's the better choice of the two cavaliers for lunatic.

    Virion[Archer]: Your second indirect unit(after Robin). Can be quite useful at points, his indirect attack means he can avoid counters which will kill him at this point. He can be quite a bit useful against fliers if you forge a Bow for him. Though as with most Archers his fewer rounds of combat means he can fall behind in Lunatic(He's more useful in Lunatic+ though) especially considering his starting stats aren't that high.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    To begin with there's a few things you may want to know about the chapter before we begin

    1.Virion and Sully appear at the start of turn 2.
    2.Be aware of the fighter wielding the Hammer, he can take most of Fredericks HP in a single attack.
    3.All the enemies in this chapter move from the start
    4.It's advisable that Frederick gets the Elixer from Virion before the end of this chapter.

    While the prologue wasn't too difficult, this takes a jump in difficulty take note of the enemy placement and the starting positions. Instead of barbarian the enemies are fighters which are slower. The easiest way to do this chapter is Frederick wielding the Bronze Sword paired with Chrom, he only needs 13 speed to double fighters.

    There are two options availble for this chapter, Pair-Up Chrom with Frederick or Pair Frederick with Robin they can can sit on a fort and handle most of the enemies, even the fighter with the Hammer will have ~20% hit on him if Frederick is paired with Chrom and has the Bronze Sword, Robin paired with Frederick on the Fort is also effective an yields a lot of EXP from Veteran.

    Everyone else should keep out of range, atleast handling the Mercenary to the south. On turn 2 when Sully and Virion appear, Sully on a forest only takes 9 damage from each hit of the Mercenary.

    The Boss can be a bit tough for you weaker units especially with his 1-2 range and the forest terrain hindering movment. However he only has 9 speed which means he can't double even Virion who has 5 speed.

    enemies: 11

    Risenfighter12913010121012Iron Axe/Hammer(1)
    RisenMercenary127120148920Iron Sword
    RisenArcher127901410621Iron Bow
    Risen Chieffighter334140812530Short AxeHP+5
    • Note: while not listed the non-boss enemies can either have a random skills from their set or none
    New Characters

    Stahl,Cavalier: Slightly worse off than Sully, he's more defense orientated with less speed and a bit more strength, he starts off rather slow. You'll notice he's Doubled by everything except barbarian in his join chapter.

    Vaike: good Pair-Up bonuses and high HP total, sort of like Stahl he starts a bit slow with 6 speed. However the Speedwings from the Renown List should make him more usable from chapter 4 onwards and at level 10 he can reclass to barbarian which is quite an upgrade for him due to the extra speed and even better Pair-Up bonuses and access to the berserkers class. However promoting to Hero is also a good option.

    Miriel,mage: Quite useful mage she's what you'd expect of a mage, nice magic offense but with low durability. Her speed is above average for which units we have right now, with a defense bonus from a Pair-Up she may survive some rounds of combat other characters may not. Would probably like to promote to sage for Staves. Though she does have dark mage or Sorceror available.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Quite a bit of a large step up from Chapter 1, even if you're used to the hardest modes on Fire Emblem if you're going to meet your first stonewall in Lunatic mode it's likely this chapter.

    While unlike chapter 1 not all the enemies charge you from the start, all the enemies that are on the same side of the river as you will, they're spread out but you don't have much space to manoeuvre and there are Mercenaries,soldiers and barbarian all with steel Swords,Lances,Axes which means you'll frequently have the WTD to at least one enemy.

    What you need to do is take care of the enemies around the mountain to the left of the starting position, Frederick can be Pair-Upd with Vaike and made to attack the Mercenary on the forest tile. Frederick must have the Elixer.

    The rest of your team focus on positioning themselves so they can retreat to the left on the 2nd turn(make use of the Pair-Up command to drop and save certain units). Frederick has to block off the enemies from reaching the rest of your group on that turn as well(done by placing him diagonal to the hill). Sully and Stahl can placed in range of the Mercenary Frederick attacked as they'll kill it on their counter everyone else is place so that they can either reach a safe space on turn 2.Miriel will come with the Iron Axe but for now there isn't much opportunity to give it to Vaike or Fred.

    On turn 2 you should move Frederick down to a position diagonal to the bottom right of the mountain area he'll probably need to use the Elixer, this forms a pseudo chokepoint so that Frederick will take the brunt of the enemies but will allow your other units to draw the odd enemy through the forest area for EXP.

    Next is the enemies across the bridge, move Frederick in range to counter a bunch of them and retreat a bit on the next turn or move on to the fort depending on whether you want Frederick to get some more EXP and support with whomever he's Pair-Upd with or to get more EXP for other units. A soldier will drop an Iron Lance which Sully may be able to use by now and the Mercenary drops a Iron Sword.

    The Boss is similar to the chapter 1 boss, wielding a Short Axe except as a barbarian he's faster and has a higher crit rate from Gamble though consequently has a lower hit rate so taking advantage of terrain and sword users can make him easier.

    • Iron Lance(Enemy soldier)
    • Iron Sword(Enemy Mercenary)

    enemies: 16

    Risenbarbarian233140710631Steel Axe
    RisenMercenary2301201513831Steel Sword,"Iron Sword"(1)
    Risensoldier2321101111941Steel Lance,"Iron Lance"(1)
    Risen Chiefbarbarian4401701013641Short AxeGamble
    New Characters

    Sumia, [pegasus knight]: She's fairly useful for her Pair-Up bonuses and her flight for a little bit, but you'll note her durability is very low which is bad when she's a mostly 1-range combat unit as her low strength and the enemies high HP makes her a bit poor with a Javelin(unless paired with someone with a high attack stat)

    Kellum, [Armoured Knight]: Useful, his base Pair-Up bonuses(3 STR/5 DEF) are rather desirable. You should note that while Armoured Knights are slow Kellum has only 1 less speed than Stahl or Vaike but with a bunch more defense and a bit more strength. Can have some use later on if he's promoted to General early and reaches level 5 for Defense Cry.

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    This is the first chapter that there is a limited amount of deployment slots, with 9 units allowed with Chrom forced you'll have to leave one unit behind, apart from Frederick or Lissa you'd be fine leaving any unit you don't plan using later behind.

    This chapter is actually a bit easier than Chapter 2 you start of between a pincer attack, however by recruiting Kellum with Chrom, then immediately have Chrom Pair-Up with Kellum, move Kellum to Frederick and trade Frederick the Javelin you can send Frederick to the LHS and he'll heavily damage all the enemies(Pair-Upd with Chrom he can ORKO the Archers). Everyone else just cleans up the remaining enemies for EXP which will make the remaining enemies easier to deal with.

    Next split your team in two and open each gate, kill the knights and then have a character who can both survive and escape(more than 5 move) on each side get in range of the enemies. Keep in mind one of the fighters has a Hammer, then when the enemy groups are lured in separate directions you can deal with them easier. Make sure you kill the fighter with the Hammer(keep an eye on him though as he's a danger to even Frederick) as it will be useful later on.

    The boss has a Short Spear and is on fort tile which will heal her and provide defense and evasion bonuses. As with most Armoured Knights you'll want a magic user(e.g.Miriel paired with someone or Robin) to handle her or you can use your recently obtained Hammer with Vaike or Frederick on her.


    FeroxiArcher3311101511742Steel Bow
    FeroxiKnight3351601049111Steel Lance
    Feroxisoldier33312012121052Steel Lance
    Feroxifighter33416011101041Steel Axe,"Hammer"(1)
    FeroxiMercenary3311301513952Steel Sword
    RaimiKnight54218013510121Short SpearIndoor fighter
    • Hammer(Enemy fighter)
    • Door Key[x2](Enemy Archers)

    Once this chapter is over you can start buying items from shops located on each location you have completed a chapter on the world map. Note that you can get defence and strength Tonics from this chapter, these provide +2 to the stat for one chapter and you'll find them pretty useful. Since you can get to the shops at any point you want you don't need any in advance but they'll be useful for certain chapters, especially if for reaching ATK or DEF thresholds to defeat or survive certain enemies. Additionally it's cheaper to use a strength Tonic than to Forge most weapons(excluding effective weapons like Hammers,Rapiers,Wind Tomes) for 2 points of damage for certain chapters.

    After the completion of Chapter 3 the Wi-fi features become available and the first Paralogue Chapter becomes available. You may find it quite a bit tougher than Chapter 4 so I reccomend doing Chapter 4 first.

    New Characters

    Lon'Qu, [myrmidon]: Joins after Chapter 4, this guy is quite useful for some strategies, his high speed, C-rank swords makes using him with the Killing Edge he starts with pretty useful. He has low durability but he has the +10 evade skill which means he can reliably be used to evade enemies with Axes or low hit Dark Magic. His pair up bonuses are pretty great even without a support rank.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    You only have a few deployment slots for this chapter but it isn't a problem. Be sure to bring Frederick since he's still vital and Lissa because you'll need her healing, either bring Vaike or give Frederick the Hammer for the Armoured Knights.

    The Chapter itself can be completed very methodically, make sure you go through it quickly enough. Frederick Pair-Upd so he has atleast 15 speed(Chrom is your best bet) with the Javelin should move in range of the mage to the right and attack the fighter with the Javelin. Someone weaker should be in range of the fighter but not the mage to draw it's attack and potentially defeat him.

    A set of two enemies will start moving each turn. With Marth moving last, using a combination of your units(Frederick with the Javelin for the mages) you'll seek to defeat them as they approach.

    Marth is the most dangerous boss we've faced so far. His might is very high at 29 and he is very fast at 16 speed so a character needs atleast 12 speed not to be double. He's best handled with a Lance user as the WTA will reduce his damage by 4 points, note when his HP is low(it appears to be below 50%) he can use his Falchion to heal 20 HP.

    New Characters

    Donnel, [Villager]: Donnel has a unique class, excluding HP Villager has base stats of 1 across the board, has a level cap of 30 and doesn't promote to anything(though through reclassing he can promote). On Lunatic you'll notice how that affects him. In short he starts really weak and is incredibly tough to level up. His skill Good Growth provides an extra 20% added on top of his original growths. If he is able to get enough levels and reclasses you'll note he'll get incredibly strong really quickly.

    In order to keep Donnel you must get him to level up atleast once in S01.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    The Goal of this chapter is to defeat the enemies but also get Donnel to level 2 if you want to keep him, which for completion sake I'd reccommend .Excluding Donnel and Chrom you're allowed to field 7 units. I'd suggest bring Both Frederick and Kellam.

    Also note treasure chests first appear during this chapter. They contain the Rescue Staff which will be incredibly useful, a Killer Lance that's currently quite useful as well. This chapter marks where thieves start to appear, they will be after the treasure chests as well, t hey also offer a lot of EXP(~50, 75 for paired Robin) for unpromoted units of similar level.

    There's two ways we can get Donnel to Level 2 in this chapter, either Pair-Up him with someone who offers a high strength boost and have him finish off enemies or have Frederick drop Donnel off right next to the Archer near the treasure chest, blocking Archer into one space which he can't move out of and allow Donnel to whittle away the Archers HP(move Frederick out of the way to avoid dual attacks).

    give Lon'Qu a strength Tonic(optionally a defense Tonic as well as the barbarian can OHKO if they hit

    At the start of the chapter have Frederick paired with MU attack the barbarian at the bottom left of the starting area with a Sword, have Lon'Qu Pair Up with Chrom and equipped with the Killing Edge place them with Lon'qu as the main unit on a Woods tile 2 tiles up and 2 tiles left of chroms starting position with a unit(Lissa) just south of Lon'Qu(this gives him an extra 10 avoid and Lissa can heal him next turn if the Archer hits him),have everyone else move south out of range of the enemies attacks. Lon'Qu should be able to defeat 2 barbarian(they have a very low chance of hitting) and get attacked by an Archer who may hit. The next turn next turn defeat the Thief(Lance users and Virion are preferable due to the thief's high speed/avoid)and Archer(Lon'Qu with Killing Edge works again).

    Rest of the chapter is pretty simple, you have to be quick with Frederick(Pair Kellum with him) to defeat the thief who's after the Killer Lance (the best opportunity is the turn it's opened the chest and moved away). Afterwards you can set Donny up to kill the Archer I mentioned and then have Frederick tank the enemies towards the boss room and have your other units kill them for EXP.

    The boss is a bit tougher than previous ones, however he does not move so he's no threat as long as you don't put someone he can kill in range of him.

    • Rescue Stave
    • Killer Lance
    • Chest Key x2(one on the south westernmost thief and another on the Archer by the treasure)


    RuffianArcher3311101511742Steel Bow
    Ruffianbarbarian437160811641Steel Axe,Short Axe,Hammer(1)
    RuffianThief428901519721Steel Sword
    Roddickbarbarian74319011151051Silver Axe,Short AxeGamble
    • Note: Enemy Thieves can have the Underdog skill(Hit/Avoid+15 if your characters level is higher than theres) normally accessible to the Villager class.
    New Characters

    Ricken, [mage]: Ricken can be useful, while he's got more HP/DEF and Miriel he's quite slow that he's getting hit twice by most enemies, the only enemies he survives against are the dark mages which Miriel does the same. His Base Magic stat is good(8+2) and hitting against Res is useful.

    Maribelle, [Troubadour]: Can be a bit useful, she'll be behind Lissa but staff users are quite useful even at a low level, just make sure she's not getting involved in combat since she'll likely never survive it.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Probably first thing you'll notice when you start this chapter is Ricken and Maribelle's position, both start in spots where they are killed by enemies and can't reach your team safetly by themselves. So the goal here is saving them before enemies can reach them

    There are two strategies to solve this. I'd recommend going with the first one as the 2nd uses a currently rare resource from the Paralogue.

    1)Field Frederick and Sumia, Frederick moves forward and kills the myrmidon freeing open the path for Maribelle to reach him to Pair-Up. Sumia moves to a safe spot at the cliff(just before the sparkle) and Ricken moves to Pair-Up with her.

    2)Rescue Staff, if you do S1 first you should have the Rescue staff you can have Ricken Pair-Up with Maribelle, have Maribelle move as far south as possible and have Lissa Rescue the pair.

    On the same turn you'll want to move Lon'Qu(equipped with the Killing Edge) w/ Chrom into the forest tile in range of the Axe users, he should be fast enough to Pair-Up the barbarian/fighters and a criticalical will allow him to kill the barbarian and his evasion should be high enough for him to avoid both barbarian and the dark mage, the myrmidon will probably hit but it won't be fatal.

    Placing Virion or any unit behind Frederick you can take Maribelle off his hands in order to Pair-Up another unit with him(though the Troubadour boosts aren't bad so it's not necessary but you want Frederick with atleast 16 speed to Double the Wyvern Knights), but it will also make the dark mage attack Virion instead of Frederick allowing Frederick to go on the fort and kill the dark mage Next turn. From this Position Frederick should draw most of the enemies from the map protecting your regular units. Once there are just the mage and myrmidons remaining Frederick should OHKO the mage with a Silver Lance.

    On Turn 3, 2 barbarian will appear from the Fort West of your starting position and the Fort North of that. They can be blocked with a Unit on the Fort(though the northernmost barbarian drops a Hand Axe), Lon'Qu on the South Westernmost one should easily avoid the attack from the Northern one.

    Turn 4 wyvern riders come from the Top Left forts and turn 5 a myrmidon appears from the same fort the Hand Axe barbarian comes from. Position Frederick so that he's out of range of the Wyver Riders already on the map(getting in range of one triggers all of them including the Boss to start moving) and Position units so that you can defeat the Wyvern Riders in one turn and survive the myrmidon reinforcement.

    Finally we want to deal with the remaining enemies, the foot units don't move so save them until last. Position units so that characters who can survive the Wyvernknights take a hit and the rest of your force is around to defeat them on the player phase.

    The last 3 enemies shouldn't be a problem at this point as there are no more reinforcements. have Frederick defeat draw them out to be defeated by your other units.

    • Turn 3: 2 barbarian, 1 Fort west of starting postion, 1 from the fort north of the previous(Short Axe, Drops Hand Axe) One myrmidon on Northern Fort with a Sparkle on it.
    • Turn 4: 2 Wyvern Riders, Top Left Forts.
    • Turn 5: myrmidon from the same fort the Short Axe barbarian on turn 2 came from..


    PlegianWyvern Rider534160121110101Steel Axe
    Plegiandark mage5341967656Nosferatu
    Plegianbarbarian53416011101041Steel Axe,Short Axe"Hand Axe"(1)
    Plegianmyrmidon53112116171244Steel Sword
    OrtonWyvern Rider541180131211131Tomahawk,"Bullion"Tantivity
    • Hand Axe(enemy barbarian, reinforcement)
    • Gold Bullion[5,000g](Boss)

    After this we have 2 choices again, we unlock Paralogue S2 and Chapter 6. Chapter 6 is easier but you can do either in which order you prefer and infact Chapter 7 is even easier than Chapter 6. In addition S2 doesn't get the player much for than EXP, a Goddess Icon(+2 Luck) and a Physic Staff so it's really personal preference which order you do them, though I recommend S2 after Chapter 7.

    New Characters

    Gaius, [Thief]: has pretty good use for the lock pick skill but comparatively due to his starting D rank in swords you'll find he's not as useful fielding as Lon'Qu, and we can get another character with Lockpick a bit later.

    Panne, [Taguel]: Has some decent combat due to the bonuses from the Beast Stone(high Strength and Speed and good HP) and extremely good growth rates the Taguel class also provides very nice Pair-Up bonuses, due to it increasing speed and strength. Only set back is the 1-range of the Beast Stone and how late the Ultra Beast Stone comes. I really reccommend using her and try get her to level 10 before the end of chapter 8 reclass her to wyvern rider and she'll zoom past your other units stats-wise, the later chapters are easier using her this way.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    While this is a route chapter it plays a lot more like the defence chapters you see in some of the previous Fire Emblem games. Emm needs to be protected and you also have Marth as an ally(same stats as chapter 4) to help you, note enemies target NPC's above anything else so Marth can draw some attacks for you.

    You're attacked on three fronts and it's important you defend all of them. Frederick with healing from Lissa or Maribelle can hold the centre chokepoint. The Left has fighters, dark mages and 2 Cavaliers. Fast sword users and Magic users can handle this side. If Robin is fast enough to double attack the fighters and dark mages pair him/her up with someone and attack the fighter near gaius from across the wall, Robin is best just attacking from there(especially when the Cavaliers come).

    The Right will face fighters, one Thief, a dark mage and 2 Cavaliers. Soiree Pair-Upd with Kellum and wielding the Killer Lance can be pretty useful but note you may want to retreat the units over this side away if you don't kill enough quickly enough. enemies will prioritise Marth who can one round pretty much all of them and can heal for 20 HP with the Parallel Falchion.

    You should recruit Gaius on turn 2 with Chrom, having Chrom Pair-Up with Gaius right after recruiting him to keep them both out of range. Gaius can be used to open the chest in Emerlina's room for a Skill Book(+2) skill, best used on Chrom for a little later.

    Validar you should keep an eye on, he'll start to move about 5 turns and be aware he has the Vengeance skill, 2*skill chance to deal additional damage equal to half the difference of the his Max and current HP. Best way to tackle him is to have him engage comba t on the enemy phase with a unit fast enough to Double him(17 speed) with a ranged weapon(such as Frederick with the Hand Axe we got last chapter) and then finish him in one attack(Silver Lance or Killer Lance) on the next player phase.

    You should end up beating the chapter in 6-7 turns.

    • Skill Book(treasure chest in Emelina's Room)
    • Wind Tome(enemy dark mage)
    • Heal Staff(Validar)


    UnknownCavalier63413011111072Steel Lance
    Unknowndark mage6341977656Nosferatu,Elwind, "Wind"(1)
    GaiusThief522701315652"Iron Sword"
    Unknownfighter6371601391151Steel Axe,Silver Axe(2)
    UnknownThief53112016191241Steel Sword
    ValidarSorceror143317131281014Arcfire,"Heal"Anathema, Vengeance
    • Note: Gauis starts as an enemy, recruit him by talking to him with Chrom
    New Characters

    Cordelia, [pegasus knight]: Unlike Sumia, Cordelia starts off good enough to survive combat and fight decently enough and has C-rank Lances. I'd recommend making her a falcon knight for the rally Speed Skill at level 5 promoted, ontop of flying utility, healing and Pair-Up bonuses because later on combat is a bit too tough for her due to warriors and Assassins carrying Forged Silver Bows and Magic users with Rexcalibur tomes.

    Cordelia joins on turn 3 of chapter 7

    Objective: Route Enemy

    The key to completing this chapter is to complete in in as few turns as possible. If you take too long there's 3 Wyvern Riders appearing as reinforcements at your starting position on Turn 5 which will prove incredibly difficult to survive if anyone is in range.

    However this isn't too big an issue as if you look at the enemies, unlike the past few chapters there are no magic users and there are no lance users, Frederick(with a Defense Tonic) and Pair-Upd with someone with defense and/or speed boosts should be able to rush the enemy and survive quite easily (But do note there's one Hammer fighter amongst the enemies) if he's using a sword. Everyone else can focus on picking off the rest of the enemies, especially the thieves as they are worth ~50 EXP for your unpromoted units and less for Frederick especially if he's quite high levelled..

    Cordelia automatically joins on turn 3 as a player unit. She won't get too much to do though as by then you've cleared out most of the enemies.

    You're looking at beating the chapter in 3-4 turns, as you really don't want the Wyvernknight knights reinforcements to show up. Don't try doing it in 2 turns if it's possible because you may miss out on recruiting Cordelia.

    • Steel Sword(enemy Thief)
    • Steel Bow(enemy Archer)
    • Steel Axe(Boss)
    • Gold Bullion[5,000g](enemy thief)


    PlegianWyvern Rider936170121110101Steel Axe
    PlegianArcher7341301712852Silver Bow, "Steel Bow"(1)
    Plegianbarbarian739170913751Steel Axe,Short Axe, Hammer(1)
    PlegianThief7311101620841Silver Sword,"Steel Sword"(1),"Bullion"(1)
    VastoWyvern Rider1248210171413152Silver Axe, "Steel Axe"Tantivity

    Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller (S02)

    Objective: Route Enemy

    A route chapter, note the NPC Anna doesn't have to survive this chapter and there's no penalty for her dying here. She only stops the enemy barbarian from closing off the lone village. This Village has a Physic Staff, which can be pretty handy so you'll want to get it.

    Frederick your best bet for reaching the Town. This can be done by having him rush the enemies near the Bridge or by using Cordelia or Sumia to bypass the enemies to get to the Town Quicker.

    Some of the barbarian that start near the boss will ignore your units and head straight to the village, but all the enemies on the LHS will go for your units. It's key to try and defeat as many as possible before the Archers and mage Encroach on the starting forest.

    Lon'Qu Pair-Upd with Panne is very good for evading the barbarian.

    Note when the Town is sacked or visited by a character the Boss and the units around him will start moving towards your units to attack they are mostly Axe units with low hit Axes(the Boss has a lower hit rate with the Tomahawk than surrounding enemies) so apart from the Archer a Sword user with very high speed can see 0-10 hit rates from the Axe users by standing on a Forest.

    • Physic Staff(Village)
    • Goddess Icon(Boss)
    New Characters

    Gregor,[Mercenary]: Pretty good stats all round. Not the fastest unit in his base class but can be really useful, Late Iniative is a nice skill early on against enemies with low hit(Dark magic) and Axe Users if Gregor's wielding a sword. Notably a Male unit who can support Lon'Qu which is pretty good for the Pair-Up bonuses speed-wise. Can reclass to myrmidon if you want Late Iniative and Evade+10, however levelling him up and promoting to Hero for Sol makes him extremely good as well(Once he reaches D-rank Axes for Hand Axes). Armsthrift is a really good skill as well, he's a nice choice for the Goddess Icons and it lets him use Strong Swords for longer.

    Nowi,[Mamkute]: Works quite similar to an Armoured Knight with a bit higher move and a lot of Resistance, her Dragon Stone has 1-2 range as well. Her starting HP is a bit low so you may want to watch out for that and her speed is very low, she has a low starting level so if you can get her level up she can actually be a pretty dominating Tank, her lower starting level also means she gains EXP pretty quickly. If you have Tiki available in the Bonus box teams you can get Nowi a Dragonstone+ early on in the game making her even more useful.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Gregor and Nowi start in the middle of the map. Best bet to safe them is to Pair-Up Frederick with Cordelia and get them to the middle to take care of the cavaliers and optionally other enemies or Cordelia lure some of the others away and have the rest of your force deal with some of the units.

    Everyone else spreads out where necessary. Note that the enemies don't take much of a leap in difficulty here from chapter 6but the Cavaliers who have 13 speed now. in desert maps non-magic(and horse riding magic users) suffer movement Penalties.

    The enemy group near the Boss don't move(and the Boss will never move at all) unless a unit is in range of several of them. Frederick with a character providing Res Bonuses(Coincidentally Cordelia is your best bet) wielding a Lance put in range of the dark mages and the Killer Edge myrmidon is a sure fire way.

    Note the Boss has a Forged Nosferatu Tome so be aware that he'll heal 50% of the damage he deals when fighting him, so try to deal a lot of damage to him in single rounds of combat, else he may just heal up the damage.

    • Master Seal(bottom left village)
    • Second Seal (bottom right village)
    • Rescue Stave(Top Right Village)
    • Energy Drop(Boss)
    • Killer Edge(myrmidon)


    Unknowndark mage83611199766Arcfire,Arcthunder,Nosferatu
    UnknownCavalier83615013131182Silver Lance, Steel Lance
    Unknownfighter83917014111261Silver Axe, Steel Axe
    Unknownmyrmidon83313018191354Steel Sword, "Killing Edge"(1)
    Chalarddark mage1243121411128813Nosferatu[F], "Energy Drop"Hex
    • Note: [F]represents a forged enemy item, they have 4 more Mt and 10 more hit.

    Note; since we've got the first guaranteed Master Seals and Second Seals in the game you should note that in Lunatic it can be best to promote a unit when it's necessary rather than at level 20. It's your choice now since we can buy them from chapter 12 but I recommend promoting Robin so He or She can reach level 15 for rally Spectrum sooner.

    The Second Seal can be used however you want,it also resets the level back to 1 so there's 9 more levels before the unit can promote. As recommended earlier if she's atleast level 10 at this point or as soon as she reaches it I reclass Panne. A wyvern rider Reclass has her with more attack with a Bronze Axe than Beast Stone and isn't far off from D-Axes for Iron Axe, Hammers and Hand Axe and she gets easier to level and gets very strong very quickly(Pairing her with Lon'Qu is good as well), this is better done sooner than later before E-ranks become a bit weak for the enemies.

    Paralogue 3: A Strangled Peace

    Objective: Route Enemy

    This a route chapter but you also have 3 Villagers who run on a set course to protect. it's not mandatory to save them but you're rewarded at the end for the number alive you'll recieve up to three items(Angelic Robe, Log and then Ladle) for each one that survives you get the Angelic Robe as long as one of them survives and the Log and Ladle are 1 mt joke weapons so don't worry about keeping all 3 of them alive, just focus on making sure atleast one survives.

    The Villagers themselves are fast enough and have enough HP to survive 1 round of combat with all enemies except pegasus knights or Mercenaries. They will attempt to travel to the southwest portion of the map heedless of enemies so you'll have to act quickly.

    There's a lot of enemies around your starting area so that needs to be taken into account as well. The pegasus knights near the left side of the map can be OHKO'd by Virion even with Base Strength with a Steel Bow(or an Iron Bow Forged for 9 might) so if he's reached C-rank Bows or you don't mind paying to forge an Iron Bow you could bring him.

    A possible strategy is once the top half of the map is clear just have Lissa Rescue one of the Villagers once or twice if you want to clear the map slowly. Otherwise how you go about it is dependant on your units and their stats.

    By keeping 3 of the villagers alive you get items. However you'll only need to keep any one of the villagers alive for the most valuable(Angelic Robe) the other 2 get you a 1 might Lance(Log) and a 1 might Axe(Ladle) which aren't too useful in this mode.

    • Demon Slaying Bow(Village)
    • Elixer(Boss)
    • Angelic Robe(1+ villagers alive at end)
      • Log(2+ Villagers alive at end)
      • Ladle(All three villagers alive at end)


    RisenArcher8351301712862Silver Bow, Steel Bow
    RisenKnight83918011610131Silver Lance, Steel Lance,Short Lance
    Risenpegasus knight63692161715310Silver Lance
    Risenfighter83917014111261Silver Axe,Steel Axe
    RisenMercenary63415019171072Silver Sword
    Risen Chiefsoldier1243121411128813Silver Lance[F], "Elixer"Underdog
    New Characters

    Libra, [Battle Monk]: A great unit, his base stats are very much up to par and is both your third Axe user(After Frederick and Vaike) and third healer. He's incredibly useful at this point and will stay good throughout however as enemies get faster and with more defense he'll fall back mostly on his healing role. However he could be reclassed at level 10 to Sorceror(For Nosferatu) or sage(For more Magic) depending on your situation.

    Tharja, [dark mage]: Rather useful, she's set to promote pretty easily and has access to Nosferatu which can be absurdly powerful provided she's fast enough to double enemies. Curse and Anathema are skills that will still be active through Pair-Up so she's useful to partner with a physical unit especially since dark mages provide defense bonuses.She has low Skill and Luck so her hit can be a bit bad if she's not adjacent to enemies and enemies have a chance of getting a criticalical on her, which sort of makes even Nosferatu still a bit of a risky option until she has a high support.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    The map is still mostly desert terrain,

    On turn 5 enemy phase several wyvern riders appear near the starting area and all the units around and including Tharja start to approach you in an attempt to sandwich you between two sides, if you leave Lon'Qu(w/ speed,def,luck Tonics and a Concoction in his inventory wielding Killing Edge) Pair-Upd with another speed providing unit (for example Gregor) at the top of the map he can keep the wyvern riders at the top while evading them quite reliably and being able to ORKO them with a critical. Gregor can be even more effective if he was reclassed to myrmidon(and gains a lot of EXP as reclass halfs his effective level when it comes to EXP).

    You can avoid the sandwich if you have Frederick with a ranged weapon on the Fort with sparkles by turn 4 to aggro Tharja's group earlier and defeating the higher desert movement units like mages and wyvern riders before you can get sandwiched.

    have Lissa(with magic Tonic and Pair-Upd with a Magic providing character) use the Rescue staff on Libra, as Libra will move to Chrom and be recuited on the ally phase if Chrom is within range of him.

    Chrom has to talk to Tharja to recruit her. Just note if you're luring her that her Elthunder Tome and Anathema will likely lead to her having a criticalical rate on a unit, though her skill is pretty low so her base criticalical isn't high and her hit isn't too high even with Anathema.

    Turn 5 a soldier and mage also appear from the forts near the boss and move along with Tharja's group.

    The Boss is easy just note he has the Pavise skill. Skill% for him to take half damage from Sword/Axe/Lance, he doesn't move either so as long as you don't put anyone wholl die to him in range you can beat him however you wish.

    • Turn 5: 6 wyvern riders, top left hand side of the map
    • Turn 5: 1 soldier and 1 mage from the Forts near the boss.


    Pleigandark mage93711199767Nosferatu
    Pleigansoldier113914014141283Silver Lance, Steel Lance,Short Spear, "Javelin"(1)
    PlegianWyvern Rider1138170131211121Steel Axe,Short Axe, Silver Axe
    PlegianArcher9361301812862Silver Bow, "Killer Bow"(2)
    CampariGeneral16127121918236Spear, "Dracoshield"Indoor fighter,Pavise
    Tharjadark mage10264125133107Elthunder,NosferatuHex, Anathema
    • Note Tharja is recruitable by talking to her with Chrom
    • Killer Bow(Archer)
    • Javelin(soldier)
    • Dracoshield(Campari)
    New Characters

    Anna, [Trickster]: Really useful like Libra, Anna's speed is very high and at level 5 learns Lucky 7 which increases her evade by 20 for the first 7 turns of a chapter. Her Magic is pretty high too making her your best user of the Levin Swords and a pretty good staff user, she has extremely high luck which means enemies will rarely criticalical her if at all. She also has picklock and Move+1 which gives her even more use. You could re-class her to sage at level 10 but I'd reccommend waiting until level 15 atleast for Acrobat. One thing to ntoe is she doesn't have many support options.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    1st turn ignore the enemies at the furthest left and right and focus on clearing the 3 enemies in the stone building and the myrmidon blocking the path. All the enemies in range of Anna will attack her unless one of your units in range of them will be OHKO'd.

    2nd turn Rescue Anna and speak to her with Chrom

    Note the thief will take the Arms Scroll , due to the strength of the enemies and the path it takes it's very difficult to catch the thief as it will leave the map the turn after it gets the manual. You could come to this chapter later when it's easier to get the Scroll but personally I'd rather have Anna earlier than later.

    By getting into range of the enemies surrounding the boss will cause it to move. Note due to positioning the turn after this is your only real opportunity to open the chest with the Mend Staff if you think it's worth it.

    • Killer Edge(Chest)
    • Arms Scroll(Chest)
    • Mend Staff(Chest)
    • Talisman(Boss)

    Chapter 10: Renewal

    Objective: Defeat Boss

    This chapter is actually a kill boss chapter. If you wanted you could probably have a unit able to kill the boss to rush there to finish it.

    There are many Thieves with items that you'll probably want as well so take that into account in how fast you proceed. Though don't be too worried if many of them get away, just go for the items you want.

    Be wary of the Wyvern Knights and reinforcements the layout of the map with the ramps and raised cliffs/ledges can make some Wyvern knights difficult to deal with since they can be out of range of your 1 range units.

    • Turn 5: 2 Wyvern knights appear from the Left most forts
    • Turn 6: 2 Wyvern Knights eastmost forts
    • Turn 7: 2 Wyvern Knights, soldier north, 2 Wyvern Knights west

    enemies: 27

    RuffianThief5291001517731Silver Sword,"Master Seal,"Seraph Robe","Wyrmslayer","Bullion[5000G]"Locktouch
    Pleiganbarbarian1142190914751Silver Axe,Short Axe
    Pleigansoldier134115015151393Silver Lance,Short Spear,
    PlegianWyvern Rider1340190131212141Short Axe, Silver Axe
    Mustafaberserkers15024+5015158114Tomahawk, "Beastone"Gamble,Axefaire
    • Wyrmslayer(Theif)
    • Master Seal(Thief)
    • Angelic Robe(Thief)
    • Gold Bullion[5000 G](Thief)
    • Dragonstone(Boss)

    Chapter 11: mad King Gangrel

    Objective: Route Enemy

    New Characters

    Olivia, [Dancer]: Extremely useful for the dance command, allows you to complete some tough defeat Boss chapters with fewer issues, her stats are too low for her to have combat but you'll find dance is always the best option for her to use. So much so I would not recommend reclassing her from Dancer for the extent of the main game.

    Note this is a route chapter so defeating Gangrel won't end the chapter.

    From this point on you'll see promoted units. Excluding Gangrel there are 3 this chapter. 2 Heroes (one from the north west fort) and a sage, they're a giant step up from the unpromoted enemies who aren't that much stronger than usual at this point.

    What you'll want to do is kill the thief the turn it gets the Gold Bullion, or alteratively bring Anna or Gaius to open the chest. So Send Frederick paired with whomever(I picked Chrom) and have Olivia dance for them(Pair-Upd with a flyer for more range).

    By pairing Libra with Cordelia having a Staff user use Ward Staff(on Libra) and the Rescue Staff you can have Cordelia fly down the forts near the mages and swap to Libra who should be able to handle the mages and sages with a Hand Axe.

    Everyone else will focus on the Right hand side as you'll want to plug up the 2 forts south east of the starting position. Libra with a Hand Axe paired with Anna does a good job at this as he can survive the sage and mages attack and should kill the mage. Then should be healed up(physic from Lissa if necessary) and move to the fort and drop Anna on the other and move characters to Pair-Up with them as necessary)

    From turn 3 reinforcements start appearing. So keep some strong units on a couple of the forts(Libra on one of the right ones) and some on the higher middle one and the far left and the north of the map Until they stop(turn 8?) Apart from the mages(which Anna and Libra Block off) and the Hero everyone should be safe, just note the fort nearest the blocked off one spawns Silver Axe wyvern riders in range of the Fort Libra is on.

    If you go in range of the enemies near Gangrel he'll start moving along with the enemies as well, use the enemy ranges to take out enemies on the enemy phase without aggroing Gangrel.

    Gangrel has very high evade(especially before turn 8 due to Lucky 7) so you'll need either a Lance user or Wind Magic to reliably hit him and a unit with atleast 25 speed or a lot of HP/RES(Libra though his hit will be shaky due to weapon triangle disadvantage) to survive him. Once all the enemies with him are dealt with if you can get Tharja to stand next to him the turn you intend to defeat him as Curse and Anathema will reduce his evade by 25 making him a lot easier to hit.


    Pleigansage146123222120917Arcfire,"Spirit Dust"
    PleiganMercenary144218021181383Silver Sword,Armourslayer,"Armorslayer"
    Pleiganfighter144621017131572Silver Axe
    PleiganHero154241272521139Silver Sword,"Master Seal",Silver Axe,"Speed Wing"
    PlegianWyvern Rider1443210141313141Short Axe, Silver Axe
    PlegianArcher9361301812862Silver Bow, "Killer Bow"(2)
    RuffianThief7321101719841Silver SwordLocktouch
    GangrelTrickster54920152929221116Levin Sword[F],"Levin Sword" "Dragonstone"Locktouch,Lucky Seven, Acrobat
    • Dragonstone(Gangrel)
    • Levin Sword(Gangrel)
    • Armourslayer(Enemy Mercenary)
    • Gold Bullion[5000g](Westmost) Chest)
    • Goddess Icon(Eastern Chest)
    • Speedwing(Reinforcement Hero
    • Master Seal(Enemy Hero)
    • Spirit Dust(Enemy sage)
    • Turn 3: fighterx2 left forts, fighter Middle fort mage x2(Right forts)
    • turn 4: Hero, fighter, Mercenary top left forts.
    • turn 5: 2 Wyvernriders, Forts near Gangrel
    • Turn 6: 1 fighter(Middle), 2 mages(right forts)
    • Turn 7: mage, Merc, fighter(Northwest forts), 2 Wyvern Riders(bottom forts)
    • Turn 8: 1 fighter(Middle), 2 mages(Right forts)