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    FAQ/Walkthrough by arvilino

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    Chapter 12: The Seacomers

    Objective: Route Enemy

    New Characters

    Cherche, [wyvern rider]: She's usable from the get-go, providing pretty useful Pair-Up bonuses and her ability to use Hammers is useful in her join chapter which has several armoured knights, Just keep note that her speed may let her down later use unless you're lucky with level ups. Her alternative classes are troubador and Cleric. I'd recommend she remains in her normal class.

    We see a few more Promoted enemies here than last time and Armour Knights and Cavaliers appear again, who are a bit more threatening than the previous chapter enemies, the Paladins even have their weapons forged up by 4 might.

    You'll note there's a lot of mounted units this chapter. So You'll have to be careful about positioning due to the sheer range of movement most enemies have here and use a good combination of aggressive and defensive play to defeat the enemies before you're overwhelmed and block off the right locations.

    Most of the unpromoted enemies have low res so note the Levin Sword will be useful this chapter if you've got Anna as even after WTD she ORKO's Lance Cavaliers and Armoured Knights with it. So I recommend that you have her use it, additionally the Armourslayer from chapter 11 and the Beast Killer from this chapter(from the Knight slightly north of the starting position) will also come in handy.

    A good strategy is to take care of the closest Paladins and their group ASAP. Also note the Armoured Knight who drops the Beast Slayer Lance,

    Turn 1 some armoured knights approach along with the 2 Paladin groups closest to you, try to defeat the 2 armoured knights and block the 2 squares just below them with units that may survive the cavaliers and paladins. If Possible(a character may need ~50 HP and 25 defense) have an unmounted in range of the 4 cavaliers and Beast Killer Paladin to the left hopefully able to defeat them. have Libra or another Axe User with a hammer in range of the furthest right Armoured Knight with a Hammer.

    Turn 2 enemy phase The group of enemies with the ranger on the left approach. You should clear the Cavaliers/Paladin near the bottom by now and the enemies should be converging around the two units blocking the 2 square gaps. using ranged weapons(with a supporting unit with a more powerful ones) would be helpful for the enemy phase.

    Turn 3 enemy phase the group of enemies with the ranger on the right approach, along with two Knights near the planks leading to the left side of boat.

    turn 5 enemy phase all enemies on boat(including boss charge), it's important that you have the previous enemies dealt with (though it's ok if not all the Armoured Knights are defeated) as you have to deal with 3 Promoted units and the very tough Boss. If you play defensively(e.g. A unit with a lot of HP and ~25 def when Pair-Upd you can partially block of the enemies on the left enemies by placing a unit between the small near the two block gap north of the starting position(with the boxes).

    The Boss is tougher with a bit more HP/SPD/DEF/RES than other paladins and guaranteed Outdoor fighter(+10 Hit/Avoid outdoors) and Aegis(SKill% chance to half damage taken from magic and bows), Howeverdue to his unforged spear, he only has 37 ATK versus the 42's and 43's the other Paladins have.


    ValmeseCavalier1544190161615113Silver Lance, Silver Sword,Beast Killer[F],Short Spear
    ValmesePaladin1572412222222014Silver Sword[F],Beast Killer[F],Short Spear,"master seal"
    ValmeseBow Knight143190252417136Silver Sword,Silver Bow, "Elixer", "Second Seal"
    ValmeseKnight15462101371217(+2)2Silver Lance,Short Spear,Beast Killer[F],"Beast Killer"
    DaltonPaladin5592712423242315Spear, "Bullion[10,000G]"Outdoor fighter, Aegis
    • Beast Slayer Lance(Armoured Knight)
    • Master Seal(Enemy Paladin)
    • Second Seal(Enemy Ranger)
    • Gold Bullion[10,000g](Boss)
    • Silver Lance(Enemy Paladin on Boat)
    • Silver Sword(Enemy Paladin on RHS of Boat)
    • Elixer(Enemy Paladin)
    New Characters

    Henry, [dark mage]: Decent offensive and defensive stats, and Curse and Anathema are good for support. But his speed is pretty low; outside of Pair-Up bonuses its unlikely hell be doubling many enemies and will be doubled by most enemies alone. He makes really good use of the Ruin Tome he starts with because his skill is very high giving him a good hit rate and criticalical, for a few chapters where enemies are still unpromoted with low resistance he has a good chance to defeat them in a single criticalical hit with Ruin.

    Lucina, [Lord]: Lucina's base stats are dependant on Chroms and her mothers and one of her skills is inherited from her mother, the others will be Aether,Dual Attack+ and Charisma. Because of these factors Lucina can range from usable to possibly not too good for this point in the game. On the up side her unique weapon can be used to heal 20 HP like a Concoction. It might be an idea to give all your stat boosters you intend Chrom to have before Lucina arrives.

    She's probably at her best if her mother is female Robin and inheriting War Tactics so she can level faster otherwise Sully who is the easiest possible mother to level up before chapter 13 . Other Candidates have growths acting against Lucina's Class(Maribelle) is only around for 2 chapters and starts at a low level(Olivia) or is a bit too frail(Sumia), though Sumia could potentially provide a nice speed stat if trained due to her growths(and speed+2 skill).

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    A defeat boss chapter, actually 1 turn completion isn't too tough, pretty easy if you've got the 2 Rescue Staffs that have appeared up to this point. But I've found doing that in long the run 1 turn clears may lead to you being underleveled.

    The strategy to win in 1 turn basically involves using Olivia and your staff users with rescue to get a unit(Pair-Up) to ORKO(one round KO) the Boss.

    Otherwise be wary of the Archers and Snipers with Longbows as they attack from 2-3 range and Be aware of the Promoted enemies forged Silver weapons, they have an additional 4 might and 10 hit. Hang around the starting area covering the 3 forts and defeating enemies as they approach. Be aware of the

    Note the Boss and the warrior enemy can have the Counter Skill. If attacked at one range they unit that attacked them will take the same amount of damage back right immediately afterwards then they still have their regular attack, so be really wary of warriors as they may have this skill. There are 3 ways to avoid it, attacks from 2-range, an attack that kills the warrior at 1 range and Dual attacks avoid it's activation. .

    enemies:25(not including reinforcements)

    Risenfighter164923017131682Short Axe,Silver Axe
    Risenwarrior261300231823158Silver Axe[F],"Silver Axe"
    RisenSniper2562213023171810Silver Bow[F], "Silver Bow",Longbow[F](Reinforcement only)
    RisenArcher164417022151194Silver Bow,Longbow[F]."Longbow"
    Risenmyrmidon164117123241875Silver Sword
    Risen Chiefwarrior661300231823158Tomahawk,"Secret Book"Zeal, Counter
    • Silver Axe(warrior)
    • Silver Bow(Sniper)
    • Longbow(Archer)
    • Secret Book(Boss)
    • Turn 4:fighter(Silver Axe) fort northwest of starting position, myrmidon(Silver Sword) fort Northeast of starting position
    • Turn 5: 2 Snipers(Longbow) both forts northwest/east of starting position.
    • Turn 6: fighter(Silver Axe)(Right Fort), myrmidon(Silver Sword)(Left Fort)
    • Turn 7: 2 fighters northernmost west fort and NE fort, 2 myrmidons closest forts
    • Turn 8: 2 Snipers(silver Bow) both forts northwest/east of starting position.
      • On turn 8 All enemies except boss start moving towards you.

    If you're staying for EXP it's best to take out as many enemies as possible an be aware of the Snipers that spawn from the forts(23 speed). It's a clear run to the boss afterwards, but you can use the One turn clear method at any point if you need to end it early.

    From this point on Paralogues for children(like Lucina) of the Married female characters start to show up, many of these can be tougher than the current main chapters but after a point they're good for getting EXP or thechildren characters if they inherit specific skills.

    Chapter 14: Flames on the Blue

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    You can beat this chapter in 1 turn, Again this would make you miss out on EXP which can come back to haunt you(most notably on chapter 18).

    There are treasure chests and some enemies with chest keys in this chapter and some pegasus knight reinforcements boasting 24 or 26(with speed+2 skill) speed on top of their Silver Lances, be aware of where they spawn because they can catch you off guard.

    pegasus knights only have 24(Spear) or 29(Silver Lance) attack so their damage can be mitigated significantly be be beaten through high defense units preferably with Axes. Wyvern Riders are very useful here because they can fly off into the sea so you don't have to wait for the pegasus knights too get too close.

    One turn Strategy: Use a flying unit to defeat the nage near the boss in one round, then have cherche(or another Wyvern class) Pair-Up with an unit with +1 move(Great Knight), have both of them wield Hammers/Armour Slayers and attack the boss. If positioned correctly you could potentially do this any turn if you're in a situation in which you might not survive the next turn.

    More EXP: If you want as much EXP as possible the best way to start is taking out as many pegasus knights as possible during the first turn. There are 3 positions which will allow you to defeat all but one of the pegasus knights available on the map. have a flying unit with a Beastslayer move south to to the tile right of the pegasus knight wielding the spear and attack and defeat her. This places the character where the remaining 3 with Silver Spears(29 attack) will kill themselves on the enemy phase.

    Place another character on the free spot north of the mast of the boat you start on, they will be in range of 4 Silver Lance pegasus knights and Spear wielding one, pair ups would be handy here. Finally a character should be placed one square above the plank leading to the bottom ship, this puts a character in range of a Silver Lance pegasus knight and two cavaliers.

    It's important these characters can defeat and survive the pegasus knights. If you've got the Arms Scroll from sidequest 4 and promoted Cherche to Wyvern Lord, give her the arms scroll and pair her with Henry(or Tharja) for defense and reducing the Pegasus' high avoid and give her the Beast Killer(from chapter 12) she will be able to take out the southern pegasus knights in one hit. You have a lot more freedom with the character who's going to stand at the north of the boat so anyone who can survive 5 pegasus knights and kill the Silver Lance wielding ones can be used with a high support rank pair up being preferable to help ensure you defeat them.

    With the pegasus knights handled the rest of the map is pretty easy until the reinforcements show up, however act fast so you have plenty of space to put your squishier units like healers or Olivia when the reinforcements show up as some enemies start moving at the same time as the reinforcements, I'd recommend trying to clear out the right and bottom ships within the first couple of turns to make it easier on you.

    enemies:36 (+9 reinforcements)

    ValmeseCavalier1846200171716125Silver Lance, Silver Sword,Spear
    ValmeseGeneral36531023152128(+2)12Silver Lance[F], Silver Axe[F],"Talisman"
    ValmesePeg. Knight18411422324(+2)23819Silver Lance,Spear,"Short Spear"
    ValmeseGreat Knight361280191920268Silver Sword[F],Tomahawk[F],"Short Axe"
    ValmeseKnight185123014814173Silver Lance,Spear,"Chest Key"
    IgnatiusGeneral7693402518233013Spear[F],"Master Seal"Indoor fighter
    • Turn 3: 3 pegasus knights south west in the sea, left of the bottom ship, also Armoured Knights on Left ship start to move
    • Turn 4: 3 pegasus knights east just below the rightmost ship, mages on left ship start to move
    • Turn 5: 3 pegasus knights in the north just between the boat you start on and the Bosses Ship. The General and Great Knight on Bosses ship start to move if they havent already.
    • Bullion 5k: (right ship upper chest)
    • Recover Stave: (right ship lower chest)
    • Talisman: (General bottom ship)
    • Master Seal(Boss)
    • Short Spear(pegasus knight)
    • Short Axe(Great Knight)
    • Goddess Icon(Lower ship chest)
    • Chest Key(Knight)
    New Characters

    Say'ri[Swordmaster]: A very great subversion, Say'ri is a Swordmaster and personally I find she's better than Lon'Qu unless hes developed a lot of supports. Her stats are pretty high for a level 1 promoted unit and in constrast to Lon'Qu she has higher durability. This paired with Swordmasters high speed she's actually pretty durable as almost all enemies are not fast enough to hit her twice or strong enough to kill her in one hit.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    A route chapter. Say'ri is near the top right hand side unequipped and blocked by 2 armoured knights A Staff User with 20 magic can rescue Say'ri to the right side of the starting beach area. Also across the top of the map are a couple of doors these are essentially villages so make sure to enter them to get the items

    There are no reinforcements during this chapter but as turns pass more enemies will start moving, so try to take out as many as possible in the first few turns without losing your units.

    Note the enemies that start at the beach, if left alone they could cause a problem the cavaliers,dark knight and general only have 2 move in the sand and the mages have their full 5. Take out the cavaliers on the first turn using a flying unit or magic unit, then you'll be able to draw out the mages safely while the dark knight and general take several turns to reach you/

    The boss, Farber remains stationary so he can be mostly ignored until the end of the chapter, he's not particularly difficult just note that he has 44 attack with his forged Bolganone Tome.


    Arms Scroll(House 2nd from the Left) Physic Staff(House 2nd from the Right) Second Seal(House Furthest to the Left) Bullion[10,000G](House Furthest to the right) Hammer(enemy General) Master Seal(Farber) Arcthunder (Enemy Dark Knight)


    ValmeseCavalier1947200171716135Silver Lance, Silver Sword,Spear
    ValmeseGeneral36531023152128(+2)12Hammer(F),"Hammer",Tomahawk[F],Spear[F],Silver Axe[F]
    ValmeseDark Knight36120232219162117Thoron,Rexcalibur,"ArcThunder"
    ValmeseKnight19522401491418(+2)3Silver Lance,Spear,Iron Lance
    FarberDark Knight66624262821182429Bolganone[F],"Master Seal"

    Chapter 16: Naga's Voice

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    Rather difficult chapter if you're spending more than 5 turns you must move very quickly in this chapter, you'll note a larger density of promoted units. The Boss is also very far away from the starting position so a one turn clear is extremely unlikely.

    Be aware of the reinforcements that arrive at the starting position on turn 4 there's so many that you don't want any units in range of them(note it's made up of warriors, fighters, and Snipers) which is 8 squares for the warriors and Snipers.

    From Turn 6 onwards there's pegasus knight Reinforcements from the sides. Personally the reinforcements are a bit too much to handle so defeating the boss on turn 5 is the best option here.

    Key is the press forward to the middle, then use Olivia, a 8 move flier(which we have one of if we promote Cherche) and a Staff user with Rescue(give them a Magic Tonic if needed). Rescue a pair of units to within range of the Boss. For this you'll need to deal with the Heroes(Anna Pair-Upd with Say'ri with the Levin Sword can do some good damage) who are very quick(28 speed) and warriors who may have Counter, avoid this by going into their Silver Bow Range.

    Note the Boss, Cervantes here has Pavise so he's got 32% to half a physical attack ontop of his 35 defense. you'll either want a High rank support Pair-Up pair wielding Forged Hammers and Armour Slayers or the main unit wielding a Tome(as Pavise can't activate against a Dual Attacking unit) you need 25 speed to double him. Use whatever you've got(Strength Tonics,Magic Tonics) to maximise the damage you can do him.

    You can go after the thieves, though with the terrain and the Rangers/Snipers/warriors mostly wielding Forged Silver Bows getting all of them can be tough, you can leave the Master Seal one as by now a lot of the characters you're using are probably promoted and it's worth less than the Bullion and Speedwings and you can buy them anyway. You're best off going after the bullion Thief with Say'ri(who can defeat him in one round with any sword) on turn 1 then having a Staff user use a Rescue staff on her.

    • Steel Bow(Enemy warrior)
    • Beast Slayer(Enemy pegasus knight)
    • Killer Axe(Enemy fighter)
    • Steel Sword(Enemy Ranger)
    • Bullion[5,000g](Cervantes)
    • Bullion[5,000g](enemy Thief)
    • Speedwing(enemy Thief)
    • Master Seal(enemy Thief)

    Chapter 17: Inexorable Death

    Objective: Defeat Boss

    Tough chapter, the enemies from now on are all promoted(thus all strong with forged Weapons) and there's now Valkyries, who are extremely Fast Magic users though have pretty low defense. I'd recommend Forging the two Beast Slayer Lances we've got a couple chapters ago for enough might for characters to OHKO Valkyries, you only need 58 attack with a physical to beat them in one hit. Forge a Beast Slayer to 11 might and you'll only need 25 attack to defeat them which you could reasonably have even without having to pair up a character.

    Alternatively if you can get a character to 35 speed(Pair Ups, Speed Tonic and Rally Speed help) they should be able to defeat Valkyries in one round with a ranged weapon such as a Javelin, Hand Axe or Short Axe provided they have 29 attack with the weapon(with Pair up this can be reduced), if you have a unit that can do this it would be handy for turn 1.

    The Boss is quite something, she's a Valkyrie with 34 speed, pretty good luck stat and is on a Throne, even your characters with higher skill will have trouble hitting her. Forging Extra hit onto a Beast Slayer Lance might help here and Curse and Anathema would also help.

    On turn (7?) reinforcements will come and they are dangerous. Note getting all the treasure will be very difficult, though you may choose to do so if you wish as the next chapter is an even greater step up from the last. Additionally after turn 7 every single enemy on the map except the boss will start to come after you with the ones in the bosss room blocking access.

    Top left chest has the Boots; Even if you're going quickly you could afford to pick up the boots. This can be done if you take the left path to the boss.

    • Boots(Leftmost chest in the room at the top left of the map)
    • Angelic Robe(Right of the Chest with the Boots)
    • Master Seal(?) (Chest in the top right room)
    • Bullion[10,000G](Chest in the top right room)

    Chapter 18: Sibling Blades

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    One of the toughest chapters in the game with a massive 47 enemies.Don't be worried if you hit a brick wall here, this would be the best oppurtunity to start doing the Paralogues, if you do not have any available you can unlock them by having characters reach S-rank supports, if they have not reached this so far I'd recommend defeating a Spotpass team, they yield only 1EXP and no WEXP but allow support growth so you can unlock the Paralogues without outleveling the content.

    Because of the tight spaces, being pretty much required to defeat all enemies there's no sure-fire way to do this chapter. If Robin isn't level 15 with rally Spectrum or close enough to get it in the first few turns(personally on this run that was the case) it will be pretty difficult. The rescue staff is useful . One good thing about the Lava is that your Staff users can get a lot of EXP and Staff Rank just by healing people. If they've still got uses the two Rapiers you have(Chrom's and Lucina's) are good for fighting the Griffon Knights, the Griffons are Beasts but they wield Axes and can have Lance Breaker making the Beast Slayer Lance rather Unreliable. A character with high enough defense and movement would be useful(Wyvernnlord Panne Pair-Upd with Frederick) boosted by hopefully a level 15 Robin rally Spectrum or Morgan's if you've done his/her Paralogue before this chapter. If not I'd recommend doing some of the Childrens Paralogue chapters, until Robin is level 15 so you can have Robin and Morgan with rally Spectrum.

    Don't bother with the treasures chests, the chapter is hard enough even without going for them and the treasure is lost if the ground underneath them breaks opn.

    You should probably end up beating all the other enemies in the chapter before fighting the boss. The best way to handle him is rally skills, placing a character with Anathema exactly 3 squares away from him. The rest is dependant on your team, note that he has the Astra Skill so his damage output can be 2.5x higher than the displayed damage.

    Beating chapter 18 unlocks Paralogue 17. Which is extremely difficult at this point.

    • Noble Rapier(Yen'Fay)
    • Amatus(Yen'Fay)
    • Second Seal(Top Left Chest)
    • Strength Drop(bottom Left Chest)
    • Rescue Staff(Top right Chest)
    • Bullion[10,000G](bottom Right Chest)
    • Silver Lance(Paladin)
    • Armourslayer(Swordsmaster)
    • Concoction(warrior)
    • Silver Axe(Griffon Knight)

    Chapter 19: The Conquerer

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    Can be a tough chapter or a short one. It's defeat boss chapter. You can one or two turn complete this chapter through Rescue Staff use and defeating Walhart before the enemy phase. A turn one depends on using Olivia and Staff users with Rescue Staves to bring a character who can defeat Walhart in one turn. Turn 2 is easier to kill Walhart and gets you some EXP. What you need to do is kill all the nearby enemies while staying out of the range of others. There are two Paladins on each side that need to die, so kill them and then rescue the units. The Dark Knights need to be killed at 2 range to keep out of range as well. The other 2 Paladins can be killed safety at one range. Walhart is a class unique to him, Overlord he's pretty tough to defeat especially in one round. 80 HP, 38 Def, 29 Res, 37 Speed. With Conquest(Armoured and Cavalier Effective weapons won't deal bonus damage on him), with Rightful King and Pavise and Aegis with 38 skill giving him 48% chance to half the damage he receives. Note his Sword, Sol has the Sol Skill so he also has 48% chance to restore half the damage he deals.

    Thankfully Pavise/Aegis will never activate against a partners Dual Attack in a Pair-Up. So a a pair with a high support rank is useful The Main unit of the Pair having Aether(Chrom) or Luna with the character wielding a Killer Lance would be useful as long as Pavise does not activate you're dealing a massive 57 extra damage(due to Walharts 38 defense) if you get a criticalical with Luna.   Getting past his really high speed is the next obstacle. Hopefully you have Cordelia atleast at level 5 as a falcon knight for rally Speed and Robin at level 15 for rally Spectrum(or recruit Morgan or another of Robin's children who've inherited it if Robin is being used to defeat Walhart).

    • Sol(Sword) (Walhart)

    Chapter 20: The Sword or the Knee

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    Another tough one, the aim is to defeat Walhart again, but the map is a lot larger than the previous one. Rescue Staves and Olivia are recommended as are weapons like Hammers, Levin Swords for the Generals early on. This time there's a lot of enemies and distance to travel to get to him. Cervantes and Excellus are also Bosses but you don't need to fight them.

    Theres the left or right path to take, the Right is safest. On turn 1 you need to defeat the four Generals on the Left and place a character so that they can defeat the warrior (Hopefully not with Counter), Hero and sage, make sure you get everyone who starts at the left hand side over to the right, however place someone who can defeat the Hero slightly North and right of Chroms starting position as this makes turn 2 easier. Cervantes Group will start moving so on turn 2 you need to deal with them and try to block the 2 squares of the passage at the left. Turn 3 isnt that exciting keep heading north in preparation for the last stretch of the chapter. On turn 4 a massive group of 18 enemies appear from the south, so you should move quickly. Walhart will start moving as you get close(a good way to set this up is to wait at the north-east 2x1 Pillar in Excelluss range(Pure Water, Ward Staff and Resistance Tonic would be useful) and the range of a couple Battle Monks and Snipers providing you can survive. The next turn(5) do everything to defeat Walhart. Rescue Staves to get units in range and Olivia are recommended as One rounding Walhart will still be difficult. If anyone is in range the Thief should have opened the Spirit Dust Chest, and the one next to it is a Beast Stone(+).


    On turn 4: 18 enemies comprising of Generals, warriors, Heroes and sages, all from the bottom end of the map, a couple on the sides with the vast majority at the centre.


    Beast Stone Dragon Stone+ Spirit Dust Second Seal Large Bullion[10,000G](Walhart) Bolganone(Excellus) DracoShield(Cervantes)

    Chapter 21: Five Gemstones

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    From Turn 2 onwards Sorcerers with Waste Tomes start to appear from each set of stairs.

    Assassins and Berserkers appear from some stairs at approximately turn 4.

    This is a Boss kill chapter and you have to travel through a long Corridor. As you progress through the map Sorcerors with Mire Tomes will start to appear from the staircases on the far left and right sides of the map out of your range. For this reason hanging around too long isn't a good idea.

    In addition there are a few Sorcerors with Mire Tomes around the level, with the rest of the enemies composing of berserkers, Swordmasters and Assassins. These all boast very high speed (and berserkers have high strength and potentially Axefaire as well).

    This chapter can actually be done pretty easily providing Chrom is a Paladin(after getting Royal Weapon) and got a lot of your statboosters(including Naga's Tear and possibly Boots) he may strong enough to be paired with Frederick (needs Dual Guard+ at least and a A-rank support) and rush through the chapter with Javelins and a Short Spear(give Frederick a Silver Lance or Sword) straight to the boss.This allows you to stay far ahead of the reinforcements which is difficult if you're bringing a lot of characters.

    • Bolt Axe(Boss Berserker)
    • Secret Book(Top left Chest)
    • Bullion[10,000G](Chest in the locked room with the Berserker)
    • Noble Rapier (Chest in the locked room with Sorceror slightly south of the starting position)
    • Fortify Staff (Chest to the right of the wall of locked room south of the starting position)

    Chapter 22: An Ill Presage

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    This chapter has a lot of imposing looking bosses with special A-rank Weapons that provide stat bonuses, if you've played the first Judgral series game, Geneology of Holy War(FE4) you should recognise the weapons. the rest wield Brave Weapons(which turns each attack into two consecutive ones) except the Dark Knight with Thoron and the Battle Sister wields a 23 might Silver Axe and a Recover Staff

    Despite what it may seem this chapter actually isnt as tough as the previous ones due to the lower number of enemies. Start off by positioning characters so that you defeat the Gungir wielding Paladin (Beast Slayer Lance helps) and Brave Bow Ranger(keep in mind brave weapons do two consecutive attacks). If Possible try to have someone in range who can survive the Brave Sword Assassin and Valflame Valkyrie.

    Then on turn 2 player phase you should attempt to defeat the General, Sniper, warrior and Dark Knight.

    Note you do not have to be in range of the remaining enemies for them to start moving.The two youll have the biggest problems with will likely be the Sorceror with Waste with a massive 61 might,and Curse and Anathema increasing his Hit rate. The Swordmaster with the Balmung sword gets 5 additional speed, shes hard to hit.

    Aversa doesnt move, but she can be pretty dangerous her magic and speed are very high. Though her tome isnt(cant be forged) forged so if youve got someone fast enough(atleast 38 speed) shes actually less threatening than the Sorceror with Waste.

    You can complete the chapter by defeating Aversa and that can be done in one turn however youll miss out on the A-rank weapons someof which have really nice stat boosts.

    • Balmung(Swordsmaster)
    • Yewfelle(Sniper)
    • Recover(War Cleric)
    • Valflame(Valkyrie
    • Gungir(Paladin)
    • Helswathe(warrior)
    • Goddess Icon(Aversa)
    New Characters

    Basilio: On Lunatic Basilio comes as a pretty powerful character, unless youre grinding youll only have a few characters with better stats than him. He comes with A in Axes B in bows and Strength Cry. The latter is very useful even if you aren't using him as a combat unit.

    Flavia: Much like Basilio its unlikely many characters will be better than Flavia. Shes also slightly better than Basilio having more 7 speed for 14 less HP and 6 less Strength, the Speed makes up for her lower durability as she avoids getting doubled by Heroes and Assassins and after both Speed& rally Spectrum doubles even the Assassins without Pair-Up. Weapon Saver has her with 54% chance to save weapon uses so the Balmung gained last chapter can be useful.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    A tremendous leap forward in difficulty. Chrom and Robin start behind a barrier with Validar, while this barrier is up you can't use the Rescue Staff

    The rest of your team start on the other side with 40 enemies. More enemies will come from the stair cases as the chapter progresses. Validar is as strong as he was in the Premonition so he should go down even easier there you can defeat him on turn 1 if Chrom is a Paladin with Boots.

    Flavia and Basilio Join when you defeat Validar the first time. Validar then re-spawns with higher stats but he's actually the least dangerous thing in this chapter. You want to kill Validar on turn 1 or 2, this frees the upper part of the map putting less pressure on you and Flavia and Basilio are a great help(Basilio can almost one round the Generals with his Hammer), Flavia is fast enough to double Heroes with the Balmung Sword(take it from Storage and Perhaps a hammer if you have one).

    The rest of your units have to position themselves north and along the edge of the wall towards the barrier and defeat the Sorceror, and Assassin to the north(The Assassin is on a pedestal so has a higher evade rate) and General, you'll either need two units who can survive both the Berserker with 32 speed and 64 ATK with a Tomahawk and 54 ATK from the Assassin 38 speed. So basically if you have unit's who's HP and 2 times their defense is 118 (e.g. a character with 60 HP,30 Defense and 34 speed will survive). making sure characters can survive. The rest of the chapter is dealing with the enemies as they all come at you, you need Rescue staves to get people out of danger, position characters so they can do maximum damage on the enemy phase without dying. rally skills are extremely useful here, powering up characters with these, using Olivia to Dance and using Pair Up you can sort of overpower the enemies.

    One thing to note though is while the barrier is up only half of the enemies will move towards your group. The rest will move if you take too long or when you defeat Validar.

    Note even killing Validar 2nd time does not prevent reinforcements so don't bother with him(as he's immobile) until you've dealt with everything else on the map.

    • Several from the stairs(to update)
    • turn 4 Right Stairs: Sorceror(right), general(Top left), Hero(bottom left)
    • Turn 5: Left side of room: Bererkser(right, left side),Soerceror(left, top left),Hero(bottom Right)
    • Turn5:Right side of room: Hero(top lef),Assassin(top right), Assassin(bottom left)
    • Turn6: left Side: Assassin(top lef), (Top Right)Hero, (bottom left)Sorceror
    • Turn6: Right Side: Assassin(top lef), General(Top Right), (Bot left)General
    • Silver Lance(General)
    • Wyrmslayer(Hero)
    • Silver Sword(Assassin)
    • Silver Bow(Assassin)
    • Bolganone(Sorceror)
    • Silver Axe(Reinforcement Berserker)

    Chapter 24:Awakening

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Pretty unremarkable chapter, you just have a lot of Risen to deal with. First thing you may notice is a little change to the enemies skills, all the enemies at the very least will have the skill Accuracy +20(same one as the Sniper skills) and will always have their most powerful ability(Level 15 skills for all classes except ones that deal with Pair-Up, Great Knights will have Luna, Valkyries have demoisel(note all the other Risen on this map are male)) these skills can make hitting and evading enemies slightly less reliable.

    Wyrmslayers(But note you'll need really really high hit), Bows, Beast Killers, Hammers are all very useful Rescue Staves as well as it lets characters walk in kill an enemy and get Rescued by your staff characters. If you have an Arms Scroll you can get Flavia to A-rank Axes, She has Armsthrift and Helswathe with atleast a c-rank with Basilio(possible in the previous chapter and Wielding a Silver Bow) her defense powered by rally Spectrum and Sol Skill can be pretty good on a Fort she can take on multiple enemies at a time, but by now you probably have characters who can take on alot of enemies at once after getting boosted up by rally Spectrum and additional rally skills. e have someone plug up the top left fort to prevent the turn 5 reinforcement because a Paladin will spawn from it. On turn 4 the Bosses group starts moving and turn 6 Reinforcements stop showing up. The Boss is really nothing special, he has high defense but really is not much more danegrous than other Great Knights in this chapter.

    • Turn 2: 2 Wyvern Lords (Top Right,bottom Right) forts,1 Paladin(bottom Middle) fort,
    • Turn 3: 2 Wyvern Lords (Top Right,bottom Right) forts, 1 Paladin(bottom Middle) fort, Great Knight(Top Middle)
    • Turn 4: 2 Great Knight(Top Middle,bottom Left) forts, 2 Wyvern Lords (Top Right,bottom Right), 1 Paladin(bottom Middle), Bosses group starts moving
    • Turn 5: 2 Wyvern Lords(Top Right,bottom Right) forts, 2 Great Knight(Top Middle,bottom Left),2 Paladins(Top Left,bottom Middle)

    Elixer(Paladin) Tomahawk(Wyvern Lord) Spear(Wyvern Lord) Thoron(Valkyrie) Bullion[5,000G](Boss Great Knight)

    Chapter 25

    Objective: Defeat Commander

    This chapter can be extremely difficult or very easy. Aversa is very far away but over the last 24 chapters and however many Paralogues you're bound to have the equipment to beat this chapter in 1 turn or 2.

    What you do is power up your characters with rallies(Spectrum and Magic) and Rescue Chain all the way to Aversa(You need one Magic user with high move and high magic, Give Anna or Lissa!Falco Magic Tonic and All your Spirit Dust). This does require someone who can go over the mountain terrain This could be Anna assuming she reached level 15 Trickster, Lissa Re-classed to falcon knight can do it as well, both make it even easier. Then you just one round Aversa, She has pretty high stats but Any Pair Up combination with both characters using her physical weaknesses(Forged Beast Slayer,Bows,Noble Rapier) and reaching 50 Speed(through Speed Tonic, Pair-Ups and rallys it's possible) or even skills Aether, isn't going to have too much trouble. If you don't mind resetting even a character with Lethality can be used.

    Bring Fliers(even if you never used them) to extend your Rescue Staff users Movement ranges, rally Spectrum and rally Magic are helpful as well. I used 3 of them(Anna(sage) with Acrobat with 35 Magic Paired with Henry(sorceror), Libera paired with Cherche(Dracomaste) 26 Magic and Lissa(sage) alone with 26 magic. I had Morgan use rally(Magic+Specturm) reaching all 3 Rescue Staffers and Chrom, Panne kills a Bersker, Libera Pairs with Cherhce who moves as far forward as possible then Rescues Lissa, Lissa moves forward(5 squares and Rescues Anna+Henry) Anna Moves forward and Rescues Olivia who dances for her, Anna approaches near the boss. Basilio uses rally Strength around Chrom, Cordelia uses rally Speed and Frederick Pairs up with him. Anna then Rescues Chrom and he defeats Aversa in one round.

    Non-1 turn chapter strategy to come later.

    AversaDark flier207933434243+2433041'Goetia'
    • Massive Groups from all over on turn 6
    • Reinforcement End on turn 8
    • Physic(Trickster)
    • Levin Sword(Trickster)
    • Goetia(Aversa)


    Defeat Commander

    Can be 2 turned. Rescue Staves and rally Skills are useful, Chrom needs to double Grima and has respectable Strength and activate Aether.Turn 2 position everyone in the safe zone (it's heart shaped if you turn enemy ranges in) have someone Rescue Chrom and then have people rally him as they enter the safe spot, then have Chrom move next to enemies near Grima, he should defeat them. On turn 2 have a dark mage or Sorceror(with Anathema) Paired with Olivia, have people rally Chrom again and someone Rescue Olivia so can move to refresh Chrom after he attacks Grima, if Chrom is high levelled enough and Pavise doesn't activate he should one round Grima.

    Don't bother with the Reinforcements, they appear infinitely and Experience isn't saved.


    Unlocking Paralogues

    As you progress through the game sidequest chapters called Paralogues are unlocked. For Paralogues 5 through 16 each can be unlocked after chapter 13, these chapters can be handy for extra EXP and the characters you unlock from them. Paralogues 18 through 23 are only available after they've been released via spotpass which is a variable date depending on the version of the game and are accessed by connecting to Wi-Fi through spotpass and After Chapter 25 is completed.

    As a general rule the later the Character required to unlock the Paralogue joins, the more difficult the chapter, so they range from easiest(Lissa's, Sully's, My Unit's) to most difficult(Nowi, Olivia's Tharja's and Serge's) who's are likely not possible to complete until much further on in the game than they are unlocked. Since you can challenge them at any time and leave whenever you should do these chapters at any time of your choosing but the best situation is if you're finding a chapter of the main story too difficult. Because of this I'd recommend you attempt to get Lissa, Sully and My Unit S-ranks at the very least.

    ParalogueRequirementAdditional Information
    1Complete chapter 3None
    2Complete Chapter 5None
    3Complete Chapter 7None
    4Complete Chapter 9None
    5Lissa has S-rank SupportChapter 15 or Paralogue 9/10 must be available
    6Olivia has S-rank SupportChapter 15 or Paralogue 12 must be available
    7Maribelle has S-rank SupportChapter 16 or Paralogues 6/12 must be available
    8Sully has S-rank SupportNone
    9Sumia has S-rank SupportParalogue 17,5 or 10 must be available
    10Cordelia has S-rank SupportNone
    11Cherche has S-rank SupportChapter 17 or Paralogue 5 must be available
    12Avatar has S-rank Support
    13Panne has S-rank Support
    14Miriel has S-rank Support
    15Tharja has S-rank Support
    16Nowi has S-rank Support
    17COmplete chapter 18
    18Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    19Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    20Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    21Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    22Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    23Complete Chapter 25Available from Spotpass release date onwards
    New Characters

    Owain[myrmidon]: How good Owain is really depends on his parents stats and skills, note that Lissa sort of makes his strength a little mediocre and his Magic above average(his C-rank Swords allow him to use the Levin Sword). If you leave this chapter until post-game and Lissa gets Galeforce he can be pretty useful for that alone.

    Objective: Route Enemy

    Not too tough of a chapter, arguably the easiest of the Paralogues there are still unpromoted enemies(dark mages, barbarian,wyvern riders and myrmidons) amongst the tougher Assassins and Berserker. The ally sages give characters items when talked to, with the bottom one giving Owain the Mistletinn Sword if he speaks with him. The enemies will go for the sages so either try to get there as fast as possible or if your Staff users have high enough magic, Rescue them with the Staff.

    The sages will heal your characters with their Physic Staves if in range.

    The Boss and group around him do not move unless a character is in range of several of them.

    • Elixer(Top sage)
    • Speed Tonic(bottom sage)
      • Mistletinn(have Owain Speak to the sage)
    • Spirit Dust(bottom left sage)
    New Characters

    Laurent[mage]: Laurent's can be ok but like most children characters is dependant on what he inherits, if he promotes to sage even without great stats he can be used to use Rescue Staffs or do some healing(although with a Heal staff), though if his stats are high enough to survive the enemies at the point in the story you recruit him he could be re-classed to dark mage and use Nosferatu effectively.

    Objective: Defeat Boss

    A desert map. The enemies here consist of fighters,barbarian,pegasus knights, their promoted counterparts(warriors,falcon knight,berserkerss) and a couple mages. There's a village in the bottom left from the start of the map either have Chrom or Miriel visit it to recruit Laurent, act quickly because a barbarian is in range to destroy the village on turn 2. The enemy barbarian and berserker unitd will try to destroy the villages so it's a good idea to clear the field of enemies(except the boss) before visiting the villages.

    The special thing about this map is you can obtain the Goddess staff, an A-rank one use staff which fully heals everyone in range of it. You must visit all 3 of the phantom villages before this is possible though. The first is at the top right of the map, when that is visited reinforcements appear and the next turn the next village will appear at the top left, it's the same case for that village, with the final one appearing at the bottom right.

    when visiting the final village make sure your characters aren't near the left or right edges of the map because the number of reinforcements is quite large and the Falcon Knights have 9 move and are unhindered by the desert. However you can avoid these last set of reinforcements. What you want to do is position your characters in a way that right after you have someone visit the village you can grab the Goddess Staff(1 square left and 2 down from the boss) and defeat the Boss on the same turn.

    • Strength Tonic(Top Right Village)
    • Speedwing(Top Left Village)
    • Large Bullion(bottom Right Village)
    • Goddess Staff: After visiting the third village(bottom right) 1 square left and 2 squares down from the bosses starting position

    (or more specifically 9 right and 3 down from the top leftmost tile).

    • Enemy Phase after visiting top right village: berserkerss and barbarian on the bottom left from the map
    • Enemy Phase after visiting top left village(appears after visiting the top right village): enemies appear at the upper right
    • Enemy Phase after visiting bottom right village: falcon knights from the left hand side of the map and berserker and warriors from the right hand side of the map
    New Characters

    Gangrel,[Trickster]: A late joiner, he can only build support ranks with Robin(male)/Robin(Female) and Morgan(only if you have female Robin and Morganis Gangrel's Child) but he still has use. His Magic stat is very high for even a Trickster so has decent range with the Rescue Staff or Physic staves and with Acrobat and Move+1 has pretty good movement. Since healing doesn't depend on support ranks or Pair Up he's good for that sort of role in the Trickster Class.

    Gangrel is recruited by talking with him with Chrom 3 times

    The map might be a bit Familiar, it's the first chapter of Mystery of the Emblem, however as a late game chapter it plays a lot differently, this map has a lot of enemies, most notably wyvern lords.

    Deal with the nearby wyvern lords first(3 on the seas, 3 on the mountains) and stay back. Then deal with the enemies a bit north of the starting position(they move as a group so you have to be prepared to deal with a lot at once(rally skills help here), next we want to handle the wyvern lords on the left(Use rallies to boost a flying unit) defeat them and Gangrels group and some northern wyvern lords should start moving. have the flying unit move just outside Gangrels groups range so they lure them to the forest(keep moving just out of range and then back across the mountain when they get too close) this splits up the enemy group making the remaining enemies easier to deal with. When Gangrels group leaves the woods and starts to head back towards your main group place your flier back just out of range in the left side and another character just out of range on the right. This will split Gangrels group in half again making it easier to deal with.

    Gangrel will fight you but can be recruited if you speak to him with Chrom 3 times to convince him to join. An easy way to do this would be have Chrom talk to him from out of Gangrel's range then have someone Rescue Chrom, then as Gangrel Aproaches on the following turn you speak to him with Chrom and have Olivia Dance for Chrom, have Chrom talk to Gangrel a third time and Pair-Up Chrom with Gangrel, have Gangrel take a Rescue Staff from the Storage and then Rescue Olivia to a Safe spot.

    The Boss is on a Gate(providing 3 def, 20 avoid and healing) but doesn't move. While he has a high 74 ATK and 1-2 range he shouldn't be an issue as even Gangrel will be able to survive one hit, do note he has the Wrath Skill so below 50% HP the Boss may have a chance to critical some characters. If you have a Sniper with a longbow you can defeat the Boss without him being able to attack.

    • Bullion[10,000G]: Boss
    • Angelic Robe: Village
    New Characters

    Walhart,[Overlord]: He joins with almost capped stats and his personal weapon, Wolfberg. His class is pretty good it's essentially a Great Knight with none of it's stat or move disadvantages in comparison to Paladin. However he has Conquerer as his only skill which negates the bonuses effective weapons have against Armoured and Beast units so he doesn't have those disadvantages either. You'll need to put him through other classes to get more than that one skill though(he does not start with the other skills he has during this chapter). Note His support options are limited like Gangrel, but apart from the Dual Attack/Guard he misses out on the Overlords stats caps and weapon triangle sort of make up for it.

    Walhart joins if Chrom Initiates combat with him this chapter.


    unpromoted Classes



    Single Stage Classes







    • GameFaqs.com for listing this walkthrough
    • Intelligent Systems for developing Fire Emblem Awakening
    • Serenesforest.com Fire Emblem Fan site with extensive in-game information which helped me write this guide.


    If you have any issues, suggestions or possible contributions to improve this walkthrough feel free to email me, I will try to respond ASAP but I may be busy, additionally and keep in mind the guide has to be applicable to everyone (e.g. don't suggest strategies that involved grinding via DLC, since it will demand the player have access to Wireless internet and to pay money).