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    Support Conversation Transcript by Misha-Heart

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    Fire Emblem Awakening Support Conversations
    Change log:
    3/27/13- First entry
    4/15/13- Fixed some typos and spacing errors. Added how to get Chrom x Olivia 
    and some parent-child conversations. 
    5/29/13- All parent-child conversations are added. Some typos were fixed.
    7/18/13- Clean-up on the generic supports. Possibly last update.
    Quick questions about this guide:
    Q. What is this about?
    A. This is a script that compiles dialogue with character interactions with 
    one another. Usually, they converse about simple things or even reveal parts 
    of their backstory to one another. 
    Q. How do you gain these support conversations?
    A. First, check on the Support option on the world map to see if the 
    characters can support one another. Then, use the Pair Up command and have 
    them fight alongside one another. This is an easy way to gain support values 
    between characters. After gaining a significant amount, check the Support 
    option again to view the support conversation.
    Q. Can you get more than one S rank?
    A. Once characters get married, they are bound forever by marriage(or in some 
    cases, eternal friendship) and last even after death. If you wish to gain a 
    new S support, a new file must be used in order to unlock the conversations.
    Q. Why do some of the conversations contradict one another(Ex. Virion 
    continuing his flirtatous nature, despite having an S support)?
    A. The developers had the mind of the player gaining only one support pair 
    and staying by it for the whole game. It really wouldn't make any sense why 
    one would continue building lover supports after achieving an S support.
    Q. How do you get Chrom to marry Olivia?
    A. At the start of the game, decide to keep Chrom away from any of his 
    potential marriage partners. If this is done, all Olivia needs is one dance 
    with him during Chapter 12 to secure them getting married. Always pay 
    attention to who Chrom is attacking next to, so he doesn't gain any lover 
    points with anyone before Olivia.
    Q. Why are the parent/child supports just copy and paste of one another?
    A. There are 12-13 potential fathers for each child. Creating 3 unique 
    conversations for every single pair would be quite an effort. At least the 
    parents have somewhat different talking patterns to their child.
    Q. How do you get the Support log?
    A. Complete the final map labeled "Endgame: Grima" and save after the 
    Q. What determines the Avatar and child's hair color?
    A. The last file that was saved will be used when looking over the support 
    Q. Avatar/Morgan's aren't in here at all! Where are they?
    A. Those two have the hugest support conversation list in the game. They will 
    be put in another guide, seperate from this one.
    Table of Contents
    To skip to the desired support pair, use ctrl+F and type the following.
    Example: Add A1. to Frederick to skip to his C support with Lissa.
    Note: Some supports may mention Avatar. The default name is Robin.
    First Generation Lover Supports:
    - Lissa!
    A1. Frederick
    A1. Virion
    A1. Stahl
    A1. Vaike
    A1. Kellam
    A1. Lon'qu
    A1. Donnel
    A1. Ricken
    A1. Gaius
    A1. Gregor
    A1. Libra
    A1. Henry 
    - Sully!
    A2. Chrom
    A2. Frederick
    A2. Virion
    A2. Stahl
    A2. Vaike
    A2. Kellam
    A2. Lon'qu
    A2. Donnel
    A2. Ricken
    A2. Gaius
    A2. Gregor
    A2. Libra
    A2. Henry 
    - Miriel!
    A3. Frederick
    A3. Virion
    A3. Stahl
    A3. Vaike
    A3. Kellam
    A3. Lon'qu
    A3. Donnel
    A3. Ricken
    A3. Gaius
    A3. Gregor
    A3. Libra
    A3. Henry 
    - Sumia!
    A4. Chrom
    A4. Frederick
    A4. Gaius
    A4. Henry
    - Maribelle!
    A5. Chrom
    A5. Frederick
    A5. Virion
    A5. Stahl
    A5. Vaike
    A5. Kellam
    A5. Lon'qu
    A5. Donnel
    A5. Ricken
    A5. Gaius
    A5. Gregor
    A5. Libra
    A5. Henry 
    - Panne!
    A6. Frederick
    A6. Virion
    A6. Stahl
    A6. Vaike
    A6. Kellam
    A6. Lon'qu
    A6. Donnel
    A6. Ricken
    A6. Gaius
    A6. Gregor
    A6. Libra
    A6. Henry 
    - Cordelia!
    A7. Frederick
    A7. Virion
    A7. Stahl
    A7. Vaike
    A7. Kellam
    A7. Lon'qu
    A7. Donnel
    A7. Ricken
    A7. Gaius
    A7. Gregor
    A7. Libra
    A7. Henry 
    - Nowi!
    A8. Frederick
    A8. Virion
    A8. Stahl
    A8. Vaike
    A8. Kellam
    A8. Lon'qu
    A8. Donnel
    A8. Ricken
    A8. Gaius
    A8. Gregor
    A8. Libra
    A8. Henry 
    - Tharja!
    A9. Frederick
    A9. Virion
    A9. Stahl
    A9. Vaike
    A9. Kellam
    A9. Lon'qu
    A9. Donnel
    A9. Ricken
    A9. Gaius
    A9. Gregor
    A9. Libra
    A9. Henry 
    - Olivia!
    10. Chrom
    10. Frederick
    10. Virion
    10. Stahl
    10. Vaike
    10. Kellam
    10. Lon'qu
    10. Donnel
    10. Ricken
    10. Gaius
    10. Gregor
    10. Libra
    10. Henry 
    - Cherche!
    11. Frederick
    11. Virion
    11. Stahl
    11. Vaike
    11. Kellam
    11. Lon'qu
    11. Donnel
    11. Ricken
    11. Gaius
    11. Gregor
    11. Libra
    11. Henry 
    Children Lover Supports:
    - Lucina!
    1. Owain
    1. Laurent
    1. Brady
    1. Yarne
    1. Inigo
    1. Gerome
    - Kjelle!
    2. Owain
    2. Laurent
    2. Brady
    2. Yarne
    2. Inigo
    2. Gerome
    - Cynthia!
    3. Owain
    3. Laurent
    3. Brady
    3. Yarne
    3. Inigo
    3. Gerome
    - Severa!
    4. Owain
    4. Laurent
    4. Brady
    4. Yarne
    4. Inigo
    4. Gerome
    - Nah!
    5. Owain
    5. Laurent
    5. Brady
    5. Yarne
    5. Inigo
    5. Gerome
    - Noire!
    6. Owain
    6. Laurent
    6. Brady
    6. Yarne
    6. Inigo
    6. Gerome
    First Generation Buddy Supports
    - Chrom*
    12. Lissa
    12. Frederick
    12. Vaike
    12. Gaius
    - Lissa*
    12. Maribelle
    - Frederick*
    12. Virion
    12. Henry
    - Sully*
    12. Miriel
    12. Sumia
    - Virion*
    12. Libra
    - Stahl*
    12. Kellam
    12. Donnel
    - Vaike*
    12. Lon'qu
    - Miriel*
    12. Cherche
    - Sumia*
    12. Cordelia
    - Kellam*
    13. Donnel
    - Lon'qu*
    12. Gregor
    - Ricken*
    13. Gregor
    13. Henry
    - Maribelle*
    12. Olivia
    - Panne*
    13. Cordelia
    13. Olivia
    - Gaius*
    13. Libra
    - Nowi*
    12. Tharja
    13. Cherche
    - Tiki*
    12. Anna
    12. Say'ri
    12. Lucina
    12. Nah
    - Basilio*
    1. Flavia
    Children Buddy Supports:
    - Lucina*
    7. Kjelle
    7. Cynthia
    - Owain*
    7. Inigo
    7. Brady
    - Kjelle*
    7. Severa
    - Laurent*
    7. Yarne
    7. Gerome
    - Cynthia*
    8. Severa
    7. Nah
    - Brady*
    8. Yarne
    8. Inigo
    - Severa*
    7. Noire
    - Inigo*
    8. Gerome
    Parent-Child Supports:
    - Lucina^
    14. Chrom
    14. Sumia
    14. Sully
    14. Maribelle
    14. Olivia
    - Owain^
    15. Lissa
    15. Frederick
    15. Virion
    15. Stahl
    15. Vaike
    15. Kellam
    15. Lon'qu
    15. Donnel
    15. Ricken
    15. Gaius
    15. Gregor
    15. Libra
    15. Henry 
    - Kjelle^
    16. Sully
    16. Chrom  
    16. Frederick
    16. Virion
    16. Stahl
    16. Vaike
    16. Kellam
    16. Lon'qu
    16. Donnel
    16. Ricken
    16. Gaius
    16. Gregor
    16. Libra
    16. Henry 
    - Laurent^
    17. Miriel
    17. Frederick
    17. Virion
    17. Stahl
    17. Vaike
    17. Kellam
    17. Lon'qu
    17. Donnel
    17. Ricken
    17. Gaius
    17. Gregor
    17. Libra
    17. Henry 
    - Cynthia^
    18. Sumia
    18. Chrom
    18. Fredrick
    18. Gaius
    18. Henry
    - Brady^
    19. Maribelle
    19. Chrom
    19. Frederick
    19. Virion
    19. Stahl
    19. Vaike
    19. Kellam
    19. Lon'qu
    19. Donnel
    19. Ricken
    19. Gaius
    19. Gregor
    19. Libra
    19. Henry 
    - Yarne^
    20. Panne
    20. Frederick
    20. Virion
    20. Stahl
    20. Vaike
    20. Kellam
    20. Lon'qu
    20. Donnel
    20. Ricken
    20. Gaius
    20. Gregor
    20. Libra
    20. Henry 
    - Severa^
    21. Cordelia
    21. Frederick
    21. Virion
    21. Stahl
    21. Vaike
    21. Kellam
    21. Lon'qu
    21. Donnel
    21. Ricken
    21. Gaius
    21. Gregor
    21. Libra
    21. Henry 
    - Nah^
    22. Nowi
    22. Frederick
    22. Virion
    22. Stahl
    22. Vaike
    22. Kellam
    22. Lon'qu
    22. Donnel
    22. Ricken
    22. Gaius
    22. Gregor
    22. Libra
    22. Henry 
    - Noire^
    23. Tharja
    23. Frederick
    23. Virion
    23. Stahl
    23. Vaike
    23. Kellam
    23. Lon'qu
    23. Donnel
    23. Ricken
    23. Gaius
    23. Gregor
    23. Libra
    23. Henry 
    - Inigo^
    24. Olivia
    24. Chrom
    24. Frederick
    24. Virion
    24. Stahl
    24. Vaike
    24. Kellam
    24. Lon'qu
    24. Donnel
    24. Ricken
    24. Gaius
    24. Gregor
    24. Libra
    24. Henry 
    - Gerome^
    25. Cherche
    25. Frederick
    25. Virion
    25. Stahl
    25. Vaike
    25. Kellam
    25. Lon'qu
    25. Donnel
    25. Ricken
    25. Gaius
    25. Gregor
    25. Libra
    25. Henry 
    Lucina's Sibling Supports:
    9. Cynthia
    9. Kjelle
    9. Brady
    9. Inigo
    Lover Supports:
    A1. Frederick C
    Lissa: Huh. That's odd. I could have sworn he was over here some- Ah ha! 
    There you are, Frederick! ...Geez, why the grumpy face?
    Frederick: I fear this is the only face I have, milady. Was there something 
    you needed?
    Lissa: What are you doing back here?
    Frederick: Inspecting the contents of our armory for worn or damaged 
    Lissa: Oooo! I'll help!
    Frederick: I cannot allow that. You could cut yourself, or accidentally-
    Lissa: Do you think I'm an idiot?! Honestly, Frederick!
    Frederick: I think you are a princess whom I am duty-bound to keep safe.
    Lissa: Yeah, yeah. boooooooooring...
    Frederick: Was there something you needed from me?
    Lissa: Oh, no. I mean, yes, but... I wanted to ask you a favor.
    Frederick: How may I serve you?
    Lissa: I want you to train me like you do the others. I'm tired of struggling 
    to keep up with everyone. I wanna hold my own!
    Frederick: A fine idea- it would by my pleasure to assist in your training. 
    Though I must warn you, I am not a gentle teacher. Be certain you want this.
    Lissa: Oh, I am!
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Come, milady. It's time for your lessons. And don't bother trying 
    to run away this time. I'll fetch my horse if need be.
    Lissa: Guh... Me and my big mouth. Frederick, pleeeeeease! My whole body's 
    one big bruise after yesterday.
    Frederick: A clear indication you need to train more. You're badly out of 
    shape. Now come. You'll never get stronger by making excuses.
    Lissa: I won't get any stronger if I die from training too hard, either! I 
    need a break, Frederick. Do you know what a break is?
    Frederick: I am familiar with the concept, yes. But it's not something I 
    engage in personally.
    Lissa: How is that possible? People need to let off steam or they explode. 
    It's very messy.
    Frederick: I exist to serve and protect you and Chrom. That is my role as a 
    knight. The oath I took did not include stipulations for time off.
    Lissa: You know what? I think you just don't know HOW to relax.
    Frederick: .....
    Lissa: Wait! I thought I was joking... Was I right?! You don't know how to 
    Frederick: ...Enough talk. Adopt your stance. We'll practice dodging arrows.
    Lissa: More like dodging questions.
    Frederick: .....
    Lissa: All right, fine. I can see this is going to take some doing. So how 
    about this: in exchange for making me stronger, I'll train you in the art of 
    slacking off. You should feel honored. I'm the best slacker in all Ylisse!
    Frederick: Milady, we really don't have time for-
    Lissa: If we don't make the time to waste, you'll never learn to waste time!
    Frederick: Wasting time learning how to better waste time seems a frightful 
    waste of time indeed.
    Lissa: Exactly! So let's get started.
    Frederick: Perhaps this time I should be the one running away...
    Frederick A
    Lissa: Come, Frederick. It's time for your lessons. And don't bother trying 
    to hide this time. You're terrible at it, you know.
    Frederick: .....
    Lissa: Ah, there you are. Come on, didn't we have fun last time?!
    Frederick: Doing what? Wandering about camp, bothering the others for no 
    cause? Or do you mean when we laid in a field, aimlessly staring at clouds 
    for hours?
    Lissa: Both! It was amazing, right? Rejuvenating? Life changing?
    Frederick: It was exhausting! In all my years of training and combat, I've 
    never felt so tired!
    Lissa: A clear indication you need to relax more! You're too in shape, 
    Frederick: .....
    Lissa: ...Did you seriously not enjoy ANY of it?
    Frederick: Well... I can't say it was... entirely unenjoyable... The time we 
    spent exploring was a new and valuable experience.
    Lissa: Oh, goody! I'm so happy to hear that.
    Frederick: If you are happy, then I am happy, milady.
    Lissa: Well then, let's get started! Those clouds aren't going to watch 
    Frederick: But we lazed about yesterday. I propose an alternating schedule. 
    Even-numbered days, we train. Odd-numbered days, we... *ahem* Relax.
    Lissa: Awww...
    Frederick S
    Lissa: Hello, Frederick, I... Huh? Tee hee... What was that you just 
    frantically put away? Are you... hiding something from me, Frederick? Tee hee 
    Frederick: Me? I, er, no. Of course not, milady! Not I. ...Now, how may I 
    help you?
    Lissa: By showing me what you're hiding. Honestly, you're a terrible liar. 
    It's that ring you "secretly" picked up last time we were goofing off in 
    town, huh?
    Frederick: ...Not so secretly, I see.
    Lissa: Hee hee. Did you really think you could keep secrets from ME, after 
    all these years?
    Frederick: Then I suppose you know my intention in buying it... And that it's 
    meant for you?
    Lissa: ..... Well, I was PRETTY sure, but it's never certain till it's 
    certain, you know?
    Frederick: ...Then I suppose it was a waste of time drafting twelve different 
    ways of telling you. You always did know me so well.
    Lissa: It seems like I trained you well, too! I'm so proud of you for wasting 
    so much time! And of course I know you well, Frederick. How could I not? You 
    were my first crush.
    Frederick: Milady, I... I did not know.
    Lissa: I know you didn't, even though I made it SO obvious, SO many times! 
    Honestly, you can be hopelessly dense sometimes. But I guess it worked out in 
    the end, because I got my dream, tee hee.
    Frederick: And what dream was that?
    Lissa: To marry my first love, obviously! It's kinda every girl's dream.
    Frederick: I'm afraid I wouldn't know...
    Lissa: But you must have a dream of your own, right? What's your dream, 
    Frederick: To serve you, to protect you, and make you happy, for as we both 
    shall live.
    Lissa: Hah, well, all right. I think I can let you do that. Twist my arm!
    Frederick: Heh. Thank you, milady.
    Lissa: Okay, you're going to HAVE to start calling me Lissa!
    Frederick: V-very well... Lissa. Thank you.
    A1. Virion C
    Virion: There, all set. Now fly straight and true, my love.
    Lissa: Virion?
    Virion: Oh, horrors! I fear you've caught me in the act.
    Lissa: In the act of... what, exactly? Groping pigeons?
    Virion: Ha ha ha! Oh, my dear lady, no! ...Well, not today, at any rate.
    Lissa: So then, what?
    Virion: I have commended a letter to this bird's fair wing.
    Lissa: Oh, it's a carrier pigeon! But wait, why would you care if I saw that?
    Virion: Well, I'm something of a guest here, being foreign as I am. Protocol 
    demands leave from a commander before carrying on any correspondence.
    Lissa: You mean Chrom? I seriously doubt he'd mind you sending a few letters.
    Virion: Oh, I'm sure you're right. But not everyone shares your brother's 
    broad-mindedness. There are some around the camp who still don't fully trust 
    Lissa: So why not get Chrom's permission? If you're open about it, no one 
    will have any cause for suspicion. ...Er, right? Here, I'll just go ask him 
    Virion: Lissa, wait! I don't... you shouldn't... Oh dear. This won't end 
    Virion B
    Lissa: Hey, Virion. I talked to Chrom; you're clear to send as many pigeons 
    as you want.
    Virion: ...With nary a question about the content of my letters? Fascinating. 
    I commend Chrom's openness, but naivete is a troubling trait in general.
    Lissa: Pfft! He's not naive, silly. I just invented a little backstory for 
    you. I told Chrom you're writing letters to your dear old ma and pa back 
    Virion: Aristocrats have neither "mas" nor "pas," milady! Such vulgar 
    terms... But tell me- suppose I were actually a spy exposing secrets to the 
    enemy? What would be made of your groundless stories then?
    Lissa: Um, wait. Are you confessing to me? Because you don't seem like a spy.
    Virion: Ha ha ha! Oh, this is truly too much. You and Chrom both, you're...
    Lissa: What? Why are you laughing?
    Virion: Apologies, dear girl. Your incandescent innocence simply caught me 
    off guard.
    Lissa: Watch it, fancy pants! It's "milady," not "girl." I won't stand here 
    and be mocked!
    Virion: Perish the thought, milady! I have only the deepest admiration for 
    I'm envious, in fact. Men of my elevated station must suspect all who 
    surround them. You and your brother are blessed to live free of such petty 
    Lissa: You DO realize that as a princess I outrank you twenty times over. 
    Virion: Oh, well... yes... *ahem* I suppose you would, wouldn't you? But then 
    royalty has its own kind of shield from many of life's harsher realities. A 
    fact lesser nobles such as myself know only too well! Caught between the 
    huddled masses below and the royal houses above... O onerous fate! Can one of 
    my standing ever know rest?!
    Lissa: ...Nope. I still don't see how you have it harder than my brother.
    Virion: Er... Yes, well it's a... nuanced thing. A casual observer might 
    agree that leading an army is the greater burden. But to the trained eye, 
    it's quite clear that... You see, um...
    Lissa: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?
    Virion: NO! I DON'T! OKAY?! Are you pleased to hear it?! I... *ahem* My 
    apologies. What were we talking about?
    Lissa: Your stupid carrier pigeons! Gods, even if you were a spy, it wouldn't 
    matter. Your expressions would more likely confuse the enemy than help them!
    Anyway, you still haven't told me-what are your dumb letters about, anyway?
    Virion: I'm afraid that's priveleged information my dear lady.
    Lissa: What?! But after I... Ngaaah!
    Virion: Ha ha! Ladies prefer a man with a bit of mystery, my dear Lissa. 
    Though our exchange has been most valuable in its own right...
    Lissa: What, you're happy you got to hide something from me?
    Virion: No, I learned you trust me! A lady's faith is among the sweetest 
    gifts she can bestow. This has been ever so enlightening, my dear. You have 
    my thanks.
    Lissa: Bah, I still think you're full of it!
    Virion A
    Virion: Hmm, it should have returned by now...
    Lissa: Waiting for one of your precious carrier pigeons, Virion?
    Virion: D-don't be silly, milady! Just enjoying a bit of refined reflection 
    as I bask in the westering sun's ruby light...
    Lissa: Oh, sooo I guess you won't be needing this then?
    Virion: My pigeon!
    Lissa: It flew in through my window. I think the thunderstorm must have 
    frightened the poor thing. Or maybe it just likes me. But since you don't 
    need it, maybe I'll just keep-
    Virion: Wait! I... suppose if it's afraid, the humane thing is to restore it 
    to a familiar setting... Perhaps I should take it back. For its sake. Now 
    give Virion the bird like a good lady.
    Lissa: Geez, you're WELCOME!
    Virion: There! The creature seems calmer already. ...But what's this? A reply 
    tied to its leg?
    Lissa: What does it say?
    Virion: Mmm, as if you don't already know?
    Lissa: What's THAT supposed to mean?
    Virion: The bird flew in through your window, my dear. Would you really have 
    me believe you didn't so much as peek at this massive?
    Lissa: I didn't! It's the truth.
    Virion: Are you daft, girl?! Why ever not?! You'll never hope for a better 
    chance to learn the contents of my correspondence! Why, if I were hatching a 
    Lissa: You're not hatching anything, birdbrain!
    Virion: But... how can you be so sure?
    Lissa: Because I am! Because you're Virion and... I trust you. If I'm going 
    to hear about these secret letters, I want it to be from you. I'm not about 
    to violate your privacy to satisfy my idle curiosity.
    Virion: How... utterly bizarre. Alluring, yes, but bizarre.
    Lissa: What's bizarre?!
    Virion: Your trust. As I said before, a lady's faith is a heady thing. Oft 
    too strong a brew for me in times past... But I fear I'm starting to acquire 
    a taste for it.
    Lissa: Care to boil that down for me, fancy pants?
    Virion: Someday, this new taste may blossom into a full-blown addiction... 
    And on that day, I shall tell you all about my letters.
    Lissa: ...SOMEDAY?! Well, if you're going to be such a CHICKEN. I'll just 
    leave you to your PIGEON pal there! When you're ready to talk, you know where 
    to find me. Hmph!
    Virion S
    Lissa: I heard you were looking for me, Virion?
    Virion: Ah, there you are, my dear. Yes, there's something I was hoping to 
    discuss. It shouldn't be long now. Just one... Ah ha! Perfect.
    Lissa: Oh it's your carrier pigeon! ...Is it carrying a flower?
    Virion: Indeed! A common enough specimen where I come from.
    Lissa: It's beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a blossom quite like it.
    Virion: Now, we just take the stem... and wind it back around, through the 
    Lissa: Oh! You made it into a ring!
    Virion: Just so. In the language of flowers, this particular blossom means 
    "eternal love." It's frequently given out at weddings in my country.
    Lissa: Eternal love... How wonderful.
    Virion: It's... for you, milady.
    Lissa: Aw, really?
    Virion: Of course. ...And this as well.
    Lissa: But wait, that's... This is... Virion, this is a real ring.
    Virion: A humble gift for the woman whose trust has become my fondest 
    Lissa: Are you asking to... marry me?
    Virion: If you would stoop so low to have me. Though naturally, if you obect, 
    Lissa: No! Of course I don't object. It's just...
    Virion: Just... what?
    Lissa: What were all those damned letters about?!
    Virion: Oh, yes. ...That.
    Lissa: If you said this day ever came, you would tell me.
    Virion: So I did. Very well- here. Read one for yourself.
    Lissa: "My sweet Virion: I was overjoyed at your last letter. I hope the 
    flower arrives intact! Your father and I are eager to meet her as soon as 
    circumstances allow." Wait, this IS from your parents! So the story I told 
    Chrom was...
    Virion: Actually the truth, yes.
    Lissa: You big jerk! You lectured me about spies and lying and... and... and 
    Virion: I lectured you for telling groundless stories, my dear. A subtle but 
    important difference. I never said your groundless story wasn't accurate.
    Lissa: Unbelievable! ...But wait. I still don't understand. Why all the 
    Virion: Because it's... well, embarrassing  A proud aristocrat, staking his 
    life in a just and noble war, writing home to Mother?
    Lissa: I think it's gallant! What greater reason to fight is there than love 
    of family?
    In fact, when I told the story to Chrom, I thought how nice it'd be if it WAS 
    true... Beside... I accept you, Virion, just the way you are. And yes, I 
    accept your proposal, too.
    Virion: You'll wear the ring?
    Lissa: Proudly. As a symbol of my trust in you, Virion. ...And our love.
    A1. Stahl C
    Stahl: Ah, that's MUCH better!
    Lissa: Well, there's nothing a good healing staff can't fix!
    Stahl: I'm sorry to have you use it for a simple stomachache. I thought I had 
    more tonic in my bag, but every flask was empty.
    Lissa: That's because you're always giving it to other people! By the way, 
    what cause your tummy rumble in the first place?
    Stahl: Stress! Lots and lots of stress! ...I'm searching for a special item, 
    you see.
    And every time we arrive in a town, I think, "This is it! It must be here!" 
    But I always end up disappointed.
    Lissa: Oooo! Sounds spicy! So what's the secret item, huh? Tell me, tell me!
    Stahl: Wing scales from a rare giant butterfly. My brother wants them for a 
    concoction. They're impossible to find in Ylisse, so he hoped I could buy 
    some on our journey. I go to the market in every town we visit, but not a 
    single merchant has had them.
    Lissa: Aw, I see... Not quite as exciting as I was expecting... And I can't 
    believe your dumb brother gave you errands in the middle of a war!
    Stahl: I admit, his timing could have been better.
    Lissa: You risk your life every day! You can't waste energy chasing butterfly 
    Stahl: Heh, well, he IS my brother. How could I say no?
    Lissa: *Sigh* You're far too nice to people, Stahl. You let them push you 
    Oh, fine. I guess I'll try to help. What's the name of this stupid butterfly?
    Stahl: Oh, gracious, no! I couldn't possibly involve you in this fool's 
    Lissa: It's not for you! I just don't want to wast any more cures on your 
    silly stomach! The sooner you find the scales, the sooner I can worry about 
    REAL problems!
    Stahl: Well, if you really want to help...
    Lissa: You just stand there smiling. Lissa is on the case!
    Stahl B
    Stahl: The butterfly scales! At last! Oh, many thanks for your help, Lissa!
    Lissa: Hey, no sweat. I had a little shopping errand of my own to do anyway. 
    My brother wanted me to buy perfume for someone, but he wouldn't tell me who. 
    He just said to buy something I liked, which isn't really much of a clue. 
    He's so dense sometimes! I mean, what if his special lady friend has 
    different tastes?!
    Stahl: I don't suppose it matters so much, does it? It's the thought that 
    counts after all. Besides, it's hard for a man to buy perfume on his own. I 
    know from experience!
    Lissa: There you go again, giving people the benefit of the doubt. Don't you 
    think it's super annoying how both our brothers treat us like servants? I 
    mean, here we both are running from market to market buying stuff for 'em!
    Stahl: Heh! You have a point.
    Lissa: Of course I do! ...And I don't mind so much, but it's super unfair for 
    You're always helping other people, and you never get anything in return.
    Stahl: Oh, but I do! I enjoy helping people and making things a little easier 
    for them. As long as someone actually acknowledges my efforts now and then, 
    that's enough.
    Lissa: Aw, you are SUCH a sweetie! In that case, I'll watch you like a hawk 
    and make sure no good deed goes unseen!
    Stahl: Well in THAT case, I'll have to be sure I give you something to see!
    Stahl A
    Stahl: ......
    Lissa: What are you reading, Stahl?
    Stahl: A letter from my brother. He's thanking me for the butterfly scales I 
    Lissa: Ye gods, what dreadful penmanship! It's nothing at all like yours.
    Stahl: Heh. My brother is a rugged, no-nonsense sort. He doesn't much care 
    for calligraphy. But look here! He sent along more of his secret stomach 
    This new recipe uses the butterfly scales. It's twice as effective as before!
    Lissa: So the errand he sent you on was actually for your benefit?
    Stahl: Apparently so! It's a good reminder---brothers don't always say and do 
    the right thing... But in the end, or when it matter, they always have our 
    interests in mind.
    Lissa: Pffft! Not MY brother! I doubt he ever thinks of me at all! Unless 
    it's to tell me that I'm childish and I should learn to grow up or whatever. 
    He's too busy running a country and a war to worry about his little sister...
    Stahl: I assure you, that is not the case! At all! Chrom cares for you very 
    And who can blame him? If I had a charming sister like you, I'd never leave 
    your side!
    Lissa: Y-you think I'm charming?
    Stahl: Of course! ...Er, is that strange?
    Lissa: I'm... I'm just not used to accepting praise from such a... fine 
    gentleman, is all. Thanks, Stahl. You made my day!
    Stahl: Heh, well, I only spoke the truth.
    Stahl S
    Lissa: Er, Stahl? Look what Chrom gave me.
    Stahl: Isn't that the perfume he had you buy?
    Lissa: He felt bad about missing my birthday, so he wanted to get something I 
    really liked. Apparently I mentioned wanting a new perfume, and so...
    Stahl: He sent you to buy your favorite kind. Ha! I told you brothers always 
    pull through!
    Lissa: Hee hee! Yeah, he really is the best brother a girl could have.
    Stahl: Seeing you in such a happy mood, perhaps I should seize the 
    Lissa: Opportunity? For what?
    Stahl: Lissa, I have a confession to make.
    Lissa: Ooh, a confession?! Scandalous! Okay, dish. Give me all the juicy 
    Stahl: I love you.
    Lissa: ...What?!
    Stahl: I know you're royalty, and I never felt I was worthy to court you. So 
    I kept my feelings bottled up until I no longer had the strength to hide 
    Th-that's why I decided to buy you this ring.
    Lissa: ...... Oh, Stahl, yes! Yes, of COURSE I'll marry you! I've loved you 
    Stahl: Truly?!
    Lissa: YES, you ninny! Here, let's see that ring.
    Stahl: ...Ah, it fits you perfectly!
    Lissa: Hee hee! It totally does, huh? I'm so glad you finally unbottled those 
    feelings, tee hee!
    Stahl: It's like a weight off my shoulders! I can't wait to tell my brother 
    the good news...
    Lissa: Oh, right! And I gotta tell Chrom! ...Oh, hey! You and him are gonna 
    be brothers now! That's so weird.
    Stahl: Heh, and so wonderful. Just like you, Lissa.
    A1. Vaike C
    Vaike: Ogre's teeth! Where in blue blazes has Chrom gone to?! ...Say, Lissa! 
    You ain't seen that brother or yours skulkin' around, have ya?
    Lissa: If I had, I wouldn't tell YOU.
    Vaike: Oh, come on! It's nothin' serious! Why ya gotta take his side all the 
    Lissa: Because he's my brother and I know you just want to hit him with 
    something! Gods, you're like children, the both of you.
    Vaike: I could try explainin' it, but ya wouldn't understand. It's a warrior 
    Lissa: More like an idiot thing. You know, there ARE other ways to 
    communicate! Besides bopping each other on the head with blunt axes, I mean.
    Vaike: Look, Lissa. The Vaike doesn't hate your bro. Heck, I like him! Most 
    of the time... But we've gotta fight! Fate made us rivals, and who are we to 
    deny fate?
    Lissa: Oh now, that is just absurd. So why, exactly, are you "rivals"?
    Vaike: Huh? Well, you know. ...Stuff.
    Lissa: No, I don't know! I think you have a grudge against Chrom, and that's 
    all there is to it!
    Vaike: A grudge? No way! I RESPECT the man! He's the greatest warrior in the 
    realm! But if you wanna be the very best, ya gotta beat the very best...
    Lissa: Ah-ha!
    Vaike: ...B-but don't go tellin' him I said that! If he knew I was praisin' 
    him, I'd never hear the end of it every time we squared off!
    Lissa: Tee hee, don't worry, Teach. I'll keep your little secret.
    Vaike B
    Lissa: Vaike? I asked Chrom about you, and do you know what he said? He said 
    you're a great warrior and he's learning a lot from your duels.
    Vaike: Bah! He's just trying to soften up ol' Teach.
    Lissa: Er, but didn't you say pretty much the same thing about him the other 
    Vaike: Keep your voice down! I told ya, that's between you and me.
    Lissa: Riiiight. How silly of me.
    Vaike: Did ya know that Chrom once put on a disguise and came to my little 
    town? Never let on 'bout who he was, even when my axe took a... dislikin' to 
    him. I used to think royals were nothin' but puffed-up blowhards. Stick a pin 
    in their silk-covered hides and whoosh! ...All the air runs out of 'em. But 
    that brother of yours... He changed my mind.
    Lissa: People are always reminding Chrom he's royalty. ...He tends to forget.
    Vaike: I've dealt with a lot of fool ignorance since I joined the Shepherds. 
    People are always askin' who I think I am, a commoner lording it up with 
    princes. I've had it from lowborn and highborn alike. ...But never Chrom. 
    It's like he doesn't care where I'm from, so long as I handle myself in a 
    Lissa: Vaike, behind all the bluster, I think you may love Chrom more than 
    any of us.
    Vaike: Hey, don't go puttin' words in my mouth! And not a word of this to 
    Chrom, either! ...'Specially that lovey-dovey part.
    Lissa: My, so many secrets we're sharing these days, tee hee...
    Vaike: One of these days, the Vaike needs to learn to keep his big yap shut.
    Lissa: Oh, don't be silly. I'm actually tickled you trust me. Just promise 
    you'll try to get along with my brother, all right?
    Vaike: All right. ...But AFTER I beat him!
    Vaike A
    Lissa: *Slurp chomp* So then Chrom, he... *chomp, chomp* *snort* So he 
    Vaike: Look, either you should eat or you should talk. ...Actually, just eat, 
    would you?
    Lissa: Okay, I'll... *chomp, chomp* *slurp*
    Vaike: You really think that brother of yours is the bee's knees, don't you?
    Lissa: *Schnorf slurp* Look who's talking! *Crunch* *chomp*
    Vaike: Cripes, why did I ever buy you that blasted mince pie in the first 
    Lissa: Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm 
    Vaike: This is a fool bit of business, and no denyin'... Still, the more I 
    hear your stories about Chrom, the more I admire him.
    Lissa: I'm SO proud of him... He's done so much for our people... and for me.
    I feel like anything I've accomplished I owe to him in one way or another.
    Vaike: Aw, what are you talkin' about! You expect ol' Teach to believe that?
    Lissa: Oh, don't mind me. I'm just blabbering.
    Vaike: Way I see it, you got lots to be proud of. I mean 'sides your brother.
    Lissa: Do you really think so?
    Vaike: As sure as my name is Vaike the Mighty! Ya never back down from a 
    challenge, and you're not all snooty like most royal folk. You're nice, and 
    kind, and as beautiful as a goddess! Gods strike me down if it ain't the 
    truth! You got plenty to be proud of!
    Lissa: Vaike, that's... Well, thank you. Even if it was a total exaggeration.
    Vaike: No japin'! You're all that and more! There's just so much good in ya.
    Lissa: Goodness... W-well, I suppose I could say the same of you, couldn't I?
    All that talk about fighting my brother? About being rivals? I know it's all 
    just bluster. You don't want anyone to know what a kind, considerate, and 
    wonderful man you are!
    Vaike: Aw, shucks... You're gonna make the Vaike blush...
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Hey, Lissa? Ya seen Chrom around?
    Lissa: You're not looking to duel him again, are you? Because I though we-
    Vaike: No, no! Not that! It's just... Well, it kinda concerns you, actually.
    Lissa: Oh?
    Vaike: See, I been thinkin' and... Well, I was wondering if... Aw, 
    horsefeathers. I'm no good at this! So what I'm tryin' to say is... Would ya 
    do me the honor of wearin' this?
    Lissa: ...Is that... is that an engagement ring?!
    Vaike: I had the town armorer craft it special. I know it ain't much, 
    'specially for a royal... But I ain't a rich man, and so this was really all 
    I could-
    Lissa: You know that if we wed. Chrom will be your brother in name, yes? That 
    means no more talk of duels and rivals. Got it?
    Vaike: Aw, nuts to that! I love ya, Lissa! I love ya so much it hurts! But 
    Chrom and me are rivals, and it'll take more than a weddin' to change it!
    Lissa: TRULY?! Gods, you are simply the most stubborn, willful... brave, and 
    strong, and charming man I have ever known. Yes, Vaike. Yes! I accept!
    Vaike: Aw, Lissa, you've made the Vaike's day! Week! Year! Lifetime!
    Lissa: We should go tell my brother the good news. I'm sure he'll be 
    Vaike: That's why I was lookin' for him. ...Figured I should get his 
    Lissa: Well, then. Shall we look together?
    Vaike: Yeah, together! After you, Mrs. the Vaike!
    A1. Kellam C
    Lissa: Tsk, my stupid brother can be so selfish sometimes! I spent AGES 
    making this pie, and he didn't eat a bite! Oh well, I suppose I'll just have 
    to eat the whole thing by my-
    Kellam: I'll help.
    Lissa: ARRRGH! KELLAM! Gods! D-don't sneak up on me like that!
    Kellam: But... I've been standing here since before you arrived...
    Lissa: Oh... well, yeah... I guess I should be sorry, then. So, what were you 
    saying? You want some of this pie?
    Kellam: Yes, please! I'm awful hungry... *Munch, munch* Mmm... Mmm? Murf...
    Lissa: Well? How is it?
    Kellam: *Cough* *hack* Haaaaaaa... Um, it's... Well, it certainly... 
    Lissa: I know, right? I add an elixir to give it that extra kick. I can't 
    believe Chrom wouldn't have any. It's so good for you!
    Kellam: Actually, Lissa, perhaps you should try it once without the elixir...
    Lissa: Really? Huh. Well, maybe next time. Hey, do you know a lot about 
    cooking? You could taste-test more of my pies! I want to make a pie that not 
    even jerkface Chrom can resist!
    Kellam: Well... if you really need a guinea pig, I... guess I could help 
    out... In these times of turmoil, we all have to make sacrifices for the 
    greater good.
    Lissa: ...Sacrifices?
    Kellam: Er, well, that is...Sacrificing, uh... my diet!
    Kellam B
    Lissa: Kellam, it's ready! Kellam! Where are- Oh! There you are. Here it is, 
    Kellam! A piping-hot pie fresh from Lissa's oven of surprises!
    Kellam: ...Oh. Joy.
    Lissa: I made an extra big one this time, so eat as much as you like.
    Kellam: *Shudder* Okay... L-Let's see it... *Sniiiff*
    Lissa: You see how the filling has a rainbow of colors in it?
    Kellam: Golly, so it does...
    Lissa: It's more savory than sweet. I plan to serve it as a dinner.
    Kellam: Let me... just have a little sample first. Let's see... *chew* GURGH!
    Lissa: Kellam?! Are you all right? Is that good heaving or bad heaving? Does 
    the filling taste funny? I didn't mess it up again, did I...?
    Kellam: L-Lissa, do you ever... taste the dishes yourself?
    Lissa: Nooooo. Why? Should I?
    Kellam: It's... a good thing... you gave this to me... first... Th-then... 
    only one of us... need... know... the horror...
    Lissa: K-Kellam?! Oh gods, he fainted! Kellam, can you hear me?! Stay away 
    from the light! Gah! Where did I put my healing staff?!
    Kellam A
    Kellam: I haven't seen you baking any pies recently, Lissa. Don't tell me 
    you've given up.
    Lissa: But... aren't you angry at me?
    Kellam: Angry? About what?
    Lissa: Well, you know. When I almost killed you with my rainbow filling.
    Kellam: Why would I be angry? It wasn't intentional. Er, it actually WASN'T 
    intentional, right?
    Lissa: Kellam, you are SO sweet! ...You know, I don't think I've ever seen 
    you angry. Not even once.
    Kellam: I've never seen the point of anger. It's not much fun for anyone. 
    Whenever I feel myself getting mad, I hold it in until it fades away. Because 
    it always does in the end.
    Lissa: You know, Kellam. I'm going to have another go at making a pie. And 
    this time it's going to be totally delicious, and you'll get the first taste!
    Kellam: Um... that sounds... nice?
    Kellam S
    Lissa: ...Well? How was it?
    Kellam: It was delicious. Honestly and truly!
    Lissa: I know, right? I've been practicing SO much, and it finally paid off.
    Kellam: If you serve this to Chrom, he'll eat every last crumb.
    Lissa: Oh, I don't care about my dumb brother anymore. I just wanted to make 
    a pie that YOU liked!
    Kellam: I'd happily eat your cooking for the rest of my life, Lissa.
    Lissa: For reals?
    Kellam: Yes. And here's the proof...
    Lissa: A ring?
    Kellam: My mother made it. Pretty fancy, don't you think? She told me to give 
    it to the woman I'd spend the rest of my life with. And I know you're royalty 
    and all, but... Lissa, would you marry me?
    Lissa: Oh my gosh, YES! Of course! ...Er, but you should know that cooking 
    isn't the only thing I'm bad at. I can't sew. Or do laundry, really. And I'm 
    not much for cleaning or yard work.
    Kellam: Wait. You can't do any of those things? ...Really?
    Lissa: Hey! You're SUPPOSED to say "Oh, it doesn't matter!"
    Kellam: B-but that means I have to do absolutely... everything.
    Lissa: Too late! I've got the ring, and I'm not giving it back!
    Kellam: Oh dear.
    Lissa: Anyway, don't worry. You've got plenty of time for all those chores! 
    We're gonna be together for forever and ever and ever!
    A1. Lon'qu C
    Lissa: There you are, Lon'qu! I take it my brother talked to you?
    Lon'qu: Er... 
    Lissa: Oh, stop it! Yes, I'm a girl, but it's your job to guard me! So no 
    running away and being all weird. All right?
    Lon'qu: Chrom said there was a plot on your life. Is this accurate?
    Lissa: Yeah. I guess somebody wants my sweet little head on a platter. Don't 
    ask me why!
    Lon'qu: You're of royal blood. That's enough to make you a target. And any 
    shadow could hide a knife, so we must ensure you are never alone.
    Lissa: My hero! I don't have to worry about a thing with you around! La la 
    Lon'qu: Don't be careless! Keep your eyes open! Death could lurk in any nook 
    or... *Sigh* Surely there is someone else better suited to this task.
    Lissa: Yeah, but you were just lazing around catching butterflies all day, so 
    Lon'qu: I certainly was not!
    Lissa: J-just kidding, Lon'qu! Kidding! I'm sure Chrom was impressed by your 
    skill and charm and good looks! I mean, out of everyone else here, he's 
    trusting you to keep his little sis safe. That's a pretty huge honor, right? 
    Lon'qu: ...I suppose.
    Lissa: Right! So come on, no more grumbling. Let's shake hands and make nice!
    Lon'qu: .....
    Lissa: Oh, fine. No handshaking. We can just... nod at each other. Sheesh! Do 
    you really have such a problem with women?
    Lon'qu: I find them... disconnecting. But it will not interfere with my duty.
    Lissa: Hmm... Maybe as thanks for guarding me I'll go ahead and fix your 
    little problem...
    Lon'qu: ...Or maybe not?
    Lissa: Fiiiiiine! I'm going to train, then. You can... just stand there and 
    look dour.
    Lon'qu: That suits me just fine.
    Lon'qu B
    Lissa: It's about time the rain stopped, I thought it'd never-ooooooh! Look! 
    A rainbow!
    Lon'qu: Keep your distance. I can see it from here.
    Lissa: Um, can you even GUARD me from that far away?!
    Lon'qu: I can close the distance in the blink of an eye.
    Lissa: Seriously? I'm nowhere near that fast! Here, lemme see how long it 
    takes to-
    Lon'qu: Enough! Stop trying to get closer!
    Lissa: Hee hee! You're pretty sharp! ... But I'm just trying to be friendly. 
    How are we supposed to be best buds if you're way over there?
    Lon'qu: I'm close enough to protect you. ...And we are NOT "best buds."
    Lissa: Geez, what a grump! Why even bother guarding me if that's how you 
    Lon'qu: Because those are my orders... and morale would fall if anything 
    happened to you.
    Lissa: Oh, puh-leeeeeeese! No one would care if something happened to me. 
    Someone stronger would just roll my corpse out of the way and take up the 
    Lon'qu: ...Do you truly not see how your presence energizes the others? How 
    your smile and demeanor put everyone at ease?
    Lissa: R-really? Hee... Sooo, what about you, Lon'qu? ...Does my smile put 
    you at ease?
    Lon'qu: Perhaps. ...From a certain distance.
    Lissa: Ugh, why do I even BOTHER?! I'll see you later, grump.
    Lon'qu: Wait. I'll go with you.
    Lissa: No you won't! I'm going to take a bath!
    Lon'qu: But my orders... You'll be...
    (Lissa leaves)
    Lon'qu: Argh! Hmm, now that I think about it, there's been no sign of any 
    attempts on her life... Either her would-be assailants are being extremely 
    cautious... Or perhaps this is some sort of ruse? Are she and Chrom toying 
    with me?
    Lon'qu A
    Lissa: The path's kinda bumpy here, Lon'qu. Should we hold hands?
    Lon'qu: No.
    Lissa: Honestly, you think you'd be used to me by now. And you're always so 
    serious! It wouldn't kill you to smile once in a-
    Lon'qu: Shhh!
    Lissa: That is SO rude! Gosh, I'm only trying to-
    Lon'qu: Get behind me! Quickly! There's a- Hngh!
    Lissa: N-no, Lon'qu! You're hurt! Please, you can't... Don't die!
    Lon'qu: ...Ngh. It's just a single arrow. It won't kill me.
    Lissa: Yeah, but any more of them could... And I... I think we're surrounded!
    Lon'qu: I wager we've found your assassins. Stay close!
    Lissa: R-right!
    (Time passes)
    Lon'qu: ...That's the last of them.
    Lissa: Here, hold still. Let me tend to your wounds.
    Lon'qu: I'm fine. Are you hurt?
    Lissa: No. Thanks to you. 
    Lon'qu: Good. That's... good.
    Lissa: Lon'qu, you just... You saved my life.
    Lon'qu: I followed orders. You should be safe now, but I'd better escort you 
    to your tent, just to be certain.
    Lissa: Um, Lon'qu?
    Lon'qu: What?
    Lissa: Now that you foiled the plot, I guess your bodyguard duty will be 
    over... I suppose we're done walking together like this, huh?
    Lon'qu: I see no reason to continue.
    Lissa: Yeah, but... We were finally getting close. I'd be sad to lose that 
    Lon'qu: Do not lay this at my feet. I told you to keep your distance.
    Lissa: Yeah, but...
    Lon'qu: *Sigh* I... suppose... we could still chat. If you want... From time 
    to time.
    Lissa: You mean it?! Oh, yay! Thanks, Lon'qu!
    Lon'qu: *Grumble, grumble*
    Lon'qu S
    Lissa: Heya, Lon'qu! I'm back for another chat!
    Lon'qu: ...All right.
    Lissa: Yeesh, try to contain your excitement there. Oh, and be sure not to 
    smile. Most boys would cut off a leg to have a cute girl drop by to talk.
    Lon'qu: Would you have me paste on a fake grin whenever you grace me with 
    your presence?
    Lissa: Well, no... Actually, that would be really creepy, coming from you.
    Lon'qu: Then this is what you get.
    Lissa: All right, all right. You don't have to be so cold to me. I just miss 
    you, you know! You were guarding me around the clock for so long, and now I 
    barely see you. But I suppose you wouldn't understand how I feel, huh? I 
    mean, you can't stand girls. All right, listen. If you don't want me here, 
    just say so and I'll leave you in peace.
    Lon'qu: I... like when you come to see me.
    Lissa: Great, fine. Don't worry, I know where the door is. You don't have 
    to... Wait, what'd you say? I must not have heard you right... Because it 
    almost sounded like you said you liked having a girl come bother you.
    Lon'qu: You heard me fine... And you are no bother. I... also miss the time 
    we spent together.
    Lissa: ...I must be losing my mind.
    Lon'qu: This may come as a surprise... but I have something for you.
    Lissa: A ring? ...Is this a WEDDING ring? But wait, you hate women!
    Lon'qu: I don't hate anyone. And as far as my issue with women, you... are 
    the exception. I find myself thinking of nothing but you. My every moment is 
    consumed with you. If you will allow it, I swear to be with you and protect 
    you for the rest of your days.
    Lissa: Oh, Lon'qu... Of COURSE I'll allow it! And I'll watch your back, too! 
    But you have to be beside me always. No more distance!
    Lon'qu: ...No more distance.
    A1. Donnel C
    Lissa: Ah ha! I've been looking for you, Donny.
    Donnel: Huh? Did you need me for somethig, Yer Gracefulship?
    Lissa: No titles! We've talked about this before. I want you to think of me 
    as an older sister.
    Donnel: I know, Yer Worshipful... er, Miss Lissa. But it feels so darn weird!
    Lissa: Well, get used to it! You're one of a precious few allies younger than 
    me, you know? I have to milk this! Anyway, feel free to come ask for my help 
    Donnel: But yer the princess of Ylisse, Miss Lissa!
    Lissa: Then consider it a royal order. ...And drop the "miss" stuff!
    Donnel: Y-yes, ma'am!
    Lissa: ...Well, I suppose that'll do for now. Hee, this is great! I always 
    wanted a little brother to order around!
    Donnel: Gosh! I'm honored, I guess.
    Lissa: Now, what can your big sis do for you? Anything at all, just say the 
    Donnel: Er... I'm frightful sorry to dash your hopes'n all, but I can't 
    think'a nothing' right now. L-lemme work on it. Bye!
    Lissa: Wha? Hey! Get back here!
    Donnel B
    Lissa: Looks like it's the two of us on provisioning duty today! What should 
    we hunt for? Mushrooms? Wild herbs? Ooh, maybe berries?
    Donnel: That all sounds tasty, but fightin' a war takes stouter stuff'n that. 
    I vote for game!
    Lissa: So, er, meat. From animals. Riiight... Guess we need to hunt some, 
    Er, let's see...
    Donnel: Don't fret it none. I laid a half dozen traps yesterday just in case. 
    Just follow me, Lissa!
    Lissa: Whoa, look! Two rabbits and a boar! The traps really worked!
    Donnel: Good thing, too. Now I ain't gotta worry 'bout you wanderin' around 
    in the woods.
    Lissa: I'm amazed, Donny. Where'd you learn how to hunt like this?
    Donnel: From my pa, at first. Past that, I just kinda picked it up on my own.
    Lissa: Wow. No matter where you are, you'll never lack for food.
    Donnel: From yer lips to Naga's ears! 'Sides, I couldn't see my dream through 
    if I weren't able to get anywheres.
    Lissa: What dream is that?
    Donnel: To travel the world lookin' for the secret to this stone my pa gave 
    Was his dream, too, back before... Well when he was still alive. ...So I'm 
    fixin' to do it for him.
    Lissa: That's wonderful, Donny. You make me want to really knuckle down and 
    buckle down on my own dream.
    Donnel: You got a dream, Lissa?
    Lissa: Hey! Why do you sound so surprised?
    Donnel: Wh-what?! Naw, I didn't mean it that way at all!
    Lissa: My dream is to become a true lady like my sister, Emmeryn.
    Donnel: Well, I reckon you'll get there eventually.
    Lissa: ...Eventually?
    Donnel: Er, real soon, I mean! Like tomorrow! I knows ya will! Gosh, I can 
    see it now. I bet you'll be the prettiest lady of 'em all! Wearin' big 
    dresses and dancin' in circles at them fancy balls...
    Lissa: You really think so?
    Donnel: Heck, I know so! Prettiest lady in the whole dang world, see if you 
    Lissa: Heh heh. Thanks, Donny.
    Donnel A
    Lissa: Settle down and take a seat. Professor Lissa is now instructing.
    Donnel: Er, if I'm gonna be learnin', I'd rather it was Sir Chrom teachin' me 
    to fight proper. I don't mean no offense, Lissa, but-
    Lissa: Tut tut! No talking! ...And it's PROFESSOR Lissa! All right now, 
    class. Open your texts to page 84.
    Donnel: Er, beggin' your pardon, Professor, but that constellation's the 
    Wyvern, not the Dragon.
    Lissa: ...What?
    Donnel: Yes, ma'am. And that bright star ain't Arthentine, it's Tryffin.
    Lissa: Rgh, fine! This astronomy lesson is OVER! Just...read the book quietly 
    to yourself!
    Donnel: Aw, Lissa! Wait, I didn't... Dang it all. Why'd I have to go openin' 
    my fool mouth?
    Lissa: That little know-it-all! Pigs'll fly before I offer to team HIM again! 
    ...Gyaaaaaah! Oh darn it! I twisted my ankle! Aw, why did I have to storm off 
    so far from camp! I...I could die out here! I'm gonna be eaten by a bear or a 
    lumberjack or something!
    Donnel: Lissa? Miss Lissa, can you hear me? Where are ya, Lissa?
    Lissa: D-Donny?! Over here! I'm here, Donny!
    Donnel: Oh, thank goodness. I was worried ya... Huh? What's up with yer leg, 
    Lissa: I sort of... twisted my ankle...
    Donnel: Lemme have a look at that... Pig slop! There ain't no "sort of" about 
    it. Ya done sprained it bad. Here, hop on m'back.
    Lissa: What? You don't have to...
    Donnel: Just hurry up and climb on! ...Er, please. There's talk'a bandits 
    showin' up all over these parts, so we best skedaddle.
    Lissa: A-all right.
    Donnel: ...Hup! All right, you hang on now! I'll have us back in two shakes.
    Lissa: S-say, Donny? Were you out looking for me this whole time? ...I'm so 
    sorry. I make a pretty terrible older sister.
    Donnel: Aw, that ain't true at all, Lissa. I'm just happy ya care about me. 
    Yer always so nice to me and all...
    Lissa: Heh... I'd say the same thing for you, Donny.
    Donnel S
    Donnel: ......
    Lissa: What are you up to, Donny? And what is that? A ring?
    Donnel: Gah! L-Lissa... This, uh... I was just...
    Lissa: Wait, is that what I think it is?
    Donnel: ...Y-ye, ma'am, I reckon it is.
    Lissa: You can't!
    Donnel: Huh...?
    Lissa: Y-you're... You're not ready!
    Donnel: ...Too soon, eh?
    Lissa: I mean, sure, you're more reliable than I'd thought... And more 
    knowledgeable, and kind, and able to survive on your own in the world... 
    Wait, maybe you ARE ready... No, no, no! What am I saying?! A thousand times 
    Donnel: Yeah, all right. I reckon yer just lookin' out for me. 'Sides, it's 
    crazy to think a farm boy like me could be with a princess...
    Lissa: Wait, what? Donny, who are you talking about?
    Donnel: I'm sorry, Lissa. You were a little bit nice to me and I went and got 
    the wrong idea. Won't mention it ever again, though, don't ya worry. I'll 
    just be goin' now...
    Lissa: Hey, wait! You were planning to give that to ME?
    Donnel: ...Yeah?
    Lissa: Augh, stupid Donny! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID!
    Donnel: Awww! C'mon now, I done said I was sorry...
    Lissa: How can you just give up so easily?! I never said I WOULDN'T accept!
    Donnel: Huh? Then...
    Lissa: Donny, I would love to marry you!
    Donnel: Er, are ya sure? I'm just a big ol' pig slopper from the sticks...
    Lissa: I know.
    Donnel: So if ya get hitched to me, you'll be givin' up on bein' a high-class 
    society lady. No more big dresses or fancy balls or them masks that make ya 
    look like a cat... It'd just about kill me to take yer dreams away from ya.
    Lissa: Hee hee! This isn't the most convincing proposal, Donny. Besides, none 
    of that stopped you from getting that ring for me, did it?
    Donnel: Well, no, but...
    Lissa: You're not taking anything away from me. You're just giving me a new 
    Donnel: ...Yeah?
    Lissa: Yes. A dream of starting a happy family with you.
    Donnel: Golly, Lissa...
    Lissa: And I can become a true lady anywhere! ...Even on a pig farm. It isn't 
    about clothes or dances. It's a matter of character, integrity, and grace. I 
    intend to have all that. A true lady, a happy wife, and a good mother... And 
    I couldn't be any of those things without you. So, will you help me?
    Donnel: Ye-haw! Ya bet yer life I will! Oh, I swear I'll make ya the happiest 
    girl in the world!
    Lissa: You already have, Donny.
    A1. Ricken C
    Ricken: Hrmm...
    Lissa: Uh-oh. You sound barfy, Ricken. Want me to run and get my staff?
    Ricken: I'm all right. I just don't feel like I've been fighting at 100 
    percent lately.
    Lissa: Aw, don't worry. Everybody has an off day. You wanna practice for a 
    little bit?
    Ricken: Practice how?
    Lissa: You know? Spar with me! Maybe it'll get you past your little block.
    Ricken: Oh, uh... No, thanks. It won't help.
    Lissa: Oh, what? WHAT?! Do you think I can't spar with you? Is that it? I may 
    not be my brother, but I can kick serious butt when the mood-
    Ricken: NO! I said it won't help!
    Lissa: ...Whoa.
    Ricken: They're trying to kill us out there, Lissa. Kill. Us. And the only 
    thing we can do is kill them first. ...We have to take the lives of people. 
    My hands are shaking just talking about it. It's just so... terrible.
    Lissa: I'm sorry, Ricken. I didn't mean to make light of everything.
    Ricken: No, I know. I shouldn't have yelled. Sorry, Lissa.
    Lissa: I had no idea things were eating away at you like this...
    Ricken: .....
    Ricken B
    Ricken: What re you doing, Lissa?
    Lissa: Combat training.
    Ricken: ...What?
    Lissa: I fight too, you know!
    Ricken: Is this because of what I said before? You really don't have to do 
    Lissa: Yes, Ricken. I do. I can't expect other people to protect me all the 
    time. We're at war. Unexpected things happen. I need to be ready to do what 
    is necessary.
    Ricken: But, Lissa, that's my job. Protecting you, I mean. Being on the front 
    lines means being in danger, and... I don't want to see you get hurt.
    Lissa: You think I don't feel the same about you? About Chrom? About 
    Ricken: No, but-
    Lissa: You don't get to bear this alone, Ricken! It's totally unfair.
    Ricken: Lissa, I only... You're right. I'm sorry. We're all in this together, 
    no matter what.
    Ricken A
    Lissa: Heya, Ricken. Are you reading again? You're gonna go blind at this 
    Ricken: I've got a lot to learn if I hope to be of use to Chrom in the 
    Lissa: But you're useful now!
    Ricken: I'm talking about the far future. I'm hoping to someday be his royal 
    advisor. He's my hero, you know? I want to be close to him and be someone he 
    can rely on.
    Lissa: Hee hee! Yeah, you want to be close, all right! When you first joined, 
    you followed him around like a baby duckling! So what is it about my brother 
    that draws you to him? And don't say his rugged good looks, or I'll slug you.
    Ricken: When I was young, the other kids used to terrorize me. One time, it 
    got pretty bad... But Chrom jumped in and stopped it. I wasn't used to people 
    being nice to me, so I figured there had to be a catch. Like maybe he was 
    just showing off because he knew he could take the other kids?
    Lissa: MY brother? Showing off? Hah! No, he would have done the same thing no 
    matter who was bullying you.
    Ricken: I found that out for myself when he saved me a second time. The kids 
    chased me into the woods, but then a pack of wolves showed up. There must 
    have been 20 of them... Chrom showed up just in time and ran them all off!
    Lissa: Whoa. Guess I can see why he's your hero.
    Ricken: That's not even the best part. He'd fought another wolf pack just to 
    reach us! After the other pack ran off, he could barely stand. That reminder 
    he was human, too, made everything else all the more impressive. I rememeber 
    wishing I were that brave. I still do, I guess...
    Lissa: I think you're plenty brave, Ricken. And I'm sure you'll be someone's 
    hero someday!
    Ricken: Thanks, Lissa. But for now, the best way for me to get there is to 
    hit the books!
    Ricken S
    Ricken: Are you all right, Lissa? Any injuries from that last battle?
    Lissa: Nope! I'm fit as a fiddle. ...Sweet of you to ask, though.
    Ricken: Sure...
    Lissa: You know, I think you're just as much of a hero as my brother. You've 
    saved my neck more times than I can count, and I can count pretty high.
    Ricken: Of course! You're Chrom's little sister. I'll keep you safe no matter 
    Lissa: ...Oh. Right.
    Ricken: Er, I mean... Oh, that didn't come out right. Yes, you're his little 
    sister. But you're also so much more... When you said you wouldn't let me 
    bear the weight of fighting alone, I... It felt like a weight lifted off me. 
    ...That's why I want to protect you.
    Lissa: Aw, that's so sweet. I'm glad I could help.
    Ricken: I've actually been thinking about this a lot and... See, I was 
    wondering if... Well, here.
    Lissa: A ring?
    Ricken: It's a signet ring passed down within my family. I'd like you to 
    maybe... wear it? 'Cause I'm thinking then I could keep protecting you! 
    ...You know? Forever?
    Lissa: Hee hee! Now you want to stay close to Chrom AND me!
    Ricken: N-no! It's not like that! I mean, yeah, I like him, but I LOVE you!
    Lissa: Ricken. I was teasing!
    Ricken: ...So is that a yes?
    Lissa: Yes!
    A1. Gaius C
    Lissa: Now, this goes through here... Then I just loop this thread aaand... 
    Gaius: You all right there, Princess? What's going on?
    Lissa: I'm TRYYYING to learn needlework! But I'm mostly just poking holes in 
    my dumb finger.
    Gaius: You should wash and dress those wounds, you know.
    Lissa: Yeah, whatever. They're just pinpricks. ...See? Hardly bleeding at 
    Gaius: Small wounds can become infected as easy as large ones. Here, 
    Let me take a look...
    Lissa: Geeze, fine! If you're going to be all stubborn about it... Just stop 
    calling me Princess, all right? It almost sounds sarcastic when you say it.
    Gaius: Just a friendly nickname, is all. I give 'em to everyone.
    Lissa: Yeah, well, I bet you didn't give Chrom a nickname, did you?! It's so 
    unfair. He risks life and limb nearly every day. But me? Nooooo! People hover 
    around me if I have so much as a sewing accident.
    Gaius: If it makes you feel better, this is the worst sewing accident I've 
    ever seen.
    Lissa: Gods, you'd think I was made of glass or something. ...H-hey! Easy 
    with the bandages there! My hands look like a grapefruit!
    Gaius: You pierced a vein, Princess. Lucky It wasn't worse.
    Lissa: *Grumble, grumble*
    Gaius: Aw, cheer up now. Lemme see what you're sewing there! ...Oh. It's, 
    uh... it looooks like... A three-legged ogre? No, wait. A whalefish eating a 
    Lissa: It's a kitty cat.
    Gaius: A cat? Really? Er, maybe If I turn it this way...
    Lissa: Its not done yet, okay?!
    Gaius: Hmm... For a cat, why don't you lengthen this... And then a few 
    stitches here...
    Lissa: ...Holy cow, Gaius! That's amazing! I didn't know you could sew!
    Gauis: I've always had nimble fingers. Useful skill in my trade.
    Lissa: Well, um... Thanks. I guess.
    Gaius: My pleasure. Though perhaps you might take up a safer hobby, hmm?
    Like, say, jousting...
    Gaius B
    Lissa: Wait, so I poke this through here, and loop it over...there?
    Gaius: No, not quite. Here, let me show you. FIRST you loop, theeen...
    Lissa: Oh. I see! That wasn't so hard! ...And look, it's finished! Ta-da!
    Gaius: That's some nice work there, Princess. ...Although I think I did 
    everything but that twisted blue bit up in the corner.
    Lissa: Tee hee! Now that you mention it, you did help an awful lot, didn't 
    You know, if you keep helping me, I'm never going to learn.
    Gaius: Is that so bad? I mean, you're a princess, right? If you need 
    something sewn, you could always just ask the royal seamstress.
    Lissa: That is TOTALLY not how I operate, mister! I refuse to become one of 
    those lazy nobles who can't even butter their own crumpets! Not that I've 
    learned to do most anything useful so far...
    Gaius: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, Princess. This stuff takes time.
    Lissa: Yeah, maybe. It's just so frustrating when I can't do the simplest 
    tasks on my own! Cooking, laundry... you name it...
    Gaius: One thing at a time, Princess. Practice makes perfect.
    Lissa: Practice makes perfect? Hmm... I've never heard of that.
    Gaius: It's a fun little saying, isn't it?
    Lissa: Heck, yeah! And I'm gonna practice until my head falls off. All right, 
    Gaius! I want to learn every skill you know!
    Gaius: Er, but I'm not really the teaching type--
    Lissa: Oh, nonsense! Don't be modest! Teach me stuff! Pleeeeeease?
    Gaius: Well, I suppose it's bad form to turn down a princess...
    Gaius A
    Gaius: GAAAAAACK! Gods, Princess! How much salt did you put in this soup?!
    Lissa: Just the one bag. Is that too much?
    Gaius: Never mind. Let's focus on the positives. Your potatoes were... 
    Lissa: You don't need to try and make me feel better, Gaius. The only reason 
    the potatoes worked is because you remembered to take them out.
    Gaius: Well, I suppose I did help a little...
    Lissa: At this rate, I'd better find a husband who knows how to cook. I mean, 
    would YOU marry a woman who can't even make a sandwhich?
    Gaius: What, me? Um... Well, I don't know. I never really thought abo--
    Lissa: I knew it! You'd toss me out like a moldy sak of grain! All right, 
    then! Tomorrow I want to learn how to open a jar. Deal?
    Gaius: Look, Princess. You're very sweet, and I like you a lot. But are you 
    sure we should be... you know. Seeing so much of each other?
    Lissa: What did you mean?
    Gaius: I'm a thief, and you're Chrom's sister. ...Tongues might start wagging 
    is all.
    Lissa: If anyone has a problem with that, I'll have their head on a pike!
    Gaius: Sorry, I didn't mean--
    Lissa: Tee hee. Just kidding. I wouldn't put anyone's head on a pike. But 
    seriously, I'm not allowed to spend time with my friend? Come on! And I don't 
    give a fig what a bunch of gossipy court ladies say about it!
    Gaius: ...Oh. Well, all right, then.
    Lissa: I want you to treat me just like any of your other friends! And that's 
    an order!
    Gaius: Well for one thing, my other friends don't issue orders...
    Gaius S
    Lissa: Guess who?!
    Gaius: WAAAH!
    Lissa: Oh, sorry! Did I startle you? Oh, er... N-not really, no...
    Lissa: Heh, well it sure SEEMED like it. Especially when you jumped and went 
    Gaius: Look, you shouldn't sneak behind people ad cover their eyes like that!
    Lissa: Hee hee! I thought you'd be used to it by now.
    Gaius: Sometimes I think you could stand to be a bit more princess-like...
    Lissa: Bah! I'll remember you said that the next time I'm out on the 
    battlefield healing you! Well, now you're going to feel super guilty when I 
    show you the gift I brought!
    Gaius: ...Needlepoint. Lissa, did you make this?
    Lissa: Hee hee! I've totally been practicing! Can you tell?
    Gaius: This looks like a cat. But a REAL cat! Not one of your... "unique" 
    Lissa: See? I wouldn't make such a bad wife!
    Gaius: I've never thought you would.
    Lissa: Why Gaius, you old charmer.
    Gaius: ...Er, when you bat your eyelashes at me like that... People might get 
    the wrong idea...
    Lissa: No they wouldn't... Because they would be right.
    Gaius: They would? ...Lissa, I have a question to ask you... You're the 
    sweetest girl I've ever met... If you think I'm worthy, I... I...
    Lissa: You're gonna marry me right now, and that's totally an order!
    Gaius: Oh... Well, that was certainly easier than I expected...
    Lissa: Yaaaaaaay! I KNEW that needlepoint would do the trick!
    A1. Gregor C
    Lissa: EEEEEEK!
    Gregor: Oy! What is matter?!
    Lissa: Ohmigosh! Look at that huge bug!
    Gregor: Is just oversized millipede, yes? No cause to be panicking. You 
    shriek like sun is plummeting into earth- make Gregor choke on tea!
    Lissa: Oh gods, look at it. Urgh... Plus it might be poisonous!
    Gregor: Very well. Gregor take bug outside for sake of delicate princess.
    Lissa: H-hey! I am not delicate! ...But thanks.
    Gregor: You are brave girl, yes? Face many enemies on the field of battle? 
    Gregor not understand why you lose wits when small insect appears in tent.
    Lissa: I know, I know. It's just a thing, all right? I can't stand bugs.
    Gregor: Hmmm. Is just small insects? Or do you fear and hate other things?
    Lissa: Hmm... Well, I don't like snakes, obviously. Or frogs or newts. Any 
    amphibian, really. Spicy food makes me break out in a rash, but I'm not 
    scared of it, per se. But yeah, I guess that's about it. Er, except for the 
    dark. ...Long nails kind of creep me out, too. Especially if they're all 
    dirty? Oh, and lemons! Don't even get me going on lemon. But the worst are 
    ghosts! Oh, they are just absolutely terrible... ...Yeah, so I guess that's 
    everything. Oh, wait! Certain kinds of sausage-
    Gregor: Oy, Gregor is sorry he even ask!
    Lissa: It's weird. I can fight and all that stuff, but when it comes to other 
    things... *Sigh* You must think I'm kinda pathetic.
    Gregor: No, no. Everyone have fears, yes? You just have few more than usual.
    Lissa: You think so?
    Gregor: And besides, in Gregor's opinion, is charming in strange way.
    Lissa: Aw, thanks, Gregor.
    Gregor B
    Lissa: So where are we going, Gregor? You know I'm afraid of heights, right? 
    Oh, and bandits. ...And the dark.
    Gregor: There may be some dark involved, but is all worth it in end.
    Lissa: Um... okay. But if you try anything weird, I'll scream for my brother!
    Gregor: Gregor not buffoon! Gregor never put sister of valued employer in 
    Lissa: Well, that's good. But seriously, where are you taking me?
    Gregor: Shhh! Can you hear from deep below ground? Sound of groans and moans?
    Lissa: Ohmigosh, are those... GHOSTS?! EEEEEEEEEK!
    Gregor: Quiet!
    Lissa: ...Eep.
    Gregor: Do not scream in loud panicky voice. Is going to get us in big 
    Lissa: Wh-why are you making me do this?!
    Gregor: If you summon courage and overcome greatest fear, other fears go 
    Lissa: So you want to frighten me out of my wits in some haunted hellhole? 
    Gregor: ...Er, no. Is just idea Gregor read in book. Sorry. You do not tell 
    Chrom, yes?
    Lissa: He'd probably be pretty mad, huh?
    Gregor: Please, do not tell! Gregor need job! Gregor is intending no harm to 
    Lissa: Oh, it's fine, Gregor. I'm not telling Chrom. ...Besides, it was 
    actually kind of exciting! Hee hee!
    Gregor: Thank you. Gregor is having many debts, yes? If he loses steady 
    Gregor A
    Lissa: Nnnn... nnnn... ngggg... Just... close... fingers... and... Gaaaaaah!
    Gregor: Oy, again with the yelling...
    Lissa: I did it, Gregor! Look! I actually managed to pick up one of those 
    horrid millipedes!
    Gregor: Yes, yes, Gregor is seeing. No need to be waving so close to his 
    Lissa: Can you believe it? I am so amazing. This is the first bug I've 
    touched! Ever!
    Gregor: Good! You start with little insect, and from here overcome bugger 
    fears. Even longest and hardest journey begins with small baby steps, yes?
    Lissa: You think I can do it? You think I can overcome all my fears?
    Gregor: Gregor have no doubt! Soon you will be afraid of nothing. Not even 
    Lissa: Gosh!
    Gregor: You write down all things you fear, yes? Make very big list. Then, 
    whenever you conquer fear, you can be ticking off from list.
    Lissa: That's... an excellent idea!
    Gregor: Yes, Gregor is having many good ideas. And now he prepares special 
    supper for you.
    Lissa: Oh?
    Gregor: Yes, we celebrate day that Lissa conquests first fear! Come now. Eat 
    while is very hot.
    Lissa: Wait, you have it ready and waiting? But how did you know I'd succeed? 
    Don't tell me you just had faith...
    Gregor: Gregor always have faith. Besides, if you fail, he just eat special 
    meal all by himself.
    Lissa: Oh, heh hah! Well, thank you, Gregor. This is very thoughtful!
    Gregor: Now, make with the eating!
    Gregor S
    Lissa: Gregor, I need your help. Can you please look at this?
    Gregor: Eh? Is massive stack of paper? Is hundred of pages long!
    Lissa: I know, right? It's my list of things that I'm afraid of.
    Gregor: ...Oy.
    Lissa: See, I knew you'd react like that! The list is too big, isn't it?
    Gregor: Is... bigger than Gregor is expecting, true...
    Lissa: I don't know. I feel like giving up.
    Gregor: Yes. You give up!
    Lissa: H-hey! You're supposed to encourage me.
    Gregor: Gregor is doing that exactly! But in slightly different way, yes? 
    Lissa is never getting through list alone. But Gregor can help if he is 
    around. Around... all the time, yes? Always by your side?
    Lissa: Er...
    Gregor: That way is more efiicient! Otherwise, you are neve finishing list.
    Lissa: But won't it be super boring if you follow me around everywhere?
    Gregor: No! Is greatest honor and pleasure. In fact, Gregor is thinking long 
    about this. Is why Gregor buying you very large ring.
    Lissa: Goodness! That really is a large ring!
    Gregor: If Gregor is husband, he can be helping Lissa with fears more easily.
    Lissa: Hey, yeah! But you'd have to promise to deal with the big bugs, all 
    right? ...Oh, and any lemons we encounter? I mean that literally and 
    Gregor: Gregor makes solemn oath.
    Lissa: Then I accept! ...I gotta tell you. I was not looking forward to 
    working through that list alone!
    Gregor: Today, Gregor is luckiest man in world!
    Lissa: Oh, Gregor. I'm so happy! This all feels like a dream!
    Gregor: Gregor, too. Maybe more happy than Lissa, even! So! We start with a's 
    on list, yes? Wait... Lissa is afraid of ant?!
    A1. Libra C
    Lissa: Hey, Libra! Come test your courage with me!
    Libra: I beg your pardon? Is fighting this war not a sufficient test?
    Lissa: It's a training exercise Avatar dreamed up a while back. It's supposed 
    to "hone our ability to adapt to unexpected conditions." I know, blah blah 
    blah, right? But let's do it anyway!
    Libra: Well, it certainly sounds like a worthy cause... I'd be happy to help!
    Lissa: Yay! Okay, so now the two of us have to pair up and find Avatar.
    Libra: Just the two of us?
    Lissa: Yup, those are the rules. We all pair up and search for Avatar.
    Libra: Might I ask why you thought to choose me as your partner?
    Lissa: Because you're a PRIEST! ...Duh! If we meet any ghosts out on the 
    trail, you can zap 'em with prayer magic!
    Libra: There is no such thing as "zapping with prayer magic"! What's more, I 
    doubt this training exercise involves the souls of the depar-
    Lissa: Blaaah dee blah dee blah! Now come on! Let's get moving!
    Libra: Y-you needn't pull, Lissa! I'm coming!
    Libra B
    Lissa: Hey, so I only noticed during that training exercise, but you're 
    REALLY pretty! Your skin is perfect! Your hair is perfect! It's soooo not 
    Libra: Not... fair?
    Lissa: AND you're tall and sweet and you even SMELL nice! You're a one-man 
    show of everything I wish I had, but I don't.
    Libra: You have a host of traits I lack as well, Lissa.
    Lissa: Name one! ...Or more, if you want.
    Libra: You're extremely expressive. You treat every person you meet fairly 
    and equally. Your cheery disposition spreads to all those around you. You are 
    ever true to yourself. I would gladly trade any element of my appearance for 
    that beauty in your heart.
    Lissa: Oh, I...
    Libra: Something the matter, milady?
    Lissa: It's EMBRASSING! I expected a little buttering up, not the whole 
    Libra: Heh, my apologies. I just find is so easy to talk with you. Another of 
    your finer traits, now that I think about it.
    Lissa: Hey, you smiled! That's a rare treat.
    Libra: Is it?
    Lissa: Yeah!
    Libra: And you noticed? Have you been... watching me?
    Lissa: ...I guess I have, now that you mention it. I wonder why?
    Libra: Heh, well, if you find an answer, I would be eager to hear it.
    Lissa: Lemme get back to ya on that one!
    Libra A
    Lissa: Libra? Libra!
    Libra: Lissa? What has you in such a state?
    Lissa: I figured it out! I know why I've been watching you all the time!
    Libra: Oh?
    Lissa: It's because you're like a ghost!
    Libra: Um... pardon?
    Lissa: Is that weird? I thought it was weird. But I think lots of stuff is 
    weird, so-
    Libra: What do you mean?
    Lissa: I first noticed it when we were together for that training exercise. 
    There are times when you seem kinda like a vision... or a mirage... I mean, 
    someone so tall and beautiful would normally be the center of all attention! 
    But with you I almost feel like you might up and vanish if I ever take my 
    eyes off you. Anyway, so, um, yeah. That's it. ...Sorry. I know it probably 
    sounds pretty crazy.
    Libra: Perhaps, but somehow... I'm actually quite flattered.
    Lissa: So how do you see me, huh? Come on, fair's fair and all!
    Libra: You? You are positively bursting with life! The very opposite of 
    Lissa: Oh, that's not true at all! You may give off a ghostly feel, but 
    you're the liveliest alive person I know!
    Libra: Well, I'm quite certain that's the first time that's ever been said 
    about me...
    Libra S
    Lissa: Libra! ...Libra, are you there?
    Libra: Yes. No cause for alarm, Lissa. This ghost hasn't disappeared yet.
    Lissa: Aw, c'mon, you know I didn't mean that in a bad way!
    Libra: Heh heh, I know, I know. And you know I said I'm not going anywhere.
    Lissa: Yeah, but that's not enough. I still worry all the time... Welp! I 
    guess the only answer is to stay by your side forever!
    Libra: ...Lissa?
    Lissa: Huh? Oh. OH! I said that out loud, didn't I...
    Libra: Indeed, and I'm so happy you did... I feel the same, Lissa. ...I 
    always have.
    Lissa: Er, you do? You have?!
    Libra: Yes, and I always will... If you will have me?
    Lissa: But... Y-you don't mean...
    Libra: Will you accept this, Lissa?
    Lissa: A ring...
    Libra: Nay, a promise. A promise to stay with each other, as long as we draw 
    breath. Stand vigil and keep me grounded, Lissa. Keep me tied to this place, 
    and to you.
    Lissa: Oh my gosh, YES! I'll stay at your side until the sun stops rising!
    Libra: I don't think I've ever felt so alive as I do now, in this moment, 
    with you.
    A1. Henry C
    Lissa: *Yaaawn*
    Henry: You getting enough sleep, Lissa? You look pretty bushed.
    Lissa: No, not nearly enough! I'm exhausted!
    Henry: If you don't rest up before a battle, you might find yourself resting 
    up in a grave.
    Lissa: I know, it's just... I keep lying in bed and thinking about fighting 
    the next fight. And then I think about Emm, and about... Argh! It's all too 
    much! I'm sick of all this stupid grief and mourning! And I'm tired of people 
    dying! I don't even want our ENEMIES to die anymore, Henry. I'm just... 
    Henry: That does seem like a problem. War is killing and death, ya know? 
    Keeping people you care about alive means making the other guy dead.
    Lissa: My head knows that, but my heart is still having a hard time. I wish I 
    was as tough as you, Henry. These sleepless nights are killing me...
    Henry: Well then, lemme help you! Give me a little time and I'll have you 
    sleeping like a baby.
    Lissa: Oh, wow. I'd give anything for one night of pure, dreamless sleep.
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Just leave it to ol' Henry! 
    Henry B
    Henry: So, did you get over your insomnia, Lissa?
    Lissa: Yep! As soon as I close my eyes, I'm out like a candle. I don't know 
    what changed, but I'm super glad it did!
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Just a little touch of Henry's Super Sleepy-Time Magic! 
    ...The nonlethal version.
    Lissa: Really? That was you? Aw, thank you, Henry.
    Henry: Always happy to lend a helping curse!
    Lissa: I suppose it WOULD be a curse, huh? That can't be healthy, long 
    term... And what do you have to do to set it up? Some kind of weird ceremony?
    Henry: Oh, it's not so much trouble, really... Hardest part is probably 
    finding fresh sacrifices every time.
    Lissa: ...Sacrifices?
    Henry: Yup! I usually just use birds or something.
    Lissa: STOP! You can't go robbing poor little birdies of their lives for 
    something like this! I'd rather go sleepless than live with that sort of 
    Henry: First you don't want any allies or enemies to die, and now BIRDIES are 
    off the table? ...You're a strange one, Lissa.
    Lissa: I'M the strange one?! You're one to talk! Look, I'll find a solution 
    on my own, no cute creature deaths required! So no more curses! Got it?!
    Henry: As you please! 
    Henry A
    Henry: Wow. You look pretty wobbly there, Lissa. Still having trouble in 
    Lissa: *Yaaawn* Yes! And the more I worry over it, the worse it gets.
    Henry: You're suuuuuuuuure you don't want me to grant you a little curse or 
    two? You'll run yourself ragged at this rate. You need your rest!
    Lissa: Thanks anyway, Henry. It really is sweet of you to keep offering.
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Me? Sweet? That's a new one. Besides, you're the one who's 
    always concerned about people dying and stuff. I don't know how you do it, 
    honestly. I couldn't go a week!
    Lissa: Heh heh, thanks. You're making me blush... Or... maybe just... dizzy?
    Henry: Ack! Lissa!
    Lissa: S-sorry... Kind of lost my balance there... Thanks for catching me, 
    Henry: Easy peasy. Any time!
    Lissa: Mmm... You're so warm. It's nice... Relaxing... Zzzzzzz...
    Henry: Um, Lissa? Nya ha! Guess I'm not going anywhere for a little while. 
    You're pretty warm, yourself. Now I'm... *yaaawn* I'm getting all sleepy, 
    Henry S
    Lissa: Hey, Henry?
    Henry: Hey-o! Need your human pillow again?
    Lissa: Tee hee! If you don't mind?
    Henry: Course I don't!
    Lissa: Mmm, you're always so warm and cozy... Thanks for putting up with this 
    all the time.
    Henry: Hey, it feels pretty nice for me, too. Any excuse to be closer to 
    Lissa: W-wait, are you saying...
    Henry: I am! Let's get married! Nya ha ha!
    Lissa: But...
    Henry: What, you don't want to? I thought we were both on the same page here!
    Lissa: N-no! It's not that I don't want to! I mean, I really care about 
    you... It's just... I don't know, you tossed it out there so casually. You 
    didn't even ask! Maybe you could set the mood first?
    Henry: I'm not much of a mood guy, I'm afraid, unless we're talking gruesome 
    bloodshed... Well, how about this: I did get you a ring! Will that work?
    Lissa: Aww... That'll work just fine.
    Henry: All right! Here you go, then...
    Lissa: Oh, thank you, Henry. I look forward to a lifetime's worth of sweet 
    dreams with you!
    Henry: I feel like I'm dreamin' already, nya ha! 
    A2. Chrom C
    Chrom: Hmm? Oh, hey Sully.
    Sully: Hello, Chrom
    Chrom: Are you here alone? I thought you'd be with Lissa and the rest of the 
    Sully: Why, so I can make dinner for all the brave men? Nuts to that. I'll 
    tend the fire.
    Chrom: That seems like a lot of hard work for one person.
    Sully: Would you rather I cook? Or sew? No thanks, I hate all that crap.
    Chrom: Huh. Well, I guess I understand. You don't seem like much of a... 
    Sully: What? A lady? Go ahead. Say it. No sweat off my thighs.
    Chrom: Okay then! I guess everyone has their own special talents. Say, I 
    can't really cook or sew either. I can at least help with the fire?
    Sully: Har! You're all right, Chrom.
    Chrom B
    Chrom: Oh, hey, Sully.
    Sully: Hello, Chrom.
    Chrom: Where are you taking all that equipment? Would you like me to help?
    Sully: Pfft! This is nothing. I'm just trying to clean up around this 
    Chrom: It seems like every time I see you, you're working like there's no 
    tomorrow. Just try not to overdo it, all right? It's not worth it if you wear 
    yourself out.
    Sully: Wear myself out? Har! That's the point, Chrom. This is part of my 
    training regimen.
    Chrom: You're training to... clean a tent?
    Sully: Gods, but you're dense. I'm training my MUSCLES! Lugging stuff builds 
    pure strength a hell of a lot faster than sparring. Also helps with balance 
    and coordination. You know. All that crap.
    Chrom: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Plus the tent gets clean!
    Sully:Yeah, I've always been efficient like that. Any chance to train is a 
    chance I'll take.
    Chrom: I bet you've built up some real strength. How about a little 
    Sully: Har! Come at me, little man. Just don't start crying when I wipe the 
    floor with you.
    Chrom A
    Chrom: Gnya! Yah!
    Chrom: *Huff, huff* Haaaa... I'm... impressed, Sully. ...Whew! There's more 
    force behind your swings than ever. It's like trying to fend off a bear.
    Sully: *Huff, huff* Har... Thanks, Chrom. That means something, coming from 
    you. Your defense is rock solid. It's like sparring with a damn wall. Guess 
    you haven't been slacking either.
    Chrom: I was always taught that the best shortcut is the one you never take. 
    Nothing for it but to put in the hours.
    Sully: Har! I remember that speech! Damn, that takes me back...
    Chrom: You remember playing bandit king? How we used to wallop each other 
    with sticks?
    Sully: How much things have changed... and how much they haven't, har! But 
    yeah, we played rough back then. Boys and girls alike. Remember how we used 
    to sneak out of town to climb trees in the woods? Those were some damn good 
    Chrom: Yes, we've come a long way, Sully, and yet we're still evenly matched.
    Sully: Damn straight! No way I'm letting some cheese-eating royal leave me in 
    the dust. That's half the reason I train, you know? So you won't have the 
    Chrom: Sully? I hope you never change. You're the only woman I can still do 
    this with. You know that?
    Sully: That's because the other women decided to become a bunch of damn 
    LADIES. Aw hell. Some days I wonder if maybe I...
    Chrom: Oh no you don't. You're perfect, just as you are. I wouldn't change a 
    thing at least. We can spar. We can speak as equals. It's one small part of 
    my past that's unchanged, and... it anchors me.
    Sully: ...Are you messing with me? Well, hell, Chrom. If it works for you, I 
    won't go changing for anybody else.
    Chrom: Good. See that you don't. ...That's an order.
    Sully: Pfft. Like I'd ever listen to you.
    Chrom S
    Sully: Oh, Chrom! There you are.
    Chrom: What is it, Sully? Are you ready for another round of sparring?
    Sully: No. Not today, anyway.
    Chrom: Oh, all right. So what did you need?
    Sully: Look, you remember the other day when you said I was part of your 
    past? You said I anchor you, and um... What did you mean by that?
    Chrom: What did I mean? Er, I guess... I don't know. I guess I just said what 
    I was thinking without really... thinking. I don't want you to change for 
    anyone, Sully. I want you to always be yourself. Sorry, I know that's pretty 
    Sully: No, it's good enough. You just... You accept me for who I am.
    Chrom: Yes, of course.
    Sully: But that's only because you see me as the same damn tomboy you knew as 
    a kid! Other girls all went and became LADIES, but good ol' Sully's still one 
    of the guys!
    Chrom: But I thought you liked being treated like one of the guys?
    Sully: Gods bless it, no! I'm not! I'm a woman, too, dammit! Yeah, maybe I 
    can't cook, or clean, and I burn all the laundry, but...
    Chrom: Sully, what do you want to say?
    Sully: Rragh! I'm just... I don't... I like you. You know? Like... that. Like 
    a girl... likes a guy?
    Chrom: ...Oh.
    Sully: So, um, yeah. As a guy, do you think you might... feel the same? 
    Maybe... forever?
    Chrom: Are you... Are you proposing to me?
    Sully: GAH! D-do you have to just come out and say it like that?! I've never 
    asked anything like this before in my life, Chrom. You're killing me here!
    Chrom: I just had to be sure we were thinking the same thing. The answer is 
    yes, Sully. Yes!
    Sully: What?!
    Chrom: You're offering to be with me, right? I'd be lying if I didn't say you 
    feel like one of the guys sometimes, but so what? That just means we're more 
    similar than most couples. It's hardly a bad thing.
    Sully: But I'm NOT a guy, you bastard! I'm asking you as a woman!
    Chrom: I know! I get it! And I'm saying yes as a man.
    Sully: R-really? Just like that?
    Chrom: It's all right for a woman to have skill in battle you know? And last 
    I checked, there's no law requiring laundry skills in order to marry. I care 
    about you, Sully. I care about you a very great deal. I always have... I just 
    hope you know what you're getting into. Carrying a nation on your shoulders 
    is a massive responsibility. Half that load will fall on you. Are you sure 
    it's a load you would want to bear?
    Sully: Are you joking? Have you seen my shoulders? Anyone gives you trouble, 
    Chrom, you just send 'em over to me.
    Chrom: Now that's the kind of rock-solid support a ruler needs! And so I 
    pledge my support in return. For this day, and every day to come. ...Here. 
    This is for you.
    Sully: Holy crap! A signet ring from the royal house of Ylisse! I don't know 
    Chrom. It looks so... extravagant.
    Chrom: My parents had it made for me when I was born. I've always kept it 
    close, and I see no reason to change that now. The only difference is that it 
    will now be attached to an even greater treasure.
    Sully: Chrom, it's... It's beautiful. Thank you.
    Chrom: Ha! Now I'm the one blushing. I suppose we'll have to get used to 
    this. Good thing we have the rest of our lives.
    Sully: I may be your anchor, but right now I could just fly away! I... I love 
    you Chrom. I think I always have.
    A2. Frederick C
    Sully: There you are, Frederick! I thought you might be up for a little 
    Frederick: Certainly, Sully. ...All right, you may strike whenever you are 
    Sully: Get ready for a whuppin'! Hiiiiiiii-YA!
    Frederick: Mmm... Good technique and excellent form. However, it is my 
    Sully: Gah!
    Frederick: Are you all right?
    Sully: Oh, yeah! Just peachy! Thanks! Er, Think I'm going to yield, though. 
    Frederick: Is something the matter?
    Sully: Just wondering how you beat me so easily, is all.
    Frederick: I would hardly call such a match "easy."
    Sully: Yeah, but I never lose to anybody!
    Frederick: Sometimes these things are a simple matter of chance.
    Sully: Hmm... Well, thanks for the practice. I'll let you know once I've 
    honed my edge a bit.
    Frederick: I look forward to it.
    Frederick B
    Frederick: You weren't your usual self in that last fight, Sully. If 
    something is troubling you, I'm happy to hear it.
    Sully: I can't figure out how the hell you beat me when we sparred! That's 
    what's wrong!
    Frederick: Good heavens. That was days ago... Is there really any need to 
    compete? We fight for the same cause.
    Sully: Yeah, but it... I don't know. It was as if I KNEW you were going to 
    beat me. I've never had that feeling with anyone else. ...Never.
    Frederick: When you first joined the Shepherds, I was the one who taught you.
    Perhaps that has something to do with it.
    Sully: Ha! I remember... I came in thinking I could mop the floor with all of 
    And I might have until you showed up! You didn't look like much back then, 
    but you beat the crap out of me.
    Frederick: I wouldn't say I beat the... *ahem* Yes, well. I suppose it was a 
    rite of passage of sorts.
    Sully: I didn't sleep for days after that... I was just so damn angry.
    Frederick: Perhaps this is the cause of your current consternation. When 
    master and student first fight, the student naturally stands no chance. The 
    perception that one's teacher is unbeatable can be difficult to shake.
    Sully: So I can't beat you now because you beat the crap out of me when I was 
    Frederick: It doesn't sound quite so honorable when you say it in that 
    Frederick A
    Sully: Did you see me out there today, Frederick?
    Frederick: Truly impressive work! It seems you've made a breakthrough.
    Sully: It's thanks to what you said before. I've always felt like I needed to 
    be better than everyone, you know? If there was one person better than me at 
    anything, I considered it a failing. And when I couldn't beat you, I let it 
    get into my head in a big way.
    Frederick: There is a certain strength in such a mind-set, methinks.
    Sully: To admit, it made me strong back then. But now it's just holding me 
    I didn't train all these years to beat you. I've trained to be become someone 
    you can rely on as an equal.
    Frederick: And you have grown into a fine soldier. I fear nothing when you 
    are by my side.
    Sully: When I stopped to really see how I felt, it was pretty obvious. Anyway 
    it's all thanks to your teaching. So... thanks.
    Frederick: You are a student no more, Sully, but a master in your own right.
    From this day on, we fight as equals.
    Sully: You're damn right we do!
    Frederick S
    Sully: Hmm...
    Frederick: Something on your mind, Sully?
    Sully: Just thinking about why I couldn't beat you the last time we sparred.
    Frederick: I though you'd already found your answer.
    Sully: Yeah, I thought so too, but... Well, now I'm no so sure. See, I don't 
    think it's because you were my teacher.
    Frederick: No? Then what is it?
    Sully: When I'm around you, I get... clumsy. I can't focus like I need to. 
    I'd never felt that way with anybody else before, so I didn't know what it 
    was. But it's not because you taught me. ...It's because... I love you.
    Frederick: ......
    Sully: I know that's big news to dump on you out of nowhere. But I can't move 
    forward until I deal with all this crap. So, um... What do you think?
    Frederick: In truth, I also wondered if that might have something to do with 
    And so I prepared this gift for just such an occasion.
    Sully: ...Oh, Frederick! It's a ring with my name on it!
    Frederick: I'd planned to give it to you once this war was over.
    Sully: I just can't believe it! I mean, me? Really? But I'm so...
    Frederick: Strong? Brave? Intelligent? Yes, Sully. You are all of that and 
    Sully: Okay, my heart is pretty much just sunbeams and puppies right now. And 
    I never say cute crap like that, so you KNOW it's serious!
    Frederick: I feel the same... albeit with perhaps less flair for the 
    dramatic. Sully, my love, will you be my sunbeam?
    Sully: Only if you'll be my puppy!
    Frederick: ...... That was embarrassing.
    Sully: Er, yeah. It was... Let's go spar!
    A2. Virion C
    Sully: Hrah! Yaaaaah!
    Virion: Ah, most fortuitous fortune! It is none other than my dearly beloved 
    Your floating, so like a butterfly. Your stinging, so like the bee! Why, it's 
    Sully: You got a point, Ruffles?
    Virion: None save the point of my heart's compass, which strains ever toward 
    Sully: That sounds like a no. So get lost. I'm trying to train here.
    Virion: So cold! I feel a chill coming on. I'll surely catch my death if you 
    don't spare a few warm words, milady. Come now! All this training for war... 
    All this angry grunting... It's unbecoming of a lady so beauteous!
    Sully: Pfft. A pretty girl can stab a guy as easy as an ugly one. But she 
    still needs to practice. ...So clear out!
    Virion: No doubt the poets would write of your grace in combat. "Stabulous," 
    they'd say! But there is no need for such exertions. Not when you've a man to 
    protect you!
    Sully: I've yet to see a man up to that task.
    Virion: Milady, you wound me. Such a man stands before you at this very 
    Sully: Wait, are you talking about... you? AAAAH HA HA HA HAR! Oh, you're a 
    funny guy, Ruffles. I'll give you that.
    Virion: ...I wasn't joking.
    Sully: Do you have any idea how many people try to kill me on a daily basis?
    It'd take a certified hero just to keep up, let alone "protect" me.
    Virion: And I vow to be just such a hero!
    Sully: Ruffles, I'd hire a wet nurse AND her kid as protectors before I'd 
    consider you.
    Virion: So it's proof milady desires, is it? So be it! I shall gladly furnish 
    Watch closely on our next battle. I'll display such heroism as makes for 
    legend and song!
    Sully: Oh, this should be good.
    Virion B
    Sully: Hey, Ruffles. I saw you in that battle.
    Virion: Then you've seen the fearsome beast that lurks within this lover's 
    tender bosom! I only pray it did not frighten you, gentle lady. And I trust 
    it proved that I am the hero fated to keep you safe!
    Sully: Was it also fate that you chickened out of that duel?
    Virion: That was common sense and nothing more! What reason had I to accept?
    Sully: Running from a duel is hardly heroic...
    Virion: At the very least I am that man's hero! By turning down his offer I 
    spared his life.
    Sully: I think we have a different idea about what the word "hero" means.
    Virion: You wound me, milady! I assure you, I am no craven. Had that cur but 
    glanced at you, no force in this world could have stayed my hand.
    Sully: Pfft. You've always got some clever answer ready... Talking to you is 
    like dancing. It's exhausting and sweaty and I hate it.
    Virion: I speak only the truth, milady. Whether or not you believe me is your 
    Sully: Great. Then I don't believe you.
    Virion: Y-you might at least have paused a moment to consider before-
    Sully: Har! Easy, Ruffles. I'm just teasing. Sure, you fled the duel, but you 
    actually looked passable the rest of the time. Looks like you're still in the 
    running to be Mr. Hero. I'm looking forward to next time.
    Virion: All shall gaze upon my might and tremble, milady! This I swear!
    Virion A
    Virion: Ah, Sully... hmm? Why are you looking at me so? ...Is there something 
    on my face?
    Sully: I'm the wrong person to ask. I've been seeing things lately.
    Virion: And yet, your beautiful eyes appear as clear and sharp as ever. Tell 
    me of these visions, milady, that I might proffer some support.
    Sully: You fought a duel, you damned fool! What's more, you WON! AND you beat 
    someone that the others had trouble fighting as a unit! If that isn't seeing 
    things, I don't know what is.
    Virion: Are you truly so surprised at that, milady? I told you before that I 
    would accept a duel had I only a reason.
    Sully: And what was this reason?
    Virion: That man had to be stopped. Had I let him escape, he might have 
    turned his wrath upon neighboring villages.
    Sully: So you risked your neck for a handful of strangers?
    Virion: I fought to defend the defenseless. No true nobleman would do less.
    But nor would he enter meaningless battles like a blood-mad savage in search 
    of glory. Ugh... The very thought disgusts me.
    Sully: So... is that why you want to defend me?
    Virion: Exactly! You, my dear, are a lady fair. A paragon of grace and 
    Any fellow who would call himself a gentleman would defend such a creature.
    Sully: Don't call me a creature, you flowery snot! And I can defend my own 
    damn self. Although... Well... I guess I don't mind if you call me a lady. 
    But only because I've seen you show a bit of courage on the battlefield. If 
    not for that, I'd send you off half the "gentleman" you used to be.
    Virion: Then you accept me as a hero worthy of protecting you?
    Sully: Let's not get crazy now, Ruffles. I just promoted you from lousy 
    craven to decent guy. That's all. ...And I suppose you can watch my back in a 
    Virion: Aye, and soon you'll trust your tender heart to my love's fearsome 
    Sully: ...Okay, you're still clearly insane. But if there must be a dangerous 
    madman about, I'm glad he's on my side.
    Virion S
    Sully: ...Virion.
    Virion: Sully! What a prize, that these eyes might gaze once more upon your 
    Sully: .....
    Virion: Goodness, Milady. Your countenance is so very... intense. I should 
    think a lesser man might burst into flames on the spot.
    Sully: .....
    Virion: *Ahem* Is it getting hot here? ...I should be very relieved if you 
    would only respond.
    Sully: .....
    Virion: ...Enough! I yield, milady! Nothing is so daunting as a woman's 
    Sully: Ha! I knew it! I KNEW it! It's all well and good for you to pester 
    others, whether they want it or not. But turn the tables and you change your 
    damn tune!
    You can't handle the attention!
    Virion: This was a... test? Rather beneath a lady of your bearing, I must 
    Sully: I can't get a word in edgewise with you if I play fair. I doubt anyone 
    can with that sharpened tongue of yours. Besides, I needed to know at least 
    one of your weaknesses beforehand.
    Virion: Er, before... what, pray tell? Delving into the character of your 
    future husband before you wed him? Heh heh...
    Sully: Yep.
    Virion: Because frankly, I don't see wh-WHAT?! H-hold just a moment... Are 
    you serious?
    Sully: Deadly so.
    Virion: Well, th-this is an honor to be sure, but I'm not... I haven't 
    prepared myself!
    Sully: Ha ha... Adding prone to ambush to that list of weaknesses...
    Virion: You have me at a loss, milady.
    Sully: Oh? Where has your famous wit run off to? If ever a moment called for 
    poetry. I'm a lady, right? Paragon of grace and beauty? Don't leave me 
    dangling here...
    Virion: N-no, of course, I... *ahem!* I hereby swear to leave none of 
    milady's desires unmet, even at the cost of my life. If would be this humble 
    man's great joy to accept your gracious offer.
    Sully: Well, I suppose that works. ...Barely. That really the best you've 
    got, Ruffles?
    Virion: ...B-but, I...
    Sully: Har har! Only jesting! That'll work just fine for me. Let's go ring 
    I've got the place picked out already. Let's move. ...And no lagging behind!
    Virion: Y-yes, milady...
    Sully: I can't hear you!
    Virion: Yes, milady! Coming, milady!
    A2. Stahl C
    Stahl: Thanks for training with me today. That was a great session.
    Sully: Ha! Giving up so soon? What a wimp!
    Stahl: Er, what?
    Sully: How can you call yourself a knight if you crap out so soon? The 
    legendary knights who served Marth would never give up so easily.
    Stahl: You mean Cain and Abel? The "Bull" and the "Panther" from the old 
    Sully: That's the kind of strength we need to meet this war. And it's the 
    kind of strength I aspire to.
    Stahl: Well, sure. I mean, who wouldn't want to be a hero of legend and song? 
    I just don't think I have it in me. I'm more of a... mellow type.
    Sully: Ha! Then take that attitude over to the kitchen, ya damn scullery 
    maid. I plan to run circles around those rusty old legends.
    Stahl: Heh! You're something else. But perhaps I could stand to be a little 
    more forceful in my training.
    Sully: Damn right! I won't stop until I'm built like the bull!
    Stahl: Ha ha! I'm sure you'll... Wait, you're the Bull in this scenario?
    Sully: You got a problem with that?
    Stahl: No, no! No, that's... just fine. I guess that makes me the Panther, 
    huh? Yeesh. I've got my work cut out for me...
    Stahl B
    Stahl: ...Enough! I yield!
    Sully: Oh, come on. You're better than this! Now you're just letting me win.
    Stahl: No one LETS you win anything, Sully. You take victories by force.
    Sully: Pfft. That's your excuse?
    Stahl: Hey, you know what I'm like.
    Sully: You lack the confidence because you don't know yourself well enough. 
    Here, shake my hand... Go on! Shake the damn thing!
    Stahl: Er, alright.
    Sully: Well? What do you feel? Tell me how my hand and yours are different.
    Stahl: Well, yours is smaller than I would have thought... And really soft! 
    It's kind of nice, actually.
    Sully: You're getting distracted. Focus on the first thing you said. You're 
    bigger than me, and you've got more muscle. Also you're a better rider. So 
    explain how it is that I keep kicking your arse all over the battlefield.
    Stahl: I don't know! I guess you just project this... aura. Like you're going 
    to eat me for breakfast, you know?
    Sully: All in your head! Change your attitude, and you'll be a better fighter 
    Stahl: You really think so? Hmm... Wait! Now you're just pushing me around in 
    a different way.
    Sully: Except that I'm right. And if you're smart, you'll listen to me. So 
    what do you say? Another round?
    Stahl: You're on. And I'm standing my ground this time.
    Stahl A
    Sully: Oof! ...Yeah, I'll feel that one tomorrow.
    Stahl: Heh heh! Stahl the Panther strikes again! Still, I think I finally 
    understand what you were getting at. The right attitude really does make a 
    Sully: Well, don't think you'll ever be better than me. Because you won't.
    Stahl: Ha! I wouldn't dare suggest it.
    Sully: But you know the others expect you to show me up someday.
    Stahl: ...Huh?
    Sully: It's okay. I'm used to it.
    Stahl: ...Er, Sully? is everything all right? You're getting weird on me.
    Sully: It's just... People look at me and all they see is a damn woman!
    Stahl: Um, okay? Not sure where this is coming from, but if I implied-
    Sully: Not you, idiot. You treat me as an equal, and I've always respected 
    that. I just worry that... Well, what happens if you do surpass me someday? 
    People won't think it's because of hard work or skill or any of that. It'll 
    just be another damn man beating a woman to the finish line again.
    Stahl: Now who's being wishy-washy?
    Sully: Hey! Don't you lecture me, chump! I'll kick you right in the-
    Stahl: Ha ha! Now that's the Sully I know. A mighty Bull in the making! ..Or 
    is it a mewling Sheep? We'd better go another round and find out.
    Sully: Oh, I am so going to hand you your lunch in a second. Come on, tough 
    guy! Show me what you're really made of!
    Stahl: Eep! M-maybe this was a bad idea...
    Stahl S
    Sully: *Pant, pant* All right! Enough... I.. I yield. *Wheeze* Gods, Stahl. 
    You're a damn beast today.
    Stahl: *Pant* It's all thanks to your training, Sully.
    Sully: No one made you strong. You were tough to begin with.
    Stahl: So does this mark the end of Sully's reign of terror?
    Sully: For today. But there's always tomorrow.
    Stahl: I knew you weren't going to give up quietly. You've always worked 
    harder and aspired higher than anyone. You're amazing.
    Sully: Yeah, well, I never could've done it without you around. It's easy to 
    keep on the path when you've got someone walking beside you. You're about the 
    best training partner I've ever had.
    Stahl: Um, yeah. Well, maybe I could be more than just a... training partner?
    Sully: Wait, what are you... Stahl, are you giving me a ring?
    Stahl: Yeah. It's a... wedding ring. I'm still more Mouse than Panther most 
    days. But with you at my side, I can become the man and knight I aspire to 
    be. And I want to be there to spar you along, too. ...Not that you need it.
    Sully: That's a pretty bold offer, Mr. Mouse.
    Stahl: Yeah, I may look confident, but I'm about to soil my good pair of 
    trousers. If it weren't for you, I'd never be able to ask something like 
    this. You're my courage, Sully.
    Sully: That's actually very sweet. ...You know what? I accept. We've got a 
    long ways to go, but I'd have no other traveling companion. It's you and me 
    to the end, Stahl.
    Stahl: Then here's to the new Bull and Panther!
    A2. Vaike C
    Vaike: Mm-MMM! Now that smells like a slice of heaven. Whatcha eatin' there?
    Sully: Bogsberry and cabbage pie, the best cream of treacle in all of Ylisse.
    Vaike: A shiny copper coin says it was baked them lady friends that were 
    followin' ya!
    Sully: Keep your coin. They gave it to me before we left to keep me warm on 
    the journey.
    Vaike: Gremlin's tail! The Vaike's never had a gaggle of maidens bake HIM a 
    pie! How'd ya do it?! What's your secret?!...Er, not that I'm jealous or 
    Sully: I suppose I'm just charming like that. Why, you need advice?
    Vaike: Har har! Ol' Teach don't need advice on that score! I mean, sure no 
    one's ever bothered to bake me a tasty pie... But I knew a milkmaid once who 
    gave me an apple-and it only had one worm in it!
    Sully: Well, good for you.
    Vaike 'Sides, I'm more of a man's man, ya know? And men don't usually go for 
    pie bakin'. I'd rather eat a donkey's hindquarters than a pie baked by one'a 
    my mates! Har har! Still, I'd give anything to have lasses offering me their 
    pies all the time. ...Maybe it's the horse? Ladies do love the horses...
    Sully: An idiot on a horse is still an idiot.
    Vaike: What's that supposed to mean? Hey, wait a sec, Sully. You're a woman. 
    ...Er, right? Got some tips for the Vaike? What do YOU admire in a man?
    Sully: He has to be better than me. Someone I can respect.
    Vaike: Better? ...You mean better looking?
    Sully: I mean better at important things! Smarter, stronger, faster with a 
    blade and lance...
    Vaike: Well, maybe you should take me on. I'm pretty tough ya know.
    Sully: If you think fighting me will attract women, you're an even bigger 
    fool than I though... ...Eh, but why not? It's been days since I've dished 
    out a good thrashing, heh heh.
    Vaike B
    Vaike: C'mon, Sully. Help ol' Teach out here. Why can't I ever win the girl?
    I got devilish good looks, the strength of an ogre, and the charm of a fancy 
    Sully: Well, one of those is true. ...Sort of. I suppose you can handle a 
    lance, even if I'm better with a sword. Our match was pretty darn even until 
    you decided we should arm wrestle. So, yes. I'll admit that you're strong. 
    ...Not bright, mind you, but strong.
    Vaike 98... 99... 100! Er, sorry. What was that last bit? Hard to hear you 
    over these biscep curls... Anyway, ya gotta help me out here, Sully. Ya just 
    Look at these arms! Just look at 'em! I mean, what else does a lady want?
    Sully: Gods be damned, but you are thick. How about being kind? Or 
    Vaike: Er, what would a girl want that stuff for?
    Sully: ...Look. If you ask me, I'd want a man with ideals. One who wants to 
    better himself. If I'm going to spend the rest of my life with someone, I 
    have to respect him.
    Vaike: Har! That's me up and down! Heck, I joined the Shepherds 'cause of my 
    Sully: Now that you mention it, you never did tell me why you're fighting for 
    Chrom. So? Out with it. What made you sign up?
    Vaike: Har! That's me up and down! Heck, I joined the Shepherds 'cause of my 
    ideals. I wanted to be the greatest warrior in all the realm!
    Sully: No, idiot. I'm asking why you wanted to be a great warrior in the 
    first place.
    Vaike: Well, it's a bit of a tale, but you need more Teach-talk that bad, eh? 
    Well, all right... I grew up poor in this podunk little villiage where I was 
    famous for never losin' a fight. Local kids latched on to me, and before I 
    knew it, I had my own little gang. Course, we were just a bunch of ne'er-do-
    wells as far as the adults were concerned...
    Sully: What a surprise...
    Vaike: So one day, Emmeryn herself came to our corner of the world, and she 
    said... "I seek to bring prosperity and equality to all of the people of 
    Well, that struck a nerve. Soon as I heard it, I knew what my mission was.
    Sully: To forsake your misspent youth, join the Shepherds, and fight for 
    social justice?
    Vaike: Er, yeah, that! That was it exactly! What you just said! Okay, maybe 
    not the EXACT same words I used, but...
    Sully: ...Vaike? You may not be such a complete moron after all. You might 
    even, dare I say it? ...Deserve some respect?
    Vaike: That's the Vaike! Man of your dreams, right here, reporting for d-
    Sully: No, I stand correct. No respect warranted. None, whatsoever.
    Vaike: Awwwwww!
    Vaike A
    Vaike: Hey-ho, Sully! Just the gal I was hopin' to see. Got a question for 
    Sully: What is it? I'm busy.
    Vaike: Why did YOU sign up for the Shepherds? I told ya my story, remember? 
    Now you gotta tell me yours. Fair's fair!
    Sully: My story is dull... I joined so I could become a knight.
    Vaike: Aw, come on! You're havin' me on!
    Sully: You got a problem?!
    Vaike: No, it's just... See, I thought ya already were a knight.
    Sully: I have armor and arms, but yet to undergo the formal ceremony...
    Vaike: Ah, I see. So you're gonna cover yourself in glory here with us 
    Shepherds... Maybe catch Chrom's eye and earn yourself knighthood?
    Sully: Not quite. I was born into a long line of knights. My house and all 
    that crap. This title will be mine by inheritance when the time comes. I 
    could spend my life eating grapes from a damn silver bowl and still be called 
    Vaike: Er, so then why-
    Sully: Because there's no honor in accepting someting you haven't earned! A 
    knight shouldn't just be lucky enough to be born to some damn noble! A knight 
    has duties. ...Responsibilities "A knight is brave and true, aids all in 
    need, and defends the weak from evil." I can't up hold that oath without 
    honing my skills. Suffering hardship. All of that. How can I know courage if 
    I don't face bloody death a bunch of times? I'll fight for the Shepherds 
    until I've damn well EARNED the title of knight!
    Vaike: Criven's horn, that's a rousing speech!
    Sully: Oh please, I'm not trying to... It just means a lot to me is all. I 
    don't get a chance to talk about it much. I'm sorry if I bored you...
    Vaike: ...Bored?! Har har! Ain't NOTHIN' boring about you, Sully. In fact, 
    the Vaike hasn't been this excited since the exalt came to visit my li'l ol' 
    Sully: ...Really?
    Vaike: Cross my heart and hope to... Okay, well, just cross my heart. 'Cause 
    I realized something, Sully: you and me should duel more often! You wanna be 
    a knight among knights, I wanna be a warrior's warrior. Seems we can help 
    each other out!
    Sully: Hmm... Don't expect me to go easy on you. It'll hurt....Maybe a lot.
    Vaike: Har har! Bring it on! The Vaike can take it!
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Heya, Sully.
    Sully: Oh. Hello, Vaike
    Vaike: So I was just thinkin', and I... Look, are you fallin' for me?
    Sully: WHAT?! ...Where the hell did you get that idea?!
    Vaike: Well, it's just that you've been actin' different around me. Not 
    yourself, like. I thought maybe that was the reason. But if I'm wrong, then 
    I'm wrong.
    Sully: Well, I... I never said you were WRONG, exactly... Er, that is... 
    Well... yes. Yes, I suppose I am... maybe... starting to fall for you... a 
    little... But I still don't like you a lot!
    Vaike: That's good enough for the Vaike! 'Cause truth be told, I'm startin' 
    to take a shine to you, too.
    Sully: Whatever happens... you should know... I won't be doing any damn 
    Vaike: Har har! Not exactly what I was expecting to hear, but okay. I mean, 
    duh, I'd be the biggest fool in all of Ylisse if I expected that! I'm a 
    simple man, but I like being with you. I feel like I can trust ya with my 
    troubles. And I guess that's why I'm ya might... make a good...wife.
    Sully: Thinking back, I never would have though... I mean this is all so 
    unexpected, it's just... Oh, hell with it! Why not? Let's get married!
    Vaike: Now hold on! I'm the man here, and that means I'm doin' the askin'!
    Sully: Pfft! Too late, knucklehead.
    Vaike: Aw, this whole thing's a mess! I spent all day plannin' it out, too. 
    Even bought this blasted ring...
    Sully: Well?! Are you going to give me that ring or stand here like a damn 
    Vaike: Yeah, all right. ...Here, catch!
    Sully: Oop! Got it... Oh Vaike, this is... It's gorgeous.
    Vaike: Only the best for Mrs. The Vaike!
    A2. Kellam C
    Sully: Kellam? Hey, Kellam!
    Kellam: ...Yes?
    Sully: I've got a bone to pick with you, pip-squeak! Chrom tells me that in 
    our last battle, you were secretly watching my back!
    Kellam: Um, I wasn't trying to keep it a secret, Sully. I was just fighting 
    Sully: Well knock it the hell off! I'M the one who does the protectin' around 
    here, got it?! I don't need some tiny man in a huge suit of armor watching 
    Kellam: B-b-but...
    Sully: You think I need extra protection? That it? You think I'm frail and 
    weak? You think you can be my gallant knight in shiny, oversized armor?
    Kellam: I wasn't giving you special treatment, honest! I just like protecting 
    Sully: I'll say this once, pip-squeak: don't ever pull that crap again! Are 
    we clear now? Words sank in? 'Cause if we are, I'm done. I've got better 
    things to do than yell at you, tin man.
    Kellam: O-of course you do! I mean... Um, well, bye.
    Kellam B
    Sully: Kellam? ...KELLAM!
    Kellam: ...Yes?
    Sully: Oh, there you are. ...Yep. Looks like I was right. You did injure your 
    Kellam: Oh, gosh. Did you notice? I didn't think anyone-
    Sully: Of course I noticed, you tiny idiot! You got hurt trying to protect me 
    again! Didn't I tell you the other day I didn't need your damn help?
    Kellam: B-but, that guy was about to cut your head off! I can't just stand by 
    and watch friends be cut down. It's not in my nature.
    Sully: Oh, aren't we gallant. Pffft! I had that guy in the bag. And besides, 
    it doesn't do any good if you get killed in someone else's place.
    Kellam: Y-you're probably right.
    Sully: Now give me your arm, and let me take a gander at this wound.
    Kellam: Oh, it's all right. Really! Barely a scratch, in fact.
    Sully: Quit your griping, and get over here so I can put a damn bandage on!
    Kellam: R-right away, ma'am!
    Sully: Gods, what a fool. You'd probably leap into a noose if I hung myself, 
    Kellam: I wager I would!
    Sully: And here I thought you were a meek little mouse. When it comes to 
    looking after folk, you're as stubborn as a damn ox!
    Kellam A
    Sully: Kellam?
    Kellam: ...R-right here, Sully. L-look, don't hit me! I know I helped you out 
    again, but I didn't mean to! Honest!
    Sully: Actually, I came to thank you. I was outmanned that time. Had you not 
    stepped in...
    Kellam: What? Are you saying-
    Sully: Yes, all right? Yes. You win. You can watch my back. Gods, I've never 
    met a more stubborn man in all my life!
    Kellam: Everyone needs help sometimes, Sully. I mean, we all fight for the 
    same cause. It makes no sense to stand alone, no matter how strong you are.
    Sully: Heh. So you want to serve as everyone's shield, huh? Well, that's a 
    hard role for one man. How about I help you out?
    Kellam: Help me out?
    Sully: If you're watching everyone else's back, someone's got to cover yours, 
    right? You can be the shield of the Shepherds, and I'll be the shield of YOU.
    Kellam: Er, I suppose so. But...
    Sully: What? You don't like the idea of someone helping you? Well, tough 
    Kellam: Well, all right. Thanks, Sully.
    Kellam S
    Kellam: Hey, Sully. I wanted to thank you for watching my back in that last 
    Sully: No sweat, pip-squeak. Reckon I owed you for one damn thing or another. 
    ...Funny. I can't even imagine how I fought back when I didn't have you 
    around. It feels good knowing someone's looking out for you.
    Kellam: I know! I feel so much stronger when you're out there.
    Sully: But it's even more than that, Kellam. The way you want to help 
    everyone else... You make me want to be a better person.
    Kellam: Um, well, funny you say that... See, the thing is... I'm more 
    interested in protecting you than anyone else.
    Sully: Oh?
    Kellam: I like you, Sully. In fact, I REALLY like you. So I was thinking 
    maybe we could...get married?
    Sully: Married?!
    Kellam: Yeah, married! Look, I went out and got you a ring and everything!
    Sully: ...I'm not much of a lady, you know. Not sure I'd be much of a wife.
    Kellam: I think you'd be great!
    Sully: I, uh... Look, this kind of crap isn't easy for me, but... I like you, 
    Kellam. I've never really felt this way about anyone before.
    Kellam: So then... yes?
    Sully: All right, pip-squeak. Let's do it. I'll watch your back, you watch 
    mine, and together we'll be unbeatable!
    A2. Lon'qu C
    Sully: Those were some impressive moves on the battlefield today, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: Ngh...
    Sully: Your fighting is so fluid, yet so crisp. It's amazing to watch. I'd 
    love to see how my own moves stack up someday.
    Lon'qu: I refuse.
    Sully: Har! Scared?
    Lon'qu: No. I simply have no interest in fighting you.
    Sully: The hell does that mean? You think you got me beat before we even 
    Lon'qu: .....
    Sully: You don't know thing one about me! Not until we've crossed blades.
    Lon'qu: You are a woman.
    Sully: ...Oh, that does it. Draw! Draw and defend your life!
    Lon'qu: Stop!
    Sully: Make me!
    Lon'qu: ...That would have hit me.
    Sully: Then it's a good thing you parried. Let's see if you're as quick next 
    Lon'qu B
    Sully: Come on, Lon'qu. Let's spar!
    Lon'qu: We did. You won.
    Sully: Pfft. That? I've seen you fight, and that wasn't half what you're 
    capable of. It doesn't count if you win when the other guy's not even trying.
    Lon'qu: Half is all I can offer someone like you.
    Sully: Oh, what? Can't fight a woman? Afraid I'll break a nail? I expect this 
    crap from a lot of people, Lon'qu, but not you!
    Lon'qu: I mean no insult. The fault is mine alone. I have an... aversion to 
    women. A crippling, involuntary reflex. You're a true warrior, and skilled. 
    But I cannot fight you.
    Sully: Is this some childhood-trauma thing? Did a girl take your lunch money?
    Lon'qu: Something like that.
    Sully: Well, I won't pry. Everybody's got their secrets. ...Wait. Does this 
    happen to you on the battlefield, too?
    Lon'qu: I manage to suppress it in instinctual, life-and-death situations.
    Sully: So if your neck were on the line, you'd be able to fight. That makes 
    sense... HAAAAAA!
    Lon'qu: Are you mad, woman?!
    Sully: Going for the kill would be the easy fix, but that isn't really an 
    option here. But I figured if I turned up the intensity, I might be able to 
    trigger a survival reflex. Now pretend I'm about to kill you!
    Lon'qu: You ARE mad!
    Lon'qu A
    Sully: Hey, Lon'qu. What's new?
    Lon'qu: Nothing. Would you like to spar?
    Sully: Finally stopped seeing me as a woman, eh? It usually doesn't take guys 
    this long.
    Lon'qu: No. Nothing has changed in that regard. Over the course of sparring, 
    I've just... gotten used to you.
    Sully: I guess anyone would after staring me down for that many rounds. Does 
    this mean the gloves can finally come off?
    Lon'qu: Indeed. I am sorry for the long delay. I owe you a debt that I intend 
    to repay with steel.
    Sully: Oh, you ARE feisty today! Let's begin.
    Lon'qu: ...Hyaaa!
    Lon'qu S
    Sully: Damn my hide! You're like fighting with a hurricane! I almost miss the 
    days when you were still hung up on women.
    Lon'qu: My aversion isn't gone, but you've proven that it can be quelled. You 
    have made me stronger. I'd accept my weakness, but you carved it from me by 
    force. And through our matches, you pared me down to expose a better man.
    Sully: Fighting you has made me a better warrior as well. And a better woman.
    Lon'qu: This is forward of me, but I have very little experience with such 
    things, so... This ring is for you, if you're of a mind to wear it.
    Sully: I'd be honored, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: With your help, I know I can grow stronger still. That I can become a 
    worthy partner.
    Sully: Har! This from the guy who just wiped the floor with me! Well then? 
    What are you waiting for?
    Lon'qu: I don't understand.
    Sully: With all that emotional stuff sorted, I feel like a fight!
    Lon'qu: ...Heh. As you wish!
    A2. Donnel C
    Sully: Rraaagh!
    Soldier: I yield! I yield! M-mercy!
    Donnel: She's just like one of them knights out'a the stories Ma used to 
    tell! I'm jealous somethin' fierce...
    Sully: I'm not LIKE a knight, kid. I AM a knight.
    Donnel: Urk! Ya heard me then, did ya?
    Sully: Half the camp heard your every thought! You're not exactly subtle.
    Donnel: B-beggin' your pardon, Sir Ma'am! I didn't mean nothin' by it. So, 
    uh, do ya think maybe you could tell me what bein' a knight's like?
    Sully: As long as you promise to stop calling me "Sir Ma'am." Why are you 
    asking, anyway? Thinking of becoming a knight?
    Donnel: Oh, gosh, no! It's just that knights and such is the stuff's legend 
    to me. Ain't never seen one back on the farm, and now here you are, and... 
    Well, I reckon I'm curious, is all.
    Sully: Curious to see how close I am to your storybook version?
    Donnel: I ain't tryin' to impose on ya. If it's a big ol' hassle, just say 
    Sully: It's fine. Come find me at dinner. We can talk there.
    Donnel: Thank you, Sir Ma... Er, Sully! That's mighty kind of ya!
    Donnel B
    Donnel: Thanks again for before, Sully. Mighty kind of ya to take the time.
    Sully: What, our chat about knights? I'm just glad someone actually cares.
    Donnel: Ya mean that? 'Cause I'd sure love to hear more, if ya don't mind 
    Sully: Oh, come on. It couldn't have been that interesting.
    Donnel: I reckon not to you, but it's a whole new world to me!
    Sully: Hmm... All right, then. Let's barter.
    Donnel: Barter? Ah, shucks, Sully. I ain't got nothin' to offer. 'Less you 
    wanna take an IOU on a couple'a piglets...
    Sully: I don't want your livestock, Donny. I want your stories.
    Donnel: You want me to tell ya 'bout life back on the pig farm? Well, it 
    ain't like I mind talkin', but farm life's dull as rocks.
    Sully: To you? Sure. But to me, it's probably going to be fascinating. I grew 
    up in a damn castle, remember? I'm curious how you farm folk live.
    Donnel: Well, I reckon I owe ya a tale or two. What say I come find ya at 
    Sully: I reckon that sounds great.
    Donnel: Hey! Ya sound just like me!
    Donnel A
    Sully: Heya, Donny. Thanks for the wild stories the other night.
    Donnel: Ya mean the one 'bout the greased-pig run? Why, sure! Farmin' ain't 
    glamorous as knightin', but I s'pose we have our laughs.
    Sully: I'd never have guessed how much fun I missed out on as a city girl.
    Donnel: I wouldn't be too eager to trade lives if I was you.
    Sully: Hmm?
    Donnel: Well, I hate to spoil the fun, but there's lots on the farm what 
    ain't a hoot. Stories I told only covered the good times. There's plenty what 
    ruin a year's crop. Flood, drought, raiders... Plus, we lose pigs to sickness 
    darn near every season. Yessir, the farmin' life's a hard one, and no 
    Sully: I'm sure you're right, but knighthood's no bed of roses, either. Sure, 
    it's glamorous, but there's politics and backstabbing behind the scenes. And 
    you've got to follow the orders you're given, even when they're stupid. 
    Believe me, farmers aren't the only ones with troubles.
    Donnel: So you was just cherry-pickin' the good stories too, eh?
    Sully: Maybe we should sit down and swap horror stories next time.
    Donnel: I don't much go in for scary talk. Ain't got the stomach for it.
    Sully: No, not literal horror stories. ...Just the less-happy ones. You can't 
    understand someone's world until you know both sides of it.
    Donnel: I reckon yer right about that... All right, then. It's a deal!
    Donnel S
    Sully: Hey, Donny. You up for another story session?
    Donnel: Well, sure, but... Do ya really wanna hear more'a me flappin' my 
    Ain't I keepin' ya from other things? ...From other people?
    Sully: You aren't keeping me from a damn thing. Look, if you're tired of our 
    little chats, just say so.
    Donnel: It ain't like that at all, Sully! Heck, I like talkin' to you more'n 
    about anything.
    Sully: Then get to it! I'm always interested in what you have to say.
    Donnel: Oh gosh! Is she sayin'... Wait, she ain't sayin' she's INTERESTED 
    interested, right?
    Sully: Er, Donny? You're mumbling like a madman again.
    Donnel: But she ain't said she AIN'T either... Hmm, but no...
    Sully: Hey! Mumbles! If you've got something to say, then out with it!
    Donnel: Gah, fine! Here! Take it!
    Sully: ...Is this a ring?
    Donnel: Oh gosh, Sully! Marry me, please!
    Sully: .....
    Donnel: Aw, heck. This ain't how I wanted it to go, but I was fixin' to burst 
    if I didn't ask ya! I told ya my whole life's story, the good and the bad, 
    and ya listened to it all. I knows yer a knight and a beautiful lady and I'm 
    just a grubby ol' pig farmer. But ya listened, and ya cared, and darn it all 
    if that don't make me love ya.
    Sully: Pig farming's not so grubby.
    Donnel: Ya wouldn't say that after muckin' stalls for ten years.
    Sully: But it's honest. I know the work is hard, your village is poor, and 
    times are lean... But I'd take the smelliest sty over the festering rot you 
    find in court society. There's a beauty to farm life. That much is clear, 
    listening to your stories. And I think I might like to give it a try.
    Donnel: Then... Will ya...?
    Sully: Yes, Donny. Once this war is over, I'll experience farm life, 
    Donnel: Yee-haw! I feel like I'm dreamin'! Someone pinch ol' Donny!
    A2. Ricken C
    Ricken: Well, I think that should do it. Wait, is this even the right page? 
    Er, Sully? You should probably stand back. This might explode.
    Sully: Whoa, check out all the vials! What are you cooking up?
    Ricken: Medicine.
    Sully: You must have one hell of a cold.
    Ricken: Not that kind of medicine. This is a potion to hasten the rate of an 
    organism's growth.
    Sully: There's medicine for that? Huh. So, uh, what are you using it on?
    Ricken: Me.
    Sully: Is that safe?
    Ricken: ...Er, completely?
    Sully: Are you asking me, or telling me? Look, why do you even need something 
    like that anyway?
    Ricken: I'm tired of being dead weight. I need to grow up in a hurry!
    Sully: Ha! Growing up isn't about size, and it sure as hell ain't about age. 
    Not to mention how awkward things would get if you were suddenly 40...
    Ricken: I guess, but...
    Sully: Look, you think I got strong with potions and weird magic? It took 
    time and effort. You'll grow just fine without dabbling in the exotic arts.
    Ricken: Thanks, Sully. I guess I'll pour this out.
    Sully: Just keep it away from me.
    Ricken: It's meant to be used on plants, anyway. Heh. What if I'd grown 
    Sully: Pour the damn thing out already!
    Ricken B
    Ricken: Ooh, Sully! I just read about a crazy new potion!
    Sully: I thought I told you to quit messing around with that stuff! ...Yeah, 
    okay, I'll bite. What's it do?
    Ricken: It turns a woman into a man!
    Sully: And you came running to me with this why?
    Ricken: Well, I figured you'd be the first in line.
    Sully: If anyone else had said that to me, I'd make them eat their own guts. 
    Look, Ricken. I'm fine as I am. I'm not looking to switch sides.
    Ricken: But I heard you say before you hated not being taken seriously 
    because you're a girl.
    Sully: Right, but the problem isn't me. It's that other folks are small 
    minded. It's a stupid way to think, and I aim to prove it. I'll outfight 
    every man on the field, but there's no point if I don't do it as me. 
    Understand, Ricken?
    Ricken: Wow, Sully. I wish I could think like you. I'd rather be anything 
    besides myself. Anyway... Sorry. I didn't mean any offense.
    Sully: No worries. I know you meant well, even if you came across like a 
    Ricken: Ha ha ha! Yeah, I know.
    Ricken A
    Sully: What sort of recipe are you looking up this time, Ricken? Chrom isn't 
    going to turn into a slug or something, is he?
    Ricken: Ha ha! No, this is just my journal. I'm through making weird potions, 
    so you can stop worrying.
    Sully: Har! So you mean I won't get to see you sprout leaves?
    Ricken: Okay, enough! I get it! Potions are a tool, not an answer.
    Sully: Hey, that's pretty good. You're starting to sound all grown up. 
    ...Wait, have you gotten taller?
    Ricken: Er, I dunno. I don't really see myself, you know?
    Sully: Come here... Yup. You've definitely grown an inch or so. At this rate, 
    you'll be taller than me soon.
    Ricken: YESSS! ...Er, I mean, height isn't as important as keeping people 
    safe in the field.
    Sully: Har! Nice save!
    Ricken S
    Sully: Thanks for the support out there, Ricken. That could have gotten ugly.
    Ricken: Glad to help!
    Sully: You've become a real powerhouse. You're every bit a full-fledged 
    Shepherd. I feel like I could take on anything with you at my back.
    Ricken: ...I'd rather be at your side than at your back.
    Sully: My... side?
    Ricken: I mean, as an equal! I mean, not while we're fighting. I mean... 
    Sully: This is a ring, Ricken.
    Ricken: You said I was a full-fledged Shepherd? Well, I'm also a full-fledged 
    man. I love you, Sully. Marry me!
    Sully: That is really damn direct, you know that? But I suppose that's one 
    thing I appreciate about you.
    Ricken: R-really?
    Sully: I like you Ricken, but more importantly, I trust you. And that's 
    exactly what I need from the man by my side.
    Ricken: You mean it? ...YESSS!
    A2. Gaius C
    Sully: Hey, hold up. I want a word with you, Chuckles.
    Gaius: Meeeeeee?
    Sully: Didn't I see you near my tent this morning? Kicking the pegs and 
    lifting the tarp?
    Gaius: Oh, was that your tent? Yeah, I was admiring the handiwork. I always 
    appreciate well-made canvas.
    Sully: So listen. I'm missing a gemstone from my baggage. Now I want you to 
    close your eyes and think very, VERY hard. Did you see any dodgy characters 
    skulking around the area? Thieves or the like?
    Gaius: Hmm...Nope, can't say I did. But if I had, rest assured I'd introduce 
    them to the sharp end of my dagger.
    Sully: All right. But if you DO see something, you'll let me know. 
    ...Right?Aaaaaanything at all. Aaaaaanyone suspicious.
    Gaius: Yes, of course I will. ......
    Sully: Something wrong, Chuckles? You look like you just swallowed a lime.
    Gaius: You know--and I really hate to say this--but I'm starting to think you 
    suspect... me.
    Sully: You damn well better not be accusing me of mistrusting a fellow 
    Gaius: Whoa, hold on! I was just thinking out loud! Put the sword away, if 
    you please. It's not a completely unreasonable assumption given my... 
    (Gaius leaves)
    Sully: If a thief doesn't want to be suspected, he should stop skulking 
    around like a thief...
    Gaius B
    Sully: Hey, Chuckles. I've been looking for you.
    Gaius: Hello, Sully. Slap anyone upside the head lately?
    Sully: Not yet, but the day is still young. So, um, I found my missing jewel. 
    It turned up in a magpie's nest. Stupid thing must have flown into my tent 
    and taken the first shiny bit it saw.
    Gaius: Well, I'm glad that case is all tied up with a big bow.
    Sully: So, listen. I owe you an apology. I left the tent flap open after all. 
    And the first thing I did was come looking for you. Anyway... sorry.
    Gaius: All water under the bridge. And, uh... Well, maybe I was wrong to take 
    umbrage at your questions. I mean, I AM a thief. Taking things is kind of in 
    the job description.
    Sully: I've always prided myself on judging people fairly and without 
    prejudice. But as soon as I saw my gem was missing, you were the first person 
    I thought of.
    Gaius: Well, it's not like Chrom or Lissa would be ransacking your things, 
    now is it? Suspicion and a lack of honor are just all part of the thieving 
    Sully: "Honor is of the body; hone the body, and honor shall grow strong."
    Gaius: I'm sorry, what was that?
    Sully: It's a portion of the knight's code. The one I strive to follow every 
    day. Basically, if you work your butt off, you can train both body and honor. 
    So if your worried about honor, don't be. I'll train the shiftiness right out 
    of you.
    Gaius: I don't know. Exercise is more of a knight thing. We thieves need our 
    Sully: You'll have plenty of downtime in the grave, Chuckles. We start 
    tomorrow. At dawn. In the training yard. Oh, and maybe bring a bucket or 
    something to puke in.
    Gaius: Oh dear. 
    Gaius A
    Sully: I told you to drop and give me 50, maggot, but it looks like you just 
    Gaius: *Pant, pant* Can't... we... take... a break? I'm feeling... dizzy. 
    Wine. I need... wine and bread. And some... cheese...
    Sully: What's that, maggot? I can't heeear you! Now get up. Warm-ups are 
    finished-- it's time to start training for real!
    Gaius: Oh, for the love of all that's holy! Please, have mercy... Urk... A-
    all right. I'm up. Wobbling, but up. What's... next?
    Sully: Good, Gaius. Very good.
    Gaius: Wh-what?
    Sully: I pushed you as hard as I knew how, but you still haven't given up. 
    Everyone else who attempted my training had run home to Mommy at this point.
    Gaius: If I knew running away was an option, I would have fled long ago.
    Sully: Heh. You're just saying that. I can see in your eyes that you're ready 
    for more!
    Gaius: The only thing I'm ready for is death's sweet embrace... Although now 
    that I have my breath back, perhaps I could do another round. Truth be told, 
    this exercise has a way of lifting a man's spirit's.
    Sully: Oh? Do they need lifting?
    Gaius: I often brood about my misspent youth, when I was but a mere bandit. 
    Mayhap there is something to this "good for the body, good for the soul" 
    flapdoodle. Though more likely, I'm just too tired to think clearly.
    Sully: Or maybe my training is actually taking effect. This is great, Gaius. 
    Look how much you're learning! Tomorrow we meet an hour before dawn-- we have 
    a lot to get through.
    Gaius: Argh. Please tell me that today was not just a primer for the horror 
    to come... (I can't believe I'm actually starting to enjoy this madwoman's 
    Sully: Stop mumbling, maggot! You've still got 23 laps to go!
    Gaius: Right!
    Gaius S
    Gaius: *Gasp* *pant* W-well, Sully...? Can we... call it a day...?
    Sully: What...*pant* ...are you talking about... We're... just getting 
    Gaius: Except... you're sounding... a wee bit... pooped yourself... *pant*
    Sully: No, you're...*wheeze* ...imagining it...
    Gaius: *Cough, cough* Ungh... This is... ridiculous... wh-why can't I 
    Sully... I've... got something... important to ask you... but... 
    Sully: Important...? Like... what?
    Gaius: Th-the thing is... I can't ask while we're... wheezing like a pair of 
    asthmatic bellows.
    Sully: I-it's okay... I always... *gasp* important conversations... like 
    Gaius: If... if you insist... Here... this is *pant* for you... Sorry... 
    Can't lift it...
    Sully: It's... a ring?
    Gaius: *Gasp* Yeah...  I want you to... marry me...
    Sully: What? Wh-why... me...?
    Gaius: B-being... with you... *wheeze* gives me strength... to face... the 
    horrible past... Long explanation... More complicated... Can't... get into 
    it... now...
    Sully: *Wheeze*
    Gaius: *Pant* I know... this is... out of the blue and all, but...
    Sully: I... accept.
    Gaius: Eh? *cough* *splutter* Y-you do?
    Sully: You're... the first... to survive my training... this far. I think... 
    there's no limit... to how far we can... *pant* go together...
    Gaius: S-sorry about... the proposal... Wanted... candles... and harp 
    Sully: N-no... it's... it's perfect...*splutter*
    Gaius: How... so...?
    Sully: N-normally...*pant* things like... pride and shame... tie our 
    tongues... But... now that... we're at death's door... we can speak... from 
    the heart.
    Gaius: Hah ha-- *gasp* *splutter* You might be... right...
    Sully: I know I'm right...
    Gaius: I... I think I'm... starting to get my breath back.
    Sully: Whew...Yeah, so am I. ...... Soooooo...
    Gaius: Yeaaaah...
    Sully: Ready for another 10 laps?
    Gaius: Sounds great!
    A2. Gregor C
    Sully: Hey, Gregor.
    Gregor: Is sad times when youngsters address elders without proper title! 
    Sully should be calling Gregor "sir"! He is old, yes? Is only polite.
    Sully: Whatever. Listen, I hear you have a fighting style that's fearsomely 
    effective. That true?
    Gregor: Many brave men will testify to Gregor's skill with blade. Is too bad 
    all are being dead! Ho ho ho! Oh, Gregor love that joke.
    Sully: Great. Then what say you and I have a duel?
    Gregor: Mmm... What you pay Gregor?
    Sully: You want to be paid for fencing practice? We're allies, you old coot. 
    You should be helping me for free!
    Gregor: Gregor is sellsword who swings swell sword! Dinner must get on table 
    somehow, no?
    Sully: I'll put you on the table, old man! ..... Never mind. Fine. But if I 
    pay you, I get to set some conditions.
    Gregor: Conditions?
    Sully: You say you're a top fighter, but how do I really know that? You might 
    curl into a ball at the first sign of trouble, and then I'm out of good coin! 
    So here's the deal: I only pay if you manage to teach me something new.
    Gregor: Beautiful lady is driving for hard bargain. She is craving coin-back 
    guarantee! But Gregor accepts, so long as he sets condition of his own... 
    Loser must obey one request from winner! Even if humiliating! We have deal, 
    yes? Or are you like the cat who is scared?
    Sully: Deal. I'm tired of men like you underestimating women like me!
    Gregor: Oy, but you are wrong... Gregor underestimates no one. Especially not 
    muscle-bound lady with great chip on shoulder.
    Sully: Then this should be interesting.
    Gregor B
    Sully: Hello, Gregor.
    Gregor: .....
    Sully: Oh, for the love of... Hello, "Sir Gregor."
    Gregor: Oh, hello, Sully. Gregor not seeing you there.
    Sully: I want another duel with you. A serious one. No holds barred! I've 
    been training hard since our last skirmish, and I think I'm ready.
    Gregor: Training hard? Is sounding like bad news for Gregor!
    Sully: We spent so much time arguing over terms the other day that I lost the 
    damn fight. Then you were suppose to come up with a humiliating punishment, 
    but you didn't. Just making me call you "sir" isn't enough motivation. I need 
    more! So come ! Get off your butt and duel me for your honor!
    Gregor: Oy, we are having place to ourselves, yes? Why speak of fighting and 
    honor? Gregor thinks this is good time to whisper sweet nothings into ears. 
    But, if talking with swords is better, okay. Kiss of steel is also sweet 
    sound to Gregor. But when you lose, Gregor make you do very, very, very 
    humiliating something.
    Sully: Let's go!
    Gregor A
    Sully: Gregor.
    Gregor: Oy, Sullykins.
    Sully: Stop calling me that.
    Gregor: Ho ho! You no like name Sullykins? But name suits you. Very ladylike.
    Sully: There's nothing ladylike about it, you flea-ridden old goat!
    Gregor: You wound Gregor. When comrades fight together, they give pet name, 
    yes? Is sign of friendship and respect, yes? "Hail, Sullykins, brave and 
    faithful ally!" Come, Gregor and Sullykins are friends. No need to make with 
    the blushings.
    Sully: I'm not... blushing.
    Gregor: But newfangled name is not only reason Sullykins is embarrassed! You 
    know real reason, yes? Sully secretly in love with Gregor!
    Sully: You say that again, and I'll shove my sword so-
    Gregor: Ho ho ho! Gregor likes women with steam-filled head! Maybe he teases 
    you more.
    Sully: And maybe I'll turn you into a doormat!
    Gregor: Oy, Sullykins. You draw your sword and challenge Gregor to do battle?
    Sully: You have insulted me and my honor for the last damn time!
    Gregor: And if Sully loses? Then what?
    Sully: Then that life and honor are your to do with as you will.
    Gregor: Gregor accepts terms from Sullykins! Is ready when she is...
    Gregor S
    Sully: Gregor? I wanted to ask you something about our duel last week.
    Gregor: If you want to dispute results, Gregor have nothing to say.
    Sully: No. I accept that you're better. ...For now, at least. But I can't 
    accept the punishment you gave me for losing. I lost a duel fair and true, 
    yet you refuse to claim the damn prize. Now name your terms so we can be done 
    with this and I can sleep at night!
    Gregor: Gregor is no longer interested in competition with woman like you.
    Sully: What the hell does that mean?!
    Gregor: Gregor fights with you many times. Gregor wins many times. Is enough.
    Sully: I already admitted you won! So if you're gonna refuse just because I'm 
    a woman-
    Gregor: Is not because you are woman. Is because you are Sully.
    Sully: Oh, so now what does THAT mean?!
    Gregor: Gregor cannot fight woman who he is loving so madly. So instead of 
    beating you with sword, he buys you lovely gift instead.
    Sully: ...Is that a ring?
    Gregor: Gregor is wanting to marry you, yes?
    Sully: I don't understand. ...Why me?
    Gregor: Because you are fine woman. Strong and brave and proud! Gregor is 
    long time admiring Sullykins from afar.
    Sully: .....
    Gregor: Gregor knows he is old man with many scars and fattened belly. So is 
    okay if you say no. But do not be saying so because of duels! That, Gregor's 
    poor heart could not take.
    Sully: I wouldn't say no because of that. ...And actually, I wouldn't say no 
    at all.
    Gregor: Wait... Gregor is confused. Is meaning Sully says yes?
    Sully: I've learned a lot from you, Gregor. About fencing and swordsmanship, 
    sure. But also honor and respect. I think we make a pretty damn fine team if 
    we married.
    Gregor: Oh, words of joyfulness! Gregor will do his happy dance!
    A2. Libra C
    Libra: Hoofprints? This far out? Hmm... It seems they continue for some 
    Sully: Looking for something, Libra? I can help if you want.
    Libra: Ah, Sully. You are very kind. And what's more, you've helped already.
    For it seems you are responsible for the far-ranging hoofprints.
    Sully: You mean my HORSE is responsible right? Anyway, sounds like you've got 
    time on your hands. Mind if we talk for a bit?
    Libra: I'm afraid I haven't much of interest to say, but I'more than happy to 
    Sully: With all the newcomers we're taking on, the camp's gotten pretty busy. 
    It's hard to get any privacy, huh? I imagine it must be doubly hard for a 
    woman like you.
    Libra: ...... I'm a man.
    Sully: Oh. Right. ER, yeah. Of course. Well, this is pretty damn awkward.
    Libra: Please. It's not an unfamiliar situation for me. Though I must say, 
    your question is somewhat perplexing. Aren't you capable of supplying a 
    woman's perspective yourself.?
    Sully: Well, yeah, sure. But...you know. I'm not exactly GIRLY. ...Gods, that 
    came out wrong. ER, look. I'll just ask someone else. Thanks for your time, 
    Libra: Of Course.
    Libra B
    Sully: Do you have a moment, Libra?
    Libra: Yes, of course. What is it?
    Sully: Look, I'm sorry as hell that-
    Libra: Is this about the other day? Please, Sully. You already-
    Sully: Er, no. I'm actually apologizing in advance for what I'm about to ask.
    Libra: That's... ominous.
    Sully: I really hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I wanted to 
    know... How do you feel about looking so... pretty? I mean... lady pretty?
    Libra: Oh. That is... not what I was expecting you to ask. But, well... I 
    don't know that I feel much about it one way or the other. There isn't much I 
    can do about the way I look, after all. Yes, being mistaken for a woman can 
    pose some minor difficulties. Especially in bath houses. Or taverns. Or, um, 
    anywhere, actually. But why do you ask?
    Sully: Well, see, I'm not exactly the girly type, you know? I ask people to 
    treat me the same as a man, and I don't let anything limit me as a knight. 
    But talking to you the other got me thinking that... I don't know. Maybe it's 
    just time I accepted myself more for who and what I am.
    Libra: I fear I make a poor model for this question, Sully. You'd be better 
    served by any number of others in our camp.
    Sully: What makes you say that?
    Libra: A man of the cloth should be a beacon of hope. A light in the 
    darkness. He ought never let his smile falter, nor forget to treat all with 
    warmth and respect. At the very least, that is the sort of man I aspire to 
    Sully: That's exactly the sort of man you ARE, Libra.
    Libra: So you say. And yet, I cannot help but feel I'm merely skilled at 
    playing such a figure. I worry that my entire person is an act. A hollow 
    Sully: Libra...
    Libra: I apologize. It was not my intent to burden you with my idle 
    ramblings. Pray, forget it.
    Libra A
    Sully: Do you have a dream, Libra? Any grand goal in life?
    Libra: Hmm... I suppose it would be to see the world at peace once more.
    Sully: Har! I figured you'd say something along those lines. You know, it's 
    okay to want something for yourself once in a while.
    Libra: To see happiness in others brings me equal amounts of joy.
    Sully: Yeah, I'm sure that's true. But sometimes you still have to think of 
    JUST you. It's like you're actively trying to deny yourself pleasure or 
    happiness. I just wonder why sometimes, is all.
    Libra: I wonder why it is you would trouble yourself so over a humble man 
    like me.
    Sully: Maybe I'm just a nosy jerk. Ever think of that? Or maybe... WEll, I 
    dunno. I just like you, I guess.
    Libra: Oh?
    Sully: It's like you and me are kindred spirits in a way. The tomboy to end 
    all tomboys, and the most beautiful man in the land!
    Libra: Heh. Opposites though we are, we share quite a bit. I feel a closeness 
    to you as well.
    Sully: So what do you say? You and me, partners for the long haul?
    Libra: I would be honored.
    Libra S
    Libra: Might I have a moment?
    Sully: Uh, Libra! S-sure! What's up?
    Libra: Are you feeling well? You look flustered.
    Sully: Oh, I'm fine. I just remembered what I said the other day. I guess I'm 
    kind of embarrassed. To listen to me run my mouth off, you'd think I was 
    professing my love.
    Libra: ...Then you weren't?
    Sully: Of course not!
    Libra: Well, it appears to be my turn to feel ashamed. I fear I mistook your 
    words. How vain I must have been to go so far as to procuse this...
    Sully: Oh, damn. You got me a ring.
    Libra: I am terribly sorry. I was so thrilled to hear we saw one another as 
    kindred spirits, and I just... I'll dispose of this. Please think no more of 
    Sully: W-wait! It'd be a shame to waste it! I mean, it's so... Um... I 
    accept, Libra.
    Libra: This is not the sort of item I would have you accept out of pity. For 
    a thing so small, it bears more weight than I would trouble anyone to bear.
    Sully: Well, I'm pretty good at lifting heavy stuff.
    Libra: But...
    Sully: I'm not doing this out of pity, you damn fool! I'm doing it because I 
    like you. ...And I want to live my life with you.
    Libra: Then I will give it gladly!
    A2. Henry C
    Sully: Hey, Henry.
    Henry: Hi, Sully! Need something?
    Sully: Just wanted to chat, if you have a second. I'm still not completely 
    sure how we wound up with a Plegian mage in our camp. Er, but don't get me 
    wrong! I'm happy you're slinging spells from our side.
    Henry: Happy to help! Just point me at the enemy, and I'll curse 'em to gooey 
    bits. Pchew pchew pchew! Nya ha ha!
    Sully: ...Right. You specialize in that dark-magic stuff, don't you? So, 
    what's the deal? Can you really take an enemy out with just a curse?
    Henry: Yep! Sure can. Just takes a liiittle bit of time and planning. What 
    about you? Ever curse anybody?
    Sully: A knight is honor bound to face her enemy in fair and honest combat.
    I would never resort to such dirty, underhanded means! Hmm... But the enemy 
    might... Say, Henry? I got a favor to ask. I need you to slap a curse on me 
    sometime. No big deal, whatever's easiest.
    Henry: Absolutely! I'll need a pound of flesh, seven fingernails, and your 
    left kidney. Nya ha ha! I jest. A single hair will do just fine.
    Sully: *Pluck* Here ya go.
    Henry: Yay! I'll start working on this little guy so we can get you all 
    cursed up.
    Sully: You're awfully sunny for a dark mage.
    Henry B
    Sully: Mnnngh... Ch-chest... burning! F-fever... rising! C-can't... breathe!
    Henry: Oh! Oh, oh, oh. It looks like sooomeone got cursed! Yaaay!
    Sully: Hngh... H-Henry?
    Henry: Nya ha ha! One tailor-made curse, just as requested. I finally got one 
    to take. And it was no easy task, you big overachiever, you!
    Sully: C-call it off... P-please...
    Henry: What, already?
    Sully: Grkk... HURRY!
    Henry: You got it. *Mumble, mumble* *hiss* ...All done!
    Sully: *Cough* Whew... It felt like I was dying.
    Henry: That's 'cause you WERE! ...You totally still had five or six solid 
    minutes left, though.
    Sully: The curse was fatal?!
    Henry: Well, it wasn't going to be at first, but it turns out you've got 
    buckets of willpower. Like I said, none of the little ones took. So I had to 
    bump the stakes up a teensy bit. Hope ya don't mind!
    Sully: You're crazy! But I'm even crazier for having asked for the damn 
    So wait a second. What do you mean about the first curses not taking? Does 
    that have to do with strength or willpower or something?
    Henry: Yep yep! That's it, all right. I can curse till I'm blue in the face, 
    but if their will's stronger than mine? Pbbt.
    Sully: Which means that you were eventually able to overcome my will... 
    Thanks, Henry. I think I've got more training to do than I thought.
    Henry: Aw, don't fret! You're the toughest nut I ever cracked, and I've 
    cracked a lot. Hey, you wanna go again? I've got the cutest little death 
    altar all set up...
    Sully: I'll let you know.
    Henry A
    Sully: Hyaaa! ...HAH!
    Henry: *Grunt* Yeow!
    Sully: Oh, crap! Henry! Sorry about that! I didn't mean to hit you! Are you 
    hurt? I didn't see you there.
    Henry: Aw, shucks. Just a little elbow to the face! No harm done. No sense 
    crying over a bloody nose. Nya ha ha! ...Ooh, blood.
    Sully: You know, I can't remember seeing you get upset. Not even a little.
    Henry: I can't remember BEING upset. folks here are so nice, and even bad 
    guys are pretty great when they splatter. When life gives ya lemons, use 'em 
    to ward off scurvy. That's what I say!
    Sully: No anger, no frustration, an unusually upbeat attitude... I'm starting 
    to see how you beat me in the willpower department. I've got all kinds of 
    anger and frustration flying around. It's tough to keep 'em in check.
    Henry: Aw, you're going to make me blush. I'm nothing special.
    Sully: I think it's your humility that I envy the most, actually. I feel like 
    I'm always in a desperate struggle against my own pride.
    Henry: Yeah, but you're a knight, right? You kind of HAVE to be prideful.
    You've got goals and focus and honor and stuff. Can't have that without 
    I think that's super great, myself! I've never had anything like that.
    Sully: ...Heh. Thanks, Henry.
    Henry S
    Sully: Grrrah! ...YAH!
    Henry: Training again? I'll keep my distance this time.
    Sully: I've got a long ways to go if I hope to stave off your curses.
    Henry: Does building an iron body make your will stronger too?
    Sully: Ability honed through training gives me confidence, which in turn 
    grants willpower. At least, that's the plan.
    Henry: Sounds like a good one to me!
    Sully: You know, I was really shaken up when you were able to curse me. At 
    first I thought I was just bitter, but I'm not sure anymore. I think there's 
    another reason you always overwhelm me...
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Guess you better do with a few more reps then, huh?
    Sully: Ha! An iron will won't help with this.
    Henry: Aw, Sully. You're getting all mushy on me, aren't you?
    Sully: No, it's just... Well, yes, actually. Kind of. Look, you're always 
    cheerful and confident, and that appeals to me. All right?
    Henry: Oh, wow! That's great. Because I think you're pretty special too. So 
    is now a good time to skip on down to the market for a ring?
    Sully: ......
    Henry: Hey, tomorrow works if that's better. Wait, did I say something wrong?
    Sully: Is there NOTHING that can faze you? I just proposed, and you didn't 
    even flinch. I'll just have to train harder than I thought if I want to get 
    the drop on you.
    Henry: The fighting kind of training, or the loooooove kind?
    Sully: Oh, your eyes are gonna bug out when you see what I've got planned.
    Henry: Really? I made a pegasus knight's eyes do that once. I drew pictures! 
    Wanna see?
    A3. Frederick C
    Soldier: Hiyuuurgh!
    Frederick: HMPH!
    Soldier: Gah! H-how did you block that?!
    Frederick: You are not using your strength wisely. Too much wasted movement. 
    Go and practice what I taught you. 
    Soldier: Sir! Thank you, sir!
    Frederick: Ah...
    Miriel: Frederick.
    Frederick: Miriel. What brings you here?
    Miriel: Fascinating... I was convinced that young lad had you dead to rights. 
    But when his blow was about to land, you parried with the merest flick of 
    your arm. Such a feat would seem to defy all natural laws. What is your 
    secret? To what forbidden dark arts are you privy?
    Frederick: If you saw my arm move, then your eye is sharper than most. When 
    my master-at-arms first showed me the technique, I did not see as much. 
    Miriel: A woman of science is first and foremost an observer.
    Frederick: Ah! And a keen eye is a fine weapon. But I don't think you came 
    here to discuss swordplay.
    Miriel: On that count, you were wrong. I want you to teach me that move.
    Frederick: It is no easy trick to learn.
    Miriel: I am a patient woman.
    Frederick: Very well. Shall we begin?
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Hold the lance motionless, as a heron hunting a fish. The tip 
    cannot waver.
    Miriel: ...Yes.
    Frederick: HYAAR!
    Miriel: Ah!
    Frederick: Good. The lance did not move at all. You have a steady hand and 
    strong nerve.
    Miriel: You moved so fast I had no time to react. I would have thought that 
    impossible. ...And look! You cleaved the lance in twain with naught but a 
    blunt wooden staff. Yet my hands felt no impact. It's as if the lance split 
    of its own accord.
    Frederick: 'Tis the result of many factors: speed, muscle control, and the 
    flow of power. These same skills allowed me to throw that young soldier 
    Miriel: How can you possibly compute all those factors in such a short time?
    Frederick: A soldier does not... compute. A soldier acts on instinct and 
    Miriel: Instinct? But man is a rational animal, gifted with a keen mind.
    Frederick: Minds are a hindrance in the brief moment between life and death. 
    Yes, you use intelligence before a battle and during training... But in 
    combat, you must let instinct rule. You must learn how to FEEL!
    Miriel: This is a most remarkable ability.
    Frederick: With hard work and training, anyone can do the same.
    Miriel: Even I?
    Frederick: Of course! A keen observer such as yourself will learn faster than 
    most. I might even wager that you are better equipped than I for such things.
    Miriel: That is most encouraging.
    Frederick: I have some special exercises that may help you develop your 
    instincts. Perhaps you would allow me to show you. ...That is, if you are 
    Miriel: I am always free for the pursuit of knowledge.
    Frederick A
    Miriel: Frederick, are you certain I need to continue this training?
    Frederick: Does some aspect of it concern you?
    Miriel: To be honest, I'm coming to doubt the efficacy of your methods. I've 
    collected flowers, fished in the river and been chased by a bee. Shall we 
    paint with our fingers next? Or perhaps bake pies crafted from loam?
    Frederick: Of course not! Our next lesson involves spending the night around 
    a campfire. Doing so will nurture your instincts by exposing you to different 
    Miriel: I believe I've experienced quite enough stimuli already. Surely I'm 
    in touch with my instinctive side by now?
    Frederick: You don't want to do the campfire? But I was so looking forward to 
    it... I even collected crowberries and honeycombs for roasting.
    Miriel: I believe I'm ready for more advanced studies. I ken now how you 
    performed that trick, and I'm more instinctive as well. My current problem, 
    however, is one of detachment.
    Frederick: I'm not entirely sure I understand, milady.
    Miriel: I have been fighting alongside Chrom for some time now. And I 
    consider my fellow Shepherds to be most stalwart comrades. But even after all 
    our shared hardships, I don't feel true friendship. I want to experience this 
    connection, Frederick. ...Specifically, with you. If what you say is true, 
    feelings of friendship will make me stronger in battle.
    Frederick: W-well, if you think it would help... Er, of course. I'd happily 
    be your friend.
    Miriel: Thank you, Frederick
    Frederick S
    Frederick: Miriel? How go your observations on the nature of friendship?
    Miriel: Well enough, I suppose. But there has been an unexpected obstacle.
    Frederick: Do tell.
    Miriel: My heightened feelings have created an emotion akin to avarice. 
    Increasingly, I wish you to spend all your time with me and no other. Indeed, 
    when I see you with certain people, I grow almost... enraged. Tell me: Is 
    this a normal reaction when friendship blossoms between two people?
    Frederick: I see... Miriel, do these feelings of "avarice" occur when I speak 
    to a man?
    Miriel: ...Interesting. They do not.
    Frederick: But what if I speak to a woman?
    Miriel: I wish to pull out her hair in the manner of an angry cat.
    Frederick: Oh. Well, I'm afraid this might be a symptom of something quite 
    Miriel: And yet you are smiling. Why?
    Frederick: Because, my good lady, I have just the medicine to cure what ails 
    Miriel: A ring? What manner of talisman is this? I pray I'm not meant to 
    swallow it.
    Frederick: No. You place it on your finger.
    Miriel: This treatment is oddly similar to a marriage ritual I once read 
    Frederick: As always, your keen eyes miss nothing. ...I am proposing to you.
    Miriel: Fascinating... I suppose I must assess my feelings before giving you 
    an answer?
    Frederick: Er, that is... customary, yes. But unless I'm mistaken, I think 
    you have strong feelings for me. Friendship between men and women often turns 
    to love. And when love blooms, so does its wicked twin. Jealousy.
    Miriel: ...Jealousy.
    Frederick: I know this because I suffer from the same curse! Seeing you in 
    conversation with other men is like a dagger in my heart.
    Miriel: And this ring is the only cure?
    Frederick: The only cure I'm willing to try.
    Miriel: I see... I... I do believe I love you, Frederick...
    Frederick: If you were to marry me, Miriel, I promise to give you joy every 
    day of your life.
    Miriel: Then marry you I shall!
    A3. Virion C
    Miriel: Virion.
    Virion: Ah, my sweet... Er, Miriel, is it? How can I be of service?
    Miriel: I wonder if I might ask you a favor.
    Virion: For you, milady. I would gladly walk to the ends of the earth over 
    hot coals and-
    Miriel: I am studying prognostication, and need you to further explain the 
    Virion: You mean fortune-telling? Well, color me surprised! I assumed someone 
    of your intellectual bent had little time for superstitions.
    Miriel: Within the camp, your fortunes have a reputation for being especially 
    accurate. Even if they are mere shibboleth, such oracles can inspire hope in 
    a people. This is a legitimate, and possibly fruitful, area of study.
    Virion: Hmm. Well, if you say so. But I must tell you this... There's a lot 
    more to fortune-telling than staring at entrails or poking at tea leaves! 
    Please, my dear, I urge you reconsider the request. The path is long and 
    difficult, and I do not wish to subject you to such an ordeal.
    Miriel: You claimed you would stride across hot coals for me. Was that a 
    Virion: Not a falsehood, no! More of a... er... rhetorical flourish!
    Miriel: So you are refusing my request? How fascinating. I thought my 
    femininity sufficient to ensnare your cooperation. Well then. If you will not 
    proffer aid, would you at least tell my fortune?
    Virion: Now THAT, milady, is more easily done! To be honest, I'm more than a 
    little flattered that you're interested.
    Miriel: Excellent!
    Virion: Now, let's see what tomorrow has in store for you...
    Miriel: Must you hold my palm while you work? I would very much like to take 
    Virion: Hmmm... hmm. Aah... Yes, yes. I see... WATER! Buckets of it! You 
    are... drenched... Be careful... Something valuable... Damaged by water...
    Miriel: Water is vague. You must be more specific. Do you refer to a nearby 
    lake or stream? Perhaps rain? Condensation? A fogbank? Though in gaseous 
    form, fog is actually-
    Virion: Milady, please! A fortune is not a textbook! I saw water! That is 
    all. Where it came from, I cannot say.
    Miriel: Such answers would be laughed out of any credible journal. But no 
    matter. We shall see tomorrow if your augury bears fruit.
    (Miriel leaves)
    Virion: So we will, milady. So we will...
    Virion B
    Miriel: Hello, Virion. I've prepared a full report on our earlier experiment.
    Virion: ...Experiment? Are you talking about my fortune-telling? The one 
    where I told to beware of water?
    Miriel: Yes. And contrary to my initial hypothesis, your prediction was most 
    accurate. I was caught in a sudden cloudburst and became soaked to the skin.
    Virion: You don't say? That's amazing! Fantastic! Ha ha!
    Miriel: I beg your pardon?
    Virion: We, what I mean to say is... I trust you were all right?
    Miriel: It was fortunate that I'd left my books back in my tent. The squall's 
    fury would have reduced them to illegible wads of pulp.
    Virion: Ah, if only I was there to protect you from the tempest with my 
    Miriel: You have further piqued my interest in this esoterica. Will you not 
    teach me even the basics of your art? I cannot hope to study what I do not 
    comprehend on a base level.
    Virion: Ah, my sweet Miriel. On this alone must refuse you!
    Miriel: A shame. Peer review is an important tenant of any scientific 
    Virion: Er, yes! So then! Anyway! ...If that's everything?
    Miriel: I am finished here, yes. Now I must speak with Chrom about your gift 
    of forewarning. The battlefield applications of such a talent are numerous. 
    We could anticipate ambushes, find weak points, avoid tactical errors...
    Virion: N-no! Miriel, I must draw the line!
    Miriel: I do not understand.
    Virion: Er, well... I can't really say, exactly.
    Miriel: But with prescience, the outcome of any battle would no longer be 
    subject to-
    Virion: STOP! *Ahem* Very well, very well... ...Listen, how about this?
    Miriel: Yes?
    Virion: I'll teach you how to tell fortunes, but you must promise not to go 
    to Chrom.
    Miriel: ...I find you proposition acceptable.
    Virion: And it will take time before we can start. I must prepare... lesson 
    plans, and, uh, so on. So let me get ready, and we'll start the next time we 
    meet. Agreed?
    Miriel: Agreed.
    (Miriel leaves)
    Virion: Good heavens, that was close. But NOW what do I do?
    Virion A
    Miriel: Ah, Virion. THERE you are.
    Virion: Eeek! I must beat a retreat! Virion, AWAY!
    Miriel: Not so fast!
    Virion: M-mliady! You're... gripping my arm... so very... hard! Owww...
    Miriel: If I don't restrict you, you will simply run away again. Now then. Do 
    you recall a promise to teaching me fortune-telling?
    Virion: Erm, let me see... You know, I'm not sure I do...
    Miriel: I have not seen you since we forged our earlier understanding. You 
    take meals in your tent and practice archery in the dead of night. I can only 
    theorize from this behavior that you are attempting to avoid me.
    Virion: No! Of course not! I've just been... busy. Busy, busy bee! Buzz buzz! 
    I scoff at the mere SUGGESTION that I might try to avoid you, milady.
    Miriel: Your answer is less than plausible. But regardless, here you are. You 
    will teach me what I want to know, or I will go to Chrom. You've had ample 
    time to prepare a standard lesson plan.
    Virion: M-milady is nothing if not incredibly, frustratingly persistent... 
    But are you sure about this? You may be... disappointed with what you 
    Miriel: What do you mean?
    Virion: Well, it's only that... You see... Fortune-telling has nothing to do 
    with seeing the future. It's about seeing the emotions of the questioner, and 
    manipulating them.
    Miriel: Fascinating. Please, tell me more.
    Virion: Let me think... How can I put it? It's like an exercise in 
    persuasion. I simply tell the person something that is likely to happen, yes? 
    And then I convince them it is an omen meant only for them!
    Miriel: And you choose a vague, common event, such as any interaction with 
    water. That way, when it occurs, the person will establish a link back to 
    your augury. They are so preoccupied with seeing their experiences as 
    special, they never notice. I see... So when you told my fortune, in a way 
    you were merely appealing to my ego.
    Virion: People will believe the moon is made of cheese if you just turn their 
    heads right. Really, that's all there is to it. ...I hope you're no too 
    Miriel: Not at all. On the contrary, in fact.
    Virion: Oh?
    Miriel: Though my scientific mind had doubt, a small part in me believed your 
    claims. You clearly have great insight into the human psyche.
    Virion: Er, well...
    Miriel: This opens up a whole new field of very promising study. You must 
    teach me everything you know. Verbal tricks, persuasive skills, all of it. I 
    will record your findings and study them at length later.
    Virion: A-all right. I'll do it. Just s-stop... gripping... my arm!
    Virion S
    Miriel: Virion? Your last fortune did not come to pass as you said it would. 
    Either your skills have become dulled, or you are losing the gift of 
    Virion: Though it pains me to disagree with milady, I believe the fortune was 
    Miriel: I subjected your prediction to rigorous scientific analysis. No such 
    event occurred.
    Virion: Are you quite sure?
    Miriel: You said, and I quote... "You will meet a charming rogue who is madly 
    in love with you." The specificity of the prediction is what made it so 
    unusual. Previously, your portents were of ordinary events dressed up in 
    mysterious language.
    Virion: Yes, true. But this particular prognostication is special.
    Miriel: In what way?
    Virion: As you say, my fortunes are spun with words intended to provoke 
    emotion. Like a puppeteer, I pull on heartstrings and make them dance to my 
    Miriel: A crude comparison, but do continue...
    Virion: Sometimes the person resists, and words are not enough. Then deeds 
    must accompany the words to lend them weight and conviction.
    Miriel: And to what manner of deed are you referring?
    Virion: Well, take this, for example.
    Miriel: That is a ring.
    Virion: I bought it a little while ago with the intention of presenting it... 
    to you. I hope you will accept it?
    Miriel: ...I see. The fortune you spoke earlier was in reference to this very 
    Virion: Yes. I confess it was all part of an elaborate stratagem. I wanted 
    there to be no doubt in your mind of my intentions. For I love you, Miriel! I 
    cannot abide one more day without you at my side!
    Miriel: ...Fascinating.
    Virion: Please, my lovely, answer me true... Will you marry me, sweet Miriel?
    Miriel: Your argument of wedlock lacks even the most basic of persuasive 
    elements. ...And yet, I find myself oddly enticed...
    Virion: I cannot always tell with your manner of speaking... Are you saying 
    Miriel: I have... feelings for you. True feelings. A most unexpected 
    Virion: You know what this means, don't you? My fortune was completely 
    accurate! ...I don't think that's ever happened before.
    Miriel: Your causational approach to this problem leaves open many troubling-
    Virion: Er, yes! Right! Well, let's hurry off and find a minister then, shall 
    Miriel: Agreed.
    A3. Stahl C
    Stahl: ...Ninety-eight... ninety-nine... one hundred! Phew...
    Miriel: Why do you repeat that same motion over and over again?
    Stahl: Have you never heard of shadow fencing?
    Miriel: I assume it entails performing sword strikes and parries with an 
    imaginary opponent. Is the point of the exercise pure kinetic stimulation, or 
    is there more to achieve?
    Stahl: Well, by making moves second nature, you can perform better them 
    better and faster.
    Miriel: Interesting. So the goal is to remember the moves in your muscles, 
    not your mind. I think this process warrants further study. Would you mind 
    terribly much if I observe?
    Stahl: In theory, no. But I've just finished for the day and I'm exhausted...
    Miriel: Ah. I see. that is disappointing. ...Most TERRIBLY disappointing.
    Stahl: B-but if you really want, I suppose I could run through a few more 
    Miriel: I believe two hundred repetitions would be sufficient to establish a 
    Stahl: T-two hundred? Good gods, I don't have the energy for that!
    Miriel: ...Most TERRIBLY disappointing.
    Stahl: .....
    Miriel: Well, I suppose I can find another, more lucrative field of study. 
    Perhaps I will just... observe this rock. Yes, this should suffice. Hmm... 
    It's round. And smooth. Wait! ...No, it's still round.
    Stahl: ARGH! All right, all right. I'll do it. Just stop making me feel bad. 
    *Sigh* Here we go. One... two... th-three...
    Miriel: Excellent.
    Stahl B
    Stahl: H-here's... the finish line... at last... *pant, pant* *wheeze*
    Miriel: Hmm... You circumnavigated the camp ten times, and your total time 
    was... Fascinating!
    Stahl: M-Miriel... *pant* Every day... you grow more like a demon... sent to 
    torture me... Have you observed *wheeze* enough running now? Can I please 
    Miriel: I see no harm in taking a short break.
    Stahl: Phew... Thank goodness... So... what *pant* did you learn?
    Miriel: As you may know, I have been observing everyone's training, and not 
    just yours. And in every measure of performance, you come out at the exact 
    Stahl: I do?
    Miriel: Be it arm strength, running, stamina, or anything else, you are 
    perfectly average. If I didn't know better, I'd say that my methodology was 
    flawed. It's somethin of a scientific miracle that you can be so completely 
    Stahl: Yes, well. That's just the sort of man I am!
    Miriel: You are aware of your ordinariness?
    Stahl: Yeah, I've always tended to be more or less like everyone else. I do 
    about the average amount of training everyone else does, but... you know. 
    Miriel: Yet it is remarkable that you are able to precisely hit EVERY 
    statistical mean. You must allow me to investigate further. And to do that, I 
    need more data.
    Stahl: D-do you mean...?
    Miriel: Yes. Your break is over. Ten more laps around the camp, please!
    Stahl: She IS a demon!
    Stahl A
    Stahl: Ninety-eight... ninety-nine... one hundred! Phew. All done!
    Miriel: Fascinating. I've now directly observed the results of you repetition 
    drills. Compared with the first time I watched you, your movements are 
    smoother and faster.
    Stahl: That's because you keep making me do them over and over again. But I 
    wager I'm still only as good as half the people in camp, right?
    Miriel: Yes. It is a most extraordinary result.
    Stahl: Extraordinary? But I've always been Sir Average! Why would that 
    Miriel: Because in recent days, all of your skills and statistics have 
    improved dramatically. And yet, you remain in the very center of my graph. 
    See? At the top of this bell curve.
    Stahl: Wait, wait. So while I got better, everyone else ALSO got the exact 
    amount better?
    Miriel: Everyone in the army is aware that you are the most average soldier. 
    Therefore, when they see you improve, they feel compelled to improve as well. 
    In this way, they are able to avoid falling below the expected mean.
    Stahl: I see... So it's not just a matter of me adapting to everyone around 
    me... It's about THEM seeing ME and adapting to THAT.  Wow, thanks, Miriel! 
    I'm way more influential than I ever imagined!
    Miriel: I'm simply grateful for the chance to observe such a fascinating 
    phenomenon. I hope you will allow me to continue my analysis and experiments?
    Stahl: Of course! For as long as you like!
    Miriel: Excellent.
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Aaaaaand... finish line. *pant, pant* Heh heh. After this, everyone'll 
    have to work REAL hard to keep me average!
    Miriel: Stahl, you are blessed with a most remarkable skill.
    Stahl: You mean, a most average skill, don't you?
    Miriel: The ability to be ordinary at everything is, in fact, most 
    Stahl: Er, well, I suppose that makes sense in a totally nonsensical kind of 
    way. But listen, I found something else about me that isn't average...
    Miriel: You have piqued my curiosity. Please, edify!
    Stahl: This is difficult to put into words. ...Er, especially to you. But let 
    me try. the other thing I'm not average at is... being in love with you. 
    Because without a doubt, I love you more than anyone else in the world!
    Miriel: Is this a jape? Some manner of revenge for making you exercise?
    Stahl: No jape, milady. The honest truth. And I have this ring to prove it.
    Miriel: In other words, you wish to be my lifelong partner. Is that correct?
    Stahl: It means I want to be your husband! I admit, I used to hate all the 
    running you made me do. But now I live for it. I can't wait to get out there 
    and jog or chop wood or whatnot! I like that you're always watching and 
    making notes, and I want that to continue.
    Miriel: And I, for my part, am anxious to continue my observations. And more 
    importantly, I also harbor some measure of affection toward you. Therefore, I 
    shall accept both your ring and your proposal.
    Stahl: I guarantee that when it comes to maritial bliss, we won't be average!
    Miriel: Interesting. For the first time ever, you strive to be above average 
    in something.
    Stahl: That's right. And I know I can do it- because I love you, Miriel.
    Miriel: Ah, yes. Quite. Thank you. I... um... also find you agreeable.
    A3. Vaike C
    Miriel: Would you be so kind as to put an end to your caterwauling? I'm 
    trying to read, but I can't hear myself think over your incessant grunting.
    Vaike: Har har! You gotta give it your all when ya train, or it's just a 
    waste of time.
    Miriel: ...Hmm. Yes, I suppose that makes sense. The explosive release of air 
    from the lungs generates power in peripheral muscles.
    Vaike: Who's got periwinkle mussels now?
    Miriel: And rapid spin attacks create centripetal force that increases 
    overall speed. Fascinating! I Imagine you used complex calculus to optimize 
    your methods?
    Vaike: Lady? From what you just said I understood "fascinating," and that's 
    about it...
    Miriel: Surely you developed these skills of yours by calculating the forces 
    Vaike: I don't need a buncha math mumbo jumbo. I do it all by instinct!
    Miriel: Irrational means have yet taken you to a rational technique.... 
    Fascinating. Perhaps this "instinct" of which you speak bears further 
    Vaike: Fightin' a war ain't rational, lady. Just watch me in the next battle.
    Miriel: Very well. I shall do just that.
    Vaike B
    Miriel: Ah, Vaike.
    Vaike: Heya, Miriel! So did you watch me fight or what?
    Miriel: Indeed. I observed that your battle shouts enhanced the effectiveness 
    of your blows. Often the foe would briefly let down his guard, granting you a 
    momentary opening. I had not realized the impact war cries could have on the 
    psychology of an enemy.
    Vaike: Yeah, yeah. But what about me? What about the Vaike?!
    Miriel: I observed the details of your moves, but not from the perspective of 
    the foe. Perhaps an analogy would be helpful here... So if we were to assume 
    that you are a planet and the enemy is the sun---
    Vaike: Hey, wait. I wanna be the sun!
    Miriel: But the sun does not travel around planets. Rather, planets spin 
    around the sun. Or so it was postulated in my mother's book. It has yet to be 
    Vaike: You sure it's not your head spinnin'? I don't see this ground going 
    Miriel: Alas, we cannot sense this motion, making the theory intuitively 
    Vaike: All right, sure. The ground's spinnin'. Just like when I swing my 
    weapon. yeah?
    Miriel: Yes. This generates the centripetal force we discussed the other day. 
    I'm glad we had this conversation. It has helped clarify my thoughts on the 
    subject. Would you mind terribly if we continued our discussions For research 
    Vaike: You mean chat as friends? Er, well, sure. After all, we have so much 
    in...uh, common?
    Vaike A
    Vaike: Face it, lady---you've got more brains in your big toe than I have in 
    my whole noggin. So why me? You must have egghead pals who are into this 
    century-petal-force stuff.
    Miriel:Yes, but you possess in abundance something that I do not have---
    instinct. I learn a great deal from our conversations. They are most 
    Vaike: Well, I suppose I like talkin' to you, too. Not that I understand half 
    of whatcha say... Speakin' of which, what's that giant brain of yours 
    thinkin' about today?
    Miriel: Bonds.
    Vaike: ...Bonds?
    Miriel: There is nothing so complex and deserving of study as the human 
    heart. And additionally, the bonds of friendship that arise unbidden between 
    acquaintances Whence do these bonds of friendship occur? How do they change 
    us? Mold us?
    Vaike: Are ya askin' me? 'Cause I'd say stuff like that just...happens. It's 
    like...when you fight alongside someone you start to trust 'em and like 'em 
    better. Take us, for example. You and I are startin' to like each other more. 
    Right? I think of you as a friend, and you think of me the same way. ...Er, 
    Miriel: I certainly find you an interesting subject for observation.
    Vaike: Er, yeah... That's not really what I meant. *Sigh* For someone so 
    smart, you sure can be pretty slow sometimes... Okay, how about this: Why 
    don't you and I go out together?
    Miriel: Go out? Where? And to what end?
    Vaike: We could walk around town, maybe drop by the alehouse for a pint and 
    some chat? It's how folks strengthen their bonds. That's what you're 
    interested in, right?
    Miriel: I fail to see how meandering about town will impact our relationship. 
    But I am ever willing to experiment. Perhaps your instinct will teach me 
    something new.
    Vaike: So... that's a yes, right? You'll go with me?
    Miriel: Yes, by all means---take me to this alehouse of yours.
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Hello, Miriel
    Miriel: Ah, Vaike! My friend! Hello, friend.
    Vaike: Er, you don't have to call me "friend" all the time. We can just take 
    it as a given. The best thing about friends is bein' comfortable around each 
    Miriel: Ah, I see. I must confess, informality does not come...naturally to 
    Vaike: Aw, Miriel. Is that a blush?! Don't tell me you're gettin' shy on me 
    Miriel: Shy? Of course not. I have never--- That is to say... I... Perhaps. 
    Only a little.
    Vaike: Heh, you sure you're feelin' all right? I've never seen ya be tongue-
    tied before.
    Miriel: N-no, it's just... Ever since we visited the alehouse, I haven't 
    eaten well. I assumed the fault lied with the buzzard-and-kidney pie, 
    but...it's something else. When I think of you, I feel a tightness. Here, in 
    my chest. Is this friendship?
    Vaike: Um... Actually, what you're feelin' is a lot more serious than 
    Miriel: Blast! It IS a malady. I knew it! Is it fatal? Is there a cure? Oh, I 
    must be ill if I'm asking you of all people for advice...
    Vaike: *Ahem* Prooobably could have phrased that better. ...But never mind. I 
    think what you're feelin' ... is love! You've fallen in love with me!
    Miriel: What?! Gracious... How... fascinating. I'd intended to research 
    friendship, but now I can observe love in it's natural state. I must not let 
    this opportunity pass! You will help me in my research, yes?
    Vaike: Er, look, Miriel. If I'm bein' honest here, I have feelings for you, 
    too. Real feelings... So yeah, I'm on board for your research, but not just 
    that... I want to make you my wife! Let's get hitched!
    Miriel: Do you speak of a connubial relationship? A blessed sacrament? 
    Marriage? Well, yes. I suppose that would be an enthralling, zesty 
    Vaike: ...You know what?! I'm just gonna assume that means, yes! So what do 
    ya say? Let's blow this place and go find a ring!
    Miriel: Ah, the ring. Is it a talisman that evokes the bonds of love? Or 
    merely a symbol of the husband's right to his wife's person and property?
    Vaike: ...It's just a bloomin' ring! It means I promise to be your husband 
    and honor you and blah blah blah. It just makes it all official-like.
    Miriel: Wouldn't a sealed and witnessed contract be more appropriate?
    Vaike: Hah! It's just that you gotta do, all right? If ya get married, you 
    gotta have a ring!
    Miriel: ...Fascinating.
    A3. Kellam C
    Miriel: ....
    Kellam: Miriel? Why are you gritting your teeth and staring at me like that?
    Miriel: Because the moment I avert my eyes, I lose sight of you. Even when 
    you don't attempt to hide, you simply disappear into thin air. It is a most 
    perplexing puzzle.
    Kellam: It's true that I blend into the background sometimes...
    Miriel: But it makes no logical sense. That suit of armor you wear reflects 
    sunlight like a mirror. Not to mention the novel nature of its oversizedness.
    Kellam: I think I just lack presence is all.
    Miriel: By which you mean you are unassertive, laconic and a man of few 
    words? There must be more to it than that. Science abhors an incomplete 
    explanation. Hmm... Hmmmmm...
    Kellam: Um, can you stop staring at me like that? It's creeping me out a 
    Miriel: But you are such a fascinating subject for observation. Think of all 
    we can learn from you! If I were able to study you some how...
    Kellam: I think I'm going to go now... 
    Miriel: ...Fascinating.
    Kellam B
    Kellam: M-Miriel!? Why are you clutching my arm?
    Miriel: So I can keep track of you without having to stare unblinking for all 
    hours of the day. This makes it easier for me to carry out my observations.
    Kellam: Oh. Okay. Because see, its just that...Well, I find it a little 
    Miriel: Do go on.
    Kellam: I-I'm not used to talking to people when they're standing so close.
    Miriel: That's perfectly all right. Neither am I.
    Kellam: ...Is this all some kind of joke?
    Miriel: When it comes to my research, I am incapable of jocularity.
    Kellam: Oh. I see.
    Miriel: Right then! I have set up a few atmospheric measuring devices on the 
    table to the right. If you would be so kind as to walk that way while you 
    Kellam: Depart?
    Miriel: Vanish. Evaporate. Dematerialize. Just walk off like you always do.
    Kellam: All right, here goes...
    Miriel: And there he goes, right on cue.... Simply fascinating.
    Kellam A
    Miriel: Thank you for the assistance the other day.
    Kellam: Are you going to observe me again?
    Miriel: Do you find it discommodious?
    Kellam: I don't understand what that means, but your observation makes me 
    nervous. Still, if you need me to keep doing it, I'll help however I can.
    Miriel: Then let us proceed. Please disappear... NOW!
    Kellam: Um...
    Miriel: Yes? Is something the matter? Do your thing! Amscray! Begone!
    Kellam: I am. It's not working.
    Miriel: ...Now THAT is fascinating!
    Kellam: How so?
    Miriel: Well, this is just a provisional theory...But perhaps your ability 
    stems from a reluctance to impose yourself on others. You withdraw from 
    people's consciousness, and hence from their senses as well.
    Kellam: Nope. I don't understand that either. Is it why you can see me now?
    Miriel: A bond has formed between us, making you a larger presence in my 
    conscious mind. Our familiarity means that my senses are better able to 
    detect your presence.
    Kellam: So are you saying you and me are becoming friends?
    Miriel: Well, I used the word in its broadest sense. More like companions.... 
    or pack mates. We have spent considerable time together, so certain 
    attachments naturally develop.
    Kellam: Oh. That's nice, I guess.
    Miriel: We must spend more time together.
    Kellam: R-Really?
    Miriel: Yes. I would like to hold your arm for a little longer.
    Kellam: Um, okay...
    Kellam S
    Miriel: I must say, Kellam, you are a very forbearing and patient young man. 
    Not many people would put up with being a test subject for so long.
    Kellam: Oh, I don't mind. This way I get to hear all your interesting 
    theories! In fact, I'm so used to you clinging to my arm, I get lonely when 
    you're not there.
    Miriel: Interesting. I have experienced these feelings of loneliness as well. 
    Clearly, the bonds of friendship between us are growing ever stronger. It 
    would be most intriguing to see where this relationship takes us.
    Kellam: Well, maybe we can... I have a gift for you.
    Miriel: Is it an astrolobe? A microscope? Perhaps a new orrery? Ah, I see. It 
    is a ring.
    Kellam: It's handmade and one of a kind. If you accept it, we can be married.
    Miriel: This new line of research would take years to complete. And I have so 
    many other avenues of study to pursue.... But yet, when you presented the 
    ring, I felt a certain amount of... elation. Are you truly so fond of me that 
    you are willing to be the test subject of my life?
    Kellam: If that's what it takes? Absolutely!
    A3. Lon'qu C
    Miriel: The moon is illuminated by the sun? A most curious claim. And yet...
    Lon'qu: Hey.
    Miriel: The sun's light dims and is extinguished as it falls below the 
    horizon. How, then, can-
    Lon'qu: Hey! Watch OUT.
    Miriel: Ack!
    Lon'qu: Do you have a death wish, woman? You nearly walked off a cliff! 
    ...Gods. I grabbed a woman's arm.
    Miriel: Apologies. I was lost in my reading.
    Lon'qu: Maybe sit down next time if you aim to stay alive.
    Miriel: My heart is racing. An atonomic response to danger, I assume? Very 
    intersting. I must make a note of this...
    Lon'qu: Just close the book.
    Miriel: I am conducting a thought experiment and would prefer not to 
    interrupt it.
    Lon'qu: You'd be interrupted permanently if I hadn't stopped you. Don't let 
    it happen again.
    Miriel: Assuming the sun does somehow continue to shine from beyond the 
    horizon... Bah. It's no use. My focus is lost.
    Lon'qu B
    Lon'qu: I told you not to let this happen again!
    Miriel: You did.
    Lon'qu: So why is this your seventh brush with death in a week? The falling 
    rocks and being swept off by the river I can perhaps understand... But you 
    just stepped in front of a cart! A cart full of... of very loud minstrels!
    Miriel: Yes. But I saw you coming as well.
    Lon'qu: And you just assumed I'd save you?
    Miriel: That was my hypothesis, yes. The first few instances were accidents, 
    but they raised a curious question. Was my attendant increase in heart rate 
    purely the result of proximal danger?
    Lon'qu: Say that in words a human can understand.
    Miriel: A second situational cause could be postulated: proximity to you. 
    Perhaps contact with someone unfamiliar was the cause of my momentary 
    excitation. The only way to be sure was to collect data, which entailed 
    replicating the experiment.
    Lon'qu: So you had to keep trying to die so I could keep saving you? What if 
    I'd been too slow?
    Miriel: An incisive criticism. My methodology failed to prepare for that 
    Lon'qu: For a smart woman, you sure are dumb. So understand this- That was 
    the last time I'm pulling you out of the fire! I'm uncomfortable enough 
    around women as it is. I don't need you making it worse.
    Miriel: A categorical aversion to women? Curious. Does this extend to, say, a 
    female cat?
    Lon'qu: What? No. Cats all look the same to me.
    Miriel: What about primates? Statues of women? Perhaps a female cadaver?
    Lon'qu: I'm pretending you stopped at statues.
    Miriel: Is your reflex physical, or psychological? This merits a most 
    rigorous investigation!
    Lon'qu: I'm starting to wish I'd let those minstrels run you down...
    Lon'qu A
    Lon'qu: All right! Why did you do it?!
    Miriel: Your question is far too vague for-
    Lon'qu: You filled my tent with statues of women! And most of them had no 
    Miriel: Ah, yes. That. Your question was ambiguous, Lon'qu. Specificity is 
    paramount an any inquiry. Regardless, the statues were an experiment to learn 
    the extent of your aversion reflex. And now I may collect the results! So 
    then, how did you react to the statues?
    Lon'qu: By smashing them.
    Miriel: I see. So an inanimate likeness DOES trigger your reflex.
    Lon'qu: No, that's not the-
    Miriel: Thank you for your cooperation. We can proceed to the next test once 
    I've procured sufficient female monkeys to-
    Lon'qu: For the love of all gods, no! You don't get it.
    Miriel: I have made an error in my calculations?
    Lon'qu: I didn't get rid of the statues because they looked like women. There 
    was barely enough room in my tent to stand! Plus I didn't want people to 
    think I had...issues.
    Miriel: Ah! I see your point. A man who claims to be constitutionally averse 
    to women with a tent full of statues? You might indeed be the subject of 
    scrutiny, to say nothing of scurrilous rumor.
    Lon'qu: Assuming those words mean what I think they mean, yes. That's it 
    Miriel: This was an oversight in my methodology. I apologize. We'll repeat 
    the experiment in a secluded location.
    Lon'qu: No, we won't.
    Miriel: My heart is racing at the prospect of clean, reliable data!
    Lon'qu: I said forget it!
    Lon'qu S
    Lon'qu: ...Hello, Miriel.
    Miriel: Curious. How did you know it was me?
    Lon'qu: After enduring your "experiments" day in and day out, I've come to 
    expect you. Also, you have a fairly unique presence.
    Miriel: A presence, you say? How ambiguous. With what sensory organ do you 
    detect it? We would have to disable them one at a time to be certain.
    Lon'qu: Just... Look, forget I said anything. What are you here to test this 
    Miriel: I've observed a new phenomenon. Over the course of our joint 
    research, I have come to crave further contact. I've yet to ascertain the 
    cause and extent of this addiction, however.
    Lon'qu: I... have a theory.
    Miriel: A hypothesis, Lon'qu. Not a theory. A theory is a measurable 
    extension of... I apologize. I interrupted you. Please continue.
    Lon'qu: I think what you feel is the same as what I feel for you.
    Miriel: Then you've cultivated an immunity to women as a result of our 
    Lon'qu: Not an immunity. Just an exception.
    Miriel: Fascinating. And a relief! It would be a shame to lose such a rare 
    affliction. In any case, this calls for further inquiry.
    Lon'qu: Heh. I thought you'd say as much. That's why I got you this.
    Miriel: It appears to be a ring.
    Lon'qu: That's because it is a ring. Wear this, and our addictions will be 
    sated. You'll also never lack for a test subject.
    Miriel: Are these properties magical in nature? Most intriguing...
    Lon'qu: I'm asking you to marry me, idiot!
    Miriel: Ah, I see! Fascinating.
    Lon'qu: That's... not really an answer.
    Miriel: Apologies. I appear to be flush with a host of new and unfamiliar 
    feelings. Each one is more intriguing than the next! I'm not sure how to 
    express them properly.
    Lon'qu: Most people smile.
    Miriel: ...Is this satisfactory?
    Lon'qu: Actually that's a bit creepy, but... You know what? We'll work on it.
    A3. Donnel C
    Donnel: Say, Miriel? Do ya have a minute?
    Miriel: ......
    Donnel: Er, Miriel?
    Miriel: ......
    Donnel: Hey! Miriel!
    Miriel: Gwaugh?! What is it? Why are you shouting?
    Donnel: I tried getting' yer attention, but you was off in yer own world.
    Miriel: Yes. When I read, I often immerse myself in it to the exclusion of 
    all else.
    Donnel: Seems like yer always readin', Miriel.
    Miriel: I strive to utilize my time efficaciously. What free time I have, I 
    spend reading.
    Donnel: I reckon ya must'a studied a whole bunch by now, huh?
    Miriel: I cannot say whether the breadth of my scholarship constitutes "a 
    bunch." But I have studied more than the average person, that much is 
    Donnel: In that case, I got a favor I wanna ask ya for... Miriel, will ya 
    teach me?
    Miriel: Teach you what?
    Donnel: Er, I dunno. Math and science and all that kinda stuff, I guess.
    Miriel: Why?
    Donnel: If I learn my subjects now, I'll be able to help my village when the 
    war's done. We got no school back home, so there ain't no one what knows 
    about book learnin'.
    Miriel: I can instruct you in the basic theories of the usual courses. You 
    may, however, find none of it to be immediate practical use.
    Donnel: Well, so long as I know the theory, I can always think up ways to use 
    Miriel: Are you literate?
    Donnel: Ol' Goatkeep Gran knew her letters. She taught me how to read all 
    Miriel: I cannot instruct you beyond the bounds of my own ken, but I will 
    attempt the basics.
    Donnel: Well, much obliged then, Miriel!
    Miriel: Be forewarned-- I am not easy on my pupils.
    Donnel: I wouldn't want ya to be!
    Donnel B
    Miriel: ...Let us conclude today's lesson here.
    Donnel: Whew! Good. I'm beat.
    Miriel: Unsurprising. We covered material of exceptional complexity today. 
    But that is not to say these lessons have been entirely free of surprises.
    Donnel: Oh? Like what?
    Miriel: For one, the voracity with which you attack your studies is 
    remarkable. I accepted to your request for tutelage with the expectation you 
    would lose interest. Yet here you are, having already mastered some of the 
    more difficult concepts.
    Donnel: Aw, shucks. I'm barely keepin' up! And I ain't sure I got a perfect 
    grasp on it, neither.
    Miriel: Even an imperfect grasp, in conjunction with a diligent attitude, is 
    sufficient to advance.Often a nuanced, intuitive understanding is something 
    that develops organically.
    Donnel: Er, if you say so, Miriel.
    Miriel: Given this rate of acquisition, you might...
    Donnel: Hmm? You say somethin'?
    Miriel: Nothing of import. Now then, class is dismissed. Be certain to revie 
    the material before our next lesson.
    Donnel: Yes, ma'am!
    Donnel A
    Miriel: I finished grading your examination.
    Donnel: How'd I do?
    Miriel: A perfect score. Exemplary work.
    Donnel: Yee-haw!
    Miriel: That concludes a canvass of the primary precepts of academic study. 
    My lessons end here.
    Donnel: They do? Gosh, I think I'm gonna miss 'em.
    Miriel: But there is no end to learning. From today hence, you will be 
    navigating the sea of knowledge by your own sextant.
    Donnel: All by m'self, huh?
    Miriel: Worry not. To extrapolate from the present data, you possess 
    considerable aptitude. Continue to apply yourself, and you will find ample 
    success in any academic pursuits.
    Donnel: But I'd still rather be sailin' them seas with you, Miriel.
    Miriel: I must recommend against such a joint venture.
    Donnel: Why do ya say that?
    Miriel: Empirical data shows that no previous attempt at such a partnership 
    has survived. I have not always been without colleagues interested in 
    collaborative investigation... Yet, ultimately, none were ever able to 
    sustain the arrangement.
    Donnel: Well, why not?
    Miriel: According to them, I exhibit a tendency to press onward to new 
    territory alone. Even I am aware that I tend to lose sight of all else when 
    immersed in thought. As such, continuing my studies alone is the only natural 
    Donnel: That ain't true at all!
    Miriel: Hmm?
    Donnel: It's their own fault for not keepin' up! Just 'cause they got lazy 
    don't mean you should have to study alone forever.
    Miriel: That is a fascinating theory.
    Donnel: Let me join ya, Miriel. I'll do all I can to keep up! You said 
    yourself I been makin' progress faster'n you thought!
    Miriel: To use a metaphor, the path ahead is steeper still, and the footing 
    unsure. There will be times I am unable to point the way. Are you certain you 
    want this?
    Donnel: Well all that sailin' talk had me nervous, but I'm a mountain boy. 
    Climbin'? Now THAT I can do!
    Donnel S
    Donnel: Your studies been goin' well lately, Miriel?
    Miriel: Quite smoothly, yes. Thanks to you. Many a time, you've provided the 
    clue to surmount a current stumbling block. As the conventional wisdom goes, 
    two heads appear empirically superior to one.
    Donnel: Oh. That's real nice. So, um... I wanted to talk at ya about that 
    Miriel: About having two heads? You know that scientifically, this is highly 
    improbable. Ah. Or perhaps you're finding it difficult to pursue studies in 
    conjunction with me?
    Donnel: Naw, it ain't that! It's the opposite, actually.
    Miriel: Go on.
    Donnel: I want us to be more conjuncted! Er, I wanna conjunct different... 
    Shoot. Here! I wanna give ya this!
    Miriel: A ring.
    Donnel: It's a weddin' ring. I was hopin' ya might consent to be m'wife. I 
    wanna keep ya as long as I live!
    Miriel: I see no requisite for marriage in pursuing a joint exploration of 
    academic studies.
    Donnel: Well, no, I reckon not. So does that mean ya won't?
    Miriel: However, accepting this ring would enable a host of other exploratory 
    pursuits. And each could be undertaken as a collaboration with you... I can 
    scarce think of a more exhilarating prospect.
    Donnel: Um, could ya please just say yes or no?
    Miriel: ...Very well. I accept. A broad array of new frontiers now lie open 
    before us.
    Donnel: And we got the rest of our lives to explore 'em together!
    A3. Ricken C
    Ricken: Hyaaa! Wind! Nrrraaagh! Elwind! Hnnnnnngh! Fire! Whew... That's good 
    for now.
    Miriel: .....
    Ricken: You're awfully quiet over there, Miriel. Come to think of it, I don't 
    think I've ever seen you practicing spells. So, I guess you just read and 
    think? A lot?
    Miriel: Vigorous thought suits me. There is less grunting.
    Ricken: But don't you want to actually try out the stuff you're learning?
    Miriel: The testing of hypotheses through experimentation is of paramount 
    import. .....
    Ricken: Um, Miriel? What did you just grab? Why are you staring at a glass of 
    Miriel: I've immersed two distinct metals in this solution. Now to apply a 
    charge... THUNDER!
    Ricken: Gah!
    Miriel: Success! How plesant.
    Ricken: Whoa! They both look like the same metal now. How'd you do that?
    Miriel: It's merely a thin coating of particles freed from the sample by the 
    spell's energy.
    Ricken: I have absolutely no idea what that means, but it's still amazing! So 
    does that have some kind of combat use or something?
    Miriel: None whatsoever.
    Ricken: Oh! That's... kind of weird.
    Ricken B
    Miriel: Adminster the spell to the charcoal, if you please.
    Ricken: Got it. ...Hyaaa!
    Miriel: .....
    Ricken: Whoa.
    Miriel: ...And success! How nice.
    Ricken: Wait, hold on! Why did it glow like that? And why was it that color?
    Miriel: This is another byproduct of the spell's magical energy.
    Ricken: Sooo, I don't suppose this has any combat applications either?
    Miriel: Absolutely none.
    Ricken: And since the thunderbolt already glows, why bother with the coal at 
    Miriel: Practical use is not my concern. I conduct experiments to uncover 
    natural truths.
    Ricken: Gee, I never really stopped to think about anything like that. So, 
    what's the next experiment? Anything I can help with?
    Miriel: I welcome your assistance, but as I said, it is likely to be of 
    dubious use at best.
    Ricken: Aw, that doesn't matter. Let me help! This is really cutting-edge 
    stuff. I mean, maybe you'll find some amazing use for it after all. Plus, 
    we're tossing lightning bolts around, and that's fun!
    Miriel: Heh. It is good to see one so young enjoyed science. Let us proceed.
    Ricken: Yes, ma'am!
    Ricken A
    Miriel: And... begin.
    Ricken: Nrrraaagh!
    Miriel: ...Curious. As hypothesized, the same tome yields different results 
    based on the user.
    Ricken: Well, yeah. That's because you're a stronger mage than me.
    Miriel: But what is magical prowess, specifically? What factors determine its 
    Ricken: Well, it's... I mena, it's like that one thing where mages... Hmph. 
    You know? I've never even stopped to think it through.
    Miriel: A complex. multicausational phenomenon to be sure, but a fascinating 
    line of inquiry.
    Ricken: You're always asking questions other people haven't even thought of. 
    Where do you come up with this stuff?
    Miriel: My research is based predominately on the wrttings of my mother. To 
    her final day, she documented every phenomenon and natural law she observed. 
    Some called them the ravings of a madwoman, but I saw crystalline insight.
    Ricken: And now you want to prove her right! We're not that different, you 
    know? I'm fighting for my family's name, too. We used to be one of Ylisse's 
    high noble houses, but times have been hard lately. It's up to me to come 
    home a war hero and rebuild our reputation! So if there's anything I can do 
    to help, just say the word.
    Miriel: Likewise.
    Ricken S
    Miriel: I believe we've made satisfactory progress. Let us conclude here for 
    the day.
    Ricken: Sure! So are things quicker with an assistant, or am I mostly in the 
    Miriel: You've improved efficiency considerably and enabled an entirely new 
    mtethodology. Your help is appreciated.
    Ricken: Hee hee! That's great. But actually, I'd like to help in all your 
    experiments from now on, if that's okay.
    Miriel: In perpetuity? That would be a great help indeed.
    Ricken: Well then... Um... Here.
    Miriel: A ring? How curious. Are you proposing we melt it down to ascertain 
    its composition?
    Ricken: I'm proposing you marry me! Then we could work side by side forever. 
    And that's important because... I think I've fallen in love with you.
    Miriel: Most fascinating. Your words acted as a aural cue causing a suffusion 
    of warmth to premeate my chest. This demands further exploration. I shall 
    need your help for another experiment.
    Ricken: I'd love to!
    Miriel: I hypothesize this will be a highly educational partnership.
    A3. Gaius C
    Gaius: Hey, a pack of cards! Don't tell me there was a game on and I didn't 
    get invited. Crivens, I haven't dealt in quite some time. *Shuffle* Heh heh, 
    I guess old Gaius Nimble Fingers can still tickle the deck when he wants.
    Miriel: What was that?
    Gaius: Wargh! Don't sneak up on folk like that! Cripes, I darn near bit my 
    tongue...  Anyway, I was just fiddling with these cards. Used to be quite the 
    player back in the day. That is, until one fateful evening... The evening I 
    wagered and lost the finest crowberry tart I ever saw. The horrific memory 
    haunts me to this day, and ever since, I've sworn off gamb-
    Miriel: I was not inquiring about your own personal failings. I wanted to 
    know how you made that card vanish into the ether.
    Gaius: What card?
    Miriel: That card that was in your hand a moment ago. The one with a regent's 
    image. I saw it clearly, but now it is notwhere to be found.
    Gaius: Oh, that? Heh heh? Just a little trick I learned on my travels. See? 
    That card's in my right hand... Then I flip it like so... Presto! It's in my 
    Miriel: Fascinating! You seem to have mastered the legendary art of 
    Gaius:What? Er, no, it just sleight of hand. Anyone can do it with enough 
    Miriel: ...Sleight of hand? I am not familiar with that particular 
    Gaius: It's all about deceiving the eye and fooling the senses. For 
    example... Ta-daaaaa! I just made a card appear out of nowhere. ...OR so it 
    seems.But I was actuall just hiding it in my sleeve.
    Miriel: Ah, I see. What an amusing hobby. Do you have any other tricks? I 
    would be interested to see more.
    Gaius: Interested enough to give me, say, three peach pastries in exchange?
    Gaius B
    Miriel: Gaius, I would like to observe more of this sleight of hand of yours.
    Gaius: Sorry, Specs. You saw every trick I know. Besides, I don't want to do 
    more, anyway.
    Miriel: ...Specs? Ah yes, a reference to my eyewear. How very amusing. But 
    why do you not wish to demonstrate more of your talent? It is quite singular.
    Gaius: Because you see right throught my tricks. It spoils the fun! "Ah, 
    Gaius! You have placed the card inside your codpiece! I say, Gaius! That coin 
    can be located behind your third knuckle!" It's seriously demotivating.
    Miriel: I admit that I would be a difficult person to fool in this regard. 
    Years of training have honed my powers of observation into a sharply pointed 
    Gaius: Er, wait! You actually practice looking at stuff?
    Miriel: Of course, It is an invaluable tool for any serious practitioner of 
    science. The first lesson of observation is that you cannot trust your 
    perceptions. Sensory impressions are mere constructs and easily distorted by 
    Gaius: Sooooo, folks see what they want to see, but you taught yourself not 
    Miriel: The human mind can accomlish anything if one is sufficiently 
    Gaius:Got it. That explains why I can't fool you. Well then, maybe it's time 
    to get serious.
    Miriel: Please explain.
    Gaius: Well, I've been holding this one back. In fact, I wasn't going to show 
    But as you've won every round so far, I reckon it's time to play my trump 
    Miriel: I did not realized we were engaged in a competition.
    Gaius: Look, Specs, whenever you figure out one of my tricks, that means I 
    And if I lose, I have to give your pastries back. That's just honorable. But 
    this trick is veeery special. So if you can't figure it out... You have to 
    buy me a treacle pie from the best baker in town. Deal? All right, here goes!
    Miriel: It had not occurred to me that you might conside the pastries some 
    form of wager... But very well, then. I accept. Show me your trick.
    Gaius A
    Miriel: Dear me, Gaius. You look very low today.
    Gaius: If you're here to gloat, get on with it and then leave me alone. I'm 
    out of tricks, Specs. I got nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Ix-nay. I don't even 
    have anymore sweets to wager.
    Miriel: Truly? You are completely out? I'd thought you to have a secret 
    Gaius: Raided it last night. Cleaned it out in an eyeblink, I did. I've never 
    been this long without sugar! I think I'm having heart palpitations.
    Miriel: You misunderstand. I was speaking not of sweets, but of card tricks.
    Gaius: Oh. Well, you bled me dry on those, too.
    Miriel: Interesting. Perhaps then you could think up some new ones.
    Gaius: Oh, yeah, sure. I'll just reach down and pull'em out of my... Look, 
    why are you so interested in my card tricks, anyway? It's not like I ever 
    mangage to fool you.
    Miriel: It is a difficult reason to put into words, but I shall atempt it. I 
    found our competition to be stimulating. Almost thrilling, in point of fact. 
    MY senses were heightened like never before. It was a truly zesty experience!
    Gaius: Oh? You seemed pretty bored to me.
    Miriel: I assure you, I was not. Your enthusiasm for the game was quite 
    My skin tingled, my heart raced, and I noted a dozen other signs of 
    excitement besides.
    Gaius: So there IS a bit of passion behind that logical exterior of yours.
    Miriel: That would be fair proposition, yes.
    Gaius: Oh, yeah. That passion just comes shining through... Tell you what, 
    Specs... If you like playing that much, I'll try to conjure up some more 
    tricks. All right? I may just have a couple of ideas...
    Gaius S
    Gaius: Hey, Specs. I've got one. ...A new trick, that is. Care to play?
    Miriel: There is nothing I would rather do at this moment.
    Gaius: So, I have a white handkerchief here, yes? Just a normal, everyday 
    Now if you would be so kind, please drape it over your hand.
    Miriel: Like this?
    Gaius: Good. Now I'll just lift it off and...
    Miriel: Interesting. You have caused a ring to appear in the palm of my hand.
    Gaius: Do you know why it's there?
    Miriel: Because a ring is small and easy to conceal, thus lending the rick 
    Gaius: Uh, no. That's not what I- I don't mean HOW it got there. I mean WHY.
    Miriel: Ah. I think I understand your meaning now.
    Gaius: Well, let me tell you the "why" first. Because... these last few weeks 
    have been the most fun I've ever had. I'm serious, Miriel. Even when I lost 
    pastries, I was just happy to be near you. Maybe it's the competition, or 
    maybe it's just that you're beautiful. I'm not sure. But anyway, I was 
    thinking maybe you might feel the same way, and so...
    Miriel: You need not explain more.
    Gaius: But I haven't finished my speech yet.
    Miriel: I am most fascinated by this zest for competition you claim to have 
    developed. ...And the comment about beauty did not hurt your cause either. At 
    any rate, I believe ours to be a relationship worthy of further study. A 
    marriage contract would suit my purposes very much indeed.
    Gaius: Th-that's great. I mean, really! Fantastic!
    Miriel: Now, Gaius...
    Gaius: Yes, dear?
    Miriel: Will you show me how you managed to place the ring on the palm of my 
    Gaius: This better not be the only reason you said yes...
    A3. Gregor C
    Gregor: Miriel! You want to sit down with Gregor? Enjoy tasty cup of 
    elderberry tea?
    Miriel: I am curious as to why you are constantly inviting females to consume 
    Gregor: Gregor is man, yes? He enjoys company of lovely maidens. What more is 
    to tell?
    Miriel: Would you say women possess some attractive force which draws you to 
    Gregor: Oy, yes. Miriel is very attractive! That is why Gregor offers tea.
    Miriel: That's not what I meant, but I suppose it's the best I'll get from a 
    layperson. So then, what aspects make a woman attractive? Can you define 
    them? I would very much like to quantify this phenomenon if at all possible.
    Gregor: You are using many large words. Gregor is... very confused.
    Miriel: It's simple: there must be rules governing attractive force and how 
    it operates. If you are able to define the parameters, it should be possible 
    to re-create them.
    Gregor: But every man is liking different thing, yes? Gregor speak for no one 
    but Gregor.
    Miriel: Ah. So you claim it is impossible to arrive at a universal definition 
    of attraction? But that would imply that there are contradictions in human 
    Gregor: Gregor is surprised brain does not ooze out of Miriel's ears.
    Miriel: Such a thing is highly improbable. At any rate, my life is devoted to 
    meticulous research and rigrous scientific study.
    Gregor: Is sounding like barrel of monkey laughs.
    Miriel: Now, I believe you were offering me tea? Elderberry was it?
    Gregor: A-actually, Gregor suddenly busy! Urgent chore at... somewhere else!
    Miriel: Ah. Well, next time, perhaps.
    Gregor B
    Gregor: Hmm... Interesting. Gregor never thinks of that...
    Miriel: .....
    Gregor: Ho ho! That makes you think.
    Miriel: Am I no longer interesting to you? As a female companion, I mean?
    Gregor: Porridge and pierogi! Why are you sneaking up on Gregor?
    Miriel: The other day, you told me that a man such as yourself is drawn to 
    attractive women. I was conducting an experiment to ascertain the existence 
    of consistent rules. However, if I no longer possess such a quality, then the 
    control group is flawed.
    Gregor: Gregor still thinks Miriel have lure like deadly siren! But, today, 
    Gregor is being engrossed in very fascinating book. Gregor is embarrassed. 
    Ignoring presence of beautiful women is vety shameful.
    Miriel: And what is this folio that was able to engage your attention so 
    Gregor: Gregor finds it lying on ground at edge of camp. Is very, very 
    interesting. Gregor is not knowing of these rules and laws governing natural 
    phenomenon. But this book makes it fascinating subject. Time flies by for 
    Miriel: Ah. I have been looking for that book, actually. It belongs to me. My 
    late mother wrote it.
    Gregor: Oy! Ten thousand apoligies to you from the tongue of Gregor, dear 
    lady! Gregor did not intend to steal precious book from dead mother.
    Miriel: Quite all right. You couldn't have known.
    Gregor: No, is big problem! Gregor scribble many notes in margins of pages...
    Miriel: My mother would be pleased that you found her work so fascinating. 
    And as for me, I'm just grateful that you found it. I thought it lost 
    Gregor A
    Miriel: Er, Gregor? May I have a word? Do you recall writing notes in the 
    margin of the treatise my mother wrote?
    Gregor: You are upset because Gregor scribble nonsense things in book, yes?
    Miriel: No, not at all. It's just that some of your comments were most... 
    curious. I was hoping you might have time to edify me on a couple of them. As 
    a simple matter of scientific discourse only. Peer to peer, as it were.
    Gregor: Er, Gregor is confused. Did his comment not make sense?
    Miriel: Perhaps in this situation a concrete example would be helpful. See, 
    here you deleted the phrase "that which helps establish the theory"... and 
    replaced it with a single word: "experience."
    Gregor: Oh, yes, Gregor remembers that. Er, Miriel is not liking this edit?
    Miriel: No, on the contrary. I've been pondering this passage for some time 
    in the belief it could be improved. But you have struck upon the missing link 
    and dramatically improved the work, entire. I did not suspect you were in 
    possession of such scholastic ability.
    Gregor: Oh ho! Is true. Gregor never go to class. Gregor is graduate from 
    school of life!
    Miriel: I am unfamiliar with this intitution. Are they accredited?
    Gregor: You want to know secret of life study? ...Do nothing. Is exactly what 
    Gregor does.
    Miriel: I'm afraid I do not properly understand...
    Gregor: Gregor does nothing special. Gregor learns by watching life. 
    Knowledge is natural. Like bird learning to fly or cat coughing up ball of 
    Miriel: How utterly fascinating...
    Gregor: Most people run like chicken with no head. Always thinking of mext 
    urgent task. But if you go slow and watch everything, you can be smart like 
    Miriel: Well, then. Food for thought. Thank you very much, Gregor.
    Gregor: Come back anytime! Gregor always ready to share knowledge with peers!
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Ah, Miriel. You have nose stuck in book again?
    Miriel: I've been thinking a great deal about our discussion the other day. I 
    find it difficult to approbate the idea that one can learn without active 
    study. Examining phenomena, research, postulating proofs- surely these things 
    Gregor: Gregor not saying books and sciencey things not important... Gregor 
    just thinking there other ways of learning, yes?
    Miriel: No, I'm sorry. The idea just seems wholly without merit.
    Gregor: Hmm. Okay, Gregor makes example. How is scientist defining love?
    Miriel: Love?
    Gregor: Yes, you know? When two people are liking each other and want to make 
    with the-
    Miriel: I am aware of the concept, Gregor, thank you. And as to your query, I 
    would start by confirming observable behavior. For example, the culturally 
    determined rituals in which persons in love engage.
    Gregor: Like the holding of hands, yes? Or the making of adorable kissing 
    gazes? ...Or the giving of presents? Like this?
    Miriel: ...Ah, a ring. Yes, this is a concrete example of the ritual to which 
    I referred. The male of the species presents this as an indication of his 
    desire to marry. This would indeed constitute evidence of the existance of 
    Gregor: Tell Gregor: can scientist Miriel explain what she is feeling right 
    Miriel: Well, I have an elevated pulse, sweaty hands, and a nervous energy 
    about me. I cannot, however, explain the reason for these sudden... thrilling 
    phenomena. Tsk! This will not do! I must remain dispassionate and analyze the 
    Gregor: You see? This is being exactly Gregor's point. You do not allow 
    experience to teach you. Everything analyzed like math problem. You must be 
    silencing giant brain and listening to heart instead, yes? Many new 
    experiences and discoveries is coming from heart!
    Miriel: I have never considered such a plan. But perhaps if I follow your 
    advice, I will find a new world waiting to be discovered.
    Gregor: Listen to Gregor. Human heart is too wonderful to be understanding by 
    stuffy theory. You must crawl inside and live there like small burrowing land 
    mammal. Take Gregor's hand. Gregor can show how. We go on wonderful journey, 
    Miriel: Is this possible? Dare I throw aside logic and embrace the wiles of 
    emotion? Very well, Gregor. I will accompany you on this journey of the 
    Gregor: Ha ha! ...Gregor assume that mean yes?
    A3. Libra C
    Old Villager: Thank you, Libra. I feel your words have parted the dark clouds 
    about in my heart.
    Libra: It gladdens me to hear that, my child.
    Miriel: .....
    Old Villager: The parables you've shared have lent my life a sense of 
    direction. I feel hope rekindled in my breast. I cannot begin to thank you.
    Libra: Your path will hold its share of hardship, but I pray you keep that 
    hope alive.
    Miriel: .....
    Libra: Hmm? Oh, Miriel. What are you doing here?
    Miriel: Observing.
    Libra: That conversation just now? I fear it's hardly anything so grand as to 
    merit study. I merely shared the teachings of Ylisse to those villagers eager 
    to listen.
    Miriel: And were they receptive?
    Libra: I believe that faith will find a home in them. Such teachings offer a 
    guide to life and are a steadfast beacon in these dark times. I pray it will 
    also sustain them in the lean days ahead.
    Miriel: If the teachings bear such salubrious effect, why not share them with 
    greater numbers?
    Libra: Naturally, were it possible, I would share them with everyone! Er, but 
    why do you bring this up?
    Miriel: By my observations, your methodology is highly inefficient. It vexes 
    Libra: Inefficient?
    Miriel: Indeed. Assembling an audience, selecting the venue, promulgating the 
    message... A scientific approach to these factors would yield a far more 
    efficient modus.
    Libra: Perhaps, but that isn't-
    Miriel: Possible? Poppycock. Anything is possible. Given a thorough analysis 
    of the germane phenomena, a sound theory will emerge. However, in the absence 
    of empirical data, you might dismiss it as idle speculation. Therefore I must 
    prove it through a physical implementation.
    Libra: You will do what now?
    Miriel: I will show that it can be done. However, I fear I am unfit to preach 
    the teachings of Ylisse. In this capacity, I would enlist your aid. I will 
    furnish the mechanism, you the words. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must begin 
    planning posthaste.
    Libra: W-wait, Miriel! ...Oh dear.
    Libra B
    Miriel: I have the results from our previous discussion.
    Libra: Ah, yes. Your method to spread my teachings to a broader audience.
    Miriel: Precisely. A unified fundamental theory has emerged from my 
    investigation. First, the venue must be of sufficient capacity and easily 
    accessed. Before speaking, the even must be made public knowledge among 
    nearby villages. During the gathering itself, wind magic is to be employed to 
    amplify your voice. Now then. For the next-
    Libra: H-hold on just a moment, Miriel.
    Miriel: Is something amiss?
    Libra: Your plan is to gather a large crowd and speak to all of them at once?
    Miriel: Quite. In so doing, you mitigate effort and time requirements by the 
    greatest margin.
    Libra: Yes, but I can't address individual people in such a system.
    Miriel: Nor ought you. Speaking the same words to followers one by one is 
    hideously inefficient. Gathering them and addressing the lot in one fell 
    stroke is a far superior plan.
    Libra: Superior in time and effort spent, perhaps, but-
    Miriel: The plan will succeed. Further peer review is wholly unnecessary.
    Libra: ...Very well. If you're that certain, we should try it.
    Miriel: I will make manifest the eminence of my methodology!
    Libra A
    Miriel: The theory is sound, and yet...
    Libra: Is something wrong, Miriel?
    Miriel: My data shows attendance is waning at your religious gatherings. The 
    logs clearly indicate more people came to the initial meetings than come now.
    Libra: Yes, I'd noticed as well.
    Miriel: But my modus is theoretically sound. I've just revisited all my 
    assumptions, and they withstand the strictest scrutiny. Yet data cannot lie.
    Libra: Well, perhaps your ideas failed to account for a critical element.
    Miriel: Such as?
    Libra: The human heart. Oh, don't get me wrong, your method gets my words to 
    more ears than ever. But the message stops at the ears, I fear, and does not 
    travel to the heart.
    Miriel: A defect in amplification, then?
    Libra: Um... Not exactly, no. Every individual listens to the teachings of 
    Ylisse for different reasons. If I limit my sermons to truths that apply 
    equally to all, they fall short. Only by showing the relevance to each 
    person's life can I truly reach them.
    Miriel: A logical postulation. Perhaps I was indeed myopic in my designs. 
    Were you certain from the start that my method would fail?
    Libra: I thought offering salvation to a mob would be... difficult, yes.
    Miriel: Then why did you consent to the mass gatherings? Or was I simply too 
    heedless and stubborn to hear your objections?
    Libra: A bit, perhaps. But mostly, I thought your plan might yield a 
    different sort of benefit.
    Miriel: And did it?
    Libra: Indeed it did! You've given me the opportunity to meet more people 
    than I ever could have alone!
    Miriel: Curious. I had grown rigid in my methods, Miriel-a lesson I hope you 
    will take to heart. Your work was a success in terms of meeting converts, but 
    it was only a step. And so I must continue the work that we started on a more 
    personal level.
    Miriel: There is merit in what you say.
    Libra: I'm thrilled to hear it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd best head off 
    to have some of those conversations.
    Miriel: I hope you will permit me to offer my continued assistance as well.
    Libra S
    Miriel: Another successful gathering today?
    Libra: Absolutely. I can't thank you enough for all your help of late, 
    Miriel: I am glad to be of service. And this has proven a most fruitful area 
    of personal study as well.
    Libra: Oh? What have you learned?
    Miriel: That any system-built theory is only as efficacious as the dedication 
    of the user. This is a known scientific truth, but one I had yet to learn so 
    Libra: The parables hold similar words. ...Albeit smaller ones.
    Miriel: This endeavor has sparked a curiosity in me to better understand the 
    human heart. This will help transport my theories from the realm of 
    abstraction into the tangible.
    Libra: Perhaps you might begin by examining the contents of my heart?
    Miriel: I had not planned to do so.
    Libra: Then perhaps offering this will spark your curiosity.
    Miriel: ...Ah. A ring. Inductive extrapolation suggests this is a proposal of 
    Libra: Look into your own heart, Miriel. What do you find?
    Miriel: Wonderment and joy in equal parts. Or so it would seem.
    Libra: And do the contents of your heart move you to accept this ring?
    Miriel: The sum of its contents provide an unequivocally affirmative 
    response. Still, it is most curious. These sensations are demonstrably real, 
    but hardly logical.
    Libra: A fine subject for further investigation. I'll have to make sure you 
    never lack for future data!
    A3. Henry C
    Miriel: Many thanks for your fortuitous assistance the other day.
    Henry: Nya ha ha! No problem! But talk about your strange days! When I saw 
    that big snake on your hat, I thought he was a pet.
    Miriel: The shade under the tree was pleasant, and my book terribly 
    Therefore, I failed to notice when the creature undulated down to my 
    Henry: Good thing I came along when I did, or he'd have chomped your face but 
    Miriel: An ophisian of that size is not capable of "chomping a face." 
    However, I am curious how you managed to dispatch the creature. You did not 
    clasp it in your hand, nor cast any spell I could fathom.
    Henry: It was a curse. If I'd used a tome spell, you'd have been in the line 
    of fire, too.
    Miriel: A curse? Ah, yes. Dark thaumaturgy not based on this world's 
    elemental forms. I would like to study this skillset further, if I may.
    Henry: Why? Do you have someone you want to curse?
    Miriel: I'm interested in how such hexes are conjured and the theory behind 
    Henry: You always have to know exactly how things work, huh? Want a 
    demonstration? I could turn Avatar into a toad or something.
    Miriel: No. The experiment is not of such import that our comrades need be 
    Henry: But it wouldn't be forever! Just a few days at the most.
    Miriel: If we were suddenly called to battle, a toad tactician would be most 
    Henry: Oh yeah. I hadn't thought about that. Well, maybe I could cast a 
    different kind of hex.
    Miriel: So long as the risk is within acceptable parameters.
    Henry B
    Henry: I'm sorry, Miriel. But I can't show you any more curses.
    Miriel: How disappointing. My research is nearly ready for peer review.
    Henry: Yeah, well, Avatar got mad at me. He said I'm not allowed to randomly 
    curse people anymore. Pfft.
    Miriel: Fortunately, I've already collected enough data to posit a tentative 
    theory of hexing.
    Henry: You have? That's great! I cast hexes all the time, and I've never come 
    up with ONE theory about them.
    Miriel: Hex casting is the art of unleashing magic through a series of 
    It is the ritual that grants efficacy, rather than tomes or staves.
    Henry: Well, yeah, sure. I just never thought it was all that exciting.
    Miriel: Even more fascinating is the extent of your own thaumaturgic energy.
    If my calculations are correct, you are able to release huge quantities of 
    magical force.
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Oh, stop it, Miriel! You'll make me blush. Although it's 
    pretty much true. When it comes to hexing folks, I'm the master. Why, this 
    one time at mage camp, I killed 100 people with one curse!
    Miriel: I am not privy to the location of this "mage camp." And when exactly 
    did this catastrophe take place?
    Henry: Er, I don't remember when. ...Or where exactly. But it totally could 
    have happened.
    Miriel: In any case, I am most anxious to investigate the extent of your 
    Will you permit me to carry out additional tests and observations?
    Henry: Sure! You can watch me in action for as long as you like.
    Henry A
    Henry: *Sigh* Aw, dang it. Failed again! This is harder than I thought.
    Miriel: You seem vexed, Henry. Is something amiss?
    Henry: Well, you know that town we passed through a few days ago?
    I saw a pregnant lady on the main street with a load of cheese and fruit in 
    her arms. She looked pretty tired and worn out, so I stopped to help her 
    carry her wares.
    Miriel: I am told perturiency can indeed be a most trying experience.
    Henry: Right?! Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realized 
    pregnancy is dumb. So I'm planning to help the mothers of the world by 
    inventing a special curse. I'm gonna create a hex that conjures new kids 
    right out of thin air!
    Miriel: Fascinating.
    Henry: So if the curse is going to work, I need a ritual that can generate 
    new life force. But I can't find even one. Who knew it would be so hard, when 
    killing is so easy?
    Miriel: The process of creating life is imbued with mystery and wonder. Many 
    wise sages have tried to fathom the secret without success.
    Henry: Gosh. If you and the old wise men don't know how it's done, what hope 
    do I have?
    Miriel: I would say the odds are remote indeed. Still, with so much as yet 
    unknown, it may prove an intriguing field of study.
    Henry: Say, if you're as curious as me, why don't we study it together?
    Miriel: A most meritorious suggestion.
    Henry S
    Henry: Hello, Miriel. How's your research into the whole life-creation thing 
    coming along?
    Miriel: Poorly. It appears this is one mystery that will not easily surrender 
    its secrets.
    Henry: Yeah, I haven't had much luck myself. Except for one idea...
    Miriel: Please, enlighten me.
    Henry: Chrom married a woman and had a child, right? So I was thinking you 
    and me could marry and... you know, see what happens.
    Miriel: Fascinating... By experiencing the creation of life firsthand, we 
    might learn to replicate it. That kind of immersion research could lend 
    itself to a substantial breakthrough. But are you willing to engage in such a 
    long-term endeavor?
    Henry: Sure! I think you're the bee's knees!
    Miriel: I find that term difficult to quantify.
    Henry: Well, how's this? I'm completely smitten with you. Research or not, I 
    know I want to spend my life with you. So how about it? Do you feel the same 
    Miriel: I have noticed clammy skin and increased heart palpitations in your 
    presence of life.
    Henry: That sounds like a yes to me! ...Oh, and here. Take this.
    Miriel: Ah, A ring.
    Henry: If you wear it, it means we're promised to each other forever and 
    Miriel: ...Fascinating. The palpitations have returned.
    Henry: Well, if you're happy, then I'm thrilled! And even if our experiment 
    with creating life doesn't pan out, I'm okay with that.
    Miriel: I see no reason to abandon the research because of an espousal.
    A4. Chrom C
    Sumia: Oh! There you are!
    Chrom: Hello, Sumia. Did you need something?
    Sumia: Um, no. Avatar is just looking for you.
    Chrom: Oh, right. The strategy meeting. Poor Avatar does love to... 
    Sumia: Chrom! Are you all right?!
    Chrom: Y-yes, I'm fine. I just tripped on a pebble. Gods, how embarrassing.
    Sumia: It's because you're so exhausted! You've been working too hard lately.
    Chrom: I'm fine, Sumia. And besides, we're all tired. Such endless fighting 
    wears on everyone.
    Sumia: Chrom, you've no need to don a brave face for my sake. You carry twice 
    the burder of anyone. It's only natural you're exhausted.
    Chrom: Heh. You're kind to say so. But in truth, everyone looks to their 
    commander for inspiration and strength. An army is only as stalwart as its 
    leader. The instant I show weakness, we're through.
    Sumia: It must be so hard for you...
    Chrom: I'll... be fine. And please, don't speak of this conversation to 
    anyone. All right?
    Sumia: No-no! Of course not! I would never-
    Chrom: Ha ha! At ease. Sumia. And stop worrying so much! It'll take more than 
    a few battles to bring this soldier to his knees.
    Sumia: I know! You're the greatest warrior that I've ever... Huh. I just 
    realized something.
    Chrom: What is it?
    Sumia: You trusted me with a secret! It's out first secret together!
    Chrom: Um... yes, I suppose it is.
    Sumia: Don't worry. My lips are sealed tighter than a bear trap. ...So long 
    as you promise to take a nap before the strategy meeting!
    Chrom: ...What?
    Sumia: I'll just tell Avatar that you've been delayed.
    Chrom: And if I don't agree to your terms?
    Sumia: Then I'll tell everyone the mighty Chrom was bested by a mere pebble!
    Chrom: That sounds like blackmail... Still, I supposed a short nap couldn't 
    Sumia: Ooh, it's so thrilling to be able to help out like this! Anyway, I'll 
    leave you to it. Sweet dreams!
    Chrom: That girl has a strange knack for getting her way...
    Chrom B
    Sumia: Chrom? Where are you? Hel-LOOOOO?
    Chrom: ...I'm right here, Sumia.
    Sumia: Oh! There you are. Um, so... here. I baked you a pie.
    Chrom: Really? Well, this is a surprise. ...Mmm! It smells amazing!
    Sumia: You've been working so hard recently, I thought you must be tired... 
    My mother used to bake me rhubarb-and-fiddlehead pie, and it always perked me 
    Chrom: Rhubarb and... fiddleheads? No mutton? Or goat? ...Or bear? I usually 
    prefer a bit of meat in my pies.
    Sumia: Absolutely not! Meat is the last thing you need when your body's worn 
    out! A stick of rhubarb will clear your bowels and get you right as rain in 
    no time. That's what my mother used to say anyway- and she was always right!
    Chrom: Heh. Old Nurse Nan used to say the same when I was young.
    Sumia: See? They can't both be wrong. Now eat your pie while I go clean your 
    smallclothes. I see quite a pile forming on the far side of your cot there! 
    ...Well? Go on! Don't mind me now- just eat your pie!
    Chrom: Er, well, if you insist. 
    (Sumia leaves)
    Chrom: ...Gods, I HATE rhubarb. But if Sumia thinks it'll make me feel 
    better, I suppose I should force it down... Mmm? Hey, this isn't bad... In 
    fact, it's delicious! ...Well, that was about the best pie I've ever had.
    Sumia: Hel-LOOOO? Chrom? I'm baaaaack! Oh, have you finished already?
    Chrom: I did and it was amazing! Usually rhubarb makes me queasy, but not 
    this time! What's your secret?
    Sumia: Oh, nothing special. Just a bit of spice here and a pinch of herb 
    there... You can make something taste like anything if you know the tricks.
    Chrom: Well, Sumia, I'm more than impressed. You're a true wizard of the 
    Sumia: Oh, I'm so glad you liked it. Now then! How about a cup of elderberry 
    Chrom: Hold on! You made me a pie, so I should be making YOU tea. Just let me 
    boil some water here...
    (Chrom leaves)
    Sumia: Oh, Chrom... This is too much. Really. Hee hee! I knew he'd love the 
    pie! Especially since it took me 15 tries to get it right...
    Chrom A
    Sumia: Chrom! Hel-LOOOOOO?!
    Chrom: Oh, hey, Sumia.
    Sumia: Look! I baked you another pie.
    Chrom: Sumia, you are too much. Where do you find all the time and energy for 
    Sumia: Oh, it's nothing. Really! Hardly any trouble at all. Except for 
    finding veggies. ...And grinding flour. ...Oh, and kneading dough. But apart 
    from THAT, it's easy as... well, pie! I like doing it. Really. Honest.
    Chrom: Well, if you say so.
    Sumia: Oh, I do say so! And today I made an extra big one so we can eat it 
    Chrom: A pie shared with friends is twice as tasty. Or so my old Nurse Nan 
    said. ...Listen, Sumia. I'm... I'm sorry. About bringing you into all this, I 
    mean. You deserve better than a battlefield, but right now that's where I 
    need you.
    Sumia: Oh, Chrom... It's an honour and a privelege to serve you. Besides, 
    serving as a soldier isn't all bad. There are lots of things I like about it.
    Chrom: Truly? Like what?
    Sumia: Well, the horses are fun!
    Chrom: You mean the pegasus? Er, pegasuses? ...Pegasi?
    Sumia: Those too! I just love swooping through the sky-it's so exhilarating. 
    But I like looking after them even more. Combing manes, brushing teeth...
    Chrom: You do spend a lot of time in the stables, now that I think about it.
    Sumia: I do hate that they have to fight. When I see them in the thick of 
    battle... I know we need them if we're to win this war. It can't be helped. 
    But, it makes my heart ache every time I see such a beautiful creature hurt.
    Chrom: I don't know what to say, Sumia. Except to thank you again. Thank you 
    for all the sacrifices you're making for my sake. I swear that I will do 
    everything in my power to end this war quickly. And I promise to build a 
    peace that will endure for generations.
    Sumia: I know you will, Chrom. And I'm going to help you do it!
    Chrom S
    Chrom: Sumia?
    Sumia: Oh, hello, Chrom.
    Chrom: I... I was looking for you. Have you been here long?
    Sumia: Actually, I'd just finished baking a pie. I was about to go... look 
    for you.
    Chrom: I don't deserve more of your pies, Sumia. You're being too kind to me.
    Sumia: Hee hee! Oh, not at all. I LIKE looking after you!
    Chrom: Not as much as looking after the pegasi, I wager.
    Sumia: No, not as much as... Wait! NO! I MUCH prefer looking after you!
    Chrom: Listen, Sumia. I was looking for you because... I have a favor to ask.
    Sumia: you don't have to ask for favors. I'll do anything your heart 
    Chrom: Er, see, I was hoping... If you were willing... Maybe you might do me 
    the honor... Um...
    Sumia: Do you want more pies? Because I'll bake until my hands fall off!
    Chrom: P-pies? No, er, what I'm trying to say is... I'm thinking of the rest 
    of our lives and...
    Sumia: You want pies every day until you die? Well, that's a tall order, but 
    if you-
    Chrom: This is not about pies! Just listen!
    Sumia: ...Muh?
    Chrom: S-sorry, Sumia. This isn't how I thought... Oh, I'm ruining this whole 
    thing! What I want to ask is... will you grant me the honor of... being my 
    Sumia: Chrom?! Are you... Proposing?
    Chrom: Yes! You've done so much for me... Your kindness has warmed my heart. 
    And somewhere between the fifth and sixth pie I thought to myself... "Chrom, 
    you must marry this woman and make her happy for the rest of her life!"
    Sumia: I... I don't know what to say. But in truth, I've felt the same way 
    since the very first pie... before that, even. I've known from the start that 
    nothing made me happier than... being with you. But, I never dreamed... Not 
    in a thousand... I mean, me? Marry royalty?!
    Chrom: You shall be the finest royal bride the realm has ever seen! Er, that 
    is... if you consent?
    Sumia: Of COURSE I'll marry you!
    Chrom: No words ever rang as sweet! But now we must make it official. Will 
    you wear this for me?
    Sumia: B-but this ring bears the crest of the royal family of Ylisse! Are you 
    sure I'm allowed to have such a treasure?
    Chrom: This was crafted to commemorate my birth, and later given to me by my 
    father. Since my earliest days I have planned to bestow it to the woman I 
    would marry. It is yours now. A symbol of our everlasting love and affection.
    Sumia: Oh, Chrom, I'm... I'm so honored. I will treasure it all of my days.
    Chrom: Then our future is sure to be filled with happiness and pies, both!
    Sumia: Oh, yes! We shall have pies morning, noon, and night! ...Er, but would 
    you mind terribly if we hired a cook?
    A4. Frederick C
    Sumia: Frederick! What are you doing up so early?
    Frederick: Good morning, Sumia. I'm inspecting everyone's weapons and armor 
    to ensure all is ready for battle.
    Sumia: But it's not even dawn yet! Don't you ever sleep?
    Frederick: I have sword to serve Chrom and the Shepherds to the best of my 
    ability. As commander, Chrom bears a burden far heavier than any of ours.
    It would ill behoove me to neglect any opportunity to lessen that load.
    Sumia: He's fortunate to have you. Imagine getting up this early just to 
    check gear!
    Frederick: I did not stir this morn simply to satisfy myself as to our battle 
    readiness. I also exercised, performed a number of weapon drills, and 
    patrolled the camp. I then stoked the fire, readied the makings for morning 
    tea, and consumed one egg.
    Sumia: Er...
    Frederick: Oh, and I scared off a noisy flock of birds nesting too near 
    milord's tent. Then, with no other pressing task, I took the time to inspect 
    our equipment.
    Sumia: Good heavens .
    Frederick: Apologies, my lady. You must find my prattle to be terribly dull. 
    I have often been criticized for what some consider to be an excess of zeal. 
    Such devotion appears to make my comrades uneasy.
    Sumia: Well, I think it's wonderful!
    Frederick: ...You do?
    Sumia: Absolutely! You're an inspiration, Frederick. There's no other word 
    for it.
    Look at all you do for Chrom! It makes me wish I was more like you. I'm so 
    sick of being the girl whose main contribution is falling on her face! I know 
    we all need levity in these times, but I would still prefer to do more.
    Frederick: I don't know what to say. You're the first person who has ever 
    understood what I'm trying to do. Perhaps we should join our causes to each 
    other. We could be the grease that keeps the Shepherds running smoothly.
    Sumia: Now THAT is a splendid idea!
    Frederick B
    Sumia: I'm so sorry, Frederick!
    Frederick: I-it's quite all right, milady. I suppose it is a bit complicated 
    the first time.
    Sumia: But I can't believe I got lost patrolling the camp. So embarrassing!
    And I don't know HOW I managed to drop that potion. That... expensive potion.
    Although you did agree the broom was worn out before it broke, so that's 
    probably... Oh gosh, and the fire! I'm SO SORRY about the fire! You have a 
    spare tent, right?
    Frederick: Yes, well, look on the bright side: you did a splendid job pulling 
    weeds. I don't see a single straggler in this entire camp!
    Sumia: Well, I always liked making little chains and bracelets out of 
    Frederick: ...Er, you did just pluck weeds yes? Not the flowers from the 
    Sumia: Flower... beds? Oh, HORSE PLOP! It's true! All I'm good for is falling 
    on my face! I'm going to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.
    Frederick: Please, milady, no! You mustn't give up.
    Sumia: B-but...
    Frederick: The most important part of any battle is that you give your all.
    Everything you did today was out of consideration for your fellow Shepherds.
    And if the results were less than optimal? Well, it's not the worst thing in 
    the world. So long as you strive to help people, success will eventually find 
    its way to you.
    Sumia: Oh, Frederick! If you really think so then I promise not to give up! 
    Perhaps I could make little flower necklaces for everyone!
    Frederick: ...Please don't.
    Frederick A
    Frederick: Hmm... What to do, what to do...
    Sumia: Hello, Frederick. Is something wrong?
    Frederick: Ah, Sumia. Yes, something IS wrong! This horse escaped the paddock 
    during the night. I managed to catch it by the bridle, but the foul beast 
    refuses to be led back!
    Sumia: Oh, is that all? Here, let me try.
    Frederick: No, milady, it's too dangerous! The brute is practically frothing 
    at the mouth!
    Sumia: Oh, don't be silly... There, what a nice horsey... Shhhhhh... Auntie 
    Sumia won't hurt you, I promise. But if you stay out here, the wolves might 
    get you. Let's go back to your friends.
    Frederick: By the nine heavens! It's moving!
    Sumia: We'll be fine, Frederick. I'll make sure this brave guy gets back 
    Frederick: You have a gift, milady. I thought the creature would die on this 
    very spot.
    Sumia: Oh, he just needed some encouragement is all. It's kind of like how 
    you aid and motivate Chrom! Humans and horses both need friends to lean on 
    Frederick: Still, you performed a great service, and I am in your debt.
    Sumia: Oh, really, it's not a big-
    Frederick: Do not be modest, milady! I might have wrestled that beast all day 
    without you!
    Sumia: Yes, possibly. Except, well, the thing is... See, last night, I fed 
    the horses.
    And you know the latch on the gate? The one you're supposed to close?
    Weeell, there's a teensy-tinesy possibility I might have left it... kind 
    of... open.
    Frederick: By the gods! So it was you who let this demon beast free!
    Frederick S
    Sumia: Frederick! I've been meaning to thank you! You're the one who polisehd 
    my armor to such a lovely sheen, right?
    Frederick: I... wasn't sure you noticed.
    Sumia: Of course I noticed! My plate and weapons have never looked so good... 
    Why, I glittered like a lighthouse on my ride today! ...I actually felt 
    Frederick: You are always beautiful to me, Sumia. In truth, I've eyes for no 
    one else.
    Sumia: Hee hee! Not even Chrom?
    Frederick: 'Tis no laughing matter, milady! I serve Chrom because I have 
    sworn to do so. He is my lord and master. But when in your presence, I cannot 
    tear my eyes from you. I am captivated! True, at first it was because I 
    feared you might blunder into a nearby tree... But soon I found myself gazing 
    at you whenever the opportunity permitted.
    Sumia: Oh, Frederick...
    Frederick: Please, milady. Would you do me the honor of accepting this gift?
    Sumia: ...This is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen, Frederick. Does it 
    mean what I think it means?
    Frederick: My heart is yours, milady. Now and forever, if you would only but 
    claim it.
    Sumia: But why? I'm so inept at everything! Weeding, fire starting, wagon 
    Frederick: None of that matters, so long as you are by my side!
    Sumia: I just can't imagine... Gods, this ring is so shiny. You must have 
    polished it for days. Frederick, this is the nicest thing that anyone has 
    ever done for me...
    Frederick: You deserve it and more. Were that I could, I would present you 
    with the moon herself.
    Sumia: I don't want the moon, Frederick. I just want you! So yes! Yes and yes 
    and yes again! You've made me the happiest woman alive!
    A4. Gaius C
    Sumia: Oh, there you are, Gaius!
    Gaius: Easy... Eeeeeeasy... Alllmost theeeere...
    Sumia: Gaius? Gaaaaaaius! HEY! GAIUS!
    Gaius: SHHHHH! Quiet down! Can't you see I'm busy here?!
    Sumia: Oh, sorry...
    Gaius: Aw, horse plop. It flew away.
    Sumia: Huh? What flew away? Hey, what are you doing, anyway?
    Gaius: I'm bee watching. Or at least, I was.
    Sumia: Oh, I didn't know you liked insects!
    Gaius: I don't. I was just trying to figure out where that little fellow 
    Sumia: You mean its hive? Ah-hah! NOW I get it!
    Gaius: ...What do you get?
    Sumia: You're looking for bee larvae!
    Gaius: Ugh, gross. No!
    Sumia: They're considered a great delicacy among fine society back at the 
    capital. You know, I always suspected you had a sophisticated palate...
    Gaius: I have NO idea what you're blathering about, Stumbles.
    Sumia: Hey! You should let me help you find some bee larvae! I mean, since I 
    scared your little bee friend away and all.
    Gaius: Uh... wow, look at the time! I gotta fly.
    Sumia: Oh. All right. But you MUST tell me when you go out again, all right? 
    I insist! Bye, Gaius!
    Gaius: ...Bee larvae? Crivens, I'll never understand these fancy city folk.
    Welp, no honey for me today. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow...
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Heh heh. There's bound to be a hive around here somewhere. Plus, this 
    meadow of tall flowers should hide me from that oddball noblewoman...
    Sumia: Hey, Gaius!
    Gaius: Oh, come on! Really?
    Sumia: Hee hee. Isn't this field sooo pretty? Now, let me guess... You're 
    here to hunt bee larvae, right? Ha ha! I KNEW it! In that case, I'm here to 
    Gaius: Look, Stumbles, I don't want to be rude or anything, but I'd rather 
    get help from-
    Sumia: What kind of flowers do flowers do bees like most? The little purple 
    ones? Those are pretty!
    Gaius: Hey! Hello? I'm trying to insult you here!
    Sumia: Ooh ooh ooh oooh! Look, Gaius! A bee, a bee!
    Gaius: Huh? Wh-where?!
    Sumia: There! It's flying toward the forest beyond the meadow.
    Gaius: You're right. I'll bet a custard pie there's a beehive somewhere in 
    those trees... Right, I'm going to check it out. You stay here and weave 
    flower bracelets or--- Huh? Where'd she go?
    Sumia: Oh, Gaaaius! Yoo-hoo! I've found the beehive! Now, I just... *grunt* 
    have to... *grunt* pull it off this branch...
    Gaius: What in the... Are you mad, woman?! You can't just go grabbing 
    Sumia: EEEEK! Bees! Bees! Oh gods, they're everywhere!
    Gaius: I warned you, you daft--- Um, what are you doing? H-hey! Don't run 
    TOWARD me!
    Sumia: Here's your beehive, Gaius---catch! Sorry, gotta run! See you later!
    Gaius: Good heavens, she's fast. But what am I supposed to do with--- Gah! 
    BEES! Thousands of them! Aaaaaaaaaargh!
    Gaius A
    Gaius: Ouch! Ow ow ow ow ow... I didn't know it was possible to get stung 
    this much. ...And live, I mean.
    Sumia: Oh, I'm so sorry, Gaius. I can't help thinking that it was partly my 
    I mean, I'm the one who took the hive. Oh, and then gave it to you...
    Gaius: Don't worry about it, Stumbles. I got what I was looking for.
    Sumia: The bee larvae?
    Gaius: No, not bee larvae! Who eats that, anyway? I wanted this sweet, sweet 
    honey. Look at that golden, syrupy shine... Mmmmmm...
    Sumia: Oh. Well, I suppose honey is good. It's no bee larvae, but... Say, do 
    you mind if I just try a little bit? Maybe just a quick tast---OW!
    Gaius: Your arm bothering you there? Here, lemme look.
    Sumia: *Sniff* I-if you insist...
    Gaius: Your elbow's swollen up like a turnip! Were you stung or something?
    Sumia: Y-yes, but... I didn't want to mention it because you had all those 
    And you seemed so happy about the honey, s-so I didn't want to spoil it...
    Gais: This kid's braver and more thoughtful than I realized...
    Sumia: Sorry, what was that?
    Gaius: Listen, Stumbles, do you like sweets? Cakes? Candies? That sort of 
    Sumia: Oh, of course! Especially the pretty ones.
    Gaius: Well then, maybe you should have this.
    Sumia: B-but, that's your honey! You worked so hard for it!
    Gaius: Hey, you saw the bee, found the hive, AND collected it. I just ran for 
    my life. Seems to me this belongs to you as much as anyone.
    Sumia: Oh, Gaius...
    Gaius: You know, all this time I thought you were just another strange noble.
    But I was wrong. I'd be honored to call you a friend.
    Sumia: "My friend, Gaius..." Hee hee. It DOES have a pleasant ring to it, 
    doesn't it? Oh, you know what we should do, now that we're friends? Collect 
    more honey!
    Gaius: Er, no thanks. I think my honey-hunting days are done...
    Gaius S
    Sumia: Hello, Gaius.
    Gaius: Sumia! Just the girl I wanted to see. I've got something for you.
    Sumia: Oh, isn't that funny? I have something for you, too.
    Gaius: You don't say?
    Sumia: I used that honey you gave me to bake a crowberry cake. It's the first 
    time I've baked with honey, so if it tastes awful, just let me know.
    Gaius: You made me... cake? Out of honey...? That's the nicest thing 
    Oh gods, it looks so gooood... Mmmmrrraaaaaggghhh... ...Er, yes. Right. Lemme 
    just set the cake down for a second. Listen, Sumia. I neeed to tell you 
    Sumia: Hee hee. That's so crazy! Because I have something to tell YOU!
    Gaius: Yeah, okay, that's great. But listen, before we get into that---
    Sumia: I love you, Gaius! ...... Um, was that too sudden?
    Gaius: Uhhhhh...
    Sumia: I'm sorry! But ever since I realized it, I've been dying to tell you!
    Gaius: I wish you'd waited.
    Sumia: You... do?
    Gaius: Look, when we started this conversation, I told you I had something 
    for you, right? Well, you kind of took the starch out of my muffin, but... 
    Sumia: Oh my gosh, Gaius, it's a ring! Does this mean...?
    Gaius: I'm kind of in love with you, too, Sumia. And I thought maybe you 
    might like to be my wife. In fact, I'll do all the cooking if you just keep 
    making those cakes.
    Sumia: Oh, Gaius! YES! Er, but it actually took me 23 tries to get that last 
    cake right.
    Gaius: It did? ...Well, never mind, then. I'll bake the cakes, too.
    Sumia: But we'll still be able to collect honey together, right?!
    Gaius: Er, you know what? You just sit back and let me take care of 
    A4. Henry C
    Sumia: Oh no, oh no... What do I do now?
    Henry: Hey-o, Sumia! What's shaking? I heard some almighty smash over here!
    Sumia: I was carrying this huge stack of bowls, and I tripped on... well, 
    something, and-
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Look at all the smashed crockery! That's hilarious!
    Sumia: Ugh! What am I going to do? How is everyone going to eat?! I can't 
    just pour the soup in a trough and make them share! Or maybe I could...?
    Henry: Hey, no need for the soup buffet. I can fix the bowls.
    Sumia: Really? But how?
    Henry: I'm a mage! I just wave my wand and mutter a little incantation... 
    Humina humina humina... Presto! The busted bowls are busted no more!
    Sumia: Holy snap! That's amazing!
    Henry: Yeah, it's just a temporary hex, unfortunately. Tomorrow they'll be in 
    pieces again. But at least folks won't have to eat out of their hats tonight.
    Sumia: N-no, that's fine! This gives me time to buy new ones tomorrow. It's 
    funny, I used to think magic was all scary and weird, but I guess not.
    Henry: Oh, that spell can certainly be used for evil. All it does is reverse 
    time. See, so if something bad happens to someone and you cast it on them... 
    They have to experience that same tragedy over and over again! Nya ha!
    Sumia: Oh, that sounds horrible!
    Henry: I know, right? It is! Nya ha ha!
    Henry B
    Sumia: Thank you again for the help with the bowls, Henry.
    Henry: No problem! Us dark mages love to help others.
    Sumia: It was just like you said- those fixed bowls ended up falling apart 
    Henry: Yeah... Even crockery cannot escape the blood-soaked hand of fate.
    Sumia: Um, gross? Anyway, I think it's great you use hexes to help people 
    instead of... Well, whatever nasty thing you could be doing.
    Henry: Nya ha! Yeah, it feels pretty great to be able to help other.
    Sumia: You know, you could do all kinds of things with that reverse-time 
    spell. Like, revive dead crops, or mend broken arrows during battle, or... 
    Henry: Saaay, I could, couldn't I? I like the way you think, Sumia! Those are 
    some hex-cellent ideas!
    Sumia: Gosh, do you really think so? I don't normally have good ideas. Most 
    of them are awful, to be honest. I'm not a magic genius like you.
    Henry: Would you maybe want to try your hand at a little... dark magic?
    Sumia: Well, I have always kind of wondered what it would be like...
    Henry: Say no more! ...Er, but give me a little time to get things ready. 
    Next time we meet, you'll be flinging spells like a pro!
    Sumia: You'd do that for me?
    Henry: Of course! I always wanted to ride a pegasus, after all.
    Sumia: Waaait. What kind of hex are you planning here?
    Henry: Nya ha ha! You'll see!
    Henry A
    *Note: In the beginning, they switch bodies. Henry is Sumia, and Sumia is 
    Henry: H-Henry! Wh-what's happening? What have you done to me?!
    Sumia: Isn't it obvious? You're me, and I'm you! Clever curse, eh?
    Henry: AAAAAARGH!
    Sumia: Whoa! Careful with my vocal chords there! Besides, you're the one who 
    wanted to cast spells, right?
    Henry: This is NOT what I had in mind!
    Sumia: Well, you're about as magic as an old sock, so this was the only way. 
    And while you cast some hexes, I'm going to ride your pegasus all over camp! 
    Woo-hoo! I'm gonna swoop down on people and drop stuff on their heads!
    Henry:  B-but, wh-what if you fall off?! You might hurt me!
    Sumia: Pfft! You fall on your face 10 times a day! This body is made of 
    Henry: Okay, but what about YOUR body? It seems pretty flimsy, to be honest. 
    What if I trip into a ditch and snap these little chicken legs of yours?
    Sumia: Well, if you're THAT worried about it, I guess we can switch back...
    Henry: I think that would be for the best. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
    Sumia: Hey, no worries! This bodice is kind of freaking me out anyway. Okay, 
    here goes... KA- BLAMMMO!
    (They switch bodies back)
    Henry: ...There. All better.
    Sumia: That was... weird.
    Henry: You didn't get to spin any dark magic, though. Aren't you 
    Sumia: No. It was a bad idea in the first place. What if I'd curse you by 
    mistake? What if I'd turn your guts into pudding or whatever it is you dark 
    mages do?
    Henry: That would have been awesome! But still, I'm glad you're worried about 
    Sumia: You're a good friend, Henry. Of course I'm worried.
    Henry: Aw, thanks, Sumia. Next time, I'll make sure to look out for you.
    Sumia: We're not going to switch bodies again, are we?
    Henry: Of course we are! I haven't had a chance to ride your pegasus yet!
    Henry S
    Sumia: Well? How did you enjoy your first pegasus ride?
    Henry: Ohmigosh! First it was like... WOOOOO! And then we were like... 
    PSHAAAW! It was totally fantastic! Thanks for loaning me your body.
    Sumia: I'm happy I could help.
    Henry: Er, but when I was borrowing your body, I noticed something... funny.
    Sumia: Funny...?
    Henry: Your heart was racing constantly! I felt giddy and dizzy at the same 
    time. I think you should see a healer soon. What if you have a murmur?
    Sumia: Um, actually, Henry, what I have can't be fixed by a healer.
    Henry: Oh, and I also noticed it gets a lot worse when you're around me. Now, 
    it could be a systemic cardiovascular issue, but I'm thinking-
    Sumia: It's not that. Think hard, and I believe you'll figure it out.
    Henry: ..... Oh, wow... I get it now. We have the exact same ailment!
    Sumia: We do?
    Henry: I think you're amazing, Sumia, and when you're around, my heart goes 
    nuts. So... it sounds like maybe you've got the same thing going on, right?
    Sumia: I know it's a bit odd, but I think I've fallen in love with you, 
    Henry: Great! That means I didn't waste my money buying you that ring!
    Sumia: Ring? Oh my goodness! How did that get on my finger?
    Henry: I bought it when I took over your body. It made the fitting a breeze!
    Sumia: You wanted to borrow my body so you could check my ring size?! B-but 
    the jeweler might think I'm a pathetic spinster buying her own ring!
    Henry: Oh, yeah. He definitely thinks that. Anyway, do you like it?
    Sumia: Of course I do, Henry. It's beautiful. You've cast the best hex of 
    all... And I couldn't be happier!
    A5. Chrom C
    Maribelle: Oh! Good day, milord.
    Chrom: Hello, Maribelle. ...And just Chrom is fine, please.
    Maribelle: A-are you here all alone? Goodness, but there's a chill in the air 
    today! Would you care for a cup of tea?
    Chrom: Well, I won't say no. ...Thank you. You're very kind.
    Maribelle: Oh, please! For a noblewoman of Ylisse, serving royalty is a high 
    Chrom: In times of peace, maybe. But this is war. Kings, nobles, and peasants 
    alike are all just comrades-in-arms. So please, don't wear yourself out 
    trying to look after me.
    Maribelle: Yes, but-
    Chrom: You've been fighting as hard as any of us. You must be exhausted.
    Maribelle: Well... I confess I sometimes find myself wishing for a respite. 
    But then I remind myself how much harder it must be for you! Heavy lies the 
    crown and all that, yes? So it's my duty to help you however I can!
    Chrom: Your dedication is appreciated, Maribelle. ...A bit extreme, maybe, 
    but appreciated. Just promise to look after yourself as well. Will you do 
    that? ...For me?
    Maribelle: Your wish is my command, milord. But first let me bring you that 
    Chrom: I'll take it. Thanks.
    Maribelle: I so very much enjoy our time together... I pray we find 
    opportunity to do it again.
    Chrom: I hope so, too.
    Chrom B
    Maribelle: Tsk! The pool of suspects grows large by the moment!
    Chrom: Er, sorry. Who's a suspect now?
    Maribelle: Oh, milord! I didn't see you there! I was just going over my... 
    Chrom: Uh-oh. This can't be good. What list is that?
    Maribelle: I've been keeping track of men who may be getting too close to 
    Lissa! My darling is a bewitching vixen, even if she doesn't realize the 
    power of her charms. So when these lecherous men get too close, I drive them 
    back from the ramparts!
    Chrom: ...You aren't joking, are you. Why on earth would you do such a 
    Maribelle: Isn't it obvious? Lissa is your younger sister, and princess to 
    the royal house of Ylisse! It falls upon me, her bosom friend and true 
    companion, to save her from scallywags!
    Chrom: ...Scallywags? Er, look, Maribelle. I think my sister can guard her 
    own ramparts just fine.
    Maribelle: Ha! Don't be so naive! It seems even great men are blind when it 
    comes to matters of the heart!
    Chrom: Hey! I am NOT blind! ...And you're being paranoid! There's no harm in 
    Lissa having a few friends among her comrades-in-arms.
    Maribelle: That they are comrades makes them more dangerous! Snakes in the 
    den, says I! As such, I've put a strict screening process in place. Any man 
    who would speak to Lissa must first be interviewed by me. Many times. AND 
    provide supporting documentation, of course!
    Chrom: ...Heh. I guess in a way it's reassuring to know that Lissa has you 
    watching over her. Well then, I'll trust you to keep her safe for me.
    Maribelle: Of course, milord! A woman of my position would offer no less!
    Chrom A
    Maribelle: Milord! I hope this day finds you well.
    Chrom: As well as can be expected.
    Maribelle: If there is anything I can do to ease your burden, you will let me 
    know, won't you?
    Chrom: Of course. Thank you, Maribelle. But you really need to stop 
    exhausting yourself on my behalf. I don't deserve it.
    Maribelle: Bite your tongue! Serving you is sheer delight! Why, I'd gladly 
    lay down my life for you and Lissa.
    Chrom: Well let's hope it never comes to that. I don't want anyone dying for 
    my sake.
    Maribelle: But on such a day, I would be first in line to thrust myself upon 
    the enemy's pikes!
    Chrom: That reminds me: I talked to some soldiers who saw you get captured by 
    Plegia. They say that, as the Plegian army approached, you went out to meet 
    them. That you parleyed with their captain, asking them to withdraw from 
    Ylisse. And that the honorless curs responded by taking you hostage. Tell me 
    the truth, Maribelle: Did you do this for me and Lissa?
    Maribelle: ...I thought to protect you and Lissa from danger. That was my 
    only goal. I know it was wrong of me to take such drastic action without 
    consulting you. But you must believe me when I say-
    Chrom: Enough, Maribelle. I believe you. But I need you to promise 
    something... You must never take such a rash action again. Do you understand?
    Maribelle: Yes, but-
    Chrom: Just as you care for me and Lissa, so do we care about you. We would 
    never forgive ourselves if you cam to harm for our sake.
    Maribelle: Y-you... are too kind, milord. I solemnly swear that I will never 
    do such a foolish thing again.
    Chrom: It wasn't foolish, Maribelle. It was brave and... noble. But if we 
    don't fight as equals in this war, we have no hope of winning it. And if 
    Lissa and I were to lose you... It would be a pain we couldn't bear.
    Maribelle: I... Well, I... It won't happen again, milord. I swear it!
    Chrom: We must stand shoulder to shoulder. Divided we fall, but together we 
    Chrom S
    Maribelle: Milord! I brewed elderberry tea and buttered some crumpets. Won't 
    you rest a spell?
    Chrom: Well, since you've gone to all this trouble... Wait. Is this 
    gooseberry jam? It was my favorite as a child! How did you know that?
    Maribelle: A little bird told me...
    Chrom: A little bird named Lissa, I wager. Heh heh, that girl...
    Maribelle: Oh, how I envy your sister... You have such affection for her... 
    And you have spent a lifetime together... How can I ever compare?
    Chrom: Maribelle, what are you talking about? Lissa's my sister. You're my... 
    Maribelle: Yes, but you are also royalty and... And you're surrounded by all 
    these fine and noble women! All the time! Lissa and her friends... The court 
    ladies... Oh, you must have such wonderful times! I feel so dreary and plain 
    by compare.
    Chrom: Wonderful times?! Hah! Royal court is dull as an anvil. It's my duty 
    to attend, but that's all. ...And it's a loathsome duty at that.
    Maribelle: B-but... beautiful admirers hang upon your every word! So how 
    could there possibly be room in your life for... What I mean is... How will 
    you ever find a place for me in your heart?
    Chrom: Um, I'm sorry, did you just say...
    Maribelle: ...Wait. Did I say that out loud? ...I said that out loud, didn't 
    I? ...Loudly. OH GODS! Chrom, PLEASE pretend you didn't hear that! I don't 
    know what came over me! Curse this blasted battle fatigue! My mind must be on 
    the moon!Oh, that the ground might open up and swallow this foolish creature!
    Chrom: Maribelle! Get ahold of yourself!
    Maribelle: Er... *ahem* Forgive me, milord. I... I don't know what came over 
    me. ...Again.
    Chrom: Listen, are you-
    Maribelle: Would you mind terribly if we started over? I have something 
    important to tell you, and it deserves a better beginning.
    Chrom: Well, I think you already told me... Er, but please. Do go on.
    Maribelle: Milord, I am... deeply and madly in love with you! I always have 
    been so, even when we were but children. Yet I've never been able to confess 
    this shameful secret. You were always surrounded by those fine court ladies, 
    and I... Well, I felt so coarse and provincial! I was ashamed, and so kept my 
    feelings hidden.
    Chrom: I... see.
    Maribelle: B-but now I just don't care anymore! I had to confess, and I'm 
    glad I did. It's like a horrible weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
    Chrom: You really should have told me earlier, Maribelle. Because the truth 
    is... I feel the same for you.
    Maribelle: T-truly? Oh, Chrom, don't jest with me! Not about this!
    Chrom: I assure you, I am not jesting. I've loved you since we were young. 
    Your poise, your consideration for others...
    Maribelle: M-milord... Are you truly...
    Chrom: Perhaps this will convince you of the sincerity of my feelings.
    Maribelle: Oh, heavens. It's a ring! ...And it bears the crest of House 
    Ylisse! Y-you would have me wear this treasure?
    Chrom: My parents had it crafted to celebrate my birth. I've always kept it 
    safe because I knew someday I would give it away. I would give it to the 
    woman I wanted for a lifelong companion. ...For a wife. So yes, I want you to 
    have it.
    Maribelle: This is a dream come true. I'll never take it off!
    Chrom: I wonder how Lissa is going to take this news?
    Maribelle: Lissa? Oh thunder, she'll be more excited than anyone! "My big 
    brother is FINALLY getting married," she'll say!
    Chrom: Ha ha! You know, I think you're right.
    A5. Frederick C
    Maribelle: Hmm...
    Frederick: Ah, Maribelle. I hope you are well.
    Maribelle: Yes, thank you, Frederick. It's good that you're here; I wanted to 
    talk to you. Is it true what they say? That you're a professionally trained 
    Frederick: A steward? Gracious, no. I wouldn't have a clue about such work. I 
    am a knight, milady.
    Maribelle: Oh? That's not what I heard. But I suppose rumors have a way of... 
    ...Er, what are you doing?
    Frederick: I am laying out Princess Lissa's garments for the morrow.
    Maribelle: ...That seems like something a steward would do.
    Frederick: I suppose. But I only do so if I have spare time after... killing 
    and such.
    Maribelle: And what will you do after you finish laying out these garments?
    Frederick: I shall check on the dinner preparations and then plan tomorrow's 
    Maribelle: You ARE a steward!
    Frederick: My good lady, while some of my duties may resemble those of a 
    steward, I assure you-
    Maribelle: I have spent a lifetime in noble houses, and you, sir, are a 
    steward! Serving tea? Dusting china? Polishing the good silver? You are most 
    definitely a-
    Frederick: I AM NOT A STEWARD! ...I just like things to be neat and tidy.
    Maribelle: Well, you're terribly good at it. So perhaps you should come to my 
    manor and instruct my staff?
    Frederick: Milady, I don't think-
    Maribelle: Frankly, it's impossible to get good help these days! Our head 
    steward is so old, and he's off with the gout nearly every other day. Now, we 
    don't want to work the poor man to death - just think of the scandal! But a 
    house can't maintain itself, and what will we do when he kicks the bucket?
    Frederick: ...Your sympathy is touching.
    Maribelle: Eventually yes, we'll have to put out our poor old steward out to 
    pasture. But I would consider it a personal favor if you trained our young 
    staff in the interim. I'm sure there are so many things you could teach them! 
    ...This is just until we have a new man in place, of course.
    Frederick: Milady, for the last time, I am a knight! I am not, nor have I 
    ever been, a ste-
    Maribelle: Fine! Then just show them how to tidy up or whatever it is you do 
    around here! You teach recruits how to fight, yes? This is the same, except 
    you fight filth.
    Frederick: Well, yes. It's true that I help instruct the younger Shepherds... 
    But they are the best and brightest of the realm, and I merely offer advice.
    Maribelle: Oh, good heavens. You couldn't POSSIBLY make this any more 
    complicated! Fine then. Why don't YOU teach ME so I can teach THEM?
    Frederick: Teach... you, milady?
    Maribelle: I'm nothing if not best and bright! So, yes. You shall teach me 
    tidiness. And once I've learned your secrets, I can put our manor back to 
    order myself!
    Frederick: Well, I suppose that is acceptable...
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Ahem! Maribelle? Milady? It's morning. Time to wake up.
    Maribelle: Unnngh... m-morning? Already? Wait one second! Where's the sun?! 
    It's pitch black outside!
    Frederick: A steward's day begins before dawn. And unless I am mistaken, you 
    expressed a desire to study the arts of stewardship.
    Maribelle: Ugh, yes, I did say that, didn't I? At least, I think I did...
    Frederick: Good. Then let us begin with our morning duties. A steward must 
    prepare tea for the lords and ladies before they wake.
    Maribelle: *YAAAAAAWN* I'm SOOO tired... But I suppose I can manage to boil 
    a- Oh, blast! The stupid kettle fell over!
    Frederick: Then please boil the water again. And this time, do so carefully. 
    Now, as you have wasted a pot of your master's finest tea, what do you say?
    Maribelle: Really, now! This is simply... Oh, all right! I'm sorry for 
    spilling the stupid tea and blah blah whatever.
    Frederick: UNACCEPTABLE! ...Now then. Try it again, this time like you mean 
    Maribelle: *Grumble, grumble* Oh, dearest Lord Frederick, please forgive my 
    clumsiness! It shall never happen again! (...Because next time I'll spill it 
    on your stupid head.)
    Frederick: I shall assume your mumbling was all aboveboard. Now then! We must 
    prepare the silverware. Today you are in charge of spoons.
    Maribelle: ...Who does he think he is, making me polish cutlery? I'm a LADY! 
    I ought to polish that lance of his and cram it up his... Here you are 
    milord! All done, milord! Does the shininess please milord?
    Frederick: ..... UNACCEPTABLE! I want to see my reflection on the surface. 
    ...Start again.
    Maribelle: GRRRRRRRRR!
    Frederick A
    Frederick: Ah, Maribelle! Up early, I see.
    Maribelle: You know, once you get used to it, this early morning lark isn't 
    so bad.
    Frederick: Excellent. Shall we proceed with our training, then? First you 
    must boil the tea, and then I have a chest of silverware that needs 
    Maribelle: Wait, Frederick! Let me take that.
    Frederick: Excuse me?
    Maribelle: It's just... I'm worried about the foot you hurt in battle the 
    other day. You should be trying to rest.
    Frederick: Well, I concede the injury is troubling me somewhat... Frankly, 
    I'm flattered you noticed. No one else has.
    Maribelle: It's thanks to the steward training you've been kind enough to 
    give me. I spot details like that all the time now. ...Well then, milord? 
    Frederick: My, but this tea is excellent! Are you using a new leaf?
    Maribelle: It's a special vulnerary concoction for your foot. I spoke to the 
    apothecary last night, and he said it came highly recommended.
    Frederick: Why, Maribelle...
    Maribelle: Y-yes?
    Frederick: You have taken my lessons to heart and understand the true spirit 
    of service!
    Maribelle: Do you think so?
    Frederick: I may not be a steward, but I constantly strive to be a better 
    knight. Consideration for others... Willingness to assist any in need... I 
    speak, of course, of the spirit of service that is at the core of chivalry.
    Maribelle: I never made the connection...
    Frederick: Weaponry and horsemanship can be taught to any capable of swinging 
    a blade. But the spirit of chivalry comes from within! Maribelle, you have 
    shown that you understand what it means to serve others.
    Maribelle: Frederick, I'm... honored that you think so. I'm going to keep up 
    my training and never forget your lessons!
    Frederick: Good! Nothing pleases me more than inspiring a love of service!
    Maribelle: Oh, you WILL continue to give me lessons, won't you, Frederick?
    Frederick: If that is your wish, milady.
    Frederick S
    Frederick: How do you find it?
    Maribelle: It's delicious, Frederick! You do make a wonderful cup of 
    elderberry tea.
    Frederick: And yet it hardly compares to your own brew, Maribelle.
    Maribelle: Frederick, dear. I've been thinking... When this beastly war is 
    over, are you sure you won't consider coming to the manor?
    Frederick: B-but we had an arrangement. You were to teach your domestic 
    Maribelle: Yes, I know. But the more I think about it, the more I realize it 
    simply MUST be you. ...Please? Not even for a short while? Because then we 
    could......Well, you see... We could be together more often.
    Frederick: Together as servant and lady? No, I must refuse.
    Maribelle: Do you hate me, Frederick? ...Am I so awful to look upon?
    Frederick: In truth, I have grown... very fond of you. More, perhaps, than 
    you suspect.
    Maribelle: Wh-what do you mean?
    Frederick: So fond, in fact, that I would be willing to join your household 
    on one condition... That you take me as your husband! Maribelle, my love! 
    Will you do me the honor?
    Maribelle: Is that a ring? For ME?! Gods, it's beautiful!
    Frederick: The stone is modest, but I polished it until it shone as radiant 
    as you, milady. Won't you please accept it?
    Maribelle: Oh, Frederick... Of COURSE I will!
    A5. Virion C
    Maribelle: Virion?
    Virion: Ah, milady! 'Tis a pleasure to be in the company of one so beautiful. 
    Your eyes-
    Maribelle: Charmed, I'm sure. But flattery so freely given quickly loses its 
    luster. If you insist on calling yourself a noble, you must take care of what 
    you say and do. Your words and deeds reflect not only upon yourself, but all 
    men of breeding.
    Virion: Then, fair lady, you must tell me the best way to polish my noble 
    reputation... Perhaps we can have a first lesson tonight over dinner? Just 
    the two of us, mmm?
    Maribelle: Absolutely not! I can't be seen consorting with a rogue such as 
    Virion: You wound me, milady! Harsh words for one whose love for you is 
    deeper than the sea.
    Maribelle: Don't play me for a fool, cad. You've more love for that frilly 
    shirt than for me.
    Virion: She wounds me yet again! What will it take to prove my sincerity, 
    dear lady?
    Maribelle: I can tell you this: honey-coated words alone will not be enough.
    Virion: Then by my deeds I shall win you, and the bards will sing of our 
    (Virion leaves)
    Maribelle: Any singer who utters even a word will have a quick answer from my 
    Virion B
    Virion: And so we find ourselves come to this...
    Maribelle: Is something troubling you, Virion? You stand as if you have the 
    weight of the world on your shoulders.
    Virion: You see to the core of me, my lady. I'd thought to hide my troubles 
    from you. But 'tis true: I bear a terrible weight that threatens to crush me 
    with every step. And your kind, loving eyes have spied it at first blush!
    Maribelle: Er...
    Virion: I find that war makes people ever so eager to whine. Don't you agree? 
    "I can't march another step! Why must we carry all these spare bows?!" And so 
    on. I had to engage in a full retreat just to give my poor ears a rest.
    Maribelle: Is THAT why you wouldn't advance with the rest of us during the 
    previous fighting? Gods, what madness! What's wrong with you, Virion?! The 
    fact I have even a moment's concern for your welfare boggles the mind.
    Virion: B-but... did you see the way I came running onto the battlefield at 
    the end? It was magnificent! Why, our foes all but fled in terror at the 
    sight of me!
    Maribelle: Was this before or after you let yourself get surrounded? Before 
    or after you panicked and forced Chrom to rescue you?
    Virion: All part of the plan! By playing the decoy, I lured the enemy into 
    our snare. They don't call me Virion the Cunning for nothing, you know.
    Maribelle: You are the most dishonest and silly man I've ever had the 
    misfortune to meet. You call yourself a nobleman? Ha! I've met scullery maids 
    more noble. You, sir, are an embarrassment to men of good breeding 
    Virion: Enough! It's one thing to consider me superficial, but dishonest? 
    Silly? Milady's ravishing beauty hides a tongue that cuts too deep. But alas, 
    it's not the first time I've been hurt by words so ill considered.
    Maribelle: I'm... I'm sorry, Virion. I should not have spoken so harshly.
    Virion: W-would you excuse me for a while? I have some thinking to do.
    (Virion leaves)
    Maribelle: Wait! Don't go! I didn't mean what I said! ...Er, at least not all 
    of it!
    Virion A
    Maribelle: Hello, Virion. I've not seen much of you as of late... Are you 
    keeping well?
    Virion: Well enough. Busy with noble deeds and so forth. ...Keeping up the 
    good name.
    Maribelle: Er, Virion, about before...
    Virion: I should go, milady. Forgive me.
    Maribelle: Oh, yes. Yes, of course. It's just that... Well, you haven't been 
    yourself recently. You seem tired. I rather miss my lively old Virion.
    Virion: Milady, when you called me dishonest, it gave me a pause. Am I a 
    credit to noblility? Do I bring honor to house and peer? Can I yet be better? 
    I am unused to thinking such things, and my ponderings gave me a terrific 
    headache. I've barely had a bite to eat and grow ever thinner by the day. If 
    I think any harder, I fear I shall simply waste away.
    Maribelle: Hah!
    Virion: Scorn does not become you, milady.
    Maribelle: My apoligies. But I promise, I'm not mocking your plight. I just 
    find this ever so amusing. For you see, you have already proven me wrong and 
    don't even realize it.
    Virion: Hmm? You have me at a disadvantage, sweet lady.
    Maribelle: I said you were superficial and dishonest. A blight on all who 
    hold goo blood. But here you stand, anguishing about whether you are worthy 
    or not. That alone proves your worth!
    Virion: ...For true? A great relief if you feel so. Now I think... I must 
    away to... the inn...
    Maribelle: Virion? Virion! H-help! Someone! Virion has collapsed!
    Virion: F-forgive me. I haven't eaten a morsel all day, and I suddenly flet 
    quite dizzy.
    Maribelle: You fainted because you were hungry? I thought you'd suffered a 
    mortal wound!
    Virion: Perhaps if I had some salted pork... And bread... And an apple or 
    Maribelle: You are a remarkable man, in every sense of the word. Well, 
    instead of lunching at the inn, perhaps you might dine with me today? I 
    recently took down a fat boar that would be perfect in a turnip stew.
    Virion: I would be honored, milady.
    Virion S
    Virion: Ah, sweetest Maribelle.
    Maribelle: Virion?
    Virion: I want to thank you again for that wonderful stew the other day.
    Maribelle: Oh, but the pleasure was mine. After all, we are friends now, 
    aren't we? And I did so enjoy listening to your stories. Especially the one 
    about getting lost in your own castle. I know that exact feeling!
    Virion: It seems we have much in common, being fellow members of the noblity. 
    Perhaps when next we share a pot of stew, we might speak of more romantic 
    Maribelle: There you go again with your wild japes... And just when I was 
    starting to form a more favorable impression. I DO hope you're no going to 
    disappoint me again.
    Virion: It is no jest, milady, I assure you. ...And perhaps this will prove 
    my sincerity.
    Maribelle: ...A ring? You would offer me a ring?
    Virion: I have always been your most fervent admirer, milady. I spoke true 
    when I said my love is deeper than the sea. When you doubted me, it sent me 
    into a raving fit of... introspection. And so ever since, I have struggled 
    for a way to prove my sincerity.
    Maribelle: You thought yourself into unconsiousness for... me? Oh, Virion, 
    that is so GALLANT!
    Virion: Yes, I suppose it is rather, isn't it? I mean, now that you mention 
    it. And the gods saw me fit to answer my prayer in part, for now we are 
    friends. But milady, it is not enough... I would be more than just a friend. 
    I would be your companion- nay, your husband!
    Maribelle: Oh... Will you ever give me peace if I refuse you? Heh... No. I 
    don't think you will... Very well, gallant Virion. I accept your ring.
    Virion: T-truly?!
    Maribelle: You should know by now that I always mean what I say. But if we 
    are to wed, you must pledge to put my happiness above all else. Agreed?
    Virion: With every fiber of my being I agree! I shall think of nothing but! 
    And when this hateful war is over, I shall welcome you to my home! Our 
    celebration feast shall be the envy of nobles throughout the land!
    Maribelle: Oh, I think not! Surely you must marry into MY house. We have no 
    male heirs, and my father will insist on adopting my husband.
    Virion: Y-you mean... We would have to live with your parents?! Er, th-that 
    is to say... if milady so wishes... then of course I would be... honored? Ah 
    ha ha! Ha ha. Haaaaaa...
    A5. Stahl C
    Stahl: Maribelle, about that favor I asked you earlier...
    Maribelle: Zzzz... Oh, I do declare... My stars and garters... Frankly, my 
    dear Chrom, I don't... Zzzzzz...
    Stahl: Um, Maribelle?
    Maribelle: Huh?! Wha-?! Wh-where am I?! ...Is that you, Stahl?
    Stahl: You've been studying too much, Maribelle. You need to take a break. 
    You can't even keep your eyes open anymore.
    Maribelle: Quite frankly, sir, my rest is *yawn* Oh, pardon me! But I mean to 
    say that it's none of your concern, and I'm quite all right.
    Stahl: It's not all right! I just caught you sleeping on your feet! Are you 
    feeling dizzy? Feverish? Any sudden chills?
    Maribelle: I told you, I'm fine! ...I had a spot of indigestion earlier, but 
    that's all.
    Stahl: Then I insist you try my special tonic. It works wonders on stomach 
    Maribelle: Well, if you insist. Thank you. Th-this should keep me going... 
    for a few more days...
    Stahl: Now, now. You need to sleep properly, too.
    Maribelle: Yes... I know tahtsszzzzzzz...
    Stahl: Er. Maribelle? ...Maribelle?
    Stahl B
    Maribelle: Ah, Stahl. I wanted to thank you for your concern the other day. 
    That tonic did wonders for my indigestion.
    Stahl: I'm delighted it helped.
    Maribelle: In fact, I was wondering if you might have another dose or two to 
    Stahl: Are you planning to stay up all night again? Because if so-
    Maribelle: If you don't want to give me any, say so and stop wasting my time!
    Stahl: Eep! N-no, that's not- Er, here. Have as much as you like.
    Maribelle: *Ahem* Thank you. You are too kind.
    Stahl: I know it's not my concern, but please do take care of yourself, 
    Maribelle: ...Oh, very well. I suppose you deserve some manner of 
    explanation. For a long time now, my dream has been to join the royal 
    judiciary. A fool's dream it seems, now that I know how much I must read and 
    Stahl: Yeesh! That sounds like a challenge. I envy your courage and 
    dedication. Er, but is there any way I might help make your dream come true?
    Maribelle: I suppose I could think of something. But why on earth would you 
    Stahl: Because I have no dreams of my own and want to live vicariously 
    through yours? Er, but more seriously, you're my friend! I just want to help 
    if I can.
    Maribelle: Well, I have found myself on the limit for certain legal 
    Stahl: It would be an honor.
    Maribelle: Excellent! And in return for your help, I shall help you discover 
    a dream of your own.
    Stahl: Oh, that's all right. I don't have-
    Maribelle: You shared your tonic, and now you are helping me with my studies. 
    It behooves a woman of my station to return favors promptly.
    Stahl: But... living vicariously!
    Maribelle: You said we are friends, did you not, sir? And what do friends do 
    for each other?
    Stahl: *Sigh* They help each other...
    Stahl A
    Stahl: I found the documents you were looking for.
    Maribelle: Well, I'll be! Thank you so very much for the kind assistance. By 
    the by, I've drawn up a list of proposals for YOUR dream.
    Stahl: Oh. I thought perhaps you might have... forgotten.
    Maribelle: Right then! Don't think. Just give me the first answer that comes 
    to mind... Would you rather rise in Chrom's army, or run the family 
    Stahl: Hmm... Both sound quite enticing, truth be told. 
    Maribelle: Come now, sir! A true gentleman must have an opinion about such 
    Stahl: Well, I've thought about it a lot. An awful lot, in fact. And I 
    realized we have no idea how this world will turn out after the war. So 
    perhaps I should see what is best for my friends before I decide. I've never 
    been very good at working hard for my own benefit. If I'm not helping 
    someone, I just can't seem to get interested.
    Maribelle: Then there is nothing I can do to assist you.
    Stahl: ...Huh. I expected you to tell me to get a hold of myself or 
    Maribelle: If you hadn't actually bothered to think about it, I would have 
    been livid. But you've already chosen a path. You want to do what's best for 
    those close to you. And once you discover a way, I'm sure you'll do your very 
    best to make it happen. That IS a dream, Stahl. One that demands both courage 
    and industry.
    Stahl: Heh. I may not be much for grand causes, but I do like helping people 
    Maribelle: A bit overly humble for my tastes, but there's no doubting your 
    Stahl: Thank you! ...I think. In any case, right now my job is to help you 
    and Chrom. So, what else can I do for you? Any more documents that need 
    Maribelle: Yes, but they can wait for a while. Why don't we both have a break 
    with a refreshing cup of elderberry tea? I haven't had a nice chitchat in 
    ever so long!
    Stahl: It would be my pleasure!
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Maribelle, weren't you looking for this book?
    Maribelle: Why, yes. How did you know?
    Stahl: I've spent a lot of time with you lately. It's all kind of second 
    nature. Like right now, I'd wager that you want a hot cup of elderberry tea.
    Maribelle: Well, now that you mention it, it is about time for a little 
    break. You are getting very good at anticipating my every need! Since you 
    started helping, I haven't once had to stay up all night. Stahl, I do believe 
    you have a special genius for making people's lives easier!
    Stahl: I enjoy making people from all walks of life happy, Maribelle. 
    Although there is one person who I like making happier more than any other... 
    And that's you.
    Maribelle: Why, Stahl... I do believe that is a ring...
    Stahl: If you haven't noticed, I've become completely smitten with you. 
    Whether carrying books or copying obscure scrolls, my heart leaps for joy at 
    every task. And that's why I want to be your husband.
    Maribelle: Are you sure? It would mean a lot of hard work...
    Stahl: Hard work? Pshaw! If it's done in your service, it would be a joy!
    Maribelle: Why, Stahl, you certainly know how to sweep a lady off her feet... 
    Very well. I would be honored to wear your ring.
    Stahl: Then from now on, my dream shall be YOUR dream!
    A5. Vaike C
    Maribelle: *Sigh*
    Vaike: Uh-oh. Something troublin' ya there, Maribelle? Cares got ya down? You 
    can tell ol' Teach about it!
    Maribelle: Oh, hello, Vaike...
    Vaike: ...Wait, what? No fancy zinger? No swipes at your old friend Vaike? 
    That ain't you at all! This must be some serious troubles, eh?
    Maribelle: ......
    Vaike: Aw, come on, Maribelle. What is it?
    Maribelle: Vaike? Am I a... snob?
    Vaike: ...Is THAT what you're so worried about? That kinda talk never seemed 
    to bother you before. Why now?
    Maribelle: So I AM a snob! Oh, I knew it! I've been thinking a lot about 
    myself and my behavior lately. And you know what? I'm a snob! A sad, 
    inexcusable woman who is proud and vain beyond her station...
    Vaike: Whoa, hold on now! Don't be hasty. I mean, sure, when ya first got 
    here, ya wouldn't even look at us normal folk--
    Maribelle: Yes, but you were all SO uncouth! What with the stench of the slum 
    about you.
    Vaike: Now, see, there it is again. And just when I was startin' to think 
    better of ya.
    Maribelle: Better of... me?
    Vaike: Today's the first time I've ever heard ya even consider you might be 
    wrong. Dummy that I am, I thought for a moment ya might be changin' your 
    ways... But I guess a tigress don't slip her stripes so easily, huh?
    Maribelle: Pah! I hardly think it is YOUR place to criticize ME, miscreant!
    Vaike: Yeesh! The tigress kept her claws, too!
    Vaike B
    Vaike: Whoa, look at them two fat, juicy apples! Luck is smilin' on ol' Teach 
    Maribelle: Vaike? Might I have a moment?
    Vaike: Well, sure. What can I do for ya?
    Maribelle: I was told that Chrom wagered his dessert on some game with you 
    and lost. This simply will not do. Gambling in such times is beyond shameful!
    Vaike: If there's shame in winning an apple fair and square, it's that it 
    don't happen more often!
    Maribelle: Enough! You've had your fun, but it simply is not done. Hand over 
    the ill-gotten fruit.
    Vaike: If ya want this apple, you'll have to earn it like I did--by rollin' 
    the dice!
    Maribelle: You wish me to gamble to show you that gambling is wrong? I 
    believe you are missing the point...
    Vaike: Well, all right. If you're too hoity-toity to toss dice with ol' 
    Teach, then...
    Maribelle: I am NOT hoipy toipy... Hatty totty... Oh, FINE. Just give me the 
    Vaike: Har har! That's the spirit! Bit first, ya gotta say what YOU'RE 
    Maribelle: Oh, whatever. It does not matter. Whatever you like.
    Vaike: Oh? Whatever I want, I can have of you?
    Maribelle: Virtue and right always prevail in the end. I've no doubt how this 
    contest will turn out.
    Vaike: ...You ain't gambled much before, have ya?
    Vaike A
    Vaike: Er, Maribelle? Milady? Would ya mind givin' this to Chrom?
    Maribelle: An apple? But I lost our bet...
    Vaike: Right, and that's why ya had to join me for a drink in a common 
    alehouse. Our wager's settled. This is just me havin' a change of heart. 
    Don't worry, it's fresh. I got it yesterday. Paid for it with honest coin and 
    Maribelle: Then am I to assume you have renounced your gambling ways?
    Vaike: Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that. Tomorrow's another day, eh?
    Maribelle: Fair enough. Still, I must admit... it was quite interesting to 
    dine with the masses. And I ended up with an apple as well... Perhaps by 
    losing, I actually won out!
    Vaike: Heh, you really didn't mind slumming it down with us common filth, eh?
    Maribelle: It was an absolutely fascinating experience! All the smallfolk are 
    each so very different... I didn't even mind the smell, after a time.
    Vaike: Yeah, it didn't exactly go like I planned... I thought I'd teach you a 
    lesson about how people take lookin' down your nose at 'em. But after ten 
    minutes, you had 'em all charmed. They loved you like a sister! Maybe you 
    ain't such a snob after all.
    Maribelle: Perhaps not, tee hee. Oh but you simply MUST take me there again 
    sometime. Do promise me, Vaike!
    Vaike: Uh... sure? I guess?
    Maribelle: Splendid! It's a date. Now I must find Chrom and deliver his 
    apple. -leaves-
    Vaike: ...The Vaike ain't wrong often, but maybe this time... I could be? 
    Maybe I misjudged that woman...
    Vaike S
    Maribelle: ...Checkmate.
    Vaike: Aw, donkey ears! Not again! These damn noble games are like stickin' 
    hot needles in my brain!
    Maribelle: Please. Tantrums are so unbecoming. ...Elderberry tea?
    Vaike: Oh, er, sorry. ...Uh, milady. Tea would be... lovely.
    Maribelle: Now don't gulp it down like a drowning fish! Sip gently... Let the 
    palate savor it... You did say you wanted to acquire noble manners, correct?
    Vaike: Somethin' like that, yeah. I figured if you can get along with 
    commoners, I can learn to like nobles.
    Maribelle: Your commitment is admirable. Now, what shall we have you do next? 
    Vaike: Hey, what about--
    Maribelle: Tsk! I won our last wager, remember? Next we do whatever I say.
    Vaike: Ya know, for someone so against it, you sure got fond of gambling 
    Maribelle: This isn't gambling! It only counts if one wagers money or 
    valuables... Speaking of which, perhaps you'd care to show me that thing 
    you've been hiding?
    Vaike: Wh-what? You mean this old thing? Aw, it's just--
    Maribelle: It's a ring, is it not?
    Vaike: Yeah, it's a ring. I ordered it special. Actually, it's... It's f-for 
    you. ...Milady. It's... an engagement ring... You've got a sharp tongue, 
    sure, but things are never dull when you're around... And old Teach just 
    hates it when things are full! ...So I was thinkin' maybe--
    Maribelle: *ahem* Vaike, I have decided how you can settle your debt from our 
    last wager.
    Vaike: ...Yeah?
    Maribelle: Give me that ring, and make me the happiest woman in all the 
    realm! You may have lost the bet, but you have won my heart.
    Vaike: Aw gladly, milady, gladly! ...Wait, you're saying you'll marry me, 
    A5. Kellam C
    Maribelle: YEOWCH! Oh, for the love of all that is shiny and rich and 
    wonderful... All right, who left his massive suit of armor in the middle of 
    Kellam: Um, actually...
    Maribelle: Eeeeeek! Good heavens, Kellam, will you please stop sneaking 
    around like that?!
    Kellam: I wasn't sneaking. And I didn't leave my armor laying around. I'm 
    actually still wearing it.
    Maribelle: Yes, yes, yes. I should have known you were somewhere inside all 
    that steel plate. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask you about 
    that... Why is it that you wear such a ridiculously enormous suit of armor? 
    Is it a hand-me-down? Was your mother hoping you'd grow into it?
    Kellam: I suppose it is a smidge bigger than the standard... But I don't see 
    much need to go changing things now. It protects me well enough, and I'm 
    plenty agile in a fight.
    Maribelle: But you do realize you don't have to wear it ALL the time, right? 
    For heaven's sake, I've seen you wearing it at a wedding!
    Kellam: Well, I happen to like it. It's my most comfy outfit.
    Maribelle: Codswallop! Comfort has no place in fashion! You should listen to 
    me and try going without every now and then.
    Kellam: I'll think about it.
    Maribelle: H-hey, come back here, you oversized kipper can! I'm not finished 
    with you! ...Tsk. Too late. He disappeared. How DOES he do that?
    Kellam B
    Maribelle: Kellam? Keeellaaam! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    Kellam: You called?
    Maribelle: Here, I got these for you.
    Kellam: Gosh, what nice clothes! They look expensive.
    Maribelle: Well, you didn't expect I'd hand over a pile of rags, did you? Now 
    normally these would FAR too fine for a commoner such as yourself. But 
    considering the circumstances, I thought you deserved something decent.
    Kellam: That's mighty kind of you, milady. But I really like my armor and-
    Maribelle: I HOPE you aren't about to say that your silly armor is better 
    than these silks.
    Kellam: I-it's just that I think I'd prefer to stay as I am, if it's all the 
    same to you.
    Maribelle: Oh, tosh-bosh! Why be so stubborn?
    Kellam: When I first joined the Shepherds, I was terrified I wouldn't be able 
    to fight. I thought I'd be useless in battle and end up being left behind and 
    forgotten. Truth be told, I was really close to quitting and jsut going home. 
    Not that anyone would have noticed...
    Maribelle: .....
    Kellam: But just when things were at their lowest, this armor arrived from 
    home. The whole village had pitched in to make it because they were so proud 
    of me. Imagine! The first boy to make it out, and now serving the prince no 
    Maribelle: I didn't realize your story was so... inspiring.
    Kellam: This armor reminded me of the hopes and dreams of the people back 
    home. and even if they got my size wrong, I'm going to keep wearing it!
    Maribelle: Yes, well... Perhaps I was wrong to chastise you without knowing 
    the circumstances. I pray we can put this little incident behind us?
    Kellam: Oh, of course, Maribelle. I know you were just worried about me.
    Kellam A
    Kellam: Say, Maribelle? I wanted to thank you for your help on the 
    battlefield. If you hadn't covered my back, I wouldn't have been able to 
    protect everyone else.
    Maribelle: Not at all. Truth be told, it's a great comfort having you at my 
    side. You pop up out of nowhere when I'm most in need, then melt away into 
    the shadows. You're like one of those faithful sidekicks in the stories 
    Mother used to read.
    Kellam: Um, but I was standing right beside you the entire-
    Maribelle: Yes, well, whatever. In any case, I'm developing a much better 
    opinion of you. It's so inspiring to see a poor indigent like yourself fight 
    for his village folk.
    Kellam: Inspiring? Me? Oh no, milady. I'm just a simple farmer trying to do 
    his best.
    Maribelle: In the future, when this beastly war is over, I hope to become a 
    judge advocate. I would be the first woman to ever hold such a post, so it 
    will not be easy. However, I have no intention of giving up, no matter how 
    hard the fight may be.
    Kellam: That sure is brave of you! I couldn't do anything like that.
    Maribelle: Oh, really? I don't know about that. I think you do it every 
    single day. If anyone has foresworn the easy path and chosen the hard road, 
    it's you.
    Kellam: Oh, I don't know. I think I just like protecting folk...
    Kellam S
    Kellam: Maribelle?
    Maribelle: Yes?
    Kellam: This is kind of sudden, but I was thinking about your dream for life 
    after the war. Anyway, I was thinking I might be able to help out if I was... 
    Maribelle: How odd that you would say such a thing! I have been entertaining 
    the same thoughts. In truth, I've grown rather fond of having you at my side.
    Kellam: Oh, I'm so glad you think that way!
    Maribelle: You'll make a fine butler with a little training! Maybe a valet in 
    the worst case. We've been lacking one of those ever since poor Mr. Yates 
    went off to prison...
    Kellam: Um... N-no. That's not... I don't want to come work for you.
    Maribelle: Work for me? My darling, the servants in my house are like family! 
    You get all the major feast days off, and we even switch places on the 
    Kellam: I want to MARRY you, consarnit! That's why I got you this ring!
    Maribelle: ...Oh my dear good heavens.
    Kellam: I know you'd be marrying below your station and all, but I don't 
    care. If you want moeny or crowns or whatever, then you can go find some 
    other man. But if you want a man who'll love you to the end of his days, then 
    take me.
    Maribelle: *Ahem!* Yes, well, when you put it that way... I suppose we could 
    make the titles work. Name you a lesser duke or something.
    Kellam: So is that a yes?
    Maribelle: Yes, Kellam. I will be your wife. But you are NOT wearing that 
    armor to our wedding!
    A5. Lon'qu C
    Maribelle: Lon'qu! Just what do you think you were doing in that last battle?
    Lon'qu: Stabbing people.
    Maribelle: I was REFERRING to your insistence on charging off faster than I 
    can follow! It's lovely that you're so eager to bathe in blood, but I must 
    insist you match my pace.
    Lon'qu: Leave me, woman.
    Maribelle: Ha! Spoken like a true cad! I've heard tell of you little "issue" 
    with women, but you'll just have to get over it.
    Lon'qu: This is no problem of yours. If I bleed, it is due to my own 
    weakness. Each cut is a lesson. Each scar a reminder.
    Maribelle: Oh, and just think how much you'll learn when you die in a heap on 
    the battlefield! It's my job to keep your blood inside you, and that requires 
    Lon'qu: I can patch my own wounds. Now leave me!
    Maribelle: I will not! Now you just sit right there and-- I say! Get back 
    here this instant!
    Lon'qu B
    Maribelle: Ah ha! There you are!
    Lon'qu: Ugh.
    Maribelle: You nearly lost your sword arm yesterday, Lon'qu! Are you aware of 
    this? All your warrior's pride won't be worth a whit if you can't lift a 
    Lon'qu: I've intensified my training so that such a thing won't happen again. 
    Now stop following me.
    Maribelle: Not so fast!
    Lon'qu: That's my arm. You're touching my arm. ...Please stop touching my 
    Maribelle: Not until you furnish me with a reason for this suicidal 
    Lon'qu: Enough! I yield! Just remove your paw from me.
    Maribelle: PAW?! Why, you inbred, foul-tempered, lowborn gutter rat! Are you 
    truly so averse to women that you must insult them at every turn?
    Lon'qu: I... do not function well around them. The closer they get, the worse 
    it is. I beg of you, keep your distance.
    Maribelle: So that's the reason you've been running off whenever I try to 
    heal you!
    Lon'qu: I mean no offense, though I know it is taken. It would be best if you 
    simply accepted it.
    Maribelle: Absolutely not.
    Lon'qu: Why not?
    Maribelle: Because it's unacceptable! You always speak of growing stronger, 
    yet here's a glaring weakness to correct. At this rate, a little girl could 
    simply walk up and kill you with a spoon. I won't have you risking your life 
    over such a foolish thing.
    Lon'qu: ......
    Maribelle: I know it's not my place, but I think--
    Lon'qu: No. You are not wrong. This is a weakness I must correct.
    Maribelle: I can ask no more, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu A
    Maribelle: You put on quite an impressive show today, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: Hmph.
    Maribelle: I would have been in a terrible bind had you not been close by to 
    defend me. Though you would have been in a similar fix had I not healed you 
    afterward. Regardless, it was quite chivalrous of you. And proof you've 
    overcome your problem! This is a celebratory day indeed. Perhaps you'll join 
    me for a cup of--
    Lon'qu: TOO CLOSE! Er, I mean... Please step back.
    Maribelle: I'm sorry, did you just shriek at me like some kind of ill-
    mannered lout?
    Lon'qu: My problem is not gone. It's better in combat, but... At times like 
    this, I can't... I can't. I'm sorry.
    Maribelle: I see.
    Lon'qu: Go on. Laugh at the craven.
    Maribelle: I'll do no such thing! I owe you all the more knowing you defended 
    me despite the discomfort. I should dearly like to help you work through this 
    Lon'qu: I don't see how.
    Maribelle: Oh, there has to be SOME way. Hmm, perhaps it's best to have you 
    jump in headfirst. I could bring you to an establishment where a pack of 
    lovely ladies wait on you?
    Lon'qu: Pass. ...Wait. How would you know about such a place?
    Maribelle: Rude! A woman must have her secrets.
    Lon'qu: Perhaps there is another way. A normal way.
    Maribelle: Quite right! And I won't rest until I've come up with it, my dear. 
    Anything for a friend, I always say.
    Lon'qu: Are we friends?
    Maribelle: Would you disagree?
    Lon'qu: Most friends stand closer than twenty paces from one another. But 
    yes. I would like to be friends.
    Maribelle: Good, because it's a done deal regardless.
    Lon'qu S
    Maribelle: Whenever you're ready, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: R-right...
    Maribelle: You're almost there. Stay focused.
    Lon'qu: ...Ngh!
    Maribelle: Excellent! You finally managed to touch me. And with almost no 
    simpering to boot. Mmm, your hand runs cool.
    Lon'qu: Your cheek is...warm.
    Maribelle: Let's break here for today, yes? Steadily decreasing the distance 
    day by day seems to be working.
    Lon'qu: I expected you to fill a tiger pit with women and push me in.
    Maribelle: Gentlemen have likened me to many things before, Lon'qu, but never 
    a sharp spike. Besides, you asked for a "normal" method. I think this one is 
    quite reasonable.
    Lon'qu: It is. But we're been at it for so long, and I've only just managed 
    to touch your cheek. I have taken so much of your time.
    Maribelle: Oh, posh! It's no bother at all! ...Still, I suppose you have a 
    point. Perhaps we ought to make arrangements for the long term, mmm?
    Lon'qu: Meaning...?
    Maribelle: Well, I could continue to train you indefinitely if we were 
    Lon'qu: You have no obligation to do that.
    Maribelle: Gods, but you can be dreadfully dense at times. Do you think I 
    would propose marriage out of a sense of obligation?
    Lon'qu: Er, no.
    Maribelle: So then! We've now established how I feel about you, albeit 
    somewhat painfully... Perhaps you would return the favor.
    Lon'qu: ...... I... feel something for you as well, though I do not have the 
    words for it. I yearn to keep you safe in my arms until the breath leaves my 
    body. And yet, I can barely touch you. It is shameful. I have no right to ask 
    your hand.
    Maribelle: Oh, Lon'qu, there's no hurry. We have the rest of our lives! And 
    YOU, my dear, are a catch worth waiting for.
    Lon'qu: Perhaps we could practice one more time. I would very much like to 
    hold your hand as we walk to town. We will need a ring, after all.
    Maribelle: With you, my dear, I would walk anywhere. Now, get those cold 
    hands over here!
    A5. Donnel C
    Maribelle: What careless lout elected to leave their belongings here?!
    Donnel: Gosh, I'm sorry! That's my pack!
    Maribelle: Well, I ask that you be more careful in the future! In cases of 
    emergency, this corridor is the escape route for the entire camp.
    Donnel: I didn't know that, Maribelle. I'm real sorry. We didn't have 
    anythin' like that back on the farm.
    Maribelle: Very well, then. I shall take it upon myself to instruct you.
    Donnel: Huh?
    Maribelle: We shall begin with the laws of Ylisse and the code of 
    organizational regulations. You may borrow this book for now. I expect you to 
    learn its contents front to back!
    Donnel: Th-that's an awful thick tome, ain't it?
    Maribelle: Justice is a weighty matter.
    Donnel: And you want I should memorize this whole thing, ma'am?
    Maribelle: Diligence is the noblest of the virtues, Donnel! Education 
    elevates us. It separates us from the beasts of the field. Oh, and that 
    volume was a gift from my father. I ask that you handle it with utmost care.
    Donnel: O-oh, yes, ma'am! I'll be real careful!
    Donnel B
    Maribelle: Good day, Donnel. How fare your pursuits in the learned arts?
    Donnel: Great! In fact, I got it all good'n learned, so you can have this 
    here book back.
    Maribelle: Preposterous! Even I haven't yet committed the entire code to 
    Donnel: I wouldn't lie to ya, ma'am! I just always been good at memorizin' 
    stuff. Ma used to say it was 'cause my head was so empty, there was plenty'a 
    Maribelle: Then I suppose you won't object to my asking you a few 
    questions...First, from chapter one: Which crimes fall under the auspices of 
    Article IV, Section 3?
    (Time passes)
    Donnel: ...And he shall be sentenced to no fewer'n one or greater'n ten 
    years' imprisonment. ...'Lessun he give the goat back, that is.
    Maribelle: Correct AND verbatim! ...Well, except for the awkward grammar. 
    Have you really got the entire legal code memorized?
    Donnel: Yes, ma'am! Spent every bit of free time I had on it, I did!
    Maribelle: All on this one book?
    Donnel: You said it was important to ya, so it'd be rude for me to sit on it! 
    'Sides, it's mighty nice of ya to teach me, so I owe it to ya to do my part.
    Maribelle: I must confess, Donnel, I did not expect you to take to the task 
    with such zeal. I fear I have underestimated you, and for that I apologize. I 
    see now that you are a diamond in the rough. ...Very rough, it's true, but a 
    diamond nonetheless! I shall make it my cause to see you polished into a 
    sparkling paragon of a gentleman!
    Donnel: Oh, I dunno, ma'am. I ain't never been one for fancy clothes and 
    silverware. Plus don't gentlemen all wear masks and dance in circles and 
    Maribelle: This is not up for discussion! Now come with me!
    Donnel A
    Maribelle: Hold the waist firm. Now, one step right and two steps left. Ouch!
    Donnel: Gosh, I'm real sorry, ma'am! I don't mean to keep doin' that.
    Maribelle: It seems that your good memory does not extend past books. Much to 
    the chagrin of my aching foot.
    Donnel: It ain't just that I don't know the moves. But when I'm dancin' with 
    you, Maribelle, I get... flustered, I guess.
    Maribelle: Have you no decency, Donnel? A true gentleman must keep his 
    feelings in check! Now you have me feeling self-conscious as well...
    Donnel: I'm tryin' just as hard as I can, but I think any fella'd get 
    distracted. You're all pretty 'n' lovely 'n' beautiful, Maribelle, and I'm 
    just a smelly old-
    Maribelle: That is quite enough!
    Donnel: I don't mean to be inappropriate or nothin', Maribelle. But I know 
    you don't want to hear junk like that from a pig slopper like me.
    Maribelle: That's not true. ...Well, not precisely. You're earnest and 
    dedicated in all that you undertake, Donnel, and I respect that.
    Donnel: You do?
    Maribelle: Yes. And now that we're finished praising one another, shall we 
    return to our lesson?
    Donnel: Oh. So you sayin' all that was just another part of "high society 
    Maribelle: No, I spoke sincerely. But now, for whatever reason, I no longer 
    feel self-conscious.
    Donnel: Me neither!
    Maribelle: I suppose frankly airing one's thoughts and feelings can be 
    a...liberating thing.
    Donnel: Now that's the real lesson!
    Maribelle: Oh, no. You're not finished yet! With me, now, Donnel! One, two, 
    three... One, two, three...
    Donnel S
    Donnel: S-say, Miss Maribelle? I reckon I want ya to have this. If you think 
    a ring with a fake stone will win me over, you're outta yer... Er, yer mad! 
    The stone ain't real, but there's nothin' fake 'bout the way I love ya! Try 
    again when you ain't suck a hick... Er, once ya make somethin' of yerself! 
    ..... Aw, horsefeathers! What'n the heck am I doin' here? Maribelle'd never 
    say yes to a darn pig slopper like me.
    Maribelle: *Ahem*
    Donnel: M-M-Maribelle?! How long have... Did ya...?
    Maribelle: Your portrayal of me is quite the princess. I can't say I'm 
    Donnel: N-no, that... I didn't...
    Maribelle: Let me see that ring.
    Donnel: H-here, ma'am.
    Maribelle: ...It's truly lovely. And you would give this to me?
    Donnel: The stone ain't... I mean, it's a fake.
    Maribelle: I'm not the sort to base her reply to a proposal on the ring's 
    worth, Donny.
    Donnel: Then does that mean yer gonna accept it?
    Maribelle: Will you ask me again? Properly, and to my face?
    Donnel: Course I will! *ahem* Miss Maribelle, will you do me the honor of 
    bein' my wife?
    Maribelle: Master Donnel, I would be delighted.
    Donnel: Aw, shucks!
    Marribelle: Donnel? One does not end a proposal by saying, "aw, shucks."
    A5. Ricken C
    Maribelle: The tea is ready, Ricken.
    Ricken: ...Mmm, that's good. Thanks, Maribelle.
    Maribelle: It's the least I can do after you saved me from those Plegian 
    scoundrels, dear boy. A single cup of tea will scarce repay the debt I owe 
    Ricken: Aw, you don't owe me.
    Maribelle: Ha! Without you, tea would be leaking from sword holes on every 
    side of me! This debt must be paid, especially as we're both members of 
    Ylisse's old high houses.
    Maribelle: We may not be as close now as in ages past, but we're peers 
    nonetheless. If I can ever be of help, you need but ask.
    Ricken: Th-that's...
    Maribelle: Whatever is the matter, dear?
    Ricken: I'm just surprised to hear you say so, is all.
    Maribelle: Come now! You saved my life! Surely you don't think me the sort to 
    forget a debt?
    Ricken: No, not that! The part about our houses. My house isn't like it used 
    to be. ...Actually, we're dead broke.
    Maribelle: Ah, yes. That. Well, the recent financial struggles of your house 
    are hardly-
    Ricken: I was just surprised to hear you call us peers. That's all. Plus, 
    look at me! I'm hardly an aristocrat.
    Maribelle: And what else could you be, mmm? A noble's honor isn't measured by 
    size of purse, but quality of character. And anyone who would risk his life 
    for another has a noble spirit indeed!
    Maribelle: Your family is every bit an equal to mine, and hang those who say 
    Ricken: Heh... Thanks, Maribelle.
    Ricken B
    Maribelle: Oh, Ricken, dear? Let me see your leg.
    Ricken: Wh-what? Why would you want to-
    Maribelle: Ricken!
    Ricken: Urk! Y-yes ma'am.
    Maribelle: Heavens, look at this wound! Small wonder you're limping about 
    like the village drunk! Why didn't you say something about this?
    Ricken: What, this? Ha ha! Oh, this is nothing! Just a...flesh wound.
    Maribelle: And what if this "flesh wound" were to get infected? Mmm? What 
    then? You must stop taking unnecessary risks! ...Such as fighting at all.
    Ricken: What?! What's THAT supposed to mean?
    Maribelle: Putting someone so young in the line of fire is the worst kind of 
    cowardice. Yes, you saved me, but you could have died a hundred times along 
    the way! Well, never again! I shall demand Chrom find a way to spare you 
    further combat. I should have done this sooner, dear boy. Oh, I hope you can 
    forgive my-
    Ricken: Don't you dare! ...And don't call me a boy! I can handle myself in a 
    fight, Maribelle. You should know that better than anyone.
    Maribelle: Now see here! No one doubts your abilities, least of all me. But I 
    would be devastated beyond comfort is anything happened to you.
    Ricken: I have this power for better or worse, and I know how to fight. Don't 
    ask me to sit by while my friends, my family, and my country are in danger.
    Maribelle: I suppose if you're truly certain, it is not my place to stop you. 
    I only ask that you don't stop me from striving to keep you safe. TELL me 
    when you're hurt, Ricken! Let me use my gifts for you as well. You'll keep no 
    one safe by playing the stoic.
    Ricken: All right.
    Ricken A
    Maribelle: This war grows more intense with each passing battle.
    Ricken: I'm exhausted as well, but if we give up now, all of Ylisse will 
    suffer. We have to stay strong for them.
    Maribelle: Ricken, I owe you an apology for my words from the other day. You 
    understand the situation as well as any of us, and I was wrong to imply 
    Ricken: You weren't wrong. ...Not totally, anyway. I AM young, and I DID hide 
    an injury. I'm trying to be more careful. I really am.
    Maribelle: Good. You tell me the moment you get even a scratch, are we clear?
    Ricken: You may not believe this, but I have no desire to suffer a terrible 
    Maribelle: Yes, well. So long as that's understood. By the by, I procured a 
    delicious blend of tea in town the other day. If we both manage to survive 
    the coming battle, I promise to share it with you.
    Ricken: Ha! That sounds delicious! Just make sure you're careful too, all 
    I'm not the only person on the battlefield that people care about.
    Maribelle: You've become quite the noble young man, Ricken.
    Ricken S
    Maribelle: Ricken...
    Ricken: Oh, is it teatime already?
    Maribelle: Er, not quite. I've actually come to you with something of a 
    You see, I would like to help with the restoration of your family's fortune.
    Ricken: That's really kind, but not necessary. It's not like we eat crumbs 
    off the floor. And while your coin might repair the house, our name would 
    still be sullied.
    Ricken: We have to do this ourselves.
    Maribelle: Well, yes, naturally. But...
    Ricken: Although, I've been thinking. I know this may sound odd, but... I 
    have a proposal of my own.
    Maribelle: Oh?
    Ricken: I want you to have this.
    Maribelle: ...This is a signet ring. And it bears your house crest! Ricken, I 
    cannot accept this. Such a token is best reserved for your future wife.
    Ricken: Yes. I know.
    Maribelle: Oh, moldy caviar! How could I have been so daft? It seems you and 
    I are proposing the same thing.
    Ricken: Wait, you WANT to get married? I thought you'd say I was far too--
    Maribelle: Of course! As you say, a family's name can only be restored from 
    Ricken: I don't give a whit for my name, Maribelle! I'll only marry you if... 
    if you love me.
    Maribelle: I believe that I do, yes. It seemed a bit... Well, unusual, I 
    suppose, so I thought if I covered it somehow...
    Ricken: You made up the thing about my family name because you were 
    Maribelle: Perish the thought, Ricken! I'm deeply concerned for your family's 
    honor. Besides, do you think me the sort who would marry a man she didn't 
    Ricken: Oh, Maribelle! I've been in love with you since the moment we met! 
    I'll make you happy! I swear it!
    Maribelle: R-really? From the moment we met?
    Ricken: I nearly went mad when I heard you'd been taken captive! Chrom tried 
    to stop me from going, but I wouldn't hear of it!
    Maribelle: I don't know what to say... You have become a man with strength 
    equal to the passion of his convictions. And now I'll have the pleasure of 
    sharing tea with that man for the rest of my life.
    Ricken: Then prepare the kettle, my love!
    A5. Gaius C
    Maribelle: Now see here, Gaius. What do you think you're playing at, hovering 
    around me like a persistent fly? It disturbs me to see your leering visage, 
    particularly when I'm in the midst of battle.
    Gaius: I'm sorry, Twinkles. I just thought... Well, if I can atone for what I 
    did, then maybe-
    Maribelle: Maybe what? I might FORGIVE you? We might become oh-such-good 
    friends? You broke into the royal treasury with the intent of stealing from 
    the realm. And then you did it AGAIN!
    Gaius: Look, I know I did wrong, and I feel lousy about it. Gods strike me 
    down if I don't.
    Maribelle: Ha! You must be a stone idiot if you think I'll believe a thing 
    you have to say! Or have you forgotten the first time you were caught raiding 
    the treasury?
    You claimed my FATHER was behind it! My poor, decent, innocent father! He was 
    hauled in front of the magistrate and almost put to death because of you!
    Gaius: Actually, the thing about that is... L-look, I said some things I'm 
    not proud of in an attempt to avoid the noose. But I'm a changed man now, and 
    if you'll just let me, I'm sure I can-
    Maribelle: Oh, enough. If I want a dog and pony show, I shall attend a 
    Gaius: No tricks, Twinkles. I speak from the heart on this one.
    Maribelle: The blackened heart of a brigand is hardly worth listening to!
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Thanks for the help, Twinkles. You saved my bacon out there.
    Maribelle: It's my job to heal stricken comrades. ...Even you.
    Gaius: Yeah, but I'm the guy who brought false charges against your father. 
    No one would have said boo if you let me just bleed to death.
    Maribelle: I needed you alive, unfortunately. There is something I must ask 
    of you.
    Gaius: I'll answer if I can.
    Maribelle: I was rereading transcripts of my father's trial, and something 
    struck me as...strange. Tell me, and speak the truth: Where exactly did you 
    first hear my father's name?
    Gaius: Well, er...
    Maribelle: My father is a rich and powerful man, but rather unknown outside 
    the nobility. Which begs the question... Why did you choose to accuse him? 
    How did you even know to do so? I can think of only one reason, but I would 
    hear it from your lips... Did someone threaten you, Gaius? DId they force you 
    to name my father?
    Gaius: They said... They said I had to do it or else they were going to...
    Maribelle: Kill you?
    Gaius: No, Twinkles. Not me.
    Maribelle: Then who? Who was threatened?
    Gaius: Look, it doesn't matter now. Bloke told me to name your father and I 
    did. End of story.
    Maribelle: And who was this scoundrel who had such a terrifying hold over 
    Gaius: You're not going to let this go, are you? All right. I suppose I 
    should start at the beginning...
    Gaius A
    Maribelle: I am in your debt, Gaius.
    Gaius: You are?
    Maribelle: Yes. I wrote down everything you told me and sent it to my father.
    Now he will be able to turn the tables on the dastards who plotted against 
    Gaius: Well, I... I hope it works out for him.
    Maribelle: If it does, it will be thanks to your willingness to tell the 
    truth. So again, thank you.
    Gaius: Don't thank me, Twinkles. I don't deserve it. It was a cowardly thing 
    I did, and a day doesn't go by that I haven't regretted it. I even sent a 
    letter after the trial, but too little, too late, I reckon.
    Maribelle: Wait, that was you?! That letter rescued my father from the 
    headsman's axe!
    Gaius: I'm pleased to hear it. But I should have done more.
    Maribelle: Gaius, you saved my father's life! Admittedly, your actions put 
    him in danger in the first place... But still! You wrote that letter knowing 
    the schemers would try to hunt you down!
    Gaius: That wasn't a worry. I'm pretty good at running away from things.
    Maribelle: I've been very unfair toward you, Gaius. I spoke before I knew all 
    the facts.
    Gaius: Hey, I'm the one who broke into your royal treasury. ...Twice.
    Maribelle: Thief you may be, but you are more honest than half the so-called 
    nobles I know. But, there is still one thing you haven't told me... When the 
    plotters secured your testimony, who did they threaten? It must be someone 
    important to you.
    Gaius: Nope, I'd never met her. Never even saw her, in fact. All I knew is 
    that she was a young girl who didn't deserve to die. Even if it meant sending 
    her father off to swing.
    Maribelle: W-wait. Those blackguard nobles threatened to kill ME?!
    Gaius: Yep.
    Maribelle: You testified against my father to save my life...
    Gaius: Seemed the best option of a bad lot at the time. And now that I know 
    you, I'd make the same decision a dozen times over.
    Gaius S
    Maribelle: Why, Gaius. I couldn't help but notice you were fighting alongside 
    me again.
    Gaius: Sorry, Maribelle. Just let me know if I ever get in the way.
    Maribelle: Not at all. I was grateful for the help. ...And you DID look 
    rather gallant. But Gaius, you mustn't keep trying to atone for the past. All 
    has been forgiven.
    Gaius: I appreciate you saying that. But I'd like to keep on protecting you 
    as best I can. I saved your life once, and... I don't know. I guess that kind 
    of thing grows on a man.
    Maribelle: Then I hope you never leave my side. I say that as a soldier... 
    and a woman.
    Gaius: Crivens. Th-that's mighty kind of you to say, but...
    Maribelle: Tell me, Gaius. Do you feel the same way? ...About me, I mean.
    Gaius: Actually, I've been having the same thoughts. I even went ahead and 
    made this ring. I don't wanna seem forward or nothing, but since we're 
    talking and all, I thought-
    Maribelle: Oh, Gaius. I accept!
    A5. Gregor C
    Maribelle: Hold, you overgrown lummox! I would have a word with you.
    Gregor: Creasing the forehead and squinting eyes is wasting such beautiful 
    Maribelle: Beautiful? Why, goodness me... Argh! Do not try to change the 
    subject, you silver-tongued weasel! I've a most serious matter to discuss 
    with you.
    Gregor: Gregor is listening.
    Maribelle: You took a loaf of bread from the pantry again, didn't you?
    Gregor: Yes. Food portions Gregor recieves is not enough to maintain mighty 
    physique. If Gregor is fainting from hunger, Shepherd ladies will be plunging 
    into despair, no?
    Maribelle: Good heavens, but you are a self-deluded nitwit.
    Gregor: Is true! Is happening all the time.
    Maribelle: Are all lowborn sellswords truly this inane, or is it just you?
    Gregor: Eh? Gregor is not catching that last part. You must say again.
    Maribelle: Listen to me, fool. The Shepherds have strict rules about such 
    things.  Food is rationed for a reason. You can't just go willy-nilly 
    breaking... Sir! *ahem* ...Are you listening to me?!
    Gregor: O-of course! Gregor is hearing pretty lady! Do not be rule breaking 
    near Willy, yes?
    Maribelle: A lack of discipline leads to disorder, and disorder leads to 
    wickedness. Innocuous though they may seem, your acts could cause the ruin of 
    our whole army.
    Gregor: But Gregor is only taking tiny loaf of bread...
    Maribelle: You think I'm exaggerating, don't you? One small crack is all it 
    takes to bring down the dam that holds back chaos.
    Gregor: Gregor is thinking Maribelle is carried away with this vivid 
    Maribelle: I am a woman of fair mind and breeding. I believe in what is right 
    and proper. And I will not abide rogues who flaunt the rules that make us 
    Gregor: Enough! Gregor is making many apologies for bread, yes? From now on, 
    Gregor obey all rules and be model of good behavior.
    Maribelle: Then we have nothing further to discuss. I bid you good day.
    (Maribelle leaves)
    Gregor: She is pretty like rose, but her tongue is sharp like thorn...
    Gregor B
    Maribelle: Gregor! Just what do you think you were doing in that last battle?
    Gregor: Gregor was amking with the killing. Why? Is problem with that, too?
    Maribelle: You charged ahead without waiting for your allies.
    Gregor: But we are achieving great victory, yes? So all is being well if ends 
    Maribelle: If everyone thought the same, where would this army be? Discipline 
    would collapse, and we'd be nothing but a disorganized mob.
    Gregor: But Gregor did charging ahead for sake of noble Maribelle.
    Maribelle: Er, you did?
    Gregor: Gregor spies foes hidden in thicket, yes? They wait to ambush most 
    beautiful fighter. So Gregor gallantly leaps into fray to be defending the 
    Lady Maribelle.
    Maribelle: Well, that... certainly goes a long way toward explaining your 
    actions. When you saw me exposed to mortal threat, you had no choice but to 
    hurt yourself-
    Gregor: Oh no! Gregor is doing the same for any pretty girl. Not just 
    Maribelle: Ah. *ahem* Y-yes, of course. I knew that. In any case, I forgive 
    you. However, we still have rules, and they must not be broken for any 
    (Maribelle leaves)
    Gregor: Gregor is understanding! ...Actually, no. Gregor is very much 
    Gregor A
    Gregor: Oy, Maribelle? Helloooooo? Where are you?
    Maribelle: *Sigh* Oh, Gregor...
    Gregor: What is matter with Maribelle? Is like heavy weight is being placed 
    on shoulders.
    Maribelle: And tell me, how do I normally look?
    Gregor: Beautiful, like flower in sunshine. So beautiful that gods weep from 
    jealousy and despair!
    Maribelle: Oh...
    Gregor: What is wrong, Maribelle? You tell Gregor.
    Maribelle: I'm upset about that last battle, all right? You had to come to my 
    rescue. Again!
    Gregor: Ah, yes. Gregor is most gallant, no?
    Maribelle: This simply will not do!
    Gregor: No?
    Maribelle: Even if I wanted to be rescued by you, which, to be honest, was 
    the case-
    Gregor: Oh ho!
    Maribelle: I cannot allow myself to rely on someone who continuously breaks 
    our army's rules. It must not and will not happen henchforth!
    Gregor: Er, yes. About that. Gregor is sorry he is stealing many pies from 
    kitchen. ...And that he takes lock of Chrom's hair to sell to local gossip 
    Maribelle: *Sigh*
    Gregor: Do not sigh! Gregor is actually much better than before, yes? Is 
    because Maribelle is scolding Gregor so much that he tris harder to follow 
    rules. Is making Gregor better soldier and allows him to be helping comrades, 
    no? He is just not perfect yet. These things, they take time.
    Maribelle: So it's thanks to my efforts that you're able to lend me aid?
    Gregor: Yes, you are understanding Gregor!
    Maribelle: Well, I suppose that makes sense. All right, then. I'll continue 
    to allow you to aid me on the battlefield. And you will continue to work on 
    obeying the rules. Are we agreed?
    Gregor: Muchly in the agreeing!
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Hmmm...
    Maribelle: Oh, gracious me! It's a miracle!
    Gregor: What is miracle?
    Maribelle: You are! Lest I'm mistaken, you appear to be thinking! And 
    intently at that. What terrible aberration of nature has allowed for such a 
    freak phenomenon?
    Gregor: Is true. Gregor is having very serious thoughts. Before world sees 
    ending, Gregor wants to give this present to Maribelle.
    Maribelle: What in the world is it... A ring?
    Gregor: Gregor is wanting to marry Maribelle. Today, Gregor makes solemn 
    promise: Maribelle will not regret a life with Gregor!
    Maribelle: ...Is this another of your frivolous impulses?
    Gregor: Gregor is never more serious in whole life.
    Maribelle: Well, you obviously went to a lot of trouble to procure such an... 
    *ahem* ornate ring.
    Gregor: You like ring?
    Maribelle: ...I think it's dreadful.
    Gregor: Oy...
    Maribelle: However, I am delighted by your proposal! It would be my great 
    honor- and yours! Perhaps if we marry I will be able to teach you about good 
    taste... As well as how to follow the rules!
    Gregor: First rule Gregor follow: he must do happy dance with new bride-to-
    A5. Libra C
    Maribelle: Good day. sir. Here to offer up a prayer?
    Libra: Indeed. And yourself?
    Maribelle: I make it a part of each morning.
    Libra: A commendable endeavor. Might I join you?
    Maribelle: But of course.
    Libra: Come to think of it, I fear I haven't yet properly thanked you.
    Maribelle: Oh? Whatever for?
    Libra: Forgotten, have you? It was an all-too-common happening for me, I'm 
    afraid. I was approached by a pack of drunkards who had taken me for a woman. 
    I suspect they still feel the sting of the tongue-lashing you gave them now. 
    Not to further endanger my masculinity, but you were my knight in shining 
    Maribelle: Ahh, yes. I recall now. I was given quite the dressing-down myself 
    back at camp! A number of others thought it rash of me.
    Libra: Well I, for one, am grateful recipient of your just and decisive 
    valor. You have my thanks.
    Maribelle: I acted mostly to quell my own indignation at those boors, I 
    assure you. But if I was of some small service to you as well, so much the 
    better. Your words help bolster the strength of my convictions.
    Libra: Then you are most welcome!
    Libra B
    Maribelle: Hmm... A difficult quandary, to be sure.
    Libra: Is something on your mind, Maribelle? I can hear the gears in your 
    head turning from here.
    Maribelle: I've been reading a chronicle of court cases as a part of my 
    studies of late. The decision in one such case has left me quite conflicted.
    Libra: Might I ask what manner of trial it was that has you so vexed?
    Maribelle: A child cast out by her parents was driven by hunger to steal from 
    an aristocrat.
    Libra: Orphan or not, it seems a clear enough matter. Regardless of the 
    reason, all crimes against a noble are capital offenses.
    Maribelle: Yet should a noble commit the same crime to the commoner, the 
    sentence is light. Surely that cannot be considered justice!
    Libra: Then you would have the laws apply equally to all, regardless of 
    Maribelle: This is not a matter of inviting the local squalor to a dinner 
    party, sir! All must be equal in the eyes of the law, else we cannot claim 
    them fair.
    Libra: All, you say? Even the unwanted children of lowborn parents?
    Maribelle: Naturally.
    Libra: I must confess, I never thought to hear someone espouse such views.
    Maribelle: Have I said anything so shocking?
    Libra: Quite the contrary. Your words are warm and fair. I feel proud to have 
    met so pure a person. Redeemed, even.
    Libra A
    Maribelle: I've made up my mind, Libra. When this war is won, I shall start 
    Libra: A war, Maribelle?
    Maribelle: Indeed. I aim to fight for the rights of all citizens as a 
    minister of the law!
    Libra: Someone of your elevated station would fight on behalf of the meager 
    Maribelle: Of course. I'll start in Ylisse, then take the fight to Ferox, 
    Plegia, and everywhere else. I'll fight each battle until none suffer under 
    the burden of an unequal body of law.
    Libra: Bending other kingdoms to your will is no mean task, even with an army 
    at your back. To do so with diplomacy alone is a monumental undertaking, 
    Maribelle: I'm well aware of the madness of it, but my mind is set firm.
    Libra: Why would you take up such a colossal burden of your own free will?
    Maribelle: Because of your words, Libra. The joy and the pride they stirred 
    in me. You thanked me for something that ought to be given, and you said you 
    felt redeemed. If my efforts could bring redemption to more people, no burden 
    is too great.
    Libra: I merely spoke my mind. I never thought to impart such grand or 
    weighty meaning.
    Maribelle: Yet your words changed my life just the same. And for that, you 
    have my thanks.
    Libra S
    Libra: Maribelle, about what you said before... You're certain that is the 
    life you desire?
    Maribelle: I never back down once I've set my mind on something.
    Libra: That's impressively stubborn.
    Maribelle: Yes, and utterly uncharming. I'm well aware.
    Libra: That stubborn lack of charm is just another part of your considerable 
    Maribelle: My, my. You've a gift for flattery.
    Libra: I assure you, I'm entirely sincere.
    Maribelle: Libra...?
    Libra: Oh, Maribelle... Will you marry me?
    Maribelle: You can't talk me out of my mad crusade, so you'd keep me locked 
    up at home?!
    Libra: Perish the thought! I wish to fight your crusade with you.
    Maribelle: If that's a jest, I'm not laughing. And if it isn't, I'm laughing 
    even less!
    Libra: More's the pity, as your laugh is music to my ears! But if it's any 
    aid in convincing you of my sincerity, I procured this.
    Maribelle: That ring... It's beautiful.
    Libra: Will you do me the honor of accepting it?
    Maribelle: ..... This marks a second time your words have changed the course 
    of my life.
    Libra: A change for the better, one hopes?
    Maribelle: No doubt. If you would promise yourself to me, I would be thrilled 
    to do the same.
    Libra: I am yours until my last breath.
    A5. Henry C
    Maribelle: I am so weary of this gods-forsaken war. Every time we turn 
    around, Risen are tearing some poor village apart. Ah, I fear this will all 
    get darker before we finally spy the dawn. And yet, look at this flower still 
    finding a way to bloom amidst the devastation. *Sniff* It brings a tear to 
    the eye to see such a fragile thing struggle to the light. What a good flower 
    you are. Stay strong now, little one.
    Henry: Hi there, Maribelle! You all alright?
    Maribelle: ACK! Henry?! H-how long have you been standing there?
    Henry: Oh, I dunno! Since before you lauched into that soliloquy, anyway.
    Maribelle: Eavesdropping is a shameful habit, sir. And on a lady, no less! 
    Were you birthed in a barn?
    Henry: Aw, but it's fun listening to you mumble! You say all kinds of crazy 
    stuff. I really liked the last bit where you started chatting with the 
    Maribelle: I was NOT chatting with the flower. I was remarking on the... That 
    is to say... Oh, what's the use? You've caught me in the act, and that's 
    that. Go on, then! Point and laugh. Take this chance to mock your social 
    Henry: Mock you? Why? I do the same thing all the time. ...Hmm? What's that, 
    flower? *mumble, mumble* ...Ooh! Okay, I'll tell her.
    Maribelle: What in the WORLD are you doing?
    Henry: Talking to the flower. She says she's very grateful that you spoke to 
    her. Also, she says she'll stay strong as long as you do, too.
    Maribelle: I appreciate the gesture, sir, but you don't have to feign madness 
    for my sake.
    Henry: I'm not feigning anything. I'm just really in touch with the natural 
    world. I can talk to any living thing you want. Trees. Flowers. Maggots. 
    Ooooooh... Maaaggots...
    Maribelle: That is a remarkable talent, if a shade disturbing.
    Henry B
    Henry: Hi, Maribelle. You look like a cat ate your favorite canary.
    Maribelle: *Sniff* It's a fate far worse, I fear. My flower friend has 
    withered and died.
    Henry: Aww, guess it hasn't rained around here for weeks now, huh?
    Maribelle: Henry, can you still... talk to her?
    Henry: Nope! Only living stuff.
    Maribelle: Yes, of course. How silly of me. She's dead, never to bloom 
    again... It truly makes a woman think. Someday, on the battlefield, such 
    could be my fate.
    Henry: Basically. I mean, flowers die, people die... That's just how the 
    world works.
    Maribelle: Even so, the idea that I could be gone tomorrow? Or in the hour? 
    Ghastly! We try to ignore the ever-present threat of death, but it's always 
    there. And when you finally think about it, it's a black yawning pit of utter 
    Henry: Meh, not to me. Everyone kicks the bucket at some point, so why fret?
    Maribelle: Perhaps it's not so much death I fear as the pain of dying.
    Henry: See, now that I can understand. But get this- I've got a special curse 
    ready, see? Been working on it for a while now. If you're mortally wounded, 
    it kills you off before you suffer any pain! Just... poof. Off ya go!
    Maribelle: I see. And is this something you could perhaps cast on me?
    Henry: Sure, yeah. Heck, I can do it right now if you say the word. Then 
    you'll never have to fear the old boneyard again!
    Maribelle: I declare, Henry, you have the strangest ways of putting people's 
    minds at ease. And yet, I'm rather tempted to accept your offer.
    Henry A
    Maribelle: Henry, do you have a moment?
    Henry: What is it?
    Maribelle: I've been watching you in our recent battles, and I noticed 
    something... odd. No matter how fierce the fight becomes, you always have a 
    smile on your face.
    Henry: Yep. I love fighting! Pshew! Pshew!
    Maribelle: But as a mage, you go into battle with little armor and are often 
    the firs one targeted. You could be injured or killed in an eyeblink, and yet 
    still you smile!
    Henry: It's 'cause I'm not scared, Maribelle. Fighting is actually pretty 
    simple. I just have to kill the other guy before he has a chance to kill me.
    Maribelle: Henry, sometimes I find it very difficult to understand you.
    Henry: Yeah, I suppose most animals are supposed to fear death and stuff.
    Maribelle: Animals...
    Henry: But I'll tell you one thing- there's no reason to be sad about death. 
    Everyone in this army is going to croak sooner or later- it's just a matter 
    of when. And at the end of it all, we'll be reunited again on the other side.
    Maribelle: You think so?
    Henry: ...Oh, wait! Holy crows! I just had a really weird thought. That means 
    all the foes we kill are gonna be over there, too. Aw, rats. I'm gonna have 
    to kill them all over again!
    Henry S
    Maribelle: Henry, weren't you injured in the last battle?
    Henry: Who, me? No, I don't think so. Didn't see any blood, at least. And 
    believe me, I always look reeeally closely.
    Maribelle: That's good to hear. The part about being unharmed, at least.
    Henry: Why the sudden concern?
    Maribelle: Remember when you told me that you're not afraid of dying? Well, 
    I've been watching you in battle, and I see it's no idle boast! But the more 
    I watch, the more concerned I become. I fear you may throw your life away on 
    some rash act  and I might... lose you.
    Henry: It's a definite possiblity! We're fighting a war, after all.
    Maribelle: Do not make light of my fears! I couldn't bear to lose you 
    Henry: Because then I couldn't cast that curse that lets you die without 
    Maribelle: No! It's not about that! I mean, yes, I WOULD miss that, but it's 
    not the reason.
    Henry: Okay. So what is? Oh, wait! Lemme guess! You worry I wouldn't finish 
    my toenail collection?
    Maribelle: It's because I'm in love with you, you idiot man!
    Henry: Huh?!
    Maribelle: Oh, my stars and garters. Did I really say that out loud?
    Henry: Yeah, you said it out loud. Loudly! But don't be embarrassed, 
    Maribelle. I think you're swell, too.
    Maribelle: Oh, Henry. Is that true?
    Henry: Yep. I want to be your knight in shining armor. ...Blood-red shining 
    armor! In fact, I'm hoping that we can spend the rest of our lives together. 
    Which I guess is another way of saying that we should get married. Yay! 
    ...Wait. Aw, heck. I don't even have a ring ready or anything.
    Maribelle: The ring can wait, silly. The answer is still yes.
    A6. Frederick C
    Frederick: Great paladin's helm! What manner of beast is that! Ah, hold. It's 
    only Panne. ...But why is she prowling about in beast form? And why is she 
    Panne: *Pant, pant* F-finally! You are a hard one to catch, man-spawn.
    Frederick: Why did you chase me down in beast form? I feared you were 
    planning to eat me whole!
    Panne: Running on four legs is much faster. ...Did I scare you?
    Frederick: A knight does not know fear. ...This was more like surprise. Or 
    perhaps alarm.
    Panne: Lies! I hear your heart race even now! You were scared as a newborn 
    pup. It is all right. You do not need to pretend for my sake. I have grown 
    used to fear and ignorance from your kind.
    Frederick: You mistake me, good lady. I hold no fear of the taguel. Behold 
    what is in front of your eyes: are we not conversing as equals?
    Panne: If this is true, then why were you scared?
    Frederick: When I was but a young boy, I lived in a small village in the 
    hills. One day I wandered into the forest, where I was set upon by a mountain 
    wolf. My wounds were most grievous...many in the village doubted I would 
    survive. When you came running, you reminded me of the beast that attacked me 
    and... I apologize, good lady. I did not mean to offend with my actions.
    Panne: I'm sorry, Frederick. I had no intention to remind you of such things. 
    Would you prefer if I avoided you on the field of battle?
    Frederick: That is unnecessary. When in combat--
    Panne: The enemy is before you and you lose all fear, yes? Spoken like a 
    Frederick: Yes. Although if you could avoid moving, that might help.
    Panne: Yes, well I am sure I cou--wait, what?!
    Frederick B
    Panne: All right, Frederick. I'm in animal form. Now, how is it if I stand 
    over here? I'm quite a long way from you.
    Frederick: Yes. That's fine.
    Panne: Good. Now, if I come a little closer...
    Frederick: Y-yes, that's fine. ...I think.
    Panne: And if I move a liiittle biiit cloooser...
    Frederick: BEGONE, FOUL SHE-WITCH!
    Panne: Ah. This appears to be the point where fear enters your veins.
    Frederick: S-so it would seem. ...Er, and apologies once again. That reminds 
    me: The other day you came to ask me a question. 
    Panne: What was it? Mmm... I do not remember.
    Frederick: Blast. My craven reaction is the reason you cannot recall.
    Panne: It cannot be important if I forgot so easily. But I have a new 
    question: What will you do with this fear of yours? Will you live in terror 
    of animals for the rest of your days?
    Frederick: If I knew of some way to cure it, good lady, I would not hesitate 
    to do so.
    Panne: Perhaps I can help.
    Frederick: T-truly?
    Panne: Your friends accepted me into their warren, and one good deed deserves 
    Frederick: That is a very kind gesture. ...Very well. I accept whatever aid 
    you may provide.
    Panne: I hope you are prepared...
    Frederick A
    Panne: All right, let's try this yet again. Now, if I stand here...
    Frederick: ......  ...... NOT ONE STEP CLOSER, FOUL NETHER CREATURE!
    Panne: I think we might be stuck.
    Frederick: I'm so very sorry. It's better than before, but I can't seem 
    conquer this last bit.
    Panne: Perhaps it's time to take your treatment to the next leve.
    Frederick: I'm not sure I approve of--
    Panne: The next and final level.
    Frederick: I DEFINITELY do not approve of--
    Frederick: *Groan* Y-you... leapt upon me...
    Panne: I had grown bored of walking around in the distance while you cursed 
    my name. How are you feeling? Aren't you afraid?
    Frederick: Strangely, no. I'm not afraid at all. Gods, I've never noticed how 
    soft and beautiful your fur is.
    Panne: Good. All cured.
    Frederick: Yes, yes, of course. No more fear of... Oh, look at these floppy 
    ears! They're so cute!
    Panne: OWCH! Do NOT yank on my ears, man-spawn!
    Frederick: Er, yes. Dreadfully sorry, my good lady.
    Frederick S
    Frederick: Panne, might I have a word?
    Panne: What is it?
    Frederick: I no longer fear your animal form, and for this I owe you a great 
    Panne: Is this the part where you no longer need my services? Where you 
    return me back to my rabbit hutch with an affectionate pat on the head?
    Frederick: My good lady! You mustn't say such a thing, even in jest. I am 
    deeply, deeply indebted to you. And what's more I...brought you this.
    Panne: Is this... Oh ho, it IS! It's a ring! Is this the man-spawn ritual 
    where you ask me to be your mate and spit on all others?
    Frederick: Er, we usually speak of it in more poetic terms, but... yes. It 
    is. I am so very deeply in love with you, Panne! Would you honor me by 
    becoming my wife?
    Panne: Your wife? Ha! I remember when you cowered at the sight of me! Perhaps 
    I am moving up in the world. Oh enough, Frederick. Do not make that sad face 
    at me. I have grown fond of you for... some reason. And I would be proud to 
    be your mate.
    Frederick: Together we have conquered fear! What could possibly stop us?!
    Panne: Heh, indeed. First, a bunny. Next, the world!
    A6. Virion C
    Panne: There is rain, but the sun shines still. ...Strange.
    Virion: It's called a sun shower, my deal lady. Quite beautiful, in its own 
    Panne: That was not a question, man-spawn. And do not speak to me without 
    Virion: And here I thought that was a natural entrée into civilized 
    conversation. Ah, well. I've met many a lovely lady who built up high walls 
    around her... And I've surmounted them all.
    Panne: Perhaps I will stuff and mount you in my warren! If it your aim to 
    provoke me. I accept. Let us fight and be done with it. Choose your weapon!
    Virion: A duel? How romantic! Then my weapon, sweet lady, shall be words. I 
    am a far better poet than I am a warrior anyways.
    Panne: As you wish.
    Virion: Your graciousness, my dear, is without peer. Now by all means, after 
    Panne: I know of you, you lecherous worm. Your transgressions are legend. You 
    turned tail and left vassals to die so that you might pursue mates! The very 
    sight of you causes bile to rise in my throat. I curse your name!
    Virion: ...Perhaps I ought to have picked daggers after all.
    Panne: I have spoken. Take your turn, poet.
    Virion: Alas, I fear I know no words with which to injure a lady. And so, 
    Iadmit defeat and bid you farewell.
    Panne: Hmph. Weakling...
    Virion B
    Panne: ...You.
    Virion: Mmm? My, my. I hadn't thought to see YOU start a conversation with 
    ME. Perhaps this time we'll have a hailstorm.
    Panne: You said you were no warrior. But in the last battle, you matched me 
    trophy for trophy. You speak lies.
    Virion: I said only that words were my forte, sweet lady. I never said I 
    couldn't fight. Though I would never claim to be any sort of true warrior. 
    Not after failing to protect the ones I cared for.
    Panne: Why did you run, man-spawn? Why did you abandon your warren? You had a 
    duty to your fellows.
    Virion: I planned to offer myself up in exchange for the safety of my people. 
    ...My men balked. They chose to fight and die rather than hand me over. Not 
    only did I fail to ransom their safety, I was also the reason they kept on 
    Panne: So you showed your belly and ran to remove any reason for resistance?
    Virion: That was my thinking, yes. I don't expect my people share that view. 
    To them, I am as you say-a craven. All the sweet words in all the worlds can 
    offer no defense to that claim.
    Panne: ...I withdraw my words from earlier. You are no craven. You know how 
    it feels to lose kin and kind. In that, we are the same.
    Virion: We are most certainly not!
    Panne: I do not understand.
    Virion: My people yet live and wait for me. It is my duty-and my dream-to 
    save them. But you had even that stolen from you. I would not think to claim 
    our losses as equal.
    Panne: Hmph. Is that pity, man-spawn?
    Virion: Mere pity would be an insult to a wound so deep as yours, milady. I 
    can but pray that your heart does not succumb to the scars that cover it.
    Panne: Your prayers mean nothing, but I accept your words. 
    Virion A
    Panne: .....
    Virion: And what do you see in the moon's reflection this evening, dear lady?
    Panne: What do you want, poet?
    Virion: I hear taguel hold that souls of the departed return to the moon.
    Panne: You hear true. That is why taguel do not look directly upon her holy 
    Virion: Fascinating. But to your question, I was wondering if you might 
    assist me with... this.
    Panne: That smell... Blackberry wine?
    Virion: Indeed! And now, I propose a toast to the moon. What do you say?
    Panne: I am surprised to find a human who understands such tastes.
    Virion: Oh, we man-spawn are full of surprises. So you'll join me, then?
    Panne: All right. ...So. What will you do when the fighting has ended?
    Virion: Return to my own war, naturally. My people are still suffering.
    Panne: Ah, yes. Your... dream, was it? Perhaps I will help you make this 
    dream into reality.
    Virion: Th-that's very... Thank you, my lady. ...Heh.
    Panne: Why do you giggle? It is revolting!
    Virion: Revolting? I've been accused of many things, milady,but never that! I 
    am simply happy at the prospect of sparing my people further suffering. And, 
    I must say, pleasantly surprised to hear an offer of assistance from you. 
    Perhaps is stronger than I know, mmm?
    Panne: Or the wine is.
    Virion: Then let us drink another toast to the peace yet to come. 
    Virion S
    Virion: Ah, my sweet Panne.
    Panne: ...Yes?
    Virion: I have something for you, if you would be so good as to accept.
    Panne: A bit early for wine, no? Perhaps we should... This is a ring. Explain 
    Virion: I would swear an oath of eternal love to you, milady.
    Panne: You are drunk.
    Virion: Aye, lady! Drunk on your beauteous... No. This is no time for idle 
    flattery. Your offer to help me see my dream realized was generous beyond 
    measure. But my dreams aren't yours. I want you to have a dream of your own. 
    A gleam of hope to guide you.
    Panne: And you think you can offer that?
    Virion: I will do so or die trying.
    Panne: Your death cannot possibly help me to... Huh? What's this? Another sun 
    Virion: Amazing! The very skies above urge us on!
    Panne: Only you would see rain as a good omen.
    Virion: But it is, my sweet! 'Twas this very rain which presided over our 
    first meeting. Our love has moved the heavens. The moon herself weeps for 
    Panne: You are mad. ...But it is amusing. Very well poet. I accept your ring.
    Virion: I shall never fail you, my love. I swear it by the moon and rain. 
    A6. Stahl C
    Stahl: Er, Panne? Sorry to intrude, but it's time for supper.
    Panne: I will eat on my own terms. Now leave me.
    Stahl: But I prepared your very own dish! I think you'll love it. It's got--
    Panne: Did I ask for special treatment, man-spawn?
    Stahl: Er, no. But know that you taguel don't eat the same kinds of foods we 
    humans do. And since Lissa's making some kind of weird stew tonight, I 
    thought... um... well, you know. Just trying to help.
    Panne: How very like a human.
    Stahl: I don't understand.
    Panne: You offer lies as reason and refuse to reveal your true motivations.
    Stahl: Look, I don't think you underst--
    Panne: Get out of my sight.
    Stahl: Okay, okay. You're right. There's more to it than just that. Look. The 
    truth is... I just... I want to be your friend. I mean, you're the first 
    taguel I've ever met, and I know nothing at all about you. So I thought maybe 
    we could... you know? Spend some time together?
    Panne: ......
    Stahl: Right then. Okay, I'll just leave these potatoes right here and go 
    Panne: Taguel cannot eat potatoes. They make us sick to our stomachs.
    Stahl: Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea.
    Panne: That is because I never told you. There are more important things to 
    worry about in war that the state of my insides.
    Stahl: If you say so...
    Panne: ...Man-spawn, wait. It took courage to speak the truth to me. I will 
    never forget it.
    Stahl: Oh, not at all. I should be thanking you!
    Panne: Why would you thank me? Are all humans this odd? Or are you special?
    Stahl B
    Stahl: Panne! I'm so glad you're here.
    Panne: What do you want?
    Stahl: Here, taste this for me
    Panne: I don't want to taste any-- MURPH!
    Stahl: See, if I come up with a dish you like, you can join us in the mess 
    tent! It took me a few tries, but I think I've finally made something really-
    Panne: Blech! Ptooie! Idiot man-spawn! I told you I cannot digest potatoes!
    Stahl: B-but I sliced them really thin! I used Chrom's sword and everything.
    Panne: I am leaving. Possibly to vomit. Do not follow me!
    Stahl: No, wait! I have another dish to try.
    Panne: *Sniff* It smells appalling.
    Stahl: Yeah, but there are no potatoes in it. Just cottage cheese. ...Er, and 
    some squid.
    Panne: I am still leaving.
    Stahl: Wait, wait! I've got one more! This one's the best, I promise! It's a 
    carrot dumpling wrapped in a flaky pastry crust.
    Panne: I suppose if it gets the potato taste out of my mouth. *Munch, munch*
    Stahl: ...Well?
    Panne: ...Unpleasant.
    Stahl: Damn. I thought for sure I had it.
    Panne: ...However, it IS edible.
    Stahl: Hey, I can live with that! So does that mean...
    Panne: Very well. I suppose I might occasionally join the others in the mess 
    tent if you made this.
    Stahl: Th-that's wonderful! I'll make a huge batch so I can freeze some for 
    later. Thank you, Panne!
    Panne: You're thanking me again? You truly are a strange human.
    Stahl A
    Panne: Why are you hovering around me while I eat?
    Stahl: I'm trying to see what other kinds of food you like. You can't keep 
    eating nothing but dumplings. You'll get scurvy!
    Panne: Then sit down and join me! Do not hover like a jackal.
    Stahl: Oh, er, thank you! That's very kind! Hmm... What's this red thing?
    Panne: Firefruit. Its juice can make human skin blister and itch for days on 
    Stahl: *Munch, munch* Hey, that's pretty good! ...Wait what did you say about 
    juice? Oh, gods. It's on my fingers! ...And in my EYES! Aaaiiieeeeee! 
    Panne: Hello? Stahl? Are you dead? ...Nod if you are not dead.
    Stahl: N-no. I'm fine. Just a... little light headed is all.
    Panne: You cannot enjoy the meal properly when you're in such a state.
    Stahl: Er, Panne? Maybe I just fainted, but were you licking my face just 
    Panne: Yes. It is the way we taguel clean each other. Is that a problem?
    Stahl: Er, no! I mean, I'm glad you saved my eyesight and all, but... It's 
    just a little odd to be licked by a beautiful woman.
    Panne: I have no idea what you are talking about, strange man. Here, try this 
    fruit instead It should be safe for human skin.
    Stahl: Um, there are bite marks in this. Is that normal, or were you eating 
    Panne: Do you refuse to take it just because it's been in my mouth?
    Stahl: Gracious, no! N-not at all! Ha ha! Ha. Why should I care? So, er... 
    here goes... *crunch, crunch*
    Stahl S
    Stahl: It was good to see you at supper again, Panne.
    Panne: Well, none of the food was especially repugnant to me.
    Stahl: I know! It's because we tried so hard to come up with a menu everyone 
    could enjoy. Funnily enough, the dishes you suggested were the most popular.
    Panne: You changed the whole menu for the sake of me?
    Stahl: If that's what it took to get you to join us at mealtimes, no one 
    minded at all. And, you know. It gave me a reason to spend more time with 
    Panne: Hah.
    Stahl: Did I say something funny?
    Panne: I only sat close because I was afraid you'd get firefruit juice in 
    your eye again.
    Stahl: Right. But I didn't mean tonight. I mean, not exactly. We've grown 
    somewhat comfortable around each other, right?
    Panne: ...Oddly enough, I do not mind it.
    Stahl: Y-you don't? That's great!
    Panne: You are genuinely excited about it, aren't you? You are a strange man.
    Stahl: It seems like you've grown more forgiving and tolerant of humans.
    Panne: Not all of them, man-spawn. Just you.
    Stahl: Er, well, in that case, I was thinking you might... take this ring?
    Panne: Is it valuable?
    Stahl: No! I mean yes! ...That's not the point! I want us to marry and begin 
    a new era in taguel-human relations.
    Panne: You wish to marry me for diplomatic purposes?
    Stahl: I'm in love with you, Panne! Hopelessly in love! I want us to spend 
    the rest of our lives together.
    Panne: Ah. I see. Very well, Stahl. I accept.
    Stahl: Really? Oh, thank you, Panne! We'll have the greatest wedding ever! 
    And no potatoes will be invited!
    Panne: Heh. This time I suppose I should be thanking you. ...Thank you, 
    A6. Vaike C
    Vaike: Panne! Ya got a sec?
    Panne: Leave me be, human.
    Vaike: Nope, sorry. Can't do it. We need to talk about your battle strategy.
    I don't like ya runnin' off and fightin' the enemy on your own.
    Panne: If you desire the glory of the kill, you will have to move faster.
    Vaike: This ain't about glory! When ya charge ahead like that, it puts us all 
    in danger. We can't keep up, and then our formations start to break down.
    Panne: I'll not be told when and where to fight by ignorant man-spawn!
    If my fighting style troubles you, you should look the other way.
    Vaike: Pshaw! Not likely! Even if I wanted to, you're always in the thick of 
    the action.
    Panne: Man-spawn usually find it easy to ignore the existence of a taguel.
    Vaike: Har! Like you beasts are any better. You wish all us humans would up 
    and vanish, and ya don't mind sayin' so!
    Panne: Why, you---
    Vaike: Aw, don't try to deny it! We both know it's true.
    Panne: Enough! If you wish me to follow like an obedient whelp, I shall 
    It should prove amazing watching you blunder around the vanguard!
    Vaike: ...Well, that could`ve gone better.
    Vaike B
    Vaike: Hey, Panne.
    Panne: What now? Are you here to give me more unwanted battle orders? Don't 
    worry man-spawn. I'm staying as close to you as a mother to its kit.
    Vaike: Yeah, I know. And I appreciate it. Buuut... Maybe it'd be better if ya 
    moved a little closer to the front lines. Fightin' at the rear ain't your 
    Panne: First you order me to stay behind, and now you order me to advance? 
    It's obvious your real desire is: you want us fighting shoulder to shoulder. 
    I refuse. I don't trust you man-spawn one bit. This taguel fights alone.
    Vaike: All right, I admit it. Ya got me. But I think we make a good team, and 
    I wanted to keep ya close.
    Panne: You humans are beyond trust.
    Vaike: Look. I ain't the smartest guy in the room, and I don't know much 
    about taguel folk. But I know about YOU. You're brave and straightforward and 
    honest, and I like that. I reckon ya got more honor than most humans I've 
    known put together. But in the slum where I grew up, trust earned ya a blade 
    in the back. So you're smart not to trust our lot. ...Leastwise that's how I 
    see it.
    Panne: Then why would I trust YOU?
    Vaike: 'Cause there's a difference between trustin' a human and trustin' a 
    We Shephards all look after each other. ...Or ain't ya noticed?
    Panne: I had sensed a... fellowship. Almost like a pack.
    Vaike: Anyway, just think it over, Panne. I've done enough preachin' for one 
    Panne: Such a strange man...
    Vaike A
    Panne: Vaike?
    Vaike: Hold on. YOU wanna talk to ME? Ain't that a kick in the teeth! But 
    before ya start, I gotta apologize for all the blather the other day.
    Panne: No apology is necessary. For some reason, I... enjoy talking with you.
    But I enjoy fighting with you even more. I have learned much at your side.
    Vaike: Har! They don't call me Teach for nothin' And in truth, I appreciate 
    the backup.
    Panne: You should be more careful about diving into the midst of the foe.
    Vaike: Har har! A tiger can't change his spots. Crazy Vaike, they used to 
    call me!
    Panne: Heh...
    Vaike: Well slap my side and call me a drum. You CAN laugh! You should do it 
    more often, ya know? It makes your whole face light up.
    Panne: Now you mock me! I know I must seem strange and... ugly in your eyes.
    Vaike: Ogre's teeth! Have you gone daft?! Taguel and humans both got beauty 
    to spare! ...And maybe even a little ugly, too.
    Panne: How can you be so blind to the gulf that exists between our races?
    Vaike: I just see a woman who like to imagine walls where there ain't none.
    Human, taguel, pixie, or troll: if yer loyal and true, we can be friends.
    Panne: I wish I could believe that.
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Is it my imagination, or have we been seein' a lot of each other 
    Panne: It is not your imagination. Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to 
    be by your side. I am... comfortable with you somehow. It is a most 
    extraordinary feeling.
    Vaike: Ya actually like bein' with me? 'Cause I like havin' you around, too.
    Panne: You remember our last talk? How you made me... laugh?
    Vaike: Yeah, sure.
    Panne: That was the first time I'd laughed since the massacre when I lost my 
    friends. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever laugh again.
    Vaike: Har har! You just stick with me! Ol' Teach is always good for a laugh. 
    ...Aw, heck. I was meanin' to save this, but I suppose now's a s good a time 
    as any.
    Panne: A... ring? This is for me?
    Vaike: Yeah, well, I was thinkin' that you and me might kinda sorta... you 
    know, get married? I know it's forward as all heck, but I think you and me 
    make a really good team. You can keep me outta trouble, and I can help ya be 
    happy again! ...Maybe?
    Panne: You realize what you are saying, yes? A life with me will not be easy.
    Vaike: You're talkin' to Crazy Vaike, remember? There ain't nothin' I can't 
    Panne: Well, then... This Crazy Vaike sounds like a human I could trust. So 
    yes, I accept your ring with all my heart. Thank you!
    A6. Kellam C
    Kellam: Panne, aren't you going to join us for some sparring?
    Panne: No.
    Kellam: Can you not find a partner? Because I'm free if you'd like to-
    Panne: When I fight, it is to the death. I am not interested in playing at 
    Kellam: Yes, but we-
    Panne: Have you forgotten who I am, man-spawn? I am a taguel! In beast form, 
    I cannot hold back until my thirst for blood is slaked. If you don't mind 
    having your throat torn out, then let us spar by all means.
    Kellam: Oh I don't know. I think I'd be alright.
    Panne: Hah. And why is that?
    Kellam: Well, this massive suit of armor I trundle around in is pretty much 
    Panne: Do not be so confident, iron man. If you fight me, I will grant no 
    quarter. Do not expect me to stop until your guts are on the ground. I cannot 
    be held responsible for the consequences.
    Kellam: Oh, erm... Well, all right. That's fair, I suppose. But maybe you 
    could stop right before the guts part?
    Kellam B
    Kellam: Hello, Panne. Looks like you decided to turn out for additional 
    Panne: I have come to challenge you.
    Kellam: Uh, really? Because you sort of destroyed me in our first match.
    Panne: You are still alive. This in itself is a victory for you.
    Kellam: I thought I was going to die... Does that count?
    Panne: It does not! This time, I shall remove your heart with my teeth.
    Kellam: Er, do you mind if I ask you a question first?
    Panne: If you must.
    Kellam: Just before you deliver the finishing blow, you leap left and right. 
    Why is that?
    Panne: To confuse the defender and trick him into lowering his front guard.
    Kellam: That makes sense. Avatar was wondering about it, too. After we're 
    finished, I'll have to go tell him/her. He/She will be very interested.
    Panne: I have revealed one of my secrets. Now you must respond in kind. How 
    is it that you were able to fend off my intial strike?
    Kellam: Well, I turn left to take it here... Then I use the spear shaft like 
    Panne: I see. Sometimes you man-spawn are cleverer than you look. Well then, 
    Enough talk. Are you ready to die?
    Kellam: Not really?
    Panne: Come, come! Show some enthusiasm! HAVE you no pride as a warrior? 
    You're a worthy foe capable of besting me, else I wouldn't deign to fight 
    Kellam: Th-thank you very much.
    Panne: Don't thank me, fool! Where is your pride?
    Kellam A
    Kellam: *Groan* Ow, ow, owww... Whole... body... hurts...
    Panne: Just stay still. And don't get up. I put a salve on the deepest cuts. 
    Hopefully it works on humans, too.
    Kellam: Ungh...  I guess you... won again... C-congratulations...
    Panne: Tsk... I know that you weren't interested in winning our mock battle. 
    As we fought, a crowd of man-spawn gathered to watch and study my techniques. 
    And later, many of them shared their skills and secrets with me. That was 
    your true purpose, wasn't it? To trick me into fraternizing with others.
    Kellam: When I first joined the Shepards, I was all alone too-- ...Oh dear, 
    that claw mark looks infected. OW! ...Yep, that's infected. Anyway, then 
    Chrom invited me to spar and started introducing me to people.
    Panne: And you thought to do the same for me at the risk of your own life and 
    limb? You're a bigger fool than I thought.
    Kellam: Zzzzzzzzz...
    Panne: He's fallen asleep... Just as well. It will help him to heal faster. 
    You are a fool, man-spawn. But you have courage.
    Kellam S
    Panne: Are you not going to spar today?
    Kellam: How do you keep managing to find me? No one else can.
    Panne: I track you by your scent. You stand out like a bull in a cake shop.
    Kellam: Oh. ...Do I smell that bad?
    Panne: It is nothing special--All you humans smell unpleasant to me. Still, 
    I'm sorry you won't be there today. Fighting you is one of my few pleasures.
    Kellam: I know. I like it too. Especially when we have tea afterward.
    Panne: I didn't realize you liked my tea so much. Most humans think it tastes 
    like medicine.
    Kellam: Er, well, the tea is actually wretched. But what I like is the 
    talking part. You're so passionate and self-assured! I get excited just 
    watching you.
    Panne: I confess that I also enjoy our chats. You have a soothng way about 
    you. It is like rubbing my back against an old, familiar tree.
    Kellam: Gosh. that's just like me. I mean, when I'm with you. Um, so here. I 
    have something for you. It's... it's a ring that I made.
    Panne: Oh? I am aware of this tradition.
    Kellam: You are?
    Panne: The human male gives a shiny bauble to a female and secures his right 
    to wed. We taguel usually decide such things through mortal combat.
    Kellam: Well, um, I don't really want to fight you so I can marry you.
    Panne: Nor do I. You'd likely not survive the ordeal. Here, then. Give it to 
    Kellam: W-wait. You accept?
    Panne: Of course. I know you love me. I can smell it from miles away.
    Kellam: Wow, that's great! (I really need to wash this armor at some 
    A6. Lon'qu C
    Panne: *Pant* I should be safe now... There's no way he could track me out-
    Lon'qu: Hold.
    Panne: Gah! You are no ordinary man... Enough of this game.Tell me what you 
    want and leave me be!
    Lon'qu: Don't come near me!
    Panne: Stay away from YOU? What do you think I've been trying to do all day, 
    you ignorant man-spawn?
    Lon'qu: I found this bag. It's full of weeds... or something.
    Panne: That's my bag.
    Lon'qu: I know. You dropped it near the camp.
    Panne: Is that why you chased me over hill and dale? Why didn't you just tell 
    Lon'qu: Yes, well. When I saw your face, I became paralyzed with fear. And 
    then you fled before I had a chance to explain.
    Panne: Bah. This is insulting.
    Lon'qu: Wait-don't forget your weeds!
    Panne: I don't want them, or the bag. They are yours now.
    (Panne leaves)
    Lon'qu: Blast. What am I supposed to do with these? Hmm. I wonder if they 
    taste good? *nibble* Blegh! ...A poor idea. 
    Lon'qu B
     Panne: You again.
    Lon'qu: I want to return your bag of weeds. I'm tired of carrying it around 
    all the time.
    Panne: Idiot human. Why didn't you just throw it away? *Sigh*- Never mind. 
    Here. Give it to me.
    Lon'qu: Don't come any closer. I'll toss the bag that way, and you can pick 
    it up.
    Panne: Do you hate my kind so much?
    Lon'qu: It is not your kind that I mind. It is your gender.
    Panne: And why would you, a human skilled in swordplay, possibly fear all 
    Lon'qu: I have my reasons. I am haunted by nightmares-confused, terrifying 
    memories from my past. When I approach a woman, be she taguel or human, I am 
    gripped by an icy fear.
    Panne: Then I am not the only one plagued by terrible memories.
    Lon'qu: I do not like to speak of it. If others knew I still suffered from 
    childish nightmares, they would think me weak.
    Panne: ...Throw me the bag.
    Lon'qu: Here.
    Panne: Thank you. Now wait right there.
    Lon'qu: What are you doing?
    Panne: I'm making a special brew using the herbs I collected. ...Here.
    Lon'qu: *Sniff* It smells vile. And there are twigs floating in it.
    Panne: Just drink it down.
    Lon'qu: Are you sure it's safe for humans?
    Panne: Drink it or don't. I care not. Very well. *glug,glug*
    Lon'qu: Very well. *glug, glug* *Splutter* Bleeech! Urgh! It tastes even 
    worse than it smells!
    Panne: Yes. But you will find it helps with your nightmares.
    (Panne leaves)
    Lon'qu: ..... Gods, that was awful. I hope this isn't some kind of elaborate 
    practical joke. 
    Lon'qu A
    Lon'qu: Hello, Panne.
    Panne: You look cheerful. I assume this to mean the potion did its deed. This 
    is good. I was unsure it would work on humans.
    Lon'qu: Your brew did more than cure me of my nightmares ...Since I drank 
    that draught, I've been having the most wonderful dreams.
    Panne: The effect will wear off soon. Wait while I brew another mug.
    Lon'qu: Thank you.
    Panne: ...Done. I'll just leave it here and back away.
    Lon'qu: Right. Down the hatch... ...Urgh. The taste does not improve with 
    exposure. But if it means no more nightmares. I'll drink a barrel and ask for 
    Panne: .....
    Lon'qu: Tell me, Panne. Why do you help me? I know you've little love for 
    Panne: Well, I'd already given you the herbs, I didn't want them to go to 
    Lon'qu: And why did you collect them in the first place? Were they for you? 
    Are you also haunted by nightmares?
    Panne: I often dream of the night man-spawn razed my village and murdered my 
    kin. Just before she died, my mother told me that I mustn't hate all humans. 
    She said there were good men as well as wicked, and I was never to forget it.
    Lon'qu: But why did you make the potion for me?
    Panne: I told you. I didn't want the herbs to go to waste.
    Lon'qu: ...You have a good heart.
    Panne: You know nothing about me. 
    Lon'qu S
    Panne: Here for another dose of Panne's potion? Sit there while I make it.
    Lon'qu: Actually, I thought I'd offer my own brew-elderberry and tea leaves 
    from Ferox. There's no better tea in all the lands.
    Panne: If you are so confident, I suppose I must have some...*slurp* Why, 
    this IS good.
    Lon'qu: You know, it's funny...
    Panne: What is?
    Lon'qu: Whenever I talk to you, a warm and... fuzzy feeling comes over me. I 
    assumed that it was because of your potion. But I have the same feeling right 
    now, and I haven't touched a drop.
    Panne: Now that you mention it, I feel the same way.
    Lon'qu: There's no medicine in that brew. Just Ferox's finest tea leaves.
    Panne: And it certainly is delicious. I could drink this every day.
    Lon'qu: If we were to spend more time together, I would make you a cup every 
    Panne: Are you implying what I think you are, human?
    Lon'qu: Taguel or human-it matters not to me. You are just the woman I love.
    Panne: Things have changed since we first met. Remember how afraid you were?
    Lon'qu: I do. But I'm not anymore. Panne, will you accept this ring?
    Panne: Ah, a bribe to spice the proposal. Such a typical human custom. But I 
    know you speak from the heart, and so I accept. You're the first human I've 
    known who makes me forget about the past... And for that. I shall be 
    eternally yours. 
    A6. Donnel C
    Panne: Hngh! ...Hmm? A hunter's trap?
    Donnel: Er, that's-
    Panne: Is this your doing?!
    Donnel: Gosh, I'm sorry, Panne! I never dreamed I'd snear me a person! I been 
    doin' this for years, but yer the first human bein' I ever caught.
    Panne: I am no human. I am a taguel!
    Donnel: S-sorry!
    Panne: Caught in a trap. How embarrassing.. Hmm... Still, it is remarkably 
    well made.
    Donnel: I grew up in the mountains, and our little pig farm couldn't feed us 
    all. If we wanted to eat, we had to hunt.
    Panne: So your survival skills bested mine. That is your claim?
    Donnel: I'm real sorry! I didn't mean no offense. I didn't mean none'a 
    this... I'll stop trappin' if ya promise not to eat me!
    Panne: You needn't stop, man-spawn. The problem is easily solved. I need only 
    to keep a sharper lookout for your human traps.
    Donnel: Y-yer sure ya don't mind, then?
    Panne: I welcome the challenge.
    Donnel B
    Panne: .....
    Donnel: Hey there, Panne. Whatcha doin' way out here? You be careful now. I 
    got traps set up all 'round these parts.
    Panne: .....
    Donnel: Oh. Looks like ya... already found that out...
    Panne: What was your first clue?
    Donnel: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry! I'll have ya outta there in two shakes! ..... 
    There, all free. ...Oh, pig slop! Yer ankle's all swollen up! Gah, I feel 
    just awful... Ya need any help?
    Panne: My wound is inconsequential. I care more about this trap... After the 
    last time, I was extremely careful. Yet here I am, snared like a common 
    beast. Why am I the only one to fall for this? I cannot accept this.
    Donnel: Well, every animal's got its own unique way of goin' about its 
    business. Some of it's instinct, some's reflex. So if ya use that knowledge 
    to design a trap...
    Panne: This is the result.
    Donnel: Yup. Take this one here. There's a dozen other traps you passed 
    before it. Bet you noticed all'a them, right? Well, yer s'posed to. They're 
    decoys. I set them boys up to guide the animal into this here real trap.
    Panne: So I was led here by instinct? That is your claim?
    Donnel: A'yup. Somethin' like that.
    Panne: I never thought to find an apex predator among the humans of the camp. 
    You've left my pride in tatters, man-spawn.
    Donnel: Gosh, I'm real sorry 'bout that.
    Panne: Your apology serves no purpose. Only a duel can restore my honor. Set 
    another trap, human. This time I will see through it.
    Donnel: Are ya sure 'bout that? I don't know if I-
    Panne: If you decline, I will challenge you to hand-to-hand combat! And if I 
    sense you have not set the trap with all your skill, I will challenge you 
    again. If you wish to go unscathed, you had best set your trap very carefully 
    Donnel: I wanna go home...
    Donnel A
    Panne: Gyah! How is this possible?!
    Donnel: S-sorry, Panne!
    Panne: How did I walk into ANOTHER trap? And a pitfall, no less! Is there any 
    greater cliche?
    Donnel: Well, this time I was designin' the trap to catch YOU! ...On purpose, 
    I mean. I been watchin' ya pretty close, so that determined the trap I set.
    Panne: I'm well aware you were watching me. That is why I intentionally took 
    unnatural and misleading actions.
    Donnel: None of that really matters, though. Instincts're what I'm after. If 
    ya know what a critter does when they ain't thinkn', they're good as caught.
    Panne: You claim to know my actions better than I do?
    Donnel: Er, I guess so. ...Sorry 'bout that.
    Panne: I suppose I must accept it. I was bested by a human. I have failed.
    Donnel: Now that ain't hardly fair to say! I just know more about trappin' is 
    all. I can think of a dozen things yer better at than me, easy!
    Panne: Is that your idea of pity?
    Donnel: Ain't no one needs to pity you, Panne. Just speakin' the plain truth.
    Panne: ...I allowed pride to blind me. This was a valuable lesson, Donny. You 
    have my thanks. I'm certain this war will provide ample opportunity to see 
    who is more shrewd. Our rivalry will ensure we never grow bored.
    Donnel: Gosh, I'm honored ya see me that way.
    Panne: Just don't expect things to continue to be so one-sided. I will win 
    the next round!
    Donnel: Well, I ain't going' easy on ya! You'll have to earn it!
    Panne: I would have it no other way.
    Donnel S
    Panne: Explain yourself.
    Donnel: Explain what?
    Panne: Explain why I'm standing at the bottom of a pitfall trap!
    Donnel: Well, 'cause I set it and you fell in.
    Panne: Yes, but why did you set it? Our next challenge isn't till next week! 
    And was there a necessity to make it deeper than I can climb out of?
    Donnel: Hey, I'm lowerin' you a rope, ain't I?
    Panne: ...Next question. What is this tied to the end of the rope?
    Donnel: It's a ring. Carved it m'self, out of wood. ...I thought ya might 
    like that.
    Panne: And WHY is there a ring tied to the end of this rope?
    Donnel: 'Cause I want ya to marry me!
    Panne: And you thought to ask me while I was in a pit?!
    Donnel: I reckoned this was the only way I could get ya to sit still and 
    lemme ask!
    Panne: ...Most women would not respond well to being dropped into a hole.
    Donnel: Well, I'm real sorry 'bout that, but we both know you ain't "most 
    women." Now maybe it warn't the smartest thing to do, but I had to tell ya. 
    Yer the first person I met where I saw their core and still found 'em 
    beautiful. 'Cept for my ma, of course, but she don't count.
    Panne: My heart burns for revenge against the humans who slaughtered my kin. 
    There is no beauty in such anger.
    Donnel: Your anger ain't the real heart of you, Panne. Not by a country mile! 
    'Sides, it's them rotten humans' own dang fault you hate 'em! I want 'em to 
    face justice just as much as you do.
    Panne: You... do?
    Donnel: Cross my heart and hope to spit! ...But honestly, I don't expect ya 
    to say yes to me. I truly don't. I just wanted a chance to say my piece.
    Panne: It is an... interesting offer. We can continue discussing it once I'm 
    out of this pit.
    Donnel: Yeah, all rig-Ah! Waaaugh!
    Panne: Some hunter you are! You've fallen into your own trap!
    Donnel: You yanked on the rope harder'n I was expectin'!
    Panne: *Sigh* ...Pick that up.
    Donnel: Huh?
    Panne: The ring. As long as you're here, you might as well put it on me.
    Donnel: Wha-?
    Panne: Do you wish to be my mate or what?
    Donnel: Yer darn shootin' I do! ...Aw, look at that. Perfect fit.
    Panne: I suppose finger size was something you took note of while you were 
    watching me?
    Donnel: Maybe I just got lucky. But, uh, if ya don't mind me askn', why'd ya 
    say yes?
    Panne: Do I need a reason?
    Donnel: You don't need a darn thing, Panne! I'd be happy to be here with ya 
    Panne: If we stay here just the two of us, we will starve to death.
    Donnel: Long as it's with you, I don't know as I'd really mind.
    Panne: You are sweet. ...Which may come in handy in a week or two.
    A6. Ricken C
    Ricken: Hey, Panne? Panne? ...Hey! Panne!
    Panne: Stop shouting, you cretinous whelp. My ears are highly sensative.
    Ricken: Oh, gosh. Sorry! I thought you couldn't hear me.
    Panne: I was trying to ignore you.
    Ricken: Why? Didn't you realize it was me? I bet you thought I was someone 
    else and-
    Panne: I have no interest in associating with you.
    Ricken: Hey, why not? Because I have, like, a hundred questions for you! 
    Like, can you see in the dark? And how share are your claws? Oh, and what-
    Panne: Keep pestering me, and you'll learn firsthand how sharp my claws are.
    Ricken: Look, can we be friends? If we were friends, you'd have to talk to 
    me, right? Yeah, you would! So I'm just gonna stick to you like glue!
    Panne: ...This bizarre child appears to be utterly without fear. Very well. 
    You may tag along with me. ...If you dare!
    (Panne leaves)
    Ricken: H-hey! You're not allowed to change into a monster!
    Ricken B
    Ricken: Hey, Panne!
    Panne: Curses. The whelp.
    Ricken: Phew, that's a relief. I looked for ages, but I couldn't find you 
    Panne: I was hiding. From you.
    Ricken: Sheesh. Why are you so mean to me? What did I ever do to you?
    Panne: Nothing yet. But you will. In time, you'll learn ro hate and scorn 
    just like all the others of your kind.
    Ricken: No I won't I'll always be your friend.
    Panne: You say that now, but humans change.
    Ricken: Listen. I used to be bullied, too. I know what it feels like. In my 
    hometown, the local noblefolk always picked on my family. We were nobles too, 
    but we'd fallen on hard times. The other families really hated us for that.
    Panne: .....
    Ricken: Panne, I know you and the taguel had it way worse than I ever did. 
    But my father said we had to keep our pride or else the bullies would win. 
    And if there's one thing I hate, it's bullies!
    Panne: Your family problems have nothing to do with me.
    Ricken: Er, yeah. I suppose not. 
    Panne: And frankly, I'm tired of you following me around like a lovesick 
    puppy. But if that's what you really want to do, then fine. I give you 
    Ricken: R-really?
    Panne: Don't think this makes us friends. Follow me at a distance. ...And 
    Ricken: Brilliant! Thanks, Panne! Okay, I've got a few more questions...
    Panne: *Sigh* This whelp only hears what he wants to hear...
    Ricken A
    Ricken: Say, Panne. I heard taguel can turn into all kinds of animals. So 
    what else can you become besides a big bunny?
    Panne: .....
    Ricken: Hey, Panne? Did you hear me? I asked what other animal-
    Panne: You just won't take stony silence for an answer, will you? I've met 
    some taguel who become lions, and others who turned into wolves.
    Ricken: No way! That's great! I bet they were really strong!
    Panne: A long time ago, my mother used to tell me the tale of a certain 
    tribal leader... This was back when taguel ruled the world and lived in an 
    earthly paradise. Before everything changed and our way of life was wiped out 
    Ricken: *Sniff, sniff* Waaaaaah!
    Panne: Why are you crying?
    Ricken: I'm sorry. It's just... I feel so bad for you... You and the taguel 
    lost so much! You'd have been so much better off if it wasn't for us humans.
    Panne: I... I have never seen a man-spawn cry for our sake... Tsk. Here, 
    here. Wipe away the tears and cheer up.
    Ricken: *Sniff*
    Ricken S
    Panne: Ricken.
    Ricken: Oh, wow! You actually said my name! Thanks, Panne! This is such an 
    Panne: Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell. And are you sure I've never 
    said your name?
    Ricken: Yep, this is the first time! So what can I do for you?
    Panne: I was thinking about the other day, when you cried over my story. I am 
    very worried.
    Ricken: Worried? About what?
    Panne: You are a young man in possession of a naive innocence that will one 
    day vanish. And when that happens, I fear that one of us is going to get 
    hurt. I think we need to stop spending so much time together.
    Ricken: No, don't say that! Not when I just bought you this...
    Panne: Is this a ring?
    Ricken: I really like you, Panne. I want us to swear to be each other's 
    friend, forever and ever.
    Panne: This crest on the ring- does it symbolize the pact?
    Ricken: It's my family crest. My father said I'm supposed to... Well, I'm 
    supposed to give the ring to the person I want to marry.
    Panne: Marriage? I have heard of this human custom. Are you sure about this? 
    I am a taguel, after all.
    Ricken: Of course I'm sure!
    Panne: All right, Ricken, you've convinced me. We shall be friends for life.
    Ricken: Yes! This is the best day ever! You won't regret this, Panne!
    A6. Gaius C
    Gaius: *Sigh* One pot of honey, and that's it. This is barely going to last 
    three days, and I just ate my last candied fig this morning...
    Panne: Gaius?
    Gaius: That you, Panne? What can I do for you?
    Panne: What are you doing here? I rarely see you man-spawn clambering on 
    sheer cliffs.
    Gaius: I was collecting hon- Er, that is to say, I'm here on a... mission. 
    Yeah, that's right. A very important and dangerous mission.
    Panne: Oh.
    Gaius: I can tell you're impressed, Whiskers. Don't try to hide it. You're 
    thinking, "Crivens, this must be a brave and agile man, to be-"
    Panne: Your dexterity would be below average among the Taguel. And do not 
    call me Whiskers.
    Gaius: Below average, eh?
    Panne: I admit, when I saw you at a distance, I thought you might be one of 
    my kin. Perhaps a particularly clumsy friend who managed to hide among these 
    rocks. But it was a fool's hope.
    Gaius: Yikes. When you say that, I feel kind of bad for clambering around up 
    Panne: It is all right. You did not know.
    Gaius: But uh, before you go...
    Panne: Yes?
    Gaius: ...You know a good way of getting down from here?
    Panne: .....
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Heya, Whiskers. Thanks for getting me out of that tight spot the other 
    Panne: I never imagined I would one day be forced to carry a human down a 
    cliff. I hope the experience will not be repeated. I found it disagreeable 
    and humiliating.
    Gaius: I thought we looked pretty dashing with me on your back. Like a Panne 
    knight! ...You get it? See, instead of "pegasus," I said "Panne," so-
    Panne: I am not a beast of burden, idiot!
    Gaius: Crivens, you're a snippy one, aren't you? Maybe you need some sugar. 
    Here, have one of my candied figs. It'll settle that temper of yours.
    Panne: I do not usually eat sweets.
    Gaius: No wonder you're always mopin' around. A berry tart keeps me whistling 
    no matter how hard the going.
    Panne: Do these sweets of yours serve as emergency rations?
    Gaius: Any moment I'm not eating sugar is an emergency, Whiskers.
    Panne: *Nibble* ...Ah, yes, very sweet. In emergencies, we taguel sometimes 
    eat a similar-tasting fruit. But it is even sweeter than this candied 
    Gaius: Sweeter than candy? Wh-what's it called? Where can I get it?! Ya gotta 
    tell me, Whiskers!
    Panne: Are you that interested in our culture?
    Gaius: Oh, er... yeah! Of course. Absolutely obsessed, in fact! ...So this 
    fruit of yours. Where can I find it?
    Panne: You're standing below a tree right now.
    Gaius: Wh-what?! A candy tree?! Mmmmuuurrrrgghhh... Now I just gotta climb my 
    way... Wait, up THERE?!
    Panne: If you refer to the single, solitary tree at the very top of this 
    cliff, then yes.
    Gaius: Well, crap.
    Panne: ..... What are you doing, man-spawn? You know you can't get down 
    again! ..... I won't help if you get stuck. You'll have to stay there for the 
    rest of your days! ..... Gods, take this half-wit. He's stuck again...
    Gaius A
    Panne: Enough. Stop pestering me!
    Gaius: I'm sorry, Whiskers, I really am. But ever since you told me about 
    that candy tree, I can't get it out of my head!
    Panne: It is not a candy tree-it is a fruit tree. And I'm tired of playing 
    Panne knight!
    Gaius: Hey, you just said Panne kni-
    Panne: Are you listening to me?
    Gaius: Er, yes.
    Panne: Good. Anyway, you could at least pretend to be interested in the 
    culture of my people. It would make me happier than you could possibly know.
    Gaius: Wait, you KNEW I was just after the fruit? You saw through my cunning 
    Panne: It was easy. You said as much when you were climbing toward the tree. 
    You tend to talk to yourself a lot, man-spawn.
    Gaius: Yeah, but I was so far away! How did you hear me?
    Panne: Taguel ears are far more sensitive than your own.
    Gaius: Crivens... I wager you overhear all kinds of secrets.
    Panne: Not really. Our hearing is so ensitive, we pick up every little sound. 
    Often the one thing we WANT to hear is drowned out by background clamor.
    Gaius: Interesting. Tell me something else I don't know about the taguel.
    Panne: Why? I've told you all there is to know about our sweet fruit tree.
    Gaius: No, not that. I mean, about how you live and your culture and all 
    that. I'm interested, Whiskers. Really.
    Panne: You're not just saying this to place butter on me?
    Gaius: Actually, the saying is... You know what? Never mind.
    Gaius S
    Gaius: Here, I've finished the ring. What do you think?
    Panne: Very good. You have captured the style of taguel ornamentation 
    perfectly. You're quite skilled with your hands. Did you ever think of being 
    a jeweler?
    Gaius: Hah! With your endorsement, I reckon I could make a go of it! Now tell 
    me again about your high holy feast. How did that go again?
    Panne: Aren't you bored of discussing the taguel, Gaius? We've done little 
    else for weeks.
    Gaius: Panne, you never bore me.
    Panne: Oh? Well, I am glad.
    Gaius: When you talk about your people, your whole face lights up. It's the 
    exact opposite of that time you had to carry me down the cliff.
    Panne: I considered leaving you there. ...Or killing you.
    Gaius: Listen, Panne. I've been thinking that maybe we could spend more time 
    together. See, among us man-spawn, a ring like this usually symbolizes a 
    promise. And, if the lady does a man the honor of wearing it, then-
    Panne: Then I would be your property? Is that it? Do you wish to employ me as 
    a pack mule to haul you to and fro your candy tree?
    Gaius: What? No, no. That's not why. The honest truth is... Well, it's... You 
    see, the thing is...
    Panne: ..... Gaius, I understand. And my answer is yes. I will wear your 
    Gaius: You will? Truly?! Oh, Panne, this is the sweetest day of my life!
    Panne: Coming from you, Gaius, that is high praise indeed.
    A6. Gregor C
    Panne: *Gasp* Wh-what's happening to the sun? Everything is growing dark!
    Gregor: Oy?
    Panne: Whaaa... aaa... No! Ancestors help me...
    Gregor: What is being wrong? Panne is shaking like dry leaf in wind.
    Panne: D-darkness... consuming all...
    Gregor: Is just eclispe! Sun is only hiding behind moon for small time. Is 
    coming back, Gregor swears. Do not make with the worrying.
    Panne: T-truly?
    Gregor: Panne has never heard of eclispe?
    Panne: I've been in hiding for most of my life. There is much I do not know.
    Gregor: Oy, you must have been poor and lonely girl, yes?
    Panne: Do not offer me pity. I will not accept it.
    Gregor: You are funny woman, saying so to Gregor while cuddling in his strong 
    Panne: Cuddling...? In your arms...? Aaargh! When did you grab me, man-
    spawn?! I should eat your heart for this insult!
    Gregor: Please, do not be doing this! Gregor is needing his heart! And it was 
    you who is jumping into Gregor's arms like frightened rabbit, yes?
    Panne: Er, yes, well. it must have been... this "eclipse."
    (Panne leaves)
    Gregor: Is no problem! Gregor always in mood for friendly cuddle.
    Gregor B
    Gregor: Hello, Panne.
    Panne: .....
    Gregor: Oy, Panne! Is only Gregor! 
    Panne: Yes? What is it, then? Have your say and leave.
    Gregor: Why so cold to good friend Gregor?
    Panne: None of your business.
    Gregor: Aaah, Gregor is knowing why! Panne is ashamed, yes?
    Panne: Wh-why would I be ashamed? I simply do not wish to see you.
    Gregor: So now you hate Gregor with passion of maniac? All right. Gregor 
    knows when he is being unwanted like trash.
    Panne: No! ...Er, don't go.
    Gregor:  Yeees?
    Panne: I don't hate you. And I want to... To thank you for helping me.
    Gregor: Ah, you see! Now we are having conversation like grown adult. Maybe 
    you will let Gregor pet fuzzy ears then, yes?
    Panne: Are you making fun of me?
    Gregor: Hoho! Gregor is thinking you have many commitment issues. Is lucky 
    thing he is expert in such matters.
    Panne: I have no idea what you're blathering about.
    Gregor: Gregor saw you trembling like little bunny when eclipse came, yes? So 
    Gregor think, "Little bunny is needing much care and protection!" Panne spent 
    much time in hiding from man, yes? She knows little of us. So then, she must 
    open heart to Gregor! Let him be guide to world of mankind.
    Panne: Hah. I think I would be more comfortable back in hiding...
    Gregor A
    Panne: Gregor, just what were you doing in that last battle?
    Gregor: Is Gregor's sworn duty to protect you. What else can Gregor be doing? 
    You are Gregor's devoted pupil. Gregor is masterful and wise teacher. Gregor 
    cannot stand in idleness while noble pupil is skewered into rabbit meats.
    Panne: So you thought to throw yourself in front of an onrushing cavalry? 
    You're lucky you're still alive.
    Gregor: You have worry for master Gregor, yes? You are noticing his wound of 
    Panne: Master Gregor can stick his head in a dragon's maw for all I care.
    Gregor: Argh! Gregor's wound! The stitches, they tear open!
    Panne: What? Where? Are you bleeding? Quickly, let me see! ...Hm? No, 
    everything looks fine. Bandages in place are-
    Gregor: Oh ho ho ho! Gregor makes jape!
    Panne: Do that again and I'll give you more real wounds to worry about!
    Gregor: Yes, yes! Is perfect! Now do again with more anger.
    Panne: ...What?
    Gregor: Panne must learn to express feeling more. Is first step to intimacy. 
    Holding anger inside and never learning to forgive? Very bad. Is reason why 
    Panne has few friends.
    Panne: ...I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Gregor: Is, how to say, baby steps, yes? You will learn like good bunny. 
    Until then, Gregor protect you.
    Panne: .....
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Panne! Hellooo? ...Where is favorite pupil?
    Panne: *Pant, pant*
    Gregor: Ah-ha! Gregor finds you.
    Panne: How did you-
    Gregor: Why does Panne hide from Gregor? Do you hate him so?
    Panne: You act like a reckless fool when you're near me. I don't want to see 
    you hurt.
    Gregor: Ho ho! You worry about old man too much. Gregor knows well how to 
    protect self.
    Panne: I don't need you hovering around trying to defend me all the time.
    Gregor: But is not about what you need. Is about what Gregor need. If Gregor 
    gives you one good reason, will you let him protect you?
    Panne: Well, it had better be very good.
    Gregor: Gregor is wanting to marry you.
    Panne: Are you... ...Is this another one of your japes?
    Gregor: Gregor never joke about love! ...Well, not this time. Here, see?
    Panne: A ring?
    Gregor: You know what ring mean for human, yes? Now you know, is no joke. Is 
    Panne: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
    Gregor: Oy! Why do you make with the screaming and the crying and the 
    Panne: I am releasing pain and anger from my heart. It is what you told me to 
    do if I was to make friends with anyone.
    Gregor: Ah, yes. Gregor is remembering now. So, what is result? How does 
    Panne feel?
    Panne: I am not so sure... I am feeling many strange things. Joy? 
    Contentment? Even... hope? I have not felt this way in a long time.
    Gregor: Gregor is delighted! His heart is swelling to burstiness!
    Panne: But you don't get to protect me all the time. Understand? We're going 
    to protect each other.
    Gregor: Very good! Now you come, little bunny! Jump into Gregor's arms!
    A6. Libra C
    Libra: Might I beg a moment of your time?
    Panne: You get a moment. State your business, priest.
    Libra: I wanted to thank you.
    Panne: You owe me nothing.
    Libra: But I do. You saved Lady Emmeryn from assassination. As an Ylissean 
    citizen and a man of the cloth, I owe you my gratitude.
    Panne: I saved no one. Emmeryn only lived long enough to fall into the next 
    Libra: ..... You were there, then. When she... Ah, I fear we both witnessed 
    Panne: .....
    Libra: I see that what happened to her pains you even now. I, too, still 
    grieve. I cannot help but feel that I failed her somehow.
    Panne: What, then? You would have the two of us sit around licking each 
    other's wounds?
    Libra: No, I merely thought to-
    Panne: You are human. I am taguel. Linger near me and you'll be viewed with 
    suspicion by your kind.
    Libra: You're worried for my reputation? That's very gallant.
    Panne: Watch your words, man-spawn, lest you get yourself hurt.
    Libra: My apologies...
    Libra B
    Libra: Hello, Panne.
    Panne: What now, priest?
    Libra: I apologize for disturbing you, but there's something I need to ask. 
    Why did you come to the exalt's aid?
    Panne: Can you not believe a taguel would help a human?
    Libra: Apologies. That isn't what I meant. Had you even met her before?
    Panne: No. The night of the assassination attempt was the first I saw her. I 
    knew neither her face nor her name. All I knew is she was descended from the 
    first exalt.
    Libra: Your debt was to a man who died over a thousand years ago?
    Panne: It is the debt of all the taguel. We are told the story as kits. In 
    his time, the taguel were slaves to humans. Kept as labor - or even pets - we 
    were treated worse than livestock. The slightest resistance would earn a 
    swift execution, to serve as an example.
    Libra: I've never heard of such cruelty.
    Panne: Humans are quick to forget history. ...Or rewrite it. But the first 
    exalt had the strength and courage to end the horror. He stood up for the 
    taguel, though it earned him the ire of his fellow humans. "We are all the 
    same," he said. "Equal beings. No difference separates human and taguel."
    Libra: .....
    Panne: It was a platitude then, as now. But in that platitude, my kind found 
    salvation. Liberation and equality took time, but in those words we found 
    dignity. And so we teach our young of the debt we owe him. Should any exalt 
    ever need our aid, we will give it regardless of the cost.
    Libra: I see.
    Panne: Despite our history, I never hated mankind. The exalt proved your 
    race's worth. Until man-spawn slaughtered my people and put my warren to 
    ruin, that is.
    Libra: Panne, I haven't the words to tell you-
    Panne: I've spoken all of mine as well, and wasted both of our time.
    Libra: Not at all! You've allowed me to better understand who you are, Panne. 
    And convinced me you are someone I would dearly love to know still better. I 
    thank you for sharing your story with me.
    Panne: Hmph.
    Libra A
    Libra: Panne, I just had a word with Chrom. I hear you were involved in an 
    altercation with some of the other soldiers?
    Panne: I don't see how that's your concern.
    Libra: Isn't it, though? The next time you find yourself in a situation like 
    this, please, let me know. You needn't sully your hands for my sake. I can 
    express my own displeasure.
    Panne: ...You heard, then?
    Libra: Indeed. A little bird told me the cause of your scuffle. Apparently 
    you intervened when someone began telling off-color jokes about me?
    Panne: Hmph. Perhaps I was just in the mood to hit someone that day.
    Libra: You always insist on hiding your kindness and denying your compassion. 
    I would dearly love to see you embrace these traits more openly.
    Panne: I didn't ask your opinion. ....... Speaking with you made me feel 
    better. And hearing those soldiers angered me. That is all. Now we're even.
    Libra: You amaze me, Panne. The light within you shines so brilliantly. Never 
    losing its purity of character or allowing the world to dim its luster... I 
    thank the gods and the exalt for granting me the chance to bask within its 
    Panne: You're mad. And a terrible flatterer.
    Libra: Apologies. Have I embarrassed you?
    Panne: ...Hmph.
    Libra S
    Libra: Panne. There is a matter of import that I would discuss with you. 
    Might I-
    Panne: Speak your business.
    Libra: Very well. I would like to ask only that you listen and give me a fair 
    chance. ...And that you accept this ring.
    Panne: ......
    Libra: ......
    Panne: ......
    Libra: Er, Panne? I thank you for accepting the ring, but, um... Have you 
    nothing to say?
    Panne: You asked me to listen.
    Libra: Of all the times to start doing as you're asked...
    Panne: Come again?
    Libra: N-never mind. I retract my prior request for listening. Please, speak 
    your mind. Be frank.
    Panne: I feel like leaping across a mountain range.
    Libra: ...Is it safe to assume that means you're happy?
    Panne: That's not it. Something greater. I suspect this is... bliss.
    Libra: Well, I'm blissful to hear it! And relieved...
    Panne: What made you think to give me this?
    Libra: Greed, I fear. I succumbed to my baser inclinations. When presented 
    with your brilliant light, I knew I had to have it all to myself.
    Panne: That's quite the desire, to have driven a man of the cloth to fall 
    from grace. Perhaps I should be the one thanking your gods and your exalt.
    Libra: Mostly I feel like thanking you, Panne.
    Panne: Hah. You've done pretty well, yourself.
    A6. Henry C
    Panne: Nnh? Wha--? Who is...? G-get off me, man-spawn! Wake up!
    Henry: Mmm? Oh, hey! Mornin'!
    Panne: Do not "morning" me, Plegian curse slinger. Get away at once!
    Henry: Hey, I've got a name, you know. It's Henry!
    Panne: I have no use for the name of a filthy Grimleal craven.
    Henry: That's not very neighborly, now is it? What difference does one's 
    religion make? I just want to be friends!
    Panne: I will have no dealings with your ilk! Your lot killed the exalt in 
    cold blood. You stole Emmeryn from her people.
    Henry: Hey, I haven't killed a single exalt! And besides, I tried to save 
    her. I was the one who told you the exalt was going to be killed, remember?
    Panne: I remember. You made quite a spectacle of yourself in the process.
    Henry: Yeah, well, I knew I had to do something!
    Panne: What reason would you have to spare the exalt's life?
    Henry: Ylisse is weak enough as it is. If the exalt were assassinated, I 
    worried they'd lose the war in a week! That would have been a terrible waste 
    of a perfectly fun war.
    Panne: THAT was your reason?!
    Henry: Not that it made much difference in the end. Whoops! Nya ha ha.
    Panne: Bah! You are strange and unpleasant. Do not speak to me again.
    Henry B
    Henry: Hey, Panne!
    Panne: Keep your distance, Plegian viper.
    Henry: Aww, did you forget my name again? It's Henry! Hey, so are you bad 
    with names because you're a half-beast?
    Panne: Are you eager for me to kill you, boy?
    Henry: Aw, that's sweet of you to offer, but no thanks! And I meant it as a 
    Panne: What part of "half-beast" is a compliment?!
    Henry: Er, the beast half, I guess. I love animals! I wish I could be one. 
    Even a half one would be okay with me.
    Panne: For what possible reason?
    Henry: My parents abandoned me in the woods when I was little. So it was 
    mostly the nice animals there who raised me. I still love their smell. It 
    relaxes me in a totally nostalgic sort of way.
    Panne: I suppose that explains the odd feral air about you. ... As much it 
    pains me to say so, I find your scent acceptable.
    Henry: Nya ha! Yay!
    Panne: But understand this-- I have no intention of forgiving what you 
    Grimleal have done.
    Henry: So if I went out and killed them all, could we be friends?
    Panne: Are you mad? Have you no sense of fealty to your warren?
    Henry: Eh, not really. I'd kill pretty much whoever you want me to, Panne.
    Panne: You are a child tearing wings from flies, and nothing more. You have 
    no idea what the taguel have gone through. What horrors Plegia has wrought. 
    ... Still, perhaps you are simply too young or stupid to know better.
    Henry: I'm not that young, and I don't think I'm stupid. But hey, who knows, 
    right? Still, I'd like to know more about you, Panne! Can I stick with you?
    Panne: Only if you can keep up.
    Henry A
    Panne: When I said you could follow me, I didn't mean indefinitely. Just how 
    long do you intend to keep this up?
    Henry: I was thinking indefinitely, actually. Why, do you not want me around?
    Panne: Of course not. I hate humans. I've always hated humans.
    Henry: Oh, riiight. That. Hey, tell ya what. In that case, howzabout I curse 
    Chrom to death?
    Panne: Are you mad?!
    Henry: Everyone would panic, and the war would escalate more and more. Humans 
    all over would suffer like never before, and blammo! Panne's happy!
    Panne: I do not wish for any of that! It would dishonor the memory of 
    Emmeryn. No future can be built upon hate, and random human suffering buys me 
    no joy.
    Henry: Geez, Panne. What WILL convince you to let me stick around? You remind 
    me of the fuzzy animals that raised me, and they all died, and now I... Come 
    on, Panne. Please don't abandon me like my parents did. I'll do anything you 
    want. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Enemies? Gone! Rivals? Kaput!
    Panne: I don't doubt that. The lives of others mean nothing to you. You have 
    so much to learn, Henry. And if I am the only one capable of teaching it, 
    then so be it. I won't abandon you.
    Henry: Woo-hoo!
    Henry S
    Panne: Lesson one: everyone in this camp is an ally to be cherished.
    Henry: Could you be a bit more specific?
    Panne: Hmm... Treat them the same as you would the animals that raised you.
    Henry: But you hate humans.
    Panne: I've come to learn some humans aren't so bad. For example, I don't 
    hate anyone here.
    Henry: All right. If you say so, I'll play nice.
    Panne: Good. Coexist with them long enough, and I'm sure you'll find your 
    humanity. ...Heh. To think the day would come when I'd encourage someone to 
    be MORE human.
    Henry: Hey, Panne? Will you take this?
    Panne: Hmm? What is it?
    Henry: It's a wedding ring! It's a promise that you'll always stay with 
    someone. I don't ever want to be alone again, but I need a promise. So, um, 
    please? Please be my family?
    Panne: ...I think I finally understand why I was never able to really get mad 
    at you.
    Henry: Oh?
    Panne: We're too alike, you and I. We both lost our families and lived alone 
    too long. But no more. I accept your ring. From now on, we are each other's 
    Henry: Great! It's a promise! Thanks, Panne!
    A7. Frederick C
    Cordelia: The supplies have been unloaded, and everything is accounted for, 
    Frederick: Ah, good work. Thank you. Next, may I ask you to-
    Cordelia: Inspect the worn weapons and scrolls? Already done, sir. Oh, but I 
    did have a number of questions regarding the layout of the camp.
    Frederick: .....
    Cordelia: Frederick?
    Frederick: I was just thinking how little you have changed from when I knew 
    you in Ylisse. Back when you served the royal pegasus knights. Always working 
    harder than everyone and finding some task that needs doing... Phila once 
    confessed to me that she'd have been lost without your help. I'm convinced it 
    was her intention to eventually name you her successor.
    Cordelia: Ph-Phila said that?!
    Frederick: I envied her, in truth. I've often wished that I possessed a 
    successor of your caliber.
    Cordelia: Come now, Frederick, sir! You go too far. People will get the wrong 
    impression if they overhear such flattery.
    Frederick: The wrong impression? ...Ah, yes. I see. Apoligies, milady. I'm 
    afraid I'm not as sensitive as you to how such things can be perceived.
    Cordelia: Of course not. Sometimes it feels like as if every man only wishes 
    to woo me...
    Frederick: Indeed, the stories of your colorful past certainly do precede 
    Cordelia: Er, stories? What stories? ...Frederick, what stories?
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Might I have a word, milady?
    Cordelia: Ah, Frederick. Of course. What is it? Why are you so fidgety? Wait, 
    is this about your inexperience in the matters of the heart again? Aha! 
    You've come to me for love advice, haven't you?
    Frederick: Er, n-no, milady! I assure you, my intentions are entirely 
    innocent. I was hoping you'd show the new recruits how well you handle a 
    Cordelia: ...I suppose I could. But what would be the point? A common soldier 
    is never going to be capable of wielding a spear the way I do.
    Frederick: No. But at the very least, I want them to experience your 
    legendary skills firsthand. Then they'll understand that your skills are born 
    of effort, and not a matter of luck.
    Cordelia: ...Luck? But why would they think that in the first place?
    Frederick: Well, you see... Er, how shall I put it? For mere military mortals 
    such as our new recruits and myself... Well, your martial genius places you 
    on an entirely different plane. So far above us, in fact, that it's different 
    to understand how skilled you really are.
    Cordelia: Laying it on a bit thick, aren't you?
    Frederick: I'm quite sincere. It must be very difficult having talent of your 
    sort. It must be frustrating to be so constantly misunderstood and 
    underappreciated. For our army's morale, I think it's important that our new 
    recruits understand this.
    Cordelia: .....
    Frederick: I know it's an onerous request. You have every right to refuse.
    Cordelia: Oh, no. I'll do it. In fact, I'm delighted you asked...
    Frederick: You are?
    Cordelia: I've always felt... apart from the rest of society. Like I'm in a 
    different world. And when I'd complain about this or that, no one would take 
    me seriously. People would say, "Oh, you're a genius. What do you have to 
    complain about?" You're the first to realize that... Well, it's not easy 
    being me.
    Frederick: Well, I am pleased that milady is pleased!
    Cordelia: So! Now that we've settled that, tell me all about your love life!
    Frederick: Heh, er... perhaps later? ....Much, much later?
    Frederick A
    Cordelia: Frederick!
    Frederick: Milady, you seem giddy with excitement... Did something fortunate 
    Cordelia: Not yet, but it's about to.
    Frederick: Oh? I'm pleased to hear that.
    Cordelia: You're always willing to help me, aren't you? If I ask a favor?
    Frederick: If it is in my power to do so.
    Cordelia: Great! Then put your boots on. We're going out.
    Frederick: Do we need to secure more supplies?
    Cordelia: Oh, no. This is going to be MUCH more interesting than some 
    shopping trip.
    Frederick: You say that with such an ominous bent! I'm starting to feel 
    rather apprehensive. (...Wait. Could it be that I inadvertently insulted her 
    the other day? Is she so angry at me that she is plotting to exact revenge? 
    Ye gods! She's going to lure me to some dark place and stick a spear in my 
    Cordelia: Frederick, what ARE you mumbling about? I want us to talk about 
    your love life! I know you so want to pour your heart out, but you're afraid 
    to take the first step. So you and I are going to a nice, quiet spot to see 
    if we can't sort it all out.
    Frederick: Er, what?
    Cordelia: I've already picked out a place with absolutely no chance of being 
    disturbed. Oh, and I made sanwiches! Mmm...
    Frederick: Ah, Cordelia. Even with all your preparation, you still made one 
    fatal mistake... You failed to account forthe possibility that I might refuse 
    you invitation!
    Cordelia: No, I didn't. I assumed that if you refused, I'd have to eat all 
    the sandwiches myself. So I made only my very favorute kinds-chutney, blue 
    cheese, and pickled beets.
    Frederick: I... see. Then I concede that your preparations are flawless. I 
    think I have little choice but to grid myself and submit to this, er, liason. 
    But only on one condition: you must tell ME of YOUR love life.
    Cordelia: Hold on to your helm, Frederick! I've got LOTS to say!
    Frederick S
    Cordelia: Frederick! When ARE we going to discuss your love life?!
    Frederick: Didn't we do that already?
    Cordelia: We had that meeting in the gazebo, but you never really said 
    Frederick: Perhaps because I was unable to get a word in edgewi-
    Cordelia: Are you saying I talked the entire time?!
    Frederick: Do you even recall our conversation? ...If, indeed, it can be 
    called that? You spent two hours describing in vivid detail your unrequited 
    passion for Chrom. You also sobbed repeatedly and kept asking me "Why 
    Frederick?! Why?!" Then you devoured all the sandwiches and ran off with the 
    picnic hamper.
    Cordelia: Er, yes. Thank you for... reminding me. But I assure you, our next 
    conversation will not be nearly as shameful! This time it will be all about 
    you. You'll have my undivided attention for the whole day, if that's what it 
    Frederick: Heh. Is this a solemn vow?
    Cordelia: Absolutely!
    Frederick: In that case, I shall begin my confession immediately...
    Cordelia: Goody!
    Frederick: *Ahem* Time to get down to brass tacks. No beating around the 
    bush, so to speak... The truth is... *ahem* Yes, quite. Well, the truth is... 
    I am in love with you.
    Cordelia: Huh?! ...Is this a jape? It is, isn't it? A silly jape! I bet 
    there's a pack of jestors waiting behind that tree to surprise me!
    Frederick: No jape, milady. Not for me.
    Cordelia: Oh. But... I thought... I mean... All this time I was asking... I 
    had no idea your love troubles had anything to do with ME!
    Frederick: Yes, and I know your heart belongs to Chrom. But even so, I will 
    not give up. I have no desire to speak ill of Chrom, for I am his man in all 
    things. But, Cordelia, I would never give you cause to weep so bitterly as 
    you have for him. I would devote my whole existance to ensuring your 
    Cordelia: Why, Frederick... When you say something like that, I know that 
    you're telling the truth. B-because it's how I feel, too. Day in and day out, 
    I have those very same thoughts. ...Except they're for Chrom.
    Frederick: And just as you love Chrom with all your heart, so do I love you 
    with mine. Here. Let this be the proof.
    Cordelia: ...An engagement ring?
    Frederick: It doesn't matter that right now your heart belongs to another. 
    It's enough for me to hope that someday you'll find it in yourself to love 
    me. Will you marry me, Cordelia?
    Cordelia: Oh, Frederick! This is... Yes, I will marry you!
    Frederick: You will?
    Cordelia: I know that Chrom will never love me. ...I think I've always known 
    it. And frankly, I've grown weary of unrequited love. Just the thought of 
    giving it up is like a weight falling from my shoulders, Oh, Frederick, thank 
    you for making me face reality at last! If I promise to love only you, will 
    you make me the happiest woman in the world?
    Frederick: I swear it, milady.
    A7. Virion C
    Cordelia: Say, Virion... Do you have a moment?
    Virion: My dear Cordelia! For you, I have all the moments in the world.
    Cordelia: Er, yes, well... I just have a question.
    Virion: Ask away! I count myself an expert in music, astrology, cuisine, art, 
    and more besides! How might humble Virion assist the lovely and talented 
    Cordelia? She whose wisdom and knowledge are sung by bards throughout all of 
    Cordelia: Actually, that's somewhat related to what I wanted to discuss. See, 
    the truth is...  Um...
    Virion: Tsk! It is most unlike my good lady Cordelia to speak with such 
    hesitation. Gallant Virion cannot help but shed a tear of pity at such a 
    plight. Mayha-
    Cordelia: Will you PLEASE stop interrupting and let me finish?! Gods, this is 
    awkward enough as it is...
    Virion: Apologies... It seems your presence reduces me to blathering like a 
    lovesick schoolboy. However, leaving my verbal disruptions aside, you still 
    seem a bit lost for words. Perhaps I can rescue you from your traumatic 
    tongue-tied trial? For in my boundless perspicacity, I believe I have 
    identified your trouble!
    Cordelia: ...Go on.
    Virion: Indeed! Yes, well. *ahem* Here goes... You are lovely, but firm and 
    simple minded, which leads you to treat others harshly. You regret this flaw 
    with all your being, and wish to reform your character. ...Well? Has Virion 
    once again struck the bull's-eye?
    Cordelia: That's... That's exactly what I was thinking. ...How did you know?
    Virion: Do not ask the gods why they bring sunshine to the land, dear 
    Cordelia! Milady's sweet words carry easily on the wind, if one is only 
    Cordelia: You've been spying on me?! How dare you, sir!
    Virion: Well, "spying" is overstating it a bit, don't you think? I merely 
    Cordelia: Well, I... Hrmmm... Do you see? This is what I'm talking about. I 
    mean, you shouldn't eavesdrop on me, but I shouldn't have said that, either.
    Virion: There are those who prefer criticisms wrapped in soft silks, it's 
    true... But rest assured, many of us prefer the honest and forthright 
    Cordelia: Oh, this is hopeless...
    Virion: Wait, milady! Virion has yet to impart all of his sage and sapient 
    Virion B
    Virion: Ah, Cordelia. I cannot help but notice that you seem troubled as of 
    Cordelia: Oh? I feel fine. Have you noticed a problem on the battlefield?
    Virion: You fighting is impeccable as always! But your brow seems creased 
    with worry... Our cares always find a way to rising to the surface, mmm? And 
    your beautiful visage cannot help but mirror the turmoil in your heart.
    Cordelia: Or you've been eavesdropping again.
    Virion: Never! For sharp-eyed Virion, milady's anguish is writ large on her 
    Cordelia: Well, maybe there is something... But that is all I'll say. And 
    keep that to yourself! I don't want anyone else knowing I am troubled.
    Virion: And whyever not?
    Cordelia: Because then they might start to pity me. And I hate pity! It makes 
    me feel like I've... lost.
    Virion: Lost? Ha! How very like milady to frame it in terms of competition. 
    But... dare I ask, why are you willing to let me know this?
    Cordelia: Because you're flippant and fancy-free... You take everything in 
    your stride. My blunt manner never seems to phase you in the least.
    Virion: Ho ho! Say no more, milady... Virion has heard this speech before. A 
    prelude to a confession of love! Milady, I am most gratefu-
    Cordelia: It has nothing to do with love!
    Virion: Aaaaah... Y-yes, then. Just so... *ahem* In any case, perhaps 
    sometime we might discuss the source of your troubles... Such a beautiful 
    face is ill served by the sombre shadow that clouds it!
    Cordelia: ...Perhaps. Sometime. But no more of this "love" talk, understand?!
    Virion A
    Cordelia: Virion, well met.
    Virion: Cordelia! How my heart leaps when I set eyes upon your perfect 
    Cordelia: Heh, laying it on thick, as always... I was hoping we could talk.
    Virion: My ears await the sound of your gentle voice...
    Cordelia: I wanted to thank you, actually.
    Virion: Oh?
    Cordelia: I've been feeling much better recently. I snapped out of my glum 
    Virion: That is wonderful news! But why do you thank me?
    Cordelia: Because you were so patient with me, listening to my grumbling... 
    What's more, by talking to you I was able to sort out my own feelings. I had 
    no call to be so gloomy. Not when others suffer far worse than I. If there 
    are things about me that I don't like, I should just fix them.
    Virion: 'Tis true that when we share our troubles, we are halfway to ending 
    them. I'm delighted to have played a role in returning a joyful glow to your 
    Cordelia: I'm just amazed that talking to you helped lighten the burden... I 
    guess I just thought such things... I don't know. Made me weak?
    Virion: There is no weakness in honesty!
    Cordelia: Well, thank you again, Virion. I'm truly grateful for all your 
    Virion: Ah, and so the seeds of your love for me have finally taken root, 
    blossoming in-
    Cordelia: WRONG!
    Virion S
    Cordelia: *Yaaaaaawn*
    Virion: Ah, someone slept well!
    Cordelia: ...Yes? What are you staring at, Virion? Do you mind, sir?!
    Virion: Shhh, let me look into your eyes... Alas, no. Nothing. Such a pity.
    Cordelia: You're starting to concern me here, Virion. Explain yourself.
    Virion: I'd hoped that such a mighty yawn might cause a tear or two to well 
    in your eyes.
    Cordelia: And that would be interesting... why?
    Virion: What could be more beautiful than a single tear glistening on 
    milady's snowy cheek?
    Cordelia: Heh, Virion... Flattery is more potent when it's not spread across 
    every girl in camp.
    Virion: Why, you wound me! Milady mistakes the pure motives of her humble 
    Cordelia: Oh, really? Come now, Virion. I'm many things, but not an idiot. I 
    see you sidling up the maids and whispering sweet lies in their ears... Are 
    so many damsels truly in distress that you must attend to them all?
    Virion: Ah ha! Then the green-eyed monster has finally taken your heart... 
    You DO love me!
    Cordelia: .....
    Virion: ...Isn't this the point where milady flies into a feverish denial? 
    Cordelia: I won't deny what's true... B-but, that is not... I don't mean... 
    Argh! I don't know what I mean!
    Virion: Ah, but the words have been spoken, and Virion has taken them into 
    his heart!
    Cordelia: It's just that-
    Virion: Here, milady. A gift from me to you. I have long held it in the deep 
    hope that such a moment might arise.
    Cordelia: A... ring?
    Virion: A ring that proves the sincerity of my love. Sweet Cordelia, will you 
    marry me?
    Cordelia: I... Well, I...
    Virion: I know you once yearned for another man. Perhaps you still do. And on 
    this front I cannot compete. For our brave leader is more deserving of your 
    affections than I.
    Cordelia: ...H-how did you know?
    Virion: I am ever watchful of you and have learned to read your joys and 
    sorrows. But finally I sensed that the scales of your affections tipped away 
    from Chrom.
    Cordelia: Yes, and toward you... Oh, Virion, I had no idea you were paying so 
    close attention...
    Virion: Now you do. And thus am I so emboldened to propose, with all my hopes 
    that you will accept!
    Cordelia: How could I say no to a man who knows me so very well?
    Virion: You need never carry your burdens alone ever again, my sweet. From 
    now on we share them, as we share everything: together.
    A7. Stahl C
    Cordelia: Hello, Stahl.
    Stahl: I was drawn here by the sound of sweet music. Was it you playing?
    Cordelia: You are kind to say so. But in truth, I'm quite out of practice.
    Stahl: What? No, you play beautifully! And one of my favorite Ylissean folk 
    songs, to boot!
    Cordelia: It's been so long since last I played. When I saw this harp at the 
    local market, I just couldn't resist.
    Stahl: I remember how you entranced the court by playing at Chrom's birthday 
    ceremony. Those were some good times... Say, why don't you put an encore 
    performence? It'd be huge for morale.!
    Cordelia: Oh, that court concert was a long time ago. I don't even remember 
    the music. Although I suppose I could muddle through if I had the score in 
    front of me.
    Stahl: Wait, you were just playing from memory? That's even more impressive!
    Cordelia: Please, Stahl, I'm serious. Stop trying to flatter me. Compared to 
    Phila, I'm just a clumsy amateur.
    Stahl: Well, sure. But Phila was the best I've seen. She could have joined 
    the royal orchestra.
    Cordelia: I always dreamed that one day I might be as skilled as her. It's 
    silly, I know.
    Stahl: Hey, never say never! Especially when you're so abundantly talented.
    Cordelia: Stop it, seriously! See, now I'm just getting embarassed... Er, oh, 
    her! Would you look at that? It's chore time. ...Gotta go!
    Stahl: That Cordelia... She's never satisfied with being second best in 
    anything. I'm going to have step up my game if I ever hope to compete with 
    Stahl B
    Stahl: Tickling the old strings again, are we?
    Cordelia: Why, hello, Stahl. Yes, I was- Um, is that a harp?
    Stahl: Yep! Just bought it down at the market. Oh, and I got some sheet 
    musci, too.
    Cordelia: Heh. Sounds like someone is itching to play a duet!
    Stahl: Well, at some point, sure. But right now I can barely make noise on 
    this thing. I was hoping you might be my teacher instead of my duet partner.
    Cordelia: Well, I've never taught before, but I'd be happy to help.
    Stahl: I'm going to practice like a madman until I'm good enough to play with 
    you. I'll practice until my fingers are bloody and raw! I'll pratice until my 
    Cordelia: Well, it's... good to have a goal.
    Stahl: Hey, I'm just trying to be as dedicated to things as you are, 
    Cordelia: Heh. Perhaps I have been TOO dedicated... Speaking of which, I 
    think we should start your lesson. Now, watch carefully as I pluck the first 
    few bars of this song...
    Stahl: You have my undivided attention. .....
    Cordelia: Er, won't your eyes dry out if you keep them open so wide? Er, 
    right, then. Never mind. Let me begin... .....
    Stahl: Wow, you play that note so beautifully...
    Cordelia: Huh? No, I didn't!
    Stahl: No, no! The tone was lovely!
    Cordelia: Stahl, it's just one note. Will you please let me finish?
    Stahl: Er, yes. Right. Sorry. Go ahead.
    Cordelia: ...Look, I don't think I'm quite ready for teaching. Give me some 
    time to work out a lesson plan, okay? I don't want to do this until I'm sure 
    my methods are... sound.
    Stahl: But, Cordelia! Gods, she's more of a pefectionist than I thought. This 
    is going to be tough.
    Stahl A
    Cordelia: Stahl, I'm sorry about the other day. When I was suppose to teach 
    you- ...Er, that song. Yes, the song you're playing... right now. Goodness, 
    Stahl, you're doing very well! How did you learn that?
    Stahl: When I saw how passionate you were about a single note, I knw I had to 
    practice. I'm still kind of murdering it, but I think it's getting better...
    Cordelia: I wouldn't say murder! ...Maybe more like assault.
    Stahl: I knew I had to work twice as hard as you if I wanted to play that 
    duet. So I've been practicing every waking moment- even in the latrines!
    Cordelia: Oh! Um, yes, that is... quite dedicated. By the by, I've never 
    heard that song played with the faster tempo you employed. I rather like it! 
    Such a nice twist on an old classic.
    Stahl: Yeah, it's just an idea that struck me as I was studying the notes.
    Cordelia: How very astute of you.
    Stahl: I think it was more blind luck than astuteness, but thanks.
    Cordelia: Stahl? There are many in this camp who play the harp better than I. 
    Why have you settled on me for this duet and concert idea?
    Stahl: Because you don't just play... You make the harp sing! You can do 
    anything, Cordelia. You have a natural gift. I wish I could be more like you!
    Cordelia: I'm not sure that being naturally gifted at something is always a 
    good thing.
    Stahl: Muh?
    Cordelia: Well, if you don't have talent, it takes a lot of time and effort 
    to aquire a new skill. And through that process, you learn things that more 
    naturally talented people miss. Like your discovery of the faster tempo.
    Stahl: Hmm... I suppose so.
    Cordelia: And that persisitence leads to you becoming just as good as anyone 
    else. To be honest, there are times when I've thought I'd rather be more lik 
    Stahl: Hah! Well, we can't BOTH be right!
    Cordelia: This isn't about right or wrong. It's just two ways of looking at 
    the same problem. ...In any case, your practice has paid off, and I name you 
    my equal in the harp. We should play that duet soon.
    Stahl: It would be my honor!
    Stahl S
    Cordelia: Phew...
    Stahl: That was wonderful.
    Cordelia: It was, wasn't it? We played in exquisite harmony and every note 
    was perfect. I'd love to put on a performance for everyone in the camp!
    Stahl: And I, as well! Cordelia, playing so well as a duet has made me 
    realize something... I think you and I should spend more time together.
    Cordelia: I'm not sure how that follows...
    Stahl: What if I were to offer you this ring? Would that make my meaning 
    Cordelia: Stahl!
    Stahl: Look, I'll understand if your heart belongs to another man... I've 
    known for a long time now that you've had eyes for Chrom. But I can't keep my 
    love a secret any longer.
    Cordelia: You... know about Chrom?
    Stahl: Sure. Ever since that birthday bash. The song you played for Chrom was 
    so full of love, it was like declaring it to the world. But I thought that if 
    I tried hard enough, I might be able to someday win your heart. Er, so, 
    right... I'll just hold on to this ring in case that day ever comes.
    Cordelia: Why can't I have it now?
    Stahl: ...What?
    Cordelia: You don't need to take Chrom's place. You already have.
    Stahl: I... have?
    Cordelia: I've never been happier than when we played together just now. I 
    want to be able to know that joy each and every day!
    Stahl: Then I shall wake you with the sounds of my harp every morning for the 
    rest of your life!
    Cordelia: Wonderful! But, er... EVERY morning?
    A7. Vaike C
    Vaike: Chrom! Hey, CHROOOOOOM! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    Cordelia: Vaike.
    Vaike: Ah HA! Found ya!
    Cordelia: Do I look like Chrom, you oaf?! I wish you'd stop chasing him 
    Vaike: I ain't chasin, no one. We're archrivals! Our paths are destined to 
    Cordelia: Destiny doesn't need your help, and Chrom doesn't need a rival. 
    Stop bothering him. Let the man concetrate on winning this war.
    Vaike: Bothering him?! He loves sparrin' with ol' Teach! Ain't turned me down 
    Cordelia: That's because you corner him and refuse to go away until he 
    agrees. Hear me, Vaike. If you hold any love for Chrom, you will let this go.
    Vaike: Hmm... The Vaike is starting to think this ain't about Chrom at all-
    it's about YOU!
    Cordelia: Oh, for the love of... Fine then. If it`s a duel you want, I accept 
    your challenge.
    Vaike: ...YOU? Bwa ha ha ha ha!
    Cordelia: That's right. If you want to fight Chrom, you have to go through me 
    Vaike: Oh, I get it-you think you can weaken me so I'll lose when I take on 
    Chrom after? Hah! I could take the two of you with both hands tied behind my 
    back! Let's go, sister!
    Vaike B
    Vaike: GYAAA! I almost had Chrom that time.... I was so close!
    Cordelia: No matter how often you lose, you never give up, do you? It's 
    almost... admirable. But why do you insist on using an axe? Chrom has the 
    advantage with his sword.
    Vaike: Pshaw. I don't go in for that weapon-matchup mumbo jumbo. If I start 
    thinkin' on the battlefield, I'm done for! I stick with what I know: 
    instinct, brute strength, and the stupidity to keep fightin'!
    Cordelia: Do you really want to beat Chrom?
    Vaike: What do you think?!
    Cordelia: I've been watching you fight. You have the ability and talent, no 
    doubt. But it's obvious you never learned the basics. Too pigheaded, I'm 
    Vaike: Hey, who you calling a pig?! I wash all the time!
    Cordelia: There are better ways to fight than swinging the axe wildly around 
    your head. If you like, I can show you some techniques.
    Vaike: You really think you can help me beat Chrom?
    Cordelia: I can give you the tools. It's up to you to make them work.
    Vaike: Well, I got nothin' to lose. Let's do it!
    Cordelia: I should warn you, though... I don't go easy on my students.
    Vaike: Well I should warn you: you ain't never had a student like the Vaike!
    Vaike A
    Cordelia: Phew. Let's take a breather.
    Vaike: *Pant, pant* S-s-so soon...? B-but I can... keep... going...
    Cordelia: Bold words... if we ignore the fact that you can barely gasp them 
    out. Rest and recovery are important parts of training. So now, we rest.
    Vaike: *Wheeze* Well, if... if you insist... I'll... just sit here... on the 
    ground. Blistering bulls... I'm damn near dead...
    Cordelia: I must say, Vaike, you've impressed me. I didn't expect so much in 
    such a short period of time.
    Vaike: Me either! I never had much patience for learnin' the basics... But 
    you make it kinda fun. I'm pickin' up stuff I'd never learn alone. Hmm... I 
    guess my way isn't always the best way after all.
    Cordelia: Why, how very unlike the Vaike to recognize that.
    Vaike: Takes a real man to admit when he's wrong! ...Or consider it, I guess.
    Cordelia: In any case, I'm very pleased with your progress.
    Vaike: There is one thing that's botherin' me, though...
    Cordelia: What's that?
    Vaike: Well, you know how me and Chrom are archrivals of destiny and fate? By 
    teaching me, aren't you helpin' to take him down in a way?
    Cordelia: By making you stronger, I help Chrom to grow strong as well. Only 
    by being challenged can we hope to better ourselves.
    Vaike: Hmm... Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
    Cordelia: The Shepherds need everyone at their best, and that includes you. 
    So your training is actually for the benefit of everyone.
    Vaike: Gads! When it comes to usin' yer noggin, you could give Avatar a run!
    Cordelia: It's only because you never use your own head that we all seem so 
    Vaike: Hey, now wait just one-
    Cordelia: Looks like someone has his wind back! Shall we get back to work, 
    Vaike: Yes, ma'am!
    Cordelia: Remember: this is REAL training. I won't be going easy on you.
    Vaike: Gimme everything you got! The Vaike's gotta defeat Chrom!
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Har har, yes! Didja see that?! I won a round against Chrom! I mean, he 
    won too, so I guess it's technically a draw. But still!
    Cordelia: I did see- it was quite the spectacle. Both of you fought to your 
    Vaike: The sword's not my first choice, but I SWORE I'd win eventually! 
    'Sides, I reckon beatin' Chrom was the only way to cut through your heart's 
    Cordelia: ...What are you talking about?
    Vaike: Maybe it's time you stop waitin' on Chrom. There're others just as 
    Cordelia: I... I have no idea what you are talking about. And furthermore-
    Vaike: And when I say "worthy," I'm talkin' about the Vaike, natch! What say 
    ya turn some'a that single-minded devotion my way?
    Cordelia: B-but, I'm still not sure I properly understand...
    Vaike: You've got passion, and I got passion! I'm thinin' we can fan each 
    other's fires and really set things ablaze! ...Here, I want ya to have this.
    Cordelia: ...This is a ring. Vaike, are you...proposing?
    Vaike: It's custom made, ya know? Had it crafted a while ago. I was hopin' I 
    might knock Chrom outta your heart. And, well... I guess I'm still hoping. 
    What do you say? I got a chance or what?
    Cordelia: I, er... Well... What I want to say is... Yes, Vaike. Yes.
    Vaike: Truly? You'll marry me?! Gods blow me down if this ain't the best day 
    of the Vaike's whole life!
    Cordelia: Well the Cordelia feels the exact same way, hee hee...
    A7. Kellam C
    Cordelia: ...Good. It seems that I have gone undetected.
    Kellam: Oh, hey, Cordelia. What are you doing?
    Cordelia: K-Kellam?! How long have you been there? ...Gods, but it's 
    impossible to do anything in secret with this guy hovering around.
    Kellam: Sorry, did you say something? I didn't mean to interrupt your 
    Cordelia: Ah, it's fine. Don't worry about it. It's my fault I got caught.
    Kellam: Practicing your stealth moves, eh? Are you planning some sort of 
    covert op?
    Cordelia: A good warrior should never neglect the chance to practice ALL her 
    skills. You never know when they might come in handy.
    Kellam: Wow, Cordelia. You're so dedicated.
    Cordelia: Yes, but when it comes to stealth, you have us all beat.
    Kellam: Yes, but I don't know if that counts. It's not like I practice or 
    anything. People just seem to... overlook me.
    Cordelia: Oh, come now. There must be SOMETHING special that you do!
    Kellam: Not really. I just kind of stand here and fade into the background. 
    Anyway, I'd better be on my way. Good luck with your training.
    Cordelia: Kellam, wait! I wanted to talk more about- How does he DO that?! 
    You'd think that armor would be a big clanking giveaway...
    Kellam B
    Cordelia: *Pant* O-okay, I think I did it...
    Kellam: Hello, Cordelia. Are you practicing your stealth moves again?
    Cordelia: Kellam, there you are! Listen, I think I've got the hang of this 
    now. I just circled the whole camp without being spotted by anyone!
    Kellam: Really? Oh, well done! That must have been hard.
    Cordelia: But here's the thing: I made a count of everyone, and I never found 
    Kellam: That's because I was on guard duty patrolling the camp's perimeter.
    Cordelia: What?! B-but I was sneaking AROUND the perimeter! I didn't see you 
    anywhere! Are you sure you weren't taking a nap in one of the tents? I won't 
    Kellam: No, I was on the perimeter. I even saw you when you hid behind that 
    raspberry bush.
    Cordelia: Wait. You SAW me circling the camp? Then I didn't... Then I 
    wasn't... Oh, blast it all!
    Kellam: Aw, don't be glum. It's hard to be stealthy when you stand out as 
    much as you do.
    Cordelia: You think I stand out?
    Kellam: Well, I mean, you're just so pretty, and you have that long hair, 
    Cordelia: That's it. I'm getting a haircut.
    Kellam: Oh, no! Please don't do that!
    Cordelia: I'm just joking, Kellam. Don't worry. But... thanks for the 
    Kellam: Oh, um... You're welcome.
    Kellam A
    Kellam: Hmm... I haven't seen Cordelia all day. I wonder if she's practicing 
    her stealth moves again?
    Cordelia: Correct!
    Kellam: GYAAAH! How long have you been there?!
    Cordelia: Yes! Nailed it! I finally managed to sneak up and catch you 
    unawares! Gods, but that took forever.
    Kellam: Congratulations!
    Cordelia: Well, I still can't just disappear at will like you can.
    Kellam: I find it helps to turn sideways. But sometimes I just stand there.
    Cordelia: I'll never have that skill, no matter how much I practice.
    Kellam: Why are you so worried about stealth? You have lots of other skills.
    Cordelia: Oh, I have lots of skills, all right. But I haven't mastered any of 
    them. I just wish there was ONE thing I could be better at than anyone else!
    Kellam: Aw, I bet there is. Just let me think... Oh, I know! You're better at 
    being able to do more things than anyone else!
    Cordelia: That's... not quite what I had in mind.
    Kellam: But it's an amazing skill! You learn new things nearly every day, 
    right? That means you're the best at being average at everything!
    Cordelia: Um... okay? I suppose that IS something to be proud of, huh?
    Kellam S
    Kellam: *Pant, pant* Okay. This time I won't blink for 17 minutes. Ready... 
    Cordelia: That's quite a workout, Kellam.
    Kellam: My eyes! They burn! ...Oh! Hi, Cordelia. I'm practicing the exercises 
    you used to see me.
    Cordelia: I never expected that I'd be teaching them to you one day! But I 
    kind of like it. It's fun to have a secret training partner.
    Kellam: I think it's fun that someone actually talks to me. Which is why I 
    went out and made you this ring.
    Cordelia: Oh, Kellam, this is beautiful! Did you really craft this?
    Kellam: Yep. It's probably not worth much, but there's only one like it in 
    the whole world.
    Cordelia: I didn't know you could make jewelry!
    Kellam: Well, I can't really. But I tried my very best. It took a lot of 
    trial and error, but...
    Cordelia: You did all that for me?
    Kellam: I... I really like you, Cordelia! More than anyone! Not to mention, 
    you can actually see me. So, I got to thinking, and, um... Well, I'd really 
    like you to accept this, and... you know, be my...
    Cordelia: Oh, dear. Kellam, I'm so sorry. I don't know how to say this...
    Kellam: Uh-oh.
    Cordelia: Just kidding. YES! Yes, yes, and yes again! I accept your proposal!
    Kellam: Oh, y-you do? Gosh, that's great! I kinda thought you'd turn me down.
    Cordelia: Now why would I do that?
    Kellam: Oh, you know. Because I'm kind of a wet leaf of lettuce...
    Cordelia: You'll have to ditch that attitude if you want to be MY husband, 
    Kellam: R-right! You got it!
    A7. Lon'qu C
    Cordelia: Lon'qu, we`re about to hold the war council. It`s time to return to 
    Lon'qu: Very well. ...Er, may I ask you something?
    Cordelia: Of course.
    Lon'qu: Why did you come to my assistance in our most recent battle?
    Cordelia: Well, you were beset by foes and looked as if you needed the help.
    Lon'qu: I see. You are not wrong in this. I would like to settle the debt 
    quickly. Is there anything you need?
    Cordelia: It's hardly a debt, Lon'qu. We're on the same side. But I see 
    you're serious, so let me see... I'd love to get some fencing lessons, but I 
    suppose that's not possible. I mean, what with your crippling phobia of 
    standing near women.
    Lon'qu: Er...
    Cordelia: By the way, does this phobia mean you can't help me on the 
    battlefield, either?
    Lon'qu: No. In the heat of battle, I am able to overcome my... inclinations.
    Cordelia: Well, that's a relief. I'd hate to think you'd stand there while 
    some brigand ram me through.
    Lon'qu: If you ever require assistance, you need only say the word.
    Cordelia: I'll keep that in mind!
    Lon'qu B
    Lon'qu: What has happened to my oaken practice sword?
    Cordelia: Oh, I replaced the blade. The old one had a split in it.
    Lon'qu: How diligent of you.
    Cordelia: No one had checked the training equipment since the start of this 
    campaign. I took it upon myself to sort though the wooden blades, shields, 
    and dummies.
    Lon'qu: I see.
    Cordelia: Er, Lon'qu? Did you know that sweat is puring down your face?
    Lon'qu: Yes, of course. I was just finishing my leg strengthening drills.
    Cordelia: Well, it's good timing, because I have a fresh pile of towels from 
    the laundry. I'll leave one here for you.
    Lon'qu: ......
    Cordelia: Right then! To the sound of thunderous gratitude, I'll go and 
    prepare supper. You like cabbage stew, don't you?
    Lon'qu: It is my favorite dish. Are you the one who keeps preparing it at 
    every meal?
    Cordelia: Oh, so you DID notice! Yes, that's me. I like to keep morale up by 
    serving little treats now and then. Anyway, see you at supper!
    Lon'qu: You help people even when they don't know it? ...Wait. Let someone 
    else cook tonight. It's time for your first fencing lesson.
    Cordelia: Er, what about the whole pathological fear of women thing?
    Lon'qu: I shall instruct you from a distance. Now tell me what you wish to 
    Cordelia: Why, that's downright gentlemanly of you.
    Lon'qu A
    Cordelia: Hmm? Someone tidied up all the practice equipment. Also the 
    laundry's been brought in, and supper is on the boil. What manner of 
    witchcraft is this?!
    Lon'qu: I did these things.
    Cordelia: You?!
    Lon'qu: Yes. I discovered a problem during our fencing lesson. You are too 
    worried about everything else going on in this camp. This means you are 
    incapable of the proper focus required for fencing. I have removed the 
    distractions so that you might concentrate properly.
    Cordelia: Oh, er. Right. I see.
    Lon'qu: Ungh...
    Cordelia: Lon'qu? What's happening? What are you doing? You just went pale!
    Lon'qu: I am steeling myself for our next session. It's a complicated 
    procedure that cannot be shouted from a distance. I must... approach you... 
    and hold your arm... to show you how... to perform the action...
    Cordelia: Gracious, Lon'qu! If it's so stressful, we can skip the lesson.
    Lon'qu: N-no! I owe you... a debt... Just... watch well. I don't want... to 
    do this again.
    Cordelia: You have my undivided attention!
    Lon'qu S
    Cordelia: Hi-yah! Gwaah!
    Lon'qu: Interesting. You adapted my moves and wrought them into something 
    new. The result is a new fencing art entirely of your own devising
    Cordelia: It's going to be incredibly useful in the battles to come. And I 
    couldn't have done it without your help, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: ...... Who do you intend to protect with this new skill of yours?
    Cordelia: Why, my comrades, of course. Everyone in this army.
    Lon'qu: You lie. I have watched you in battle. You have eyes for only one 
    You are in love with Chrom.
    Cordelia: I did love him, once. For the longest time...
    Lon'qu: You speak as if that was in the past. Has your heart changed?
    Cordelia: Actually, yes. It has. Now you tell me something, Lon'qu. Why do 
    you care about my heart?
    Lon'qu: Er...
    Cordelia: No, wait. I'm not finished yet. You've given me help and fencing 
    lessons under the guise of repaying a debt. But I told you you owed me 
    nothing. So what is the real reason?
    Lon'qu: That was the reason. ...At least in the beginning.
    Cordelia: You overcame your phobia of me while performing countless menial 
    chores... I would know your reason for this, sir.
    Lon'qu: I am not a man who... expresses himself well with words. Perhaps this 
    gift will tell you what you want to know.
    Cordelia: Let me see--- Ah, a ring! Oh, and what a nice big stone! So many 
    carats... Wow...
    Lon'qu: Put that loupe away! If you don't want the ring, discard it and we 
    will speak no more of this.
    Cordelia: I don't want to throw it away, Lon'qu! I want to WEAR it.
    Lon'qu: You do? Then...?
    Cordelia: Yes, Lon'qu. I've fallen in love with you as well. And I'd be happy 
    to marry you.
    Lon'qu: Even in my wildest dreams I dared not hope that you'd say yes.
    Cordelia: Heh. Yes, and you're stuck with me now, I fear. But don't worry. I 
    think we're going to be very happy together!
    A7. Donnel C
    Donnel: The sun is gold, them clouds is white! Land's far below, 'cause I'm 
    in flight!
    Cordelia: I never thought to hear that song sung by a simple villager.
    Donnel: Hey, Cordelia! Reckon ya know that song too, huh?
    Cordelia: Any pegasus knight worth her wings knows that one, Donnel. But I 
    had always thought it was nearly unknown outside the order.
    Donnel: A lady visited my village- donkey's years ago, it- and taught me the 
    words. I confess I don't really get what it's about, exactly... But it's a 
    rousin' tune that makes me think of bravery and valiant derrin'-do!
    Cordelia: Well, it IS about bravery. It celebrates the exploits of one of 
    history's greates pegasus knights.
    Donnel: Well, ain't that somethin'?
    Cordelia: Yes. She lived back in the legendary time of the first exalt of 
    Ylisse. She was his greatest knight and his most stalwart defender. She 
    watched over him like the sun itself, swooping down to dispatch foes. The 
    slow, heavy knights feared her aerial dance most of all. At night they 
    huddled together and told tales of a death-dealing lance from the sky.
    Donnel: Gosh! She sounds might impressive.
    Cordelia: Oh, she was. But she was more than just a warrior. She had the 
    courage of a demon, yes, but the heart of an angel. They say the people loved 
    her even more than she loved the exalt. In fact, for every foe she defeated, 
    she won two more to her side with her charisma.
    Donnel: Golly! Tough as a badger, but charmn' as an old fox! Reckon I can see 
    why they wrote such a fine song for her.
    Cordelia: They built statues, too- one of which still stands in the Ylissean 
    capital. I could take you there to see it after the war, if you would like.
    Donnel: Ya bet yer gold teeth I would! It's a date, Cordelia!
    Donnel B
    Donnel: Cordelia, I was hopin' ya might spin me more yarns 'bout that pegasus 
    Cordelia: Heh. Seems like I piqued your curiosity.
    Donnel: Piqued and pricked it, too! I think I'm fallin' in love with her!
    Cordelia: Well, keep this under your hat, but it's long been my dream to 
    become just like her. I'm truly delighted that you're as interested in her 
    life as I am! ...Although needless to say, I'm nowhere close to realizing my 
    dream. They'd probably laugh me out of the Shepherds if they knew.
    Donnel: She must'a been mighty special if a gal as amazin' as you can't 
    measure up.
    Cordelia: Oh, I'm not amazing, Donnel. I'm actually a very ordinary knight 
    and woman.
    Donnel: Aw, donkey dung! You're amazin' in more ways than I could ever count!
    Cordelia: Stop that. You shouldn't try to flatter me- charming thought it may 
    Donnel: I ain't flattern' ya, Cordelia! Cross my heart and hope to spit! And 
    to prove it, I'm gonna start listn' 10 good things about ya every day!
    Cordelia: Er, every day?
    Donnel: Yep! Monday to Sunday, no days off!
    Cordelia: Well, this should be amusing. I wonder how long you'll last.
    Donnel: Oh, just you wait. I can do this for ages!
    Donnel A
    Donnel: Welp, let's see... Beautiful, kind, strong, wise... Um, beautiful...
    Cordelia: You said beautiful twice. Not to mention, you've listed all those 
    other things before as well.
    Donnel: W-wait! I ain't done yet! Mmm... thinkn' hard... Mmmmmnnn... Ya got a 
    huge nose!
    Cordelia: ...That's not a compliment.
    Donnel: It ain't?
    Cordelia: Look, just admit that you've run out of good things to say about 
    me. I'm still impressed you managed to keep it going for so long. I'm 
    starting to think perhaps I AM a little bit amazing!
    Donnel: I told ya that already! Loads's times! Fact is, the more I get to 
    know ya, the more amazin' I think ya are.
    Cordelia: Well, I've never been quite so flattered in my life, that's for 
    sure. ...And as a little thank-you gift, I made you this.
    Donnel: What is it? A letter?
    Cordelia: We've been spenting a lot of time together, and I've grown to know 
    you quite well. So I drew up my own list, for you.
    Donnel: Gosh! That's a lot of writtn'! ...Them's all my good points?
    Cordelia: Oh, no. Those are your faults.
    Donnel: ...Oh. Ain't quite what I was expectin', but... Hmmm... Yup. Okay, I 
    see... Yikes, there's a second page... And a third?!
    Cordelia: Flattery is well and good, but we must know our faults if we want 
    to grow. So I made this list to help you, and I want you to do the same for 
    me. Then I can fix my weaknesses and make myself a new pegasus knight of 
    Donnel: Well, if that's what ya want, I reckon I'll give it my best. But I've 
    gotta warn ya, it ain't gonna be easy findn' fault with you!
    Donnel S
    Donnel: *Cough* Er, Cordelia?
    Cordelia: Yes, Donnel. What is it?
    Donnel: It's about that list ya asked me to make. The one about yer bad 
    points? Well, I, er... thought up a couple'a things.
    Cordelia: Excellent! Come then, show them to me. ...Ah, yes, good. You have 
    quite a lot.
    Donnel: Yeah, but actually... That ain't why I wanted to talk at ya.
    Cordelia: Oh?
    Donnel: What I'm really here for is to give ya this here ring.
    Cordelia: Oh. What's it for?
    Donnel: Well, I guess I'm hopin' you'll wear it. I've been spendin' a lot of 
    time thinkin' about ya. Both good points and bad. And frankly, I ain't had 
    much time lately to do anythin' else.
    Cordelia: ...Ah. I think I understand now. This is an engagement ring, isn't 
    Donnel: Yep.
    Cordelia: Well, what a coincidence. I have something for you, too.
    Donnel: Ya do?
    Cordelia: Let me just grab it right... Oof! ...Here.
    Donnel: Creepin' carrots, this is heavy! How much paper ya use in this stack?
    Cordelia: I've spent a great deal of time listing your good and bad points. 
    That's my final report.
    Donnel: Gosh! Ya came up with way more stuff than the last time... S'pose I 
    got a whole mess'a things to fix this time, huh?
    Cordelia: Quite a few, yes. I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, as you 
    Donnel: Aw, horse pucky! What'n the heck was I thinkn'? I'm just some dumb 
    farm boy what tried to marry a pegasus knight!
    Cordelia: Oh, dear. It seems I missed one of your faults. Here, give me that. 
    I'll just write on the last page... "Comes to hasty conclusions."
    Donnel: ...Reckon I'm a hair confused.
    Cordelia: Oh, I already have "easily confused." It's back on page 19. But 
    anyway, what makes you think I'm turning down your proposal?
    Donnel: Ain't it obvious? Look at this huge list of stuff about me what needs 
    Cordelia: When you were thinking of my faults and strengths, you fell in love 
    with me. ...Right? Well, I think the same thing happened to me when I was 
    making your lists.
    Donnel: And you started likin' me in spite'a all... THIS?
    Cordelia: I did indeed. And so, Donnel, yes. I accept your proposal.
    Donnel: Yeeeeee-haw!
    Cordelia: Of course, once we're married, we'll likely have to expand these 
    lists a great deal. Getting to know you will be an adventure- I'll have to 
    remember to sharpen my quill!
    Donnel: Er, yeah. An adventure! ...Definitely. Ha ha... yeargh.
    A7. Ricken C
    Cordelia: Ricken, how are you feeling? Are your little legs tired from all 
    the marching?
    Ricken: Hey, I'm not a child, you know.
    Cordelia: Apologies. I didn't mean to imply that you were a child. I'm just 
    worried you might be overdoing it. There's no shame in admitting you need the 
    rest- we all get tired sometimes.
    Ricken: Not you! You're always full of beans! I've never heard you complain 
    once. I don't know how you keep going all the time without stopping...
    Cordelia: It would take a lot more marching than this to wear me out, I 
    assure you.
    Ricken: Ha! I know. I could march all day!
    Cordelia: Then why are your legs still quivering like pudding?
    Ricken: M-my legs are NOT quivering like pudding!
    Cordelia: Ricken, you can barely stand. If the enemy were to fall upon us 
    now, you'd be dead. Listen, when we set off again, I want you to ride in one 
    of the convoy wagons. You might even have time for a quick nap. You could use 
    Ricken: Hey, I don't need a nap! I'm not a-
    Cordelia: Once you're feeling better, I need your help with some camp chores. 
    But you're no good to me right now. So sleep. And that's an order!
    Ricken: Fiiiiiine. Sheesh.
    Cordelia: Goodness. THAT was difficult...
    Ricken B
    Ricken: Er, Cordelia? Thanks for before. I have to admit, I was pretty beat 
    up from all that marching.
    Cordelia: Are you feeling better now?
    Ricken: Much better! I don't know why I was being so stubborn. That was dumb. 
    You know, you sure do spend a lot of time worrying about everyone else, 
    Cordelia: I like to think that's my most important role here. Once in the 
    past, I tried to do too much, and got myself into trouble as a result. At 
    that time, it was Chrom who stepped in and rescued me from myself. If it 
    hadn't been for him, I don't know what would have happened...
    Ricken: So you used to be young and foolish, too? Hard to imagine!
    Cordelia: We all were. But now that I'm older and wiser, it's my turn to help 
    Ricken: Yeah! And now that I'M older and wiser, I'm gonna help people out as 
    well. First thing I'll do is go around camp and remind everyone not to be 
    Cordelia: Everyone? Including me?
    Ricken: Okay, okay. Maybe not EVERYONE...
    Ricken A
    Cordelia: Ricken, you've been busy lately, haven't you?
    Ricken: Yep! I've been working my fingers to the bone.
    Cordelia: You really have grown into a reliable young man! Color me 
    Ricken: Heh. That's the first time you've ever called me a man.
    Cordelia: Do you mind?
    Ricken: Only if it's just idle compliments. ...Which that probably was.
    Cordelia: A man grown, and a clever one to boot! Clearly, I must work on my 
    Ricken: I knew it!
    Cordelia: Don't be upset, Ricken. You've come a long way in a short time. 
    You're far ahead of most people twice your age.
    Ricken: I just wish people would treat me like the man I am, you know? I 
    mean, I know I'm younger than most folks here, and smaller, but still...
    Cordelia: Respect is earned in time, Ricken. Try to force it, and you'll end 
    up passed out from exhaustion on a baggage wagon.
    Ricken: Yeah, I know...
    Cordelia: Still, if you're determined to improve yourself, that's half the 
    Ricken: It is? Great!
    Cordelia: Keep working at it, and someday you'll be more powerful than me!
    Ricken: Hey! I told you to stop with the idle flattery!
    Ricken S
    Ricken: Hey, Cordelia? Can we talk?
    Cordelia: Of course, Ricken. What's on your mind?
    Ricken: I was wondering what kind of person I am to you. I mean, how do you 
    see me? Do you still think I'm some ignorant kid who can't be trusted to wash 
    his own ears?
    Cordelia: Why do you ask?
    Ricken: Well, er... I was kind of hoping you'd accept his gift.
    Cordelia: ...A ring?
    Ricken: It has my family's crest on it, right there. It's our most treasured 
    Cordelia: And you want to give it to me?
    Ricken: Listen, I know that you're smitten with Chrom. Heck, everyone does! 
    But I like you far more than he ever will, Or could, for that matter! So I 
    was thinking that perhaps we could get... you know, married?
    Cordelia: Wow, I... I wasn't expecting anything like this. I don't know what 
    to say. Honestly, I've always thought of you as something of a kid brother.
    Ricken: Well, I'm not your brother, Cordelia. I'm nearly a grown man. And now 
    I'm asking you to look at me as the man who's fallen in love with you.
    Cordelia: You still seem young to me, Ricken. But when I look to the 
    Ricken: Yes?
    Cordelia: I see you becoming something amazing. My equal, my partner, and my 
    Ricken: Does this mean...?
    Cordelia: Yes. I accept your ring.
    Ricken: Yippee! We're going to get married! I can't wait for the ceremony!
    Cordelia: But wait we must. There'll be no ceremony until you come of age.
    Ricken: Oh, all right. But meanwhile, I'll do all I can to be the man you 
    dreamed of. Plus, you'll be around to make sure I become strong, right?
    Cordelia: Of course. Although I'm starting to wonder if I have anything left 
    to teach you. You've already made me proud, Ricken. I'm looking forward to 
    our future!
    A7. Gaius C
    Cordelia: Ah, Gaius. Weren't you wearing those exact clothes yesterday?
    Gaius: That a problem?
    Cordelia: And unless I'm very much mistaken, you also wore them the day 
    before that.
    Gaius: Yeah, well, this is my favorite outfit. Why are you so interested in 
    my attire? You fancy me or something?
    Cordelia: I'm simply trying to offer a piece of friendly advice here. Perhaps 
    you don't realize that you took and smell like the floor of a tavern. That 
    shirt is covered in honey, and the less said of your pantaloons the better.
    Gaius: Oh. Actually, uh, I hadn't noticed.
    Cordelia: Not to mention your hair needs a trim and you have crumbs stuck on 
    your face. ...And is that a turkey leg I see sticking out of your pocket?! 
    Heavens, Gaius! Don't you care about your appearance at all?
    Gaius: Well, as long as it's not slowing me down on the battlefield, right? 
    I'm not some fancywaist who needs to strut about like a peacock
    Cordelia: Well, perhaps you should consider it regardless.
    Gaius: All right, all right. Message received. I'll put on some new clothes, 
    Cordelia: Don't forget to comb your hair. And wash those old clothes in 
    vinegar, or you'll never get the smell out.
    Gaius: ...I'm going now.
    Cordelia: Once washed, if you want to reduce he wrinkles, take a willow reed 
    and... Hey! Don't walk away when I'm talking about laundry!
    Gaius B
    Cordelia: Gaius! Isn't that the same outfit you were wearing yesterday?
    Gaius: Yeah, but it was CLEAN yesterday. One extra day won't kill me, right?
    Cordelia: And have you combed your hair?
    Gaius: Er, no. But I DID dunk my head in a watering trough a couple nights 
    ago. Why do you care so much, anyway?
    Cordelia: Because.
    Gaius: Er, because why?
    Cordelia: By the way, don't think you can run off again in the middle of our 
    conversation. I have my pegasus saddled and waiting, and we WILL hunt you 
    Gaius: Crivens. Are all your chats this happy and carefree, or am I a special 
    Cordelia: No, just you. Now come over here and let me trim that hair.
    Gaius: I suppose I'm not getting out of this, am I? All right, do your worst. 
    but you still haven't explained why you're so obsessed with my grooming.
    Cordelia: Because you are one of Chrom's staunchest and most valuable allies. 
    *Snip* Turn your head a little, please... Thaaaank you.
    Gaius: Staunchy ally, eh? I like the sound of that. All right. Message 
    received. I'll dress like a dandy so as not to make Chrom look bad. Oh, and I 
    like the sides short, if you'd be so kind.
    Cordelia: *Snip* Already on it. Oh, and before I forget, use this soap when 
    you launder your clothes. You have stains dating back to the dark ages, but 
    this should get them out.
    Gaius: I'll wash them so bright, it'll hurt your eyes to look at me...
    Cordelia: We'll see.
    Gaius: Hey, now. How about showing a bit of trust for your staunchy ally?
    Cordelia: Trust is earned, my dear Gaius. Especially when it comes to 
    Gaius A
    Cordelia: Oh, Gaius... What a sight you are!
    Gaius: Huh? Aw, now what?! I combed my hair as soon as I got up, and these 
    clothes are fresh out of the stream!
    Cordelia: You look very presentable.
    Gaius: So if my hair is fixed, and my clothes are clean, what's the problem? 
    I'm doing my best here, Cordelia.
    Cordelia: Oh, no, you misunderstand me. What I mean is, you look so smart and 
    serious. You look like a grown man.
    Gaius: Oh. Uh... yeah. Guess I'll take that as a compliment. Although, I 
    appreciate the help, even if I didn't at first.
    Cordelia: Really? You're actually grateful?
    Gaius: Yeah, and to prove it, I bought you this ribbon down at the market. 
    You know. For days you don't have time for a proper hair wash.
    Cordelia: Oh, er, thank you. I suppose I have been neglecting my own 
    appearance somewhat.
    Gaius: It's because you're too busy worrying about how everyone else is 
    doing! But don't worry. Now that I'm cock of the walk, I can help out once in 
    a while.
    Cordelia: Er, yes. I suppose--
    Gaius: It'd be a shame for a beautful woman like yourself to look less than 
    her best.
    Cordelia: I see all that cleaning didn't scrub the silver from your tongue...
    Gaius S
    Gaius: Er, Cordelia? Do you have a moment?
    Cordelia: Yes. What can I do for you?
    Gaius: ...Hey, you're wearing my ribbon!
    Cordelia: Hee hee. You noticed?
    Gaius: Sure. Although you always look beautiful to me, with or without it.
    Cordelia: You can be very charming when you put your mind to it, Gaius.
    Gaius: Only to you, Cordelia. Anyway, I was wondering if you have time to 
    give me a trim.
    Cordelia: Again? But I just gave you one the other day.
    Gaius: Sure, but don't you think it's getting a bit shaggy? Look here, over 
    my ears...
    Cordelia: Well, I suppose there are a few stray strands here and there.
    Gaius: Hmm...
    Cordelia: Um, why are you clutching my hand?
    Gaius: Just checking the size for this... riiight... here.
    Cordelia: Oh, what a lovely ring! Did you make it yourself?
    Gaius: Yeah, but I wasn't sure about your size. Glad to see it fits. See, 
    because now that I'm all cleaned up, I thought you might want to... be with 
    Cordelia: Is this a proposal, Gaius?
    Gaius: Look, I'm no Chrom, and I won't pretend to try to convince you 
    otherwise. But I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try to win 
    you over. So what do you say, Cordelia? Will you marry me?
    Cordelia: How very sly of you to slip the ring on before I had a chance to 
    argue. But it IS very beautiful... I would hate to take it off again.
    Gaius: I'll take a yes out of laziness. I'm not picky.
    Cordelia: Then yes, Gaius. I would be thrilled to be your wife.
    Gaius: Sweet! This'll save me a load in barber's fees... Ha ha. Kidding! 
    ...Just kidding, dear. You won't regret this, Cordelia.
    A7. Gregor C
    Cordelia: *Sigh* Oh, how can I ever make him love me?
    Gregor: The sound of lovelorn sigh sends shivers down spine of Gregor!
    Cordelia: Eek! G-Gregor? What are you doing lurking in the shadows?
    Gregor: To be prepared is big part of battle. Is true in war. And love! If we 
    were love-fighting, this first skirmish go to Gregor.
    Cordelia: A brazen statement for one you have barely even met! And what does 
    sneaking up on people have to do with love?
    Gregor: Is good that Cordelia want to learn! Gregor will enlighten. On 
    battlefield of love, to be adored is to have high ground. Surprise attack can 
    lay groundwork for great success.
    Cordelia: Aren't you taking this "love is war" metaphor a little far?
    Gregor: Surprise attack leaves heart's fortress unmanned, yes? Then gates can 
    be knocked over with battering ram of charm! Heart is then defenseless for 
    final assault.
    Cordelia: ...I see. You've clearly given this a great deal of thought.
    Gregor: Gregor more clever than he looks. Now you can also be victor in love!
    Cordelia: Yes, sir!
    Gregor: Hmm... Gregor hope he not just bite off more than he can be 
    Gregor B
    Cordelia: Gregor? Hello? Are you there, Gregor?
    Gregor: Oy, why you having long face like horsey just died? Did surprise 
    assault on fortress of love meet with horrible failure?
    Cordelia: H-how did you know?
    Gregor: Gregor is already telling you! He is very wise in matters of love.
    Cordelia: So what am I doing wrong?
    Gregor: To make other people love you is easier saying than doing, yes?
    Cordelia: Especially if you're a boring stick-in-the-mud like me.
    Gregor: No, no, love is coming to everyone sooner or later. Just need 
    practice, yes?
    Cordelia: Yeah, and I apparently need a lot of practice. I tried the surprise 
    attack you talked about earlier, and he just got mad. I probably shouldn't 
    have leapt out of the bushes in a Risen mask...
    Gregor: Is not concern! Even best plan is failing if pieces on board are 
    wrong type, no?
    Cordelia: Oh, forget it. I'm going to go curl up with a pint of figgy 
    Gregor: Never surrender! Cordelia can win battle! This is Gregor's guarantee. 
    You are beautiful and charming, yes? Maybe attack was overwhelming. Is like 
    sending armored knight to smoosh fly buzzing in kitchen. Instead of smooshy 
    fly, you are getting only pile of broken crockery.
    Cordelia: Oh, this is all so confusing. You have to help me! Please!
    Gregor: Ho ho! Gregor shows how to navigate stormy seas of love to safe 
    Cordelia: Thank you, Gregor. I don't know what I'd do without you.
    Gregor A
    Gregor: There! Gregot outdo himself, no? Cordelia is looking like perfection!
    Cordelia: Er, look, Gregor. I appreciate all your help with this. I really 
    do... I mean, who even knew you could sew or apply makeup? But, um, I'm not 
    sure any of this is going to strike at the real problem...
    Gregor: Eh?
    Cordelia: Shouldn't we have just found out more about the man and what he 
    Gregor: No, is crazy talk! You are like tulip bulb in flower patch, yes? 
    Tulip is only needing water and manure to grow into lovely flower. Tulip does 
    not ask gardener what color she should be, yes? Tulip just grows!
    Cordelia: I'm really starting to lose my grip on your analogies, Gregor.
    Gregor: Gregor knows his way can be very confusing sometimes. But Cordelia 
    have passion and beauty! He knows she can succeed.
    Cordelia: ...Wow. You're quite skilled at pep talks, I'll grant you that. 
    Just be careful you don't get my head too big, or I might just float off!
    Gregor: Woman so charming as you should for sure have huge swollen head! 
    Gregor says you are perfection, and he never wrong about such things. Now go 
    claim victory, yes? Do this for Gregor.
    Cordelia: Y-yes, sir! I won't let you down.
    Gregor: Ah, Gregor... You have let fair woman take your heart while you not 
    looking. ..... *Sigh* Ah, well. Gregor must soldier on...
    Gregor S
    Cordelia: Oh, Gregor!
    Gregor: Cordelia! You must tell Gregor: how did his soldier do on love's 
    Cordelia: A-actually, there's nothing to report. I haven't done anything yet.
    Gregor: Did Gregor not give you enormous confidence boost?
    Cordelia: *Sigh* I know. You've done everything you can, and now it's up to 
    Gregor: That is spirit!
    Cordelia: Well, anyway. Here goes nothing...
    Gregor: I am wishing much luck to you!
    Cordelia: Thank you. Now... Erm... *Cough* I... think I've fallen in love 
    with you...
    Gregor: Ho ho! Is very good! Is exactly how you do it! Not even Gregor can 
    resist charm!
    Cordelia: I was hoping we might see more of each other...and perhaps even get 
    Gregor: Oy! Is so cruel to practice this on Gregor! Cordelia must save 
    proposal for real deal!
    Cordelia: I have been. That was it.
    Gregor: ..... ...Oy, THIS is real deal? You propose to Gregor?!
    Cordelia: I propose to Gregor.
    Gregor: Then man you chase like lovesick puppy all this time was Gregor?
    Cordelia: Not at first, no. But the more time I spent with you, the more I 
    knew I'd been wrong.
    Gregor: Gregor is confused, yes? All this... very not expected.
    Cordelia: You think I'm charming, right?
    Gregor: Like newborn baby napping in litter of tiny kittens!
    Cordelia: And you think I'm pretty, right?
    Gregor: Like sun over field of flowers on a cloudy-less spring day!
    Cordelia: And you like me. Right?
    Gregor: Oh yes. Gregor likes Cordelia very much.
    Cordelia: Then I think you have your answer.
    Gregor: Yes, is right! Gregor and Cordelia should make with the hitching!
    Cordelia: Oh, good! Then I think you owe me a ring.
    Gregor: Gregor have old sock of coins under bed. He buys Cordelia finest ring 
    in land!
    Cordelia: Then Cordelia and Gregor become so much very happy, yes? Hee hee.
    A7. Libra C
    Cordelia: *Grunt* Oomph! These crates... are heavy...
    Libra: Cordelia?
    Cordelia: Gyah?! Oh gods, look out!
    Libra: Oh, I am SO sorry! I started you, didn't I?
    Cordelia: N-no, not at all! I just tripped over this pebble here... It's my 
    fault for carrying too much at once. I couldn't see where I was going.
    Libra: Are you unharmed?
    Cordelia: Yes, thanks. Just a bruised toe.
    Libra: Well, that's good news at least. Here, why don't you let me help you?
    Cordelia: They're very heavy...
    Libra: Not a problem. One... two... Oomph! Now then. Where would you like 
    Cordelia: Well, if it's not too much trouble, I was taking them down this 
    Libra: Lead on, milady! Is here all right?
    Cordelia: Yes, perfect. Thank you. You've been such a help!
    Libra: 'Twas my pleasure. But do you always haul such heavy crates by 
    Cordelia: Well, I hate to bother anyone else, and if I can do it myself, why 
    Libra: That simply won't do. Next time, you must call for me so I can help!
    I won't take no for an answer.
    Cordelia: Oh, well, if you're going to be that insistent about it, then sure!
    Libra B
    Cordelia: *Grunt* Oomph!
    Libra: Cordelia, let me help you!
    Cordelia: Ah, Libra. Thank you. They ARE rather heavy.
    Libra: Every time I see you, you're hard at work on one chore or another.
    Cordelia: In such times of strife, it seems almost immoral to sit around and 
    do nothing.
    Libra: The gods do frown on sloth, it's true. But they also dislike stubborn 
    You mustn't overdo it, Cordelia. You've been rather ashen of late.
    Cordelia: It's true I haven't been sleeping well. Whenever I close my eyes, I 
    can't help thinking horrible thoughts about the future.
    Libra: That is a troublesome thought. Are you eating three square meals?
    Cordelia: Er, sort of?
    Libra: Unacceptable.
    Cordelia: No, I'm fine.
    Libra: Cordelia, put those crates down, and return your billet right away.
    Cordelia: But-
    Libra: No buts!
    Cordelia: ...But I can't leave you to do all this by yourself!
    Libra: That was a but! ...And ironic, coming from you. Who is the woman who 
    insists on doing every job herself? The one too foolish or proud to ask for 
    Corderlia: Er... me?
    Libra: Yes, you. Cordelia, you have to learn to look after yourself. Now get 
    something to eat and lie down! I'll be over later with a concoction.
    Cordelia: Oh, if you insist...
    Libra A
    Libra: Cordelia!
    Cordelia: ...Blast! He found me. Er, hello, Libra!
    Libra: Are you allright? I heard from Lissa that you had a fainting fit.
    Cordelia: Just a little one. And I didn't say anything because I didn't want 
    you to worry.
    Libra: This is not the time to be fretting about MY feelings. How are you 
    feeling now?
    Cordelia: Oh, I'm fine. I even saw a physician, if that makes you feel 
    better. She said I just need to get more rest and drink lots of tea.
    Libra: Well, that's good to hear.
    Cordelia: ...And I AM very sorry.
    Libra: What about?
    Cordelia: For not listening to you. For not taking it easy like you told me 
    Libra: It is not me who you should be apologizing to.
    Cordelia: Who, then?
    Libra: Why, to yourself, of course! You're the one who has to suffer all the 
    exhaustion and pain!
    Cordelia: Uh, sorry, self!
    Libra: You want to help people and be there for them when they need you, 
    But you can't do that if you're working yourself into the ground.
    Cordelia: I just can't help it! I see a job, and then another, and then 
    Libra, would you maybe stay with me and scold me if I try to do too much?
    Libra: I'm afraid scolding isn't in my nature. I'm more of the forgiveness 
    type. What I can do, however, is offer my support and words of wisdom. Some 
    gentle reminders to let you know you're trying to do the impossible.
    Cordelia: I'd be grateful if you would!
    Libra S
    Cordelia: *Grunt* Oomph! This... is... a heavy one...
    Libra: Cordelia! What are you doing! You're supposed to be recovering!
    Cordelia: Oh, hello, Libra. Yes, I'm feeling much better now!
    Libra: Your problem is that you're incapable of not doing anything for five 
    Cordelia: You might be right, at that.
    Libra: Oh, Cordelia. I can't take my eyes of you for more than a minute, can 
    Is there any way to get you to relax?
    Cordelia: Well, I suppose you could just follow me around nonstop!
    Libra: ...Yes. That is indeed the only solution. You're going to have to let 
    me be with you day and night.
    Cordelia: What?! That's absurd!
    Libra: ......
    Cordelia: Er, what I mean is...that would be sort of... odd... Unless we were 
    married, of course. But you don't mean that! ...Or do you?
    Libra: Perhaps this ring will make my intentions clear.
    Cordelia: ...Oh.
    Libra: There are whispers in camp that Chrom rules supreme in your heart. But 
    even so, I could never forgive myself if I did not tell you how I truly felt. 
    So as doomed and foolish as my entreaty may be, I must ask-will you marry me?
    Cordelia: It isn't foolish, Libra. Or doomed, either.
    Libra: It isn't?
    Cordelia: Libra, no one has ever worried as much about my welfare as you 
    You try to stop me working too hard... You rush to my aid when I collapse... 
    I've been thinking how nice it would be if you were always there for me. So 
    nice, in fact, that I will gladly accept your ring!
    Libra: Oh, Cordelia! You have made me so very happy!
    Cordelia: Do you swear to look after me, make me tea, and lug crates until 
    death do us part?
    Libra: I do so swear!
    A7. Henry C
    Cordelia: There. It took a while, but it's finished at last!
    Henry: Hey-o, Cordelia! Whatcha makin' there? Is that a scarf?
    Cordelia: Yes. Who knows when we might be called upon to battle in frigid 
    Henry: Neat! Plegia's all hot and sunny, so there's not much call for 
    scarves. Hey, so I'm no expert, but isn't that more of a man's scarf?
    Cordelia: Er, well, the scarf is actually an item that can be worn by 
    either... Um... It's not for me. It's a present.
    Henry: Oooh, lucky guy. I wish someone would make ME a nice cozy scarf!
    Cordelia: Heh. Well, you can have this one, if you like it that much.
    Henry: Huh? But what about the special fella you were gonna give it to? I 
    don't want an angry boyfriend pounding on my tent flap in the dead of night!
    Cordelia: Well, now that I think about it, the gift probably isn't such a 
    good idea.
    Henry: Aw, but it's so beautifully made! I'm sure he'd love it.
    Cordelia: Yes, but I doubt his wife would.
    Henry: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Say, what if the wife was dead? Could 
    you give it to him then?
    Cordelia: Henry, that's terrible! Never say that again! ..... And in any 
    case, it's a moot point, because I'm giving it to you. ...Thank you, Henry.
    (Cordelia leaves)
    Henry: What a weirdo. Why'd she thank ME for taking HER present?!
    Henry B
    Henry: Hey, Cordelia! Thanks again for the sweet scarf!
    Cordelia: Not at all. I'm glad you like it. *siiiiiigh*
    Henry: Uh-oh. Looks like someone's got a case of the bloody Mondays...
    Cordelia: Ew! ...And I'm fine, really. Just indulging in a little self-pity.
    Henry: That's kind of like making yourself sad on purpose, isn't it? You want 
    help? 'Cause I've got a curse that'll REALLY make you miserab-
    Cordelia: No, thank you! ...I was just moping about the married man I've 
    fallen for. Still, I've no one else to blame but myself, so I have no right 
    to grumble.
    Henry: That's for sure!
    Cordelia: Henry, sometimes you are honest and straightdforward to a fault. 
    You know, I wish I could just decide to stop liking someone.
    Henry: I've got a curse for that, too! One little chant will take your 
    heartache away.
    Cordelia: Truly?
    Henry: Sure! Just tell me who you're yearning for, and I'll pluck the love 
    out like a weed! You'll feel much better, I promise.
    Cordelia: I appreciate the offer, and it IS tempting... But I have to say no.
    Henry: Why?
    Cordelia: No matter how much it pains me, I don't want this love to go away.
    Henry: Huh. So you ARE making yourself sad deliberately!
    Cordelia: I know, Henry. I know...
    Henry A
    Henry: Yikes, I think my arms have gone numb from carrying so much stuff!
    Cordelia: I appreciate your help. I had no idea I'd bought so much until it 
    was too late. It was very good of you to come and escort me around the 
    Henry: so, now that we've been shopping, how's the lovesick heart? Better?
    Cordelia: What do you mean?
    Henry: I asked Lissa for advice, and she told me to take you on a big 
    shopping trip. She said a few hours trying on dresses and armor would fix 
    that broken heart, pronto!
    Cordelia: So this was all a plot to make me feel better, was it? Well, I 
    would never have believed it, but I DO feel better. Thank you.
    Henry: Great! So now that we know shopping works, let's go to the market 
    Cordelia: Er, but we were just there.
    Henry: I can go back and forth all day if that's what it takes! Plus, they 
    had this eyeball in a jar that I wanted to-
    Cordelia: Henry, you're very kind, but I think you've done enough for one 
    Henry: Then how abour some comfort food? Fruit pies and cream? Candy apples? 
    Macaroni and cheese with fried boar crisps and crumbled horse-
    Cordelia: Definitely not! I have to stay in fighting shape. Anyway, it wasn't 
    the shopping that made me feel better- it was being with you.
    Henry: What, really?
    Cordelia: Just knowing that you care enough to help is comfort in itself. We 
    could have done anything and you would have lifted my spirits.
    Henry: I don't really get all this "feelings" stuff, but if you say so. Er, 
    but if you're REALLY grateful, you could join me for a fruit pie...
    Cordelia: Oh, all right. ...But just the one!
    Henry S
    Henry: *Pant* A-avast, fiend! Prepare to wear your guts for garters! *Pant, 
    pant* It's n-no good... I can't even lift the thing...
    Cordelia: Henry, what in the world are you doing with that battle axe?
    Henry: I'm practicing how too look more manly! I figured you might like me 
    better if I was a little bigger and tougher.
    Cordelia: Is this another one of your schemes to make me feel better?
    Henry: Nya ha! No, it's a scheme to make you fall in love with me.
    Cordelia: It's a... Wait, what?
    Henry: I know I'm not as tough or brave or handsome as Chrom, but maybe-
    Cordelia: D-did you just say Chrom?
    Henry: Well, that's the guy you're always pining for, isn't it? That's what 
    Lissa said, anyway. Was she wrong?
    Cordelia: *Sigh* No, she wasn't. Oh, this is so embarrassing! I didn't want 
    anyone to know.
    Henry: Aw, it's okay. I'm just gonna work hard so you end up liking me 
    Cordelia: Henry, you don't have to impress me by trying to be more like 
    Chrom. There's plenty of things about you I already like. ...In fact, I've 
    found myself thinking about you more than Chrom lately.
    Henry: Really?
    Cordelia: You've been so kind and thoughtful and considerate toward me. I'm 
    ashamed I didn't realize you were falling in love with me before my eyes!
    Henry: Well, if you REALLY feel bad about it, you could accept this ring...
    Cordelia: Oh, Henry! I'll gladly accept it! No one knows how to make me happy 
    quite like you...
    A8. Frederick C
    Frederick: Ah, Nowi.
    Nowi: Eeek!
    Frederick: Wh--?! No, wait!
    Nowi: Yes? What is it?
    Frederick: Why did you attempt to flee, milady? Have I done something to 
    anger you?
    Nowi: Last night, I had a nightmare about my basket of fruit being stolen...
    Frederick: Ah. Yes, I see how such a thing might be... Er, except I don't. 
    Why did that make you want to run away?
    Nowi: Because YOU were the thief, and I didn't want to lose any more fruit!
    Frederick: This is unfortunate. I hate to think I wronged you- dream or 
    Perhaps it would clear the air if I offered you my ration of fruit this 
    evening? And I only ask one small thing in return.
    Nowi: For extra fruit, I'll do anything!
    Frederick: Well then, I was hoping we might spend more time together.
    Nowi: ...Yeah, no. That's not worth fruit. Plus you're not really my type.
    Frederick: Milady! I did NOT mean it as a proposal! What a dishonorable idea!
    ...I want you to show me your dragon might.
    Nowi: Huh? But why?
    Frederick: Opportunities to spar with a dragon are few and far between. To 
    get even a taste of dragon combat would be a most valuable experience!
    Nowi: Won't you be all scared and stuff?
    Frederick: That is why I need your help. Fear of the unknown is the fear most 
    Nowi: I'm not sure about this...
    Frederick: ...You'd have two rations of fruit?
    Nowi: Oh, right! I almost forgot! Okay, sure!
    Frederick B
    Nowi: Frederick, are you all right?
    Frederick: *Groan* Y-yes, milady... Completely fine... Such a small burn... I 
    c-can hardly feel it. If I just ignore it, it will heal. Eventually...
    Nowi: Are you sure? I burned off an awful lot of hair. What if it grows back 
    all weird?
    Frederick: Oh. D-does it appear grievous?
    Nowi: Well, it's kind of all frizzy and spiky and sticking out. Hee hee! It's 
    actually pretty funny! Hee hee hee!
    Frederick: Then we had best stop for now and give my body a chance to 
    recover. This has been a very educational experience, thanks to you. I must 
    return to my training while the pain of the wounds remains fresh in my mind.
    Nowi: .......
    Frederick: Are you all right, Nowi? Are you injured?
    Nowi: I'm just thinking how stupid you are! Getting yourself all hurt like 
    that, with no one to look after you properly!
    Frederick: I must put myself through such trails if I am to protect everyone.
    Nowi: But why do you insist on doing it by yourself? You can ask for help!
    Frederick:What are you driving at, milady?
    Nowi: You said you were going to return to training, right? Meaning, on your 
    own? But that'll make you lonely. I should know. Before I came here, I was 
    all alone, too. It makes me sad to see you working and training so hard with 
    no one around you.
    Frederick: Milady, you have a kind and gentle heart. But I couldn't possibly 
    be lonely when those like you are thinking about my welfare.
    Nowi: So you don't feel lonely at all?
    Frederick: Not a bit. So once my wounds have healed, perhaps we can spar once 
    Nowi: Sure! That'll be fun!
    Frederick A
    Frederick: Nowi, are you free? I was hoping we might have another sparring 
    Nowi: But we just had a fight yesterday! AND the day before that!
    Frederick: Yes, but I am so close to anticipating when you unleash a breath 
    Nowi: Oh, okay. If you want to play THAT much... Why are you always so 
    obsessed about getting better at fighting?
    Frederick: I must be strong so I can protect Chrom and our allies. This war 
    demands no less. Also, the more I learn, the more I can pass on to the other 
    Shepherds. This will reduce battlefield casualties and increase the odds of 
    eventual victory.
    Nowi: And it'll make you the biggest hero ever!
    Frederick: Unlikely. And in any case, I do not do this for praise or glory. 
    MY only aim is to ensure that as many of my comrades as possible survive this 
    Nowi: I love being praised more than ANYTHING! Don't you care about the glory 
    even just a little bit?
    Frederick: I am but human, milady-any praise that comes my way is highly 
    appreciated. But approbation and glory cannot by themselves be your goal.
    Nowi: Gosh, you're just like a real knight! But SOMEONE has to tell you how 
    great you are-and it might as well be me! So, er... Well done, Frederick! 
    Good job! You're the best knight ever!
    Frederick: Heh. Why, thank you, Nowi. You remind me of my mother.
    Nowi: Well, don't forget, I AM like several centuries older than you!
    Frederick: Yes, of course. I often forget that you are a wise, mature woman.
    Nowi: Tee hee hee! NOW you're praising ME! And you do it ever so well!
    Frederick: I only speak the truth.
    Nowi: In fact, you're so good at it, I think we should spend more time 
    Frederick: It would be my pleasure!
    Frederick S
    Nowi: Frederick! Let's practice some more. I'll turn into a dragon for you!
    Frederick: Now this is unusual- normally, it is I who challenges you to 
    battle. Has something piqued your interest in our training sessions?
    Nowi: Not really. I just decided that you and me should practice together 
    more often. See, when you try hard, I always remember to praise you and say 
    how brave you are. Even if no one else appreciates all your hard work, I want 
    to make sure I do. And, another thing. When you take a day off, I want to 
    take a day off with you! Then we can keep each other company, and neither of 
    us will ever be alone. We'll get stronger, we'll be able to help out Chrom 
    more, and it'll be fun!
    Frederick: But then we would be spending nearly every waking moment together.
    Nowi: ...You don't hate do you? Please say you don't! Because I really, 
    really, REALLY like you!
    Frederick: I like you, too, Nowi.
    Nowi: No! I don't mean that kind of like. I mean, I LIKE YOU like you.
    Frederick: ...Ah.
    Nowi: I love how you're always working so hard for others, even when you're 
    tired. Plus I love how you're always thinking of ways to protect people. It 
    makes ME want to protect YOU! So, um, do you like me? Like as a woman and all 
    that? 'Cause if you feel about me like I do for you, I... I want you to tell 
    me. Please, Frederick! Don't keep me in suspense!
    Frederick: After such a forthright confession, it would ill behoove me not to 
    answer in kind. In truth, I was planning to do this when I was better 
    prepared... ...But, Nowi, I have in fact fallen in love with you. We have 
    spent so much time together lately, and I came to realize... Well, that you 
    are the most important person in my life.
    Nowi: YAAAAAAAAAY! So I suppose we should get married now, right?
    Frederick: If you will do me the great honor. But unfortunately, I have not 
    yet picked out a suitable ring for you. I shall go to the jeweler in town and 
    order one immediately.
    Nowi: Oh, wait! Before you go, let's have another fight!
    Frederick: Well, I suppose there is always time for just one more...
    A8. Virion C
    Nowi: Ouch! I really scrapped my hands when I slipped back there...
    Virion: I hear a fair maidne in need of medical aid! Shall Virion tend the 
    Nowi: Oh, could you?
    Virion: But of course! A dab of ointment, a small, clean bandage... There! 
    Danger has been thwarted thanks to my speedy and skilled treatment.
    Nowi: Aw, thanks!
    Virion: No need for thanks, sweet Nowi.
    Nowi: Hey, so I've noticed that you keep calling me "sweet." Don't you think 
    it's a little belittling or whatever?
    Virion: If I have offended, you have my apoligies. 'Tis but a habit of mine. 
    Pray, do you not like it?
    Nowi: No, pray! I do not!
    Virion: Then I shall endeavor to correct myself with all due haste! A 
    nobleman must take care how he addresses others, you know. Especially one as 
    distinguished as you!
    Nowi: What's so special about me?
    Virion: Why, you are over a thousand years old! You lived in the time of my 
    great ancestors. You are practically immortal! Divine, even! It ills behooves 
    me to disrespect you.
    Nowi: Okay, knock it off! You're making me sound like some old lady.
    Virion: Nonsense, Nowi my sweet! You are charming, young, and beauty itself!
    Nowi: You really think I'm beautiful?
    Virion: Let the gods strike me down if it is not so! You see? No lightning 
    strikes. No fire ants nibble at my drawers.
    Nowi: Wow. You really ARE good at this whole philandering thing.
    Virion: Ph-ph-philandering?! Where did you hear such a vulgar word?!
    Nowi: Um, that's what everyone says about you. ...Seriously. Everyone. Even 
    Chrom. Didn't you know?
    Virion: I most certainly did not!
    Virion B
    Nowi: I'm SOOOOOO hungry! When do we EEEAT?!
    Virion: An empty stomach will not do. I, Virion, shall bring hither victuals.
    Nowi: Er, Virion?! Where did you go?! VIIIIIIRIIIIIIOOON?! Oh! There you are.
    Virion: Apologies for the delay, sweet Nowi. I have collected some lovely 
    some lovely fresh lettuces.
    Nowi: Um, that's nice, but... I hate vegetables.
    Virion: Ah! How foolish of me, offering plants to a dragon! I shall sally 
    forth and find a fatted calf with all haste!
    Nowi: Wait, Virion! Look, if you want to help, I'd rather you just... kept me 
    company. If we played a game or whatever, that would take my mind off the 
    Virion: Very well. What would you like to play? Chess? Tiddlywinks? Naughts 
    and crosses? I also know checkers, blind man's bluff, king of the bean, field 
    bowling, falconing-
    Nowi: I want to play duck duck dragon!
    Virion: Duck duck... dragon? Well, I say. I'm not familar with that game.
    Nowi: It's easy! I turn into a dragon and chase you while spewing white-hot 
    fire. And if I catch you, I totally win!
    Virion: That sounds dreadful!
    Nowi: So, let's start, okay? I'll count to... um... one million, and you go 
    Virion: One million? Do you realize how long that will take?
    Virion: My life is flashing in front of my eyes! ...Very, very slowly. Well, 
    I'll not wait for her to finish. Virion, AWAY!
    Virion A
    Nowi: Hee hee hee! Today was so much fun! I LOVE duck duck dragon!
    Virion: Insofar as a terrifying brush with death can be fun, then yes...
    Nowi: What? I didn't quite catch that.
    Virion: Er, I was muttering to myself about how much I enjoy these games of 
    Nowi: I know, right? Playing games is pretty much my favorite thing ever. But 
    no one ever want to play with me! It's crazy!
    Virion: I can't imagine why no one else is clamoring to join in...
    Nowi: But now I have you, and we can play duck duck dragon over and over 
    Virion: Over and... over? Dear gods, I don't think my poor heart can take it. 
    And yet I cannot bring myself to wipe that smile of joy from her face...
    Nowi: Virion? You're doing that thing again. The one where you mumble to 
    Virion: I am? My apologies. I was just thinking about how sad I'll be when we 
    stop playing.
    Nowi: I KNEW you liked duck duck dragon!
    Virion: Er...
    Nowi: You know, you really should have told me sooner. It's not even dark 
    yet! That means we have time for ONE MORE ROUND! OOOOOONE... TWOOOOOO... 
    Virion: No, Nowi! I beg of you, no! I cannot abide the remorseless tick of 
    death's grim's clock!
    Nowi: Geez, what's with the wailing, Virion? I can bearly hear myself count.
    Virion: Um, sweet Nowi? Do you know any games beside duck duck dragon? I'm 
    concerned you might, er, waste all your dragonstones! ...Yes, that's it.
    Nowi: Aw, don't worry. Now that I know how much you like it, I'll make the 
    sacrifice! Okay, so where was I? FOOOUR... FIIIIIVE...
    Virion: NOW she decides to take my feelings into consideration?! ...Still, if 
    she is willing to give up things for my sake, then I must do the same for 
    her. I shall take part in her game, even if it means the death of me! Virion, 
    (Virion leaves)
    Virion S
    Nowi: .....
    Virion: Why the scowl, sweet Nowi? Do you not feel like playing duck duck 
    Nowi: No. I don't.
    Virion: But I thought it was your favorite game and that you would never tire 
    of it! I'm willing to have a match right now, if you like. My singed 
    hindquarters have nearly healed from the last match! Or perhaps you have 
    thought of some other game? A safer one, perhaps?
    Nowi: I want to get married.
    Virion: Playing house is a bit beneath a 1,000-year old woman, but if you 
    like, I'm all for it. Shall I take on the role of minister? I deliever a 
    crackling good sermon!
    Nowi: No! I want to marry YOU!
    Virion: Yes, but then who will play the minister? I suppose we could ask 
    Frederick, although it would be a terribly dull affair...
    Nowi: Do I really have to spell this out? I don't want to PLAY marriage, 
    Virion! I want to BE MARRIED! ...TO YOU!
    Virion: Y-you want... Wait, to me? Are you serious?
    Nowi: Yes, yes, and YES!
    Virion: Right then! I see! ...No, wait. I'm still confused. You, Nowi, wish 
    to marry me? ...Virion?
    Nowi: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGH! Yes, you dunderhead! Why do you think I've been 
    chasing you all over the place?!
    Virion: B-but that was a game! And on I spent in a state of mortal terror, 
    Nowi: *Sniff* D-do you hate me, Virion? Is that it? Do you th-think I'm... 
    ugly? *Sniff* B-b-because I... I couldn't take that! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Virion: Good gracious, no! You're lovely! Oh, please do stop crying!
    Nowi: Oh, yay! That means you love me! For a moment there, I thought you 
    might turn me down.
    Virion: Er...
    Nowi: Aw, Virion. I liked you since the first moment we met! Everyone treats 
    me so seriously because... Well, you know. 'Cause I'm really old. But you're 
    fun and funny and silly and it's just great! I don't ever want to lose that 
    Virion: Oh, sweet Nowi. It is true that the times I've spent with you haven't 
    been... entirely unpleasant. And your confession of love makes me realize how 
    truly fond you I've become. So let us marry, fair Nowi. Not as a game, but 
    for true.
    Nowi: So you ARE saying yes?! Oh, I'm so excited! We have to go buy a ring 
    right away! That's the rule, right?
    Virion: We shall buy a mgnificent ring fit for a true noblewoman.
    Nowi: Yay! I can't wait!
    A8. Stahl C
    Stahl: Hmm? I hear the chirping of a bird. And it's very close indeed.
    Nowi: Heya, Stahl! Just the man I wanted to see. Can you spare some of that 
    healing tonic you're always carrying around?
    Stahl: What do you want it for?
    Nowi: This little bird hurt a wing, and I want to help him out.
    Stahl: I'm not sure my tonic works on birds. ...It's mainly for diarrhea.
    Nowi: Well, THAT'S not going to help. Hmm... Wait, I know! A healing staff 
    should do the trick!
    Stahl: Nowi, I know you just want to help, but healing staves are very 
    valuable. I'm not sure we can spare one for a bird, regardless of how cute it 
    Nowi: What? So we just let it DIE because Chrom might get a boo-boo?!
    Stahl: Well, Chrom. Or me. ...Er, or anyone, really.
    Nowi: Ugh! How could you be so cruel! Waaaaaah!
    Stahl: ...Gods, maybe she's right. This war is turning me into a heartless 
    brute. Nowi, wait. I'm sorry. You're right. Let's call Lissa and have her 
    help this poor little critter.
    Nowi: *Sniff* R-really? You'll do that? Thanks, Stahl...
    Stahl B
    Stahl: Hey, Nowi. I brought some fresh bandages.
    Nowi: Thanks, Stahl. The bird is feeling much better now!
    Stahl: I'm not surprised, with how you've been looking after him.
    Nowi: Yeah but I'm tired of calling him "the bird." I think he needs a name. 
    What do you think of Janaff?
    Stahl: Er...
    Nowi: That totally sounds like a bird, right? I thought of it myself, by the 
    Stahl: I'm not sure it's the best idea to give him a name. It'll just make it 
    that much harder when it comes time to part company.
    Nowi: But we're not going to part company Me and Janaff will be friends 
    Stahl: Okay, now you're just being absurd. First of all, how are you going to 
    look after him in the middle of battle? And second, what are you going to 
    feed him? We're low on food as it is.
    Nowi: I'll find a way! I'll be like his mother and take extra good care of 
    him! So can I keep him? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
    Stahl: Oh, for the love of... Fine. I'll talk to Chrom. Maybe you and I can 
    look after him together.
    Nowi: Yay! Thanks, Stahl!
    Stahl A
    Stahl: Janaff seems to be full of beans today.
    Nowi: Yeah, we just got back from a flight around the camp. It was lots of 
    Stahl: Well, glad you found a friend. Perhaps now it... Hmm? What's that 
    Nowi: Oh my gosh! Look at that huge flock of birds!
    Stahl: Janaff seems awfully excited, Nowi. I think maybe he wants to join 
    Nowi: What? No he doesn't! Liar! He's MY friend!
    Stahl: The flock keeps circling us like they're waiting for something... 
    Nowi, I think Janaff's friend and family have come to take him home.
    Nowi: No! I'M his family now! I'm his mother! I'm going to turn into a dragon 
    and chase those stupid birds away!
    Stahl: You can't do that, Nowi.
    Nowi: But... But...!
    Stahl: What do you think Janaff would want? ...I mean, besides worms. Do you 
    really want to keep him from his true family? From his friends?
    Nowi: Oh, fiiine. I know you're right, but it's still sad and unfair. I'm s-
    sorry Janaff. I shouldn't have tried to hold you against your will. *sniff* 
    You can... *sob* go... *sniffle* If you really... want to...
    Stahl: Wow! Look how fast he flew into the flock! He looks happy, doesn't he? 
    He's doing little somersaults in the air. Farewell, Janaff! May all your 
    meals be huge grubs and the like!
    Nowi: *Sniff* Bye, Janaff. I hope you have fun... with all your friends...
    Stahl: ...And he's gone.
    Nowi: *Siiiiiiiiigh*
    Stahl: You did the right thing, Nowi.
    Nowi: H-he was my best friend ever... *sniff* Oh gods, I miss him so much! 
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Janaaaaaaaaaff!
    Stahl: Heh. Easy there, Nowi. We don't want you to pull something...
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Nowi?
    Nowi: Hee hee. Hi, Stahl.
    Stahl: What are you up to? You're looking inordinately cheery.
    Nowi: Last night, I had a dream where I was flying through the sky with 
    Janaff! He said he visited me in my dream to tell me he was doing okay.
    Stahl: Hey, that's great! he must have really cared for you.
    Nowi: By the way, why are you here? Do you want something?
    Stahl: Um, yes, actually. I've been thinking about you lately. Ever since you 
    released Janaff, I mean. Seeing you make such a huge sacrifice for the 
    happiness of someone else... Well, it kind of made me realize that I have 
    feelings for you. So, um, I got you this ring. ...If you'll take it.
    Nowi: Does this mean you want to get married?
    Stahl: Oh, good. You know about this, then. I was afraid I'd have to explain 
    and... Well, yes, Nowi. I want to get married.
    Nowi: And if we marry, that makes us family, right?
    Stahl: It sure does. You and me and all the little bird we can adopt.
    Nowi: Never mind birds! I wanna be a mom and have dozens of children!
    Stahl: Er, dozens?
    Nowi: Oh, okay. Maybe just one dozen. Anyway, can I have the ring now?
    Stahl: R-right, of course.
    A8. Vaike C
    Nowi: *Sniffle*
    Vaike: Hey! What's all the snifflin' about?
    Nowi: Oh, n-nothing...
    Vaike: Ha! You can't fool the Vaike! I'm a master of psych... Er, psik... Ya 
    know. Mind Stuff!
    Nowi: I had a frightening dream.
    Vaike: A nightmare, eh? What about? Beasts? Ghouls? Snaggletooth witches?
    Nowi: I was all alone. Everyone had left me. Even Chrome and Avatar.
    Vaike: Well, that's quite a dream! Chrom and Avatar would never do that! 
    Heck, no shepherd would do that!
    Nowi: But in one hundred years you will. You'll all be gone.
    Vaike: Oh. Well, I guess so, yeah.
    Nowi: Then I WILL be alone! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Vaike: Look, ya can't go weepin' over what might happen a hundred years from 
    now! Ya gotta live in the present and have fun while ya still can.
    Nowi: That's easier said than done.
    Vaike: If you've got time to brood about the future centuries, you've got 
    time to have fun. In fact, let's play a game right now! How about Headless 
    Nowi: Yaaay!
    Vaike B
    Nowi: Okay, I think I've got it this time... PLTHTHTH... PSZZZTHTHTH!
    Vaike: BWAHAHA! That's the worst whistlin' I've ever heard! Here, let me show 
    ya again...
    Nowi: No! I've almost got it. Listen... PLSHTHTHTHTH... *splutter*
    Vaike: Ya sound like a camel that swallowed bagpipes. But you're lucky. You 
    got all the time in the world to practice.
    Nowi: Lucky? I don't see what is so great about it.
    Vaike: Gallopin' geldings, what I wouldn't give for an extra century or two! 
    Then I know I could make my dream come true!
    Nowi: Dream? What dream?
    Vaike: To become the greatest warrior in the land and to help the children of 
    my old slumtown. To want to improve their lot so they can help pull up folks 
    around 'em. By the time I'm done, I'll have made life better for EVERYONE!
    Nowi: Oh! What a wonderful dream!
    Vaike: I was inspired by the exalt. She made a speech in my town once, see? 
    But the thing is, I don't have enough time to make that happen. If I had a 
    few extra decades, I might be able to make something of it.
    Nowi: Hey, I have an idea! If you die before you fufill your dream, I'll take 
    over! Withthe two of us together, I know we could make it come true.
    Vaike: Really? You'd do that for 'Ol Teach?
    Vaike A
    Nowi: *Siiiiiigh*
    Vaike: Aw, come on! You're too young and pretty to be mopin' like this!
    Nowi: Vaike, I'm older than you... MUCH older.
    Vaike: Yeah, I know. But you're still a kid at heart, right? Anyway, what's 
    the matter, another scary dream?
    Nowi: The thing is, Vaike, I really like you. And that makes me sad. *sniff* 
    Because it means I'm really gonna miss you when you're gone!
    Vaike: hey, don't bury me yet! And besides, you'll be helpin' me with my 
    dream. It's like havin' me right there!
    Nowi: I promised to do that, and I will. But it's going to be so awful and 
    sad and... and lonely without you. And then everyone else is gonna go away 
    and... and... WAAAAAAH!!!
    Vaike: H-hey now! Don't start cryin', Nowi! I ain't goin' nowhere.
    Nowi: Promise?*sniff*
    Vaike: Guarantee it! So wipe away those tears and let's start enjoyin' the 
    Nowi: Th-thanks,Vaike. I feel better.
    Vaike: Har har! That's more like it!
    Vaike S
    Nowi: Hey Vaike, is it true that you'll never leave me?
    Vaike: This again? Look, Nowi! I promised, didn't I? How many times are you 
    gonna ask the same question?
    Nowi: I'm sorry, But I just can't help thinking it's a promise you wont be 
    able to keep.
    Vaike: All right, all right1 One more time. I vow to never leave you- cross 
    my heart!
    Nowi: Oh, thank you, Vaike! As long as YOU'RE with me, I'll never be lonely!
    Vaike: My company's that good?
    Nowi: Sure is!
    Vaike: Well then, uh... Maybe You'd do me the honor of accepting this.
    Nowi: Oh, a ring! How pretty!
    Vaike: Now you don't have to ask if I'm leavin' you again. This proves I'll 
    Nowi: It... proves it?
    Vaike: That's right. It means I'll be your friend and stay by your side 
    Nowi: But what about-
    Vaike: Yes, even after I'm worm food! All ya have to do is close your eyes, 
    hold this ring, and imagine me. Next thing ya know, I'll be standin' right 
    next to ya! So stop worrin', all right?
    Nowi: Th-thank you, Vaike. You have... no idea what this means to me... 
    Vaike: Aww, don't start cryin' again!
    A8. Kellam C
    Nowi: Hmm? What's this piece of paper doing on the ground?
    Kellam: Um, that's mine.
    Nowi: Really? Let's see what it says... "Dear everyone. How are you?"
    Kellam: Hey, that's private! Don't read it!
    Nowi: Oh, it's a letter! Did you write this?
    Kellam: It's for my family back home. My parents and brothers. I just want to 
    let them know I'm okay.
    Nowi: You have brothers?
    Kellam: Oh, sure. Five of 'em. We grew up in a pretty lively house.
    Nowi: *Sniff* I wish I had brothers and sisters. It's so boring when you're 
    all alone...
    Kellam: Gosh, that must be rough... But, uh, please don't cry. You know, I 
    always wanted a sister... So if you want, maybe you could pretend that I'm 
    your brother!
    Nowi: That's a great idea! From now on, I'll be your big sister!
    Kellam: Oh, right. You're older than me. I always forget that.
    Nowi: Okay, Little Brother, let's play a game! I get to pick because I'm the 
    Kellam: Um... okay?
    Kellam B
    Nowi: Keeelllaaaaaam! It's time to play hide-and-seek!
    Kellam: Actually, you might not want to play that game with me.
    Nowi: Don't you try to wriggle out of it. Your big sister orders you to play!
    Kellam: Well, if you insist...
    Nowi: I'm going to count to a million, so you run off and hide somewhere.
    Kellam: A m-million?! Well, okay...
    Nowi: OOONE... TWOOO... THREEEEEE...
    (Time passes)
    Kellam: I was afraid this might happen. I'm hungry and it's almost dark. She 
    must've gone home by now... I'll give it five more minutes, and then I'll 
    come out and head for supper.
    Nowi: Ah-HAH! Gotcha!
    Kellam: Gah?! You were still looking?
    Nowi: Well, I HAD to find you, right? Otherwise, you'd have been waiting 
    forever! Sitting in a bush... All alone... Not a single friend to talk to... 
    But don't worry about that, Little Brother! I'll NEVER leave you alone!
    Kellam: ...Never?
    Nowi: Okay, your turn! Now you have to find me!
    Kellam: Um, Nowi? It's dark, and I'm hungry, so maybe we can-
    Nowi: Hey! Your older sister commands it!
    Kellam A
    Kellam: Found you, Nowi!
    Nowi: Aww! Not again! Why are you so good at this stupid game?!
    Kellam: Oh, I've had a lot of practice.
    Nowi: But how do you hide so well? You have to teach me! Pleeease?!
    Kellam: Aw, shucks, Nowi. I can't teach you, because I don't know. It just... 
    happens. Our family was real poor, see? So my brothers and I had to share 
    everything. But I was a mean kid who hated sharing, so we'd always get into 
    fights. Eventually my family got tired of my selfishness and started ignoring 
    me. Well, I got mad and they stayed mad, and now... Well, it's like I'm just 
    not there.
    Nowi: Oh, Kellam... That's the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life!
    Kellam: It is?
    Nowi: You may have had a family, but really you were all alone like me!
    Kellam: Well, I suppose so. In a way.
    Nowi: Well, never mind all that. I'm your sister now, and I KNOW you exist! 
    So no more hiding from me, all right? ...Unless we're playing.
    Kellam: Heh heh. This sister thing ain't half bad!
    Kellam S
    Nowi: What are you doing, Kellam? You look so serious.
    Kellam: Er, hello, Nowi. I'm just... polishing this ring.
    Nowi: Wow, it's so shiny!
    Kellam: My parents gave it to me when I first left for the capital. I'm 
    supposed to give it to someone who I want to bring into the family.
    Nowi: You mean like your big sister?
    Kellam: Um, I guess so.
    Nowi: Oh, I'm just kidding. I know an engagement ring when I see one.
    Kellam: .....
    Nowi: ...Well? Are you going to give it to me or not?!
    Kellam: Wh-what?! Well, I was planning on making more of a deal out of it. I 
    mean, with some music or maybe a big cake or... something? ...Here. Do you 
    Nowi: Yay! Of course I do!
    A8. Lon'qu C
    Nowi: Lon'qu! Play with me!
    Lon'qu: No.
    Nowi: Oh, come on, please? It's boring playing by myself. Aren't you soooo 
    Lon'qu: I like being alone. Go ask someone else.
    Nowi: I was going to, but they all look super busy.
    Lon'qu: Are you saying I don't? Because I am busy. Very busy indeed.
    Nowi: *Sniff* *sniffle*
    Lon'qu: Your tears have no effect on me! Besides... everyone know I have a 
    crippling fear of women. ...And yet, why do I not feel that fear around her? 
    I must learn why!
    Nowi: *Sniffle* Wh-what did you say? I can't hear because I'm CRYING!
    Lon'qu: Nothing of importance. However... I have decided that I will play 
    with you- but only for a short time.
    Nowi: Yippee! You're the best!
    Lon'qu: Yes, yes. Stop hopping around. Now what game do you wish to play?
    Nowi: Erm... er... thinking hard... er... Oh, I know! Let's play house!
    Lon'qu: I do not know that game. But it does not sound like something I'd 
    Nowi: It'll be fun! You get to play Dad!
    Lon'qu: *Sigh* If you insist. But only for a short while!
    Nowi: Great! And I'll be Mummy!
    Lon'qu: Is that it for the rules, then? ...I was hoping dice were involved.
    Lon'qu B
    Nowi: Lon'qu, let's play!
    Lon'qu: I've already played with you once. Surely it is someone else's turn.
    Nowi: Yeah, but that game is still going! Plus no one can play Dad but you. 
    And if you don't play with me, well, I guess I'll have to-
    Lon'qu: Put that dragonstone away, you little extortionist. You don't scare 
    me. However, I will play one more time. ...But only because I happen to feel 
    like it!
    Nowi: Works for me!
    Lon'qu: It is not entirely unpleasant, after all. With you I do not feel that 
    icy grip of fear...
    Nowi: Hee hee! Well, duh! Who'd ever be afraid of me whrn I'm not in dragon 
    Lon'qu: Enough talk! Begin the playing of house! But know that this is my 
    last time.
    Nowi: Sure, whatever.
    Lon'qu: Now, where were we? I was just about to leave and go work in the 
    Nowi: Hear's your breakfast. dear! Eat it all! You need to keep your strength 
    Lon'qu: Munch, munch. Ah. That was delicious. Now, I am off to work. Fare 
    thee well.
    Nowi: See you tonight!
    Lon'qu: Now I shall pretend to engage in agriculture. Chop, chop, shovel!
    Nowi: .....
    Lon'qu: Nowi? Why are you just standing there?
    Nowi: Well, er, I'm at home, right? So when Dad gets off to work, what does 
    Mummy do? *Sniff* Oh, how sad! I don't know! I don't know anything about 
    Lon'qu: ..... Nowi, come here.
    Nowi: Why?
    Lon'qu: You cannot simply stand there all day. Let's work the fields 
    Nowi: Oh, yay! I like working in the fields! Chop, chop, chop!
    Lon'qu A
    Nowi: Here you are, dear husband! I've made you supper.
    Lon'qu: Munch, munch, munch. Chew. Swallow. Blech! This food is terrible!
    Nowi: Eek! Dad's angry!
    Lon'qu: Of course I am! How do you expect me to eat this pig swill?
    Nowi: It's all we can afford on your pathetic salary! Maybe you should pull 
    your thumb out and start providing for this family! That's it! You're 
    sleeping in the stables tonight!
    Lon'qu: Very well. I shall attempt to earn more. .....
    Nowi: ..... Lon'qu! You're doing it wrong! You're supposed to argue back!
    Lon'qu: Are you sure this is the correct way to play house? It seems to me we 
    should be doing things other than arguing all the time.
    Nowi: Nope! This is totally the right way to play. Remember when I told you I 
    didn't know what families actually do at home? Well, I went to town and spied 
    on one of the families who lived there.
    Lon'qu: And this is how they acted?
    Nowi: Yep! All the time! This game is totally based on reality!
    Lon'qu: Do you think it's possible that the family you observed was not... 
    Nowi: I dunno. Maybe. So what should a typical family do then?
    Lon'qu: How should I know?
    Nowi: Well if you don't know, then why can;t we just play it my way? I'm 
    going back to the game now. So, er, where was I? Oh, right... You're a lousy 
    providet, husband! Oh, why didn't I marry the blacksmith?!
    Lon'qu: *Sigh*
    Nowi: Come on, put some effort into it! It's a boring arguement if you just 
    sit and sigh.
    Lon'qu: I don't like this family you invented! Here, I have an idea. Why 
    don't you go to town and spy on a few more families? Then we compare them all 
    and choose our favorite family to copy.
    Nowi: I guess I could do that... But only if you come with me!
    Lon'qu: If it stops you from berating me, I shall do as you ask.
    Nowi: Yay! I bet no one's better at sneaking around people's houses than you!
    Lon'qu: ...What is that supposed to mean?
    Lon'qu S
    Lon'qu: Good-bye, sweet wife. I'm off to work in the fields.
    Nowi: Have a good day, dear husband! Now, what do I do first again? Cleaning, 
    right? Then, lunch, then chop firewood. Hee hee! I'm so busy!
    Lon'qu: Don't forget to draw water from the well.
    Nowi: Oh, right. Thanks for the reminder! I never realized just how many 
    things a typical mother has to do in a day. It's hard to keep track of 
    Lon'qu: Don't worry. The more we play, the better you'll get at it.
    Nowi: You mean we're going to keep playing? So you finally admit you like 
    playing house?
    Lon'qu: I do. As a matter of fact... Here.
    Nowi: Gosh, what a beautiful ring! But, wait- this is real! Isn't this 
    terribly extravagant for a game?
    Lon'qu: This is a game no longer, Nowi. I want us to be a real family. And so 
    I must offer you a real ring.
    Nowi: What kind of family? Like brother and sister or something?
    Lon'qu: No, silly. I want to be your husband.
    Nowi: Gosh! You mean we wouldn't have to pretend anymore? We could have our 
    own real-life family? Oh, Lon'qu- tell me I'm not dreaming!
    Lon'qu: Like you, I have been alone for a very long time. I find this new 
    life agreeable, and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone but you.
    Nowi: This is going to be MUCH more exciting than that stupid pretend game!
    A8. Donnel C
    Nowi: Hey, can I see that rock?
    Donnel: Huh?
    Nowi: Ker... FLING!
    Donnel: Horse apples! What'd ya go and do that for?!
    Nowi: Yay! I got it!
    Donnel: H-hey! Hold up a minute!
    (Time passes)
    Nowi: Check it out, Donny! I bagged a pheasant!
    Donnel: *Huff* *Pant* Forget yer bird, Nowi! The stone! Where's my stone?!
    Nowi: What, this one?
    Donnel: Aw, there she is! Whew...
    Nowi: Oh, sorry. Was it important?
    Donnel: More than anythin' I won. It's my one real treasure. ...It belonged 
    to my pa.
    Nowi: O-oh my gosh, Donny! *sniff* I'm s-sorry! I didn't know! I... 
    Donnel: Hey, now! No need to start bawlin'! I ain't mad! ...Least not 
    Nowi: *Sniff* ...Y-you're not?
    Donnel: Naw. Ain't no harm done.
    Nowi: H-here. You should take this pleasant. I'll even roast it for you! I'm 
    not sure what temperature to put my breath at, but I figure about 10,000 
    Donnel: Gah, wait, wait! I'll just build a fire! This ain't the time nor the 
    place to go turnin' into a dragon, Nowi.
    Nowi: ...But I like turning into a dragon.
    Donnel: Look, we got us plenty of dry wood. Just sit back, and I'll have us a 
    fire goin' in two shakes of a pig's tail.
    Nowi: Okay. Thanks, Donny!
    Donnel: Gosh, but that was close...
    Donnel B
    Nowi: Hey, Donny. You still have that stone from before?
    Donnel: You mean my pa's stone? Course I do.
    Nowi: Can I see it? I promise not to throw it! Pleeease? ...Oooh, it's so 
    pretty. Is that why it's your most favorite treasure?
    Donnel: Looks ain't got nothin' to do with it. The stone's part of a promise 
    with my pa.
    Nowi: A promise?
    Donnel: He gave it to me back 'fore he died. He always loved rocks and stones 
    and such, but this was his favorite. He said it had a kinda power in it, all 
    hidden away. That it was greater than it looked. Reckon I don't quite 
    understand all that, but it's what he believed. So I promised him that one 
    day I'd figure it out and release that hidden power!
    Nowi: Wow. I'm jealous.
    Donnel: Of my stone? But you got one what turns ya into a dragon!
    Nowi: No, of your promise with your father! I never knew my father. Never got 
    to talk to him...
    Donnel: I'm real sorry to hear that.
    Nowi: Oh, but I do remember where I was born!
    Donnel: Oh yeah? Where's that?
    Nowi: I forgot!
    Donnel: Huh? But ya just said-
    Nowi: No, I do remember, but just not right now. Next time I have it, I'll 
    tell you!
    Donnel: Er, I don't quite understand all that, but I guess I'll look forward 
    to it.
    Nowi: Hey, let's play! You're the most fun to play with around here!
    Donnel: Aw, shucks, Nowi! I think yer a real hoot, too!
    Donnel A
    Nowi: Hey, Donny! I remembered where I was born!
    Donnel: Oh, yeah? Where at?
    Nowi: It's all the way left from here!
    Donnel: What, ya mean west?
    Nowi: No, left! Across the ocean and way to the left!
    Donnel: I ain't sure I follow. You don't know any landmarks or nothin'?
    Nowi: No, not really. I was kidnapped right after I was born.
    Donnel: Oh, gosh! That's terrible!
    Nowi: It's my dream to go back to my homeland someday.
    Donnel: Oh yeah?
    Nowi: I mean, maybe I've got friends and family there, right?!
    Donnel: Well, if I find it first, I reckon I'll be sure to come runnin' and 
    tell ya!
    Nowi: You promise? Yay! Oh, oh! And if I find it, I'll come tell you, too!
    Donnel: Now that there's a square deal!
    Nowi: Yeah! I'm really hungry!
    Donnel: ...I sure do have trouble keepin' up with ya sometimes, Nowi. But if 
    yer tummy's a'rumblin', I set me a trap a couple days ago. Wanna go see if we 
    caught anthin'? If we got us a rabbit, I'll fix ya a Donny special!
    Nowi: Yaaay! You're the bestest, Donny!
    Donnel S
    Donnel: Hey, Nowi. So, I was thinkin'... We both got things we're lookin' 
    for, right? 
    Nowi: Right!
    Donnel: Well, why don't we look for 'em together?
    Nowi: Oh, that's a great idea! Here, let's promise! Pinky swear!
    Donnel: Er, I was thinkin' of somethin' a mite different than a pinky 
    Nowi: ...Thumb swear?
    Donnel: I reckon this one's gonna need yer ring finger...
    Nowi: Oh... I see! Donnel, are you saying what I think you're saying? 
    Donnel: Sure am. It's a marriage promise.
    Nowi: Hee hee, I knew it! People forget I've been around the block a few 
    thousand times.
    Donnel: Well, now it's finally time to take things to the next level. Let's 
    have yer hand, then.
    Nowi: Here...
    Donnel: Yee-haw! It's a perfect fit!
    Nowi: Yaaay! We did it!
    Donnel: Now we're promised to each other.
    Nowi: No take-backs!
    Donnel: Don't ya go and worry 'bout that. I'm gonna live out my life at yer 
    Nowi: Thanks, Donny! You're the best!
    Donnel: Aw, I'm so happy, I gonna dance a jig! Yeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaw!
    A8. Ricken C
    Chrom: Fortunately no one got hurt, but you MUST be more careful in the 
    Ricken: I'm so sorry! It wont happen again--I promise! I just didn't think 
    the flames would spread so fast.
    Chrom: Now is not the time to discuss it. Come to my tent first thing in the 
    morning and you can explain yourself then.
    Ricken: Y-yes, sir.
    (Chrom leaves)
    Ricken: *Sigh*
    Nowi: I'm sorry, Ricken. I didn't mean to fall asleep, honest. But I couldn't 
    keep my eyes open.
    Ricken: Geez, Nowi! You have to promise to stop taking that dragonstone to 
    bed! I don't want to wake up to the smell of burning tents again.
    Nowi: B-but, I can't get to sleep if I'm not holding on to it...
    Ricken: Look, what if I read you a book instead? Would that help you sleep?
    Nowi: Oh, sure! That ought to work!
    Ricken: Fine. ...Now let's keep this dragonstone accident our little secret, 
    Nowi: Okay! Thanks, Ricken!
    Ricken B
    Nowi: Ricken, are you still angry?
    Ricken: No. I guess not.
    Nowi: Oh, that's good. Because I've never seen you so angry! ...It was kind 
    of scary.
    Ricken: Yeah. I'm sorry I shouted like that. I just sort of. ...snapped.
    Nowi: What did those townspeople do to set you off like that?
    Ricken: They were saying bad things about Chrom. It really made my blood 
    Don't they realize how much he's sacrificed and risked so they can live in 
    Nowi: It's not very fair, is it?
    Ricken: No. But I was wrong to be so angry. There are ungrateful fools 
    everywhere. I can't afford to lose my temper whenever someone says something 
    Nowi: I don't blame you one bit! Especially when I think how much you admire 
    Chrom. If someone said bad things about a person I liked, I'd probably just 
    eat 'em
    Ricken: You think so?
    Nowi: Definitely! You're the kind of person who wants to protect people. 
    ...Just like me.
    Ricken: I do my best!
    Nowi: Well, anyway. It looks like we have another secret, don't we?
    Ricken: Er, right. If you can avoid telling anyone about this, I'd be really 
    Nowi: Hee hee! No problem. After all, you're holding on to a secret for me, 
    Ricken: Geez! Let's hope we won't need to keep any more!
    Ricken A
    Ricken: That wedding was so fun! I'm glad we got to go.
    Nowi: Yep. It seemed like the whole village was celebrating!
    Ricken: Even though they didn't really know who we were, they gave us so much 
    food. It was like a harvest festival.
    Nowi: A harvest festival? I haven't been to one in ages! Oh, I love 
    festivals! People are laughing, and dancing, and eating tasty food!
    Ricken: You like it when you're surrounded by lots of people, don't you?
    Nowi: When I was young, which is a REALLY long time ago, I had no one to talk 
    to. Sometimes, it got so lonely I thought I was the only person in the world.
    That's why whenever I see a party going on, I just HAVE to join in.
    Ricken: You don't get lonely now, though, do you?
    Nowi: Oh, no! Now I have lots of friends, and there's always someone to talk 
    Like you! And Avatar! And all the other nice people in the army!  But...
    Ricken: But what?
    Nowi: But someday, everyone is going to leave and go their separate ways, 
    aren't they? And when that happens, I'll be alone again, just like before.
    Ricken: No way! I'm not going to let that happen! In fact, when the war 
    finishes, why don't we go on a tour of all the festivals we can find?
    Nowi: Like, all around the whole world?
    Ricken: Yeah! We'll invite the others and travel to every last corner of the 
    Every single day would be a new festival with music and candied apples for 
    Nowi: Oh my gosh! We could try to see every festival in the world! Promise 
    me, Ricken! Promise you'll take me on this tour!
    Ricken: It's a promise!
    Ricken S
    Nowi: Hey, Ricken. Let's play a game!
    Ricken: Sure! How about a guessing game? For example, see if you can tell 
    what I have for you in this bag.
    Nowi: I love guessing games!
    Ricken: Here, then. You can put your hand inside, but you're not allowed to 
    Nowi: Hmm... It's hard... and round... and small... Is it a dragonstone?
    Ricken: Nope. Besides, you have one of those. Can you tell anything else 
    about it?
    Nowi: Wait, yes! It's got a hole in the middle... Oh! It's a donut! I love 
    No, wait. It's not a donut. It's metal... Um, is it a ring?
    Ricken: That's right! Here, you can look now.
    Nowi: Hey, I know what this is! It's just like the one the lady was wearing 
    at the wedding!
    Ricken: This is my most treasured heirloom See this here? It's my family 
    And the reason I brought this today is because I wanted to... give it to you.
    Nowi: A-are you asking me to marry you?
    Ricken: Yes! I really like you, Nowi, and I want you to be my wife.
    Nowi: B-but, you're going to get older and older and I'll hardly change! And 
    Ricken: It doesn't matter how we look! It's what's in our hearts that counts. 
    Do you think you could still love me when I'm a wizened old man?
    Nowi: Of course I could! I promise I will! I'll never stop loving you, ever!
    Ricken: Good! Because I certainly won't stop loving you!
    Nowi: Yaaaaay! I'm never going to be lonely again!
    A8. Gaius C
    Nowi: Hey, Gaius! Who did you vote for?
    Gaius: Huh? Vote? I don't know what-
    Nowi: Don't play dumb with me! I saw all you men standing around earlier! You 
    were voting on who's the best-looking girl in the Shepherds, right?
    Gaius: Oh, that. Yes, there may have been a bit of ranking going on. I'm not 
    interested in that nonsense.
    Nowi: Yeah, but you still haven't told me who you voted for!
    Gaius: Yes, I did. I told you that I left. I didn't vote for anyone. While 
    those fools were haggling, I went to the mess hall and stole their desserts. 
    THAT'S what I call interesting.
    Nowi: Okay, okay. I get it. You're not into that sort of thing. Good for you. 
    But still, you must have a favorite type, right? I mean, every guy does! So, 
    like, do you prefer older women? Blondes? Tall? Short? Chubby?
    Gaius: Egads, but you're a persistent little creature. All right. I prefer 
    older women. Satisfied? Now will you please stop talking so I can eat Chrom's 
    Nowi: Oh, what a coincidence! I'm older, so I must be your type!
    Gaius: Huh? But... Oh, yeah. You're older than me. I always forget that. But 
    most older women have a certain gravitas that you... lack.
    Nowi: Hey, I'm over 1,000 years old! We don't come much older than that, you 
    Gaius: I'm not debating your actual age, kid. I'm just saying that... Well, 
    the appeal of a mature woman is in her confidence and poise.
    Nowi: Poise?
    Gaius: You know, how you carry yourself. A poised woman has class and 
    bearing, but still knows exactly what she wants.
    Nowi: That? Oh, I've got poise, mister! Thousand of years' worth of it! I 
    can't BELIEVE you don't think I have poise! I am SO mad at you right now! 
    Ugh! The nerve, I swear...
    Gaius: Right. Let me explain this again...
    Gaius B
    Nowi: Oh, Gaius! Yoo-hoo!
    Gaius: Hey there, kid. How's the dragon business treating- *Sniff* sniiiff* 
    Oh, sweet flaming onions... What's that horrific stink?
    Nowi: I put some perfume on! I think it gives me more poise.
    Gaius: How much did you use? My eyes are burning up...
    Nowi: Well, the whole bottle, of course. What did you expect?
    Gaius: Er... If I say you have lots and lots of poise now, will you go wash 
    that off? *cough*
    Nowi: Really?! So I'm your type now? Being older and poised and everything?
    Gaius: Um... sure. Absolutely and without hesitation. *hack, hack* *cough*
    Nowi: Hee hee. Sounds like someone is in loooooove with me.
    Gaius: Not likely.
    Nowi: Rude! ...Also, why not?
    Gaius: Look, I don't actually care about older women, all right? I just made 
    that up on the spot so you'd leave me alone.
    Nowi: ...Oh. Fine then. No, that's fine. Let's start over, then. And this 
    time, give me a serious answer. If I match the answer, it means you're 
    totally in love with me and I win!
    Gaius: Oh, for the love of... Fine. I like women who are broad minded and 
    tolerant of others. Which you aren't. So you lose.
    Nowi: ...Broad-minded and taller than others? What's height got to do with 
    Gaius: No, that's not what... Gods, this is like discussing literature with a 
    horse. Tolerant, Nowi. Tolerant. T-O-L-E-R-A-N-T. Someone who's kind, warm, 
    and willing to embrace different cultures and ideas.
    Nowi: Oh, I get it. Hey, if I turn into a dragon, I can embrace you AND keep 
    you warm!
    Gaius: Um... please don't? I like my bones to be solid and nonliquefied.
    Nowi: Gods, you are SUCH a hard man to please... Just tell me what I can do, 
    okay? And use normal-person words!
    Gaius: Ugh, I'm no good with kids. Even kids that are a thousand years old...
    Nowi: Come on, Gaius! I'm waaaitiiiiiing...
    Gaius A
    Nowi: So Gaius. Besides being seven feet tall, what else do you look for in a 
    woman? Come on, don't be shy. You can tell me! We're besties now, right?
    Gaius: Listen, kid, how much longer are you going to follow me around? Wait a 
    second. I have an idea... Heh heh heh... Hey, Nowi. What would you say to a 
    deliciously sweet candied fig?
    Nowi: Oooh, I LOVE sweets! Gimme!
    Gaius: All right. I'll give you this one if you go stand waaaaaay over there.
    Nowi: Okay!
    Gaius: Great. So here's the fig... Now you go do what you promised. Go on, 
    off with you.
    Nowi: Bye!
    Gaius: Finally... Peace and quiet at last. I'll just setlle down here and-
    Nowi: Hey, Gaius?
    Gaius: Gya! What are you doing here, kid? You promised to stay away! ...Um, 
    what's this for?
    Nowi: It's a flower! I picked it for you. You know? To say thanks! Hope you 
    like it, Gaius! See you around!
    Gaius: Huh. Here I was about to chase her away with the flat of my sword... 
    And all she wanted to do was thank me and then run off again. ..... I'm going 
    to need more figs.
    Gaius S
    Nowi: Thanks for the candied fig, Gaius. It was deeeeee-lish!
    Gaius: I'm glad you liked it.
    Nowi: Me too!
    Gaius: Hey, did you ever find out who was voted most beautiful woman?
    Nowi: Oh, that? Meh, I don't care.
    Gaius: Huh? B-but you followed me around for weeks trying to find out! What 
    about all those absurd questions you peppered me with?
    Nowi: Well, that's because I wanted to know what YOU liked in a woman.
    Gaius: Why do you care so much, anyway?
    Nowi: Well... you know. Because... I like you. And I want you to like me, 
    Gaius: You... like me?
    Nowi: Yeah! I mean, you pretend to be all grumpy all the time, but you're 
    actually very nice. I mean, look at all the candied figs you made for me! 
    You're always doing stuff like that. Slaving away on behalf of others.
    Gaius: Er...
    Nowi: I know I don't have a lot of poise, and I'm actually kind of short... 
    But I know if I try really hard, I'll eventually become the kind of woman you 
    like. So that's what I'm gonna do. Even if it takes a hundred years!
    Gaius: Cripes. I'll be pushing up daisies by that point!
    Nowi: Oh, no- you're right. I hadn't thought about that... *Sniff* Then... I 
    guess... I'll never be good enough... for you... I'll b-be alone and... 
    and... *sniff* Waaaaaaaaah!
    Gaius: Hey, come on, stop the blubbering. Oh, gods, please stop... Listen, 
    Nowi. I know how you feel. And the thing is... I think I like you, too. I 
    can't believe it, but it's true.
    Nowi: B-b-but... what about the poise stuff? And being tolerant? And mature?
    Gaius: Sometimes things that seem important actually aren't. You know?
    Nowi: Really? So does this mean... um... You want to get married?
    Gaius: You know what? Sure. Why not? Let's get hitched and see what happens.
    Nowi: Yay! Till death do us part! ...Well, until you die, anyway.
    A8. Gregor C
    Nowi: Heya, gramps!
    Gregor: "Gramps"? What is this "gramps"? If Gregor is "gramps," then little 
    girl is great-great-great-great-granny.
    Nowi: So you know how old I am, huh? Weird. Most people can't stop talking 
    about how young I look.
    Gregor: Is just, how you say, flatulence? No, wait. ...Flippery? ...Flatness? 
    ...Gregor does not remember. Is that word when people say lies to make other 
    person feel better.
    Nowi: No idea what you're talking about. Anyway, I have something to ask you.
    Gregor: If you want borrow money, answer is no. Gregor is poor like beggar.
    Nowi: Yes, I know that. That's why I want to give you something.
    Gregor: You give Gregor shiny gold coin?
    Nowi: No, Chrom doesn't let me have money. I always end up losing it.
    Gregor: Agreed. Gregor too is sooner trusting senile squirrel with life 
    Nowi: Hey, for your information, I happen to be quite smart! I just don't 
    care about money, is all. Us manaketes don't use it much.
    Gregor: Ah, is very good. Money is root of evil. So then, what you give 
    Nowi: I knitted you a big, wooly sweater! See? It's got shoulder pads built 
    Gregor: ...Now this looks like "gramps" clothing. Also, Gregor is no good in 
    sweater. Is too hot, yes?
    Nowi: Yeah, but this one is really light. It really breathes! I lined it with 
    manakete scales.
    Gregor: Scale of manakete? Gregor is stunned. How are you finding such 
    priceless artifacts?
    Nowi: See? I thought you'd be impressed. I just had some lying around, so 
    don't worry about it.
    Gregor: Then Gregor accepts wonderful gift, with much gratitude!
    Nowi: Hee hee! Glad you like it.
    Gregor B
    Gregor: Nowi, you have time, yes? We can speak?
    Nowi: What's up, Gregs?
    Gregor: Gregor's name is Gregor! ...But at least you are not calling him 
    Nowi: Alll right, so? What is it?
    Gregor: You remember sweater you give to Gregor? Is very fine sweater. Best 
    ever! Is helping to deflect dangerous blows in last battle. Gives Gregor 
    peace of mind.
    Nowi: Oh, goody! I'm glad you like it.
    Gregor: Gregor is... not exactly say he is liking it.
    Nowi: No? I kind of think you were.
    Gregor: When Nowi makes sweater, how many scales is she using?
    Nowi: Oh, I don't know. A few?
    Gregor: Gregor not knowing this "few." Meaning is more than two, yes?
    Nowi: Um, yeah. Definitely more than two.
    Gregor: Now Gregor knows where you get scales. They come from Nowi's own 
    body. But this must be hurting terribly, yes? And missing scales means no 
    armor for you. Gregor grateful you make sacrifice for him, but is very 
    Nowi: But I just wanted to-
    Gregor: Since you lose armor, we make new rule: you stay close to Gregor in 
    Nowi: I think I can handle that!
    Gregor A
    Gregor: Nowi, in past days, you and Gregor are fighting many times side by 
    Nowi: I know, it's so fun! I'm doing my very best to protect you.
    Gregor: No, is backward! Gregor protecting you! ...Ah, but never minding now. 
    When allies fight together, bonds grow strong and become more powerful, yes? 
    So Gregor thinks we should train together, becoming unbeatable force!
    Nowi: What? Now? 'Cause, see, I kinda promised to eat with Chrom and some 
    friends. And I thought you might want to come along? Pleeease?
    Gregor: First we do training, then maybe we can do visiting friends. You know 
    saying?" Youth must work like dog to make future better!"
    Nowi: ...Actually, I've never heard that one. Besides, I'm hardly a youth. 
    You know that.
    Gregor: Ah, yes. Gregor is sometimes forgetting you are old crone. Okay then, 
    meddling Gregor will leave Nowi alone to her fun...
    Nowi: Gregor, wait! Don't be upset.
    Gregor: No! Gregor is old fool who is only thinking about self. Gregor tries 
    to help you be stronger, but already you are smarter than Gregor.
    Nowi: Oh, Gregor... You know, now that I think about it, I do want that 
    special training!
    Gregor: Oy, this is worse! You agree just to make old man not be feeling like 
    sad sack!
    Nowi: No! Look, you spend all this time worrying about me, so I should listen 
    to your advice. I'm really grateful for the offer, okay? Honest! So let's 
    train together.
    Gregor: ...Nowi not pitying Gregor, yes? You swear on mother's grave?
    Nowi: Really, I can't wait to train! It's such a great idea!
    Gregor: Well, if you are insisting!
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Bond-building training is complete! Now we are like unbeatable team!
    Nowi: So now we can relax and have some fun, right?
    Gregor: Ah. You are remembering that?
    Nowi: Don't tell me you're going to back out! You promised!
    Gregor: Gregor remembers. Is man of his word, yes?
    Nowi: Good! Then let's go play!
    Gregor: Before the romping and the frolocking, Gregor has gift to bestow...
    Nowi: Oh, what a beautiful ring!
    Gregor: Ring is symbol of solemn vow. Gregor is wishing to spend life with 
    Nowi. Er, you will... accept?
    Nowi: You mean we can play and hang out every day from now on? Gimme!
    Gregor: No, no. Not play. Gregor is mangling language once more. Ring is 
    sacred vow, yes? I meaning that we-
    Nowi: Oh, silly Gregor. Of course I know what it means. I'm 1,000 years old, 
    remember? You love me and want to get married, right? So just come out and 
    say it.
    Gregor: But... is difficult. Gregor is... very shy man.
    Nowi: So are you sure you love me? Because, if you don't-
    Gregor: No, no! Gregor's heart is true! He seeks solemn bond as man and wife! 
    Okay, then! Gregor proves this to you! *cough* *ahem* ...Gregor love you, 
    Nowi: That wasn't so hard, now was it? And I accept! But you have to promise 
    to live as long as you can, okay?
    Gregor: Ho ho! Gregor will be doing his best!
    A8. Libra C
    Nowi: Libra, give me a piggyback ride!
    Libra: Ah! Careful there, Nowi! I didn't see you coming.
    Nowi: Hey, what's this scar, Libra? Here on the back of your neck?
    Libra: Don't touch it!
    Nowi: Eep! S-sorry! Does it hurt?
    Libra: N-no, it doesn't hurt. Not there, anyway. The wound is long healed...
    Nowi: So why aren't I allowed to touch it?
    Libra: Because it might reopen a deeper wound that yet causes me pain.
    Nowi: Like... inside your neck?
    Libra: I'm speaking of a wound of the heart.
    Nowi: Ooooooooh! I get it! ...Wait, so your heart hurts? Why?
    Libra: When I was a child, I was raised far from the home of my parents. 
    ...In truth, I was abandoned by them.
    Nowi: Oh no, that's terrible! Why would your mother and father do that?
    Libra: Perhaps they hated me. Perhaps they had a better reason. I do not 
    know. When they left me at that place, I began to howl most piteously. I 
    clung to my mother so desperately I had to be forced off... Which is when I 
    sustained the scar you see now.
    Nowi: *Sniff* That is so sad!
    Libra: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. And it's long in the past now.
    Nowi: Well, I don't care! I'm going to make you feel better!
    Libra: How will you do that?
    Nowi: Just like a cramp --- I'm going to rub your heart until the pain goes 
    So, er... Where do you humans keep your hearts, anyway?
    Libra: I've spent years avoiding what lies within mine... I'm not entirely 
    sure if I could find it again if I tried.
    Nowi: Okay, fine. Then I'll help. We'll find out where your heart is hiding 
    and get rid of the pain together!
    Libra B
    Nowi: How about here?
    Libra: Hee hee! S-stop it! M-my backbone is very... t-t-ticklish!
    Nowi: Dang! This is harder than I thought... How about here? Is this your 
    Libra: Ah ha ha! Now you're... t-tickling my ear!
    Nowi: How about here?
    Libra: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! N-not my s-sides! P-please!
    Nowi: Libra, we won't get anywhere if you don't start taking this seriously!
    Libra: Hooo... I-I'm trying, Nowi. I just had no idea that I was so ticklish.
    Nowi: I'm just touching you! I'm hardly even moving my fingers!
    Libra: I suppose it's because I'm not used to it. I've spent so much of my 
    life trying to avoid simple human contact. Now the slightest touch makes my 
    nervous system go into convulsions.
    Nowi: But why do you avoid touching people? Don't you like hugs even?
    Libra: I suppose it's because I lost the ability to trust people and so... 
    feared them instead.
    Nowi: Hmm. I can understand that. I mean, I was afraid of humans, too.
    Libra: But you aren't anymore?
    Nowi: Nope! Well, maybe a little bit. But not as much as before. I mean, I 
    know there's lots of scary humans around, but there're lots of nice ones, 
    Libra: I envy you. Fear still holds me in its grip, no matter how I try to 
    overcome it.
    Nowi: Why don't I help you? For a start, I could introduce you to the nice 
    people in camp.
    Libra: Well, I suppose I'm willing to try if you are... 
    Libra A
    Libra: Er, Nowi!? How much longer are we going to traipse through the camp?
    Nowi: There are still loads and loads of nice people you haven't met yet!
    Libra: Yes, but I'm worried we might be making a nuisance of ourselves.
    Nowi: Don't be silly! People love it when you visit their tents unannounced!
    Libra: I wonder.
    Nowi: Trust me! Plus, the faster we find that heart of yours, the faster 
    you'll make friends.
    Libra: Yes, that would be wonderful. If it were to truly happen...
    Nowi: Okay, where next? ...Oh, right! We haven't visited the storehouse yet.
    Libra: The storehouse?
    Nowi: Yeah, it's almost supper time. People'll be running in and out fetching 
    Libra: You are much more familiar with the goings-on of the camp than I 
    Nowi: You didn't know stuff like that?
    Libra: I'm afraid I've never paid much mind to how our meals are made.
    Nowi: So you just slurp up your rations without a single thought for the folk 
    in the kitchens?
    Libra: To my shame, yes. I'm very selfish, aren't I? *Sigh* It appears I have 
    a great deal more to learn from you than I realized!
    Nowi: From me, of all people? Gosh.
    Libra: Yes, you are quite remarkable. I'm lucky to have you as my teacher!
    Nowi: Hee hee! I liked being remarkable!
    Libra S
    Nowi: Phew! I'm exhausted, Libra.
    Libra: Me, too. I had no idea it would take so long to meet everyone in camp.
    Nowi: I told you there were a lot of nice people!
    Libra: I'm ashamed I never realized it before. Thank you, Nowi.
    Nowi: Hee hee! I'm just glad you met everyone and liked them all! So, how 
    about it? Have you found your heart yet?
    Libra: I'm not sure...
    Nowi: Will it still hurt if I touch your scar?
    Libra: ...I honestly don't know. Would you... care to try?
    Nowi: Sure. Here goes...
    Libra: ......
    Nowi: Well?
    Libra: It's... slightly ticklish.
    Nowi: But it doesn't hurt anywhere?
    Libra: ...No. In fact, quite the opposite. It's like a... warm and tender 
    Nowi: Where are you feeling it?
    Libra: Right here... in my chest.
    Nowi: The same place it used to hurt?
    Libra: Yes... Yes, exactly!
    Nowi: Well, then. I think we've found your heart!
    Libra: How remarkable.
    Nowi: Are you glad?
    Libra: Of course. I'm... overjoyed.
    Nowi: Hehe. That's good! 'Cause when your happy, I'm happy, too.
    Libra: Nowi, what would you say to us spending even more time together?
    Nowi: I'd say that would be amazingly awesome, that's what! I was going to 
    ask you the same thing since the last few weeks have been such fun.
    Libra: In that case, perhaps you would do me an even greater honor? I'd like 
    to give you this ring as proof of my love for you.
    Nowi: Oh, Libra... You mean, like... as your wife?
    Libra: Yes. I do believe that's exactly what I mean.
    Nowi: Of course I will! This is the happiest day of my life!
    Libra: If this fluttering in my chest is any indication, then it mine, too, 
    A8. Henry C
    Nowi: Whew! I've been playing all and I'm pooped! What cute little kids!
    Henry: I've seen them around. They're from one of the villages near the camp. 
    But what do you mean, "cute little kids"? Aren't you a kid, too?
    Nowi: No! I'm an adult woman who's more than a thousand years older than you!
    Henry: Oh, right! Nya ha ha! Sorry, short stuff!
    Nowi: H-hey! Do you always speak to your elders like that?
    Henry: Nope! Just you. After all, how many "elders" do you know who play 
    hide-and-seek as much as you?
    Nowi: What's wrong with hide-and-seek? It's fun! ... In fact, you should join 
    us next time.
    Henry: Okay!
    Nowi: Wait, really? Oh, that's so exciting! I've asked just about everyone in 
    camp, but they always turn me down.
    Henry: It's 'cause you're always so full of energy, "One more time, one more 
    time, pleeease!" Most people just can't keep up with that kind of raw 
    Nowi: I know, right? It's so annoying how quickly some people tire out. I 
    mean, ten hours? Come on! That's like a warm-up! Do you know I haven't found 
    a single playmate since I joined this dump army? ...Until now, that is! Hee 
    hee! We're going to play game from dawn to dusk!
    Henry: I know how you feel! Ya know, I don't tell many people this, but I was 
    kind of abandoned when I was young. My family ignored me completely, and I 
    didn't have any playmates. But it was find, because I leaned to amuse myself! 
    Oh, and make friends with animals.
    Nowi: Then we're exactly that same! But now we have each other, right?
    Henry: Nya ha ha! You know it!
    Henry B
    Henry: Jeepers! I don't think I've ever seen a gaggle of children run away so 
    Nowi: ...I think I goofed up.
    Henry: Well, yeah! How did you think they'd react to a dragon appearing in 
    their midst?
    Nowi: I just wated to give them a ride on my back! I mean, everyone likes 
    flying, right? *Sigh* They were absolutely terrified, huh? I suppose they 
    won't play with us again.
    Henry: Yeb! They're probably quivering in fear under their beds and crying 
    like babies. But no worries! There'll be more victim-er, that is, village 
    kids-at our next camp.
    Nowi: Kids are stupid! Why didn't they see it was just me in dragon form? And 
    doesn't everyone want to play with a dragon? I mean, come on... Flying in the 
    sky... Exchanging fire breath... Listening to my bloodcurdling roars...
    Henry: If they exchanged fire breath with you, they'd end up as little clumps 
    of charcoal.
    Nowi: *Sigh* I wish I had some manakete friends. That would be more fun.
    Henry: Well, I can't promise anything, but I might be able to conjure one for 
    Nowi: You could?
    Henry: Sure! I'll need to make some preparations first, though,. Might take 
    some time.
    Nowi: Oh, that's fine! Everyone knows I'm the best at being patient!
    Henry A
    Henry: Ta-daaah! What do you think?
    Nowi: Wow! It's a dragon!
    Henry: Pretty little thing, isn't she? Now you'll have someone to breathe 
    fire with!
    Nowi: I-is she a manakete like me? Where in the world did you find her?! 
    Hello, dragon. My name is Nowi! It's super nice to meet- Huh? My hand just.. 
    went right through her like she wasn't there...
    Henry: Right. You can't actually thouh her. My magic is good, but not THAT 
    Nowi: You mean...she's an illusion?
    Henry: Yep! So, what do you think? Do you like her?
    Nowi: No! She's stupid!
    Henry: Hey! I spent a lot of time and effort on this, you know!
    Nowi: I want a real friend! Someone I can laugh with and talk with and cry 
    with! I'm going to look super dumb exchanging jokes with a mute astral 
    Henry: Aw, nuts. I thought you'd really love her.
    Nowi: I know you're just trying to help, Henry, but this isn't going to work.
    Henry: No problem! I'll come up with a better idea, that's all. Easy peasy. 
    And as soon as I do, you'll be that first to know!
    Nowi: Aw, you're such a good friend, Henry. Thank you!
    Henry: Nya ha ha! No sweat!
    Henry S
    Henry: Hey, Nowi. I've finally conjured up a plan that'll solve your problem.
    Nowi: You mean about find me a manakete friend?
    Henry: Yep. And unlike the hologram, this will be a real live, talking, 
    laughing dragon. The only catch is it's going to take time. ...Lots and lots 
    of time.
    Nowi: Aw, I don't care. Didn't I tell you I'm really good at being patient?
    Henry: Okay. So first of all, you have to accept this.
    Nowi: It's a ring..? What's this for?
    Henry: Because you and I are going to get married! Chrom did that and ended 
    up with that cute little daughter. So my plan is, we'll get married and have 
    a bunch of children. They're going to be part manakete, what with you being 
    the mum and all. And then once they grow up, BAM! Manakete playmates for 
    Nowi: Gosh, Henry! That's ingenious! Why didn't I think of that? Hee hee! So 
    I suppose this means we're going to be husband and wife?
    Henry: Sure does! A lifetime of fun and games, coming right up!
    A9. Frederick C
    Frederick: This exercise really works the stomach muscles. Ready? Just 300 
    this time! 299... 298... 297...
    Avatar: Going... to... die...
    Tharja: That's some dedication, Avatar.
    Frederick: That's enough for today. Remember to hydrate and eat your 
    hardtack. Diiiis-MISSED!
    (Avatar leaves)
    Tharja: What a taskmaster. I thought he'd never finish. Look at Avatar with 
    those fools... I hope they realize he/she belongs to me. I suppose I could 
    curse them all. ...Gods, that would take forever. It would be easier to just 
    curse Avatar. A stink spell, perhaps? If he/she caused people to pass out and 
    retch, I'd have him/her all to myself! ...Except that he/she would smell like 
    an outhouse. Hmm... Maybe a different plan...
    Frederick: Come at last, eh, Tharja? I fear you missed the session.
    Tharja: Oh. ...Darn.
    Frederick: We did look for you, but it's important that we keep to schedule. 
    In the end, I had to start Frederick's Fanatical Fitness Hour without you. 
    But seeing as you're here, I suppose I can work in a private session.
    Tharja: Um... Actually, that's not... Oh dear gods...
    Frederick: Next up, biceps! I should warn you, this may burn a little. Aaand 
    Tharja: *Pant, pant* Wh-what's...happening to me... Vision... fading...  
    Blackness... everywhere...
    Frederick: ...I say, Tharja. You appear to be unwell. Let's pick this up 
    again tomorrow. Get a night's rest and eat some beans.
    Tharja: *Huff, huff* T-tomorrow... You're.. joking... Why... want...*huff* 
    torture me...?
    Frederick: A sound body leads to a sound mind. You're just a little out of 
    shape is all. See you tomorrow at dawn.
    Tharja: ...I'm... a dark mage... *huff* Don't need biceps... the size... of 
    beer barrels...
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Tharja! A word, if you please?
    Tharja: I don't, actually.
    Frederick: Why did you not keep our appointment at the training ground?
    Tharja: We had an appointment?
    Frederick: Don't play the fool with me! *sniff* I waited the entire day and 
    most of the evening hoping you would show! That training ground is chilly at 
    night, and I seem to have caught a cold. *sniff*
    Tharja: Oh? I thought you'd be far too healthy to catch a cold.
    Frederick: Erm, well...
    Tharja: Tsk, don't feel bad. Cursed colds are harder on everyone.
    Frederick: What?! You deliberately gave me a cold?!
    Tharja: Hee. You seem angry.
    Frederick: A-angry? OF COURSE I'm angry!
    Tharja: Well, you should be. I'm very wicked. If I were you, I'd avoid me 
    Frederick: You know why you did this, don't you? Weak physical conditioning!
    Your unsound body has resulted in a most unsound mind!
    Tharja: I don't like where this is going...
    Frederick: AAAAAACHOOOOOOOOO! ...Ah, better. My cold has gone.
    I'm so fit, one good sneeze gets rid of all my symptoms.
    Tharja: Er, that makes no sense.
    Frederick: Now that I am recovered, we shall continue your training. Here, 
    tomorrow. At dawn. And this time, you WILL come. Do I make myself clear?
    Tharja: Yes, we'll see about that. Hmm... I lied about the curse, but even 
    so, how did he shake a cold so quickly? Heh... Maybe next time I WILL case a 
    Frederick A
    Frederick: Ah, Tharja. I've been waiting for you. Finally ready to build a 
    healthy body?
    Tharja: No. The reason I'm here... Is to check THIS!
    Frederick: Argh! Wh-what are you doi... OUCH! Unhand me, woman!
    Tharja: There! I knew it. You suffered a deep wound in the last battle.
    Frederick: I didn't think anyone saw that...
    Tharja: It happened because I cursed you.
    Frederick: What?! We are allies! Why do you insist on plaguing me with dark 
    Tharja: It wasn't supposed to be harmful. It only made me invisible to you.
    It was the only way I could think of to avoid your insane training. But 
    somehow, you still sensed that I was in danger and shielded me from the blow. 
    Even though you were cursed. Even though there was no way you should have 
    seen me!
    Frederick: Ah. This explains a great deal. I was unable to shake the 
    persistent feeling that you were somewhere nearby. I feared I was losing my 
    mind, to tell the truth.
    Tharja: You can tell Chrom if you want. He'll probably want to hang me by my 
    thumbs or... something.
    Frederick: The Shepherds do not engage in torture! Especially not with our 
    stalwart comrades. In any case, it was not your fault. I should never have 
    exposed myself to the hex. My guard slipped. The responsibility is mine.
    Tharja: Gods, but you are a trusting fool. Is there any sin you won't 
    Frederick: You will not mind if I take that as a compliment?
    Tharja: Take it however you want. Now let me take a look at that wound.
    *Grumble* For someone who cares so much about health...
    Frederick: Tharja, do I detect a note of affection in your voice?
    Tharja: I'm only looking after you because Avatar likes you.
    Frederick: Ah. Then I'd best recover soon... For her sake, of course, heh.
    Frederick S
    Tharja: Has your wound healed?
    Frederick: Good as new, thanks to you.
    Tharja: Well then... ...... ...Yes?
    Frederick: Yes, what?
    Tharja: You're fully cured. No need to see me anymore. So why are you still 
    Frederick: I wanted to make absolutely certain that you'll come to the next 
    training session.
    Tharja: I've promised you five times already! Surely that's enough. Look, 
    what do you really want? If you're not going to leave, I will.
    Frederick: N-no, please! Wait! I had something else to ask!
    Tharja: *Sigh* What is it?
    Frederick: You didn't cast another curse on me recently, did you?
    Tharja: Why?
    Frederick: Because lately, a powerful... emotion has taken root in my heart. 
    That wouldn't be the result of some evil hex, now would it?
    Tharja: Not from me.
    Frederick: In that case, the passion I'm feeling must come from within. Which 
    makes this the perfect time to present this...
    Tharja: This better not be a cursed ring.
    Frederick: How can a love so powerful ever be called a curse?
    Tharja: Love...? Wait, are you proposing?!
    Frederick: Indeed I am.
    Tharja: ...Are you mad?!
    Frederick: If I were a poet, I could use sweet words to explain how my love 
    came to be... But alas, I am not. I can only tell you what I know in my 
    heart. I love you, Tharja. I want you at my side for all of my days.
    Tharja: That's... really sweet, actually.
    Frederick: Then will you accept my ring?
    Tharja: On one condition...
    Frederick: Name it!
    Tharja: We do the life's journey without the exercises. I don't care about a 
    sound body, and I don't WANT a sound mind. Mages need to stay a little crazy, 
    or we lose our edge...
    Frederick: Agreed. No more exercising for you, and no more curses for me!
    Tharja: ...... ...*Sigh* Oh, fine.
    A9. Virion C
    Tharja: ......
    Virion: ......
    Tharja: Oh, how nice. I was just going to ask for a volunteer from the 
    Tit for tat... become a CAT!
    Virion: Meow!
    Tharja: Oh my. That was fast. Let's try another one, shall we? Jeepers 
    creepers... Close those PEEPERS!
    Virion: Zzzzzzzzzz...
    Tharja: THIS guy's a walking curse magnet. I've never seen anything like it.
    Virion: *Snore* You are... so beautiful... *snort* Please... marry me.. 
    Tharja: Oh, that's quite enough of that. Spiders and flies... Open your EYES!
    Virion: Whu--? Huh?! What?! Where am I?!Oh, alas! It was but a vivid dream. 
    I've never slept so soundly in my life. Such a pity I awoke at that moment. 
    She was on the verge of saying yes. We would have exchanged sweet nothings, 
    and then, under the light of the moon--
    Tharja: *Ahem*
    Virion: Ah, greetings! ...Tharja, I believe? How may I be of service this 
    fine day?
    Tharja: Service, eh? That's not a bad idea at all. Oh, you're going to be 
    Virion: Aha ha ha! Oh, my good lady, you flatter me! Though I must admit, 
    you're not the first woman to tell me such a thing. However, you ARE the most 
    lovely! Perhaps I'm still dreaming, mmm?
    Tharja: Enough chatter. You've got chores to do. Sputter and spidge... Build 
    me a BRIDGE!
    Virion: As you command, milady! Virion, AWAY!
    Tharja: Oh, I'm going to like him a LOT. Eee hee hee!
    Virion B
    Tharja: Dasher and derricks... Remodel the barracks!
    Virion: As you wish, milady! Virion, AWAY!
    (Time passes)
    Tharja: Flower and beast... Cook the whole camp a feast!
    Virion: It shall be done, milady! Virion, AWAY!
    (Time passes)
    Tharja: Hmm... What should I make him do next?
    Virion: I shall do anything you ask.
    Tharja: Did you say something?
    Virion: I said, "I shall do anything you ask." You don't even have to rhyme.
    Tharja: ...Wait. Have you been awake this whole time?
    Virion: Of course.
    Tharja: That's impossible. A victim of a curse enters a tance state with no 
    memory or awareness of his actions.
    Virion: A curse? Is that what you're trying to do? Tsk! You should have told 
    me before. Those little hex doodads never work on me.
    Tharja: But you've been doing everything I demand without hesitation! Are you 
    playing me for a fool? Because that would make me... angry.
    Virion: Not at all! I simply find it impossible to say no to a beautiful 
    Tharja: What if I told you to... Oh, I don't know. Pluck out your own eye? Or 
    sacrifice your life?
    Virion: If necessary, I would do either one without hesitation. Ooh! Then I 
    could wear a fine diamond eye patch.
    Tharja: If necessary?! What does that mean? You're evading the question. Or 
    you're lying.
    Virion: I never tell a falsehood to a lady, even in jest. In time, you will 
    come to see the sincerity of gallant Virion's heart.
    Tharja: Hmph...
    Virion A
    Tharja: You are a fool.
    Virion: An unfair accusation, on its face. But it does harbor a grain of 
    truth. When in the presence of a lady so fine, it ill behooves me to appear 
    so slovenly.
    Tharja: I'm not talking about your wardrobe! I'm talking about what you did.
    Virion: Perhaps if milady were to tell me what I did, I might better explain 
    why I did it.
    Tharja: In our last battle, you threw yourself in the front of a blow that 
    was meant for me.
    Virion: Don't you remember our talk?
    Tharja: When you said you would give up your life if it were... necessary?
    Virion: Exactly! Well, there was also a bit about eyeball plucking, but 
    that's beside the point.
    Tharja: You are immune to my curse, which means you chose to take the blow in 
    my place. What I fail to understand is why.
    Virion: Once, in the not-too-distant past, I was responsible for the lives of 
    many people. Yet when that dastard Walhart attacked, I was unable to fulfill 
    my solemn duty. We were overrun, and those who had placed their trust in me 
    were... cut down. In response, I swore to devote my life to the service of 
    others. The dead are gone, but if I save others in their name, they will not 
    have died in vain. It is... the proper thing to do.
    Tharja: That makes no sense.
    Virion: Plainspoken and blunt, as always. I do like that in a woman!
    Tharja: You are... Hmm... How do I put this?
    Virion: A gentleman of impeccable manners? A dashing rogue of countenance 
    Tharja: An idiot who bleeds on my behalf. I hate it when people bleed for me. 
    I'd rather they bleed BECAUSE of me.
    Virion: Are you SURE you didn't mean to say the dashing rogue one? Because I 
    Tharja: Enough of your japes! Now be quiet while I tend to those wounds. 
    Otherwise, I might be tempted to stitch your mouth shut while I'm at it.
    Virion S
    Virion: Sweet Tharja. I wanted to thank you for your gentle nursing the other 
    day. In gratitude, I brought you a small token of my goodwill. I wonder if 
    you would do me the honor of accepting it?
    Tharja: This is a ring. ...A fancy ring. I smell a rat.
    Virion: No rats, my sweet! Only common sense. If I am ready to give my life 
    for you, I must be at your side night and day. Otherwise, I might miss my 
    chance were it to come.
    Tharja: So. If someone else asked you to give your life for theirs, would you 
    do it? Is your kind offer open to strangers and village idiots alike, or am I 
    a special case?
    Virion: I have found myself pondering that question of late. But no, Tharja. 
    I will sacrifice myself for no one save you.
    Tharja: Why?
    Virion: When love blossoms in a man's heart, must he explian himself? But if 
    you were to press me, I would say I have fallen for your gentle kindness.
    Tharja: You must be thinking of someone else.
    Virion: Oh? The bridge you had me build was so children could cross the 
    stream in safety. The barrack repairs kept the soldiers dry, and my feast 
    filled their rumbling bellies. You could have used me in any way possible, 
    and yet you chose to benefit others. What is that, if not kindness? I would 
    be honored to give my life in service of such an extraordinary woman!
    Tharja: I don't want you to exchange your life for mine.
    Virion: You would deny me the inestimable honor?
    Tharja: Don't worry. I have a different plan for you. I want you to live, 
    Virion. So promise me.
    Virion: B-but that is no proper oath for a gallant warrior such as I!
    Tharja: Nevertheless, it is what I desire. And if you want to marry me, 
    you'll do it.
    Virion: ...So be it. As milady commands, I pledge to defend your life. But I 
    also swear to never risk my own life in service of this task! ...Good 
    heavens. These are the strangest wedding vows ever!
    A9. Stahl C
    Stahl: Hey there, Tharja. Catch!
    Tharja: ...A fig? And what do you want me to do with this?
    Stahl: Just thought you might be hungry. You barely touched your lunch, and 
    you're pretty scrawny, yeah? Figured a nice juicy fig might hit the spot.
    Tharja: You were spying on me in the mess tent?
    Stahl: Well, I'd hardly call it "spying"... I mean, it's a public place, 
    right? Anyway, I just noticed you were pushing beans around with a fork.
    Tharja: Oh. Well, all right then. Very thoughtful of you.
    Stahl: I actually have a whole bag. I could leave 'em right here if you-
    Tharja: One is enough.
    Stahl: Right. Got it. Well, I guess I'd better, um... Yeah. Just let me know 
    if I can do anything else for you, all right?
    Tharja: I am suspicious of this unbidden kindness.
    Stahl: Sorry, what was that?
    Tharja: Nothing, nothing... ..... You know, in my home, it is customary for 
    new friends to exchange locks of hair. Perhaps you would give me a strand or 
    two from your head.
    Stahl: Huh? Oh, well, sure, I guess. I mean, if it's a custom...
    Tharja: Thank you. You have been most helpful... Eee hee hee...
    Stahl B
    Stahl: Hey, Tharja. You have a moment? I was wondering about that hair-custom 
    thing. See, because I've been asking around, and no one else has ever heard 
    of it.
    Tharja: You mean that nonsense about friends exchanging bits of hair?
    Stahl: Er, nonsense?
    Tharja: Hee! I'm a dark mage. You know what people like me do with locks of 
    hair, right?
    Stahl: Hey, wait a second... Y-you're not gonna put a hex on me?
    Tharja: Oh, don't look so put out about it. It's really a tiny little thing. 
    It just forces you to speak the truth to me... Or else die in a horribly 
    painful manner.
    Stahl: What?! But that's so... mean.
    Tharja: Now, speak! Why are you so kind to me? Answer with truth, or else!
    Stahl: *Gulp* I was... I mean, I was just kind of... um... concerned.
    Tharja: You thought I might be a Plegian spy? Yes, I figured as much. But you 
    should know I never liked that dastard Gangrel. What kind of king would 
    sacrifice his realm to suit his own twisted goals? It's a travesty he ever 
    took the throne.
    Stahl: No, that's no what-
    Tharja: I have been loyal to Chrom from the very beginning. Not that I 
    imagine any of you sad sacks will believe me.
    Stahl: That's not what I meant when I said I was concerned, Tharja?
    Tharja: Oh, this should be interesting. So what exactly did you mean?
    Stahl: Look, you always seem to be sitting off on your own without any 
    friends. I thought you might be lonely. That's all.
    Tharja: If I wanted friends, I would conjure them forth from the black abyss!
    Stahl: Rrr... right. Got it. I'll just be... walking... over here now.
    Tharja: Oh, stop. You don't have to go. I'm just surprise that you are what 
    you claim to be. That's all.
    Stahl A
    Stahl: Hey, Tharja. Whatcha doing with that big crystal orb?
    Tharja: Divination.
    Stahl: Soooo, is that some kind of hex or what?
    Tharja: Divination is the art of seeing into the future. Right now I'm trying 
    to see who is going to win our next battle.
    Stahl: N-no! Don't do that!
    Tharja: ...Come again?
    Stahl: If you see victory for us, we might get complacent and lose. And if 
    you see defeat, we'll give up before we've even tried. Don't you see? No good 
    can come of what you're doing.
    Tharja: I suppose that's one way to look at it. I thought that's one way to 
    look at it. I thought you'd be more confident.
    Stahl: Oh, no. I go into every battle expecting to get my lunch handed to me.
    Tharja: How inspiring.
    Stahl: But don't worry! You're my special friend! I'll die before I let 
    anything happen to you!
    Tharja: ...What?
    Stahl: Oh gods. Did I really just say "special friend"? I meant "stalwart 
    ally." That's it! That's all.
    Tharja: That's weird.
    Stahl: Ugh... Well, you're the one who put that stupid truth spell on me. I 
    can't help it if everything I say comes out in shades of pink.
    Tharja: Hmm. I'd forgotten about that.
    Stahl: Still, it's funny. Having to speak the truth is almost... relaxing, in 
    a way.
    Tharja: That's the first time one of my vicitms has thanked me. ..... Still, 
    if you are so eager to be friends, perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible.
    Stahl: Really? You mean it? My heart bounds like a thousand fluffy kittens! 
    ..... Uh, do you think you could remove this hex now?
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Ha! Hya! Eeeya! ...Nope. Still not right.
    Tharja: You'll get it eventually.
    Stahl: Yeah, but when? I need to hone my skills if I want to serve Chrom and 
    the others. Plus you'll never like me if I don't get strong and powerful.
    Tharja: ...Like you?
    Stahl: I mean you're always strong and tough and scary, right? Well, I'm not. 
    I'm just some guy who floats through life on a breeze. So if I don't get 
    stronger, I'm never... you know. Gonna have a chance?
    Tharja: Bashing a pratice dummy to smithereens will not improve my opinion of 
    Stahl: Yeah, but it couldn't hurt, right?
    Tharja: You're missing the point. Your modesty and filghtiness ARE your 
    strengths. They are also... oddly charming.
    Stahl: Wait, really? They are?
    Tharja: Yes, I suppose. Though gods help me if I understand why.
    Stahl: Oh, Tharja! Marry me!
    Tharja: Is this some kind of joke?
    Stahl: I love you! I hunger for you with the passion of ten thousand dying 
    suns! I can't breath around you. I.... *wheeze* *gasp* Look, I even went out 
    and got a ring and everything. ...Please?
    Tharja: For someone so mild mannered, you can be quite forceful... Very well. 
    I accept.
    Stahl: Really?! WOO! Tharja, this is the best day of my entire life! And you 
    know that's true because I'd die a horrible death if I lied to you.
    Tharja: Actually, I removed that curse some time ago.
    Stahl: You removed... Wait, what?!
    Tharja: Oh, yes. You had the power to hold your tongue all along.
    Stahl: Really? ...REALLY really? ..... I think all the kittens in my heart 
    just died of shame...
    A9. Vaike C
    Avatar: Hello, Tharja.
    Tharja: Oh. Avatar! *siiiiiigh*
    Vaike: HEEEEEEY, THARJA! Whatcha up to, sister?!
    Tharja: Nothing you'd be concerned with. ...Or understand.
    Vaike: Hah! That's where you're wrong. When some creepy mage is followin' a 
    friend around, Teach MAKES it his concern!
    Tharja: I'm not going to hurt Avatar. I just find him/her fascinating. You on 
    the other hand...
    Vaike: Hey, that Avatar's a handsome lad/lass, and no denyin'. Soft, silky 
    hair... Strong, bulging-
    Tharja: Gods, you men are all the same. Completely obsessed with appearences. 
    My attraction to Avatar is something I experience on a higher plane. It's a 
    meeting of the minds.
    Vaike: Well, maybe you and me could meet minds! Folks say the Vaike is pretty 
    Tharja: You'd need to have a mind before I could consider meeting it.
    Vaike: Aw, come on! Gimme a chance! I'm all about meetin' stuff!
    Tharja: I'd have a better chance conversing with a donkey. ...Now go away 
    before I decide to stab you.
    (Tharja leaves)
    Vaike: Monkey dung! What's that Avatar chump got that I don't? Well, I'm 
    gonna find out, or my name ain't the one and only Vaike!
    Vaike B
    Tharja: It was so very nice to see Avatar today. Hee. I think I'll just sit 
    here for a bit and bask in the glow of-
    Tharja: ...Or perhaps I'll end my day by killing a man. What do you want, you 
    great sack of suet? Are you spying on me again?
    Vaike: Nope! Well, I mean, I WAS for a while, but I trust ya now. I had to 
    make sure ya weren't up to any witchy business with my pal, Avatar.
    Tharja: If I catch you spying on me again, I'll turn you into a toad.
    Vaike: Hey now! Ain't no need for those kinda threats!
    Tharja: I don't make threats. I make promises. Besides, isn't that what you 
    Vaike: Turnin' into a toad? Are ya batty?
    Tharja: Nothing is more intimate than having a hex cast upon you. The spell 
    creates a bond between the mage and victim- a resonance of souls. You WERE 
    eager to connect with me on this level, were you not? And besides, being a 
    toad might increase your intellectual capacity.
    Vaike: Sweet, crispy goat haunch! I barely understand a thing you say! But 
    ol' Teach thinks bein' soul mate to a fine gal like you would be preeetty 
    Tharja: I'd have better luck being a soul mate with the gunk beneath your 
    Vaike: Waaait. Are you implin' I'm stupid? 'Cause if you are, you're WRONG!
    Tharja: Evidence suggests otherwise.
    Vaike: Oh, he does, does he?! Well, I'm gonna find this Evidence fella and 
    give him what for!
    Vaike A
    Vaike: Oh ho! Now THIS is a surprise.
    Tharja: Shouldn't you be off eating dinner with the others? I hear they're 
    having lamb. You can throw the bones on the ground and everything.
    Vaike: Yeah, well, shouldn't YOU be havin' dinner, too?! Whatcha doin' here 
    all alone?
    Tharja: Nothing that concerns you.
    Vaike: Look, you can't brush me off that easily. Teach knows why you're here. 
    Yer thinkin' about the battle today, yeah? And about some folks got hurt? 
    Don't go blamin' yerself for that, now. You did all ya could.
    Tharja: ...I should have done more.
    Vaike: Look, you're a creepy lady and all, but ya still shouldn't be so 
    focused on the dead. I mean, there's plenty of livin' around here still, 
    right? So why not focus on them? Here, I brought ya figs and part of a pie. 
    Thought ya could use a meal.
    Tharja: You planned this!
    Vaike: ...Huh?
    Tharja: You didn't just pass here by accident. You knew I was upset and 
    followed me!
    Vaike: Look, if ya keep askin' questions, this pie's gonna get cold.
    Tharja: ...Perhaps I stand corrected.
    Vaike: About what?
    Tharja: I thought you lacked the ability to understand my mind. I may have 
    been wrong.
    Vaike: Didja say that? I totally forgot. Now dig in!
    Vaike S
    Tharja: One bat wing... A dash of pig tail... And then...
    Vaike: I hope that ain't dinner yer makin'! Bwa ha ha ha ha! ...Er, no, 
    seriously. Whatcha up to?
    Tharja: I'm brewing a potion for a spell.
    Vaike: Har! What is it? Fireballs? The Vaike loves fireballs!
    Tharja: I'd rather not say.
    Vaike: Why not? Ya gonna cast it on me? Bwa ha ha ha!
    Tharja: .....
    Vaike: Hey, wait! Ya ARE gonna cast it on me?! N-now look, sister! Ol' Teach 
    told ya he don't wanna be no toad!
    Tharja: It's not a toad, I promise. ...Ah, there we are. Done. All right, 
    Vaike. Drink.
    Vaike: Heck no!
    Tharja: You need to trust me, Vaike. This potion is special. It will allow me 
    to capture your heart.
    Vaike: Wait, it's a LOVE potion? Har har! I coulda saved ya the bat wings! 
    Before ya go pourin' stuff down my throat, take a look at this.
    Tharja: This looks like a ring.
    Vaike: See? Ya don't need spells or magic or whatnot to get my heart. Ya 
    already got it!
    Tharja: Very well. I accept your proposal.
    Vaike: Aw, see? That's just swell! So, uh, maybe you'll just pour out that 
    potion there, eh?
    A9. Kellam C
    Tharja: Now where did I put that...
    Kellam: Looking for something?
    Tharja: ...! The last person who snuck up on me like that isn't a person 
    anymore. How do you stay so quiet? Is it a spell of some kind?
    Kellam: Um, no. Not that I know of, anyway.
    Tharja: Right. Well, nice talking to you, quiet man. Now if you excuse me, I 
    have a letter to mail.
    Kellam: Oh! I'm here to mail a letter, too.Can I give you a hand?
    Tharja: ...I know how to mail a letter. I just hope the postmen are still 
    going to Plegia.
    Kellam: Hmm. I imagine they would, but it is hard to say for certain. Why 
    Plegia? Is that where your family lives?
    Tharja: Yes.
    Kellam: I suppose you're worried about them,huh? I worry about mine a lot.
    Tharja: I come from a family of powerful mages. They can usually take care of 
    themselves. But times like these... Well, who knows?
    Kellam: A family of spellcasters? Oh, wow. Ibet they're safe as houses!
    Tharja: I hope so...
    Kellam B
    Kellam: Say, Tharja?
    Tharja: Agh! What did I say about sneaking up on me? Next time, I'll turn you 
    into a newt.
    Kellam: I wasn't sneaking, honest! That's just how I walk. Anyway, I came to 
    give you this. It arrived in the morning post.
    Tharja: A letter? For me? Give it here.
    Kellam: ......
    Tharja: Oh, good.
    Kellam: Is it your family? Are they all right?
    Tharja: ... Are you still here?
    Kellam: I was just anxious to know the news.
    Tharja: What do you care about my family? It's kind of creepy. But if you 
    must know, it's from my parents, and everyone is just fine. ...And your 
    Kellam: Um, nothing yet. I've been coming here every morning, but... yeah. My 
    eldest brother has a wife, and they usually answer right away. But this time, 
    I don't know...
    Tharja: I can check for you. I mean, if you want.
    Kellam: How?
    Tharja: I'm a mage, quiet man. There's not much we can't do.
    Kellam: Gosh, would you really? That would be a load off my mind!
    Tharja: Sure. Now, tell me about this brother of yours, and omit no detail. 
    If I'm missing important information, the spell might go... horribly wrong.
    Kellam: *Gulp* Um... D-does that happen a lot?
    Kellam A
    Kellam: Hey, Tharja?
    Tharja: Argh! ...That's it. Newt time for you.
    Kellam: I'm sorry! I tired not to startle you! I clanked two pots together 
    and everything! P-please don't turn me into a newt...
    Tharja: Oh, all right. I'll give you another chance. Anyway, I assume this 
    means you've heard from your brother?
    Kellam: That's right! He was in a refugee camp, just like you said. His 
    letter says he and his family evacuated to avoid fighting. I'd still be 
    looking for him if not for you.
    Tharja: Don't worry about it.
    Kellam: Also, if sounds like he and his wife has a little baby boy. Which 
    makes me an uncle, I suppose.
    Tharja: Hee. That's good news.
    Kellam: Um...
    Tharja: What?
    Kellam: N-nothing. I've just never seen you smile before. It's nice, is all.
    Tharja: Maybe I'll turn you into a new tafter all...
    Kellam S
    Tharja: Kellam?
    Kellam: Gah! Y-you scared me! How did you see me?
    Tharja: Heh. At least, revenge for all the time you crept up on me... I just 
    had to modify a little invisibility spell I've been working on.
    Kellam: Gosh. It must be handy being able to use magic like that.
    Tharja: Here. I brought you something.
    Kellam: What is it?
    Tharja: It's a charm. It protects the wearer from misfortune and bad luck. I 
    made a big pile and had some spares. I thought you could give it to your 
    Kellam: Aw, thanks! My brother and his wife will be so excited! You've been 
    so nice to me, Tharja. I don't know how to repay you.
    Tharja: I had some left over, that's all. Don't freak out.
    Kellam: So actually, I have something fo ryou, too. It's... Well, here.
    Tharja: ...A ring? Did you win this at a carnival or something?
    Kellam: I like you, Tharja. You're smart, and pretty, and you've been good to 
    me and mine. Anyway, I've been thinking that maybe you and me could... be 
    Tharja: You are very strange, quiet man. But I suppose I'm not exactly the 
    harvest-festival queen myself.
    Kellam: Don't say that! You're prefect!
    Tharja: Now I know there's something wrong with you. But alright. Let's get 
    married and make a strange life for the both of us.
    Kellam: Wonderful! I can't wait to tell my brother the good news!
    A9. Lon'qu C
    Lon'qu: Tonight we're holding a war council. Don't be late.
    Tharja: Is Lissa hosting again? Maybe she'll make more of those little honey 
    cakes. Oh, hold on. You've got a bug stuck in your hair...
    Lon'qu: Don't come any closer!
    Tharja: Well, if I repulse you THAT much...
    Lon'qu: You are not special. I feel the same way about all women.
    Tharja: Well, that makes it all better. Hmm... I wonder if someone cast a 
    curse to make you fear women.
    Lon'qu: I think not.
    Tharja: Then why are you so afraid of us?
    Lon'qu: Something at the core of my nature has always made me... uneasy 
    around you.
    Tharja: Yeah, still sounds like a curse to me. I wonder who cast it?
    Lon'qu: ......
    Tharja: You want me to fix it?
    Lon'qu: What?
    Tharja: It must be hard turning into a gibbering idiot whenever you meet a 
    Lon'qu: You have the power to rid me of this fear?
    Tharja: Someone's iiiiiinterested...
    Lon'qu: I am not.
    Tharja: Sure, whatever. When you change your mind, you know where to find me.
    (Tharja Leaves)
    Lon'qu: ...... 
    Lon'qu B
    Lon'qu: Tharja.
    Tharja: I'm not goingt to move accross the room, if that's what you want.
    Lon'qu: ......
    Tharja: Okay, I have better things to do than watch you stand there with your 
    mouth agape. You want me to dispel your fear, right?
    Lon'qu: Can you truly release me from this crippling aversion to your kind?
    Tharja: Only if you promise to never refer to women as "your kind" again. 
    Also, I need to know exactly where this fear comes from.
    Lon'qu: ...All of it?
    Tharja: Unless I know the true nature of what ails you, cannot destroy it.
    Lon'qu: Every night, I am plagued by a dream. A dream of true events. Of a 
    young girl who lost her life because of me. She was an ordinary village girl 
    who lived on the outskirts of town. We became friends despite the fact that I 
    was an impoverished youth from the slums. In time, she began to steal away 
    from her parents to see me. Love flowered between us. But then...
    Tharja: Go on.
    Lon'qu: I'm sorry. This is... difficult for me. One day we went into the 
    fields to picnic and spend time by the river. ...The bandits were so fast. So 
    many. I fought them with all I had, but she still... They...
    Tharja: I'm sorry, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: From that day on, the presence of a woman has filled me with fear. A 
    woman died because of my failings. I would not let it happen again. And 
    though that day is long past, I relive it every night...
    Tharja: It is not unusual for powerful incidents to grip our hearts for many 
    years after. You aren't cursed by mortal means, Lon'qu--the memory IS the 
    Lon'qu: Can you help me?
    Tharja: Perhaps. But it will take time. I must learn about you, this girl, 
    and your youth spent in the slums. If I am to break the curse, I must know 
    everything there is to know about you.
    Lon'qu: If that is what it takes... 
    Lon'qu A
    Tharja: Lon'qu? I'm ready to perform the ritual.
    Lon'qu: Do you avow this ritual will cleanse my soul and finally grant me 
    Tharja: Yes. It will erase everything and give you a fresh start.
    Lon'qu: Good.
    Tharja: However, the curse has been with you for years, and its roots reach 
    deep. The only way to eradicate it is to uproot it along with all your 
    childhood memories.
    Lon'qu: You mean, I will forget everything? My life in the slums? The times I 
    spent with... her?
    Tharja: Every last bit. But these memories torment you, right? You should be 
    pleased to lose them.
    Lon'qu: No. I cannot go through with this.
    Tharja: Hey, I spent hours collecting wing bats. You can't back out now!
    Lon'qu: Even as I told you my story, I realized how important the memories 
    are to me. My life in the streets? Her death? These experiences make me 
    strong. If I lose the memories, what happens to the lessons I learned from 
    them? I fear that they, too, will be lost.
    Tharja: ...Seriously, do you have any idea how many bat wings I had to 
    Lon'qu: I have confidence a woman of your ilk will have another use for them. 
    Even so, I'm very grateful for your help.
    Tharja: Okay, don't thank me. That just feels weird.
    Lon'qu: Then I shall think of some other way to pay you back. 
    Lon'qu S
    Lon'qu: Tharja.
    Tharja: Oh. Lon'qu. How are you planning to waste my time today?
    Lon'qu: Nnngh...
    Tharja: Are you... forcing yourself to stand closer to me? Don't tell me you 
    let someone else erase your memories?
    Lon'qu: This is... my own doing. I can overcome my fear... through tyranny... 
    of will...
    Tharja: Well, charmed, I'm sure. But at this rate, it's going to take you 
    years to cure yourself. Why don't you let me help you?
    Lon'qu: No. I don't want to rely on magic or tricks...
    Tharja: Not with a curse, idiot. ...I mean you can practice on me. We could 
    be friends. Companions, even. Be there for each other in times of trouble. If 
    we were together day and night, you'd have to overcome your fear.
    Lon'qu: What do you mean?
    Tharja: Sometimes, I swear you're about three arrows short of a quiver. Here. 
    I'll use small words, okay? Let's. Get. Married. Of course, if you're not up 
    for it, that's okay, too. It'll give me more time to follow Avatar around.
    Lon'qu: Your proposal might have worked better without that last bit. Even 
    so... Marriage has long seemed like a distant dream to me. However, there is 
    a strength and grace about you that I find appealing. You are the first to 
    look so deep into my heart and accept what you saw there. With you at my 
    side, I might finally free myself of the painful past.
    Tharja: To be honest, I was expecting you to throw up or something.
    Lon'qu: I fear making friends with any woman, lest ill fortune strike them 
    down. But you are frighteningly fierce. I wager you can look after yourself.
    Tharja: It's true. People who mess with me tend to get turned inside out.
    Lon'qu: I find this thought oddly comforting.
    Tharja: All right, then. We'll get married and see if we can't make you 
    normal again.
    Lon'qu: And as proof of my dedication, I offer you this ring.
    Tharja: ...Wait. You had this ready the whole time? Oh, you are a sly dog, 
    A9. Donnel C
    Tharja: You there. Boy. Do you know where I can find a newt's eye?
    Donnel: Yes ma'am! I've seen tons of them slimy critters up in yonder stream. 
    Hold and I'll fetch you one!
    Tharja: You there. Boy. Where can I get the tail of a white sow?
    Donnel: Fresh out, I'm 'fraid. But I can run ask the camp butcher if ya like!
    Tharja: That dunderhead wouldn't possibly have such a thing...
    Donnel: Well, I suppose I could hop down the valley and check the local 
    swineherd. I reckon one a them pigs'll have a white tail!
    Tharja: You there. Boy. Bring me a bat.
    Donnel: Shucks, they mostly live in caves down by the ol' fishin-Er, beg 
    pardon, ma'am, but... did you just order me to go fetch a bat?
    Tharja: Yes, I did. Sometime today, please.
    Donnel: Well, all right then! I'll just toodle on down to the caves andflush 
    one out!
    Tharja: ...I can't imagine why that hayseed keeps following my order. I 
    haven't even had a chance to place a curse of servitude on him yet...
    Donnel B
    Donnel: Howdy, ma'am! I got them two venomous black snakes you been lookin 
    Tharja: Yes, thank you. Just throw them in the usual place.
    Donnel: You got it!
    Tharja: *Sigh* ...Well? Aren't you going to ask me?
    Donnel: Ask ya what, ma'am?
    Tharja: Tsk. Don't play coy. The favor, obviously.
    Donnel: I reckon I don't quite follow.
    Tharja: You want me to use my magic powers to do something for you, right? 
    For weeks, you've been running hither and yon, collecting specimens. At first 
    it was amusing, but you've actually proved to be quite helpful. So then? Name 
    your price. What do you want in return?
    Donnel: Well, I imagine I'd like ya to do nothin', ma'am.
    Tharja: I don't understand.
    Donnel: I don't want nothin' in particular, so I'm askin' ya to do nothin!
    Tharja: Surely you must have some reason for helping me.
    Donnel: Gosh, ma'am. That's just how we do things back in my village. If a 
    mage was settin' about to cast a curse, see, we was all duty dound to pitch 
    in. Just like we all help build the barns and mend the fences, and clear the 
    Tharja: Wait. You used to help mages cast curses? Cast curses... on you?!
    Donnel: That's what curses are all about, right? Usin' dark arts fer the 
    greater good?
    By helping you, I reckon I'm helpin' everyone in the Shepards. Ain't that 
    right? Gosh, maybe THAT should be my favor! I should ask ya to cast more nice 
    Tharja: I don't know who taught you about curses, but that's not how they 
    Donnel: It ain't?
    Tharja: Gods, it's a wonder your village is still standing... But all 
    right... I'll see if I can find a way to cast some, er, "Nice" magic. And in 
    the meantime, you can keep collecting speciments.
    Donnel: Yee-haw! It's a dilly of a deal!
    Tharja: I think this is going to be a very useful arrangement! 
    ...Particularly for me.
    Donnel A
    Donnel: Tharja, your hexes sure are powerful! Everyone's feelin' on top 'a 
    the world!
    Tharja: Hmm...
    Donnel: The cold what was goin' 'round done threw us all for a loop. I didn't 
    know what we was gonna do till ya cast yer hex and fixed us all up.
    Tharja: Snuffing out a sniffle is a fairly simple matter, actually. You just 
    have to direct the curse at the cold instead of the person.
    Donnel: Well, you sure done impressed me! There's just one thing I don't 
    get... Why don't ya want want me tellin' no one it was you what cured them 
    Tharja: People might get the wrong idea.
    Donnel: Whatcha mean?
    Tharja: They might think I did it for some kind of...common good...or out of 
    the goodness of my heart. I only did it to thank you for the help you've 
    given me. If people think I've gone soft, I'm finished as a dark mage...
    Donnel: Well, either way, the result's the same.
    Tharja: Yes, well. If you need some diasease cured again, you know where I 
    am. However, I want something of you in return.
    Donnel: Don't worry! I'll keep on collectin' all them creepy crawlies for ya!
    Tharja: ...Heh heh. You really are quite useful.
    Donnel S
    Donnel: Heya, Tharja. I've went 'n collected all of them things ya wanted.
    Tharja: ...Ah, good. Then I have everything I need for my next spell. Just 
    stand still please... Whew... It is done...
    Donnel: Dancin' donkeys! That there's a fine ring!
    Tharja: ...It's for you.
    Donnel: Fer me?!
    Tharja: I made another one just like it for myself.
    Donnel: Well shucks, this is startin' to sound like yer fixin' to get us 
    Tharja: Well, yes, as far as society at large is concerned, we would be wed. 
    However, in practice, I want you to be more like my... personal servant. I 
    consulted a few books: this seemed the easiest way to secure cooperation.
    Donnel: Books? Yer dark-magic tomes talk about weddin's?
    Tharja: Well, what became weddings, yes...You'd be surprised how many social 
    rituals have come out of two people will stay together until death.
    Donnel: Gosh. Sounds like someone's in love with ol' Donny!
    Tharja: That... would be another way to put it, yes. In any case, I would 
    like you answer. Will you join with me?
    Donnel: If you promise to love me all my life, then we got a deal! Collectin' 
    bats and watchin' you cast hexes is excitin' as all get-out! I wouldn't mind 
    doin' nothin' but fer the rest of my days!
    Tharja: Excellent! Then it's settled. Now put that ring on like a good boy... 
    And become mine FOREVER! Ehh hee hee...
    A9. Ricken C
    Ricken: Say, Tharja? You can... you know... do magic and stuff, right?
    Tharja: Yes. I can do magic and... stuff.
    Ricken: Cool! So, um, can you maybe teach me how to cast a curse?
    Tharja: Did someone steal your lunch money?
    Ricken: Oh, jeepers, no! I just like learning new skills is all.
    Tharja: Curses and hexes are no simple matter. ...But perhaps you possess the 
    Ricken: Oh, I do! I'm sure I do! So you'll teach me then?
    Tharja: No.
    Ricken: What? Oh, come on!
    Tharja: Casting hexes is not a hobby to be picked up on a whim.
    Ricken: I know! This is serious business! Super-deadly serious business! I'm 
    trying to get as strong as possible so I can be a key part of Chrom's army. 
    I'm studying fencing, wyvern riding, and even butter sculpting! ...You know. 
    Just in case.
    Tharja: hexes and curses are a different animal. A wild, untamable beast. Now 
    forget we had this conversation, and go practice your butter sculpture.
    Ricken: Well, phooey. I was hoping she'd just say yes. But no worries! She's 
    going to learn that Ricken never, ever gives up!
    Ricken B
    Tharja: ...Are you still following me? Shoo.
    Ricken: I'll stick to you like an ant on honey until you teach me how to cast 
    Tharja: Maybe the first lesson will be me casting one on you.
    Ricken: Seriously? That'd be great! Just let me gird my loins here... Okay! 
    Ready when you are.
    Tharja: ...Gods, but you are persistent. *sigh* Fine.
    Ricken: Really? You'll teach me?
    Tharja: ...No. But I'll tell you why I CAN'T teach you. My own powers are not 
    fully developed, so I'm in no position to instruct anyone.
    Ricken: Oh. ...Wait, really?
    Tharja: Just because I'm a powerful dark mage doesn't mean my training is 
    complete. I have many hexes yet to learn, and even the ones I know don't 
    always work.
    Ricken: When it comes to cursing, you're awfully conscientious.
    Tharja: The hexing arts are a capricious master, and I do not like mistakes.
    Ricken: But if you're afraid of slipping up, how can you learn new things? 
    Everyone knows the best way to learn is to just do it and see what happens.
    Tharja: That seems like a rather dangerous attitude for a mage. Although... 
    Hmm... That actually might be fun... All right. I'm going to start 
    experimenting with new and unknown magic. I'll go out to the woods alone and 
    cast every curse and hex I've ever heard of! ...Hee.
    Ricken: Hey, wait! This was all my idea. You have to let me come!
    Tharja: ...I'll think about it.
    Ricken A
    Tharja: Do you have the materials I asked you to prepare?
    Ricken: Yep, all here! I'm ready to get cursing!
    Tharja: Then you can begin. But make sure to follow my orders exactly.
    Ricken: I will. ...Oh, wait.
    Tharja: Yes?
    Ricken: You haven't told me who I'm supposed to cast it on yet.
    Tharja: You can try it on me.
    Ricken: ...Er, are you sure?
    Tharja: It's the quickest and easiest way to determine if you did it 
    correctly. And I'm not sure these other chumps would appreciate being test 
    Ricken: No, I guess not. Okay, here goes... Hyaaa! ...So how do you feel? Did 
    it work?
    Tharja: Huh. It would appear that I'm cursed. That's very good for a first 
    Ricken: Hurray!
    Tharja: ...Hurray! Oh! I see you chose a happiness-contagion hex. How sweet 
    of you.
    Ricken: I was actually kind of surprised someone invented nice curses. I 
    thought they were all scary and cruel and just turned people into weasels.
    Tharja: Don't be fooled by the name. Curses are a kind of magic that gives 
    life to dreams. Whether it is a dream of joy or horror depends very much on 
    the victim.
    Ricken: People are all wrong about you, Tharja. You're actually really nice! 
    I mean, even though you seem creepy, you let me practice on you. Maybe you 
    should show more of that side instead of the doom and gloom. I mean, your 
    smile is pretty, you know? You should show it more.
    Tharja: I like the way I am.
    Ricken: Well, okay, I guess. Seems like a waste though...
    Tharja: Life would be dull if everyone was happy and polite. Also, don't tell 
    anyone about this. I have an image to maintain.
    Ricken: Okay, Tharja! It'll be our secret! So does this mean you're going to 
    teach me more curses?
    Tharja: Maybe some simple ones.
    Ricken: Aw, can't I learn them all?
    Tharja: Let's start small.
    Ricken S
    Tharja: You really are good at this. I see you've already mastered the basic 
    Ricken: Thanks to you!
    Tharja: Keep your thanks. Our lessons have helped me learn more about my art. 
    Working with you has helped focus my thinking.
    Ricken: Sooo, the more you teach me, the better you're going to be?
    Tharja: I suppose. But you really don't need me to continue your studies. 
    You've got plenty of talent without me mucking around in there. As long as 
    you're curious and dedicated, you'll be fine.
    Ricken: But I only learned so fast because you're such a good teacher! I want 
    you to show me more creepy spells and teach me how to sneer and stuff!
    Tharja: ...Teach you how to sneer?
    Ricken: A-actually, I think we can learn a lot from each other, you know? So, 
    um, I kind of got you... this.
    Tharja: That looks expensive.
    Ricken: It's a family heirloom. I was told to give this ring to the woman I 
    marry. I'm going to be of age soon, and when that happens, I want you to be 
    my wife!
    Tharja: ...We do make a pretty good team, don't we? If I can just convince 
    you to be a little more evil... ...Heh.
    Ricken: So that's a yes, right? ...Um, is that a yes?
    A9. Gaius C
    Tharja: You.
    Gaius: Me?
    Tharja: Yes, you. You're a thief, right? Skilled at pilfering and all that? 
    I've got a little job for you.
    Gaius: I'm listening...
    Tharja: I want you to bring me a strand of Avatar's hair.
    Gaius: That's... unbelievably creepy. What do you need his/her hair for?
    Tharja: Hee hee...
    Gaius: Um, yeah. I don't usually take sinister chuckles as an answer. Sorry, 
    kid. Go find someone else to help with your weird hobbies.
    Tharja: This is not a negotiable request.
    Gaius: Oh? And what are you going to do about it, Sunshine? Curse me?
    Tharja: Yes.
    Gaius: Heh. Ain't a hexer alive that's managed to put a curse on Gaius the 
    Nimble! Go on, Sunshine. Do your worst.
    Tharja: You are making a terrible mistake...
    Gaius: Ooh! So scaaary! Do you see me shaking here?
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Hey there, Sunshine.
    Tharja: .....
    Gaius: Look, I know I'm unbelievably sexy, but you don't have to stare so 
    Tharja: Don't you feel... different?
    Gaius: What do you mean?
    Tharja: I cursed you. Some time ago, in fact.
    Gaius: Nope! I'm right as rain.
    Tharja: Impossible. My frog eyes were fresh... My newt tail was still 
    twitching... Ah, wait. Maybe that's it.
    Gaius: You figure something out there?
    Tharja: I must have added the wrong herbs to my cauldron. Instead of cursing 
    you, I've just enhanced your stamina and lifted your mood... Damn and blast!
    Gaius: Yep. That's a real bummer right there. But now that you mention it, I 
    have been feeling pretty frisky today. It's like all my cares have melted 
    away! So the good news is, your little spell actually works.
    Tharja: That's very encouraging. Now, let's see... If I simply recast the 
    spell like so... And replace the lambswort with a pinch of wyvern saliva...
    Gaius: *Yawn* Are you still trying to curse me?
    Tharja: Hee hee... Thanks to you, I'm one step closer to perfecting the 
    ultimate curse.
    Gaius: Right. Well, Sunshine, you just let me know when you get that- Huh. 
    She's gone. That's a bit disconcerting... Ah, well. Anyway, let's see if 
    Lissa has any more of those little cakes!
    Gaius A
    Tharja: .....
    Gaius: Hey there, Sunshine. Curse anyone lately?
    Tharja: Look at me carefully. Do you feel... different?
    Gaius: You mean aside from the pale woman staring into my eyes like a 
    lunatic? Nope. All aces over here.
    Tharja: Blast and damnation!
    Gaius: Maybe you should consider a new line of work there, Sunshine. What was 
    this curse supposed to do, anyway? Turn me into a toad?
    Tharja: It was meant to help you see my good side.
    Gaius: Wait, what? Are you trying to make me fall for you?
    Tharja: It's just an experiment, fool! I have to test it somehow.
    Gaius: Guinea pig, eh? I gotta say, I'm a little surprised.
    Tharja: About what?
    Gaius: I didn't realize you fancied me! I mean, I know I'm a charming devil 
    and all, but-
    Tharja: I'd rather fall in love with a kraken. And besides, love brewed in a 
    cauldron isn't real. If I ever decided to look for love, I would insist on an 
    unsullied version. ...Although, I'm not above using a potion or two to get 
    the boulder rolling.
    Gaius: Oh, fair maiden... I never imagined you were such a romantic!
    Tharja: Don't be sarcastic.
    Gaius: No, I'm serious. Knowing that actually makes you much more attractive. 
    I've always had a soft spot for bad girls, and they don't come much badder 
    than you.
    Tharja: ...Perhaps my spell is working after all.
    Gaius: Ah! I've been a fool! A blind, stupid fool! Your radiant hair! Your 
    stunning eyes!
    Tharja: All right, then. Experiment complete. Now stay there while I go mix 
    up an antidote.
    Gaius: No, don't do it! I don't want to be cured!
    Gaius S
    Gaius: Um, Tharja? Why are you following me around?
    Tharja: I want to make sure the antidote continues to work.
    Gaius: Oh, right. That. Um, ha ha ha! Of course it worked! Of... course. 
    ...Er, it DID work, right?
    Tharja: You are completely free of any spell, curse, or hex.
    Gaius: Huh. 'Cause you see, there's one little problem with that... I still 
    find you incredibly attractive, and I think I'm in love with you.
    Tharja: Wow... Okay, that IS a problem.
    Gaius: There's only one cure for this condition. You must accept... this.
    Tharja: ...A ring?
    Gaius: I had to be sure it wasn't your magic that made me fall for you.
    Tharja: .....
    Gaius: Okay, look. You want the truth? I've been interested in you for a 
    while. Long before you ever tried casting a spell, anyway. I just didn't know 
    a way to chat you up that didn't end with you hurling fireballs at me.
    Tharja: ...In that case, I accept.
    Gaius: What? You do?
    Tharja: You are a sarcastic and coarse man, but there is something... 
    interesting about you. Plus, you let me test spells on you. That has to count 
    for something.
    Gaius: Glad to be of service. But, um, you're not STILL going to use me as 
    your guinea pig, are you?
    Tharja: Not unless you disappoint me. ...You WON'T disappoint me, right?
    Gaius: Not after that, I won't!
    A9. Gregor C
    Gregor: Ah-ha! There is Tharja! Gregor is needing to ask question. Is all 
    right, yes?
    Tharja: I'm busy.
    Gregor: Ah! You are not wanting to be seen talking to old man like Gregor.
    Tharja: Age has nothing to do with it. I'm just not interested in talking.
    Gregor: Oy, little girl have tongue like snake. Very full of evil. Tharja 
    could pretend to not liking old-man smell at least. Then Gregor is less 
    Tharja: You could smell like roses and fresh-cut grass. It wouldn't matter.
    Gregor: Why are you hating friendly Gregor?
    Tharja: I said I didn't want to talk to you. ...So why are you still talking?
    Gregor: Old man like Gregor only hears what he wants. Very useful skill in 
    life, yes?
    Tharja: ...Is that true?
    Gregor: Oy, NOW evil girl is expressing interestedness in Gregor!
    Tharja: Because that would explain why my curses never work on you.
    Gregor: Oh no! Why are you trying to cast evil hex on poor Gregor?!
    Tharja: What does it matter? The damned spell didn't work anyway.
    Gregor: Ah-ha! This is why you are being so rude. Gregor is immune to your 
    witchery! I make you look like... how you say? Fool? Amateur? This sort of 
    Tharja: Go ahead and mock me, old man. I'll have my revenge, just you wait...
    Gregor: Wait, evil girl! Gregor is still having long list of questions to 
    Gregor B
    Gregor: Oy, why is evil girl still not talking? Gregor is nice guy! Laugh 
    like bowl of jelly!
    Tharja: ...I should inflict a permanent silence curse on you, old man.
    Gregor: Ho ho! Evil girl's spells not work on Gregor! Are you remembering 
    Tharja: I have... never been... this angry... in my entire life!
    Gregor: You should forget with all the anger and the making of the clenched 
    fists. Gregor only want to chat. Make with the small speech, yes?
    Tharja: You want to be friends with me?Then prove your loyalty. Give me nail 
    clippings and a lock of hair so I can cast a spell that sticks.
    Gregor: If Gregor agrees to your unholy terms, you must answer question, yes? 
    Most times Gregor only wants to know if evil girl have dinner plans. But, not 
    Tharja: ...You get one question.
    Gregor: Oh, this is too bad. Gregor have long list. But he will narrow 
    down... Does evil girl know magic spell that can, how you say, bring back 
    Tharja: Seriously? That's your question? It's almost as bad as "can you make 
    me immortal?" Ugggh!
    Gregor: So then, you cannot do this?
    Tharja: No, Gregor. I can't. No one can. Now if you want to TALK to the dead, 
    that's something I could maybe arrange.
    Gregor: Is for truly? Oh yes, that would be more than enough! Please, you 
    must help Gregor talk to dead person.
    Tharja: It's not easy, you know. It takes a lot of work, and a LOT of 
    Gregor: Please, you must do this! Gregor gives you soul in exchange, yes?
    Tharja: ...Really, now?
    Gregor: Cross Gregor's heart and hope to die!
    Tharja: Well, if you're that desparate, maybe I can do something...
    Gregor: Then Gregor is being always in your debt.
    Gregor A
    Gregor: Tharja! You finish researching spell, yes? Read all tomes? Collect 
    bat wing? Please say yes. Gregor is very much wanting to talk to dead person!
    Tharja: I am ready. Now then... Whose soul do you wish to summon?
    Gregor: Gregor's brother. His name is Gregor.
    Tharja: ...You have the same name?
    Gregor: When he died, Gregor took Gregor's name. Is fitting tribute, no?
    Tharja: ...Oh, gods. That's why the curses never worked! The brother whose 
    name you took must have died with unfinished business. If he clings to this 
    world, the name would still belong to him.
    Gregor: And that make spooky magic not work right, yes?
    Tharja: A curse won't stick if you don't know the true name of the intended 
    Gregor: You want to know Gregor's real name now, yes? So you can charm him?
    Tharja: Later. Right now, we need to focus on your brother. Imagine his 
    face... Imagine his voice... Now... Talk to him.
    Gregor: Hello? Gregor? Yoo-hoo! Are you hearing?
    Tharja: (Brother... Is that you...?)
    Gregor: Oy, is sounding just like him! Tharja is summoning soul of brother!
    Tharja: (My brother...)
    Gregor: Oh, Brother! I am so sorry you die because of bad thing I did! If you 
    bear grudge, tell me now. I atone for injustice!
    Tharja: (I bear no grudge against you... You did all you could to save me... 
    You must not feel guilty... I am proud of you...)
    Gregor: Oh, Gregor! I try to save you, but bandits were so many!
    Tharja: (You must forgive yourself, Brother... Forgive...)
    Gregor: *Sniff* Oy, G-Gregor...
    Tharja: Well? Did you say what you had to say?
    Gregor: Y-yes. All thanks to Tharja. Gregor's brother was taken by bandits, 
    and he could not save him. Gregor had large hole in heart, but now hole has 
    filled in. Gregor have no more regrets. You can take soul or whatever now.
    Tharja: ..... I'm... a little tired. Perhaps next time.
    Gregor: Gregor brings soul next time we meet. You take then, yes?
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Gregor must thank Tharja again.You did him great favor! Brother hears 
    apology and forgives Gregor. Now he is like new man!
    Tharja: Yeah? Well that makes one of us who's happy.
    Gregor: Oy, but Gregor says thank you many times over. Why are you giving him 
    that evil glare of fury?
    Tharja: Ever since I hosted the soul of your brother, something has been... 
    wrong with me. I can't stop thinking about you. It's... incredibly annoying.
    Gregor: Ah... You fall in love with Gregor? Is okay. He sees same thing 
    before. But, is good. Gregor likes you, too. That is why he is bringing you 
    Tharja: ...This is a ring.
    Gregor: Look on inside. Is having Gregor's name carved in! If you accept, 
    then we carve your name next to Gregor's. Together forever!
    Tharja: ...You intend to continue using the name of your brother?
    Gregor: Thanks to you, I know he forgives Gregor for unfortunate and violent 
    death. So now Gregor bears his name with pride! ...He also very used to it by 
    Tharja: Well, it's as much yours as your brother's, I suppose. ...Hmm. Maybe 
    now some of my curses will actually stick.
    Gregor: For you, Gregor do anything. Even if it turns him into toad.
    Tharja: I don't think that will be necessary. Besides, I've got a better 
    idea... Heh heh...
    A9. Libra C
    Tharja: Spoonful of frog's wart... One lizard tail... Cockscomb of a coal-
    black rooster...
    Libra: What are you doing, Tharja?
    Tharja: Trying to invent a spell that can change memories.
    Libra: Is such a thing even possible?
    Tharja: Well, I'll never know if you stand there and bother me, will I?
    Libra: Ah, of course. I'll leave you to it. Er, but before I go, can I ask 
    you one thing?
    Tharja: Make it snappy.
    Libra: How are you going to determine if the experiment is a success?
    Tharja: I'll cast the hex on someone and see what happens. Same as always.
    Libra: In that case, I would like to volunteer to be your test subject.
    Tharja: Oh? A priest wants to sacrifice himself for the greater good? 
    Libra: Unfortunately, my motives are largely selfish.
    Tharja: Sure, whatever. I accept anyway. Just don't blame me if it all goes 
    horribly wrong.
    Libra: Er, is that a possibility?
    Tharja: No curse is without danger. There's always a risk of harm- to body 
    AND to soul.
    Libra: I see. Then, I shall prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.
    Tharja: Pray to whatever gods you believe in, Priest. ...This is going to be 
    Libra B
    Tharja: I shall now attempt to cast the memory-transformation spell...
    Libra: Ready when you are.
    Tharja: We should act on a memory that won't affect your ability to fight in 
    Libra: Something from my childhood would probably work best. For example--
    Tharja: Hey! I'm calling the shots here. But, er, just for fun... If you 
    could choose a new memory, what would it be?
    Libra: I'd like to remember a time spent with doting parents in a warm, 
    loving home. Could you conjure such a memory?
    Tharja: That sounds positively nauseating. But who am I to criticize? Think 
    hard about the scene... Visualize it in your mind's eye...
    Libra: Ah! I can see it now!
    Tharja: All right... here goes... ...Nmmm... mmm... nnngh... ...What? Th-This 
    cannot be.
    Libra: Is something wrong?
    Tharja: ...Er, no! No, no, nothing at all. There, done. The hex is cast. Do 
    you feel different?
    Libra: Um, no, not really.
    Tharja: Huh. Well, I guess it didn't work.
    Libra: Maybe I'm the problem.
    Tharja: No. It failed because I don't yet have the talent and knowledge. Er, 
    but Libra. When I cast the hex, I saw... Well, I saw a terrible darkness in 
    you. What was that?
    Libra: ...Ah. I see. I tried to hide it from you, but it appears I failed. My 
    hope was that your hex would extinguish it before you knew of it.
    Tharja: So that's why you volunteered to be my guinea pig.
    Libra: As I said, my motives were selfish. I'm sorry for using you like this.
    Tharja: No skin off my back. But now I'm very interested in all that darkness 
    festering inside you... If I could tap into it, it could power some truly 
    intense hexes.
    Libra: In that case, would you like to continue experimenting on me?
    Tharja: Doesn't it scare you to go delving into that dark place?
    Libra: I am beyond fear, dear Tharja. Nothing can terrify me.
    Tharja: A lot of dark mages would take such a boast as a challenge.
    Libra: Heh heh. Perhaps I'm not beyond fear after all.
    Libra A
    Tharja: ...... I... I saw it. I saw everything. I know what lies in the dark 
    depths of your heart.
    Libra: Then you know my most secret of secrets... That my parents believed I 
    was possessed by demons and abandoned me. And you know the terrible price 
    this inflicted on my soul.
    Tharja: You were alone and loved by no one. An urchin, wretched and 
    friendless. Until you found the faith and became a priest, your only memories 
    are pain. ...I don't know how you manage to survive with such a burden.
    Libra: Nor do I. But, strangely, now that you know of it, the burden has 
    grown lighter. It's as if the very act of your witnessing my sorrows has 
    blunted their power.
    Tharja: When hearts and minds come together, they sometimes change each 
    other. It's like a spell of sorts--if one side is transformed, the other is, 
    Libra: Perhaps your magical hex has somehow dispelled my darkness.
    Tharja: Doubtful. I didn't cast anything of the sort. In any case, I can no 
    longer use you as a test subject.
    Libra: Why not?
    Tharja: Because I have nothing further to learn from you. Once you know 
    someone's secret pain, curses become a bit too easy.
    Libra: That is unfortunate. I'd hoped I could help you more. Well, if you 
    ever think of something else I might do, will you tell me?
    Tharja: Maybe you should just focus on being happy for a bit, you know? Now 
    you can face life without all that pain dragging you down.
    (Tharja leaves)
    Libra: Yes... Hmm. Thank you, Tharja. I shall do just that!
    Libra S
    Libra: Tharja? Might I have a word?
    Tharja: What is it?
    Libra: I wonder if you wouldn't mind looking into my heart once more.
    Tharja: Why?
    Libra: It will be easier for you to look than for me to tell you.
    Tharja: You know, you priests can be very pushy when you want to be. Maybe 
    this time I'll do more than look. Did you consider that? Maybe this time I'll 
    plant a seed of terror in your soul.
    Libra: Anytime you're ready.
    Tharja: Wow, someone's serious today. All right, don't move...
    Libra: I won't.
    Tharja: ...... Wh-what is... I don't understand...
    Libra: You looked into my heart, didn't you? You saw the feelings I have for 
    Tharja: Why did you make me do this?
    Libra: When hearts touch, they affect each other. Much like a curse does, or 
    so you said.
    Tharja: I maybe said... something like that.
    Libra: So how do you feel? Any changes in your heart? Any new yearnings or 
    Tharja: You seek to put a hex on MY heart? Y-you're a priest! How dare you!
    Libra: Well, you started it.
    Tharja: I most certainly did not.
    Libra: Ah. Then the love I feel must have grown naturally from my own heart. 
    And how is it YOU feel, Tharja? Because while priests can do many things, 
    casting hexes is not one of them.
    Tharja: Liar! You're lying! You have to be! O-otherwise...
    Libra: Otherwise we have fallen in love with each other naturally.
    Tharja: Are you sure this isn't a trick?
    Libra: Love has no value if it is won by deception.
    Tharja: Then I guess I have no choice but to believe my heart.
    Libra: So if I were to offer this ring and propose marriage, would you 
    Tharja: You had a ring all ready? That's rather bold, Libra.
    Libra: Such fateful moments come but rarely in our lives. I did not want this 
    one to pass me by.
    Tharja: It's strange, but you seem completely different from the man whom I 
    first met.
    Libra: Different in a good way, I hope?
    Tharja: ...Yes. Different in a very good way. And now you'll be the second-
    most important person in my life. ...After Avatar.
    Libra: Um, well, I... suppose I can live with that?
    A9. Henry C
    Tharja: I know you.
    Henry: You do?
    Tharja: When I still fought for Plegia, we heard all sorts of stories about 
    A silver-haired youth with a knowledge of curses and an extraordinary gift 
    for magic. A man guarded by fierce crows so that very few had seen the true 
    extent of his powers.
    Henry: Oh wow! Now that's a reputation! Yeah, crows always had a thing for 
    me, I guess. Dunno why.
    Tharja: Perhaps you'd be willing to teach a trick or two to a fellow dark 
    Henry: Sure! You want me to cast a death curse on someone?
    Tharja: Someone in camp? Mmm... No. That could be problematic.
    Henry: Hee hee! Yeah, I guess. Too bad, though. See, 'cause I've got one that 
    makes blood come out your-
    Tharja: Thank you, I get the picture. What's with the smiling, anyway? No 
    one's going to trust you if you're grinning like the village idiot.
    Henry: Hee hee! Smiling? This is how I always look.
    Tharja: Hardly reassuring. Tell me what you're plotting and I may yet spare 
    Henry: Sorry! Nothing sinister over here. I'm just a hale and hearty mage.
    Tharja: Ugh... Hale? Hearty? Have you no respect for our ancient profession?
    We're supposed to be harbingers of pestilence and famine and doom!
    Henry: Mm... I love doom.
    Henry B
    Henry: Hello, Tharja!
    Tharja: *Mumble, mumble* *hiss*
    Henry: Heey! Did you just put a curse on me?
    Tharja: Yes. Now, if you do not speak the truth, you will DIE! Answer me 
    clearly and without hesitation. Are you a foreign spy?
    Henry: Nope! Not me! Although I do own a cloak and a couple daggers. 
    Tharja: Who do you serve? Ylisse or Plegia?
    Henry: Aw, I don't get into politics. I just want to toss fireballs at bad 
    Tharja: Interesting. That's the same reason I joined up.
    Henry: Really? Hey, would you maybe tell me all about it?
    Tharja: I'm doing the interrogating here. Now then, one final question... Do 
    you vow to never cause harm to Avatar, no matter what?
    Henry: No problem!
    Tharja: ...How strange. My magic ensures that you are telling the truth. But 
    I find your heart difficult to read. It seems devoid of human emotion. What's 
    inside that head of yours? What are you thinking?
    Henry: Right now, I'm thinking about you. And how much you must really really 
    REALLY like Avatar!
    Tharja: Mind your own business, little man.
    Henry: Is that why you're always following him around?
    Tharja: I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand affairs of the 
    heart. In any case, you may go. I've no further use for you.
    (Tharja leaves)
    Henry: Hey! Tharja! You forgot to remove the curse! Oh, well. I suppose it'll 
    fizzle out eventually. La la la...
    Henry A
    Tharja: Here you are.
    Henry: Yep! Here I am!
    Tharja: I have a rather urgent problem, and I need your help.
    Henry: Do you need a death curse? Please say you need a death curse.
    Tharja: No death curses! ..... It appears that I, myself, am victim of a 
    curse from an unknown assailant. I have tried to remove it, but the magic is 
    too powerful. I'm hoping that if we combine our might, we may be able to-
    Henry: Hecka-necka, jimma-jamma, woozle-wazzle! Aaand presto! Curse 
    dispelled! Actually not dispelled. I tossed it back at the original sender. 
    Hee hee!
    Tharja: That's impossible. ..... By the gods! It IS gone...
    Henry: Yeah, dispelling curses is kind of my speciality. Right now, whoever 
    cast that curse must be in one confused pickle! Too bad we can't be there to 
    see it. That would be swell!
    Tharja: With that kind of power, you could have easily deflected my earlier 
    Henry: Oh yeah. I guess so, huh? Although you didn't really need to put a 
    truth curse on me, you know? I don't have anything to hide, and I've never 
    told a lie in my life.
    Tharja: Aha! At last you reveal the source of your power. You disarm your 
    foes with terrifying honesty and sincerity!
    Henry: Well, usually I disarm my foes by removing their arms. But your way 
    sounds impressive, too!
    Tharja: It's not a compliment.
    Henry: Hee hee! I know!
    Tharja: Stop being so blasted cheerful, or I'll... I'll twist your tongue in 
    Henry: Oh, you can try to cast a hex on me... if you dare!
    Tharja: Don't think you're the only one who can deflect curses!
    Henry: Wizard fight! Wizard fight! Yaaaaaay! 
    Henry S
    Henry: Hey, Tharja! Look at these flowers I found! Aren't they pretty?
    Tharja: Er, yes. Sure. I suppose they are.
    Henry: Aw, Tharja. You're just saying that. You don't think they're pretty at 
    Poor little flowers-after they went to all that trouble to bloom and 
    Tharja: Are you actually talking to them? That's more than a little creepy. 
    If you don't cease at once, I'll cast a hex and turn them into dry sticks.
    Henry: Tharja, would you like that better? Would you prefer these poor 
    flowers to be twigs?
    Tharja: You make it sound as if I'm being rude to your ridiculous bouquet.
    Henry: I don't mean to! It's just that if you wanted a bundle of twigs, I'd 
    be happy to oblige.
    Tharja: Wait, what are you-
    Henry: PRESTO! ...There you go.
    Tharja: You were so pleased with those flowers, yet you destroyed them just 
    like that...
    Henry: Nya ha! Oh, I don't care-as long as you're happy, that's all that 
    Tharja: Wh-where is this going?
    Henry: Tharja, I'm head over heels for you! In fact, I'd rip my heels clean 
    off if it would put a devious grin on your face! Heck, I'll destroy this 
    whole army if that's what you want. ...Do you want that?
    Tharja: Ugh, of course I don't. Do you think I'm completely insane?
    Henry: No, I was just using it as an example. So anyway, you want to get 
    Tharja: Egads, you do know how to sweep a girl off her feet, don't you? And 
    yet... If you promise to protect Avatar, I just might consider it. If we both 
    fall into some mortal peril, I want you to save Avatar first. Is that clear? 
    You must be ready to sacrifice me for his/her sake. If you can bring yourself 
    to promise me that, then yes, I will marry you and-
    Henry: Is that all? Easy peasy! No problem what-so-EVER!
    Tharja: Good. ...I think.
    Henry: This is great. I thought you'd make the conditions really, really 
    Like, so hard that I'd think twice about the idea. But you didn't! So, 
    anyway, I'd better go down to the smith and get a ring made.
    (Henry leaves)
    Tharja: You know, he may actually, truly be crazy... I mean, what kind of 
    proposal was that? Still, it's not like I'm the most normal person around 
    either. Who knows? Perhaps it's the perfect match...
    10. Chrom C
    Chrom: Hey, Olivia. What are you doing here all by yourself?
    Olivia: Oh! Milord! C-Chrom! Sir! Sir Milord! ...Hello! Er, I l-like to come 
    here for peace and quiet. ...To relax.
    Chrom: Then I'm intruding. I'll leave you to your-
    Olivia: NO! Er, I mean, it's all right. I don't mind. Really.
    Chrom: Well, if you're sure you don't mind...
    Olivia: ......
    Chrom: ......
    Olivia: ......
    Chrom: ...... Heh, not very talkative, are you? That's all right. I was never 
    much for-
    Olivia: Oh, look at the time! Gotta go!
    Chrom: Er, Olivia? 
    (Olivia leaves)
    Chrom: ...Gods, I'm supposed to be leader of Ylisse and commander of the 
    army. If I can't even talk to my soldiers properly, how am I going to rule my 
    subjects? Or inspire people? Or forge alliances with other nations? But every 
    time I try to talk to Olivia, it ends in this awkward silence... Well, no 
    more. I'll find a way to break through if it kills me!
    Chrom B
    Chrom: Ah, there's Olivia now... ...Right! Today I shall be charming and 
    witty, and we will talk of this and that. I'll make her forget her painful 
    shyness as we quickly become fast friends. Maybe a joke would lighten things 
    up. Friendly ribbing always puts me at ease... Ha ha! Why, if it isn't 
    Olivia! Ha ha! Here by yourself again?
    Olivia: EEK! Oh, milord! I mean, Chrom! Sir! I was just... practicing my 
    dancing. ...Since I'm useless at fighting. It's what I do, you know? Dancing, 
    that is. Not fighting. ...Yes. Well. Anyway.
    Chrom: Ha ha! Oh, Olivia, what a wit you are! But you mustn't sell yourself 
    short. If you were a poor dancer, I'd just kick you out of the Shepherds!
    Olivia: Wait, what?! Oh my gosh, I'm so... I mean, I'll do my best! Please... 
    I don't...
    Chrom: N-no! That was a joke! Just... joking! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! ...Ha? See, if 
    you were ACTUALLY bad, I wouldn't joke about it. ...Right? Look, Olivia, we 
    all think you're an excellent dancer. Honest. So please - there's no need to 
    be so self-effacing all the time. All right?
    Olivia: Y-you are very kind. But I'm so clumsy, and there's still much that I 
    have to learn.
    Chrom: You're doing it again.
    Olivia: Oh! *gulp* S-sorry! I forgot-
    Chrom: I do think it's great that you want to better yourself, though. I 
    could take a page or two from your book when it comes to practicing 
    Olivia: Oh, Chrom! Please! You're embarrassing me!
    Chrom: But, I didn't mean to...
    Olivia: Um...
    Chrom: Er, Olivia? Is something wrong? You're... staring at me...
    Olivia: I am?! Ah, SORRY! I mean... Um... I think I left the campfire 
    burning! Gotta go!
    Chrom: No, wait! Olivia! 
    (Olivia leaves)
    Chrom: ...That girl is a puzzle. Still, we actually exchanged a few words 
    today. I suppose that's progress. 
    Chrom A
    Chrom: Oh, hello, Olivia.
    Olivia: Eeek! Chrom!
    Chrom: Practicing again?
    Olivia: I was just finishing, actually.
    Chrom: Oh? I was hoping that you might show me what you've been working on.
    Olivia: Y-you mean dance... in front of you? Ah ha ha! Hee hee! Hoooooo... N-
    no, I couldn't possibly.
    Chrom: But on the battlefield, you never hesitate to dance when called upon.
    Olivia: Yes, but... well, that's... different. The setting... The 
    atmosphere... There's no time to think about it, or worry about it... I 
    just... do it.
    Chrom: It amazes me that someone so shy could be such an amazing performer. 
    Your dances are really quite wonderful. I don't know how you can't see it.
    Olivia: Lord Basilio told me much the same thing. ...Albeit with different 
    words. Something about charming the butt off a butterfly, I think?
    Chrom: Ha! That sounds like Basilio, all right. You and he go back a long 
    way, right? How did you first meet?
    Olivia: ...I owe him my honor and my freedom. Once, when I was with a 
    traveling theater group, I caught the eye of a corrupt noble. He would have 
    stolen me and forced me into marriage if not for Khan Basilio.
    Chrom: Hah, and here I thought Basilio more likely to carry you off himself!
    Olivia: Oh no, you have Basilio all wrong... He's not like that. Not really. 
    He told me a khan doesn't need such tricks to find himself a partner. 
    ...Actually, he was much cruder about it, but you get the idea.
    Chrom: Let me guess: it was something about his "big brown arse"?
    Olivia: Hee hee! I guess you DO know Basilio pretty well after all!
    Chrom: Hey, look at that!
    Olivia: What?! D-did I say something wrong? I did, didn't I?!
    Chrom: No, I just... I don't think I'd ever heard you laugh before. At least 
    not in a nervous way.
    Olivia: Oh, geez. Did I really laugh?
    Chrom: Yes. ...It was actually quite lovely.
    Olivia: Oh, Chrom, you mustn't say that! Gods, I wish the ground would 
    swallow me up right now!
    Chrom: Well, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. But I enjoyed seeing you today. 
    I feel like we're finally really getting to know each other... I look forward 
    to our next conversation.
    Olivia: Oh, yes! Absolutely! Me, too! 
    (Chrom leaves)
    Olivia: I can't believe Chrom and I can actually talk to each other like 
    normal people! Gosh, I was SO terrified of him at first. But he's actually 
    quite charming once you get to know him...
    Chrom S
    Olivia: Hello, Chrom!
    Chrom: Well, Olivia, this is a pleasant surprise. Usually I have to track you 
    Olivia: Well, you always make a point of talking to me, right? I thought it 
    was time I repaid the favor.
    Chrom: Ha! Well, I'm honored. I remember the days when you couldn't say two 
    words at a time.
    Olivia: I know! The old me wouldn't dream of just coming up to you and saying 
    hello. In fact, sometimes, when I'd see you coming, I'd run and hide in a 
    Chrom: ...In a barrel? Er, yes. Well in any case, it seems I'm very much in 
    Basilio's debt. If not for him, we'd never have had the chance to become 
    Olivia: Oh, don't say that!
    Chrom: To think I might have lived my whole life without knowing you...
    Olivia: I know, I... I feel the same way. You even helped me be less shy 
    around other people! 'Cause if I can talk to you, I can talk to ANYONE!
    Chrom: ...Am I so terrifying?
    Olivia: Oh, no! No, it's not like that! You're an important person, you know? 
    A prince and our leader and all that? It's not folks just walk up to you and 
    start blabbing away.
    Chrom: Hmm.. I see your point.
    Olivia: But it's all right, because I'm not scared of you at all anymore. Hee 
    hee hee!
    Chrom: I do so love that laugh.
    Olivia: And I love seeing you relax instead of reading war books or whatever 
    you do!
    Chrom: Well then, perhaps you would like to see more of me.
    Olivia: Oh... Yeah, sure! Why not?
    Chrom: Then perhaps you'd like to see me... all the time?
    Olivia: Well... I would have to eat and sleep at some point, but...
    Chrom: ...But perhaps we can do that together as well, if... ...If we were 
    Olivia: Oh my gosh, WHAAAAAT?!
    Chrom: Will you do me the honor, Olivia? Will you marry me?
    Olivia: Hmm, let's see... Will I marry this smart, funny prince who's also 
    super handsome? YES! Of course I will! Yes!
    Chrom: Well now you're making ME blush... Here, then. I've been carrying this 
    around and waiting for the right moment. Please take it as proof of my love 
    for you.
    Olivia: C-Chrom, this ring bears the crest of the royal house of Ylisse! This 
    is priceless! I can't take it!
    Chrom: My parents had it made on the occasion of my birth. They told me to 
    give it to the woman I would spend my life with. I'm only doing what it was 
    designed for in the first place.
    Olivia: Th-thank you, Chrom. I shall wear it proudly for the rest of my days.
    Chrom: I've been waiting for this moment my whole life, Olivia. Today I'm the 
    happiest man in all the realm!
    Chrom Special
    *This is a special support conversation that happens after Chapter 11 if 
    Chrom marries Olivia. It plays after Lucina is shown to her father.
    Olivia: G-good day, milord.
    Chrom: Oh, hello, Olivia. What a pleasant surprise.
    Olivia: Oh! Is it strange? ...Or untoward? I don't mean to be so! I just 
    thought, since you're always so nice to me, I should...
    Chrom: I'm happy you're here. I've always like talking to you. Especially 
    since you've become less... Well, terrified of me than before, heh heh...
    Olivia: Heh ha, I know! It is so very strange. I've always been painfully shy 
    around strangers, and even some acquaintances. Even a nod sends me running! 
    But... not with you.
    Chrom: Basilio deserves my thanks. Were it not for his introduction, we may 
    never have met.
    Olivia: I... I suppose not.
    Chrom: You're smiling! ...Heh. It suits you.
    Olivia: Really? I'm still so new at it. ...Smiling, I mean. ...At you. Until 
    recently, the very thought of you had me weeping in despair!
    Chrom: What? But why?
    Olivia: No! Not in a bad way! It's just... Well, you're our leader, and such 
    an important man, and we could never...
    Chrom: ...Be together?
    Olivia: But it's all right! I've made my peace with it. It's just... I've 
    never felt this way about a man. It's strange. In a good way. ...I think.
    Chrom: You're smiling again.
    Olivia: So are you! And I never get to see THAT on the battlefield!
    Chrom: I'm never this happy on a battlefield. And rarely this happy off it...
    Olivia: Milord...
    Chrom: Olivia, I'm going to say something, and you're likely going to think 
    me mad. I know that we barely know each other, but I feel something... 
    extraordinary for you.
    Olivia: Y-you do?
    Chrom: And not just when you dance! I feel it all the time. You're all I 
    think about.
    Olivia: Are you saying...
    Chrom: I think I love you. And I know that's madness! I KNOW it! But you know 
    what? It doesn't matter. My sister always followed her heart, so now I'm 
    going to follow mine... Olivia, will you marry me?
    Olivia: Holy gods! I mean... Yes... Yes, Chrom! Yes, oh yes! I will marry 
    Chrom: I can't promise it will be easy, but I can promise you my heart.
    Olivia: Your heart is all I need.
    Chrom: I... I can't believe you said yes. I was worried you might run 
    screaming, heh heh. Oh! Wait! I nearly forgot. I have something for you... 
    Here. Take it as a sign of my devotion.
    Olivia: Your royal ring? But this must be so precious to you!
    Chrom: I've found something more precious... My parents had this ring crafted 
    to celebrate my birth. They wanted me to give it to the woman I would spend 
    my life with. Take it, and know I will stand by you until the day I die.
    Olivia: Chrom, this is... It's all too much.
    Chrom: This is a love kindled quickly, but it burns bright in me. It is a 
    love that will last. I believe it with all that I am.
    Olivia: If this is madness, then lock me up and discard the key! I hope to 
    never draw sane breath again!
    Chrom: So be it! We'll be crazy in love, together. 
    10. Frederick C
    Olivia: Er, Frederick?
    Frederick: Yes, milady? How may I be of service?
    Olivia: Well, see, I was wondering... And this may be an odd question, but... 
    Well, what do you think of me?
    Frederick: Think of you, milady? *Ahem* Well, you are flexible of limb and 
    move with an economy of motion. You have the qualities of a superior fencer. 
    I would recommend a light rapier to start.
    Olivia: No, I'm not talking about being a soldier. What I mean is... What do 
    you think of me as a woman?
    Frederick: Do I find you attractive? Is that your meaning?
    Olivia: I suppose so, yes.
    Frederick: Hmm... A difficult question, if I may speak bluntly. I'd not 
    thought of you in such terms before, and so cannot provide a meaningful 
    Olivia: Oh. That's just what he said...
    Frederick: Who?
    Olivia: Khan Basilio. He never takes me seriously, no matter what I do. I 
    guess I just don't have any appeal for older men. My dance teacher once told 
    me I had to learn how to captivate anyone. Otherwise, no one would believe my 
    Frederick: So your interest was professional rather than personal. I see... 
    While I'm sure you are blessed with many charms, they are sadly lost upon me. 
    I'm sorry I could not be more encouraging. Now, if you will excuse me...
    Olivia: Er, yes. Thanks, I guess.
    Frederick B
    Frederick: Might I have a word, milady?
    Olivia: What is it?
    Frederick: I wanted to return to our conversation from the other day. I took 
    it upon myself to ask some fellow soldiers wheter they found you attractive. 
    Almost to a man, they asserted that you are extremely charming! Many also 
    commented most heartily on some of your... other features. Futhermore, most 
    of the respondents are older than you, in some cases very much so. In 
    conclusion, therefore, I think we can safely say that you possess wide 
    Olivia: ...Wait. How many people did you ask?
    Frederick: Well, let's see. I spoke with all the Shepherds, so that would 
    be... Oh, and I also queried those farmers in the last village we passed... 
    Ah, and the beggars at the side of the road! Mustn't forget them. So that 
    Frederick: Er, milady? Are you not pleased by these most favorable results?
    Olivia: FREDERICK! Everyone's going to think that I asked YOU to ask THEM!
    Frederick: ...I had not considered that.
    Olivia: Oh, gods... I have to leave. I have to run away right now...
    Frederick: W-wait, milady! I am so terribly sorry! Please allow me to make 
    amends. Perhaps I could travel with you whenever you go out in public. Then 
    you can simply hide behind my person whenever someone approaches.
    Olivia: ...This is the worst day ever.
    Frederick A
    Olivia: I'm really surprised how easy it is to hide behind you, Frederick. I 
    don't think anyone has seen me in the camp for days!
    Frederick: I am delighted to be of service, milady. For one such as I, whose 
    life is devoted to such endeavors, it is no small matter.
    Olivia: So, um, you don't mind that I'm hiding behind you all the time?
    Frederick: Quire the opposite. I am happy to perform my duty.
    Olivia: Oh, goody! Thank you, Frederick!
    Frederick: I must say, milady, having spent so much time with you recently, 
    I... Well, I am starting to see why the others found you so charming.
    Olivia: Y-you are?
    Frederick: Yes, I am.
    Olivia: Erm, I don't suppose you could tell me exactly what you like about 
    Frederick: Please, milady! Do not stare at me with those beseeching eyes!
    Olivia: Some details would be nice, Frederick. ...You know. For professional 
    Frederick: I see. May I have the time to put it into words? My feelings on 
    the subject are still... vague.
    Olivia: Okay. But just don't take too long!
    Frederick S
    Olivia: Ha! I finally cornered you! Have you been trying to avoid me? You 
    know you cannot hide forever!
    Frederick: A-avoid you, milady?! Perish the thought! Nothing was further from 
    my mind.
    Olivia: So why haven't I seen you around camp in forever? Hmmm?
    Frederick: I've been busy with... preparations. For example, I had this made.
    Olivia: A ring? But why did... Wait, there's something on it... "To Olivia, 
    with all my love." Frederick?! I don't understand.
    Frederick: I am not a man accustomed to speaking of affairs of the heart, so 
    I shall be brief. This ring is meant as an expression of the great love and 
    affection I feel for you. You would do me a great honor if you were to accept 
    Olivia: ...You want to marry me?!
    Frederick: That is my intent, yes.
    Olivia: Oh, how did you know?! Oh my gosh, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I've been 
    crazy about you forever!
    Frederick: I hereby swear that I will lay down my life in order to protect 
    Olivia: Well, that's... a bit harsh, but I like the sentiment, I guess. Oh, 
    thank you, Frederick. You gallant, wonderful man! I'm so excited we're 
    getting married! It's like a dream come true!
    Frederick: For both of us, Olivia. For both of us!
    10. Virion C
    Olivia: Tra-la-la-la-LAAAAAA!
    Virion: Oh ho!
    Olivia: Eek! Wh-who's there?!
    Virion: My apologies, fair maiden. I had no wish to startle you.
    Olivia: Virion? Oh, thank goodness it's only you.
    Virion: Goodness, indeed! It appears the young maiden trusts me as a friend. 
    Although, speaking as a man of passion, I am unsure if this pleases me or 
    Olivia: Huh? What do you mean?
    Virion: Ah, it is no matter. Now please! Tell me more of your intoxicating 
    promenade! I find it strange that you are performing a dance for two all by 
    your lonesome.
    Olivia: You're familiar with this dance?
    Virion: I have, on many occasions, taken the gentleman's part.
    Olivia: Erm, I don't suppose you'd care to show me the steps? I m-mean, if 
    it's no trouble! I'm trying to learn it, you see, but it would be SO much 
    easier with a partner!
    Virion: Virion has never refused a plea from a damsel in need, and he shall 
    not begin now! I will teach you what I know. I will teach you... EVERYTHING!
    Olivia: Oh! That's great!
    Virion B
    Virion: And STEP and STEP aaand... BACK!
    Olivia: L-like that?
    Virion: Ah, it brings a tear to my eye. You have captured it perfectly!
    Olivia: Well, it's all thanks to my kind and patient teacher!
    Virion: A lady should be handled like a baby bird. Gently... and yet ever 
    mindful that at any moment she could fly away!
    Olivia: No one would care if I flew away...
    Virion: My lady Olivia appears to be unaware of her many talents and charms!
    Olivia: Oh, stop it, Virion. You're just saying that because I happen to be 
    standing here.
    Virion: That they are hidden behind that gawky exterior makes them all the 
    more beguiling!
    Olivia: Okay, maybe don't stop.
    Virion: That is why your dances inspire so many of us on the battlefield. 
    But, if I may be so bold, a little more confidence would not be entirely 
    Olivia: Th-thank you for your honesty, Virion. I appreciate the praise. Even 
    if it's just idle flattery, it makes me want to try harder.
    Virion: Idle flattery?! My lady, you wound me! I speak as one possessed by 
    Olivia: See, now I KNOW you're lying! You say the exact same things to all 
    the girls.
    Virion: Perhaps. But it is never a lie!
    Olivia: Er, right. But if EVERYONE is as beautiful as you claim, doesn't that 
    Virion: *Ahem!* That's enough chitchat for today! We must continue our 
    Olivia: Yes, of course. Ready when you are!
    Virion A
    Olivia: Tra-la-la-la-LAAAAAA!
    Virion: Ah, if it isn't my little dancing bird. Practicing solo again, are 
    Olivia: Oh, hello, Virion. I was just rehearsing the steps for this new 
    dance. It's very... ardent.
    Virion: Yet you find it difficult to do so alone. Am I correct?
    Olivia: Er, well, yes, actually. How did you know?
    Virion: Tsk-tsk. I am your teacher! I know these things. Well then! I shall 
    simply have to instruct you... personally.
    Olivia: W-well, that would be fine, except...
    Virion: Yeeeeeeeees?
    Olivia: Well, it's just that you're so very good! Far better than me, 
    actually. I have two left feet! No, two left HANDS where my feet should be! 
    So when you're close, I just... I get so nervous.
    Virion: So you prefer to dance alone, then? This is your solution?
    Olivia: Er, yes...
    Virion: Very well. As you are a fair lady, I shall respect your wishes. 
    HOWEVER! As you dance, I shall be dancing right along with you. There is no 
    need for hand-holding or the exchange of sultry glances! I can instruct you 
    perfectly well from across the room.
    Olivia: W-would you mind?
    Virion: Ha ha! My dear lady, I have done far worse in the name of far less. 
    Shall we begin? And a one, and a two...
    Olivia: Hee hee! You're right! It's SO much better when you have a partner! 
    Even if the partner is spinning across the room...
    Virion: 'Tis a dance meant for two, my lady. That is the only way to do it 
    Olivia: Oh, Virion! I'm so glad I asked for your help!
    Virion: You are not the first to utter such a sentiment.
    Olivia: Thanks to you, I've perfected yet another dance. I'm starting to 
    believe I might have some talent after all.
    Virion: I'm pleased that the knowledge granted by my noble pedigree could be 
    put to use.
    Olivia: *Siiigh* He's soooo dreamy...
    Virion: Pardon? Did you say something?
    Olivia: What? Who, me? Oh, gosh no! Um, but... Do you think I could maybe 
    have another lesson soon?
    Virion S
    Olivia: *Sigh*
    Virion: Tsk! Such a world-wear and forlorn sigh ill suits my young protégé!
    Olivia: S-sorry...
    Virion: I might be able to help, if only you would share with me the nature 
    of your sorrow. In my time, I have lifted cares from the shoulders of many a 
    mournful maid.
    Olivia: N-no. Please, Virion. Just leave me alone.
    Virion: It breaks my heart to see a woman in such desperation... Especially 
    one whom I love with all of my being.
    Olivia: Oh, stop it. Just stop. You don't love me. You're just saying things 
    Virion: You do not believe me?
    Olivia: Ha! I wager you say that to every girl you see! Love probably strikes 
    you three times before breakfast.
    Virion: Then you are wrong! I have never said it to anyone, ever.
    Olivia: T-truly?
    Virion: Truly, my dear.
    Olivia: B-but you're always asking girls to marry you.
    Virion: I admit, I am quite fond of proposing to... Well, most anyone I meet. 
    But I have told none that I loved them with all my heart.
    Olivia: I don't know...
    Virion: Olivia, tell me! Do you feel for me as strongly as I feel for you?
    Olivia: *Sniff* O-of course, you foolish man! I've loved you from the moment 
    we met!
    Virion: Then perhaps you will accept this gift as proof of my affections?
    Olivia: It's... a ring. For me?
    Virion: Look how beautiful it is upon your finger! Like a butterfly in the 
    moonlight it sparkles!
    Olivia: It DOES look beautiful...
    Virion: At last, I have made you smile. Would you care to dance together to 
    celebrate this wonderful moment?
    Olivia: Oh, Virion! Of course!
    10. Stahl C
    Stahl: Say, Olivia? Could I trouble you for-
    Olivia: Aah!
    Stahl: Um, sorry. Did I startle you?
    Olivia: N-no, you were just... so close.
    Stahl: Er, but I'm... way over here. Funny, I tend to think of myself as one 
    of of the less-imposing Shepherds.
    Olivia: I'm sorry. It's just that when people look at me, I get... nervous.
    Stahl: Is that so? I have just the thing. Wait here!
    Olivia: Um, Stahl? Where did you-
    Stahl: Here we are!
    Olivia: A letter?
    Stahl: I wrote my request down. That way you don't have to talk to me.
    Olivia: Oh! Right. Well then, let me see... Oh, you want a needle and thread? 
    Sure! Shall I bring them by your tent later?
    Stahl: Just drop 'em by the front flap. That way you won't have to worry 
    about another conversation.
    Olivia: Outside your tent, then. Got it. Th-thank you. I'm sorry...
    Stahl: Hey, you're the one doing me a favor! This is the least I can do.
    Stahl B
    Stahl: I'll just leave the letter here, Olivia. No rush.
    Olivia: I'll be sure to read it. And sorry again.
    Stahl: I've told you, it's no trouble at all. Though it might be nice to have 
    a leisurely conversation at some point. Anyway, so long as it's nothing 
    personal, I'm not worried.
    Olivia: Oh, n-no! It's like this with everyone until I get used to being 
    around them. I'm just... not good with strangers.
    Stahl: I see. So you can't talk to strangers, but you can talk to friends?
    Olivia: U-usually?
    Stahl: All right. In that case... *AHEM!* Bwa ha ha! Aye, lass! Bring me some 
    meat and mead! Let's rumble!
    Olivia: Er... what?
    Stahl: Well, since you've known Basilio for so long, I thought I could act 
    like him. You know? To make you feel more at ease?
    Olivia: THAT was your Basilio impression?!
    Stahl: It sounded a lot better in my head...
    Olivia: Wow, that was seriously terrible! But you know what? Seeing something 
    that embarrassing has made me less embarrassed!
    Stahl: Well then, I guess it was worth it. Next time I'll try to come up with 
    a plan that lets me retain a shred of dignity.
    Olivia: Hee hee. I'm looking forward to it.
    Stahl A
    Stahl: You seem calm today, Olivia. Perhaps you've gotten used to me?
    Olivia: It seems so, doesn't it! I'm sorry it took so much time and effort.
    Stahl: Hey, no apologizing! Everything worked out in the end, right?
    Olivia: I still can't believe you did impressions of everyone I know AND my 
    entire family!
    Stahl: I can't believe how bad I am at doing impressions.
    Olivia: Basilio was the best of the bunch. ...Which is terrifying.
    Stahl: Heh heh heh...
    Olivia: Hee hee!
    Stahl: Pfffaaah ha ha ha ha! Man, that was so bad...
    Olivia: Hee hee hee! You have a gift for making people laugh, Stahl. You're a 
    comedic genius!
    Stahl: Heh. Funny looking, maybe. I dunno about my future on stage, though.
    Olivia: I wish I had your talent. It would be nice to make people smile in 
    these dark times. All I do is wind up making them uncomfortable...
    Stahl: Not when you're dancing! That's some motivational stuff right there. 
    It makes me feel alive somehow. It gives me the courage to continue.
    Olivia: You... really think so?
    Stahl: Hey, I'm a genius, remember? So can the negativity!
    Olivia: I think that may be the kindest thing anyone's ever said to me, 
    Stahl. I'm so glad we're friends.
    Stahl: The pleasure's all mine.
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Hello, Olivia.
    Olivia: Hey, Stahl! Did you need something?
    Stahl: I have something to give you.
    Olivia: ...A letter? I think we've moved past the letter stage now, Stahl.
    Stahl: I know, but this time I'M feeling shy.
    Olivia: Uh-oh. Did I say something to make you uncomfortable?
    Stahl: No, no. You're perfect. It's just... Look, just open it. Please?
    Olivia: Well, all right.
    Stahl: .....
    Olivia: Er, Stahl? The envelope is completely... Oops! Something just fell 
    out! ...Is that a ring?
    Stahl: It's for you.
    Olivia: Oh! Then you...
    Stahl: I... I love you, Olivia. And I want to be with you as your husband, if 
    you'll have me.
    Olivia: Er, I'm... I don't...
    Stahl: You don't have to answer right now. Take some time and think it over.
    Olivia: N-no, that won't be necessary. I know my answer. I was just a bit 
    surprised you were actually asking me. But I guess if we're both a bit 
    bashful about this, it's a good sign. So yes, Stahl. I'd love to marry you.
    Stahl: Oh, Olivia! Thank you! I swear I'll make you happy!
    Olivia: Hee! You already have.
    10. Vaike C
    Vaike: ...Huh?
    Olivia: *Sob*
    Vaike: What's wrong there, Olivia? Whatcha cryin' about?
    Olivia: The scent on the wind...
    Vaike: *Sniff*...Huh? Wind smells fine to me! What's wrong with it?
    Olivia: It's the fragrance of change-of the passing of the seasons. I cannot 
    help but weep.
    Vaike: It's the what now?
    Olivia: Oh, no! Did I say that out loud?! Oh, I'm so EMBARASSED! D-don't look 
    at me!
    Vaike: Er, yeah. I'm gettin' increasingly confused by this conversation.
    Olivia: Why do these kinds of things ALWAYS happen to me?!
    Vaike: You mean sniffin' the air and breakin' into uncontrollable sobs?
    Olivia: Stars on a cloudless night... A single strawberry on a plate... A 
    flock of birds soaring across the blue skies... Such beauty strikes my heart 
    and overcomes me with emotion!
    Vaike: Just sounds like yer cryin' over a buncha weird stuff, if ya ask me. 
    But hey, we've all got our problems, right?
    Olivia: Yes... I suppose so.
    Vaike: Er, so these mooning fits of yours don't happen on the battlefield, 
    Olivia: Oh, no! In combat, I remain totally focused at all times.
    Vaike: See then? Ya got nothin' to worry about! Still, ya might wanna avoid 
    sniffin' the air with other folks around. People might think you're weird.
    Olivia: Er, yes. I'll try to keep that in mind. I'm sorry for putting you to 
    Vaike: You ain't gotta apologize to ol' Teach! Just keep yer chin up, all 
    Olivia: Oh, yes. Of course. I'm sorry I'm not more cheer-
    Vaike: Ogre's teeth, lady! Stop apologizin'!
    Olivia: S-sorry...
    Vaike B
    Vaike: .....
    Olivia: Oh, I'm SO sorry, Vaike!
    Vaike: Lemme guess: ya saw a wildflower at the bottom of the cliff and got 
    all weepy. And THEN ya nearly fell off the dang thing 'cause ya couldn't see. 
    That the gist of it?
    Olivia: Th-that's about it, yes. If you hadn't come along...
    Vaike: You'd have plummeted to your death. I know. Listen, why are you like 
    Olivia: I don't know! I just... *sniff*
    Vaike: You're like one'a them long-haired weirdos that bangs gongs in the 
    Olivia: *Sniff* I'm sorry...
    Vaike: Gads, you do like to apologize, don't ya? I really wish you'd knock it 
    Olivia: S-sorry...
    Vaike: Look, stop it. Try to say somethin' else for a change, all right? Like 
    "Oh, Vaike, yer so wonderful!" or... somethin'.
    Olivia: Er, well... That is...
    Vaike: C'mon, you don't have to be so shy! You're talkin' to the Vaike here!
    Olivia: Th-thank you.
    Vaike: Hmmmmmmm?
    Olivia: For... you know. Saving me. Just now.
    Vaike: Oh, that. Har har! That ain't nothin'.
    Olivia: Oh, gosh. That wasn't a very good thank you, was it? I'm so sorr-
    Vaike: DON'T say it! It was great! Perfect! No need for any more apologizin'!
    Olivia: Oh, you must forgiv- Er, I mean... all right.
    Vaike A
    Olivia: Oh, er, Vaike?
    Vaike: Yep?
    Olivia: I... wanted to say something about earlier. When I almost fell off 
    the cliff?
    Vaike: Just so long as ya don't go apologizin' again!
    Olivia: Oh, no. Actually, what I wanted to say was... Vaike, I think you're 
    Vaike: Huh?
    Olivia: Oh, GODS! Did I say the wrong thing?! I did, didn't I? Oh, I'm just 
    Vaike: No, it was fine! I just... wasn't expectin' it, is all. And while I 
    agree about the wonderful bit, what's it got to do with the cliff?
    Olivia: Well, er, it's just that when we spoke afterward, you told me... That 
    See, you asked me to say that you're wonderful. So I thought about it, and-
    Vaike: That was AGES ago!
    Olivia: Er, so?
    Vaike: Look, Olivia. Ya can't just go savin' up compliments for whenever. If 
    somebody does somethin' great like savin' yer life, ya tell 'em right away! 
    Not weeks later when everyone's forgotten about it!
    Olivia: Oh. Sorry...
    Vaike: .....
    Olivia: But you DID save my life. So now I have to find some way to repay 
    Vaike: Well, there is ooone thing you could do for me, I s'pose. Wanna hear 
    Olivia: Oh, yes! Please, I'd love to!
    Vaike: No more apologizin' to me. Ever.
    Olivia: Er...
    Vaike: "Sorry this" and "sorry that" makes it impossible to have a proper 
    And, frankly, I was kinda hopin' we could sit down and talk sometime!
    Olivia: Oh? I-I see... Then I'll try...
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Say, Olivia, you got a sec? I was hopin' we could chat.
    Olivia: Of course, Vaike. What is it?
    Vaike: Well, I was just thinkin'... Ever since ya stopped with the 
    apologizin', we've been havin' some great times! Don't ya think?
    Olivia: Oh, er... yes... I suppose... I mean, I like talking to you! ...I 
    think. Mostly.
    Vaike: Right! And 'cause it's all goin' so swimmingly, I thought I'd give ya 
    this. If ya take it, we'll be able to keep talkin' till we're old and batty!
    Olivia: ...Oh my gosh, Vaike. Is this a ring?
    Vaike: Oh, and uh... You know our little rule? Well, consider it suspended 
    for now.
    Olivia: What do you mean?
    Vaike: I mean, ya can apologize to me right now if... ya know. If ya need to. 
    Otherwise it'd be hard for ya to turn me down and all. I mean, if that were- 
    Hey, are you backin' away from me?
    Olivia: Oh, gods, I'm SO embarrassed, I have to... I have to...
    Vaike: Hey, it ain't like I do this every day either, sister! Mopin' monkeys, 
    she just took off! She's a funny one, that girl. Hope she comes back soon. 
    The Vaike don't wanna stand here all day long like a chump... ..... Yup. 
    Aaanytime would be great. Just any old time now.
    Olivia: ...Er, Vaike?
    Vaike: There she is!
    Olivia: Um, that was... I mean... I shouldn't have run off like that.
    Vaike: It's all right. You can say it. I told ya, apologies'll be accepted.
    Olivia: No. That's the thing... You don't have to lift the rule. ...See?
    Vaike: ...You're wearin' it? You're wearin' the ring!
    Olivia: I think it suits me.
    Vaike: Course it does! I ordered it all special for ya!
    Olivia: I'm very honored, Vaike. Er, Vaike?
    Vaike: Yep?
    Olivia: I.. I love you.
    Vaike: Holy ogre toes! Why didn't ya say so before now?!
    Olivia: Because I'm... bad at communicating...
    Vaike: Look, I tell ya what. You marry me, and I'll do the talkin' for the 
    both of us. Sound like a plan?
    Olivia: It certainly does!
    10. Kellam C
    Olivia: Um, excuse me. Do you have a second? I need some advice...
    Kellam: What, me? S-sure, I suppose.
    Olivia: It's just that I've been feeling, well... useless lately.
    Kellam: That's crazy talk! Your dancing is an inspiration to us all!
    Olivia: There must be SOMETHING I can do besides flail my arms about...
    Kellam: Hmm... Well, can you cook?
    Olivia: I mean, my grandmother taught me how to bake cakes and other 
    desserts... Would that really be helpful?
    Kellam: Are you kidding? Everyone LOVES dessert! It's the best meal of the 
    Olivia: Hmm, I suppose I could give it a shot. Let's see... I'll need honey 
    and raisins... Oh, and a whole lot of butter!
    Kellam: Mmm... I'm drooling already!
    Olivia: Hee hee. You're pretty smart for a tree, you know that? Thanks for 
    Kellam: Oh. She was... talking to the tree. Guess she didn't notice me there. 
    Er, well, good luck all the same, Olivia!
    Kellam B
    Olivia: Oh, Mr. Tree, it was wonderful! Everyone loved my cakes!
    Kellam: Um, I'm not a tree...
    Olivia: But the strangest thing happened! See, I couldn't find any honey... 
    But right when I was about to give up, a big jar appeared in my bag! Some 
    gallant stranger must have helped me in my hour of need! *siiigh*
    Kellam: Happy to help, Olivia. I just... I... Uh-oh... WAAAAAA-CHOO!
    Olivia: K-Kellam?!
    Kellam: Stupid pollen! It's just been so out of control these past... Oh. Um, 
    hello, Olivia.
    Olivia: Goodness, you scared me! Where did you come from? Oh, wait. You 
    dropped something.
    Kellam: Wait, you don't have to-
    Olivia: ...Honey? Kellam, was that you?
    Kellam: S-sorry. I'll be on my way.
    Olivia: Wait, Kellam! ...Thank you.
    Kellam: N-no! Thank you! The cakes were delicious.
    Olivia: Then I'll have to make more right away. You mind if I take this 
    Kellam: It's all yours.
    Kellam A
    Olivia: Kellam? Keeeeeellam... HEY, KELLAM!
    Kellam: I'm right here.
    Olivia: Oh, there you are! I've been calling your name all over camp.
    Kellam: Do you need more honey?
    Olivia: No, not today. I just...Here. This is for you.
    Kellam: Oh, it looks like a little star. What is it?
    Olivia: It's called rock candy. I thought you could eat it while you march.
    Kellam: What a good idea! I'm sure everyon will appreciate the boost.
    Olivia: No, they... It's not for them. I made it for you.
    Kellam: Just for me?
    Olivia: J-just you.
    Kellam: That's very kind, Olivia. Thank you. I can't wait to try it.
    Olivia: I hope you like it.
    Kellam: If there's, um... anything else I can ever help with, just say so.
    Olivia: I will. Thank you.
    Kellam S
    Olivia: .....
    Kellam: Hello, Olivia.
    Olivia: WAAH! Hee hee... You caught me again. I was going to slip this flower 
    into your bag.
    Kellam: Heh. It's tough to slip past me undetected. I'm kind of an expert, 
    after all.
    Olivia: You're always sneaking ingredients and little treats into my things, 
    Kellam. It's not fair that I can't do the same...
    Kellam: Speaking of which... Um... Have you checked your purse today?
    Olivia: ...Oh, you're right, there's a little pouch! You rascal. I can't 
    imagine what- ...Kellam? This is a ring.
    Kellam: It's nothing fancy, but my mother made it and it;s very special to 
    me. She said I should give it to the woman I love, and so... Um... Olivia, 
    will you marry me?
    Olivia: .....
    Kellam: Oh... S-sorry, forget I-
    Olivia: NO! I m-mean, not no! I mean yes! Yes, Kellam. Yes, of course. It's 
    just... I'm overcome, is all. I feel... Happy. So very, very happy. ...Thank 
    you, Kellam.
    Kellam: I love you, Olivia. I have since the very first moment I saw you.
    Olivia: Ooh... That makes me all... wobbly inside. D-don't look at me!
    Kellam: Anytime you start feeling shym I'll just disappear into the woodwork. 
    That's part of what makes us such a great pair.
    Olivia: Oh no you don't. This is my weird problem, and I'm going to fix it. 
    So I'm going to need you to help me.
    Kellam: We have the rest of our lives to work it out, Olivia.
    Olivia: Yes, we do, don't we... Oh, Kellam, I'm so happy!
    10. Lon'qu C
    Lon'qu: Hiii-YA! ....Hmph. Another failure
    Olivia: Oh, that's too bad.
    Lon'qu: Olivia? Have you been watching me?
    Olivia: Oh, sorry. I hope I wasn't intruding It's just that Khan Basilio used 
    to practice that same move.
    Lon'qu: It is a strike that I have yet to master. But one day I shall! When 
    Basilio slices the water jar open, not a drop is spilled.
    Olivia: I know! It's crazy, huh? Somehow, he slices through it so cleanly 
    that the flask doesn't shatter.
    Lon'qu: I have power, accuracy, and speed... What am I lacking?
    Olivia: Not that I'm an expert, but I don't think power has anything to do 
    with it.
    When Basilio does it, he barely even swings his blade.
    Lon'qu: You have observed him this closely?
    Olivia: Well, er, yes. I suppose so.
    Lon'qu: Then watch me as I attempt the trick again. Tell me if you see what I 
    do wrong. But please-do not stand so close to me!
    Olivia: Oh, um, okay...
    Lon'qu B
    Lon'qu: Hii-YA! Damnation! Again I fail! The flask shatters under the blow 
    every time...
    Olivia: Hey, Lon'qu? Perhaps you should take a break? Dinner's almost over.
    Lon'qu: Stay, woman! Not one step closer!
    Olivia: Eeek! Sorry! I didn't mean to... Wait, do I make you nervous?
    Lon'qu: Anyway, I am not hungry. You may give my portion to someone else.
    Olivia: I don't know if that's a good idea. You need to keep you energy up.
    Although, I guess if anyone can skip meals, it's you. Basilio did say he 
    never knew anyone with more self-discipline.
    Lon'qu: ...Basilio said this to you directly?
    Olivia: Well, yeah. He talks about you all the time, actually. Always saying 
    you're a genious with the blade and his true rival and blah blah blah. He 
    talks about you to anyone within earshot. We're all bored of it, honestly.
    Lon'qu: I did not know Basilio felt thus.
    Olivia: You look pleased.
    Lon'qu: Wh-what? *cough* No, n-not at all. I care not what he thinks of me.
    ...Perhaps I will eat after all. Excuse me.
    (Lon'qu leaves)
    Olivia: Hee hee. He can't fool me! That stern facade of his COMPLETELY fell 
    away. He was blushing like a tomato!
    Lon'qu A
    Lon'qu: ...Curses. Will I never do this?!
    Olivia: Oooh, you were SO close that time!
    Lon'qu: You call that close? I call it pathetic. I've yet to strike a flask 
    without it shattering into a million pieces!
    Olivia: Well, sure. But-
    Lon'qu: Bah, I'll never be a match for Basilio, let alone his better...
    Olivia: Have you forgotten what Basilio said?
    Lon'qu: That I'm a genious? His greatest rival? Empty words, designed only to 
    flatter. I have talent, but I lack the true heart of a warrior. THAT is his 
    Olivia: That's not true at all! You WILL become his rival someday. You musn't 
    give up, Lon'qu!
    Lon'qu: I understand now why I cannot cleave the flask. I have speed and 
    power, but my heart is weak and irresolute. Without courage and conviction of 
    purpose, my blade wavers and shatters the flask.
    Olivia: Um, okay?
    Lon'qu: Yet, even though I know this, I am powerless to cure myself. 
    Especially in your prescence!
    Olivia: Hey, I've got an idea!
    Lon'qu: Wh-what are you doing?! Release me! Release my hand, I say!
    Olivia: Breathe, Lon'qu. Let the tension flow from your body... I know you 
    can do it, Lon'qu! I believe in you!
    Lon'qu: O-Olivia...
    Olivia: No one is more resolute in purpose than you. You just have to 
    Lon'qu: V-very well... Just let go of me!
    Olivia: Oh, gosh! Sorry! I didn't mean to be so... um... sweaty. Yikes this 
    is embarassing. I left a big red handprint on your wrist. Um, does it hurt?
    Lon'qu: It does not hurt, but the experience was nonetheless terrible.
    However, I hear what you say, and I shall not give up.
    Olivia: That's the spirit! I believe in you, Lon'qu! I know you'll make 
    Basilio proud!
    Lon'qu: We shall see.
    Lon'qu S
    Olivia: ......
    Lon'qu: Hiiiyaaargh!
    Olivia: Huh? Did you miss it?
    Lon'qu: ...Look again.
    Olivia: Oh my gosh, Lon'qu! You did it!
    Lon'qu: At last I have succeeded.
    Olivia: I'm so proud of you!
    Lon'qu: ......
    Olivia: Whoops-sorry! I guess I kinda grabbed your hand there, huh? I know 
    you don't like being touched, but I just got so excited and-
    Lon'qu: I don't mind. ...With you.
    Olivia: Y-you don't?! oh, sheesh. This is SO embarassing!
    Lon'qu: Hm? But you're the one who grasped MY hand.
    Olivia: Er, right. I know, but... Look, it's complicated.
    Lon'qu: In any case. I must thank you for helping me master this skill I 
    couldn't have done it without you, Olivia. You make me stronger. And that is 
    why I would like to offer you this...
    Olivia: Wow, what a pretty ring! Wait. Does this mean...
    Lon'qu: I would like us to marry.
    Olivia: I thought you didn't like women?
    Lon'qu: *Cough* Er, I don't... As a rule. But you are no ordinary woman. With 
    you, I feel no embarassment. I do not tremble, or grow tongue-tied, or-
    Olivia: You don't actually dislike women at all, do you? You just get nervous 
    around us!
    Lon'qu: Are you saying I'm scared? Of women? Absurd! Because I'm not. Well, 
    mostly not. ...Well, perhaps. Olivia: Hee hee... I would never have guessed! 
    Hee hee hee hee!
    Lon'qu: Why are you laughing?
    Olivia: Don't you see? This means we're exactly the same! We both get 
    embarrassed, and we both have a hard time around people! We're gonna get 
    along PERFECTLY!
    Lon'qu: D-does that mean... you accept my proposal?
    Olivia: Do you even need to ask? I've liked you for ages, Lon'qu!
    Lon'qu: I am delighted to hear that. I hereby vow to never leave you side... 
    I dedicate my sword to protecting you.
    Olivia: And I promise to stay by your side as well for therest of my life!
    10. Donnel C
    Donnel: The swan princess done lost her love, and now her luck is buuuuusted!
    Olivia: She looks so sad beside the lake, her wedding ring a'rusted!
    Donnel: Yikes! You done scared me, ma'am!
    Olivia: Oh, did I? Gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. But that's 
    one of my favorite ballads, and I couldn't help but join in!
    Donnel: Eh? You know that song?
    Olivia: Oh, yes! All dancers dream of the day when they might perform as the 
    white swan.
    Donnel: It's a sad song somethin' fierce, and I always get to feelin' low 
    when I sing it. Just the way that poor white swan princess is out lamentin' 
    her black swan prince. She sets out to journey 'round the world, hopin' to 
    meet him one more time. But while she's gone, the evil swans wreck her home 
    and put her realm to the torch! That's why she gets to cryin' out by that 
    pond in the song, most-like.
    Olivia: But, Donnel, it doesn't end there. Don't you know the other verses?
    Donnel: ...It don't end with that line about brewin' up tea?
    Olivia: No, that's just the end of the middle act! Here's the rest... The 
    moon sees the swan princess sadly sipping her tea and takes pity on her. He 
    calls out to the black swan prince and tells him how the princess suffers. 
    When the prince hears this, he summons his allies and chases the wicked swans 
    away.Then prince and princess are reunited in the smoldering ruins of her 
    palace! There they embrace tenderly while the princess smiles softly up at 
    the moon.
    Donnel: Well pluck my feathers and feed me grits! That ain't a sad song at 
    Olivia: No, it's not.
    Donnel: Gosh, thanks for settin' me straight, ma'am. I reckon I like it even 
    more now!
    Olivia: Oh, you're very welcome!
    Donnel B
    Donnel: Say, Olivia? I've been a'ponderin' that swan princess from the song.
    You wanna know what I think? I reckon it really is a sad story.
    Olivia: Oh? How so?
    Donnel: The princess's whole kingdom was burned up, but they never got put 
    Olivia: Well, it's true that the song doesn't mention rebuilding...
    Donnel: So even if the white swan hitches up with her true love, her home's 
    still rubble. I don't see how she can be properly happy like that. I surely 
    Olivia: I'd...never thought of that.
    Donnel: Right? It ain't no cheerful ditty at all- it's one'a them funeral 
    Olivia: And if that's so, it casts her final act in an entirely different 
    Donnel: Olivia? You chewin' on straw there? Whatcha mumblin' about?
    Olivia: Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about the choreography for that song.
    There was one point that always puzzled me, but I think you've given me the 
    Donnel: I did?
    Olivia: In the choreography, the princess smiles at the moon when they 
    But the movements are slow and sad, as if they were full of loss. I never 
    understood how she could be so sorrowful in the midst of an embrace.
    But now I think I get it.
    Donnel: She's happy for herself, but still thinkin' 'bout her home bein' all 
    busted up.
    Olivia: Yes, exactly. Thank you, Donnel. This has been an eye-opening talk! I 
    might be able to add a whole new dimension to this dance.
    Donnel: Gosh! I'd pay anythin' to see that!
    Olivia: Erm well, I need much more practice. I'm not much of a dancer...
    Donnel: Well, you get to rehearsin' and lemme know when yer ready to go!
    Donnel A
    Olivia: Donnel? Do you mind coming over here for a second?
    Donnel: What's up, Olivia?
    Olivia: Er, well... I was hoping that you might want to watch me dance.
    Donnel: Jumpin' jacksnakes! You're all done practicin'? Show me! Show me!
    Olivia: Yes, but I can't dance without music. Would you be so kind as to 
    Donnel: Aw sure! But I only know the words partway.
    Olivia: That's all right. I'll sing as I dance, in the sections you don't 
    Donnel: Okeydokeys. Ready? Here goes nothin'! The moon was smilin' gently 
    (Time passes)
    Donnel: And now at last, the two embrace, and in his arms the swan does 
    Olivia: Up she looks, with smile so wide, to gaze at the moon in the sky.
    Donnel: ......
    Olivia: Er, Donnel? ...Hello? Did you like it?
    Donnel: Aw, shucks, Olivia! That's the purdiest thing I ever seen in m' while 
    darn life! *Sniff* Gosh... Aw, shucks...
    Olivia: *Sniff* Donnel? You're crying!
    Donnel: *Sniffle* So are you...
    Olivia: *Sniffle* Heh... I guess I am. I got so caught up in the dance, I 
    actually became the white swan!
    Donnel: I know! I'd a'sworn you were the princess!
    Olivia: Oh, well now... It wasn't THAT good...
    Donnel: I reckon I could watch you dance all day! ...Don't suppose ya would, 
    Olivia: I might be up for one more...
    Donnel S
    Donnel: ......
    Olivia: Donnel?
    Donnel: ......
    Olivia: Donnel!
    Donnel: What in tarnation? ...Oh, hi, Olivia.
    Olivia: Is something wrong? You're just sitting there like a stunned toad. W-
    was my dance that bad?
    Donnel: Jeepers, no... I couldn't tear my eyes away, you were so beautiful.
    Olivia: T-truly?
    Donnel: It's like I was hypnotized or somethin'. Hope I ain't gettin' sick...
    Olivia: Oh dear...
    Donnel: I just get so weepy when I imagine you as the white swan. It's almost 
    like I'm the black swan and I've fallen in... Er... Which is by way of sayin' 
    I went'n bought ya this.
    Olivia: Is that... a ring?
    Donnel: Now, I know I'm no prince or black swan. ...More of an odd duck, I 
    s'pose. And I know a grubby old ring like this won't make a princess smile at 
    the moon but-
    Olivia: Donnel, any gift from you has the power to make this princess smile.
    Donnel: So does that mean...?
    Olivia: I think it's time for me to dance again. Except, in this performance, 
    I won't be dancing for the black swan prince.
    Donnel: N-no?
    Olivia: No. This time I'm dancing for you. For you... my love...
    Donnel: Aw, gosh! I'm gonna sing that song like it ain't never been sung 
    10. Ricken C
    Ricken: Oh, cool. That's very interesting...
    Olivia: Hello, Ricken. That sounds like quite the book you're reading.
    Ricken: Hee hee hee! Oh, NOW I get it!
    Olivia: *Ahem* Er, Ricken?
    Ricken: Aaaaaaaah! Okay, okay, riiight... That makes perfect sense...
    Olivia: Okay, now he's just ignoring me. HEY, RICKEN!
    Ricken: Gyaaaaaaah!
    Olivia: Eeeeeek!
    Ricken: Jeepers, Olivia! What's the deal? You scared me out of my skin!
    Olivia: I-I'm sorry! I just... Gosh, it's not like me to yell like that. How 
    Ricken: Okay, well, I'm paying attention now. So what do you want?
    Olivia: Er, nothing important, actually. You just seemed so absorbed in that 
    book of yours. I wanted to say how much I admired your dedication to 
    Ricken: Oh! Uh... right. Heh heh.
    Olivia: So, then! That fascinating subject are you studying today?
    Ricken: Actually, I'm not learning anything. This is a book of stories.
    Olivia: Oh? Like fairy tales?
    Ricken: More like ancient myths and legends. The one I'm reading now is about 
    a prince who falls in love with a forest maiden.
    Olivia: It's a love story? Oh, wow. Those are my favorite kind.
    Ricken: You, uh... You want to read it together?
    Olivia: Oh, I'd LOVE to! Here, let me sit down next to you...
    Ricken: Whoa! Space-bubble violation! I thought you were the shy type.
    Olivia: Oh, I don't mind as long as you don't. Now come on, turn the page!
    Ricken: Er, oookay. But why do you have that strange look in your eyes?
    Ricken B
    Ricken: C-c-crikey, this story is giving me the heebie-jeebies!
    Olivia: .....
    Ricken: WAAAARGH! Hooo! That was a scary bit!
    Olivia: *Yaaaaawn*
    Ricken: Um, aren't you scared? Not even a little tiny bit? Not even when 
    Shanty Pete left his hook on the side of the carriage?
    Olivia: Er, no. Not really.
    Ricken: Wow, I thought you'd be shaking and telling me to close the book.
    Olivia: *Shrug* I dunno. I've heard much scarier stories.
    Ricken: Scarier than THIS one? *gulp* But, wait. I didn't think you were much 
    of a reader.
    Olivia: It's true. Books are too heavy to carry when you travel as much as I 
    do. The stories I know are all spoken tales.
    Ricken: So you just keep all your stories in your head?
    Olivia: Exactly!
    Ricken: I'm impressed! Not only can you dance, you have have an awesome 
    memory, too!
    Olivia: Stop it. You're embarrassing me!
    Ricken: Listen, for our next story, why don't you tell me one of yours?
    Olivia: ...I'm not sure that's a good idea. I'm not a very good storyteller. 
    I probably won't do it justice... B-but if you REALLY insist, I suppose I 
    could tell you the scariest story I know.
    Ricken: Y-you're getting that weird look in your eyes again...
    Ricken A
    Ricken: Hey, Olivia! You have to finish the story you were telling!
    Olivia: I didn't realize that you liked it so much!
    Ricken: Are you kidding? I was totally into it! Besides, when you're telling 
    it, you really look like you're enjoying yourself. Your enthusiasm is 
    Olivia: It's the performer's blood in me, I suppose. I simply love having a 
    rapt audience! There's nothing better than putting a smile on someone's face.
    Ricken: You get a kick out of making other people happy? Man, you're awesome!
    Olivia: R-really? Wow, no one has ever... Anyway, you wanted to hear the rest 
    of the story, right? I'll keep going, but you have to promise me something... 
    If anything scares you, stop me right away!
    Ricken: Huh? But then I won't know how it--
    Olivia: If you don't I can offer no assurances about what might happen... in 
    the night. There. I have warned you once. I will say no more on the subject. 
    Mwa ha ha ha ha...
    Ricken: W-wait, is the story THAT scary?! Come on, really?!
    Olivia: Well... ........ ....... BOO!
    Olivia: Hee hee. I'm sorry, Ricken. I was just setting the mood. It's a 
    little trick that Khan Basilio taught me. Do you like it? ...Ricken? What's 
    wrong? You're shaking like a leaf.
    Ricken: It's just s-s-so scary. I don't know if... Oh, gosh... Look at me... 
    Pfft... Hee hee... Heh heh ha ha ha! Oh man, you really freaked me out there. 
    Ha ha!
    Olivia: Hee hee! I really did get you, didn't I? You were terrified! Anyway, 
    shall we get on with the story? We left off at the haunted castle...
    Ricken: Yep, I can't wait! Go on, get to it! You really are a great 
    entertainer, Olivia!
    Ricken S
    Olivia: ...So, after overcoming many tribulations, the little cow concluded 
    its thrilling journey.
    Ricken: Uh-huh? And then?!
    Olivia: Safe at last, it grew a thick pelt of wool... and turned into a 
    sheep! ...The end.
    Ricken: Hah! No WAY! Is that really how it ends?! That is SO awesome! Ha ha 
    Olivia: I like it, too. Of all stories I know, it's probably the silliest.
    Ricken: Hee hee hee... Oh man, Olivia. You sure know how to spin a yarn! When 
    I'm with you, I'm pretty much laughing the whole time!
    Olivia: R-really? Well, that's very kind of you to say.
    Ricken: Wouldn't it be great if we could stay together forever?
    Olivia: Hee hee. That would be great, wouldn't it? So anyway, do you want to 
    hear another story?
    Ricken: N-no, Olivia. I don't think you understand.
    Olivia: Hmm?
    Ricken: Here. Th-this is for you...
    Olivia: Ricken, is this a... ring?
    Ricken: I... I really like you, Olivia! You're smart, and cute, and just 
    about the funniest person I've ever met! So what do you say? Do you want to 
    get married?
    Olivia: Oh my gosh, Ricken! YES!
    Ricken: REALLY?
    Olivia: The truth is, Ricken, I've grown very fond of you. You enjoy my 
    stories like no one else... And you scream like a girl when I scare you, 
    which is awesome!
    Ricken: Ha ha! You've started saying awesome! Thanks, Olivia. You won't 
    regret this!
    Olivia: Hee hee. Of course, Ricken. And thank you, too. I'm looking forward 
    to spending an awesome life together!
    10. Gaius C
    Gaius: Hey, baby.
    Olivia: Ah! Gaius, isn't it? What can I do for you?
    Gaius: I was wondering if you might give this a little taste test for me.
    Olivia: Is that a frosted fruit pie? Sure, give it here!
    Gaius: Well?
    Olivia: *Cough* G-gracious! It's so sweet... *hack* *cough* Also, the crust 
    is oddly... soggy. No crunch or texture at all. *cough*
    Gaius: Oh... yeah, huh? Shoot.
    Olivia: If I were you, I'd march over to the baker and demand a refund!
    Gaius: ...I made this.
    Olivia: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't realize-
    Gaius: No sweat. Wouldn't be the first time I went overboard with the sugar.
    Olivia: Oh, Gaius, I'm SO sorry...
    Gaius: Like I said, don't worry about-
    Olivia: Sorry, sorry, SORRY! ARGH! Can you forgive me? Please?!
    Gaius: Holy crap, lady! What's gotten into you?
    Olivia: *Sniff* I didn't know it was YOUR pie! I said such rude and horrid 
    things! I just... When I think about the look on your face, I... Oh, dear...
    Gaius: Hey, enough already. Seriously already. Seriously, you have GOT to get 
    control of yourself here. So my pie was awful. So what? At least now I know, 
    Olivia: ...Oh. R-right.
    Gaius: Look, would you be willing to try one of my pies again? It'd be nice 
    to get a comparison taste test.
    Olivia: W-well, if you think it will help.
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Hey, babe. You got a second?
    Olivia: Of course. What do you need?
    Gaius: I whipped up another pie. Went easy on the ol' sugar pile this time, 
    too. Anyway, you mind letting me know if it cuts the mustard?
    Olivia: Um... Well, sure. Why not? Hand it over!
    Gaius: Well? How is it?
    Olivia: ...You know what? It's not bad.
    Gaius: You're not just saying that to make me feel better, are you?
    Olivia: Absolutely not! Besides, you'd know. I'm a truly terrible liar.
    Gaius: Well, all right then! Glad you like it.
    Olivia: Say, Gaius? Why do you ask ME to taste your pies? There are tons of 
    people in camp who'd be happy for a free bite.
    Gaius: It's 'cause you're a dancer. See, the way I see it, you've got a 
    sensitive soul. The Shepherds are a stout bunch and great if you need to 
    throw down. But most of those clods couldn't tell a turnip from a sirloin. I 
    think I saw Chrom eating an unpeeled orange the other day. No kidding!
    Olivia: Hee hee! That sounds about right!
    Gaius: See? You know what I'm talking about.
    Olivia: You're trouble, mister. Saying such mean things about our fellow 
    Gaius: Evem if they're true?
    Olivia: Especially if they're true! Hee hee hee! Oh, but who am I to laugh? 
    I'm useless at everything.
    Gaius: That's so wrong, I don't even know how to respond. So you know what? 
    I'm gonna just pretend you never said it. Anyway, I'm still working on my 
    recipe, so I'll be needing your services again.
    Olivia: O-of course! Anytime...
    Gaius A
    Olivia: Hello, Gaius! Do you have another pie for me?
    Gaius: You bet I do, baby! Now strap yourself in, and get ready to ride the 
    flavor stallion!
    Olivia: Oh my goodness! I don't know if- Er, well, all right. Gimme that.
    Gaius: ...Well?
    Olivia: *Horf, snarf, chomp, munch* Oh gods... So good... Soooooo gooooood...
    Gaius: We have a winner! Ding ding ding!
    Olivia: I wish there was more! But say, Gaius. Doesn't it get exhausting? 
    Making pies all the time, I mean. Just gathering all the ingredients alone 
    must be a full-time occpation.
    Gaius: You got that right. Even basic stuff is rare in times like these.
    Olivia: Then why do you do it?
    Gaius: I dunno. I guess I just like pie. Although there's a challenge to it 
    that I find kind of fun, too. And it's always nice to see fellow fighters' 
    eyes light up when I bring 'em a snack.
    Olivia: Hmm...
    Gaius: You're humming. What's going on?
    Olivia: Gaius, I don't think you're being completely honest.
    Gaius: Huh? Honest Gaius is what they used to call me back in school! 
    ...Well, that and Booger Brain. But mostly it was Honest Gaius.
    Olivia: Hmm... I suppose we'll see, won't we? But if you make another pie, 
    you have to promise to bring it to me! All right?
    Gaius: What the lady wants, the lady gets!
    Gaius S
    Gaius: So, Olivia. How's the pie today?
    Olivia: *Munch, munch* Can't talk. Eating.
    Gaius: The tension is killing me!
    Olivia: ...It's DELICIOUS!
    Gaius: Truly?
    Olivia: Gaius, that pie was pastry perfection. Don't change a thing.
    Gaius: Well then, maybe you should have another slice.
    Olivia: Don't mind if I do! *munch, munch* ...OW! What the heck? I just bit 
    something really hard! Wait a minute. Gaius, there's a RING in this pie!
    Gaius: I know.
    Olivia: Oh, that is so unsanitary!
    Gaius: It is? Um, yeah. Guess I didn't quite think about it like that. See, 
    because I was hoping to use it to propose to you.
    Olivia: Wait, what?
    Gaius: You liked my pies so much I just kept baking more. And before I knew 
    it, I was thinking about you the entire time. So, what do you say? Will you 
    be my wife?
    Olivia: I must confess, Gaius, I enjoyed our little meetings a great deal.
    Gaius: ...That mean you're into me or not?
    Olivia: Yes, Gaius. I'd be honored to be your wife.
    Gaius: Sweet. I hope you're ready for a lifetime of delicious fruit pies!
    Olivia: Oh, you know I am!
    10. Gregor C
    Olivia: Um, excuse me, Gregor? I have your dinner if you're hungry.
    Gregor: Gregor is very big man, yes? And big man is always hungry! So, it was 
    your turn to make with the cooking, eh?
    Olivia: Yes, I'm on chef duty today. It's actually my first time, so if you 
    don't like the food, just... let me know.
    Gregor: Gregor shall sample and give report. *sluuuuuurp*
    Olivia: W-well?
    Gregor: This is tastiest live stew Gregor has eaten in whole life!
    Olivia: Oh! You recognize it? N-not many people outside of Regna Ferox know 
    this dish. ...Er, or like it, for that matter.
    Gregor: Gregor is sellsword. He serve masters and travel to countless lands. 
    Ah! Is good for the reminding! Gregor has large bag of secret spice. ...Here. 
    He put in stew and you taste.
    Olivia: Um, okay... *slurp* Oh, it's twice as good! And you only added that 
    tiny bit!
    Gregor: Gregor's spice can turn thin bowl of gruel into feast fit for king!
    Olivia: It's amazing what a tiny pinch of seasoning can do for a meal. So, 
    um...Would you be willing to share some with me? ...Pleeease?
    Gregor: Many regrets, but Gregor is out of spice. He can make more, but it 
    takes time, yes?
    Olivia: Perhaps I can help? I mean, I could gather the ingredients or 
    Gregor: This is happy idea! When you finish cooking meals for local oafs, you 
    come find Gregor, yes?
    Olivia: I'll do that!
    Gregor B
    Gregor: Today is okay, yes? You join Gregor on trip into woods?
    Olivia: You mean to gather ingredients, right? For your secret spice blend?
    Gregor: Yes. We must go deep into woods, so Gregor is thinking we pack lunch.
    Olivia: Oh, all right. I can make sandwiches if you want.
    Gregor: No, no, Grego not let girl with small hands do all the work!
    Come. Gregor will help with the making of sandwiches.
    Olivia: All right...
    (Time passes)
    Gregor: Good. Thanks to you, we now have picnic hamper full of tastiness!
    Olivia: You're being kind-I'm sorry I wasn't much help. I'm so terrible at 
    making sandwiches...
    Gregor: Gregor is being... confused. Perhaps he not hear your language so 
    Olivia is sad, yes? Is thinking she bumbles about in the kitchen like drunk 
    But Olivia is fine cook. When is her day in mess hall, Gregor salivate with 
    Olivia: Really?! Oh my gosh, I never... I mean, people don't usually tell me 
    Gregor: Then people are idiots. You listen to Gregor and learn truth. Olivia 
    is tasty cook and lovely dancer, Gregor thinks she would make fine wife.
    Olivia: Oh, stop that, you're embarrassing me! I'm none of those things.
    Gregor: But is true! Sellsword know how to see true value in people, yes? And 
    Gregor is master of sellswords! Gregor never make mistake.
    Olivia: Oh stop it, Gregor! I know you're just saying these things to be 
    nice. But um... Thank you.
    Gregor: You are being most welcome.
    Gregor A
    Olivia: Gregor! There you are.
    Gregor: What is wrong? You look to be making with the yelling at any moment.
    Olivia: Gregor, let me look at your back. I think you may be injured.
    Gregor: Why are you thinking so?
    Olivia: Because you're limping around like a two-legged mule!
    Gregor: You have been spying on Gregor's movements...
    Olivia: I'm a dancer, Gregor. I always notice how people are moving around.
    Gregor: Ah, well. You have taken cat out of bag. Gregor may be tiny bit 
    Olivia: See? Now lift up your shirt and let me take a look at... Eek! Gregor, 
    I can see the bone!
    Gregor: Ha! Is nothing! One time Gregor's leg fall off and he sew it back on. 
    But if pretty lady with small hands want to nurse Gregor, he will not 
    Olivia: Oh my goodness. It's hard to look at. Okay, so just hold still. This 
    might sting a little bit...
    Gregor: Ho ho! Gregor... He feels nothing!
    Olivia: Gregor is going to feel something if he doesn't hold still!
    Gregor: ...Ahhh, is good. Gregor is feeling better already.
    Olivia: Listen, I want you to go talk to one of the healers, all right? Just 
    to make sure you don't get gangrene or something.
    Gregor: For old man like Gregor, being nursed by beautiful woman is best 
    medicine of all.
    Olivia: Hop to it, mister!
    Gregor S
    Gregor: Oy, Olivia! Gregor have big surprise for you today.
    Olivia: Oh? What is it?
    Gregor: Is small pouch of secret spice blend! Just as Gregor promised.
    Olivia: Oh, thank you, Gregor! This is going to be so... Um, wait. There's 
    something hard in here. Oh! It's a ring! You must have dropped this in here 
    when you were grinding.
    Gregor: Is... how you say? No problem? Gregor is giving you ring, yes?
    Olivia: Gregor, this is huge. It must have been so expensive! I can't take 
    Gregor: Okay, okay! Gregor is not putting in pouch by accident. He does this 
    on purpose. Is all part of sneaky and elaborate plan. Gregor goes to 
    dangerous places and collects many rare spices. Then he can give you 
    expensive ring in unexpected and charming manner.
    Olivia: Dangerous places... Wait, is that how you hurt your back?
    Gregor: Olivia not need to know! ...Is embarrassing story anyway. Involve 
    slippery rock and angry squirrel.
    Olivia: Oh, I'm so sorry... You went to so much trouble on my account...
    Gregor: Gregor not sorry! Gregor will face army of angry squirrels for you. 
    You are the first woman Gregor truly loves, and now is time for the proving. 
    So what does Olivia say? You accept ring and proposal of marriage, yes?
    Olivia: I... I don't know, Gregor. It's all so sudden...
    Gregor: Hmmm... This is not answer Gregor is hoping for.
    Olivia: I'm sorry, it's just... My mind is whirling in a thousand directions 
    at once!
    Gregor: Then you have answer.
    Olivia: I do?
    Gregor: your mind is spinning because of the happiness, yes? So if you marry 
    Gregor, you can be happy forever!
    Olivia: Hmm... You know, you just might have something there... All right! 
    Let's do it! Let's get married!
    Gregor: Oy, Gregor feel huge pain in chest when you bat eyelashes like that!
    Olivia: I'm sorry, I'll try not to... Oh, wait. That's a good thing, isn't 
    Gregor: Is very good thing!
    10. Libra C
    Libra: In Naga's name, we sing...
    Olivia: Oh! How lovely...
    Libra: Oh, excuse me. Olivia, isn't it? Can I help you with something?
    Olivia: Oh, er, no. I was just passing by and saw you and well... sorry to 
    Libra: Not at all. I was just finishing.
    Olivia: I'm sorry, but were you dancing just now?
    Libra: I was, or at least I was attempting to. A professional like yourself 
    must have gotten a good chuckle out of it.
    Olivia: No! Quite the opposite. I've just... I've never seen a dance like 
    that before. The way you clutched at your chest and looked skyward 
    was...Well, it was kind of amazing, to be honest.
    Libra: It is a devotional dance meant to serve as a prayer to the gods. I am 
    at best a clumsy dancer, so I do not do it justice. However, it is ritual 
    that all the faithful learn at some point.
    Olivia: It was beautiful! Truly it was.
    Libra: To be praised by one of such divine talent is no small honor.
    Olivia: Er, would you mind terribly if I watched you again some time? I mean, 
    as long as it isn't blasphemous or something...
    Libra: You would be welcome. Such praise is meant to be shared with all.
    Olivia: Oh yay! Thank you!
    Libra B
    Olivia: La de dum... La de dum de doooo...
    Libra: Goodness...
    Olivia: Oh, Libra! I didn't see you there.
    Libra: Very impressive, Olivia. But who taught you the movements of our 
    sacred devotional dance? As far as I know, The only time you saw it performed 
    was when you watched me.
    Olivia: I usually only need to see a dance once to be able to learn it. But 
    this one is different. It's like I'm just going through the motions.
    Libra: To truly perform the devotional dance, you must understand its 
    Olivia: Um, could you maybe explain it? I mean, if you have the time?
    Libra: It would be my pleasure. Now, this initial movement...
    (Time passes)
    Olivia: Okay. And in this bit you're offering thanks for the blessing of 
    Libra: Yes. As you raise both arms, you lift the prayer from the ground to 
    the heavens.
    Olivia: Got it.
    Libra: ...Well, I believe that's everything. Do you have any questions?
    Olivia: No, thank you. You explained everything perfectly!
    Libra: I'm glad to be of service.
    Olivia: You're really good at this, you know? You should be a priest, or 
    Libra: Actually....
    Libra A
    Olivia: Aaand ONE and TWO and...
    Libra: .....
    Olivia: Oh, hello, Libra. What do you think? Am I getting better?
    Libra: *Sniff*
    Olivia: Libra? Are you all right? You're not crying are you?!
    Libra: ...Do forgive me, my dear. *sniff* *sniffle*
    Olivia: What's the matter?
    Libra: ...I'm sorry, I don't think I've wept like this in years. It's as if 
    your dance has freed my heart from a prison of ice!
    Olivia: Gosh, really? Was I that good?
    Libra: I thought the gods themselves had descended to dance in your person!
    Olivia: Oh, wow! That's high praise.
    Libra: It is no easy thing to lift prayers to the gods. Yet your dance was 
    Olivia: Well, er, thanks! But, of course, I couldn't have done it without 
    you. I mean, you're such a good teacher, and you made everything so clear.
    Libra: No, it is you who has taught me with your magnificent dance. I am the 
    one who is grateful!
    Olivia: Well, if that's the case, you're welcome to come watch. I mean, if 
    you want.
    Libra: Thank you. I shall do that.
    Libra S
    Libra: Though its in my palm before me, I cannot believe I have taken this 
    Olivia: Hi, Libra!
    Libra: Ah! Olivia! ...What did you see?!
    Olivia: Um, you standing there? A couple of trees, maybe?
    Libra: You didn't see anything in my hand?
    Olivia: Um, no? ...Geez, you're acting really weird right now. Anyway, I came 
    by to give this. As thanks for the dancing lessons.
    Libra: A crown of flowers? Why, its beautiful! Did you make it yourself?
    Olivia: Yep! It took a while, but it was the least I could do. Here...
    Libra: Thank you.
    Olivia: So... okay then! Guess I'll be going now.
    Libra: ..... Olivia, wait.
    Olivia: Huh?
    Libra: I also have a gift for you, Olivia. Would you accept this small token?
    Olivia: Oh, look! It's a ring! ...Gosh, this is really pretty.
    Libra: This is more than a mere trinket, Olivia. It is a symbol of my love. I 
    wish to spend the rest of my life with you.
    Olivia: Oh, Libra! That's wonderful! I'd love to get married!
    Libra: Your words bring joy to my heart.
    Olivia: Yes! And we have your sacred dance to thank for it!
    10. Henry C
    Henry: ...Aw, poor little doggy. The silly mutt stepped in a hole and hurt 
    its leg.
    Henry: Huh? What the hey?
    Olivia: I know you! You're that creepy kid who likes blood and magic and... 
    blood magic! You stay away from that poor little doggy!
    Henry: But this dog is hurt. See, his leg has this-
    Olivia: N-no! Stop! I'll take care of him and nurse him back to health!
    Henry: Huh? Oh, okay, sure! We can take care of him together!
    Olivia: T-together? Waaait a second. Aren't you going to sacrifice him to 
    your dark god or something?
    Henry: You're a crazy lady. Why would I do that? I love doggies! I want to 
    save his life! Right, boy? Who's a good boy? Aren't you glad the crazy lady 
    wants to help us? Yes you are!
    Olivia: Hey! How am I crazy? You're the one who's obsessed with blood!
    Henry: Hey, that's a medical condition! Show some respect!
    Olivia: Oh, never mind. Right now, we have a dog that needs looking after. 
    Will you run and get me some bandages?
    Henry: You got it, crazy lady! 
    Henry B
    Olivia: Um, Henry? What are those red stains on your clothes?
    Henry: Oh, will you look at that? It's blood! ...Wonder where it came 
    from?*Lick* ...Oh, hey! It's MY blood! Nya ha! I must have been wounded in 
    battle! Oh man, good times.
    Olivia: GROSS! ...And also really creepy. And why are you laughing about 
    it?!That wound needs to be dressed immediately!
    Henry: You wanna help? It's kind of out of the way, so I can't reach it.
    Olivia: ...Oh, gods, look at how deep this is! How could you not notice?
    Henry: Oh, I've got a high pain threshold. It's a genetic thing. Nerve 
    damage. I've had a lot worse than this!
    Olivia: You've had WORSE? Where? And how?!
    Henry: When I was a kid, my parents put me in this exclusive wizard school. 
    Well, as you can imagine, some of the experiments got a biiit out of hand. 
    Once, I almost set my face on fire! Nya ha! Those were the days...
    Olivia: Your teachers were negligent. Why didn't your parents pull you out of 
    Henry: Meh, my parents didn't care what I did as long as I wasn't expelled. 
    Heck, the whole reason they sent me to wizard school was to get rid of me. 
    But hey, no worries! I turned out fine!
    Olivia: I see now... Your cheerful demeanor is just a mask you use to hide 
    your pain. You use it as a cover to tamp down your deep-seated resentment and 
    Henry: That's what all my psychiatrists said. But nope! Not true. I'm just a 
    happy guy.
    Olivia: No, no... You can't fool me. I've never seen a real smile from you, 
    one from the heart. I'm a performer, you know! I can tell a faker when I see 
    one. Shhh... It's all okay now. You never need to visit that terrible school 
    again. Now come on, let down your guard. Show me the real Henry!
    Henry: Wow. You really ARE a crazy lady!
    Olivia: I am not crazy! I'm trying to help, so you could at least be polite! 
    *Sigh* All right, your wound is bandaged. But this isn't over, you hear? I 
    want you to come see me again so I can help you get over these emotional 
    Henry: Hey, sure. I got time. 
    Henry A
    Olivia: Now, when you feel sad, you pull your face like so...
    Henry: You mean like thiiiiiis?
    Olivia: No, down! The corners of your mouth are supposed to go DOWN!*Sigh* 
    I'm starting to think that you're incapable of changing your expression.
    Look, Henry. Life is like dancing... You can't just mimic the moves. You have 
    to FEEL them!
    Henry: Nya ha! You compare everything to dancing. It's hilarious!
    Olivia: I don't think this is a laughing matter. I'm trying to help you, you 
    Henry: Look, crazy lady. I like you. I really do. But you have GOT to let 
    this go.
    I smile because I'm happy, all right? Theres nothing more to it.
    Olivia: N-no. That just can't be possible. *Gasp* Ungh... urg...!
    Henry: Hey, are you okay there? You're making funny noises.
    Olivia: M-my chest... suddenly... feels tight... C-can't breathe... It h-
    Henry: Aw, jenkies! You've been cursed! I'd know those symptoms anywhere.
    Someone must have-
    Olivia: *Pant* Henry... please. You have to get... out of here...
    Henry: What? Oh come on, that's crazy talk. You're gonna die here in a 
    Now you just sit there while I dispel the curse... Hmm, let's see... *Mutter, 
    mutter, mutter* KA-BLAMMO!So long, curse! See ya in hell! 
    Olivia: .....
    Henry: Olivia? H-hey, Olivia. ...You being crazy again, Olivia? Olivia?! Aw, 
    come on, Olivia! You can't die now! NOOOOOO! OLIVIAAAAAA! Come back to me, 
    Olivia! Stay out of the light! STAY OUT OF THE LIIIIIIGHT!
    Olivia: S-stop crying. I'm... I'm all right.
    Henry: ...Huh? Aw, thank goodness! I was worried there for a sec.
    Olivia: Well, at least I finally got to see a different expression on your 
    Henry: Did you? ...I totally didn't notice.
    Olivia: Thank you, Henry. You saved my life. 
    Henry S
    Olivia: Henry, I want to thank you for your help the other day.
    Henry: Aw, don't worry about it. Really, I should have recognized the 
    symptoms faster.But don't worry! I'm gonna find who did it and make sure they 
    never curse you again. Oh, yes. There will be blood...
    Olivia: Eek! I'm just glad you're on our side!
    Henry: Well, I'm glad I'm on YOUR side!
    Olivia: You do have a very nice smile, Henry. Even if it is a little creepy 
    Henry: Aw, hamburgers. Really?
    Olivia: Absolutely! And what's more, I was wrong to have ever doubted its 
    sincerity! I think I'm done giving you lessons.
    Henry: Hey, I like your lessons! And I like YOU! In fact... I wanna be with 
    you all the time!
    Olivia: Henry?
    Henry: You don't think I went to all those frowning lessons because I wanted 
    to frown, do you? Heck no! I went because I wanted to see you and be with 
    So let's get hitched! What do you say? I've got a blood-magic spell all 
    Olivia: Wh-what?! Um, but, H-Henry, I don't...
    Henry: Ha! Just kiddin'. I bought you a ring. Here, see? It's huge and 
    Olivia: ...Oh my goodness. That IS huge! You are a very odd man, Henry, and 
    yet I find myself strangely attracted to you. So yes. All right. Let's get 
    Henry: Awesome! You won't regret this, Olivia. I promise!
    Olivia: Oh, this might just be the happiest day of my life!
    Henry: Nya ha! Just hearing that makes me even happier than before!
    Olivia: Hee hee. I didn't think that was possible... 
    Frederick C
    Cherche: HIYAH! YAH!
    Frederick: Excellent technique.
    Cherche: A true gentleman would announce himself rather than skulk about in 
    the shadows.
    Frederick: My sincere apologies, milady. I was loath to interrupt. Especially 
    when I was being treated to such a virtuoso display of skill.
    Cherche: Heh. 'Tis an honor to be praised by such a renowned and accomplished 
    Frederick: The technique you just used--is it commonly practiced in Valm?
    Cherche: No, actually. It is part of a secret art passed down within my 
    Frederick: Then I've wronged you more than I thought, for I had no intention 
    of pilfering secrets. Pray forgive my accidental insolence, milady.
    Cherche: Don't apologize, please. I don't mind sharing our traditions with 
    allies. In fact, I can teach it to you if you're interested.
    Frederick: I do not wish to impose.
    Cherche: We fight for the same cause. It's in my interest to help you. Who 
    knows? One day, you might use it to save my life in battle.
    Frederick: In that case, then yes. Thank you. I would like to learn what you 
    Cherche: When shall we begin?
    11. Frederick B
    Frederick: Cherche, I want to thank you for teaching me your family's 
    fighting art.
    Cherche: I hope you'll find it useful.
    Frederick: I'd like to return the favor if I could.
    Cherche: Perhaps in the next battle, you can fight alongside me so I might 
    observe you.
    Frederick: That hardly seems a sufficient reward for your services. I was 
    taught that a lady of your standing should expect gifts of gold or silk.
    Cherche: Do I strike you as the sort to be satisfied with trinkets? Why, if I 
    didn't know better, I'd say you'd taken advice from Virion!
    Frederick: Ha! I'd be dead in the grave before I'd take counsel from that 
    ill-behaved scallywa... Er, that is, from Virion! From LORD Virion, a fine 
    and outstanding member of--
    Cherche: Oh, shush. I know what Virion is like. Yes, he was once my liege, 
    but he lost his domains and is no longer a lord. I'm my own woman now. I can 
    go my separate way whenever I choose.
    Frederick: And yet, you do not.
    Cherche: Strange, isn't it?
    Frederick A
    Frederick: Ah, Cherche. Perfect timing. Do you know where I might find 
    Cherche: No. And wouldn't bother trying to look for him, either. Knowing him, 
    he's probably off whispering sweet nonsense into some poor maid's ear.
    Frederick: But we are to be marching soon! Will he be ready in time?
    Cherche: Oh, probably. I'm getting his equipment ready as we speak.
    Frederick: That is very loyal of you, especially considering what a cad he 
    is. I think you could teach me a thing or two about serving one's lord!
    Cherche: I told you, he is no longer my lord. And besides, you are the very 
    paragon of loyal and chivalrous knighthood. None can compare to you when it 
    comes to knightly virtues.
    Frederick: You are far too kind. Yet when I see how devoted you are, it 
    humbles me somehow.
    Cherche: How so?
    Frederick: Hear me, Cherche. For a knight, loyalty is the primary virtue. But 
    to what--or to whom--should it be directed?
    Cherche: To the realm, I suppose. Your liege lord's domain.
    Frederick: And if that realm is destroyed?
    Cherche: Well, er...
    Frederick: The knight's vow of loyalty still holds, but it is directed not to 
    the land.
    Nor is it to a castle, or to a town, or any particular place. The vow is to 
    the people who make up the realm. As a knight, you owe fealty to Virion and 
    the smallfolk of his domain. You understand this and act accordingly. It is 
    an honor to fight alongside you.
    Cherche: Well, well! High praise indeed, coming from the famous Frederick!
    But in all seriousness, thank you. And I may say, it is an inestimable honor 
    to fight in the same army as you.
    Frederick: Then that we may both continue to fight bravely, and until 
    Cherche: Shoulder to shoulder!
    Frederick S
    Cherche: Frederick? In the last battle, you went too far trying to protect 
    me. You almost let that Risen have a bite of your hide!
    Frederick: I-I was merely careless! My training must have been insufficient.
    Cherche: Normally, you'd dispatch such a foe without a thought, but you were 
    distracted. Distracted, I saw, by what was happening to me...
    Frederick: I apologize for the error, milady. If a knight is to defend his 
    charge, he must be able to see every threat and danger.
    Cherche: I'm not your charge, and I'm asking you to forget me and worry about 
    Frederick: I cannot, milady.
    Cherche: And why not?
    Frederick: Because you are as important to me as any prince or lord.
    Cherche: Is this some kind of jest?
    Frederick: I fear I do not joke, milady. I never did develop a skill for it. 
    For how can a man as wretched as I find room in his heart for humor?
    Cherche: Oh, don't be so melodramatic.
    Frederick: Listen to me, Cherche.
    Cherche: ...Yes?
    Frederick: When we first came to know each other, it was as fellow knights 
    and comrades. But as we fought, the bonds of friendship drew us closer 
    together. So close, in fact, that I find myself thinking about you night and 
    day. Cherche... will you do me the honor of accepting this?
    Cherche: An engagement ring?
    Frederick: A vow of love and loyalty, until death takes me from you.
    Cherche: Why, Frederick! This is so gallant! ...Of course I accept!
    Frederick: Splendid! Then I shall live and die a happy man!
    Cherche: Oh, enough with the talk of dying. You're under MY protection now. 
    ...Oh, and Minerva, of course!
    11. Virion C
    Cherche: Virion? I've been searching for you. It's time for our training 
    Virion: Is it that hour already? Well then, prepare your sparring gear and---
    Cherche: Already done. I'm ready of you are.
    Virion: Ha ha! Of course you are! I always said you were my most dedicated 
    Cherche: Your flattery's wasted on me.
    Virion: Flattery? Surely you know by now that gallant Virion always speaks 
    from the heart! If I had not been so cruelly robbed of my domains, you would 
    Cherche: But you DID lose your lands, so there's no point discussing what 
    might have been. This is reality, where we face each other on the training 
    grounds as equals.
    Virion: Ah, reality. I have come to loathe that place of late. You know that 
    when my lands were stripped, your bonds of vassalage were ended, yes? You 
    have no obligation to me, Cherche. No obligation to train me as you do. You 
    are free to serve whomever you choose.
    Cherche: I am aware of that. But I never served you because of your land 
    Virion: You didn't? Oh ho ho! Then was it, perchance, for love?
    Cherche: One more comment like that and I'll have Minerva eat you.
    Virion: *Gulp* My deepest apologies, milady! My lips are hereby sealed!
    Virion B
    Virion: *Sigh*
    Cherche: Is something the matter?
    Virion: Ah, my sweet Cherche. As always you see directly into Virion's heart.
    You come upon me lovelorn and lonely, spurned by a fair lady with a sharp 
    Cherche: Do you mean me? Oh goodness! It's not often someone calls me fair.
    But seriously, what troubles you? Are you still crestfallen about how Walhart 
    so rudely seized your lands?
    Virion: Enough! That was a tragedy, and many of my people died. I'll not have 
    you speak so lightly of it.
    Cherche: That was not my intent, Virion. I know that many suffered under 
    Walhart's cruel heel. But I also know that, short of the dead, you have 
    suffered more than any of us.
    Virion: Loyal Cherche, your kind words fill me heart with courage and hope!
    Could it be that you have fallen helplessly in love with your gallant 
    Cherche: Hah!
    Virion: Ah, sweet nostalgia. It's been so long since last heard that derisive 
    Cherche: I do not jest, Virion. The deed has been done, and you could not 
    have stopped it. It's time you looked to the future and stopped blaming 
    yourself for the past.
    Virion: I do not think it would be so hard to forgive myself...
    Cherche: Behind your carefree facade, you've always been terribly 
    uncompromising. But you must promise that you won't surrender to hoplessness 
    and despair.
    Virion: Then I shall promise it, but only because you ask. But in return, you 
    must promise me something, sweet Cherche. If the day comes when you must 
    choose between loyalty to me or your own path... I want you to do whatever is 
    best for you and give no though to me. Agreed?
    Cherche: Why, Virion, what a serious speech! But it's hardly necessary. I had 
    no intention of taking you into account when making such choices.
    Virion: W-well, good. ...Yes, good. Exactly as I would have it. Though I 
    suppose you could think about me a LITTLE bit! If you... wanted to.
    Cherche: Now, now. Don't give it another thought. ...I certainly won't.
    Virion A
    Virion: I wish I knew what was happening to our homeland right now.
    Cherche: The sooner we win this cursed war, the sooner we'll be able to find 
    Virion: Tell me, Cherche, what do you intend to do when this war is over?
    Cherche: Return home and help rebuild the domains of House Virion. I assume 
    your plan is much the same?
    Virion: Yes, of course. My domains shall have great need of me.
    Cherche: Are you sure you can handle going back? That broken landscape will 
    have many painful memories carved into it.
    Virion: True. But it is also filled with many joyous memories as well. 
    ...Many of which involve you. You'll scoff, but the happiest moments of my 
    life have been spent in your company.
    Cherche: Come, Virion. You know I'm not one of your dizzy maids who falls for 
    that flattery.
    Virion: Why is it that when I speak from the heart, no one believes me? Is 
    this the price I must pay for my flippant yet debonair charm?
    Cherche: I think we just know each other too well to speak of such emotional 
    Virion: Hmm... Perhaps you are right.
    Virion S
    Cherche: Time for you to go, Virion.
    Virion: Alas! Am I to be shooed away so soon?
    Cherche: You're practically nodding off. I don't want to sit here and listen 
    to you snore.
    Virion: Yes, I'm afraid I haven't been sleeping well recently. My cot is 
    cold, and I've no one to share it.
    Cherche: Have you tried seducing a lonely kitchen wench?
    Virion: Do you think I can find happiness with just any random lass? I have 
    standards, dear!
    Cherche: There are as many maids as stars in the sky. There must be SOMEONE 
    you like.
    Virion: Yes, and you know full well who it is.
    Cherche: Oh, Virion. We talked about this before. We're too close to each 
    Virion: Yes, we are close. Closer perhaps than any two people have ever been!
    I can no longer imagine being without you than being without air or water! 
    How can another woman be anything but a shadow of what you are to me?
    Cherche: Now you're just practicing lines for your next conquest.
    Virion: You, of all people, should know when I'm being sincere.
    Cherche: Yes. I suppose I do.
    Virion: And though I fear I know your answer, I have one final card to play. 
    ...I have brought you something.
    Cherche: Is that what I think it is?
    Virion: If you think it's an engagement ring, then yes. It is indeed. Do you 
    believe me now?
    Cherche: I suppose I must.
    Virion: Then what is your answer? Will you accept?
    Cherche: Heh. I think I have to. Who else would agree to be YOUR wife? I warn 
    you though: once we tie the knot, your days of maids are over. Stray from me 
    but once, and I'll have you to Minerva as a snack.
    Virion: Nothing will be further from my mind! ...Well, the maid part. I'm 
    always quite concerned about your little pet.
    Cherche: Did you hear that, my sweet Minerva? You must ensure he keeps his 
    Virion: Er, can we please save the threats? This is meant to be a happy 
    Cherche: Just doing my due diligence, love!
    11. Stahl C
    Stahl: Phew... Another load done. Just one more basket and... Hmm? Whose 
    cloak is this?
    Cherche: Hello, Stahl. I see it's your turn for laundry duty today.
    Stahl: Oh, hey, Cherche. Say do you know whose cloak this is? It has the most 
    delightful smell!
    Cherche: Oh, that's mine. I sprinkle it with a special fragrance I find 
    It helps me get a good night's rest, even when we're camped in the wilds.
    Stahl: *Sniff* Gods, it's like nothing I've ever smelled before!
    Cherche: It smells of home to me. It's quite common back where I come from.
    Stahl: It's interesting how things vary from place to place. Smells, 
    fashions, art, manners...
    Cherche: Before the empire swallowed up all of Valm, the land was split into 
    small, unique realms. You can still see those differences today as you move 
    from town to town.
    Stahl: Someday I'm going to buy you an ale and have you tell me about it! 
    But, um, what about the cloak? Won't all the smell run out if I wash it?
    Cherche: That's fine. I'll just add more fragrance when you're done.
    Stahl: Then laundered it shall be!
    Cherche: You know, people in some areas of Valm have unusual ways of washing 
    clothes. If you're interested, we can do laundry together and I'll show you 
    some tricks.
    Stahl: Milady, I will ALWAYS take free assistance on laundry day. Plus you 
    can tell me more about Valm as we work!
    Cherche: And in return, you can tell me some things about Ylisse. Er, and 
    speaking of manners and customs, it is... Um... Well, in my land, it's 
    considered very bad form to go sniffing a lady's cloak.
    Stahl: Then why do you make it smell so good? It's like a trap!
    Cherche: Heh, I suppose it is, at that.
    Stahl B
    Stahl: Tents? ...Check. Stew meat? ...Check. Firewood? ...Uh-oh. Low on 
    Cherche: Is something the matter?
    Stahl: Oh hey, Cherche. No, nothing's the matter, per say.
    Cherche: Is that so? You look worried. Furrowed brow and all that.
    Stahl: Oh, you can just ignore that. My brow furrows pretty easily.
    Cherche: Being naturally frowny must cause many a misunderstanding, hah! Or 
    perhaps it just makes people feel more solicitous toward you...
    Stahl: Hah! I'd never thought of it as an advantage before.
    Cherche: You know, it seems like every time I see you, you're engaged in 
    another chore.
    Stahl: I volunteer a lot. I just enjoy keeping things... tidy, I guess. Plus, 
    you don't want some of those axe slingers going anywhere near your laundry...
    Cherche: Well, I think it's very admirable. Perhaps you could use a hand?
    Stahl: Well, I WAS just about to head out to collect more firewood... Perhaps 
    you'd care to accompany me to the forest? I can use your talents if we 
    stumble across any fell beasts.
    Cherche: Back in my village, an invitation to collect firewood indicates 
    romantic interest. Something to do with firewood igniting the flames of 
    passion in the girl's heart...
    Stahl: Wha-?! G-good gracious, truly? I... I meant no offense. I swear! 
    ...Also, that is a really weird first date. I'm just saying.
    Cherche: Heh heh. Oh, it's quite all right. How were you to know? In any 
    case, I'll help out, and you can tell me more about the culture of Ylisse.
    Stahl: Sounds like a plan.
    Stahl A
    Cherche: Here, Stahl. This is for you.
    Stahl: Oh, what a beautiful handkerchief! Thank you. ...Did you make it?
    Cherche: I wanted to give you something in return for all your stories of 
    I'm not an expert at needlework, but it's the thought that matters, right?
    Stahl: I think it's great! I'd buy this in a store!
    Cherche: That's very kind of you to say. You've taught me so much about the 
    culture of Ylisse that I'm quite anxious to visit. In fact, when this war is 
    over, I'm planning to tour its most famous sights.
    Stahl: That's funny, because when peace comes, I've decided to visit YOUR 
    homeland. I want to help reunite families and rebuild their towns and 
    Cherche: You have a generous heart, but that really should be my job. 
    Besides, your duty is the reconstruction of Ylisse, is it not?
    Stahl: Yes, but I have to at least visit Valm. I mean, we DID collect 
    firewood together.
    Cherche: Hah!
    Stahl: No seriously. I consider you a good friend, Cherche. And since our 
    last talk, I've been studying the customs of your country. This handkerchief 
    is a gift from one best friend to another, is it not? So forget Ylisse! There 
    are plenty who can rebuild better than I. Instead, I shall work to rebuild 
    the country of my dear, close friend, Cherche!
    Cherche: Why, Stahl, that's very sweet of you. But I think you made a 
    The gift of a handkerchief is only significant when exchanged between women.
    From a woman to a man, it has no meaning at all. ...Well, other than a nice 
    Stahl: O-oh, is that true? Oh gosh, it is, isn't it? Blast, this is MOST 
    embarrassing... Why didn't I read that passage more carefully?
    Cherche: It's quite all right. I'm flattered you thought to read about my 
    country at all. Besides, who cares if you don't know the ins and outs of my 
    culture? You're pleased to be my friend, and that's all that matters. I would 
    be happy to call you the same.
    Stahl: I'd like that very much.
    Cherche: Friendship is the best way to build bridges between cultures, don't 
    you think?
    Stahl: Absolutely!
    Stahl S
    Stahl: Cherche, do you have a moment?
    Cherche: Yes, what's on your mind?
    Stahl: I wanted to apologize again for not knowing about the handkerchief 
    Cherche: Don't be silly! What's a little mistake between friends anyway?
    Stahl: We have become good friends, haven't we?
    Cherche: You sound almost dissatisfied about that. Or is that your naturally 
    furrowed brow?
    Stahl: I think you have the right of it, Cherche. Dissatisfaction, I mean.
    Cherche: What are you saying?
    Stahl: Cherche, when I'm with you, I want something more than friendship. I 
    misinterpreted your gift last time, but this time there can be no mistake. 
    So... here.
    Cherche: You're giving me a ring?
    Stahl: It's an Ylissean custom. It means I want to marry you.
    Cherche: I know. We have the same custom in Valm.
    Stahl: Great. Then my intentions should be crystal clear! I love you, 
    Cherche. and friendship just isn't enough anymore. I want us to be man and 
    wife, and maybe raise a family together. I want your home to be my home, and 
    I want to help rebuild your country. What do you say, Cherche? Shall we build 
    a future together? 
    Cherche: You look worried again.
    Stahl: Er, I was going for more of an earnest and beseeching kind of thing...
    Cherche: Yes, I see it now. A pleading look, especially around the eyes. Are 
    you sure you want to abandon Ylisse and throw your lot in with Valm? When 
    your ardor cools and reality sets in, you may regret your desicion.
    Stahl: The ring symbolizes a lifelong oath. I shall not break it.
    Cherche: Then I must make a promise, too. Stahl, I will love you and honor 
    for the rest of your life.
    Stahl: Y-you will? Oh, thank you Cherche! You won't regret this!
    Cherche: I know. Because if you break your oath, I'll have Minerva devour you 
    Stahl: Oh, my! Is that another one of Valm's customs? Never fear, my love. I 
    assure you- that is certainly not going to be necessary!
    Cherche: Good! Then we're agreed.
    11. Vaike C
    Vaike: Egads, lady! That STINGS!
    Cherche: Hush. That's how you know it's working.
    Vaike: Your bedside manner could do with a bit of work.
    Cherche: You're the one who tried to fight my poor wyvern, Minerva, with your 
    bare hands! If I hadn't come along when I did-
    Vaike: If you hadn't come along, I woulda won! I was just linin' up my 
    finishin' blow.
    Cherche: Is this when you were curled on the ground with your hands over your 
    head? Or when you were running amok like a sad, headless chicken?
    Vaike: H-hey! How long were you watchin' ol' Teach, anyway?
    Cherche: Oh, look. Another cut. Let me just...
    Vaike: YEEEEEE-OWCH!
    Cherche: Hee hee! Now, the next time you fancy wrestling a wyvern, don't 
    expect me to save you. Stay away from the stables unless you want to serve as 
    Minerva's supper.
    Vaike: Bah! That dumb lizard just got lucky. Next time I'll show her who's 
    number one!
    Cherche: ...Number one in her feed bowl, perhaps.
    Vaike B
    Cherche: Vaike? What are you doing to Minerva?
    Vaike: Huh? Me? With Minerva? Well, I, uh... Oh, you mean THIS Minerva! 
    ...Yeah, I ain't doin' nothin'.
    Cherche: Then why are you crouched in the mud while she stands over you and 
    drools? Down, Minerva! Down! ...That's a good wyvern. Why, I do believe she's 
    playing with you! I haven't seen her this excited since the time she brought 
    down that wild griffon.
    Vaike: Yeah, well, ya know how it is. Mutual respect grows when ya fight with 
    folks and... all that. Ain't that right, Minerva? Har har har!
    Cherche: Are you saying you've learned to communicate with my Minerva? This 
    is really amazing. She's actually taken a shine to you!
    Vaike: Yeah, but you're still number one in her book.
    Cherche: Well, I'm glad you two are getting along.
    Vaike: That's us, all right! Bosom buddies! Thicker'n thieves! Pals for life!
    Cherche: ..... Just don't get TOO friendly with her. She's MY wyvern, 
    Vaike: Wh-what? Har har! No! Ol' Teach wouldn't dream of it.
    Cherche: ...Now will you please clamber out of the mud and come over here? 
    You've picked up a few more scratches from your latest play session.
    Vaike: You ain't gonna use more of that stingy stuff, are ya?
    Cherche: We'll see...
    Vaike A
    Cherche: So? How as your first experience riding on the back of a wyvern?
    Vaike: It was amazin'! Everybody looks so tiny from up there!
    Cherche: I'm astonished she trusts you enough to let you ride her back. You 
    two have truly formed a special bond.
    Vaike: Well, I;ve been feedin' her and givin' her water and cleanin' out her 
    stable, so...
    Cherche: Is that so? Why, thank you, Vaike.
    Vaike: Aw, it's my pleasure! Anythin' to help out a friend, right? ...Heh, I 
    used to think wyverns were hideous lookin', but Minerva's just a big ol' 
    Cherche: It's true-they really are the most adorable creatures around! We've 
    been together for over 10 years, and she's more beautiful than ever.
    Vaike: Wait a second! You were ridin' Minerva back when you were a kid?! 
    How's that possible? And where'd ya get her, anyway?
    Cherche: I met her when I wandered into Wyvern Valley.
    Vaike: Blistern' behemoths! You enter that chasm of horror ALONE? As a KID?!
    Cherche: I wanted to have an adventure. Minerva was just a baby then, with 
    the cutest round eyes!
    Vaike: That's... kind of amazin'. Okay, so you brought her home, right? What 
    then? Didja fight duels to get to know each other or what?
    Cherche: No exactly. I was training to be a cleric at the time and used a 
    very heavy staff. Whenever she misbehaved, I'd just bonk her on the head. 
    Soon she was meek as a bunny, and I was riding her to school.
    Vaike: That musta been a handful for your teachers...
    Cherche: Ever since then, Minerva and I have been simply inseparable. Oh, I 
    forgot-I also apologized for bonking her on the head.
    Vaike: Beautiful, smart, funny, AND kind! You are some woman, Cherche!
    Cherche: Sir, you should know that flattery will get you nowhere with me.
    Vaike: It ain't flattery! It's the truth! Seriously, Ol' Teach ain't bright 
    enough to think up flattery on the spot like that.
    Vaike S
    Vaike: Heya, Cherche.
    Cherche: Oh, hello, Vaike. Are you here to see Minerva again?
    Vaike: Nope. I'm here to see you. Actually, uh... I've kinda been usin' 
    Minerva as an excuse for a while now. I just like bein' around ya, ya know? 
    You're smart, and funny, and... I dunno. I like it.
    Cherche: So you made friends with Minerva in order to get closer to me?
    Vaike: I wasn't tryin' to deceive ya or nothin'! I just couldn't think of a 
    better plan.
    Cherche: How delightful!
    Vaike: Look, I... I kinda got ya somethin'. Ordered it special and 
    everythin'. It's a ring. See, I was hopin' ya might... I dunno. Marry me?
    Cherche: Why, that's very sweet, Vaike. But what about Minerva?
    Vaike: Oh, she'd be part of the family, too!
    Cherche: Are you sure you want the responsibility? Feed costs alone are a 
    tremendous burden. You can't just let her fly around and pick up random 
    animals off the hillsides.
    Vaike: Oh, that ain't good. I've been lettin' her roast wild boars and stuff. 
    But, uh, sure! If you want it, I'll buy her the finest wyvern chow around!
    Cherche: Oh, and we'll need a house that has room for all three of us.
    Vaike: Gods' beards! That's a huge house! I supoose I'll have to build it... 
    But, uh, can it maybe wait until after the war?
    Cherche: That should be fine. Oh, wait! Another thing...
    Vaike: Monkey meat, there's MORE?! Listen, I don't mind-
    Cherche: Hee hee hee! I'm only joking, Vaike. ...About everything. As long as 
    you promise to be kind to Minerva, that's all either of us needs.
    Vaike: Well, that's a relief! I thought you were gonna make a pauper out of 
    the Vaike! So will ya marry me, then?
    Cherche: How could I possibly turn you down? Of course I will!
    Vaike: Aw, ya just made me the happiest man in the realm! I can't wait to see 
    Chrom's face when I tell him I'VE got the prettiest girl!
    Cherche: Oh, Vaike. Minerva will be so pleased that you said that about her!
    Vaike: I wasn't talkn' about the wyvern...
    11. Kellam C
    Cherche: Let's see... Yes, that's everything. Time to saddle up and head out!
    Kellam: Cherche, wait! before you go- I wonder if you could take these 
    trousers to the tailor? They need patching.
    Cherche: You mean this little tear? I can patch that myself.
    Kellam: Oh, but would you mind?
    Cherche: Ha! I wouldn't have mentioned it if I wasn't offering, Kellam.
    Kellam: Wow, thanks. I'm terrible at sewing. last time, I nearly took my eye 
    out with a needle.
    Cherche: Well, I'm sure there are plenty of other things you can do well.
    Kellam: I guess. But I was always jealous of folks who knew how to stitch 
    their own clothes.
    Cherche: I'm surpried a cute young lad like you didn't have a girl to do it 
    for him.
    Kellam: *Gulp* C-cute?!
    Cherche: Surely you know how ridiculously adorable that armor of yours is. 
    The village girls must have fawned all over you!
    Kellam: My armor is... adorable?
    Cherche: Anyway, I must be off. Don't want to be late for the market!
    Kellam: Wait a second! What's this about my armor?!
    Kellam B
    Kellam: Um, Cherche? I brought my trousers.
    Cherche: Oh, look. It's the boy in the adorable armor!
    Kellam: That's not what people call me, is it?
    Cherche: No, but in my opinion, it's the perfect name for you.
    Kellam: Oh. Well, um, thanks, I guess. Anyway, I brought my trousers.
    Cherche: Let me see... Oh, that's nothing. I'll have it fixed in a jiffy.
    Kellam: Thanks so much. Sorry again to ask you to do it.
    Cherche: I don't mind at all. Oh, but while I'm at it, why don't I spruce up 
    your armor, too?
    Kellam: Spruce it up?
    Cherche: Sure! A couple changes here and there would make it look really 
    convincing! Say a few steel spikes on the shoulders? You'd look just like a 
    real barbarian.
    Kellam: Land sakes, no!
    Cherche: Not even if they're long and pointy?
    Kellam: Especially if they're long and pointy!
    Kellam A
    Kellam: Cherche, why don't you let me go to the market today?
    Cherche: Really? Why?
    Kellam: You're not well. I can tell. I've been watching you all day.
    Cherche: Well, I was trying not to let it show, but I AM feeling a bit under 
    the weather... Are you sure you don't mind?
    Kellam: Of course not! Golly, Cherche, you're always so nice to me. It's the 
    least I can do.
    Cherche: You know, Kellam, I've been thinking we should spend more time 
    together. That is, if you wouldn't mind.
    Kellam: You and me?
    Cherche: Maybe this fever is making me a bit dizzy and foolish... But I can't 
    help thinking how nice it would be if we were a bit closer. Something about 
    you and that adorable armor makes me feel... safe.
    Kellam: I'd love to spend more time together! Heck, I owe you for the 
    Cherche: Great. Then a bit closer we shall be!
    Kellam S
    Kellam: Cherche? I have something I want to give you.
    Cherche: Do you need more mending done?
    Kellam: No, I, uh... Well, I made you this ring.
    Cherche: Why, Kellam!
    Kellam: Did I do something wrong? I know it's not the best ring ever, but we 
    can change it if you-
    Cherche: No! It's absolutely lovely! The ring is not the issue. But Kellam, 
    you have to understand: I'm a knight, and always will be. Cast your lot with 
    me, and you'll never know peace and quiet again.
    Kellam: Just being in your presence gives me all the peace I need. Since 
    we've become close, I hardly mind the rigors of travel or the turmoil of war. 
    Heck, I don't care if rocks fall on my head, as long as you're with me! Well, 
    not WITH me. I mean, I don't want rocks falling on YOUR head... A-anyway, 
    will you take the ring?
    Cherche: Oh, Kellam. Of course I will. Let us be partners-in-arms forever!
    11. Lon'qu C
    Cherche: Say, Lon'qu?
    Lon'qu: What?
    Cherche: This might be a strange question, but... Did you grow up in the 
    slums? Living in the streets?
    Lon'qu: I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Cherche: Oh. Then it must be a different Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: Must have been.
    Cherche: But you did know a young girl called Ke'ri, didn't you?
    Lon'qu: Where did you hear that name?
    Cherche: Ah ha! It was you that they told me about!
    Lon'qu: Who is they? What is the meaning of all this?!
    Cherche: I met Ke'ri's parents. A while back, when I was in Regna Ferox with 
    Minerva. I saved them from a pack of bandits outside the town. They told me 
    that their daughter had been killed by the very same outlaws. Later I heard a 
    young boy named Lon'qu was with her at the time. ...And that he fought like a 
    demon in a vain attempt to protect her. Naturally, when I was introduced to 
    you, I started thinking-
    Lon'qu: I fought, yes. But in the end, it was she who died protecting me. Her 
    mother and father hated me. They blamed me for her death. I was a homeless 
    boy from the slums, and I stole their only daughter.
    Cherche: Actually, about that-
    Lon'qu: Enough. I cannot bear to speak of it. I would like to be alone now.
    Cherche: Wait, Lon'qu! There's more to the tale than you know...
    Lon'qu B
    Cherche: Lon'qu?
    Lon'qu: You again. Begone!
    Cherche: We have to talk. There's more to the story of Ke'ri and her parents.
    Lon'qu: Even so, I have no wish to hear it. If there is any mercy in your 
    heart, you will leave the matter be.
    Cherche: You will want to hear this.
    Lon'qu: I think not!
    Cherche: Her parents did not hate you, Lon'qu. They were grateful to you. 
    It's true that when Ke'ri was killed, they blamed you for her death. But then 
    they learned how desperately you tried to save her. And when you vanished 
    from the slum, they knew it was their fault.
    Lon'qu: ......
    Cherche: Soon after Ke'ri died, they found her diary. They discovered what a 
    good friend you had been to her.
    Lon'qu: ......
    Cherche: Your friendship made her happy, and that, in turn, made them happy.
    So they don't hate you. Not anymore. And I know they would want you to know 
    Lon'qu: ...... Thank you for delivering the message.
    Cherche: It's my pleasure.
    Lon'qu: It is... good to be forgiven. And yet, I doubt this wound can ever 
    truly heal.
    Cherche: *Sigh*
    Lon'qu A
    Cherche: You look to have the weight of the world on your shoulders, Lon'qu.
    Lon'qu: I am the same as always.
    Cherche: I know you better than that. You're distracted by something. I mean, 
    Minerva is right behind you and you haven't even noticed!
    Lon'qu: Agh! W-what fool's game are you playing?!
    Cherche: Heh. Well, that woke you up a little. Listen, Lon'qu. I dredged up a 
    past you wanted to forget, and I'm sorry.
    Lon'qu: Do not apologize. You were right to talk to me, and I'm glad to know 
    the truth. When you spoke of her parents' forgiveness, I thought it would 
    only bring more pain. But, since then, the nightmares that plague me have 
    become... fewer.
    Cherche: Nightmares?
    Lon'qu: Many a night have I been forced to relive the moment she died 
    protecting me. Ke'ri died because she was my friend. Never again shall I 
    repeat that mistake. I vowed that I would let no one get close enough to be 
    hurt by me again.
    Cherche: ...So this is why you fear to have contact with women.
    Lon'qu: My nightmares will never fade completely, nor will my fear of 
    friendship and love. But for the first time, I can imagine a future that 
    might be different.
    Thank you, Cherche.
    Cherche: I only told you what I knew. ...But perhaps, if you would allow, we 
    can try to cure the remaining hurt together? For a start, we could go for a 
    ride on Minerva. Perhaps even bring a picnic-
    Lon'qu: I am... not ready.
    Cherche: Oh. Yes, of course not.
    Lon'qu: But, if you can think of something else that might help...
    Cherche: I will let you know.
    Lon'qu S
    Cherche: All right, here we go. Let me know the moment you start to feel 
    Lon'qu: I am ready.
    Cherche: Hmm... I'm not sure the best place to start. Where does one touch a 
    deadly swordsman who does not want to be touched? What do you think, Minerva?
    Lon'qu: Please just get on with it.
    Cherche: Now, Lon'qu, don't be so impatient. Minerva and I are discussing the 
    best place to begin your aversion therapy. I bet the head would be very 
    ...Huh? Lon'qu? What are you doing with my hand?
    Lon'qu: We'll be standing here all day if I don't take the initiative. Does 
    it displease you when I hold your hand like this?
    Cherche: No, not at all. But you're the one we should be worried about. Are 
    you feeling all right?
    Lon'qu: At first it was difficult, but now it feels almost...peaceful. I 
    don't think I could do this with any other woman but you.
    Cherche: Well, this is progress!
    Lon'qu: Tell me, Cherche. Why do you help me? What have I done to deserve it?
    Cherche: Can't I do it out of the goodness of my own heart?
    Lon'qu: Few in this world would ever be so decent. Cherche, I want you to 
    have this.
    Cherche: A ring? Does this mean...
    Lon'qu: You have healed the wounds in my heart and replaced them with love.
    For the first time, I can see a future in which I am not alone. Will you join 
    me in this adventure? Will you marry me?
    Cherche: Gladly!
    Lon'qu: I was afraid you'd say no.
    Cherche: I was afraid you'd never ask! Right, Minerva? ...Oh, dear. She says 
    that if you let me down, she'll bite your limbs off.
    Lon'qu: Don't worry. I shall not give Minerva any reason to turn on me.
    11. Donnel C
    Donnel: You mind if I ask ya a question here, Cherche?
    Cherche: Go ahead.
    Donnel: I hear there's a girl in Valm what can whup a wyvern in a fight. That 
    Cherche: I assume you mean a human girl? If so, I doubt it. I've certainly 
    never heard of such an extraordinary person.
    Donnel: Haw! Yeah, I figured it was just some fool spinnin' tales.
    Cherche: Who told you this, anyway?
    Donnel: Some old merchant what claimed he'd been travelin' back and forth to 
    Valm. He used to visit our village to sell goddies. Tonics what make ya 
    taller and the like. It was quite a tale he told, though. 'Bout the wyvern 
    girl, I mean. 'Parently, she wandered into Wyvern Valley when she was only 
    nine! She whupped up on a wyvern there and then rode the poor fella all the 
    way home. Haw, guess that tale's worth as much as the dang tonic he sold me. 
    I mean, what sad excuse for a wyvern would go and get tamed by a little girl?
    (Minerva roars)
    Cherche: Minerva? What's the matter?
    Donnel: Don't reckon it was somethin' I said, do ya?
    Cherche: I can't imagine what it might- Minerva, stop that at once!! You 
    mustn't eat poor Donnel!
    Donnel: YEE-IKES! Yer beast is crazy, lady! I'm gonna make like a chicken and 
    (Donnel leaves)
    Cherche: Minerva! Bad wyvern! What has gotten into you?
    Donnel B
    Cherche: Er, Donnel. About our last conversation... I think I know who the 
    girl in that story might have been.
    Donnel: Huh? But I thought we decided it was a load of horse pucky?
    Cherche: Yes, except...  Well, all the events in the story happened to me.
    Donnel: You?!
    Cherche: Yes, I believe the old man's story is about the first time I met 
    little Minerva. Heh. I never thought the tale would be recounted across the 
    Donnel: So you's the legendary wyvern-subjugatin' gal?
    Cherche: You sound disappointed. Not what you were expecting?
    Donnel: Gosh, no! I'm thrilled to bits! Even got the goose bumps on my arm!
    Cherche: So you have.
    Donnel: I don't reckon you'd mind if I maybe hung out with ya for a spell? 
    Cherche: Why?
    Donnel: 'Cause if I watch ya, I could try'n learn how to be as famous as you! 
    Whuppin' wyverns, tamin' wild beasts... Why, gals'll be swoonin' at my feet!
    Cherche: Well, I'm not sure. We'll have to see what Minerva thinks. ...Well, 
    (Minerva roars)
    Cherche: ...You have her permission.
    Donnel: Yee-haw! This'll be swell!
    Cherche: You don't mind being so close to Minerva, do you? She rarely leaves 
    my side.
    Donnel: Well, I've worked with livestock 'fore, so I reckon I can get used to 
    Donnel A
    Donnel: Cherche, I've done yer laundry and finished yer mendin'!
    Cherche: Thank you, Donny. Also, it's feeding time for Minerva. Would you 
    mind seeing to her?
    Donnel: Okeydoke!
    (Time passes)
    Donnel: ...Hey there, girl! How ya doin'? Gosh, look at all'a them teeth. You 
    sure are a fierce one! I can't believe you really let a little nine-year-old 
    put a whuppin' on you...
    (Minerva roars)
    Donnel: Oh, gotcha. You're busy eatin'. I'll leave ya to it.
    Cherche: Heh. You two are getting along famously now.
    Donnel: I made sure to do just how you did, and she cozied right on up to me. 
    Not to mention I've learned cookin', and cleanin', and how to use a needle!
    Cherche: But you'd rather know how I defeated the wyvern than learn household 
    chorse, right?
    Donnel: See, I been thinkin' about that. You don't treat her anythin' like a 
    regular ol' horse. I reckon you two are more like old friends than master and 
    servant. I sure do envy it. I was never that friendly with my mule back on 
    the farm. Don't s'pose you'd tell me how ya managed to earn her trust?
    Cherche: Through the same bonds of friendship that made you part of our 
    little group. Don't you notice how close you've become to Minerva? ...And to 
    Donnel: Aw, shucks. But yer so pretty and kind, and I'm just a big lug from 
    the sticks. ...Ya really think we're becomin' friends?
    Cherche: Oh, I know we are.
    Donnel: Gosh, how excitin'! Donnel Tinhead, friends with the famous wyvern 
    Cherche: And the wyvern, too.
    Donnel S
    Donnel: Hey-ho, hey-ho... *pant, pant* Just... a bit farther...
    Cherche: Goodness, what an enormous metal ring! It must weigh half a ton! Why 
    don't you ask Minerva to help you carry it?
    Donnel: That's the thing... it's a present FOR Minerva... *pant* A surprise, 
    like! Reckon I better take a break... 'fore I hurt my back... *Thunk* Phew! 
    That's better.
    Cherche: Did you say this is a present for Minerva?
    Donnel: I'm givin' it to her as a symbol of the friendship what growed 
    between us!
    Cherche: Donnel, this is a bit upsetting... Minerva gets a present, but I 
    Donnel: Actually, I got one for you, too. ...Ain't quite as big, obviously. 
    But givin' a lady a ring is a mighty big thing, so I been frettin' somethin' 
    fierce! What if ya don't like it? What if ya turn me down?
    Cherche: I'm just relieved you're not asking my wyvern to marry you...
    Donnel: Lordy, Cherche! That ain't never gonna happen. There's only one gal 
    for me!
    Cherche: ...Well, it is a lovely ring, Donnel. Do you mind if I put it on?
    Donnel: N-no. Course not.
    Cherche: ...It's a perfect fit.
    Donnel: G-gosh! Seein' that on your finger makes me happier'n I been my whole 
    Cherche: And I as well. But I don't think it's fair we keep all this joy to 
    ourselves, do we? Let's go and find Minerva and hand over her present.
    Donnel: You got it!
    11. Ricken C
    Ricken: Hey, Cherche! Can I ask you for a big, humongous favor?
    Cherche: Well, you can ask, but I can't make any promises.
    Ricken: Can I pet your wyvern?
    Cherche: What?
    Ricken: Aw, nuts. I can't, right? I knew it...
    Cherche: Hold now. I was just surprised, is all. You can pet her as much as 
    you like. Minerva IS very cute. I'm surprised more people don't ask to play 
    with her.
    Ricken: Cute? More like utterly terrifying!
    Cherche: Terrifying? MY Minerva?!
    Ricken: Er, uh, right! Cute it is, then! ...Also totally scary.
    Cherche: Well. I suppose she is a little bit scary. But you still want to pet 
    her anyway?
    Ricken: Yep! I love animals. I'm like a monster whisperer or something. I've 
    never touched a wyvern before, but I bet we'll be best friends anyway. In 
    fact, I think I have the makings of a first-class wyvern rider!
    Cherche: Oh, do you now?
    Ricken: Yep! For a monster whisperer like me, riding a wyvern should be easy 
    as pie!
    Cherche: Ah, the arrogance of youth...
    Ricken B
    Ricken: Thanks for letting me play with Minerva again today.
    Cherche: Yes, she seems to be growing used to your visits.
    Ricken: Yeah, I think I'm ready to get my own wyvern and become a wyvern 
    rider! I mean, Minerva loves me, so I'm sure other wyverns would go crazy for 
    me too!
    Cherche: I'm going to be blunt because I want to save you future 
    disappointment. If I wasn't around to calm Minerva, she likely would have 
    eaten you by now.
    Ricken: Soooo, what you're saying is, we're NOT forming a bond and becoming 
    best pals?
    Cherche: No, I'm afraid not. Why are you so fixated on becoming a wyvern 
    rider anyway?
    Ricken: I dunno. I guess because I feel kind of useless in battle. I mean, I 
    can use magic and stuff, but that's all I'm really good at. So I thought that 
    maybe riding a wyvern would make me... more helpful.
    Cherche: I understand you want to be an important part of the army. But the 
    way to do that is to specialize in one particular area. Do you dislike your 
    magic studies and training?
    Ricken: No, I love it!
    Cherche: Well, there's your answer. You should strive to be the greatest mage 
    you can be! If you love what you do, you're already halfway to mastering it.
    Ricken: Yeah, I guess you're probably right. Thanks for the advice, Cherche!
    Ricken A
    Ricken: Hey, Cherche. Do you mind if I try touching Minerva again?
    Cherche: Of course. In fact, I probably don't even need to be there this 
    time. She's taken quite a shine to you.
    Ricken: Really? That's great! Maybe I won't ever be a wyvern rider, but at 
    least I'll have a wyvern friend!
    Cherche: And while we're on the subject, I'm sorry I spoke so negatively 
    about your prospects.
    Ricken: Hey, it's always better to hear the turth and make your peace, right? 
    I have to learn how to be stronger and more powerful so I can help everyone. 
    Can't very well do that if I waste all my time chasing stupid dreams!
    Cherche: I don't think it's stupid, Ricken. Just a tad unrealistic.
    Ricken: My ultimate goal is to become Chrom's right-hand man and most trusted 
    ally. His stalwart aide and the mightest arrow in his quiver! Then maybe 
    people will start looking up to me and my family.
    Cherche: Do people disparage your family? But, I thought you were...
    Ricken: What, a noble? Oh, sure. We've got fancy shields and a castle and all 
    that. It's just that in recent years we've fallen on hard times, moneywise.
    Cherche: So all your efforts at self-improvement are to uphold the honor of 
    your house? ...Perhaps I haven't given you enough credit, Ricken.
    Ricken: Aw, shucks. It's not like I've actually done anything yet.
    Ricken S
    Cherche: Ricken? I made you a new hat. Would you like to try it on?
    Ricken: You made duds just for me?
    Cherche: Well, you're always trying so hard to do your best, I thought you 
    deserved a reward.
    Ricken: Wow, thanks so much, Cherche! No one's ever done anything like this 
    for me before!
    Cherche: Well, I'm glad you're pleased.
    Ricken: So, um, I have something for you, too.
    Cherche: Oh? This is a surprise.
    Ricken: Yeah, so, um... here.
    Cherche: What a beautiful ring! But-
    Ricken: It's my most treasured heirloom. It's been in our family for 
    Cherche: Ricken, I can't possibly accept such a precious gift.
    Ricken: No, you don't understand. It has to stay in the family forever. 
    Cherche: Oh, heavens.
    Ricken: Wait, lemme guess. You're going to laugh now, right?
    Cherche: Of course not. Such a serious proposal demands a serious reply. You 
    do realize that marrying me involves... different responsibilites, yes?
    Ricken: Oh, I know. And I promise that I'll look after you AND Minerva. My 
    best years are still ahead of me, you know?
    Cherche: I've no doubt you will go on to do many amazing things, Ricken. And 
    Minerva and I would very much like to be a part of it.
    Ricken: So does that mean you'll say yes?
    Cherche: You have grown into a fine man, Ricken. And we will have a 
    spectacular wedding!
    11. Gaius C
    Cherche: Hello, Gaius. Where are you sneaking off to?
    Gaius: Just taking a quick stroll around the perimeter. I want to make sure 
    there aren't any enemies sneaking up on us.
    Cherche: Such diligence should help us all sleep easier at night.
    Gaius: Heh, first time a lady's ever said THAT to me. ...Still, thanks.
    Cherche: Of course. You're a seasoned rogue and a man of the world. I envy 
    your experience. I honestly believe you are one of the most important cogs in 
    the Shepherd machine!
    Gaius: Never been called a cog before, either. But thanks again.
    Cherche: Which is why I want to put that worldly experience and wisdom to 
    better use.
    Gaius: ...Yep. Right on schedule.
    Cherche: What do you mean?
    Gaius: You don't butter up a guy like that unless you want something.
    Cherche: My, but you ARE a sharp one. ...And I mean that sincerely. Well, I 
    might as well get on with it. I've been hearing rumors about you.
    Gaius: Oh? Do tell.
    Cherche: I hear you're planning to sneak away from camp and abandon the 
    Gaius: I see. So you came all the way out here to see if I'd do a runner.
    Cherche: I had to know if the rumors were true.
    Gaius: Look, the next time you have a question about my motivations, just 
    ask. I like a compliment as much as the next guy, but we could've saved a lot 
    of time here.
    Cherche: You're not angry?
    Gaius: All part of being a thief. If I got burned every time someone spied on 
    me, I wouldn't last a week.
    Cherche: I see. Well, in the future, I shall be certain not to let you 
    discover me.
    Gaius: Wouldn't it be easier to just stop spying on me?
    Cherche: Hee hee. I'm not too sure about that...
    Gaius B
    Gaius: Where'd you get that, Cherche?
    Cherche: This spear? I purchased it from a traveling smith the other day.
    Gaius: You mean One-Eyed Mort? Ha! I'd steer clear of that trickster. I've 
    seen theater troupes that wouldn't use the gear he sells.
    Cherche: Now that you mention it, it is rather crudely constructed. I suspect 
    I'll need a replacement in the not-too-distant future.
    Gaius: Tell you what. Why don't I lend you mine for a spell, and I'll try to 
    fix that one up.
    Cherche: You can use a forge?
    Gaius: I've been around the block a time or two.
    Cherche: Thank you. You really are a most useful man to have around.
    Gaius: Hey, you're the one who has to hold the front line in battle. If your 
    weapon falls apart, who'll save me from being poked full of holes?
    Cherche: So your helping is just enlightened self-interest?
    Gaius: Nothing more, nothing less.
    Cherche: You'd like me to think that, wouldn't you? And yet, I wager that 
    beneath your gruff exterior hides a heart of gold!
    Gaius: Look, just give me the spear.
    Cherche: I look forward to seeing your handiwork.
    Gaius: And I look forward to showing it to you.
    Gaius A
    Cherche: Gaius, would you mind taking a look at my armor?
    Gaius: ...Whoa. Did you take on a whole company in this stuff or what? A fix 
    like this is out of my league, sorry to say. Better take it to a professional 
    and see what he says.
    Cherche: Oh. Well, thank you anyway.
    Gaius: You impress me, Cherche. I mean it. Very few people have the courage 
    to throw themselves into battle like you.
    Cherche: I'd not call it courage so much as simple self-preservation. Truth 
    be told, I hate all this fighting.
    Gaius: Yet you're always in the thick of it.
    Cherche: This war has scattered my family and friends. Driven them from 
    homes. Unless we see this through, none of us will ever go home again.
    Gaius: Is that what you're fighting for? To be reunited with your friends and 
    Cherche: If we lose, I might never see them again, and I can't bear that 
    prospect. So as long as I still have strength to bear a weapon, I shall stand 
    and fight.
    Gaius: People all have their reasons, don't they?
    Cherche: And what of you, Gaius? You seem a pragmatic man above all else. Am 
    I safe in assuming you fight for survival in place of a greater cause?
    Gaius: More or less.
    Cherche: It's more than reason enough, Gaius. Never let anyone tell you 
    otherwise. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to find that armorer.
    (Cherche leaves)
    Gaius: ...You know, I USED to think it was reason enough. Cherche has family 
    waiting for her. She has a home to go back to. And if she dies, a whole lot 
    of folks are going to feel it... Well, cripes. I guess I know what I gotta 
    Gaius S
    Gaius: That last scrap was touch and go for a while, huh?
    Cherche: For you, perhaps. You were so intent on protecting me, you almost 
    got killed. I thought you were fighting to survive. What inspired this 
    newfound recklessness?
    Gaius: Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to start indulging in pointless 
    heroics. But I've got a new mission now, see? I just... I want to make sure 
    you make it home.
    Cherche: It's wonderful to have such a stalwart champion, but I'm loathe to 
    see you hurt. So if you can stop hurling yourself in front of blows meant for 
    me, I'd appreciate it.
    Gaius: I'll try to be a shade more careful. How's that?
    Cherche: I don't understand, Gaius. Why the sudden interest in my welfare? 
    I'd always assumed you thieves didn't go much in for altruism.
    Gaius: It's not altruism if you care about the person.
    Cherche: What do you mean?
    Gaius: It means... Well, it's like... Look, I don't know. I'm not much good 
    at giving fancy speeches. Maybe this'll explain things better.
    Cherche: ...A ring? Gaius, did you craft this?
    Gaius: Yeah, I did. See, I just... I thought I could protect you better if we 
    were married. I know us thieves have a poor record when it comes to honesty, 
    right? But this is from the heart, Cherche. I'm all in for you, if you'll 
    have me.
    Cherche: I... I believe you, Gaius. You've repaired my weapons, acted as my 
    shield, and fought bravely by my side. How could I say no?
    Gaius: Now that's what a sly dog like me likes to hear!
    Cherche: I must say, it's pleasant to have such a frank conversation with 
    Gaius: Well, we could have done this earlier if you weren't so intent on 
    spying on me.
    Cherche: Yes. I believe I owe you an apology for that.
    Gaius: Already forgiven.
    11. Gregor C
    Cherche: Gregor, I wouldn't stand there if I were you. Minerva is coming 
    Gregor: Oh! If there is one thing Gregor knows, is not to get in way of 
    mighty wyvern! But if lovely lady want to bowl Gregor over, is totally being 
    fine with him.
    Cherche: Careful, my amorous friend. A knock from me will set your head 
    spinning just the same.
    Gregor: Gregor's head always spinning in your presence.
    Cherche: Heh... How would you like to take a trip somewhere that'll really 
    make you dizzy?
    Gregor: Gregor would know more...
    Cherche: Join me for a ride on Minerva, in the open skies!
    Gregor: You mean, go up? Up into the sky? Beautiful lady is crazy, no?
    Cherche: Offer's still open... Going once... Going twice...
    Gregor: Never in Gregor's life has he said no to beautiful woman. But this 
    Cherche: Don't tell me you're afraid of heights.
    Gregor: When Gregor is young boy, he is stuck in top of tall tree for three 
    days and nights.
    Cherche: Ah, that must have been quite the uncomfortable experience.
    Gregor: Father say "Gregor, you must stay in tree!" He was very strict man.
    Cherche: Why, that's terrible! You poor little-
    Gregor: Stop! Gregor accept no pity from beautiful lady.
    Cherche: ...Oh. Well, all right, then.
    Gregor B
    Cherche: Phew. Well done, Minerva.
    Gregor: Cherche is fighting bravely too, yes?
    Cherche: As did you, Gregor. You were very impressive out there. Hmm? What's 
    the matter, Minerva?
    Gregor: ..... Ho ho ho! Yes, Minerva! You also brave and strong.
    Cherche: Wait, you can understand her?
    Gregor: Gregor knows wyverns. Once long ago, he visit place called Wyvern 
    Valley. Was for business. ...But not so good job. Gregor not like to think 
    about it.
    Cherche: What kind of business?
    Gregor: Gregor ordered to collect claws from dead wyverns, yes? But Gregor is 
    with wicked men. They turn mission into wyvern-hunting party. Soon, we come 
    across mother wyvern trying to protect baby. ...Mother not make it.
    Cherche: I see.
    (Minerva roars)
    Cherche: Minerva! What in the world has gotten into you?!
    Gregor: What is happening? Why she act so crazy now?!
    Cherche: I don't know! I've not heard her cry out like this since she was a 
    Gregor: ...Wait. Gregor remembers this cry. Is sounding like baby wyvern in a 
    Cherche: ...Oh. I... I see. Gregor, would you mind leaving us alone for 
    Gregor: Yes. Gregor melt into shadows like piece of butter.
    Cherche: Now, Minerva. What is it you want to tell me? ..... *Gasp* ...Are 
    you sure?
    Gregor A
    Cherche: Gregor? You're going to catch a cold sleeping out here.
    Gregor: Zzz... No, no... Gregor eat enough... Well, maybe one more pierogi...
    *Snort* Eh? Wha-? ...Oh, hello, Cherche. And Minerva! Why you come see 
    Cherche: We wanted to talk to you. Is now a good time?
    Gregor: For you, any time is good. But is Minerva sure she is wanting to talk 
    to Gregor?
    Cherche: Oh, it's so sweet you take her feelings into consideration. You 
    know, Minerva, you're right. He's just like you said.
    Gregor: Callous and heartless?
    Cherche: Minerva told me all about what happened in Wyvern Valley. About how 
    you turned against your fellow sellswords and fought them off? You saved her 
    life, Gregor. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be with her today. We both owe 
    you a great deal.
    Gregor: Gregor knows what feeling is to see parents killed before own two 
    Cherche: What are you talking about?
    Gregor: Gregor's parents were hard, but they were all he have. But one day...
    Well, it does not matter. Gregor could not let same thing happen to Minerva.
    Cherche: That's why you stepped in and turned against your comrades.
    Gregor: Gregor always do duty for employer. But that not duty. Was bad 
    Gregor could not do. Never.
    Cherche: *Sniff* Oh, Gregor. How can we ever thank you?
    Gregor: Stop. No crying, please. Gregor have soft spot for weeping ladies. 
    Save tears of gratitude for when Gregor really deserves them.
    Cherche: But, you do deserve them! And much more, besides...
    Gregor: Oy...
    Gregor S
    Cherche: Here, Gregor. I mended your clothes. Now it's almost time for 
    supper. What do you fancy this evening?
    Gregor: Oy, Cherche. Is no need pamper Gregor like he is king! You already 
    say thanks for Minerva many, many times. So Gregor says you are welcome, and 
    then we are even, yes?
    Cherche: Oh, I'm not doing this for Minerva's sake. What put that idea into 
    your head? She's perfectly capable of paying you back herself.
    Gregor: Then why you always so nice to Gregor?
    Cherche: Gregor, how long will you make me wait? I can't be much more 
    Gregor: Ho ho! When it comes to women, Gregor is genius of hint-spotting.
    Gregor is trying to overcome big challenge first, but he cannot wait. Here! 
    Is ring for you. You will marry Gregor, yes?
    Gregor: Oh, Gregor! Yes! I accept with all my heart! ...Er, but what's this 
    "big challenge" that kept me waiting?
    Gregor: If Gregor marry Cherche, then maybe he have to fly in the sky 
    sometime, yes? So before we marry, Gregor must overcome terror of high 
    Cherche: Yes, that is important, isn't it? Well then, what do you say? Shall 
    we go for a little ride?
    (Minerva roars)
    Cherche: Oh, look! Minerva's getting excited!
    Gregor: If gods want Gregor to fly, then give him wings for arms! Or big 
    balloon head! ...B-but if Gregor squeeze eyes tight and be with Cherche... is 
    maybe not so bad!
    11. Libra C
    (Minerva roars)
    Libra: I say... Was that the lonesome cry of a wyvern? ..... Heavens, I do 
    believe it's getting closer. ...Yes, there it is. My, look at all those 
    razor-sharp teeth.
    Cherche: Minerva, stop that howling! We've heard quite enough already. I'm 
    sorry if she startled you, Libra. ...Although, you don't seem very startled, 
    Libra: Oh, it hardly bothers me. I've had plenty of past opportunites to grow 
    used to it.
    Cherche: You must be a seasoed adventurer, to be so complacent about wyverns!
    Libra: Well, not wyverns specifically. But I have tangled with the occasional 
    fell beast. Tell me, though. Is it not difficult to teach a wyvern to obey 
    Cherche: Well, Minerva is not my servant, Libra. She's family. If she obeys 
    me, it's because she chooses to do so.
    Libra: A wyvern treated as family?
    Cherche: Is that so strange?
    Libra: Well, I don't mean to judge you, milady, but frankly, yes. It does 
    seem a bit strange. I didn't even think it possible to forge bonds between 
    such disparate races. But I am glad to see it. Such open thinking embodies 
    the word of the Ylissean faith.
    Cherche: Oh, now you're just flattering me.
    Libra: Flattery is a sin, milady. I would not dream of using it. But you have 
    inspired me to follow your wonderful example. I, too, shall seek out a member 
    of another species and attempt to befriend it!
    (Libra leaves)
    Cherche: ...I hope he knows what he's doing.
    Libra B
    Libra: You and I shall be wonderful friends, even if you don't understand 
    human speech! What does such a triffle matter when we are building a birdge 
    between our very hearts?
    Cherche: Libra? Are you speaking to that mole?
    Libra: We are establishing a connection, milady. A meeting of the minds, if 
    you will.
    Cherche: ..... Going well, is it?
    Libra: Difficult to say. I have no way to tell what the creature is actually 
    thinking. I don't suppose you would have any advice in this arena?
    Cherche: Not much. I'm afraid. Minerva is very good at making her feelings 
    known. Whereas you are essentially talking to a furry beanbag.
    Libra: *Sigh* This is harder than it looks...
    Cherche: Well, if you like, you could try making friends with Minerva. You'd 
    like that, wouldn't you, girl?
    (Minerva roars)
    Libra: Gods save us! She sounds enraged!
    Cherche: Oh no, that was her happy howl. Enraged is more... snippy. She's 
    taken quite a liking to you. Not many can look at her without trembling in 
    Libra: I appreciate the vote of confidence.
    Cherche: See? You two are friends already, and you haven't even started yet!
    Libra: Well, if you're sure Minerva would not mind...
    Cherche: Not at all. And I'll be here to help out with advice and such 
    whenever you need it. ...Or if she tries to eat you. But I doubt that'll 
    Libra: I should hope not!
    Libra A
    Libra: Hello, Minerva. How are you? Splendid weather, isn't it?
    (Minerva roars)
    Libra: Ha ha. Yes, yes indeed. Cloudless skies? A dry southerly wind? It's a 
    perfect day for an airborne tour!
    Cherche: You two are as thick as thieves, aren't you!
    Libra: Ah, hello, Cherche. And yes, I feel we have established a true heart-
    to-heart connection. It's all thanks to you.
    Cherche: Heh. I fear this is all your doing. You spend so much time with her, 
    Minerva has grown very fond of you.b
    Libra: To think that I've become close friends with a member of another 
    species... But, no... I mustn't think like that.
    Cherche: Like what?
    Libra: I fight the instinctive urge to place indivisuals into categories. We 
    are all fellow creatures in the eyes of the gods. I never truly understood 
    this until my contact with Minerva.
    Cherche: I bet she noticed the change in your thinking. She's a very wise 
    Libra: Indeed! I am starting to learn the truth of that. And if you don't 
    mind me saying, I think you are very wise as well.
    Cherche: I've learned a lot from Minerva, I imagine.
    Libra: I do envy your relationship. I would love to be so close to her. I 
    must continue to devote myself to building trust and friendship.
    Cherche: I'm sure you'll succeed if you put your mind to it!
    Libra S
    (Minerva roars)
    Libra: Hmm... That's Minerva. But something sounds wrong. ...Minerva, what is 
    it? What happened?
    (Minerva roars)
    Libra: ...What? It's Cherche?! She's not feeling well? Understood. I'll come 
    right away!
    (Time passes)
    Libra: Cherche!
    Cherche: Hello, Libra. What are you doing here?
    Libra: Minerva came to me in a panic. She said you were ill.
    Cherche: Really? She said that?
    Libra: Please, Cherche, what is the matter? Shall I summon a doctor?
    Cherche: A doctor will not help, I'm afraid. I suffer from an ailment of the 
    Libra: Ah, I see. I believe I understand, then. ...You are in love with me.
    Cherche: That's... Um... I had actually expected this to be somewhat more 
    couched in metaphor... But yes, Libra. I am.
    Libra: I see.
    Cherche: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spring it on you so suddenly, but I 
    Libra: Do not apologize. Your words bring joy to my heart.
    Cherche: They do?
    Libra: Absolutely! I would not lie to you about such a thing. I confess, in 
    bouts of wild optimism, I prayed this day might come. And yet, I am a man 
    poor in worldly goods, and do not have a ring to offer you.
    Cherche: I don't need a ring, Libra. You just have to promise to love me 
    Libra: Then I pledge, on bended knee, my eternal love! ...And promise to buy 
    a ring later.
    11. Henry C
    Cherche: Oh, hello, Henry. Have you come by to pet Minerva?
    Henry: Sure have! She's as cute as a button, that one. ...Well, if buttons 
    were cute. We had wyverns in Plegia, you know, and also the occasional fell 
    beast. But we didn't have a single wyvern that was as pretty as Minerva.
    Cherche: You're very astute. Not many humans realize how beautiful she is. 
    They think wyverns all look the same, but people like you and I know better!
    Henry: Yeah, it's sad that some folk can't tell the difference from one 
    animal to the next. I mean, pegasi, wyverns, dogs, birds... They're all as 
    different as you and me!
    Cherche: You must really love animals.
    Henry: Yep! I make four-legged friends wherever I go! And even some two-
    legged ones. I'm also pals with a three-legged bear, but that's a story for 
    another time.
    Cherche: I only hope you and I can become such fast friends one day. Now, why 
    don't you slowly approach Minerva and try scratching her ear?
    Henry: All right, here goes! Hey there, Miss Wyvern! I'm Henry. Nice to 
    meetcha! Yowza! Sh-she tried to bite me! Look, I'm bleeding! Mmm, blood...
    Cherche: Minerva! What's gotten into you?!
    Henry B
    Cherche: Henry, I'm sorry about the other day,when Minerva almost... bit your 
    hand off. She was terribly excited about something, but I'm not sure what.
    Henry: Aw, it's fine. I bet I just give off some kind of animal aura. Or 
    maybe she thought I was a big ham? I do smell kind of ham-like.
    Cherche: In any case, I gave her a stern talking to. I don't think it'll 
    happen again. I hope you won't hold it against her, and that you're still 
    willing to be friends.
    Henry: Are you kidding? Of course! Minerva and I are going to be besties for 
    Cherche: I know everyone is fond of Minerva, but you seem especially 
    attracted to her.
    Henry: Well, when I was young, my best friend in the entire world was a giant 
    wolf. My parents ignored me most of the time, so that wolf became my whole 
    family. Then one day she came to visit me, and some hunters in the village... 
    They shot her full of arrows. Killed her on the spot.
    Cherche: ...Th-that's terrible!
    Henry: But they paid... Oh, how they paid... They paid in BLOOD. Er, but yes. 
    None of my magic could bring my beautiful wolf friend back. So I guess that's 
    why I hang out with you and Minerva. 'Cause it reminds me.
    Cherche: We can never replace your wolf, but Minerva and I would love to be 
    friends with you. In fact, we were just about to go and fly a patrol around 
    the camp. If you have nothing else to do, you're more than welcome to join 
    Henry: You mean, you'll let me ride on Minerva's back?! In the SKY?! Holy 
    horsefeathers, yes! Please let me come!
    Cherche: Great. This will be lots of fun! 
    Henry A
    Henry: Cherche? Do you mind if I pet Minerva a little bit?
    Cherche: Of course not. I was wondering if you were going to come by today.
    Henry: I know I'm here a lot, but I always feel safe and happy when I'm with 
    Cherche: ...So now that you're here, Henry, I hope you'll let me ask you 
    something. You're always smiling and laughing and acting as if you hadn't a 
    care in the world. Yet, you never seem to make friends with people or allow 
    them to get close. ...Even me.
    Henry: What? You think so? Nya ha ha! I'm not like that at all!
    Cherche: There you go with that laugh again. It just sounds so hollow... I 
    wonder if it's even possible for someone to be your true friend?
    Henry: Sheesh, Cherche. It's not like that! We're already friends! Anyway, 
    I'm glad we had that chat, but are we going on patrol today? I want to fly on 
    Minerva's back again!
    Cherche: ...No. Not today. I think it's best if you don't see her for a 
    Henry: Wha??!
    Cherche: I'm very happy that you like Minerva and you two get along so well. 
    But I think you need to spend more time with human friends?namely, me. So I'm 
    going to carry out my patrol on foot, and you're coming with me.
    Henry: Huh. Well, all right. If that's what you want, it's fine by me!
    Cherche: Good. Let's go, shall we?
    Henry: Forwaaaaaard, march! 
    Henry S
    Henry: Welcome back, Cherche! How was today's patrol?
    Cherche: Uneventful. Did you come out here to meet me?
    Henry: I figured the old dogs would be barking, so I brought a homemade 
    bunion salve.
    Cherche: Why, thank you, Henry! But how did you know?
    Henry: We've been on so many patrols together, I've memorized your whole 
    routine. After this, you'll put a cold towel on your head and drink a cup of 
    hot elderberry tea.
    Cherche: It's quite remarkable how much more attention you pay to other 
    people now.
    Henry: Nya ha ha! Yeah, I know. And it's all thanks to you!
    Cherche: In any case, I'm pleased that we've become good friends.
    Henry: Actually... being friends is nice and everything, but I want more. We 
    spend so much time together, I'm thinking we should make it official.
    Cherche: Er, make what official?
    Henry: Aw, come on. You've been around the carousel before. You know what I 
    mean! So here. This is for you.
    Cherche: ...A ring? Henry, are you??
    Henry: You've been really good to me, Cherche. More than just a good friend. 
    Going on patrols together is fun and all, but I want to see you ALL the time. 
    So, I was thinking we could, you know... get hitched. What do you think?
    Cherche: Goodness, Henry, but this is sudden. However, I have found 
    myself...thinking about you a lot lately. Ever since we met, I've wanted to 
    know the real man behind that jolly façade. And this would be a chance to do 
    just that. Very well, Henry. I accept your proposal!
    Henry: Fantastic! This is great, Cherche! You and me are gonna be a family!
    Cherche: ...I think you're forgetting someone.
    Henry: Who, Chrom? Well, I guess he can be involved somehow, but that 
    seems... Oh, you mean Minerva! Nya ha ha! I almost forgot! Yeah, of course! 
    Minerva'll be a part of the family, too!
    Cherche: ...Was your first thought really CHROM?!
    Children Lover Supports
    *In the English translation, they become companions(Cynthia/Kjelle can be as 
    well if Chrom is their father)
    1. Owain C
    Owain: Hey, Lucina.
    Lucina: Greetings, Owain. How does the day find you?
    Owain: Good, good! Just thought I'd drop in for a visit.
    Lucina: That's kind of you. But... Why are you speaking so strangely today?
    That is, so strangely... normal. You're typically much more, er, colorful. 
    Making up stories and yelling and the like. Are you feeling all right?
    Owain: Y-yeah, I'm fine. It's just... You're a princess, Lucina. I figured it 
    wasn't exactly appropriate for addressing royals. Plus, Mom would tan my hide 
    if she ever found out.
    Lucina: Lissa would object to you spinning yarns for royalty?
    Owain: Not just royalty! Anybody! She gets really upset whenever I do it. 
    Heh, actually, I suppose most everyone does. They think I'm a bit batty.
    Lucina: Do they now? That's a shame. Personally, I find it quite intriguing.
    Owain: What, really?
    Lucina: It's no simple feat to speak as you do when fantasy grips your mind.
    Inventing weapon names and such requires a rich vocabulary and quick 
    And of course your stories demand a particularly active imagination.
    Owain: I guess they do, don't they? Thanks Lucina!
    Lucina: Perhaps you might even consider demonstrating how you do it sometime?
    I've oft been told that my manner of speech is somewhat... formal. If I could 
    learn to adopt your tone, it might prove useful to my own.
    Owain: Heh, you sound like you're asking me to teach you a foreign language.
    Hmm... I'm not sure if this would be such a good idea...
    Lucina: And if I were to pledge never to speak of it to Lissa?
    Owain: ...Then so be it! Prepare yourself, young Lucina! Your destiny cometh!
    Hee hee, aw I can't wait.
    Lucina: I look forward to it as well.
    Owain B
    Owain: What are you working on, Lucina?
    Lucina: Falchion hasn't been at full strength lately, so I'm examining the 
    blade for damage.
    Owain: Sword troubles, eh? Leave it to me!
    Lucina: Oh... all right. Thank you.
    Owain: No blade nicks... No obvious flaws... Aha! Here's your problem!
    Lucina: You've found something? Excellent! Can it be rectified?
    Owain: Aw, this is easy. I've even got the tools I need with me. I'll take 
    care of it right now.
    Lucina: Wonderful. Thank you, Owain! Could I perhaps ask you to speak in your 
    fanciful manner as you work? It would be good practice for my efforts to 
    adjust my own tone.
    Owain: Heh! All right. I'll speak, and you can practice translating... Hark! 
    Your partner fang resists the remorseless arrow of time! It is infused with 
    the breath of gods and the passion of ages. Should a thousand thousand years 
    pass, it shall never know the red sleep!
    Lucina: That one is simple. Falchion's blade will never dull or rust no 
    matter how much time passes.
    Owain: But where fang meets sinew, Falchion remains a mortal work. Even 
    genius cannot hope to stop the turning of the great wheel! And so it is 
    reborn with each generation; transformed, butever the same in spirit.
    Lucina: Hmm... But parts of the sword other than the blade DO wear out over 
    time. The guard and pommel have been replaced over the years, changing its 
    appearance. But it remains Falchion still.
    Owain: Perfect! That was exactly right. You're amazing, Lucina.
    Lucina: I suppose I did a fair job for a first time. But you are the amazing 
    one, Owain. To discover all that about a sword from a single glance is a 
    fearsome talent indeed!
    Owain: Eh, taking care of weapons is kind of a hobby of mine. Oh, hold on...
    ...Aaaaaand we're done! Here you go.
    Lucina: Thank you again.
    Owain: My pleasure. Just let me know if there's anything else I can do.
    Lucina: Perhaps I will take you up on that.
    Owain A
    Owain: Hey there!
    Lucina: Hello, Owain.
    Owain: How's the sword treating you? Any better?
    Lucina: Absolutely! I can really feel the difference. Never hath I spied 
    Pointy Demonspanker shine so brightly! 
    Owain: Pointy... Wait, did you say Demonspanker? But that's Falchion! 
    Treasure of the royal house of Ylisse!... Er, right?
    Lucina: It was. But as it has been reborn so many times, I thought to change 
    the name. I tried to think of what you would call it. I pray my efforts were 
    Owain: *Giggle* Hmm, uh... Heh heh, so... No, I mean, it's a fine name. But, 
    well... The cause to give one's blade a fitting name is a noble one, Lucina.
    HOWEVER! You committed a grave sin!
    Lucina: I did?!
    Owain: To name a weapon is to imbue it with a soul. To change Falchion's name 
    is to insult the spirit it's bornefor millennia!
    Lucina: I... did not consider that.
    Owain: In your commendable haste to make the sword more dear to your own 
    heart... I fear you've stripped the very soul from your weapon! Though your 
    intentions were laudable, this slight must be undone.
    Lucina: Yes, of course. I see now how thoughtless it was of me. ...Pray 
    forgive me, Falchion.
    Owain: It is done. The blade's rightful name is restored. But do not forget 
    the love that spurred you to this brief folly. Keep it with you always. And 
    if you find yourself in need of maintenance, simply callout my name! Heh... I 
    mean, just in case... *giggle* Pointy Demonspanker needs it... Pffffft! Bwa 
    ha ha ha!
    Lucina: I'm starting to suspect you didn't truly think it was such a fine 
    Owain S*
    Owain: Might I beg a moment, Lucina?
    Lucina: Hmm? Certainly, Owain. You're awfully formal today...
    Owain: There's something I'd like you to have.
    Lucina: Oh?
    Owain: Here.
    Lucina: ...A sheath?
    Owain: It should fit Falchion.
    Lucina: A thoughtful gesture, Owain, but Falchion already has a sheath.
    Owain: Yes, I know. And it's as old and worn as the pommel I fixed the other 
    I thought maybe it was time to retire it.
    Lucina: You're always so thoughtful, Owain. Thank you. You do too much for 
    Owain: Please, it's my pleasure. Plus, it's good for the sword... Because I 
    was thinking it could serve as my proxy.
    Lucina: How do you mean?
    Owain: There's no telling what the war holds for us. I probably won't always 
    be there to fight at your side when you need me. But your sheath will always 
    be there. If it can aid you in my stead, I'll rest easier.
    Lucina: Owain...
    Owain: I've been trying to think of ways I can help out for a while now, you 
    know? And the other day, you said you were impressed by my way with weapons. 
    So I figured this might be a way I could... show you how I feel.
    Lucina: That's really beautiful, Owain. I'm certain it will serve me well.
    Owain: You accept it then?
    Lucina: Of course, Owain. And with you, this sheath, and Falchion at my side, 
    I have nothing to fear!
    Owain: Yesss! Oh, I'm so glad I got up the nerve to give it to you!
    Lucina: From this day forth, we're partners. So no more holding back. Feel 
    free to speak in your normal, abnormal way.
    Owain: You got it! ...Wait, abnormal?
    Lucina: I didn't say that. Well, no, I SAID it, but I didn't... I'm sorry, 
    Owain. But it's the fact that it's strange that makes it so fascinating!
    1. Laurent C
    Laurent: A moment, Lucina, if you please.
    Lucina: Hmm? What is it, Laurent?
    Laurent: Might I take a look at your left leg?
    Lucina: ...What's this about?
    Laurent: If my suspicions are correct, you have been injured.
    Lucina: But... How did you know? I didn't tell anyone. ...They would have 
    just worried needlessly.
    Laurent: You're favoring your right slightly when you walk. I knew something 
    was amiss.
    Lucina: I'm impressed by your attention to detail.
    Laurent: I consider it my role to monitor this army's condition and aid in 
    its preservation. I ask that you seek prompt and thorough treatment for your 
    leg. The desire to spare your allies worry is noble, but misguided. Hobbling 
    yourself with a poorly healed leg will cause far greater woe than the truth.
    Lucina: ...I shall have it looked at and be sure to give it proper time to 
    Laurent: I wish you a swift recovery.
    Lucina: Ever the voice of reason... I should learn from his example.
    Laurent B
    Lucina: Rgh... Strange...
    Laurent: Is something amiss, Lucina? You have an air of consternation.
    Lucina: Oh, hello, Laurent. I've been practicing my sword form, but something 
    feels off.
    Laurent: In what way?
    Lucina: The force behind each swing feels weak.
    Laurent: Well, I fear your grasp of swordplay far exceeds my own... But I do 
    understand something of forces. Might I ask you to demonstrate?
    Lucina: If you think it might help. On three, yes? One... two... HAAAH!
    Laurent: Ah! I think I've got it.
    Lucina: Already?!
    Laurent: I suspect you've begun taking shallower steps due to your erstwhile 
    leg injury. A common phenomenon among the recently recovered, I've found. Add 
    another half step's length to your lunge, and you're likely to find your old 
    Lucina: I see. I'll give it a try. One... Two... RAAH! Ah! Yes, that's it 
    exactly! Laurent, you're brilliant! I'm in your debt again. Such a talent 
    almost defies all measure.
    Laurent: Not at all.
    Lucina: You really do keep such a keen eye on all of us. On behalf of the 
    whole camp, it is most deeply appreciated.
    Laurent: You are too kind. Perspicacity and analysis are the only things I 
    have to offer. If you ever find yourself in need of either, I am at your 
    humble service.
    Lucina: I'm sure I'll have need of your talents again soon!
    Laurent A
    Lucina: Laurent? Might I have a moment?
    Laurent: Yes, of course.
    Lucina: Lately, I've been hearing some disquieting talk. People are saying 
    that the quality of your work has... faltered, as of late.
    Laurent: What?
    Lucina: Mind you, it's hardly fair to complain. We all rely on you too much 
    as it is. And I, for one, am confident that there are no grounds for the 
    accusation. However, as your friend, I did want you to know.
    Laurent: ...I see. Yes, well, thank you for alerting me.
    Lucina: There's no truth to it, is there? I'll find the source of this 
    baseless rumor and make them?
    Laurent: N-no! ...Er, please, say nothing. I fear they have the right of it. 
    Of late, I find myself... distracted.
    Lucina: If something weighs on your mind, I'd be happy to lend an ear.
    Laurent: Hmm... How to put it?
    Lucina: No need to hold back, Laurent. You can speak plainly to me about 
    anything. Well, as plainly as you ever speak... I owe you at least that much 
    after all the help you've given me.
    Laurent: ...Very well then. I fear I've lost sight of myself and the role 
    that I serve. As I was making my rounds, helping others in their training. I 
    had a thought... What if all my efforts were nothing more than idle ego? 
    Everyone in this army possesses tremendous skill and physical aptitude. Who 
    am I to tell them how to go about their training? Or take care of their 
    health? I worry that I serve only my own pride with these foolish endeavors.
    Lucina: That's absurd, Laurent! I, of all people, know how helpful you truly 
    Laurent: Lucina...
    Lucina: The only person here you could stand to spend more time helping is 
    Laurent: Er, myself?
    Lucina: Yes! Work on learning to give yourself more credit. If you're unsure 
    how, I'll show you.
    Laurent: At the risk of sounding rude, you hardly seem the most qualified 
    teacher. If there's anyone in this army who is harder on themselves than I, 
    it is you.
    Lucina: Hah! Well, that just might be true! I'd be absolutely no help at all, 
    heh heh...
    Laurent: Perhaps the two of us can work on improving together?
    Lucina: Heh, a fine idea. It's a deal!
    Laurent S
    Lucina: Are you free, Laurent?
    Laurent: L-Lucina!
    Lucina: I thought we might join minds to think up some new ideas for...
    Laurent: .....
    Lucina: Um, Laurent? Is something wrong? You seem unwilling to meet my gaze.
    Laurent: A-apologies, milady!
    Lucina: You're acting very strange. Whatever is the matter?
    Laurent: No, I merely, er... It's just that...
    Lucina: If something is on your mind, perhaps I might help find and answer. 
    I've told you before, you can always speak frankly to me.
    Laurent: ...Very well then. When I spoke to you before about my distracted 
    state, I mentioned my doubts. Was I really helping others, and so on. You 
    recall this conversation, yes? Well, I fear it was... a half-truth.
    Lucina: Oh?
    Laurent: I was not worried about whether I was fit to support the army... I 
    was worried I was unfit to support you. Thoughts of how I might better aid 
    you and you alone consumed me! That was my true distraction from watching 
    over the others.
    Lucina: Laurent, what exactly are you saying?
    Laurent: You're Chrom's daughter, and in your veins runs the blood of exalts 
    and heroes. ...So how could a common man such as I ever be worthy of you?
    Lucina: That's ridiculous! Birth has nothing to do with talent or ability!
    Laurent: I want to serve as your support, but how can I believe it's 
    possible? And without such belief, nothing matters. I am but a twig floating 
    in a stream.
    Lucina: So that's the full reason, is it?
    Laurent: I am in love with you, Lucina. I can say it no plainer.
    Lucina: ...Oh.
    Laurent: I know I'm a fool to harbor a love far beyond my station, and yet?
    Lucina: Laurent, please?have you ever heard me talk about station before? I 
    don't give a whit for your parentage. I care about what's in your heart. 
    ...And in truth, I feel much the same about you.
    Laurent: You... You do?
    Lucina: I do, and have for quite some time.
    Laurent: Th-this is wonderful! Stupendous! For once, I don't know what to 
    Lucina: I want to support you as you have me. Together... Forever.
    Laurent: As do I. It's only right two souls derelict in caring for themselves 
    find each other!
    1. Brady C
    Lucina: Hello, Brady.
    Brady: ...Nnngh? Oh, uh, hey... *cough*
    Lucina: Oh, dear. Are you not feeling well?
    Brady: Whatcha talkin' about? Just look at me!
    Lucina: Er... truth be told, you look at least as ill as you sound.
    Brady: Aw, stop your worryin'! It's just a little cold! *Cough* *hack* 
    Lucina: Brady, if you're ill, you should be resting.
    Brady: I'm fine! I just need a... Need a... Hommina... Hoomina... Ahhhhgkbh-
    Lucina: There, do you see? You can barely speak without producing a bizarre 
    Brady: Q-quiet, you! It ain't a... Ahhhhgkbh-CHOOOO! ...Ain't nothin' 
    "bizzare" about it.
    Lucina: I have the prefect thing for a cold. Allow me to fetch it for you.
    Brady: Keep it! S-save it for yourself. Look, just leave me to dribble in 
    peace, yeah?
    Lucina: Well, please be sure to go easy until you're better, yes?
    Brady: Enough already! Make like an ox cart and... uh... haul off! Don't want 
    you catching the dreaded red, too.
    Lucina: Well, if you're certain you don't need any help. Take care, Brady.
    (Lucina leaves)
    Brady: Gah... Nice going, tough guy! Why ya gotta make everyone all 
    Brady B
    Lucina: Yah! Haah! Rrraaagh!
    Brady: Yeesh, does that gal ever get tired? She's been swinging that sword 
    for hours!
    Lucina: Hyaaaah! ...Ngh?!
    Brady: Muh?
    Brady: Lucina! What happened? What's wrong?!
    Lucina: Oh... B-Brady. It's nothing. My sword hand slipped and I dropped my 
    sword. ...It's fine.
    Brady: Fine? Ain't nothing fine about it! Now gimme a look at that arm!
    Lucina: H-hey! Brady, what are you...?!
    Brady: And your neck, too. ...... ...Yup. Figured as much. You're running 
    yourself ragged. No more practice. You need forty winks, and you need it 
    Lucina: What are you talking about? I'm not tired, and I certainly don't have 
    time for a nap.
    Brady: Maybe you should stop worryin' about us chumps and listen to your  
    body! You go out on the battlefield like this, and you'll get yourself 
    Lucina: Just what do you mean by that? How can you-
    Brady: Hey! Experienced priest here, remember? I may be hopeless myself, but 
    I can tell a thing or two about other people's health. Now hold still...
    Lucina: B-Brady, I don't...
    Brady: ...... Body feel sluggish today? Heavier than normal?
    Lucina: How could you possibly-
    Brady: Swollen neck. Your muscles are inflamed...
    Lucina: How would my neck make me feel heavier?
    Brady: Neck's the only road what leads between the brain and the body. Every 
    signal's gotta pass through it, and inflammation slows traffic down. Even 
    just a little exertion can wipe ya out like an old rag.
    Lucina: Is there a solution?
    Brady: I told ya! Get your keister in bed! And stick a cool, moist cloth 
    under your neck while you sleep. When you get up, give your neck a gentle 
    stretch. Roll your head around.  Massage it.
    Lucina: All right. I'll give that a try... Thank you, Brady.
    (Lucina leaves)
    Brady: No rushing, either! And actually sleep, for the love'a clams! ... Gone 
    already. Typical.
    Brady A
    Lucina: Brady...
    Brady: That's my name!
    Lucina: I'm a little late in this, but thank you for your help before. I did 
    as you said, and I feel completely recovered! In fact, it may just be in my 
    head, but I actually feel lighter on my feet than ever.
    Brady: Well, don't go pushing yourself, twinkle toes. You only get one body.
    Lucina: I'll be careful. ...... Meanwhile, I fear you're looking as sallow as 
    Brady: Hey, this is my natural colour! And quit yer worryin' about me! We're 
    done here! Git!
    Lucina: Not yet, we aren't! It's my turn to aid you. You didn't let me help 
    you at all when you came down with that cold. I won't be denied the chance 
    again! I WILL help you, Brady.
    Brady: You can start by lettin' go! Gya! Getcha stinkin' paws off'a me!
    Lucina: Struggling is... futile! Hurk! I can... outgrapple you!
    Brady: Waugh! What part of helping me involves a submission hold?!
    Lucina: The part where you refuse to submit! Now, submit! Give your body over 
    to me!
    Brady: D-don't go sayin' crap like that where folks can hear y-OUCH! Agh! 
    Uncle! Uncle!
    Lucina: Believe it or not, i'm quite the masseuse.
    Brady: GAAH?! My neck! My back! Ngh! ...Oh god, I heard somethin' snap!
    Lucina: Does that hurt? I hadn't begun to apply any real pressure. ...I think 
    someone might be exaggerating.
    Brady: I think someone might have his shoulder dislocated! Please stop! Owww!
    Lucina: ...Oh. Sorry. I didn't realize.
    Brady: Yeesh! Feels like I just ran through a gauntlet or two...
    Lucina: How very strange... Everyone else I've done this for has needed at 
    least that much pressure to feel it.
    Brady: Well, I guess I'm just one'a the gods' special little critters. Next 
    time be a bit more gentle, will ya?
    Lucina: I'll be more careful. I promise.
    Brady: Good. And, uh, thanks, I guess. ...For the thought, anyway.
    Brady S
    Lucina: Brady! Have you heard?
    Brady: Heard what?
    Lucina: Oh! Oh, no you clearly... Yes, well, um... It seems that... People 
    seem to think that we're a couple.
    Brady: Whaat?! ...How?!
    Lucina: Rumors that we're together are flying all around camp...
    Brady: Yeah, but WHY?! Who started 'em? And what for? Oh, man, whoever it 
    was, they're about to enter a world'a pain!
    Lucina: I don't know that it was any one person. Perhaps it just spread on 
    its own. We have been fairly close as of late. Wrestling, massages... that 
    sort of thing. Out of context, I suppose they could have appeared as intimate 
    Brady: ... A WORLD'A PAIN! Gah! How could you be so calm when ya say junk 
    like that?!
    Lucina: S-sorry! I didn't realize I oughtn't...
    Brady: Course whoever saw us just HAD to view it in the most scandalous way 
    Lucina: Quite the misunderstanding, yes.
    Brady: Anybody with half a brain would know I'm way too big a weakling to be 
    with you!
    Lucina: ...Th-that's not true at all! Thanks to your advice, my body's never 
    been in better condition! I... I really appreciate that.
    Brady: Oh yeah?
    Lucina: ......
    Brady: Enough to act on some crazy rumors?
    Lucina: I'm sorry?
    Brady: No, I... I mean, only if you wanted, but... I dunno. If they're 
    already sayin' it... I mean, why not, right?
    Lucina: Why not... be a couple, you mean?
    Brady: Y-yeah! Or goin' steady, or whatever ya wanna call it. I like being 
    with ya, Lucina. Even when ya just about broke my darn back, heh heh. So, if 
    everyone else is gonna set the stage for us, why waste the opportunity?
    Lucina: I always felt that your kindness kept my spark alive amidst all  this 
    darkness... If you'll have me, Brady, I'd be honored.
    Brady: Hey, same here. So... Sure, I guess? Let's do it.
    Lucina: It's a bit ticklish, putting all this into words, isn't it? Heh, am I 
    blushing as red as you?
    Brady: Gah! I didn't even realize till now! I must look like a damn tomater!
    1. Yarne C
    Yarne: ...Pulse? Check. ...Arms? Check. ..Legs? Check! Whew! Looks like I'm 
    all here. Ugh. Why do I keep fighting if I'm going to be such a coward?!
    Lucina: Yarne? Is something wrong? You look upset.
    Yarne: Oh, hey. No, I'm fine. I was just, uh... Reflecting on the horrors of 
    Lucina: I often do the same. Thinking how everyone is suffering each day we 
    let it continue... Farmers are slain in their fields, merchants are robbed, 
    children become orphans...
    Yarne: Actually, I meant the part where everybody trying to kill me. My 
    life's worth no more than the next guy's. I know that, but... It's still a 
    lot of pressure being the last of entire race.
    Lucina: I can only imagine.
    Yarne: Don't get me wrong.... I'm scared, but I still want to help. I'll keep 
    fighting. I just.... really don't... want to, is all. ...Heh. Pretty sad, I 
    Lucina: So be it.
    Yarne: Er, so be what, exactly?
    Lucina: I will cover your back. From now, you need only worry about foes in 
    front of you.
    Yarne: What?
    Lucina: I swear to keep you safe. That way, perhaps you can fight without 
    Yarne: Lucina, everyone else is out there fighting on their own. I feel 
    terrible asking, but... That would be such a great relief! ...Thank you.
    Lucina: I'm happy to do all I can to ease an ally's mind. Thank you for 
    opening up to me. I'm honored by your trust.
    Yarne: Not at all!
    Lucina: I should be going. I'll see you, Yarne.
    Yarne: ...Oh, what am I doing?! Gods, why not just ask her to babysit you, 
    you big coward?! This is low, even for me...
    Yarne B
    Yarne: ...Ow! For a shallow cut, my arm sure doesn't want to heal up... Still 
    really hurts, too. I knew I saw someone behind that tree, but nooo! I had to 
    go charge in like an idiot... Ah, well. I'm still alive, and the arm'll heal. 
    I'll count my blessings.
    Lucina: Might I have a minute, Yarne?
    Yarne: Sure. What is it?
    Lucina: I wanted to see how you're recovering.
    Yarne: What, this? I'm fine, thanks. I'm sorry you had to see me fall for 
    such an obvious ambush. I was doing so well, too. But you know me! It's not a 
    battle if I don't screw up...
    Lucina: That's not true at all... But I'm just glad you weren't more 
    seriously injured. I promised I would watch your back, and now... I am so, so 
    sorry, Yarne.
    Yarne: What?! No! Don't apologize. We're at war! Nicks and scratches are 
    bound to happen!
    Lucina: Still...
    Yarne: It's very kind of you, Lucina, but I'm the one who needs to shape up, 
    not you. Heh, next time I'll show 'em this rabbit's no easy prey! Give 'em 
    the ol' taguel one-two!
    Lucina: Just, please...
    Yarne: Hmm?
    Lucina: Please be careful. Don't do anything rash. In the last battle, it 
    almost seemed like you were trying to protect me...? I'll be twice the fool 
    if you get hurt trying to keep me safe while I try to keep you safe!
    Yarne: Well, I can't just sit back and let you do all the work. And I can't 
    keep you all to myself. The others need your help, too. Plus, I want to keep 
    you safe as much you want to keep me safe. We're friends!
    Lucina: No, of course. That's all true, but..
    Yarne: Believe me, I'm not eager to get hurt either. I'll do my best to stay 
    out of trouble.
    Lucina: And I'll do my best to keep trouble away from you.
    Yarne A
    Yarne: Are you all right?!
    Lucina: Yarne?
    Yarne: Holy carrots, your leg! Did you get that trying to protect me?
    Lucina: No, I was just a bit careless. I, er... let my attention slip for a 
    moment, and they were quick with a blade. That's all. It's mostly healed, 
    besides. You needn't worry yourself over it.
    Yarne: You're a terrible liar, you know that? After my arm got hurt, you've 
    been guarding me nonstop. It's obvious. What happen to our promise not to do 
    anything crazy, hmm?
    Lucina: Er, I didn't... Don't be mad.
    Yarne: I'm not mad at you, but I'm furious with myself!
    Lucina: Yarne, no! Don't be. I really was careless. This is no one's fault 
    but my own.
    Yarne: ...Heh. Ha ha ha!
    Lucina: Is... something funny?
    Yarne: It's just... The two of us, taking hits for each other. Then we both 
    protest that it's all our fault and that the other shouldn't feel guilty. I 
    don't know, it just struck me as funny. We're some pair, you and me.
    Lucina: Heh, I suppose it IS a little silly. But a part of me thinks that's 
    the way it should be allies.
    Yarne: You think?
    Lucina: Sure. Helping each other... Making sacrifices... Accepting 
    responsibility for our failings and helping each other learn from them... 
    That sounds like the ideal ally to me.
    Yarne: What you put it like that, it does. I guess we're doing pretty well.
    Lucina: Very well, I should think! You can continue to count on me to watch 
    your back!
    Yarne: And on me to watch yours!
    Yarne S
    Lucina: Yarne!
    Yarne: Hm? What is it? Everything all right? You're all worked up.
    Lucina: I've just been so impressed with your performance in combat lately! I 
    had to come and tell you!
    Yarne: Wow, I... Thanks, Lucina. The old rabbit "run for your life" instinct 
    is still there, but I feel like I'm getting better.
    Lucina: You're a whole different person out there! It's amazing to witness.
    Yarne: Aw, you're exaggerating. But I'm glad. ...So, um... If I've been doing 
    so well, Do I get a reward?
    Lucina: Hah! Of course, you name it! If it's within my power, it's yours.
    Yarne: W-will you be my girl?!
    Lucina: ...What?
    Yarne: I always hated being a coward and a burden on everyone else. I wanted 
    to change, but... It wasn't until we started watching out for each other that 
    I learned how. You thought me what real strength is, and I learn more from 
    you every day... But I've got a long way to go, and that's where you come 
    Lucina: Yarne...
    Yarne: I love you, Lucina! You make me a better taguel, on the field and off. 
    I want to be you always...
    Lucina: ...I would like that very much, Yarne.
    Yarne: You would? Really?!
    Lucina: You've become so brave, so dedicated... It's true that when we first 
    met, you were like as not to turn and run. But watching you conquer your fear 
    has been an inspiration to me.
    Yarne: Huh...
    Lucina: Seeing you grow has filled me with pride, as much as if it were my 
    own improvement. I want to keep sharing in your life, and I want you to share 
    in mine. So yes, Yarne. ...I love you, too.
    Yarne: Ha! After hearing that, I feel like I just grew about hundred times 
    stronger! With you by my side, I'll become a real warrior yet!
    1. Inigo C
    Inigo: Lucina! Wait! Hold up one second. ...Aw, what, no smile for old Inigo? 
    There's a shocker.
    Lucina: I beg your pardon?
    Inigo: It's just you're always so darn grim. Don't get me wrong, a determined 
    woman certainly has her charms! But all day, every day is a bit much, don't 
    you think? It's bringing people down.
    Lucina: Then the others have complained of my attitude as well?
    Inigo: Well, no. I mean, not everyone... But some people! Er, well, one. 
    ...Okay, me. Look, I just figured I'd point it out before it became a huge 
    Lucina: I see.
    Inigo: Fretting is contagious! If you keep it up, you'll have the whole camp 
    Lucina: You think I'm contagious?
    Inigo: In a way, yeah! ...A little, I guess. You're a leader, you know? We 
    all look up to you.
    Lucina: You make a fair case.
    Inigo: Yeah? So smile a little! Even if you have to fake it. It's not hard, 
    you know. You just raise your cheeks like this! Here...
    Lucina: Gah! Ret go uh mah FAFE!
    Inigo: See there, Lucina? That's the cheeriest I've ever seen you. I think I 
    feel a new infection coming on!
    Lucina: You'll freel more dan dat if you don unhand muh!
    Inigo: Ha ha, mercy, my lady! I'll leave you alone! But get practicing. Next 
    time I drop by, I expect you to be smiling like a pro!
    Lucina: ...Would he honestly have me grinning about all day like a madwoman? 
    Bah. He always did seem a bit off...
    Inigo B
    Lucina: Another village wiped out by the Risen. Another step toward a dark 
    Inigo: Tsk tsk tsk. Such a grim countenance...
    Lucina: Oh, it's you.
    Inigo: Looks like someone forgot her daily smiling practice!
    Lucina: Now is hardly the time!
    Inigo: Now is PRECISELY the time! In dark times like this, you just have to 
    keep grinning until you feel happy.
    Lucina: A village was butchered, Inigo! Men and women, slaughtered! Would you 
    have me charge into battle with a grin on my face? Giggle my way through war 
    meetings?! Laugh as my steel pierces flesh?! There are times when a person 
    has no business smiling!
    Inigo: Gods, but you ARE grave... All right, then. It looks like drastic 
    measures are in order.
    Lucina: Wh-what are you... Get your hands away from--
    Inigo: Tickle tickle tickle!
    Lucina: S-stop that! Stop...AH HA HA! I-Inig... AH HA HA HA! Stop! Stop! Stop 
    that this instant! Stop before I cut off your hands!
    Inigo: Well? Feel any happier?
    Lucina: I feel annoyed! I told you, I'm not in the mood for such folly. Now 
    leave me be.
    Inigo: Hm, so tickling is off limits, then? Perhaps it's time for a little...
    Lucina: NO! Do not attempt anything! Do not even speak! JUST! BE! QUIET!
    Inigo: ......
    Lucina: ...Thank you.
    Inigo: ......
    Lucina: Inigo, what are you... What is that...some kind of strange new dance? 
    ...What is wrong with your face? Are you in pain...?
    Inigo: Ha ha! I'm fine, Lucina. It's called miming! That was my "man trapped 
    in a box."  Entertaining, no? And entirely silent! Mother taught me that one. 
    She said she uses it quite often.
    Lucina: That isn't what I meant when I told you to be quiet!
    Inigo: Well how else am I supposed to help you practice?
    Lucina: ENOUGH, Inigo! What must I do to convince you to leave me in peace? 
    Unlike you, my head is not filled with rainbows and sunshine. I carry sense 
    enough to realize the dire straits we find ourselves in. I have no desire to 
    smile right now, and even less to fake one! If you're too dense to understand 
    that, I don't know how to help you!
    Inigo: ...All right, Lucina, all right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... 
    ...I'll see you later.
    Lucina: ...... Blast. I shouldn't have lost my temper. I know he meant 
    Inigo A
    Lucina: Perhaps I should apologize to Inigo... He works on my nerves 
    sometimes...but I know he means well. I suppose he'd tell me to just smile 
    and forget about it.
    Inigo: ...Hey, Lucina.
    Lucina: Inigo, I--
    Inigo: No, don't worry! Just passing through. I won't bother you, I promise.
    Lucina: Inigo, I actually wanted to apologize for before... I meant what I 
    said, but my delivery was quite harsh... I appreciate your desire for mirth, 
    but I just don't think this is the time. If you can agree to stop asking me 
    to smile, I pledge to never yell at you again.
    Inigo: Sure. No problem. Sometimes I forget that everyone's head isn't 
    stuffed with rainbows.
    Lucina: Inigo, I didn't--
    Inigo: Don't worry about it. Consider it dropped. I'll stop bothering you 
    Lucina: Inigo, wait...
    Inigo: Hmm?
    Lucina: S-sorry... I just thought... It looked like you were crying.
    Inigo: What, me? Ha ha! No, I'm not crying. I'm pretty sure I was smiling?
    Lucina: Yes, I suppose. Still, for a moment it looked like... Well, I looked 
    at your face, and it just made my heart drop...
    Inigo: Oh, wow. Um...I'm sorry? I certainly didn't mean to make you upset.
    Lucina: No, don't apologize! It is I who needs to make amends. I was unable 
    to understand your thinking when you expressed it in words. But when I saw 
    your face just now, it all became clear to me. We influence the emotions of 
    those around us...and a smile is a powerful thing.
    Inigo: That's it exactly, Lucina! And yours counts for double!
    Lucina: Heh. Thank you, Inigo.
    Inigo: By the gods! Finally, she smiles! ...Now was that so bad?
    Lucina: It's...easier that I thought.
    Inigo: You're a natural!
    Lucina: Perhaps you will see more of this in the future. I shall dedicate 
    myself to lifting the spirits of all those around me.
    Inigo: Well, if you ever need help, you only have to ask!
    Inigo S
    Lucina: May we speak a moment, Inigo?
    Inigo: So much for the new, cheerier Lucina...
    Lucina: Even the new me cannot muster a smile today.
    Inigo: What, did something happen? Is everyone all right?
    Lucina: No, our friends are all fine, so far as I know. That said, there 
    hasn't been anything I'd call happy news, either.
    Inigo: Okay, seriously. What's going on? You're acting awfully strange today.
    Lucina: It's about to get... stranger.
    Inigo: You're scaring me, Lucina.
    Lucina: When I became so upset at your insistence that I smile before... Do 
    you remember that?
    Inigo: Of course. I record everything any girl says to me, insults and all.
    Lucina: Well, I realize now that wasn't the only reason I was so angry... I 
    was angry because you were making me happy, and I didn't... I didn't think I 
    could afford such feelings at a time like this.
    Inigo: Oh?
    Lucina: I've been such a stern person to you, and I don't deserve your 
    kindness... But the truth is, I... ...I think I am in love with you.
    Inigo: ...What?
    Lucina: Would you stay with me, Inigo? Would you be the sword at my side?
    Inigo: I... ...Yes, Lucina. Yes! If you'll have me.
    Lucina: Truly?! For good and all?!
    Inigo: Lucina, I've been in love with you since the moment we met! But you're 
    Ylissean royalty... I guess I never thought I was worthy. Besides, I figured 
    Chrom would murder me if I tried anything!
    Lucina: You were worried about Father?! Ha ha ha! I can just picture him 
    receiving you at the castle, broadsword across his lap! Ah ha!
    Inigo: There's that smile again!
    Lucina: I can't help it! Imagine Father chopping you into bloody bits! Heh ha 
    ha ha!
    Inigo: I'm glad you're laughing and all, but maybe next we'll work on your 
    sense of humor...
    Lucina: Ha ha... Oh, I'm sorry, Inigo. I'm just so happy about us, and... I 
    guess I'm not used to such things.
    Inigo: Well, better get used to enjoying yourself, because you're stuck with 
    me now!
    Lucina: Would that our love infects others just as sure as a smile does...
    Inigo: Right! We won't stop until every girl in the world is happy!
    Lucina: Right! ...Wait, just the girls? What do you mean, Inigo?!
    Inigo: Ha ha! ...Ha? Um...ha? Don't worry, love. You'll always come first in 
    my book!
    Lucina: There shouldn't be a book at all! I catch you looking at another 
    woman and it will be ME chopping you into bloody bits!
    Inigo: There's that odd sense of humor again! Heh, good one, Lucina. ...Er, 
    1. Gerome C
    Lucina: Gerome?
    Gerome: Ah, Lucina.
    Lucina: I'm not intruding, am I? I don't want to disturb your rest.
    Gerome: It's fine. What do you want?
    Lucina: Well, nothing, really. I just came to say thank you.
    Gerome: For what?
    Lucina: You gave me your mask, remember? You said there might come a time 
    where I would need to conceal my identity...
    Gerome: Ah. Yes. I remember. 
    Lucina: Well, it was very prescient of you! The mask proved most useful. So 
    again, thank you.
    Gerome: Think nothing of it.
    Gerome B
    Lucina: *Sigh*
    Gerome: Something wrong, Lucina?
    Lucina: Oh, hello, Gerome...
    Gerome: What's the matter?
    Lucina: I've lost my pendant.
    Gerome: Oh? What manner of pendant?
    Lucina: It's carved with the likeness of my mother. It's very precious to me.
    Gerome: ...Where was the last place you saw it?
    Lucina: I took it off while I was cleaning the supply tent. I didn't want it 
    getting scratched.
    Gerome: I suppose you've already searched there?
    Lucina: Many times.
    Gerome: Then we should retrace your steps and see if we can't find it.
    Lucina: You'll help me look?
    Gerome: It's important to you, isn't it?
    Lucina: Yes, very much so. I simply... Thank you, Gerome.
    Gerome: Thank me when we find it.
    Gerome A
    Lucina: Ah, Gerome. Perfect timing.
    Gerome: Oh? What for?
    Lucina: We're holding a war council, and I was hoping you might attend.
    Gerome: Sorry. I'm not much for group activity.
    Lucina: A pity. We could benefit from your calm, measured opinions. You have 
    a keen mind for combat as well... Regardless, I will not force you.
    Gerome: I am sorry if I disappoint you. But I know my own limitations. I am 
    not one for plans or speeches. I am a wolf that deals only in death.
    Lucina: Then we have something in common.
    Gerome: We do not. You are a leader who can inspire withboth words and deeds. 
    Though we fight alongside each other in the field, we play different roles.
    Lucina: You sell yourself short, sir.
    Gerome: The right tool for the right job. Isn't that what they say? You 
    provide the inspiration and strategy. I will cut down any who dare oppose 
    Lucina: There is a certain wisdom to what you say.
    Gerome: Don't sound so surprised... Now, I have some swords to sharpen, and I 
    think you have a council to attend.
    Lucina: Farewell, Gerome. I shall look for you on the battlefield.
    Gerome: You needn't look far- I will stand beside you, as always.
    Gerome S
    Gerome: Lucina? I need to speak with you.
    Lucina: What is it?
    Gerome: I... regret refusing your invitation to the war council. I am sorry.
    Lucina: You owe me no apologies, Gerome. I understand your thinking... "The 
    right tool for the right job." We must all strive to perform our roles as 
    best we can.
    Gerome: I know I said that, but I was mistaken.
    Lucina: ...You were?
    Gerome: I want to help you in any way I can, Lucina.
    Lucina: I... Thank you, Gerome.
    Gerome: I have admired you for many long years. I would gladly die for you. 
    But when you asked me to help in an unfamiliar way, I chose the craven's 
    path. I hope you can forgive me.
    Lucina: Fine, you are forgiven! Then can we now please stop with this absurd 
    apology? You've been my most stalwart companion ever since childhood, Gerome. 
    And if anyone else called you craven, I would cut them down on the spot!
    Gerome: ...Thank you, Lucina.
    Lucina: Lone wolf you may be, but there is no one I rely on more in a battle. 
    Besides, what you've shown here is as inspiring as any speech or grand tact-
    Gerome: Lucina, enough!
    Lucina: I beg your pardon?
    Gerome: I am no poet, Lucina, to woo you with honeyed words. I am a blunt 
    measure of a man, so I know no other way to say this... ...I love you.
    Lucina: Oh, Gerome...
    Gerome: If truth be told, I've felt this way since I first laid eyes on you. 
    But only after all these years have I finally found the courage to tell you.
    Lucina: But I have felt the same, Gerome, for so long! Did you never sense 
    Gerome: You mean... we've both had this feeling? And since long ago?
    Lucina: Heh, I guess neither of us is regarded as one to display our 
    Gerome: Then I regret our past, but we have our present and future. Together.
    Lucina: We shall fight, and live, side by side from now until we draw our 
    final breath.
    2. Owain C
    Owain: Well, if it isn't my old nemesis, Kjelle!
    Kjelle: What do you want, Owain?
    Owain: Long have we vied for the title of strongest, bound by fate and our 
    unbending wills. But I will not rest until I've put a stop to your nefarious 
    deeds for good!
    Kjelle: Really, I have no time for this. Do you need something? If not, I'm 
    going to go.
    Owain: Ugh, come on! Work with me here! Put some feeling in it! I know you 
    hate men, but would it kill you to show a little of effort?
    Kjelle: I don't hate men. I hate idiots. ...A class you fall right into, 
    coincidentally. Even the way you talk makes me angry. Half the time I have no 
    idea what you're saying. It's always stories and sound effects and... 
    Owain: Which is why I'm speaking normally right now.
    Kjelle: And yet I still can't see your point. Now go away.
    Owain: What if I offer to help clean your gear? Come on, it'll be fun.
    Kjelle: I can take care of my own things.
    Owain: Fine then! Just... fine! I don't need this! I can go anywhere and be 
    (Owain leaves)
    Kjelle: .....
    Owain B
    Owain: You bear an ominous mien, nemesis! Your face is as a rose-lit dawn 
    wreathed in storm clouds of ebon dark!
    Kjelle: .....
    Owain: Where is it that calls you hence? What dark purpose spurs you on?! Is 
    it the path of the fallen you walk, or the road to redemption?
    Kjelle: I'm going to the storehouse because my things are there. And what's 
    this about my mien, huh? Was that because I'm a woman? I don't need you 
    penning heartsy-fartsy stuff about how lovely I am. If you have to go writing 
    poems about me, they damned well better be war epics!
    Owain: Geez, all right! Tough crowd... Look, let's try this again. I'll even 
    speak normally.
    Kjelle: I'd prefer if you didn't speak at-
    Owain: Hey, Kjelle. You off to the storehouse to grab some gear?
    Kjelle: ...Why?
    Owain: Lemme give you a hand!
    Kjelle: Please don't.
    Owain: Aw, come on. I can do a lot more than just name weapons, you know. I'm 
    one of the best maintenance people in this whole camp. Just gimme a chance. 
    Come on! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c-
    Kjelle: *Sigh* ...I suppose it's better than leaving you idle to work 
    mischief elsewhere.
    Owain: Great! I mean, extremely condescending, but the end result? Still 
    Kjelle: Less talking, more walking. I'm eager to see these... talents of 
    Owain: Brace yourself! I don't want you dying of shock at how impressed 
    you'll be!
    Owain A
    Owain: Cavalier armor. Medium weight class. Combines significant defense with 
    impressive mobility.
    Kjelle: .....
    Owain: This one's an archer's jerkin. It boasts unrivaled ease of motion but 
    lacks any real stopping power.
    Kjelle: Do you really need to narrate?
    Owain: It's important to keep the characteristics of the equipment in mind 
    while working on it.
    Kjelle: I suppose I should be happy you're not just goofing around. Still, it 
    would help if you kept your thoughts inside your head.
    Owain: Words are important. Our armor and weapons are partners in this war. 
    Granting them a voice elevates them from hunks of iron to something more. It 
    breathes into them a soul, transforming mere tools into implements of divine 
    Kjelle: .....
    Owain: Take this breatplate. I hear it whisper to me... "I am the Argent Lion 
    Mail," it says. "Behold my regal, silvery form! Behold!" Kjelle, are you 
    beholding? Kjelle? ...Hey, where'd you go?! She just... disappeared... 
    That's... kind of amazing.
    Kjelle: .....
    Owain: Gag! What dark sorcery is this?! A lone knight's armor moves of its 
    own accord! Be at peace, ghostly visitor!
    Kjelle: It just never ends with you, does it?
    Owain: Voices from beyond the grave! Begone, foul wraith!
    Kjelle: It's me, you babbling buffoon! And if you say, "A ghost ate Kjelle," 
    I'm going to stab you in the eye.
    Owain: Kjelle? What are you doing in there? Is that suit... comfortable? It 
    hides you completely.
    Kjelle: I'm trying to block out the noise.
    Owain: Am I... that much of a bother?
    Kjelle: ...Also, this was the suit of armor I wore in my first battle. I put 
    it back on from time to time. It... calms me.
    Owain: Oh. Well, I guess I can respect that. But in that case, it deserves a 
    Kjelle: No! No names. And even if it were to be named, it would be by anyone 
    but you!
    Owain: Hey! ...Wh-why not?
    Kjelle: Because I said so! Now get sorting!
    Owain: Yes, ma'am...
    Owain S*
    Owain: Hey, Kjelle? You want me to take care of this helmet, or... Heh... 
    should've known. She's gone again. I'm doing her a favor, and she leaves all 
    the work to me? That's gratitude for you! Sometimes I don't know what to do 
    with that girl... She obviously loves this old set of armor. Why won't she 
    give the poor thing a name? Doesn't even have to be a good one. It's the 
    spirit of the thing that counts. I'm probably wasting my time here, but I 
    can't bear the thought of Kjelle being hurt. But if I can't be there to keep 
    her safe, I can at least make sure her gear is! Hold her close, armor. 
    Smother her with all your shiny, plated goodness. Tell her all the things 
    that I dare not. Tell her how much I... love her.
    Kjelle: You what?!
    Owain: K-Kjelle? Is that you? But I don't see you anywhere. Where did that... 
    Kjelle: ...I'm here. In my armor.
    Owain: But I thought you'd left! Why are you hiding in there while I'm out 
    here doing all the work?!
    Kjelle: I wanted to make sure you wouldn't slack off if I wasn't around to 
    watch you.
    Owain: Look, I don't need a babysitter! Not about this. I take armor and 
    weapons very seriously, thank you.
    Kjelle: Oh, will you forget about the blasted armor for one second? ...Go 
    back to the part where you said you loved me.
    Owain: Argh! Y-you heard that?!
    Kjelle: ...Yes. So?
    Owain: Look, I didn't... I mean, I do, but... I was gonna tell you at some 
    point! Urgh. Just stab me and get it over with.
    Kjelle: Why would I stab the man who loves me?
    Owain: Because you hate me? Because you have a big dumb boyfriend who's going 
    to fold me into a pretzel? I bet his name's Troy. Or Steve. ...Or Chaz or 
    Kjelle: I don't hate you, Owain. I actually find you oddly charming. I mean, 
    I could do without all the goofy names and the yelling... But now I see some 
    sense in the madness. You've got heart. And lots of it, apparently.
    Owain: So, um, does that mean you'll...
    Kjelle: I'd love to have you by my side, Owain. In battle or out of it.
    Owain: My steel is yours, Kjelle! By my twitching sword hand, I swear to 
    protect you for all time!
    Kjelle: How about we just protect each other?
    2. Laurent C
    Kjelle: Hah! Yah! ...Haaaah!
    Laurent: Ah, Kjelle. Busy training?
    Kjelle: Just taking practice swings. Nothing fancy.
    Laurent: Ah, yes. Excellent. Hm...
    Kjelle: ...You got something to say?
    Laurent: You are a bit off today.
    Kjelle: What are you talking about? I'm fine-same as ever!
    Laurent: It is possible that I am mistaken. But to my eye, your movements 
    lack their customary crispness. Are you quite certain you're feeling well?
    Kjelle: Well, I have had a bit of a twinge in my lower back for the last 
    couple of days...
    Laurent: That would be a likely culprit. Might I suggest you have it treated? 
    A massage, perhaps.
    Kjelle: Pfft. Massages are for princesses! I just need to work through it.
    Laurent: Inadvisable. You would be far better served seeking legitimate 
    treatment. As the lower back muscles drive the entire body, they are 
    indispensable to combat. They are also slow to heal. If ignored, your 
    condition may worsen.
    Kjelle: All right, fine. I'll get a massage! Maybe paint my nails while I'm 
    at it...*grumble grumble*
    Laurent: I hope it serves you well. Do take care.
    Laurent B
    Kjelle: Hey, Laurent!
    Laurent: Did you need something?
    Kjelle: I wanted to thank you for the other day. Er, when you told me to go 
    get that massage.
    Laurent: Ah, yes. What of your back since then?
    Kjelle: Good as new! So, yeah. Thanks. It was a big help.
    Laurent: Please, do not give it another thought. I consider it a part of my 
    duties to keep watch for any anomalies. If I can be of assistance in keeping 
    this army in top condition, I shall do so. And that means scrutinizing every 
    last tick, movement, and gesture.
    Kjelle: ...You do what now?
    Laurent: Er, have I said anything amiss? Your face is most scrunchy.
    Kjelle: No, no. It's just that when you say it like that, it... Well, it 
    makes it sound like you're constantly watching us.
    Laurent: Yes, precisely. Constantly watching. Is that a problem?
    Kjelle: Not a problem, I guess, but it is kind of... creepy. Like a... 
    stalker. Look, you should be careful you don't make anyone feel 
    uncomfortable, okay? Some people don't enjoy being watched .
    Laurent: Er, I see. Yes, of course.
    (Kjelle leaves)
    Laurent: ...And you, Kjelle? Are you "some people"?
    Laurent A
    Kjelle: Oh. Hello, Laurent.
    Laurent: Kjelle.
    Kjelle: You haven't been by to check up on me in a while. Is everything all 
    Laurent: What?
    Kjelle: You said it was your duty to keep watch on us. Keep us in top 
    condition and all that? And then you just stopped coming by. I wondered if 
    you'd given up or what.
    Laurent: I still watch everyone else.
    Kjelle: Everyone... else?
    Laurent: After you cautioned me, I thought it best if I made an exception for 
    you, so I desisted.
    Kjelle: Because I told you other people may not like you staring at them?
    Laurent: "Some people" were your words. I thought perhaps you were speaking 
    for yourself. It is not uncommon for people to cloak their fears in the guise 
    of an imaginary-
    Kjelle: Oh, for hell's sakes! That's not what I was doing! I just meant that 
    SOME people might take offense. That's all I meant.
    Laurent: Is it?
    Kjelle: Yes, it is! If it bothered me, I'd have told you to knock it off 
    because it bothers me. Sometimes you're too smart for your own good. Stop 
    overthinking everything!
    Laurent: ...My apologies. I see my inference was mistaken.
    Kjelle: Your advice has already helped me out. I'm a big fan of your advice. 
    So I was HOPING you'd keep watching. If anything looks off to you, point it 
    out. I'd be eager to hear it.
    Laurent: Then I shall strive to let no glimmer of potential improvement elude 
    Kjelle: You do that.
    Laurent S
    Laurent: Hello, Kjelle.
    Kjelle: L-Laurent!
    Laurent: Is something amiss? Ought I be concerned that the sight of me sends 
    you reeling? I would gladly lend an ear to any troubles you may behaving. And 
    troubles I am the cause of, doubly so.
    Kjelle: No, you're fine. It's me. I... need to apologize.
    Laurent: Oh?
    Kjelle: I snapped at you before. When you stopped coming by to check up on 
    Laurent: I would not categorize your behavior as "snapping." What's more, I 
    thought the matter was decided as a misunderstanding on my part.
    Kjelle: ...It wasn't.
    Laurent: I fear I don't understand.
    Kjelle: That was... I was jealous. You started watching everyone but me, and 
    it... It made me a little crazy.
    Laurent: ...Now I really do not understand.
    Kjelle: Believe me, I'm as shocked as you. And I'm still confused about what 
    it all means. What I feel for you... But I wasn't being honest with you, or 
    with myself. That much is clear. So I wanted to go ahead and apologize for 
    that, no matter what happens down the line.
    Laurent: If I may confirm... You feel it's possible-but not definite-that you 
    bear an affection for me?
    Kjelle: ...Yes.
    Laurent: And you see the potential for growth into some form of relationship 
    "down the line"?
    Kjelle: Sorry, I know it's all pretty vague.
    Laurent: I see no call for apology. This is a welcome development. For I am 
    quite certain in my affections for you, Kjelle. And as a by-product of 
    possession, jealousy is a favorable addition to the equation. After all, the 
    ultimate goal here is to be possessed, is it not? Still, I must say, the 
    frank compulsion to apologize immediately is very you. Ha.
    Kjelle: Laurent...
    Laurent: You have asked me to continue to watch you, Kjelle. I would now ask 
    you to do the same.
    Kjelle: Well, sure, but... How do you mean?
    Laurent: I've only just begun to show my worth as a possible spouse and mate.
    However, I still have work to do before I am what the layman might call 
    "dreamy." But given proper training, I am confident in my ability to steal 
    your heart. Therefore, I would ask that you observe me in this process and 
    offer advice.
    Kjelle: ...Er, you want me to watch your "dreamy" training?
    Laurent: That is it exactly.
    Kjelle: Well, I've had worse offers...
    2. Brady C
    Brady: ......
    Kjelle: Oh, hey.
    Brady: H-hey, Kjelle. How's tricks?
    Kjelle: Tricks are fine, thanks.
    Brady: Training again, are ya? Wish I could be like that.
    Kjelle: Then quit talking and grab some weights! That's how I've done it- one 
    day at a time, every day of my life.
    Brady: Yeah, I remember ya as a kid! Always running around with some pointy 
    Kjelle: No one gets strong without putting in the time. You've got to sweat 
    for it.
    Brady: I'd settle for being half as strong as you. A third, even! Maybe then 
    I could stop doubting myself all the time... How long do you think it'd take 
    for a guy to hit your level, eh? Couple'a weeks or what?
    Kjelle: Depends on the guy. Natural talent goes a long way towards speeding 
    things along.
    Brady: But ya think anyone can get there eventually, yeah? I mean, if they 
    really bust hump?
    Kjelle: Anyone.
    Brady: Then ya gotta train me, Kjelle! Ya just gotta!
    Kjelle: No.
    Brady: What?! How can you say no? I'm pleadin' with ya here!
    Kjelle: I'm busy enough with my own training. I don't have the time to waste 
    on you. Besides, you're frail. If you snapped in two an hour into my training 
    regimen, we'd be short a healer.
    Brady: ...Guess there ain't much I can say to that little number. Too weak 
    even to get less weak... Gah, look at me! What a Melvin!
    Kjelle: Hey, don't let it get you down....Or just let it get you down 
    somewhere else. I'm busy. 
    (Kjelle leaves)
    Brady: Yeesh. No harsh truth a total lack of sympathy can't make worse...
    Brady B
    Kjelle: Wait. You're back here asking me to train you AGAIN?
    Brady: I'll ask as many times as it takes! Please, Kjelle! Ya just gotta!
    Kjelle: Doesn't matter how many times you ask. My answer isn't changing.
    Brady: Come on, Kjelle! I'm beggin' ya! I could be somebody! I could be a 
    Kjelle: Look, it's nothing personal. I'm just very aware of how harsh I am 
    when it comes to training. I don't want your puny healer's blood on my hands.
    Brady: I can take it! Whatever it is, I'll do it. Ya just gotta believe me!
    Kjelle: That totally unfounded bravado of yours is oddly charming, but it's 
    going to kill you. There are times when the spirit is willing, but the flesh 
    is floppy and hopeless.
    Brady: Says who? I ain't hopeless! You said yourself that any chump can get 
    there if they stick to it! I'm ready to sweat for it! I'm ASKING to sweat for 
    it! Come on, Kjelle. I'm beggin' here.
    Kjelle: What's with this fixation on toughening up all of a sudden? Is it 
    really just a confidence thing?
    Brady: I told ya, I wanna finally stop doubting myself all the time. I want 
    to feel like I'm helping you cats out there in the field!
    Kjelle: You do know that you can train on your own, too, right? You don't 
    need my help... ...Oh, fine. I give up. I'll do it.
    Brady: Ya will?
    Kjelle: The only bigger waste of my time than training you is listening to 
    you beg. As long as you don't mind me continuing my own training while you do 
    yours, I'm game.
    Brady: That's a dilly of a deal!
    Kjelle: BUT! If we do this, we do it my way. I'm going to rebuild you from 
    scratch. ...And it's going to hurt. A lot. Are you sure you're up for it?
    Brady: You got it, Kjelle! I'll give them exercises what for!
    Brady A
    Kjelle: We begin today. Are you ready?
    Brady: Just tell me what to do and its done!
    Kjelle: First, run over to there and back.
    Brady: Er, over... where? Ain't nothin' but open field from here to the 
    Kjelle: Yes, I know. I want you to run until you reach the horizon.
    Brady: Er, wait. Don't the horizon move around depending on where ya stand?
    Kjelle: Look, just run until you can't see me anymore, all right? And if I 
    can see you when you turn around, you have to start over!
    Brady: Clear day like today, I can see halfway to forever! You expect me to 
    run that?!
    Kjelle: We can't start the fun stuff until you've built up some endurance. 
    All right, off you go. Five laps.
    Brady: ...This dame's crazy! It'll be dark before I'm done!
    Kjelle: I heard that! ...And no one's forcing you. If you don't like it, 
    Brady: Fine! I'm goin', I'm goin,!
    (Time passes)
    Brady: *Pant* *huff* I... I lost my lunch about a dozen times, but I did it!
    Kjelle: Good. Next we'll have you do squats while carrying one of those 
    Brady: *Huff* *pant* Ya mean this thing? It weighs more than I do! And don't 
    I get a break first?
    Kjelle: Winded already? This is still just the warm-up.
    Brady: Ya gotta be kiddin'! I'm dying here!
    Kjelle: Then quit.
    Brady: Rrrgh, no. I'm fine! Great! I could do this all day, dammit!
    Kjelle: Better. For today, just do a thousand reps. We'll raise that by a 
    hundred a day.
    Brady: I... I don't even know what to cry about anymore... It's all just... I 
    don't even...
    (Time passes)
    Brady: Oooooone... thousand! I... did it... I'm... finally done... Now... I 
    can... die in peace...
    Kjelle: How many deaths does that make today? Honestly, where do you find the 
    time? Next is push-ups. One thousand....While holding the sandbag.
    Brady: What does that even mean?!
    Brady S
    Brady: *Gasp* *pant*...D-dying... I'm dying!
    Kjelle: Did I say you could stop? Every time you say you're dying, I'm adding 
    a hundred squats. That's eight hundred for today... So far.
    Brady: Kjelle... Please... Just ten- no, five minutes! If I don't take a 
    break, I'm gonna cease to be alive in a very literal sense!
    Kjelle: ...Five minutes.
    Brady: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Kjelle: And this is still just endurance training! I'd say combat training's 
    a long ways off.
    Brady: H-hey, hold on! Look, I may not be the quickest cat around, but ya 
    can't just back out on me!
    Kjelle: Who said anything about backing out? I'm in this for the long haul. 
    Even if you try to change your mind.
    Brady: ...You're a sadist.
    Kjelle: An impressed sadist, though. To tell you the truth, I didn't think 
    you'd stick it out. And seeing you vomit like that makes me want to train all 
    the harder.
    Brady: ...Dammit.
    Kjelle: Huh?
    Brady: How am I ever supposed to get stronger than you if you keep upping 
    your pace? How am I ever supposed to make ya love me if I can't.... Um.... 
    Kjelle: I beg your pardon?
    Brady: Look, it's obvious you'd never go for some string bean what's weaker 
    than you. But just gimme time! I'll turn into someone who can match ya yet!
    Kjelle: ......
    Brady: Aaaah, for the love'a clams, tell me it ain't too late to take all 
    that back! I ain't gonna open my big yapper again, I swear! So please just 
    forget what I said.
    Kjelle: You think I didn't know?
    Brady: What?! Since when?
    Kjelle: People don't work as hard as you did for no reason. For all your 
    whining, you always did what I told you, and you never missed a day. Add in 
    the fact that you insisted I be the one to train you, and it's pretty 
    Brady: Dammit, I'm so stupid! Way to go there, Brady! Muckin' up the works as 
    Kjelle: Oh, I don't know. I think it's charming.... And you're right.
    Brady: I am? Wait, about what?
    Kjelle: That you don't exactly qualify as you are right now. But you've got 
    talent and guts and time... And an excellent coach. I said I'd rebuild you 
    from scratch, right? May as well make you into my perfect man! And then, on 
    the day you best me, we'll become the world's strongest couple!
    Brady: Heh, all right! I can dig a challenge like that!
    Kjelle: Good! By the way, your five minutes are up. Get back to work!
    Brady: Hey, that don't count! We was talkin', not restin'!
    2. Yarne C
    Yarne: Gah! Kjelle, I didn't expect to run into you here!
    Kjelle: Is that a problem?
    Yarne: What? N-no! Of course not, I just...
    Kjelle: Worried I heard you ran from battle again like a craven dastard? 
    ...Because I have.
    Yarne: What? I don't remember doing that...
    Kjelle: Sure, play dumb!
    Yarne: I'm not playing anything! When I'm in the middle of all that... war, I 
    kind of panic. My memory's all hazy.
    Kjelle: Isn't that convenient?
    Yarne: No, I'm just... This isn't...
    Kjelle: Uh huh. And you can't so much as set foot on a battlefield without 
    blacking out. I'd love to see you in my training armor. I bet you couldn't 
    take a single step.
    Yarne: Er, is training armor different from your usual set?
    Kjelle: A bit. It's a custom job.
    Yarne: Well, whatever is different, it sure looks sturdy. Must work wonders 
    for you!
    Kjelle: ...Don't tell me you actually want to try it on.
    Yarne: Well, sure! If it helped you get that strong, of course I'm 
    Kjelle: .....
    Yarne: So... can I? I bet if I had the right armor and knew I was protected, 
    I'd be less scared in combat.
    Kjelle: ...Forget it. If I had the free time to spend babysitting you, I'd 
    spend it training.
    Yarne: Aw, come on! Please? You're the one who brought it up in the first 
    Kjelle: Yes, but... Ugh, fine.
    Yarne: I can?! Yesss!
    Kjelle: I'll bring it by later.
    Yarne: Thanks, Kjelle!
    Yarne B
    Yarne: Um, Kjelle?
    Kjelle: What?
    Yarne: Is it, uh... Is it supposed to be this heavy?
    Kjelle: It's solid steel lined with lead weights. ...What do you think?
    Yarne: It's impossible to move in this stuff! Don't you have anything 
    Kjelle: If it weren't heavy, there'd be no point. Hence the "training armor" 
    part. Start here, and we'll add more weight as you go.
    Yarne: Hnnnnnngh! ...I'm not "going" anywhere. I can't even walk! I know 
    thick armor means good protection, but I'm a sitting duck here! This is 
    Kjelle: So you're giving up. Not ten minutes later, you're surrendering like 
    a coward. Gods, YOU'RE the one who asked for this. It's like all you're 
    capable of is complaining!
    Yarne: But I didn't mean to... I'm sorry.
    Kjelle: Nobody's sending you into battle in that. I told you it was for 
    training, didn't I? You get used to fighting in that first, then you wear 
    normal armor in actual combat. Sudden;y, you feel light as a feather! I 
    imagine it would help you keep calm, too.
    Yarne: I guess?
    Kjelle: But as soon as something requires effort, you quit. Do you have any 
    guts at all?
    Yarne: ...You're right. And I'm sorry. I'll work on getting used to the 
    Kjelle: Pffft! What, for another ten minutes? ...Whatever. Let's get started. 
    Drop and give me a hundred!
    Yarne: A hundred?! Kjelle, I can't even do that without armor on! And what 
    are you, my trainer now?!
    Kjelle: You need one. You're far too easy on yourself. What were you planning 
    to do? Stand there? Maybe walk in place?
    Yarne: Urk...
    Kjelle: Trust me. I know a thing or three about training. You'll be 
    statuesque in no time.
    Yarne: Yeah, one of those statues where the arms fell off! I'm telling you, I 
    can't do this!
    Kjelle: Then give back my armor. And don't ever ask me for a favor again.
    Yarne: ...F-fine. You don't have to get all scary. I still don't think I can 
    do a hundred, but I'll try if it makes you stop glaring at me. One... Two... 
    Th-threeeee... F-f-fooooooooour... Whew... Er, can we take a break?
    Kjelle: Yarne...
    Yarne: Yeah, this may work for you, but it's too much for mere mortals like 
    Kjelle: What?
    Yarne: I'm tapped out here. See you later.
    Kjelle: What? Yarne! Get back here!
    (Yarne leaves)
    Kjelle: Five minutes, thirty one seconds... That's a new personal best.
    Yarne A
    Kjelle: Care to explain your performance in the last battle, Yarne?
    Yarne: Er... Hi, Kjelle.
    Kjelle: The minute I showed up to help, you ran off! Thanks a lot for the 
    teamwork. ...Craven.
    Yarne: It's not that I was scared! But my arm...
    Kjelle: What, the old runner's arm acting up? Did you hit your craven bone?
    Yarne: ...Look, all's well that ends well, right? We won, and that's all that 
    Kjelle: No, "we" didn't. Me and the others who stuck around to fight won. 
    Honestly, I expected more from you. ...But no. You're hopeless.
    Yarne: .....
    Kjelle: What, nothing to say? No glib excuse? And why are you clutching your 
    shoulder like that?
    Yarne: What? No, I'm not...
    Kjelle: It's obvoiusly not a battle wound. Did you trip while you were 
    fleeing? Maybe you ran into something because your eyes were filled with 
    Yarne: No, that's not... After I left the other day, I went back and put your 
    armor back on. After everything you said, I just couldn't back down. ...Even 
    I have some pride. I got to about fifty push-ups before my arm gave out 
    Kjelle: ...Is that why you ran? You were fighting with an injured arm until I 
    got there?
    Yarne: I would have stayed, but I was afraid I'd only be in your way like 
    this. Better to drop back to the rear and let you handle it, I figured...
    Kjelle: You should have said something!
    Yarne: No, it was my own damn fault. Classic Yarne, though. Huh? I finally 
    decide to train to get stronger, and I wind up injured and even more useless. 
    Do you think maybe for our next session you could teach me how not to repeat 
    Kjelle: What?
    Yarne: Like you say, you're an expert. I bet you know how to avoid sprains 
    and injuries. If I'm ever going to get stronger and gain a little confidence, 
    I'll need your help.
    Kjelle: ...If you're committed, and I mean really committed, then I'll be 
    happy to help. We'll start as soon as that arm is better, so gird your loins!
    Yarne: R-right! I'll... get right on that.
    Yarne S
    Yarne: Ugh, I'm so pathetic! Stupid legs- why won't you listen to me?! And 
    YOU, arms...
    Kjelle: Am I... interrupting something?
    Yarne: Oh, it's useless. I mean, I really appreciate all your help, but it's 
    useless. I've been training my hardest to build up confidence, but combat 
    still terrifies me.
    ...And when the time comes to fight, my legs start to shake. Guess you can't 
    train your guts. I'm just not brave like everyone else...
    Kjelle: I think you might have the wrong idea here. There isn't a person 
    alive who doesn't shake when marching into combat. People are trying to kill 
    you, Yarne. Any sane person would be afraid.
    Yarne: What, even you?
    Kjelle: Of course! We're all fighting two wars: One against the foe. One 
    against our fear. We've got to win both if we want to live. There's nothing 
    pathetic about it. Heck, the opposite, really. Admitting your fears and 
    struggling against them takes guts. ...You should be proud.
    Yarne: Really?
    Kjelle: That's what bravery is, Yarne-the drive to be strong, even when you 
    know you're weak. ...I'm sorry for being so harsh on you this whole time. I 
    may have misjudged you.
    Yarne: What? No, you were right.
    Kjelle: And as long as we're being forthright, there's one other thing I have 
    to say.
    Yarne: Oh? Let's hear it.
    Kjelle: I think I may have... grown fond of you.
    Yarne: Wh-wh-what?! Me?! How? Why?! And since when?! You haven't exactly been 
    whispering sweet nothings into my ear here.
    Kjelle: Hey, I apologized, didn't I? ...And I really did think you were 
    pathetic at first. But since then, I've seen how dedicated you are to getting 
    better. It's kinda... dreamy. ...What, is that a problem?
    Yarne: N-no, it's just... It's really sweet of you to say that, Kjelle. Thank 
    Kjelle: Come on, don't leave me hanging here...
    Yarne: Oh, sorry! The feeling's mutual! ...I figured you knew that. The only 
    reason I kept training was because I didn't want you to lose all respect for 
    me. I may not be the hero type, but I at least want to look good around the 
    girl I like.
    Kjelle: Then I guess we'd better get back to it, huh? Gimme fifty laps around 
    camp! ...Think of this as payback for making me say all that mushy garbage.
    Yarne: What?! G-go easy on me! Er, dear? Sweetheart?! Honey lumps?
    Kjelle: In your dreams! I'm going to train you into the ground till you're a 
    fuzzy juggernaut!
    Yarne: Eeeek! Y-yes, ma'am!
    2. Inigo C
    Kjelle: Hya! Grah! Hiyaaah!
    Inigo: How goes the training, Kjelle? Your form is as lovely as ever. ...If 
    you know what I mean.
    Kjelle: *Huff, huff...* What do you want, Inigo?
    Inigo: You could use a break from training. What say you and me go have some 
    Kjelle: I'm afraid to ask what your idea of fun entails.
    Inigo: Madam, you wound me! A chaste cup of tea was all I had in mind. 
    Perhaps some cake. Eating sweets is a proven pick-me-up, and you owe it to 
    your exhausted body!
    Kjelle: Pass. Now if you're done talking, I have a training regimen to get 
    back to.
    ...As should you.
    Inigo: Ouch! That hurts. All work and no play makes Kjelle a dull... um... 
    Kjelle. If you don't blow off steam every once in a while, you'll explode!
    Kjelle: Training isn't stressful. It's fun. ...Listening to you is stressful.
    Inigo: Oh, come on! It'll be a blast! I'll even let you pick out the cake. My 
    favorite is lemon with chocolate frosting, but you can get-
    Kjelle: Go. Away. Now.
    Inigo: Fine. Fiiiiiine! I'll just go eat cake by myself, then. But I'll be 
    back tomorrow! Just you wait!
    Kjelle: ...I wonder if Chrom would mind if I stabbed him?
    Inigo B
    Inigo: Heeey, Kjelle! Ready to go? I've got the whole day planned!
    Kjelle: My day is already planned. I'm training. Now go away.
    Inigo: Sorry, no can do! Persistence is my greatest strength, you know.
    Kjelle: It's pronounced "tragic flaw."
    Inigo: Ah ha! I see your wit is as sharp as a tack!
    Kjelle: That wasn't a joke.
    Inigo: One day, my sweet, my ceaseless dedication will win you over.
    Kjelle: ...You really are unbelievable.
    Inigo: Are you all right? You look tired. Can I get you something? Perhaps a 
    slice of cherry cake with those little frosting flowers would-
    Kjelle: Oh, for the love of- FINE! Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. I'll 
    go out with you on one condition.
    Inigo: Ooh, progress! ...What's the condition?
    Kjelle: You have to fight me for it. Land one blow past my guard, and you can 
    take me to whatever cake shop you like. I'll even let you pick the weapon.
    Inigo: Er... Um... Right. But you see, that's not really... fair. You're the 
    strongest person I know... And that's including Chrom!
    Kjelle: Okay, then. Get lost.
    Inigo: N-no, wait! I'll do it! I'll fight you! I told you that persistence is 
    my greatest strength! Although right now I wish strength was my greatest 
    strength... Anyway, the sword was my first love, so let us do battle with 
    Kjelle: Sure. It's your funeral.
    Inigo: *Gulp!* I mean... um... Ha ha! Don't be surprised when I dance circles 
    around you!
    Kjelle: Anytime, twinkle toes. I've been waiting for a chance to pound you 
    into dust. This is going to be fun. Heh. Heh heh heh. Ha ha! AAAH HA HA HA!
    Inigo: Eep! Kjelle, I d-didn't know you had an evil side! W-well, at least 
    you seem to be enjoying yourself for a change... Ha ha... ha?
    Inigo A
    Inigo: I hope you're ready, Kjelle! Today's the day. I can feel it!
    Kjelle: What, again? How many times does this make?
    Inigo: To be honest, I've lost track. ...Ten? A dozen, maybe?
    Kjelle: I stopped counting at thirty. A normal person would have given up by 
    Inigo: Aw, thanks, Kjelle!
    Kjelle: That wasn't a compliment! Why are you still here? What motivation 
    could possibly drive you this far? It's truly baffling. And a little scary.
    Inigo: I want to go out with you! That's all. I think it'd be fun. I know I'd 
    have fun and I want you to have fun, too. Maybe you'd even smile once in a 
    Kjelle: ...That's it?
    Inigo: Isn't that what I said from the beginning? What other reason would 
    there be?
    Kjelle: Avenging your pride? Honing your skills? Dementia?! There must be 
    SOMETHING! No one would suffer this many thrashings for a date!
    Inigo: Um... I don't know what else to say. I guess a date with you is worth 
    a few bruises. Besides, you always have a huge grin on your face when we're 
    fighting. So it's kind of like we're on a date already! ...Except for the 
    Kjelle: Ugh. Forget I asked.
    Inigo: Already forgotten! Now let's get down to business. ...En garde!
    Kjelle: You're on, lover boy.
    Inigo S
    Kjelle: .....
    Inigo: What's wrong? You look so serious.
    Kjelle: No, I was just... thinking.
    Inigo: You sure? You're not getting sick are you? Maybe we should put off 
    today's match.
    Kjelle: No, I'm fine. Really. And we don't need to fight a match today. 
    ...You already got me.
    Inigo: I'm confused. Because last time we fought, you almost broke my face.
    Kjelle: No, Inigo. You broke something. ...The wall around my heart.
    Inigo: I think I'd remember that. I pay pretty close attention to your... 
    heart... area.
    Kjelle: Gods, you're an idiot. It's a metaphor! It means your stupid 
    persistence finally won out. And even though your sword didn't touch me, I 
    count this as a win for you. So go on. You pick the spot and let's have some 
    Inigo: You mean it?! Really?! Oh, wow, Kjelle, you will NOT regret this!
    Kjelle: None of this makes any sense. I mean, it never did. You're such a 
    huge flirt, I figured you'd take off when I shot you down. I even hit you in 
    the face with a sword, but you just got up and kept trying. I guess in the 
    end I found it kind of... charming.
    Inigo: Now that you've learned that resistance is futile, can I ask one more 
    Kjelle: Sure, why not?
    Inigo: I, uh... I don't actually want just one date...
    Kjelle: Well, aren't we confident!
    Inigo: The more we fought, the more it became clear to me... I... I can't get 
    enough of you! I want to spend every single day with you!
    Kjelle: Every single... day?
    Inigo: Well, you know. There might be the odd overseas mission or something. 
    But otherwise, yes! Every single day! So... what do you think?
    Kjelle: Have you been plotting this the whole time?
    Inigo: You said it yourself- that's a lot of beatings to suffer for just one 
    Kjelle: I don't understand. Why me?
    Inigo: I think it's your smile, honestly. After watching you grin like a 
    maniac every time we fought, something just clicked. Now, this could be the 
    head trauma talking. I won't rule it out. But I so enjoyed our time together 
    and I... I think I love you.
    Kjelle: Oh, wow... Um... I think... I mean, I might also...
    Inigo: Yes?
    Kjelle: Look, I'm not too good with... words. Let's just sat I'm very happy 
    right now. We've got a long life of fun and cake and head trauma ahead of us. 
    Besides, if I turned you down, you'd never stop bothering me anyway.
    Inigo: Hah! Guilty as charged! I'm a lucky man, Kjelle. And I swear to 
    protect you for as long as I live.
    Kjelle: Your brain damage is worse than I though. How about you just stay 
    behind me? I'll make sure you get through this war in one piece
    2. Gerome C
    Kjelle: ...Good. I think that's enough lance practice for today. It will be 
    difficult, but I shall master every weapon in our arsenal. Only then will I 
    be the best and most powerful fighter on the battlefield!
    Gerome: ...Ahem.
    Kjelle: Are you spying on my practice sessions? Because I find that thought 
    Gerome: I just happened to notice you as I was passing by. That's all.
    Kjelle: Then keep passing by until I can't see you anymore!
    Gerome: All right.
    Kjelle: Ta-ta, then.
    Gerome: ...Oh, there's just one thing I wanted to say.
    Kjelle: What is it?
    Gerome: When thrusting with the lance, you should push with your leg and 
    stomach muscles. You used only your arms just now. Such technique will betray 
    you in battle.
    Kjelle: L-look, I was... That is to say... I was just about to fix that! 
    ...And you were spying on me, weren't you?
    Gerome: I'll leave you to it, then.
    Kjelle: Oh, that man is insufferable!
    Gerome B
    Gerome: Hello, Kjelle. More weapon work today?
    Kjelle: I must be ever vigilant with my training and fitness. A soldier must 
    always be in top condition if she is to survive the rigors of war.
    Gerome: ......
    Kjelle: Gods, those meaningful silences of yours are very annoying. 
    ...Anyway, what do you think of my lance work? I fixed that problem you 
    Gerome: Much better. You now place your whole body behind the thrust.
    Kjelle: See? I told you I would fix it. In fact, just before you---
    Gerome: However, your footwork is lacking.
    Kjelle: What's wrong with it?
    Gerome: You're throwing too much weight into the thrust and becoming 
    unbalanced. It's a common enough mistake. More practice should fix the 
    Kjelle: Grr...
    Gerome: You sound displeased.
    Kjelle: It's all right for you, isn't it?!
    Gerome: I'm not following.
    Kjelle: No matter how hard I train or how much I practice and train, I'll 
    never beat you!
    Gerome: I wasn't aware that was a consideration.
    Kjelle: Don't play dumb! You look down on me because I'm a woman, don't you? 
    The fact that I'll never be as good as you justifies the prehudice in your 
    own mind!
    Gerome: Don't be absurd. I'm just offering advice.
    Kjelle: Well, I need to get back to my practice, so advise someone else!
    Gerome: As you wish. Keep up the training.
    Kjelle: Arrrgh! I don't need you to tell me that, you patronizing know-it-
    all! ...That does it. Next time, I'm going to be perfect just to shut you up!
    Gerome A
    Kjelle: Hello, Gerome.
    Gerome: Oh, hello. I was just passing by randomly and thought--- Oh, are you 
    training? Forgive me.
    Kjelle: Liar! I saw you skulking in the shadows. You were trying to spy on me 
    Gerome: ...It's true.
    Kjelle: It is?!
    Gerome: I know I shouldn't, but I was curious.I had to see how you were 
    progressing since our last conversation.
    Kjelle: Well, to be honest, I did want to show you something... 
    Hiyaaah! What do you think? Not bad, eh?
    Gerome: Flawless. I would change nothing.
    Kjelle: Yes! You finally admitted I can do something right!
    Gerome: ...I'm surprised you're so thrilled to gain my approval. Aren't you 
    putting too much stock in one man's opinion?
    Kjelle: When we were children, I decided that you would be my eternal 
    rival... And I've been playing catch-up ever since! I've never been able to 
    do anything that was good enough for you... until today! THAT is why I'm 
    Gerome: In that case, it appears I have been negligent.
    Kjelle: What do you mean?
    Gerome: If I am your rival, then I must begin training with renewed intent. 
    If you will excuse me...
    Kjelle: I knew picking you as a rival was the right decision! Of course, now 
    that I've inspired you to train more, I have to do the same.
    Gerome: I would expect no less from my rival. Best of luck to you.
    Kjelle: And to you!
    Gerome S
    Gerome: Hah! Kiya! Aaaaaand, YAAAH! ...Yes. That felt right.
    Kjelle: Looks like someone's hard work is paying off.
    Gerome: Kjelle! ...I didn't know you were there.
    Kjelle: Hah, not such a pleasant feeling being spied upon, is it?
    Gerome: Oh, I don't mind. ...If it's just for a while. So, what did you 
    think? See anything that needs work?
    Kjelle: You were flawless as ever, damn you! I thought I was closing the gap, 
    but I've clearly got a long way to go.
    Gerome: ...Good. I feared that I was no longer worthy to be your champion.
    Kjelle: Er, that's "rival." Not "champion."
    Gerome: How could I claim to be protecting you, if you were the stronger of 
    It would be nonsense.
    Kjelle: I really think you misunderstand the purpose of a rival.
    Gerome: It was you who drove me to hone my martial skills with such single-
    minded dedication. If I neglected my training, even briefly, you would end up 
    having to protect me. And I... could not allow that.
    Kjelle: Now hold on a damn minute, is it because I'm a---
    Gerome: When it comes to skill with weapons, I will never allow you to best 
    For I have swore an oath... to protect you for as long as I humanly can.
    Kjelle: Oh, Gerome... That is... That is... Completely unacceptable!
    Gerome: What?
    Kjelle: Did you ever consider that maybe I want to protect you? Or that I 
    also swore an oath? That the reason I train so hard is so I might one day 
    keep you safe from harm?! ...Look. Maybe we can do it together. Train? Grow 
    strong? Then we'll both be powerful enough to protect each other. Would that 
    be so bad?
    Gerome: ...Mmmm... I could accept this arrangement.
    Kjelle: Then it's time to start training for real!
    Gerome: ...Oh. I'll leave you to it then.
    Kjelle: ...I mean together, Gerome! We train together!
    Gerome: Ah. Right! Of course! Suppose I'll just... join you then?
    3. Owain C
    Owain: Ho! Cynthia!
    Cynthia: Oh, hi! Did you need something, Owain?
    Owain: Nothing so grand. I just hadn't seen you for a while. I miss my 
    Justice Cabal companion!
    Cynthia: Ha! I remember when we used to play Justice Cabal as kids! Remember 
    how I always played at being Beano the Barbarian Queen? Hee hee!
    Owain: Ha ha! I never did understand where you got that name! Good times... 
    So, uh, what're you up to now?
    Cynthia: That's classified information, mister.
    Owain: Aw, come on. You can tell me. I'm in the Justice Cabal!
    Cynthia: Okay, fine. But this is just between us! So I'm trying to plan a 
    dramatic entrance for our next battle.  Something... heroic.
    Owain: Well, if you're going to be a hero, there's only one real option... 
    Wait until your friends are on the brink of defeat, then show up and smite 
    the enemy! There's nothing more heroic than a big comeback.
    Cynthia: That's terrible! I can't do that!
    Owain: Why not? A hero always shows up at the last minute. It's in the job 
    Cynthia: No, it's not! A real hero is there the whole time, tirelessly 
    defending her allies!
    Owain: Noooo, I'm pretty sure a hero has to show up and save everyone at the 
    very end. ...Huh. Weird. We always agreed on this kind of stuff before.
    Cynthia: Maybe that's what happens when you grow up?
    Owain B
    Cynthia: Hey, Owain. Do you remember what we talked about before?
    Owain: The perfect heroic entrance? Sure!
    Cynthia: Well, I've been thinking about what you said, and it still feels 
    wrong. You want me to wait and appear at the end, but what if someone needs 
    Cynthia: What if they get hurt? Or... worse?
    Owain: That's the whole point! You come swooping in just before anyone gets 
    Cynthia: But what if you're too late?
    Owain: Just don't let it happen. Situational analysis is a basic part of 
    Cynthia: Mmm, it's still a risk. I think I'd rather just be there from the 
    Owain: Yeah, but you know what? Even if the worst DOES happen, I'd still be 
    heroic! I'd slowly walk up to the crumpled body of my comrade...  I'd stoop 
    low and gently brush their bloody and matted hair from their face... And I'd 
    Cynthia: Yes? Yes?
    Owain: BY THE GODS, I SHALL AVENGE YOU! And then, clutching their lifeless 
    form tight, I'd burst into flames!
    Cynthia: You'd what?!
    Owain: I become death incarnate! Friend and foe alike fall before my rampage!
    Driven mad by grief, I am an unstoppable engine of blood rage and 
    Cynthia: Geez, Owain! Have you gone batty?! And a hero should protect people, 
    not go on crazy rampages!
    Owain: By the time I regain my senses, it is already too late... A ravaged 
    land stretches before me, its soil stained red with blood. I stand in 
    silence, alone, with only the horror of my thoughts for company...
    Cynthia: Owain? Hey, Owain! Snap out of it!
    Owain A
    Owain: So! You wanna hear how the story ends?
    Cynthia: You mean the one where you go crazy with grief and kill everyone? 
    I'm not sure I wanna hear how that one ends, honestly...
    Owain: It's not going crazy! ...It's me entering Avenger Mode. AAAAAANYWAY... 
    I continue to be wracked with guilt and rage over my actions! I fall into 
    Avenger Mode again and again, always regretting it, but powerless to resist. 
    The stench of blood never leaves my crimson-stained hands.
    Cynthia: You know, I've been meaning to tell you there's nothing heroic about 
    this story.
    Owain: But then a heroine appears to stop my tortured onslaught! It's... 
    Cynthia! Cue the harps and bells!
    Cynthia: Hey! I want no part of this!
    Owain: The strong but fair Cynthia will stop at nothing to end my mad reign 
    of terror! And end it she does, though she pays the ultimate price...
    Cynthia: Wait--I DIE?!
    Owain: Your selfless sacrifice teaches me to quell my rage and control 
    Avenger Mode. With that lesson forever in my heart, I become an inexorable 
    force for justice. ...And that's the origin of Owain Dark, Avenging Avenger 
    of Justice!
    Cynthia: Wait a second! Go back to the part where you kill me!
    Owain: Ah ha ha! Sorry, Cynthia. I got carried away by my own awesomeness!
    Man... maybe I should write novels. You know, once the war is over.
    Cynthia: Just make sure I stay alive long enough to read them, all right?
    Owain S*
    Owain: Hey, Cynthia?
    Cynthia: Hey, Owain. You need something?
    Owain: Remember when we were talking about what makes a hero?
    Cynthia: Sure. You become the Dark Justice Avenger or whatever, and I take a 
    dirt nap.
    Owain: No, not that. I mean when we were talking about making a heroic 
    Cynthia: Yeah, what about it?
    Owain: Did you ever come up with anything yourself?
    Cynthia: I'm going to charge headlong into the fray while shouting something 
    awesome! Like, "Mine is the blade that shall cleave the dark in twain!" Or... 
    you know. Something.
    Owain: Nice! I'm thinking now I'll do the same! But maybe say something 
    "I am peaceful by nature, but all who threaten my friends will know pain!" 
    You know. Just to keep with the whole Avenging Avenger angle.
    Cynthia: Wait, hold on. You'd do the same thing? You'd charge headlong into 
    the fray?
    Owain: Well, the dialogue is a lot different, but yeah. I'm going to charge 
    Cynthia: ...Really? What changed your mind?
    Owain: I've been thinking about this a lot since you brought it up, you know? 
    I mean, why did we dream about becoming heroes in the first place?
    Cynthia: Probably because we heard all the stories about our parents.
    Owain: Right! And now that I'm here, I have a chance to keep them safe. I 
    can't do that if I hang back and wait, so I'm going to follow your lead.  
    ...Heh. It was still fun coming up with that story, though.
    Cynthia: I know. It reminded me of when we were kids. I miss those days.
    Owain: Yeah, me too... Say, Cynthia? You know, maybe we could... Um, if you 
    wanted... I mean...
    Cynthia: Hmm?
    Owain: Do you want to get together, Cynthia?
    Cynthia: Huh? But we're already together!  ...... ...Oh. Oh! You mean 
    TOGETHER together!
    Owain: Well... yeah. I mean, I like you more than anyone I know and... I 
    think I always have.
    Cynthia: I don't know, Owain. I never... I never thought about it quite like 
    that. It wouldn't be boring, that's for sure.
    Owain: So is that a yes?
    Cynthia: ...Yeah! Let's do it! But one condition: no more sacrificing me in 
    your stories. Got it?
    Owain: By the mighty axe of Hector, I swear it will be so! We shall be 
    legends fit to rival even our parents!
    Cynthia: Legends or no, as long as we're together every step of the way!
    3. Laurent C
    Laurent: Cynthia? A word, please.
    Cynthia: What is it, Laurent? You look even grimmer than usual.
    Laurent: I wish to speak with you about today's training exercises.
    Cynthia: Here to tell me what a bang-up job I did? Yeah, I was pretty proud 
    Laurent: I came to inform you that you were drifting ahead of everyone during 
    the march.
    Cynthia: I wasn't drifting, I was executing the Twelve-Point Hero Spinner of 
    Doom! It's my new superpower move, so I was trying it out to make sure---
    Laurent: Please take due precaution to ensure you keep pace with the rest of 
    Cynthia: It's called initiative! Look it up sometime!
    Laurent: It makes you a prime target for snipers and also inconveniences the 
    entire army.
    Cynthia: I'm tougher than I look, you know? And I already look pretty tough.
    Laurent: Confidence is meaningless if it leads to wanton hubris. True 
    confidence must---
    Cynthia: Okay, okay! Just stop... saying stuff. I'll try to be more careful. 
    Laurent: ---account for many factors, including the spatial relationship of 
    units, as well as... Er, Cynthia? I wasn't done.
    Laurent B
    Cynthia: Ah... Another day's training done! ...Which means it's just about 
    time for Laurent to show up with his midday lecture. That guy just will NOT 
    let it go! Seriously!
    Laurent: Ah, good. Here you are.
    Cynthia: ...Oh. Yippee.
    Laurent: Do you have a moment, Cynthia? I'd like to inquire as to why you 
    continue to ignore my counsel.
    Cynthia: ...Yup. Riiight on time.
    Laurent: ...I'm sorry. I don't understand.
    Cynthia: I mean I've heard this dumb lecture a bazillion times and I'm tired 
    of it!
    Laurent: If truly you wish for me to desist, you need only to agree to my 
    reasonable requests. Caution and cooperation are paramount to any successful 
    military collective. The unit stays close so it can aid individual members 
    and better function as a whole. Thus are victories won. And even knowing 
    this, you still insist on outracing the vanguard and charging in. I'm 
    starting to fear this isn't a valid tactic, but instead a juvenile desire for 
    Cynthia: Is anything I'm doing really hurting anyone? No, it isn't! 
    Everyone's fine!
    ...And I've done nothing that isn't befitting a true hero.
    Laurent: This army needs soldiers. It does not need heroes. Such antics 
    disrupt the group dynamic and serve no use whatsoever on the battlefield.
    Cynthia: How dare you say I'm no use in battle!
    Laurent: That is not what I said.
    Cynthia: Yes, you did! You've been saying that this whole time!
    Laurent: If that is how you interpret my words, I will not attempt to 
    dissuade you.
    Cynthia: You won't? Why not?
    Laurent: Because I will do whatever it takes to make you stop acting like a 
    selfish child.
    Cynthia: Oh, that's it buster! That is IT! I've done a LOT more for this war 
    effort than you, Mr. Smarty-Pants! I don't have to take this!
    Laurent: Everything I'm saying is out of concern for your safety.
    Cynthia: And I'm saying that my safety is none of your stupid business! So 
    leave me alone!
    Laurent: Cynthia! Hold! So be it. If that is your wish, I am happy to comply.
    Laurent A
    Cynthia: ...... Aw, maybe I was a little too hard on him. Laurent's stubborn, 
    but he means well. ...Whoops! Forgot we were in the middle of a training 
    exercise. Time to focus!
    Laurent: C-Cynthia! Hey!
    Cynthia: ...Hey? I don't think I've ever heard Laurent say hey bef---
    Laurent: Watch out!
    Cynthia: Watch out for what---? Aaah! ...Huh? Geez, that was a hard fall. So 
    why didn't it hurt?
    Laurent: Nngh...
    Cynthia: Laurent?! Oh my gosh, I didn't see you there!
    Laurent: Apparently not... You were staring off into the distance when the 
    army began marching. You were nearly run over by a ballista.
    Cynthia: Ooh, I'm sorry! Are you all right? Can you stand?
    Laurent: I'm perfectly fi--- NNGH! ...Perhaps not.
    Cynthia: Don't force it! Wait right here--- I'll get a stretcher! Well? Feel 
    any better?
    Laurent: Some minor pain persists, but I am at least ambulatory once more. 
    The healing spell has done its work. Time will do for the aches.
    Cynthia: Oh, good... Look, I'm really super sorry. I wasn't paying attention.
    Laurent: It's all right.
    Cynthia: No, it's not all right! I've been a big dumb jerk, and you got hurt 
    because of it! I was too busy shouting about I was going to become a hero to 
    listen. If I'd followed your advice, you wouldn't be stuck here now.
    Laurent: I'm sorry as well, Cynthia. I know how important your aspirations 
    are to you. I ought not to have spoken so dismissively about them. I was 
    being stubborn.
    Cynthia: It's fine.
    Laurent: I suppose I'd grown desperate to make you listen. You're strong, and 
    brave, and many of the others look to you as a leader. You're too important 
    to be taking unnecessary risks, however minor. I spoke as I did because we 
    can't afford to lose you, Cynthia.
    Cynthia: Well, I promise to listen from now on. Double hero promise, in fact.
    Laurent: Perhaps I ought to have had you dislocate my hip sooner.
    Cynthia: I said I was sorry!
    Laurent S
    Cynthia: *Sigh*
    Laurent: Is something wrong, Cynthia? You seem enervated. You barely touched 
    your plate at dinner. Are you feeling unwell?
    Cynthia: Forget about me. How are you? Is your hip all right?
    Laurent: The pain is negligible now. It poses no onstacle to daily life or 
    Cynthia: I'm still really sorry...
    Laurent: I believe the numerous apologies I have already received made that 
    clear. I appreciated the flowers, by the way. Oh, and the singing telegram.
    Cynthia: Yeah, but still. You busted your hip because my big booty fell on 
    Laurent: Your posterior is not of such ample size that it shattered my bones, 
    Cynthia. And for my part, I was glad you fell atop me.
    Cynthia: What? Why?
    Laurent: Because it allowed me to be hurt in your place. Men of most cultures 
    enjoy some fantasy of saving the woman they love, yes? True, I'd hoped it to 
    take place in a combat setting, but this served the purp---
    Cynthia: Wait, what?! Back up a step!
    Laurent: Did you wish me to speak more about the cultural implications of---
    Cynthia: No! Back up to the part about the woman you... love.
    Laurent: Oh. I see. You did not realize that... Oh my. I thought it clear 
    that my persistence was born from concern for your well-being. If I was more 
    adamant than normal, it's because I care for you all the more.
    Cynthia: I... But then... Holy smokes. B-but I said all those horrible things 
    to you!
    Laurent: I accept those as the emotional outbursts that they were intended to 
    However, there is one favor I might ask of you in return...
    Cynthia: Wh-what?
    Laurent: I would ask you to take me as your husband.
    Cynthia: Laurent, you're a smart guy. Take one look at me and tell me what 
    you think.
    Laurent: Mmm... Fluttering eyelashes... Fingers twisting through hair... I 
    surmise that your answer is in the affirmative?
    Cynthia: YES! I love you!
    Laurent: Oh, happy day!
    3. Brady C
    Cynthia: Hmm... No, that can't be it...
    Brady: You all right there, Cynthia?
    Cynthia: Hmm? Oh! Yes, sorry, Brady. It's just that the strangest thing's 
    been happening lately.
    Brady: Oh yeah?
    Cynthia: Someone keeps coming to my aid in battle.
    Brady: That don't sound so strange. We all help each other out, yeah?
    Cynthia: Yes, but this is... different. If I'm hurt, a vulnerary will drop 
    out of the sky in front of me! Or an enemy will be thundering toward me and 
    get knocked off their horse by a rock!
    Brady: Y-yeah, that's... strange, all right. Never heard that one before...
    Cynthia: I know, right?! I'm going to track down whoever is doing it during 
    the next battle.
    Brady: No, don't! ........ I mean, uh, don't you think that's kind of 
    unnecessary? They're helping you, right? Maybe they just wanna be... I dunno? 
    All anonymous-like?
    Cynthia: Hmm... You're right in that many heroes prefer to operate in 
    Brady: Don't do it... Don't do it...
    Cynthia: Sorry, what? I can't quite make out what you're mumbling over there.
    Brady: Me? H-heck, I ain't sayin' nothin'! ....I'm just tired. ...That was a 
    yawn. 'Sides, how are you going to track down your hero with no clues? And 
    even if you find 'em, what then? You know what they say about gift horses.
    Cynthia: But I've always wanted to discover a hero's secret identity! Hmm... 
    Perhaps I can narrow it dow a bit... It has to be someone in camp, right?
    Brady: Oh, I dunno. Could be anyone, really. Either way, fretting over it 
    ain't gonna give you answers. You oughta just say boo to the whole thing and 
    be done with it.
    Brady B
    Brady: Heya, Cynthia.
    Cynthia: Oh. Hello.
    Brady: Something wrong? You're usually... louder.
    Cynthia: Remember what I told you before? About my secret protector?
    Brady: Er, someone's been helping you out in combat and whatnot, right?
    Cynthia: Well, ever since then, they've been awfully clever about covering 
    their tracks.
    Brady: Y-yeah? How do you mean?
    Cynthia: Well, they always show up just when I'm in danger, right? And I 
    figured that was the perfect time to catch a glimpse! So lately, whenever I 
    was in trouble, I started looking around wildly!
    Brady: That seems like a really terrible idea...
    Cynthia: So in the last battle, I look over my shoulder and see a huge wall 
    of smoke... And then, while I'm watching, a stone comes flying out and hits 
    my enemy! My protector is using smoke screens! That is SO COOL!
    Brady: Yeah, that's... That's wild. Ha ha...ha.
    Cynthia: It's like they're just hell-bent on remaining anonymous.
    Brady: Certainly sounds like it...
    Cynthia: But why the need for the secrecy if we're both fighting for the same 
    side? Honestly, the more they hide, the more I want to discover who it is!
    Brady: Like I said, as long as they're helpin', it don't really matter, 
    Cynthia: Of course it matters, silly. I need to know who to thank!
    Brady: But what if they ain't lookin' to be thanked?
    Cynthia: Every hero should be recognized for outstanding heroic deeds! That's 
    item four of the Justice Cabal code.
    Brady: I, uh... I ain't familiar with that one.
    Cynthia: All right then. Next time I see smoke, I'm going to charge right 
    into it!
    Brady: You got rocks in your head! What if it's just a fire?!
    Brady A
    Cynthia: Ooh, Brady!
    Brady: Wh-what? Didja find somethin' out?
    Cynthia: Yes! ...Wait, how did you know? And why do you look so suspicious?
    Brady: H-hey! I can't help it! I was born with this ugly mug, all right?
    Cynthia: Ha ha! Sorry, I didn't mean any offense.
    Brady: So, what did you find out?
    Cynthia: Oh, right! Remember my phantom helper out on the battlefield?
    Brady: The one with the smoke screen?
    Cynthia: It was Lissa!
    Brady: ..... Oh. Really?
    Cynthia: ...That's it? I thought you'd be shocked. I mean, she's not exactly 
    a likely suspect.
    Brady: No, I... I guess she's not.
    Cynthia: I asked her why, and she said it was because I'm a danger to myself! 
    Can you believe that? Talk about rude! And who is she to talk? She's so 
    spacey, she could outstare a statue!
    Brady: You're kind of a matched pair that way. Makes sense you'd help each 
    other out.
    Cynthia: Hey! Don't you start, too!
    Brady: Sorry! Sorry...
    Cynthia: Mostly I'm just glad the mystery is solved. It's been plaguing me 
    for ages!
    Brady: Er, but it's only been happening for a week or two at mo--
    Cynthia: Oh, shoot! I forgot I promised to help with the supply run! Gotta 
    dash! Bye!
    Brady: Er, see you later! ...Cynthia. And she thinks Lissa's the spacey one? 
    Oh man, that's fresh! ...Well, at least she bought the ruse. Looks like I owe 
    Lissa a dinner.
    Brady S
    Cynthia: Brady?
    Brady: What's wrong, Cynthia?
    Cynthia: I owe you an apology.
    Brady: What? Why?
    Cynthia: Lissa told me. ...The truth, I mean.
    Brady: ...She did what?! Th-then you--
    Cynthia: Know that it was really you helping me all those times? Yes, I know.
    Brady: I told her not to say anything! Why'd she have to open her big yap?!
    Cynthia: It's not her fault, really! I started quizzing her about all her 
    secret hero moves, and she just cracked.
    Brady: Ya see? She did open her yapper, then! Ooh, I'm gonna have me a few 
    wrods with that stool pigeon!
    Cynthia: Honestly, it's your fault for picking her. I mean, she's not exactly 
    the type to take secrets to the grave, is she?
    Brady: ...Yeah... maybe not.
    Cynthia: So I just want to know why, Brady. Why be my anonymous savior?
    Brady: Aw, horse pucky. I ain't nobody's savior. I just couldn't stand to 
    watch you chargin' around all reckless and stuff. You were bound to get hurt, 
    and I couldn't bear to see it. You're like a little sister to me, Cynthia. Ya 
    Cynthia: A sister? Oh, that's unfortunate. See, because... I don't think of 
    you as a brother.
    Brady: Um... Yeah, well, ya know what? Just forget I ever said--
    Cynthia: I was glad when I heard it was you. I like you, Brady... a lot. 
    Like... a lot a lot. Knowing that the man I like had been watching over me 
    made me... Well, it made me really happy.
    Brady: I'm sorry, Cynthia. I...
    Cynthia: No, I'M sorry! I didn't mean to... I dunno. Say all that, I guess.
    Brady: Ah, nuts, Cynthia! All that sister stuff was a bunch of hooey! I'm 
    crazy for ya. Always have been! That's why I shadowed ya. I mean, sure, I 
    wanted to keep you safe... But mostly I just wanted to be near ya, and I 
    didn't have the guts to say it.
    Cynthia: Oh, this is the best day ever! I get the real answer to the mystery, 
    PLUS the guy I like!
    Brady: Heh, it's a pretty good day for me, too.
    3. Yarne C
    Cynthia: Yarne! How's it going this fine- Hey, why the long face?
    Yarne: Have you come here to chew me out like everybody else?
    Cynthia: What? Why would I do that? And wait, why would THEY do that? What 
    did you do?
    Yarne: It's what I didn't do, which is fight. In case you didn't notice, I 
    spent most of the last battle running and hiding. They have every right to be 
    mad at me. Frankly, I'm surprised you aren't.
    Cynthia: What, is that all? Why would I be mad?
    Yarne: Huh? You mean... you're not?
    Cynthia: Come on, I'm not the type to hassle someone for something like that! 
    I walk the hero's path- I defend the weak by defeating the wicked! So I can't 
    very well get MAD at the weak, now can I? You're just fine as you are. 
    Besides, without cravens like you, I'd be out of a job!
    Yarne: H-hey! That's not... Oh, who am I kidding. Yes I am. Mostly, I'm just 
    surprised to hear you say I'm all right the way I am. You're the only one who 
    thinks so. So, yeah. Thanks.
    Cynthia: Aw, come on, buddy. Smile! As a hero, I'm not allowed to leave the 
    scene until you're wearing a grin.
    Yarne: R-right. I'll try.
    Yarne B
    Yarne: I still can't stop the trembling... Why does war have to be so scary?
    Cynthia: Hey, it's Yarne! Aww, are you down again? What happened this time?
    Yarne: Same as always... Whenever I stare down an enemy, my legs just lock up 
    on me. Heh heh... Pathetic, isn't it? I'm always shouting about how I'm the 
    last taguel, and how I can't afford to die, but... The reality is that I'm 
    just a big chicken. Bawk, bawk.
    Cynthia: Hey, combat can be scary even for the best of us! But if that's who 
    you are, just accept it! We weren't all born to be fighters.
    Yarne: But I WANT to fight! I'm tired of feeling so pathetic. Everyone else 
    is fighting with everything they've got, and I'm still turning tail.
    Cynthia: Well then, if you want it that bad, maybe you can work through the 
    Yarne: You think I haven't been trying to do that this whole time?
    Cynthia: Well, maybe you've been doing it wrong! I bet I know a way!
    Yarne: What is it?
    Cynthia: You should be a hero!
    Yarne: A... hero?
    Cynthia: Yeah! A hero just like me! I mean, I'm still training myself, but 
    you could join me! It'll be totally great!
    Yarne: Sounds like a tall order for a coward...
    Cynthia: Pffft! All you have to do is stand up to evil and help anyone who 
    needs helping. If you follow those two rules, anyone can become a hero!
    Yarne: Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy... The heroes you hear 
    bards sing about have fought in hundreds of epic battles.
    Cynthia: You've got at least a few under your belt already, and there's 
    plenty more to come. All you need is the will to act!
    Yarne: You really think I can be a hero? Just... poof? Just like that?
    Cynthia: If you believe it, ANYTHING is possible!
    Yarne: Well... a positive outlook and a goal certainly couldn't hurt... And 
    it's not like I could get any LESS brave...
    Cynthia: Great! Then from now on, you'll be my faithful ward! With enough 
    work, I might even promote you to sidekick!
    Yarne: Er, that sounds like... a deal?
    Yarne A
    Yarne: Ah, Cynthia!
    Cynthia: What's up, Yarne?
    Yarne: I just wanted to thank you.
    Cynthia: For what?
    Yarne: That talk about heroes.
    Cynthia: I should be thanking you! I always wanted a ward. How's it going, 
    Yarne: Well, I decided it was a little ambitious to just charge into battle 
    like a true hero. That's why I decided to start with baby steps.
    Cynthia: Explain yourself, ward!
    Yarne: I was in town the other day, and I saw this scrawny kid getting picked 
    on. I stopped the bullies from their deeds and gave them a stern talking to. 
    And they actually thanked me!
    Cynthia: ...Wait, who thanked you? The ne'er-do-wells?
    Yarne: Yeah! It was the strangest thing. They all said what I did was "really 
    great, man." I didn't know how to react... But I can see the appeal of doing 
    this sort of thing. The adulation is addictive!
    Cynthia: Ah ha ha ha! I bet you're already a full-fledged hero to those kids!
    Yarne: This must be how heroes are born... People decide to do what's right, 
    and then their actions trickle down to all. I know I'm still holding everyone 
    else back in combat, but I'm going to fix that! I want to be someone those 
    kids can look up to and admire!
    Cynthia: Ha ha! You have the right of it, ward! Just remember, as a hero it's 
    also your job to keep a smile on everyone's face.
    Yarne: Er, right! I'll... work on that part.
    Cynthia: Ha ha! Keep this up and I might let you borrow the Justice Wagon!
    Yarne S
    Cynthia: Hail, Bunny Boy!
    Yarne: Er, what?
    Cynthia: You haven't heard? That's what they're calling you!
    Yarne: People are calling me that? But people don't even know I exist!
    Cynthia: Well, all the kids in the town sure do! At first, I wasn't sure who 
    they were talking about. But when you think about it, there's only one guy 
    who fits that description.
    Yarne: You really think they mean me? I had no idea.
    Cynthia: My little ward's all grown up into a sidekick! I couldn't be more 
    proud! ...Even if you HAVE been upstaging me lately.
    Yarne: Um, I don't think-
    Cynthia: Then why don't I have a nickname yet? Huh? Every kid in town was 
    singing the praise of Bunny Boy, ally to all!
    Yarne: Ally to all, huh...? I... I am Yarne, avenger of the taguel and ally 
    to all! Have at you, demon! See if you're brave enough to face Bunny Boy! 
    ...Was that too goofy?
    Cynthia: Are you kidding? That was amazing! I got chills, Yarne! But that's 
    so unfair! I want a title! I want to give awesome entrance speeches, too!
    Yarne: I always thought they were silly, but it actually feels pretty good. 
    But this isn't about speeches or praise! It's about making a world safe for 
    Cynthia: Wow, you ARE getting good at this!
    Yarne: And I want... I want to be your hero, too, Cynthia! I want to fight 
    for the future together! I want to stay by your side!
    Cynthia: Er, you mean as a sidekick, right? Or is this...
    Yarne: Um, no. This would be... the other thing.
    Cynthia: Oh my gosh, that'd be even MORE amazing!
    Yarne: R-really? Then, you don't mind...?
    Cynthia: You're totally my hero right now!
    Yarne: I am? Yeeeeeesss!
    Cynthia: You can be my hero, and I'll be yours! And then together we'll be 
    everyone else's! We're going to become a legendary crime-fighting duo! ...But 
    wait, I'm gonna need a name.
    Yarne: Er, I don't think you quite understand the gravity of my propos-
    Cynthia: I've got it! I am Cynthia, the... the Pigtailed Pugilist! No, wait! 
    The Pigtailed PUNISHER!
    Yarne: Heh. Well, you wouldn't be you if you weren't a little up in the 
    clouds... Come, my faithful companion! Let's go serve up some hot justice 
    3. Inigo C
    Inigo: *Sigh*
    Cynthia: What's wrong, Inigo? No, wait! Lemme guess. You got shot down by 
    another pretty girl, huh?
    Inigo: Actually, she was GORGEOUS! And for such a beautiful young creature, 
    she certainly packed a mean left hook... I think I just need some time alone. 
    ...Well, that and some ice.
    Cynthia: With all the practice you get, you'd think you'd have better luck 
    hitting on women.
    Inigo: Ha ha, very funny. I'm throughly amused. You just wait. I know what 
    went wrong. I'll nail it next time for sure!
    Cynthia: That's the spirit! Buck up, little camper! You're no fun when you're 
    all mopey.
    Inigo: Someone's bound to pick up on my rugged charm and roguish good looks 
    eventually. I just have to hang in there until then.
    Cynthia: Now you're talkin'! Woooooo! (Talkn' a bunch of nonsense...)
    Inigo: Sorry, did you say something?
    Cynthia: Who, me? Not this girl, no sir-ee. Nuh-uh. Nothin'. Anyway, I'm glad 
    you're feeling better. You just stay there and practice smiling while I find 
    you some ice.
    Inigo B
    Inigo: Ugh, my ears are still ringing... I'll grant that the kick to the 
    shins was warranted, but she didn't have to yell!
    Cynthia: Wheeew! This is the heaviest batch yet! ...Oh, hey. Inigo. How goes 
    it? Any luck with the laaadies?
    Inigo: Does this look like the leg of a lucky man, Cynthia?
    Cynthia: Ouch. That's quite the bruise there. ...Well, we all have our off 
    days. Or our off... every days.
    Inigo: I don't need you to twist the knife! Just let me lick my wounds in 
    Cynthia: Aw, I'm sorry, Inigo! I didn't mean t like that, I promise.
    Inigo: Enough. Let's talk about you for a change. What's all that you're 
    Cynthia: Um... cake, mostly. I think? These girls in town just started giving 
    me gifts, but I haven't had time to look.
    Inigo: Girls? Cake? Gifts? Girls? Town? ...GIRLS?!
    Cynthia: It was so weird! I was just walking along when they started running 
    up to me! Kept wishing me luck and saying I was their idol or something. I 
    Inigo: Oh, right, sure. You dunno. Cakes and girls just fell out of the clear 
    Cynthia: Hee hee! Well, it does feel pretty good. I won't lie.
    Inigo: I guess I can see why girls like you. What with that dashing heroine 
    thing you've got going on.
    Cynthia: I guess? I'm not really sure.
    Inigo: All those girls... fawning over you... I'd give anything to have that 
    happen to me.
    Cynthia: Aw, don't get all weepy on me agian. You gotta knuckle down and man 
    up! Here, eat some cake. You'll feel better.
    Inigo: ...Mmmrph! Thanks, Cynthia. I still feel pathetic, but I appreciate 
    the sentiment.
    Cynthia: Yay! Now go get some suger in you and climb back up on that love 
    Inigo A
    Cynthia: Phew, I think this haul sets a new record! If I eat all this by 
    myself, I'll explode...
    Inigo: Hello, Cynthia.
    Cynthia: Ah, Inigo! Off to woo the ladies again?
    Inigo: On my way back, actually. ...Don't ask how it went. That's quite the 
    gift basket you've got. Accosted by another pack of feral fans?
    Cynthia: What can I say? They love me. You want some more cake?
    Inigo: I'm not really in the mood, thanks. ...Now, tell me. What's your 
    secret? How are you so irresistible to girls? I like to think I'm rather 
    charming, and my looks are nothing to sneeze at...
    Cynthia: Maybe they smell the desperation. Why does it matter so much to you?
    Inigo: What do you mean?
    Cynthia: I mean, why do you feel a need to flirt so much? Would it kill you 
    not to have a throng of screaming girls pining for you?
    Inigo: I don't- Hmm... It's not a... logical thing that draws me to the 
    ladies. It's more like instinct.
    Cynthia: Instince, huh? Well, I can't speak for other girls, Inigo, but I 
    find you pretty entertaining. You've been a good friend since we were young, 
    and I like you a lot. Plus I know you've got a good heart, despite all the... 
    leering. So that's gotta count for something!
    Inigo: I appreciate that, but-
    Cynthia: I'm not the only one, you know. Lots of folks here like you! So 
    maybe don't let a chicken walk on your lip every time a girl turns you down, 
    Inigo: Don't let a chicken...? No, you're right. Thank you. No more moping, I 
    Cynthia: Good! Now let's have that smile!
    Inigo: You always knew how to drag it out of me. And now I'm going to put it 
    to use! There's got to be a lonely beauty around here somewhere!
    Cynthia: Go get her, tiger!
    Inigo S
    Inigo: Hey, Cynthia. You, uh... You got a minute?
    Cynthia: You're all quiet. What's wrong? Are you sick or something?
    Inigo: Sorry, I just... I wanted to ask... You remember a little while ago, 
    when you said you liked me? You mean that you like me because we've been 
    friends since we were kids, right?
    Cynthia: Um, kind of, yeah. But I mean... Wait, what's this about?
    Inigo: I keep thinking about it. ...What you said, I mean. I think that... 
    Um... I think I'm in love with you, Cynthia. And not just flirty one-time 
    love. This is... real.
    Cynthia: ...What?!
    Inigo: I know it's probably impossible to take me seriously, given my record. 
    But I had to tell you anyway, because... I want to spend the rest of my life 
    with you. I want us to get old and gray together.
    Cynthia: .....
    Inigo: Heh... It's all right. I figured as much. Who could fall for the guy 
    who's always whining about striking out with other girls?
    Cynthia: Um... I could...
    Inigo: Yes, I understand. No hard- Wait, what?
    Cynthia: I've liked you since forever, Inigo. Ever since we were kids. And it 
    always tears me up to see you sad. That's why I always cheer you on with... 
    you know? Girls?
    Inigo: R-really?
    Cynthia: I mean, yeah, it made me super mad to watch you hit on every girl 
    but me... But me being mad is still better than you being sad. ...At least, I 
    think so.
    Inigo: Cynthia, I'm so sorry... I was such a fool! I had no idea I was doing 
    that to you this whole time. Oh, how could I not have seen it?!
    Cynthia: Hee hee! Then here's to the start of a new future togeter!
    Inigo: A future where the two of us are happy forever!
    Cynthia: A future where you don't talk to any girl but me!
    Inigo: No, of course... ...Not?
    Cynthia: Was there a question mark at the end of that sentence, Inigo?
    Inigo: Um... no?
    Cynthia: There! You just did it again! And why are you backing away from me?!
    Inigo: I, uh... Natural... self-preservation... reflex?
    Cynthia: Inigo! You get back here THIS INSTANT!
    Inigo: Sorry, my love! You'll always be number one! But there are so many 
    other lovely numbers out there!
    3. Gerome C
    Cynthia: Heya, Gerome!
    Gerome: ......
    Cynthia: No, I'm over here! Yoo-hoo! You're going the wrong way!
    Gerome: *Sigh* What do you want?
    Cynthia: I don't want anything. I'm just wondering if you're free to chat?
    Gerome: No, I'm not.
    Cynthia: Really? Great! 'Cause I'm anxious to know what you think the perfect 
    hero looks like. For example, you could say she - or he - is lovely and 
    powerful and graceful, right? Or that everyone admires her! ...Or him. I 
    suppose it could be a him. Anyway, I'd love to get your opinion on the whole 
    matter. You're very hero-like yourself, especially given that cool, dark 
    demeanor and all.
    Gerome: I'm leaving.... Don't follow me.
    Cynthia: No, Gerome, wait! I'm not done! I'm not... done. If I didn't know 
    any better, I'd swear he was trying to avoid me.
    Gerome B
    Cynthia: Hey, Gerome! Can we, already? Pleeeeease?
    Gerome: Do what?
    Cynthia: Have our hero chat, of course!
    Gerome: I never agreed to such a thing... I have nothing to say.
    Cynthia: Liar! Remember when we were kids? We'd talk for hours and hours!
    Gerome: We're not children anymore.
    Cynthia: I know. But remember when you told me I looked all strong and 
    graceful like a hero?
    Gerome: ...I said that?
    Cynthia: Oh, yeah! All the time, actually! I'd love to hear you say it again. 
    Hee hee! It sent a thrill down my spine when you'd tell me how wonderful I 
    was! I love that about you!
    Gerome: W-wait! You love me?!
    Cynthia: Well, sure, we grew up together, right? We're the bestest of pals, 
    aren't we? I loved it when you told me I was a hero! ...And graceful and 
    beautiful and smart.
    Gerome: Oh. Right. Of course. I knew that.
    Cynthia: So, come on! Make with the flattery!
    Gerome: ......We are not children anymore!
    Cynthia: Aw, geez. Don't tell me... Does he hate me now...?
    Gerome A
    Gerome: I shouldn't have done it. It was cruel.
    Cynthia: What was cruel?!
    Gerome: Gyah! ...H-how long have you been there?!
    Cynthia: Oh, I've been here forever! You would have noticed too, if you 
    weren't so completely lost in thought. If I was a foe, I could have lopped 
    off your head without you ever realizing it.
    Gerome: Yes, but in battle, I would be much more dilig-
    Cynthia: Don't forget, you're a proper hero now! You can't afford to let your 
    guard down... It just looks bad.
    Gerome: Who said I was a hero? Apart from you, I mean.
    Cynthia: Oh, Gerome, you don't have to be so modest. I love you anyway!
    Gerome: Y-you love me?
    Cynthia: Yeah, of course I do, silly. Anyway, that's not why I came to talk 
    to you. I have a question for you. A very important question.
    Gerome: Hold! Return to the part about lo-
    Cynthia: Do you hate me?
    Gerome: What? ...Why do you ask?
    Cynthia: Because, it sometimes feels like you're trying very, very hard to 
    avoid me.
    Gerome: ...... I find you difficult to be around.
    Cynthia: *Gasp* No... Oh I knew it...
    Gerome: I'm not finished. You have always been a perpetual ray of sunshine in 
    my life. But sometimes, a man like me wishes to draw the curtains and sit in 
    the dark.
    Cynthia: Like a troglodyte?
    Gerome: Please don't misunderstand me. I don't dislike you. Your good humor 
    raises people's spirits and dispels the horrors of war. You are a shining 
    beacon of hope, reminding us there can be a better future. You light the 
    fires of optimism and inspire us to keep striving.
    Cynthia: Gosh. You make me sound so... important. More of this please! But 
    wait... I guess if you think that, you can't possibly hate me... Right?
    Gerome: None of your comrades dislike you, myself included.
    Cynthia: Phew! That's a relief! Thanks, Gerome! We'll talk soon, I promise.
    Gerome: W-wait! My point was that I do not want to talk!
    Gerome S
    Cynthia: *Rustle, rustle* *Scratch, scratch, scratch* Oh, hey, a peanut! 
    *munch, munch* La da dum de dooooo...Oooooh, I wish I was a hammer! I'd 
    hammer all day loooo-
    Gerome: Stop fidgeting! We're on guard duty...You need to stay alert.
    Cynthia: Vigilant! Right! That's me! ...Got it... ...See, it's just that I 
    can't stop thinking about when we were kids. Remember how we'd go into the 
    woods and play Justice Cabal?
    Gerome: ...Vaguely.
    Cynthia: There was that time I pretended to be a paladin and killed all those 
    evil goblins...You said I looked truly heroic, even though the goblins were 
    only snapdragons.
    Gerome: You don't forget anything, do you? Perhaps it's only fair that I tell 
    Cynthia: Tell me what? ...Is something wrong? Ohmigosh, there IS something 
    wrong! This is what I've been worried about! Don't leave me hanging! Go 
    ahead! Say it!
    Gerome: When I confessed I wasn't comfortable around you, I... lied. Or at 
    least, I wasn't clear about the real reason why...
    Cynthia: Wait, so it's not that I'm too bright and cheerful? ...Then what is 
    it? Maybe I can fix it or change it so you don't totally hate me anymore.
    Gerome: Gods' bread! I don't hate you! You're just difficult to be around... 
    Because of my vertigo.
    Cynthia: You mean, like, your being afraid of heights?
    Gerome: Do you remember teaching me to fly when we were young?
    Cynthia: Yeah, sure! You were so scared of heights you couldn't ride a 
    wyvern! So I took you on my pegasus, and we flew and flew until you weren't 
    afraid anymore. Hee hee! That was so much fun! I haven't thought about that 
    in ages...
    Gerome: I had hoped to never think on it again...
    Cynthia: So, wait. You hate me because I know your secret weakness?
    Gerome: No! That's not it at all! ...Well, maybe it is. Partly, at least. I 
    have been... desperate to impress you, and yet you've already seen me for a 
    Cynthia: No way! ...You were trying to impress ME?!
    Gerome: Is that so unbelievable?
    Cynthia: Gerome! I'm crazy about you! Why do you think I keep bugging you all 
    the time?!
    Gerome: I... I had always thought... that it was just because we were 
    childhood friends.
    Cynthia: Well, there is that, but a girl doesn't hang on your every word for 
    old time's sake! Really, how can someone so wonderful be so darn 
    thick?...Heh. Well, look. Now that we've cleared the air, we can start fresh.
    Gerome: Yes! I suppose we can! First order of business: what's the best look 
    for a heroic couple...?
    4. Owain C
    Owain: Let's see what we've got here... Hmm... Nice form... Elegant curve to 
    the blade... I dub thee... Sword of the Swan! Hmm... Now this axe is nice and 
    heavy, but with that bit on the end... I dub thee... Head Smoosher Plus One!
    Severa: Are you talking to that axe?
    Owain: No, that would be silly! I'm just naming our latest shipment of 
    Severa: Doesn't that seem a bit childish?
    Owain: Ooh! I still haven't named your weapon!
    Severa: Pffft! It doesn't need a name.
    Owain: Of course it does! A name can be a very powerful thing! It makes a 
    weapon your partner instead of a simple tool! Plus, you'll never confuse it 
    with anyone else's!
    Severa: Does your mother sew your name into your smallclothes or something?
    Owain: Here, let me see it. It'll just take a second!
    Severa: No! Keep your grubby mitts off!
    Owain: Geez, all right, all right! No need to be rude.
    Owain B
    Owain: Severa? Hey, Severa!
    Severa: Oh, brother. What is it now?
    Owain: I was going to help you name your-
    Severa: I thought I made myself quite clear. My weapon does not need a name.
    Owain: Oh no, you were very clear on that point. That's not what I was going 
    to say. I think you should name your special moves!
    Severa: Did you really just say "special moves"?
    Owain: Like "something-something... SWORD!" or "whatever... THRUST!" and 
    stuff. Come on, it's easy. I'll help you!
    Severa: I wasn't awre you had moves at all, let alone special ones.
    Owain: Of course! I'm at 45 and counting. Just a few more, and I'll hit an 
    even 50! Pretty impressive, huh?
    Severa: And you shout these names out loud while on the battlefield?
    Owain: That's kind of the point. It strikes fear in the enemy's heart!
    Severa: Or it just makes them easier to kill when they're doubled over 
    Owain: ...Something tells me I'm not convincing you.
    Severa: Listen, Owain. Ridiculous names and insane shouting is cute when 
    you're six. But you're a grown man now! It's gone from embarassing to just 
    plain... creepy.
    Owain: Oh yeah? Well, I've got a name for the move you're pulling right now! 
    Grumpy... BLAST!
    Severa: What if a real man decides to stab you while you're shouting? Hmm? 
    You're left gurgling on your own blood while we find ourselves one fighter 
    short! Go on! Ask anyone in camp! They all think you're ridiculous.
    Owain: You think... Do they really...?
    Severa: Yes, they really! So I'm sorry if I don't have time to indulge your 
    weird little hobby! Now drop it!
    (Severa leaves)
    Owain: ...S-sorry.
    Owain A
    Severa: Owain? Hey, Owain! OWAAAAAIN! ...Hey! You! Have you seen Owain!
    Soldier: Last I saw, he was in some tent, curled up in a corner muttering to 
    Severa: Oh, for the love of... Chrom just called an all-hands meeting. What 
    does that man-child think he's doing?
    (Time passes)
    Severa: Ugh, could he make this place any darker? Is he really even in 
    Owain: .....
    Severa: O-Owain! What are you still doing here? Chrom called a meeting! And 
    why are you clutching your knees and rocking in the corner? Talk about 
    Owain: I am creepy.
    Severa: Hey, I was only stating the truth, weirdo. ..... Okay, what is it. 
    Did something happen? What's wrong with you?
    Owain: Nothing happened. I'm just a creepy creep who creeps around with his 
    weirdo hobbies.
    Severa: Are you still upset over what I said before?!
    Owain: No, I'm not upset. You were just stating the truth.
    Severa: Ugh, okay! I'm sorry! I went too far and now you're sad and blah blah 
    blah. There. Are we good, now? Now come on. Chrom is waiting for us.
    Owain: What would Chrom want with a creepy creep like me?
    Severa: That's ENOUGH, mister!
    Owain: Muh...?
    Severa: Ugh... I can't believe you're actually going to make me say this... 
    Since when did you ever let reality get in the way of your happy little 
    fantasy world? You don't care what other people say. You walk your own path 
    and whistle loudly! Deluded confidence and blind faith have always been your 
    greatest strengths.
    Owain: You... really think so?
    Severa: I know so. So don't let a little criticism slow you down. Mine 
    especially. Everyone knows I'm a huge jerk anyways, so just shrug it off and 
    keep going.
    Owain: You're... *sniff* Severa, you're...
    Severa: I'm... what?
    Severa: ...Oh, gods. It finally happened. The weirdo has snapped.
    Owain: Severa, you're right! This isn't me! I never listen to what anyone 
    says. Half the time I don't know they're talking! Thank you, Severa. I feel a 
    lot better! Now come on, I'll race you to Chrom's!
    (Owain leaves)
    Severa: Wh-what? No, I won't race you! Come back, Owain! *Sigh* ...What an 
    idiot. Still, I'm glad he's better. A sad Owain is just... sad.
    Owain S
    Owain: Hey, Severa. Sorry again for before.
    Severa: Are we still talking about that? Forget it.
    Owain: No, really! Some of the things you said struck a chord in me. You 
    helped me remember who I am and who I want to be!
    Severa: Owain, I... Look, I should be the one apologizing. 
    Owain: Why? I understand why you got mad at me.
    Severa: Not that!
    Owain: What, then?
    Severa: Here, just... look at my weapon.
    Owain: This is... Hey, you inscribed a name in the handle! I thought you'd 
    never! Wait... this looks really old and weathered. Which means you'd 
    already... Ah ha ha! You're terrible! You gave me all that grief after you'd 
    done the same thing? I guess that explains why you wouldn't let me see it 
    Severa: Look closer, you goof! ...Read it.
    Owain: I'm confused, Severa. This is... my name.
    Severa: I know. That's why I was too embarassed to tell you.
    Owain: You named your weapon after me? But... why? And how long ago?!
    Severa: Because you've always been nice to me, even when I wasn't. Because 
    you're a person I've always been able to trust, no matter what. And 
    because... I don't know. I guess I just... like you. I always have. I'm 
    sorry, Owain... I'm always shouting and saying such terrible things to you... 
    I don't mean to, honest. These things just... pop out of me for some reason! 
    *Sniff* *sob*
    Owain: H-hey, don't cry!
    Severa: Waaaaaaaaaah!
    Owain: Hey, come on! I think you're great! I mean, you named your weapon 
    after me and everything, right? So come on. No more crying. I'm honored to be 
    at your side.
    Severa: You... you mean it? *sniff* Like... REALLY at my side?
    Owain: Are you kidding me? You're GORGEOUS! I'd cut off my sword hand just to 
    stand near you for an hour! Um... sorry. Did I say too much there?
    Severa: ...No, Owain. It was just right.
    4. Laurent C
    Severa: Mmm, those peaches smell amazing! They were totally worth splurging 
    Laurent: Severa, where did this veritable mountain of fruit come from?
    Severa: The market, where else? They just looked too tasty to pass up?
    Laurent: I told you last time not to purchase anything that isn't on the 
    list... If we keep buying unnecessary food, it will rot before we can use it. 
    Our treasury is not so great that we can splurge on excess supplies.
    Severa: Oh, whatever! It's only a little fruit. And besides, once folks see 
    how great it all looks, they'll finish them off in no time!
    Laurent: That does not address the crux of my argument.
    Severa: Human beings need a little treat now and then to survive, Laurent. I 
    mean, maybe not you! ...But most of us. And if you take away the joy in life, 
    what's left to fight for? See, so I'm actually helping morale whenever I buy 
    tasty fruit.
    Laurent: Starving, however, is bad for morale. And that's precisely what will 
    happen if you continue squandering the food budget. What's more, you make 
    additional work for me when I try to balance the books.
    Severa: Pffft! Yeah, whatever! An egghead like you will figure it all out, 
    I'm sure!
    Besides, what's done is done. The milk is spilt, so quit cryin'! Now cheer up 
    and enjoy some fresh fruit. Wouldn't want it to spoil after all.
    Laurent: I fail to understand how one individual can be so selfish, time and 
    It will take me hours to draft a new budget.
    Severa: Stop fretting over every little detail! You'll worry yourself to an 
    early grave.
    Laurent: If anything dooms me to an early grave, it's like to be that 
    insufferable woman...
    Laurent B
    Severa: Oh. ...You.
    Laurent: Hello, Severa.
    Severa: *Sigh*
    Laurent: Can I help you?
    Severa: Oh, just remembering the last procurement run has me exhausted all 
    over again.
    Laurent: I would express a similar frustration. It's become almost impossible 
    to handle expenses with you at the helm.
    Severa: And just what is that supposed to mean?
    Laurent: Precisely what it sounds like. Every time you come back with 
    desserts or silly baubles, I have to make cuts elsewhere.
    Severa: Okay, could you try to sound a little more condescending? You're not 
    joy to shop with either, you know! Every time you open your mouth, it's 
    "budget" this, or "Unnecessary" that! Shopping should be an adventure, not 
    some boring old list.
    You have to open up to new discoveries! Go where the moment takes you and 
    Laurent: We are procuring supplies for an army, not impulse shopping for our 
    own amusement.
    Severa: I know that, but this army has needs, and one of those needs is to 
    have a little fun! Gods, would it kill you to listen to me maybe once?
    Laurent: If you're asking me to say that wasting our scant resources is a 
    good idea, I won't. You joke about what will or won't kill me, but it's a 
    question I consider every day. We are at war, Severa. There is no shortage of 
    things that could kill us all. The only thing keeping us alive is prudent and 
    careful planning.
    Severa: And that situation is exactly why I'm saying we need a little joy in 
    our lives! Walking around with an abacus all day isn't what I consider good 
    for morale.
    Laurent: Frivolous spending isn't going to make anyone's life easier.
    Severa: Okay, we're getting nowhere, ...Mostly because someone is being a 
    So fine. Buy hardtack and stale bread until the cows come home. I'm done 
    shopping with you, mister!
    Laurent: If you are resigning from the procurement runs, I gladly accept. If 
    it was up to me, I'd have taken you off the project weeks ago.
    Severa: Oh no, I'm not quitting before you! I'm just shopping on my own, 
    thank you! You're on your own, cheapskate!
    Laurent A
    Severa: I just... I still can't believe it...
    Laurent: Severa?
    Severa: Oh. Hello.
    Laurent: You look dazed. The company must have thanked you as well, then?
    Severa: Yes! It's been a total barrage of praise ever since the two of us 
    went shopping. Chrom even searched me out just to offer his compliments.
    Laurent: It has been almost surreal... Especially in spite of our prior 
    It seems we managed to strike a perfect balance. Nothing missing, nothing 
    wasted. People have been especially excited over the more... extraneous 
    Severa: That has to feel pretty good as the guy responsible for the shopping 
    Laurent: Yes, though I would never have thought to purchase half of what they 
    mentioned. Much of it appeared wasteful to my eye, but it seems you had the 
    right of it. I apologize for doubting your selections.
    Severa: Oh, it's fine. Besides, I'd have spent twice as much if you hadn't 
    made me think about the excesses. Stubbornness aside, you really are good 
    with numbers, and you always stay on task.
    Laurent: Thank you. Praise from you is a rare treat indeed. I suppose this 
    means that together we were able to do what neither could do alone.
    Severa: Yeah. For all our arguing, we actually make a pretty good team.
    Laurent: I would welcome your help again on the next procurement run. If you 
    wouldn't mind joining me, that is.
    Severa: As long as you promise to let me handle the fruit, I'm there!
    Laurent S
    Severa: Sounds like our last procurement run was another rousing success.
    Laurent: And nearly painless, now that I've grown accustomed to your... 
    These days, I feel like I'm even starting to understand your tastes.
    Severa: I dunno, Laurent. I'm a tough woman to figure out sometimes.
    Laurent: Believe me, there is much of you that remains a mystery to me. But 
    one thing is clear: I ought never think to go shopping alone again. Your help 
    is invaluable. I do hope you'll continue to join me in the future.
    Severa: Hmm...
    Laurent: ...Is something the matter, Severa?
    Severa: You say you've started to understand my tastes, right? ...But can you 
    guess what I want right now?
    Laurent: ...I don't understand. Is this a riddle of some kind? Are you going 
    to ask me what is in your pocket next?
    Severa: You should be able to read me pretty well by now, right? So guess 
    what I'm thinking.
    Laurent: Telepathy has been scientifically proven to be nothing more than the 
    work of-
    Severa: Try.
    Laurent: Very well... ...... ...I suspect it's the same thing I'm thinking.
    Severa: And... what might that be?
    Laurent: I was hoping you would be my partner not just in shopping, but in 
    all things in life. If that were, in fact, what you were thinking. I should 
    count myself a very happy man.
    Severa: ......
    Laurent: Granted, that's less mind reading than mere wishful thinking.
    Severa: No, you're...right on the money.
    Laurent: Truly?
    Severa: Yeah. Truly.
    Laurent: Ah. Well, that is a relief! I was skeptical of what would happen if 
    I said all that, only to be rebuffed.
    Severa: For someone who's always needling people, you can be so timid when it 
    counts! Well, you'll never lack for brashness with me at your side!
    Laurent: Heh, I have no doubts on that count. What a perfectly mismatched 
    couple we make, eh?
    4. Brady C
    Severa: *Sigh*
    Brady: Something got ya down, Severa?
    Severa: No, I'm just... sticking out.
    Brady: What, like flashin' a little leg or somethin'?
    Severa: No, you pervert! I mean socially! ...You and I don't fit in with the 
    Brady: Get outta' here. Ya think?
    Severa: Everyone else in this camp is so happy and bubbly and nice! Ugh! Gag 
    me with a spade!
    Brady: Hey, yeah! Plus they all act like they're best chums!
    Severa: Chums? Ugh, gag me again! Anyway, between us, one cynic to another, I 
    think we should team up.
    Brady: What did you have in mind?
    Severa: I'm thinking we'll start a totally exclusive club and leave them out 
    of it!
    Severa and Brady's S&B Society has a nice ring to it, hmm?
    Brady: The heck is an S&B Society supposed to be?
    Severa: Isn't it obvious? It's a play on our initials.
    Brady: I get that part, ya mope! Now what's it really mean?
    Severa: It means... Um... Snark & Bark Society! It's totally our 
    personalities! ...Plus the word "society." We need a sophisticated word like 
    that to make everyone else all jealous.
    Brady: This is starting to sound like a big pain in the keister.
    Severa: Ugh, rude! And crude! Gods! Look, if you want to be that way, then 
    you can be all cynical on your own. Or you can join my awesome society and 
    have cynical backup whenever!
    Brady: I got an uneasy feeling about this, but...well fine.
    Severa: Then it's decided! Our contrarian collaboration officially begins 
    Brady: Just try not to make me regret this, yeah?
    Brady B
    Severa: Oh, Brady!
    Brady: What's wrong?
    Severa: I'm so glad you're here! It's an emergency!
    Brady: Are we under attack?!
    Severa: Worse! I'm building the official S&B Society tent, and we're out of 
    materials! Oh, it's just awful!
    Brady: Just use one of the spare tents! We got plenty.
    Severa: Ugh, no way! Our noble organization deserves better than plain, ugly 
    Brady: So whaddya want me to do about it?
    Severa: Well, maybe we can start off with a spare after all...
    Brady: Uh, what changed from a second ago when that was unacceptable?
    Severa: Duh! Emellishments! We'll take a drab old tent and transform it into 
    a palace. We'll need silks, and colorful lanterns, and fine, gilded tassels! 
    Oh, and maybe some of those little hangy-bead thingies for the door!
    Brady: You want all that on a stupid tent for two people?
    Severa: It's not a stupid tent, and we are not just two people! We are the 
    S&B Society!
    Brady: This plan's startin' to rub my fur the wrong way...
    Severa: I don't ware about your fur, which you don't even have anyway! Here's 
    your list. Go fetch everything on it, and then come back for more orders.
    Brady: List? Let's see... Jumping jesters! I'll have to go to a big city to 
    find half this stuff! Look at these quantities! Twenty tapestries? Thirty-
    five diamond-tipped canes? ...Fourty-five golden bricks? Oh, come on! I can't 
    even buy gold bricks!
    I think I need a drink...
    Severa: Ooh! Thank you for reminding me. We'll be needing a nice set of 
    teacups as well. Oh, and since I handled all the plainning, you don't mind 
    footing the bill, right?
    Brady: You're dreaming, lady! We're splittin' the coast at the very least!
    Severa: Hey, we voted on this, remember? I am the society president and CEO!
    ...You are the treasurer.
    Brady: Being the treasurer doesn't mean you pay for everything out of pocket!
    Severa: Um, I think I know what a treasurer does, Brady. Gods! Hmm... Okay, 
    so we'll also need some shelves for books and such...
    Brady: Hey! ...Are you even listening to me? ....Fine, I'll go see what I can 
    get from the local markets. But you're paying me back for half? You hear me, 
    ya mooch?
    Severa: Sure, sure. Off you go.
    Brady: I knew this was a bad idea...
    Brady A
    Brady: Hey, Severa!
    Severa: Greetings, Society Member Number Two. Are we done with today's 
    procurement run?
    Brady: Stop callin' me that! ...And yeah, all done. Still don't see why I'm 
    always the one buyin' junk. I mean, what've you been doin' this whole time, 
    aside from loungin' around?
    Severa: I've been very busy, I'll have you know! I've been assembling 
    everything you brought into decorations for the tent. ...See?
    Brady: ...Actually, that doesn't look terrible. Athough it's all 
    abit...gaudy, isn't it?
    Severa: No, it isn't! It's elegant and sophisticated! We are a SOCIETY, after 
    If not for the gold, silk, and lanters, it'd lack panache. We have a name to 
    live up to! If it all happens to be a hair over the top, it will just make 
    people all the more jealous!
    Brady: A hair? This thing is a full wig shop over the top, Severa. I can 
    barely see in here! All the gold leaf is blinding me!
    Severa: Well, get over it! ...Gods, I don't see why you always have to 
    Brady: Said the contrarian to her partner in a contrarian society! Look, I've 
    already spent way more time and money on this than I thought I would...
    Severa: Would you stop grumbling already? ...Ooh! Brady, those teacups are 
    darling! I didn't know you had an eye for those.
    Brady: Well, you know...
    Severa: Or did you just have the seller choose them for you?
    Brady: Urk...
    Severa: Oh, please. Don't try to deny it. I can read you like a book. Anyway, 
    back to sewing! It won't be long now. I know it's difficult, but try to 
    contain your excitement.
    Brady: Stubborn as a mule, as always... Still, if this makes her happy, I... 
    guess I can do it.
    Severa: What was that, Number Two?
    Brady: I didn't say nothin'!
    Brady S
    Severa: Brady! *sob* It's t-t-terrible! Waaah!
    Brady: What in the... Augh! Come on, let go! You're crushin' my ribs!
    Severa: B-but it's... *sniff* It's gone! *sob*
    Brady: Calm down! Sheesh... Now, what's gone? What happened?
    Severa: Y-you remember a few days ago? When that storm came through?
    Brady: Yeah, that was wild. Thought my tent was gonna up and fly away.
    Severa: It did fly away, you moron! The S&B Society tent blew away, and now I 
    can't find it!
    Brady: What? There was a half a ton of decorations on that thing! How'd 
    something that gaudy ever get off the ground?
    Severa: Gaudy?! It was elegant and sophisticated!
    Brady: R-right! ...Course it was. But hey, that's a shame. I know ya worked 
    real hard on it.
    Severa: A shame? No, it's a tragedy! It's the worst thing that's ever 
    happened in the history of everything!
    Brady: Aw, buck up there, little camper. Don't let it get you down. So, uh, 
    maybe time to forget the Society idea and go mingle with the others, eh? Try 
    to play nice with the group for a change? ...I'd go with ya, if ya wanted.
    Severa: N-no! I don't want to!
    Brady: Why do you always have to be so antisocial? Not like I'm one to talk, 
    but even I-
    Severa: Because I want it to be just you and me!
    Brady: Muh?
    Severa: Gods, you are an idiot! I never cared about the dumb society stuff! 
    ...I just made it all up so we could spend time together.
    Brady: Severa...
    Severa: But that dream up and blew away. So fine! Go! Run off and be with 
    everyone else! I'll just stay here and eat this dirt! *munch, 
    munch*...Ptooie! ...Gods, I can't even do that right.
    Brady: Oh good grief! Cut that out! I ain't goin' nowhere, doll. Honest! 
    Can't leave half of the S&B Society all on her own, now can I?
    Severa: Wait, then you...
    Brady: You think I'm an idiot?! I'm crazy for you, Severa! Who else would 
    have put up with all your crazy demands this long?
    Severa: Wow, I.. I don't know what to say. ...That isn't all snarky, I mean.
    Brady: Hey, we're the Snark & Bark Society, but even we gotta' be honest 
    sometime, right?
    Severa: I guess I'm... happy. Happy you feel the same, I mean.
    Brady: Watching you has taught me something, though. Call it leading by bad 
    example, but I think it was wrong to cut ourselves off. Two cats can't live 
    alone, and there's no reason to keep tryin'. Anyway, I don't think it'd kill 
    us to make nice with the others a bit more.
    Severa: Well, I guess. ...If you help me.
    Brady: Of course! I'll help with whatever you like! ...As long as it's not 
    shopping for the Society again, that is.
    4. Yarne C
    Severa: Yarne!
    Yarne: What's wrong, Severa? You're all out of---
    Severa: Don't you 'what's wrong" me! What do you call the last battle?! We'd 
    only been on the field a minutes when you turned tail and ran!
    Yarne: N-not true! I saw it through to the end! ...Er, from a safe distance.
    Severa: Pah! What a lame excuse!
    Yarne: Look, it's just... It's not like you really needed me there. Our foe 
    was way weaker than us.
    Severa: Keep underestimating the enemy like that and you're going to wind up 
    in a coffin!
    Yarne: But it's the truth!
    Severa: And what happens when we go up against a stronger enemy? Hmm? We 
    prepare that much more carefully. We focus harder and we fight stronger! And 
    that goes for them, too. Which means we can't afford any carelessness!
    Yarne: I... I guess you have a point.
    Severa: This army has suffered more injuries from carelessness than from 
    enemies, you know?
    Yarne: All right, all right! I'll be careful not to just leave the easy fight 
    to you guys from now on.
    Severa: Am I really getting through to you?
    Yarne: Yes! I told you, I got it!
    Severa: If you think a quick nod and a smile is going to fool me, you're 
    I'll stay here lecturing you all day if that's what it takes! Now, take a 
    seat, craven!
    Yarne: ...There goes the afternoon.
    Severa: What was that?
    Yarne: N-nothing, ma'am!
    Yarne B
    Severa: ...And another thing about war!
    Yarne: ......
    Severa: It's the easily distracted and complacent people like you who get 
    And every time you get hurt, allies have to risk their hides to save your 
    Hey! Are you even listening?!
    Yarne: ...How does she never get bored of giving the same speech, day after 
    Severa: Yarne! Your internal monologue right now is highly external!
    Yarne: Gah! S-sorry! I was just kidding!
    Severa: Ugh. Now, what was the last thing you remember me saying?
    Yarne: A-all of it! I heard ever word!
    Severa: Riiiight. Then tell me what combat situations you're best suited for.
    Yarne: Uh... Ones where... the enemy is really weak?
    Severa: Very funny, you dolt. In woodlands and other area where mounted 
    units' movement is restricted! That's where your speed and mobility are most 
    advantageous. Ring any bells?
    Yarne: Er, I'm pretty sure I remember hearing you say... something like that?
    Severa: Unbelievable. Why are you even here? If you're not interested in 
    fighting, quit!
    Yarne: I AM interested, and I WANT to fight! I just don't understand why 
    you're so fixated on me!
    Severa: Because half-baked soldiers like you are a liability to everyone 
    You're at least a nominal part of this army, right? So pull your weight for a 
    Yarne: Nominal...? That's pretty harsh!
    Severa: Then prove me wrong!
    Yarne: Maybe I will!
    Severa: Good! Now start paying attention!
    Yarne: Fine! I will!
    Yarne A
    Yarne: Ugh, another day of Severa's Basic Training, otherwise known as Pick-
    on-Yarne Hour... There's got to be a way out of this. Hm... I could fake the 
    plague... No, wait. I did that last time. ...Fake my own death and run? 
    ...No, that's madness. If she found out, she'd kill me for true.
    Severa: And just where do you think you're going, bunny face?
    Yarne: S-Severa?! Er, I was just... Just valiantly fighting the impulse to 
    Severa: Flee? You were going to run away? Just where do you get off, buster?!
    Yarne: (Gah! Severa's even more terrifying than usual today! Every animal 
    instinct in my body is screamin "RUN!" in a perfect chorus!)
    Severa: Don't. You. Dare!
    Yarne: *Huff* *pant* Whew... Heh... That'll teach you to... try to outrun a 
    rabbit... W-wait a moment... What's that angry blur coming toward me...? 
    Severa: ...HAH! Gotcha! And don't even think of trying to run again!
    Yarne: H-how did a human outrun me? And what possible reason could you have 
    to chase me that hard?! You're wasting your time on me! You know that, right?
    Severa: ARGH! Just LOOKING at you makes me see red! There is NOTHING more 
    infuriating than watching someone slack off! You've got about three times the 
    natural strength and potential I do, you know? And yet you're just letting it 
    go to waste while I work my butt off just to keep up! Do you have any idea 
    how that makes me feel?!
    Yarne: Severa... I don't... I'm sorry. Truly. I never knew. I always thought 
    I was a lost cause, and I just assumed you'd already given up...
    Severa: Some days, I'm tempted.
    Yarne: Look, I'll work to improve, okay? I'll give it my honest best.
    Severa: ...Promise?
    Yarne: I do. I doubt it'll be smooth sailing, and I'll probably still make 
    you mad at first... But I'll do everything I can to be a help to you and the 
    others. I swear.
    Severa: And how can I be sure you're not planning to just run away again? I 
    suppose I'll have to stay close and keep a close watch on you. And... maybe 
    Yarne: Well... having you there certainly can't hurt. Thanks for sticking by 
    me, Severa!
    Yarne S
    Severa: Hello, Yarne.
    Yarne: Oh. Hi, Severa.
    Severa: well, this is unusual. That's taguel armor, isn't it? I don't think 
    I've ever seen you maintaining your equipment before.
    Yarne: Yeah, it's one of a lot of things I'm just getting around to. After 
    you told me I have potential, I really have no excuse not make myself of use. 
    Severa: Yarne... I'm proud of you. You've finally started taking your role in 
    this war seriously.
    Yarne: Yeah... Um, say, Severa? Do you think I could maybe ask you a favor?
    Severa: Let's hear it.
    Yarne: Well, er... I was just...
    Severa: What's the problem? I happen to be feeling unusually generous after 
    seeing you shape up. So out with it already!
    Yarne: W-will you be my girl?!
    Severa: What?!
    Yarne: All your lectures made me a better man... It made me realize a basket 
    case like me needs a wise, strong woman to guide him!
    Severa: A-are you insane?!
    Yarne: Yes! Insane about YOU! Come on, you said it yourself! I shaped up, and 
    it's all thanks to you!
    Severa: Y-you have made impressive strides...
    Yarne: And I'm committed to getting stronger. Strong enough to stand as your 
    equal! So... please? Whaddya say?
    Severa: ...Are you sure you can handle it?
    Yarne: Handle what?
    Severa: Living with a woman like me is a lot harder than just winning a few 
    Yarne: Hah! Now THAT I'm prepared for! I've had a lot of practice these last 
    few weeks.
    Severa: Well, if you're certain, I SUPPOSE I could do you the honor...
    Yarne: YES! Oh, thank you, Severa! I swear I'll become a man worthy of your 
    Severa: Good! Because if you don't, I'll be wearing your pelt for a winter 
    4. Inigo C
    Inigo: Hel-lo, Severa! Looking good, lass!
    Severa: ......
    Inigo: Oh ho! There's nothing hotter than a cold shoulder!
    Severa: You're an idiot. You think anything with a skirt looks good. Your 
    compliments have lost all meaning.
    Inigo: Ah! Her melodious voice rings out at last! Now if I can just get a 
    smile, I can die happy!
    Severa: You can die quickly if you don't shut up! Now stop wasting your 
    breath. I'm not the sort of floozy to swoon over a cowpile of trite flattery.
    Inigo: Aw, come on! Saying someone looks good is just like saying hi!
    Severa: Do you say Chrom "looks good" when you see him? Or Frederick? No! You 
    don't! It's just girls! Gods, this is... Look, I don't have time to deal with 
    your weird sexist world. Later.
    Inigo: S-Severa! Darling! Wait!
    (Severa leaves)
    Inigo: Aaaaand she's gone. Geez. You'd think a lady could take a 
    Inigo B
    Inigo: Hel-lo, Severa! You're looking darling as ever!
    Severa: Are you deaf or just an idiot? ...Wait, don't tell me, I know.
    Inigo: I'm simply incapable of speaking anything but the truth!
    Severa: What must it be like to live in your head? Are there happy ponies in 
    there? Its really something how utterly delusional your optimism is. If I 
    didn't hate you so much, I might even be impressed.
    Inigo: Huzzah! I got a heavily qualified and slightly sarcastic compliment 
    from Severa!
    Severa: You are a truly staggering creature... Why on earth do you insist on 
    coming around and saying that I... That I "look good."
    Inigo: Um, because you look good?
    Severa: ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME?! This camp is full of good-looking girls 
    who will giggle and tee-hee all night long. I clearly despise you. So why 
    chase me around?
    Inigo: You're selling yourself short, Severa. I think the ice-queen bit is 
    charming! The higher the hurdle you have to leap, the more satisfying it 
    feels once you're over it!
    Severa: I am NOT a hurdle, jerk!
    Inigo: W-wait! Th-that's not what I meant! Look, I'm serious. Honestly, I am. 
    I wouldn't mess with your emotions.
    Severa: Your idea of serious is pretty far out there, Inigo.
    Inigo: ...Whatever could you mean?
    Severa: Ugh! Enough! None of this matters. I have things to do. N-now just... 
    leave me alone!
    Inigo: I knew it!
    Severa: Wh-what?!
    Inigo: You put on a good show, but I know under all those thorns you're a 
    total sweetie. And I'm going to stick around until I get to see the real you! 
    ...Er, this is the part where you smile. It's a terrible waste to see such a 
    pretty face scowling all the time.
    Severa: You're obviously as blind as you are crazy. Now will you PLEASE just 
    go away?! 
    (Severa leaves)
    Inigo: ...Huh? I can't go away if you go away first! Heeey! Severa! Wait up!
    Inigo A
    Inigo: Sorry to keep you waiting, Severa. An errand came up that has me 
    running a bit behind schedule today.
    Severa: I... I wasn't waiting for you, Inigo!
    Inigo: Ah ha ha! Suuure you weren't!
    Severa: Gya! You are simply DELUSIONAL! ...Also, you are running late today. 
    You always bother me at the same time every day. I can set a clock to it.
    Inigo: That's because I was getting... THIS! It's a present! ...Come on, open 
    it! Come on, come on, come ooon!
    Severa: You got me a... present?
    Inigo: I sure did! You never seemed to believe me when I said you looked 
    good. So I thought this ring might help you feel more...I dunno. Pretty?
    Severa: You... really want me to have this?
    Inigo: Well, yeah! I picked it out for you! Go on, try it on.
    Severa: This is stupid. I don't see why... A-all right. But just to see 
    how... There. It's on.
    Inigo: Say, it really brings out your eyes! I think you look adorable. Of 
    course, I DO have a talent for this sort of thing.
    Severa: F-flattery will get you nowhere, Inigo! Now take this back!
    Inigo: But... it looks good on you.
    Severa: ...It's bulky and garish and would just get in the way. Kind of like 
    the person who gave it to me!
    Inigo: Oh, I... I see...
    Severa: Still, I suppose it means your words are more than idle flattery. 
    So... thank you. Now good-bye! 
    (Severa leaves)
    Inigo: ...There she goes again. But at least I got a smile this time! ...Oh, 
    Inigo, you sly dog, you!
    Inigo S
    Severa: Say, Inigo... You have a second?
    Inigo: Of course, Severa. Is everything all right? It's a little odd having 
    you approach me.
    Severa: Sh-shut up!
    Inigo: Sorry! I didn't mean anything by it. Sooooo... What do you need?
    Severa: I was thinking about something you said before. About how under the 
    thorns I was sweet, and that you were waiting around to see it.
    Inigo: That's the plan.
    Severa: ...... See, at the time, I assumed it was...Well, I thought it was 
    more idle flattery. Like everything else you say. But that's not what I... I 
    mean, I see now that... Look, I'll accept your ring. But not as a present.
    Inigo: What?
    Severa: I mean, assuming you haven't already given it to some other 
    floozy.... WELL?! Do you have it or not?!
    Inigo: O-of course! It's right here! I've been carrying it next to my heart 
    in case you... changed your mind.
    Severa: R-really?
    Inigo: I'm still not sure I follow everything you were saying, but you want 
    it now... right?
    Severa: Right. But not as a present!
    Inigo: Severa, I'm not taking your money.
    Severa: No, you idiot! I mean it's not JUST a present. It's a... promise. 
    ...About us.
    Inigo: Oh, NOW I get it! Sure, okay!
    Severa: OKAY?!
    Inigo: No! Not like that! I mean...Look, I was just nervous! I thought you 
    were going to yell at me again. But now I know that you actually...Here. 
    Quick. Take the ring! Now you and I will be together forever!
    Severa: ...What's going on here? You accept? Just like that? No blustering 
    about how you aren't ready to commit? No fool talk about how it's not me, 
    it's you? ...None of that? You're just going to... marry me? Like that? Poof? 
    How can you be so CASUAL about it?!
    Inigo: I told you my goal was to see the real you, and here she is! Why would 
    I turn her away after waiting all this time?
    Severa: ...Gods, I'm an idiot. I had a whole speech worked out and 
    Inigo: Sorry to deviate from the script! ...But I'm very happy with the 
    conclusion. Come, Severa! Our love will have a true storybook ending!
    Severa: ...I can't believe I'm actually falling for these cornball lines. 
    What's wrong with me?!
    Inigo: Um, are we back to the ice queen already? Ah, well. Good thing I love 
    her as much as the sweetie patootie!
    Severa: Okay, now you need to stop talking. And I hope you love ice queen, 
    because you're stuck with her now! The rest of your life is a VERY long time, 
    you know!
    Inigo: I understand, Your Highness!
    4. Gerome C
    Severa: Hey, you there! Gerome! Stop!
    Gerome: Yes?
    Severa: I want to know why you wear that stupid mask everywhere.
    Gerome: My mask is not stupid. Nor is it your concern.
    Severa: Says you! But I'm the one who has to look at it all the time! It 
    makes you look like a mime or burglar or an acrobat or something. It's 
    totally weird, and everyone thinks you should take it off.
    Gerome: I doubt you speak for everyone.
    Severa: Whatever! Are you going to take it off your dumb bandit mask or not?
    Gerome: You should spend less of your time worrying about others. The mask 
    Severa: Hey, where do you think you're going? I'm not finished with you! 
    Ooooooh! Who does that dumb acrobat think he is, walking out on me like 
    Gerome B
    Severa: Gerome!
    Gerome: You again?
    Severa: I want to talk to you, mister!
    Gerome: I am not taking off the mask.
    Severa: THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOUR STUPID MASK! ....... Okay, it is. Why do you 
    keep wearing it? Are you disfigured? Or just vain? Or  are you trying to keep 
    your distance from the people of the past? Personally, I just think you're a 
    big attention hog and you can't admit it.
    Gerome: I will answer the question once, but only in the hope it makes you go 
    away. Listen well. You'll not get another chance... In battle, the mask helps 
    conceal my emotions and feelings from a foe. It gives me a valuable edge in 
    the midst of any crucial struggle.
    Severa: Doesn't it narrow your field of vision? Like horse blinders or 
    Gerome: Of course. That is why I trained myself to razor sharpness. My battle 
    sense are so keen, I can fight--and win--blindfolded.
    Severa: You must be great at parties.
    Gerome: You've heard your answer. Now leave me be.
    Severa: Pfft! That's not the whole story and you know it! What're you 
    Gerome: Leave me be, I say!
    Severa: Yeah, sure, the mask hides your emotions from bad guys and blah blah 
    blah. But there's totally another reason, even if you don't know it! And I'm 
    going to figure it out so you take your stupid thing off! I mean, come on! It 
    has to smell terrible by now.
    Gerome: I've had enough of this nonsense.
    Severa: Gerome! Wait! Get back here! 
    Gerome A
    Severa: Gerome?
    Gerome: I don't want to hear about the mask. Don't talk about it. Don't 
    point. Don't even look at it. Just... Stand there.
    Severa: All right, all right! Sheesh. ........ Okay, look. You said why you 
    wear the mask, and I agree it makes sense. But I'm positive there's another 
    reason. ...A secret reason.
    Gerome: If my weapon breaks, I can hurl the mask at a foe. ...Satisfied?
    Severa: Oh hardy har har. You're not gonna distract me that easily, mister! I 
    know you have a secret reason, and i'm going to find it no matter what! You 
    can hid your face, but you can't hide your true feelings and stuff!
    Gerome: ...If I tell the truth--the real truth--do you swear to let me be?
    Severa: I swear!
    Gerome: You must also swear to never speak of it to anyone, under pain of 
    Severa: My lips are seald.
    Gerome: ...When I was but a child, I often dreamed of being a warrior. And in 
    my dreams, I always wore a mask, because... Because I thought it looked cool.
    Severa: LAAAAAAAME!
    Gerome: I'm not finished! ...I began to wear masks all the time, just for the 
    thrill. But it's as you know, I don't like to reveal my inner life if it can 
    be helped. And soon, a child's plaything became a tool for keeping people at 
    Severa: Ah... I thought it must be something like that!
    Gerome: Then you were right. So, wait. You limit your peripheral vision just 
    to keep people away from you?
    Severa: Come on, Gerome. Even you have to admit that's pretty dumb.
    Gerome: I kept my end of the bargain. See that you keep yours.
    Severa: Hoooo! He looked maaaaaad at me. Well, at least I got him talking... 
    That's good enough for one day's work, I'd say! 
    Gerome S
    Gerome: .......
    Severa: EEEEEK! Help! Intruder! Sound the alarm!
    Gerome: Severa, it's me! Gerome! I was just washing my face.
    Severa: Liar! Gerome would never be caught without his mask!
    Gerome: It's me, I tell you! Here, I'll prove it. See?
    Severa: Gerome! I-I had no idea... It's been so long... Wait! I just realized 
    Gerome: What?
    Severa: I know why I was so obsessed about removing that silly mask. It's 
    because I wanted to see your totally handsome face!
    Gerome: Oh, er... Truly?
    Severa: Yes! Sheesh, I'd completely forgotten about what you looked like! And 
    man! You've always been easy on the eyes, but now? Oh me, oh my!
    Gerome: But when you saw me before, you shrieked as if I was a ghoul.
    Severa: I was just surprised is all. Don't be so sensitive!
    Gerome: If I am, it's only because of your incredible IN-sensitivity! ...You 
    have no idea how your words can pierce my heart.
    Severa: How would I?! You're the one who insists on hiding all his emotions 
    behind a stupid bandit mask! You can't do that and then act all whiny of 
    someone hurts your feelings by mistake!
    Gerome: But... don't you see how much I adore you?
    Severa: Wha--?
    Gerome: You torture me with your presence! You throw my heart into turmoil! 
    I've no idea who I am around you! I must wear the mask--especially around 
    you. Otherwise I simply couldn't function.
    Severa: Oh, wow. That's... kind of amazing.
    Gerome: What is?
    Severa: You! The stuff you said! Everything! Because the truth is, I... I 
    like you too...
    Gerome: You don't know anything about me.
    Severa: That's why I've been trying so hard to talk to you. Isn't it obvious?
    Gerome: ...Are you sure about this?
    Severa: If there's one thing I'm sure about, it's this... So from now on, you 
    take off that idiotic mask around me. Got it?
    Gerome: Er, well, I suppose I could. ...On certain occasions. ...Perhaps.
    Severa: Hey, are you actually blushing? Your nose has gone all pink!
    Gerome: W-what?! No! I am not blushing! ....... (Perhaps it's time to find a 
    bigger mask...) 
    5. Owain C
    Owain: Hey, Nah. What are you up to?
    Nah: Judging from the book in my hand, I'd say it's rather obvious.
    Owain: Yeah, but there's a whole stack of books next to you,too. Are you 
    planning to read them all?
    Nah: There were hardly any books in the future we came from. It's nice to 
    have this much variety.
    Owain: Yeah, I guess. But reading seems kinda... I don't know. Old and 
    I mean, in manakete years, your're still pretty young, right?
    Nah: I don't understand. What do you think I should do instead?
    Owain: Play? Have fun? Run around in circles?
    Nah: Owain, you do realize we're at war, right? This isn't the time for 
    Owain: Well, it still seems like you're trying to grow up too fast.
    Nah: All right, fine! You think up a game, and maybe I'll play it!
    Owain: Fine then! Maybe I will!
    Nah: Good! You do that! You know where to find me.
    Owain B
    Owain: Nah!
    Nah: What is it, Owain?
    Owain: I thought up the perfect game for you!
    Nah: I suppose asking you to let me read in peace is out of the question? Oh, 
    all right. Let's hear it.
    Owain: "What's That Breath Attack?" Great, right? I'm thinking you could 
    easily come up with a hundred different types!
    Nah: A hundred?! Are you mad? Owain, I can't produce a hundred different 
    kinds of breath.
    Owain: No, no, no! You don't do it for REAL! You IMAGINE them! Just think 
    about what would be a totally awesome attack! Here, I'll get you started. 
    Ready... Seeeet... FIERY ICY DEATH STRIKE!
    Nah: Wait... so it's on fire AND made of ice? Is that even possible?
    Owain: It doesn't matter if it's possible! That's not the point! Okay, let's 
    try again. Ready... Seeeeeet... SUPER DINOSAUR DEATH GORE-NADO!
    Nah: What does that even mean?
    Owain: Nah, please! You're doing it again! I told you, you don't gave to 
    actually do it. You don't even have to understand it!
    Nah: I don't understand. Why am I thinking up names for impossible things?
    Owain: Because it's fun? Sheesh! If this were about doing real work, it 
    wouldn't be fun at all.
    Nah: ...I don't get it.
    Owain: Wow, Nah. You may look young, but I think you're actually an old 
    Nah: Maybe some of us can't afford to remain children forever...
    Owain: Hm? What was that?
    Nah: Nothing.
    Owain: Well, don't worry. I'll put my thinking cap on and come up with 
    another game!
    Owain A
    Owain: Hey, Nah! I'm back for another round of fun!
    Nah: Are we still doing this? Because I think- Gyaaaaaah!
    Owain: What do you think? How's the view from up on my shoulders?
    Nah: Eek! D-don't drop me! J-just set me back down! Gently!
    Owain: I figured if make-believe wasn't your thing, something more physical 
    might be the trick. So? Are you having fun yet? I bet the world looks pretty 
    different from up there, huh?
    Nah: I dunno. I see things from at least twice this height in dragon form.
    Owain: ...Oh. Right. I forgot about that. I'll just, uh... Let you down, 
    Nah: Thank you. ...Oof! You know Owain, you can stop thinking of ways to 
    waste time like this. I don't need fun or games or entertainment. I want a 
    world at peace, and nothing more. 
    Owain: But play is important! I mean, even if you aren't really a kid! What 
    sort of peaceful world are we making if it's business all the time? We've got 
    to lead by example, Nah, and that means living happy lives.
    Nah: I don't disagree, Owain. In fact, it's kind of noble. But I just don't 
    like horsing around. I prefer to read. ...Quietly.
    Owain: Sorry. I guess I just assumed. But hey, if you ever get the urge to 
    horse around, you know where to find me!
    Nah: Why are you so fixated on this?
    Owain: I've always been good with kids, you know? So I thought maybe if I did 
    the same sorts of things with you...
    Nah: Owain, look. You're really nice, and really sweet, but you need to 
    understand... I'm not a kid. Okay? I know that's a bit hard for you to get, 
    but try. All right?
    Owain: Ha ha! Okay, Nah. I will! I mean, um... I will, ma'am!
    Owain S
    Nah: .....
    Owain: Hey, Nah. What are you doing here?
    Nah: Waiting for you.
    Owain: Lying in ambush, huh? Well, you got me! Wait, is this a game? Are you 
    playing hide-and-seek?
    Nah: No more games, Owain.
    Owain: Er, right... Sorry, I forgot. I didn't mean to treat you like... I 
    mean, it's just... Sorry. Did you need something?
    Nah: Stop treating me like a child, Owain.
    Owain: I know! I know. I'm sorry.
    Nah: Because I'm not, you know. I'm a woman.
    Owain: Yeah, I know, I just-
    Nah: And when you treat me like a child, it makes me uncomfortable. 
    Because... Because I have very unchildlike feelings for you. I want to be 
    with you as an adult. I want you to see me as an equal.
    Owain: Wait? You do? Seriously? ...Holy cow. I mean, don't get me wrong! I 
    think it's great! It's just... Well, I dunno. Why me?
    Nah: I've never known anyone as kind as you. Even in the future, amid all 
    that despair, you were always so cheery and selfless. I mean, yes, sometimes 
    you drive me up the wall with your... exuberance. But your heart is always in 
    the right place. Your heart is beautiful, Owain.
    Owain: I don't know what to say... Wait, what am I saying? Yes I do! If 
    you're willing to put up with me, I can certainly learn how to treat you 
    right! From today on, I'm your guy!
    Nah: And I'm your girl!
    Owain: Woo! So... what do you want to do now? Think up new move names?
    Nah: ...How is that any different from before?
    Owain: Ha ha, I'm kidding! Kidding! It was a joke! Yeeeargh...
    5. Laurent C
    Nah: Ah! Laurent!
    Laurent: Hello, Nah. I thought perhaps we might chat for a-
    Nah: No! Stay back!
    Laurent: ...I beg your pardon?
    Nah: D-don't come any closer you... you creep!
    Laurent: Nah, have I given some offense without realizing?
    Nah: Don't try to play dumb! You're always leering at me! It's like you're 
    undressing me with your eyes!
    Laurent: Good heavens! What a dreadful accusation! ...And I'll thank you to 
    lower your voice. First, I'm not "leering" at you, and second, I observe 
    everyone in camp equally. My role in this army is to monitor and maintain the 
    physical state of its people.
    Nah: Ha! Nice try, you lecherous lout! You can't fool me that easily! You're 
    always staring at me because I'm vulnerable and cute and demure! So don't 
    bother with your lame excuses. Just knock it off! 
    (Nah leaves)
    Laurent: Nah, wait! ...The poor girl has completely misunderstood my 
    If left uncorrected, it will stand as a stain on my good name!
    Laurent B
    Laurent: H-hello, Nah. I need to speak with you. Might I have a moment?
    Nah: Eek! Creep! Get away!
    Laurent: Ah, no! Please don't run! I just want to clear up a 
    Nah: ...Misunderstanding?
    Laurent: Indeed. The other day, you claimed I leered at you. But I assure 
    you, my intentions in observing you are strictly professional! I consider it 
    my duty to monitor everyone's condition in order to preserve their health. It 
    is entirely chaste, and free of any and all lascivious intent. I give you my 
    Nah: ...I still don't believe you!
    Laurent: Why do you refuse to believe me?!
    Nah: Manaketes can smell dishonestly. And you reek of lies!
    Laurent: You're being absurd! There is no scientific basis for such a claim.
    Nah: You smell like you're completely taken in by my adorable veneer! Ah, 
    it's my own fault for being stuck at such an insanely cute age...
    Laurent: I'll grant you "insane"!
    Nah: Augh! What am I doing standing around talking to you? I've got to get 
    out of here before you throw me in a sack and run for the hills! 
    (Nah leaves)
    Laurent: ...W-wait! I don't even own a sack! ...Nah? Oh, this is terrible. 
    I've made no progress whatsoever...
    Laurent A
    Laurent: Ah, there you are. I really must insist that you allow me to lay 
    this misunderstanding to rest.
    Nah: Creeps like you never know when to give up, do you?
    Laurent: I've told you time and again, I have no untoward inclinations toward 
    you! None! Zero! Zip! Nought! Negatory! Absolutely, positively none!
    Nah: So, you still refuse to fess up and mend your wicked ways? Then I have 
    no choice but to call for aid!
    Laurent: ...What?
    Nah: Everybody, help! Come quick! Laurent is chasing me!
    Laurent: Augh! Stop it, you lunatic! I'll be run out of camp!
    Nah: It's your own fault for going around ogling defenseless, adorable girls!
    Laurent: That is NOT what I'm doing!
    Nah: So you're sticking with the claim that it's all just a big 
    misunderstanding?Repeating it over and over won't make it true, Laurent. 
    You'll have to do better.
    Laurent: I have little alternative, given that it is the truth! What else 
    could I possibly say?
    Nah: ...All right, then.
    Laurent: Oh, thank the gods!
    Nah: Let's pretend that for a moment that you're telling the truth and I'm 
    That would mean that you DON'T think I'm hopelessly adorable!
    Laurent: You're quite charming, Nah, but that doesn't mean I bear any untold 
    desires. You are an ally, the same as anyone else in the camp. I feel 
    responsible for observing your actions and physical condition as part of my 
    work. My only desire is to preserve your health.
    Nah: Oh! Well, if it's required for you to do your job, I suppose there's no 
    helping it.
    Laurent: ...I've been saying that for weeks now.
    Nah: Look, I'll try not to jump to any conclusions again in the future. Deal? 
    (Nah leaves)
    Laurent: Oh, thank heavens. My good reputation is preserved...
    Laurent S
    Nah: Here to check up on me, Laurent? I'll just stand super still then, okay?
    Laurent: Nah, if I am here to observe you, I would need to see you in your 
    normal routine.
    Nah: What, so not standing completely still, then? Should I jump around or 
    Laurent: That's not... Please don't make my job any harder than it already 
    is, Nah.
    Nah: Very well. You don't have to be so cold. ...Unless you just hate me now. 
    You said I was charming before, right? So was that just another lie?
    Laurent: *Sigh* I find you to be demonstrably cute. ...Objectively speaking.
    Nah: And...?
    Laurent: And what?
    Nah: Come on, Laurent. Spit it out.
    Laurent: ...What?
    Nah: You're lying again. I can smell it. No one can possibly be this dense. 
    Well, there's only one thing for it... I'll turn into a dragon and go on the 
    rampage until you shape up!
    Laurent: All right, now I am completely lost! What are you talking about?
    Nah: It made me happy to hear you say that you think I'm cute. ...I was even 
    happy when you were chasing me around, if we're being honest now. And I can 
    smell it on you, even now, but... It's not enough!
    Laurent: Not... enough?
    Nah: I don't just want to smell the way you feel about me. I want to hear you 
    say it.
    Laurent: I... I see. It appears I was...being rather dense. I apologize. Or 
    perhaps I was held back by my own doubts and insecurities... But at any rate, 
    I guess you're right. I admit it. I... I love you.
    Nah: And you're sure? No more doubts?
    Laurent: I'm positive.
    Nah: Well it's about time! Sheesh!
    Laurent: I'm sorry to have made you wait so long. It seems you were far 
    quicker to realize how I felt than I was myself.
    Nah: No kidding! Nothing was working! I had to treat you like a creep just to 
    push you to see it yourself!
    Laurent: Please, Nah, for the love of everything, use a more direct approach 
    next time!
    5. Brady C
    Nah: Ah! B-Brady...
    Brady: Yeah? Whatcha want?
    Nah: I don't, er... Nothing in particular. ......
    Brady: Then why ya makin' eyes at me? You got something to say or what?
    Nah: N-nothing!
    Brady: Then what? Something wrong with you? You coming down with something?
    Nah: N-no, nothing like that. I'm fine...
    Brady: Well, you ain't ACTING fine. It's freaking me out! You don't go all 
    quiet when you talk to any of the others.
    Nah: That's not true! Er, no, it is, but... I'm not being quiet! I'm the same 
    as always...
    Brady: Sure, fine. Whatever.
    Nah: ......
    Brady: ...You scared of me? Is that it? I give ya the heebie-jeebies?
    Nah: I'm not scared! Why would I be scared?! That's crazy talk! You're crazy!
    Brady: Oh, really?
    Nah: Y-yes, really... I'm not!
    Brady: Well, whatever it is, I ain't sticking around so you can gawk. I'm 
    gonna fade.
    Nah: *Sigh* I j-just wanted to talk. When I see that face, though, I clam 
    up... It's not my fault he looks so scary!
    Brady B
    Brady: Nah! You all right?
    Nah: B-Brady? I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?
    Brady: Uh, because you nearly drowned back there? You sure you're okay?
    Nah: Absolutely. Really, I'm fine... Thanks to you. At least, I heard it was 
    you who dove in and saved me. My memory is still pretty hazy.
    Brady: Ugh, who told ya? I asked everybody not to make a big thing outta 
    Nah: But it is a big thing, Brady! Especially to me. So, thank you.
    Brady: Aw, it was nothin'.
    Nah: Nothing? I could have died!
    Brady: Not sure how. That water was three feet deep, and that's bein' 
    Nah: Augh... Please, don't remind me. I'm embarrassed half to death as it is.
    Brady: What about me? I heard you shout for help, so I dove in thinkin' it 
    was deep! Nearly telescoped my damn spine!
    Nah: ......
    Brady: But, hey, I guess we both pulled through. Just be careful in the 
    future, yeah?
    Nah: ...You're worried for me?
    Brady: What? W-well, sure, Nah! We're on the same team, ain't we?
    Nah: You're actually really sweet, you know that?
    Brady: What? Where'd that come from?
    Nah: I had you wrong. I thought you were colder. ...Scarier.
    Brady: So you WERE scared of me! I knew it!
    Nah: But not anymore! Now I know you're really a good, kindhearted person!
    Brady: Gah, stop already! I ain't used to praise. It feels almost as weird to 
    hear ya say that as it does you calling me scary!
    Nah: Good people should be recognized as such. ...Which is why I'm making a 
    point of telling everyone in camp what a sweetie you are.
    Brady: Hey, hold on! You don't gotta be tellin' no one nothin', see?!
    Brady A
    Brady: Um, Nah?
    Nah: Yes, Brady?
    Brady: Is it just me, or have you been following me around constantly the 
    last few days? Did you, uh... need something?
    Nah: Do I need to need something to be around you?
    Brady: Are ya talkin' legally? 'Cause then I guess not.
    Nah: Also, I'll be introducing myself as your little sister from now on. Just 
    so you know.
    Brady: Wait, what?
    Nah: I always wanted a nice, protective older brother. I'd say rescuing me 
    from drowning qualifies you as nice and protective, no?
    Brady: Yeah, but not as your brother!
    Nah: Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll fall into the role with practice.
    Brady: That's not the... Gah, I don't even...
    Nah: Plus I still feel so terrible for thinking my poor, misunderstood 
    brother was scary. I'll make it up to you from here on as your doting and 
    adorable little sis!
    Brady: I told ya! Ain't nothin' to make up for!
    Nah: Every debt left unpaid is a threat to the stability of human-manakete 
    Brady: That your overblown way of saying you're too stubborn to back down on 
    this? ...Fine, then. Do what you want. But ditch the brother-sister stuff! 
    Folks might get the wrong idea.
    Nah: ...Oh, all right. It's a grave shame, but I'll concede the point.
    Brady: Well, now that that's settled. See you around, Nah.
    Nah: But I make no such concession with regards to following you around!
    Brady: ...Uh, hold on just a second here.
    Nah: I intend to stay by your side until I manage to repay my debt to you.
    Brady: Y-yeah, but there's gotta be SOME exceptions! Right? Like, I don't 
    really want ya following me where I'm headed now... But which I mean I 
    expressly forbid ya from following me! Got it?!
    Nah: What? Why?! Where are you going?
    Brady: To take a bath!
    Nah: Eep! S-sorry! I'll, um... I'll see you around, Brady!
    Brady S
    Nah: So, where are we headed today, Brady?
    Brady: "We" aren't headed anywhere. Were you really planning on following me 
    around all day again?
    Nah: Well, of course!
    Brady: You don't think that's going a little far? Already told ya I release 
    you from any debt you think you owe and all that malarkey.
    Nah: Don't be silly. That's not why at all! It's only natural we should be 
    together. We're a couple.
    Brady: A couple of what? ...Er, and since when?
    Nah: Well, we spend all this time together, but you say we're not siblings.
    Brady: 'Cause we ain't! And what kind of crazy jump gets ya from there to 
    being "a couple"?!
    Nah: Haven't you felt all the envious looks around camp? The others can't 
    help but long for the sort of passion we share!
    Brady: Gah! Is that why everybody's been leering at me everywhere I go?
    Nah: They are NOT leering! ...They're celebrating our beautiful union.
    Brady: Ugh, I feel like I'm losing my mind here! There IS no beautiful union!
    And we ain't a "we"
    Nah: You don't have to shout. ...Do you really hate me that much?
    Brady: I never said that!
    Nah: Then let's get married!
    Brady: Slow down, would ya?! I need a little time to think here!
    Nah: You're divorcing me?!
    Brady: SLOW DOWN!
    Nah: *Sniff* Used up and cast aside... Who will love poor Nah now?
    Brady: Nobody used up anybody! Quit sayin' stuff what gives people funny 
    Nah: Oh! Remarriage, then?
    Brady: I have the worst headache of my life right now...
    Nah: Don't overexert yourself, Brady! You're in no condition to weather 
    needless stress. Please, I'm too young to be a widow!
    Brady: Just... Can I have a minute here? A quiet one?
    Nah: Don't worry, darling. If it comes to that, I'll use a dragonstone to 
    transfer my own life force to you.
    Brady: ...Is that a thing? I didn't know you could do that.
    Nah: I've never tried it myself, but I heard my mother talk about it. She 
    said it was the stone's true power. ...Probably?
    Brady: What was she, guessing?!
    Nah: Even if she were, I'll make it work. I'm prepared to give you half of my 
    life. That's what love means to me.
    Brady: Cheese and peanuts, this manakete love is heavy! ...Still, it feels 
    pretty good to know someone cares that much.
    Nah: Then let's tell everyone the ceremony's tonight! I always wanted to be 
    an eight o'clock bride!
    Brady: Er, there ain't no chance I'm getting you to slow down on this, is 
    5. Yarne C
    Nah: Huh? Is that... Yarne?
    Yarne: Haaaaaah...
    Nah: Whoa, what was that? Some kind of secret taguel focus training?
    Yarne: It was a sigh.
    Nah: That was pretty impressive for a sigh. I thought it was part of an 
    ancient form of meditation or something.
    Yarne: You've got some imagination, Nah. I guess the world looks different 
    when you can turn into a dragon. ...Gods, I'm so jealous.
    Nah: What? Where did that come from?
    Yarne: Well, can you blame me? There's the claws, and the fangs, and the 
    breath, and the part where you're all huge! Who wouldn't be jealous of that?
    Nah: Hey, us dragons have our share of problems too! You're a pretty obvious 
    target when you're as big as a barn!
    Yarne: Yeah, I guess. But still...
    Nah: Besides, you can transform, too!
    Yarne: Yeah, into a rabbit! Not exactly feared as nature's deadliest killers, 
    are they?
    Nah: Maybe not, but they're quicker than most. That makes them perfect for 
    quick tactical strikes and diversionary runs. I mean, come on. Bunnies have 
    their strengths.
    Yarne: Calling them "bunnies" is not helping. Ugh, let's not talk about it. 
    It's depressing.
    Nah: You were the one who brought it up!
    Yarne B
    Yarne: HAAAAAH!
    Nah: Okay, that one HAD to be secret taguel focus training!
    Yarne: Nope! Still just a sigh.
    Nah: Who sighs that aggressively? I thought you were channeling energy to 
    smash a boulder or shoot fire or something.
    Yarne: It won't be the last time I disappoint you, I'm sure...
    Nah: Geez. You're a real downer, you know that? So what's the problem? Tell 
    me. Manaketes and taguel are practically cousins, so I'm sure I'd understand.
    Yarne: I was just thinking how much I hate fighting and how I wish the war 
    were over already.
    Nah: It sounds like someone needs to get in touch with his inner warrior.
    Yarne: What makes you think I even have one?
    Nah: You're a taguel! Your people have always been fighters, the same as us 
    manaketes. If you can tap into that innate clan instinct, you'll be a 
    whirlwind of death in no time.
    Yarne: But it's also up to me to keep that clan alive. If I die, we go 
    Nah: I agree, that's a weighty responsibility. But this war could just as 
    easily kill you whether you fight or not.
    Yarne: And this is supposed to encourage me how?
    Nah: If you're not truly safe either way, why not stop worrying and fight 
    like a taguel?
    Yarne: If it were that easy to just stop worrying, we wouldn't be having this 
    Nah: Grow a spine, Yarne! Gods! I'm half your size, and I'M fighting!
    Yarne: Yeah, until you turn into a dragon! Then you're nine times my size! 
    You know what? This is dumb. We're not the same at all! Plus, there are other 
    manaketes out there if something happens to you! So quit talking like you 
    have any idea what it's like!
    Nah: ......
    Yarne: Nah... Look, I'm sorry. I should go.
    Nah: Yarne, wait. ...See you around, I guess.
    Yarne A
    Yarne: I still feel bad for barking at Nah like that. I should probably go 
    apologize. Let's see... Is this her tent? Yeah, I think so... Nah? Hey, Nah? 
    Is this a good time?
    Soldier: Aw, cheese it, boys! We got company!
    Yarne: Wh-who are you people?!
    Nah: Nnngh! NNNNNGH!
    Yarne: Nah, you're going to have to enunciate if you want me to--... wait a 
    sec, is this a kidnapping?!
    Soldier: Oy, he's seen us! Gut him like a fish, boys! Gya ha ha!
    Yarne: You can try, scum!
    (Time passes)
    Yarne: You all right, Nah? You seem pretty shaken up.
    Nah: ......
    Yarne: That was pretty bold of those bandits to sneak into the camp like 
    that... They must have thought you were just some kid they could sell into 
    slavery. Monsters!
    Nah: ...Th-thank you.
    Yarne: Don't be silly! I, uh... I'm glad to lend a hand. ...Surprised you 
    needed my help, though. I would think a couple scraggly bandits would be a 
    quick snack for a dragon.
    Nah: They snuck up and grabbed me from behind. I reached for a dragonstone, 
    Yarne: Hey, no worries. Happens to all of us from... um... time to time.
    Nah: I'm just so glad you came...
    Yarne: Y-yeah... Me, too.
    Nah: I've never seen you that fierce. I didn't know you had it in you!
    Yarne: Heh. Neither did I, honestly!
    Nah: I was just... so scareed. Even now, when I think of what could have 
    Yarne: Hey, believe me, I'm the last guy to blame anyone for being scared. 
    But you're safe now, thanks to a certain killer bunny!
    Nah: You know, you really were amazing...
    Yarne: Aw, it's nothing anyone else wouldn't have done. But if you're ever in 
    trouble again, you know you can count on me.
    Nah: I will!
    Yarne: ...Sweet carrots! It feels good to play the hero for a change.
    Yarne S
    Yarne: Nah, I--
    Nah: Eek!
    Yarne: Whoa, hey, it's just me! It's Yarne! What's with the scream?
    Nah: O-oh, I'm... I'm sorry, Yarne.
    Yarne: Are you still shook up from those dumb bandits? I'd been wondering. 
    I've heard the others say you've been jumpy lately.
    Nah: I can't help it. I know it's silly, but I still get nightmares. Crazy, 
    right? I mean, I'm a manakete! But now I can't even sleep without seeing 
    kidnappers everywhere. It's stupid. ...I'm stupid.
    Yarne: You're not stupid, Nah! It was a terrible experience, you know? Have 
    you talked to anyone else about this?
    Nah: ......
    Yarne: I guess it's tough to come out and say a giant dragon is afraid of 
    bandits, huh? Look, nobody would ever laugh at you for it, but I won't 
    pressure you. However, I WILL promise to keep you safe! I'll stand guard by 
    your tent if I have to.
    Nah: What?
    Yarne: No one deserves to live their life in fear, no matter how strong they 
    Nah: You really mean that?
    Yarne: Of course! So rest easy. I'm here for you.
    Nah: That's so kind... I'm... I'm so grateful, but... *sniff* But I can't ask 
    you to.
    Yarne: Hey, don't cry. It's just what you do for... the girl that you love.
    Nah: What?
    Yarne: It spooked me so bad when I saw them try to take you. I think that's 
    when it hit me... I'd fight anyone to keep you safe, Nah. I never want to 
    lose you.
    Nah: Oh, Yarne! You're my hero!
    Yarne: Heh, I guess I owe those bandits one.
    Nah: Oh, don't even-- That's awful!
    Yarne: Heh. Funny to think about, though, isn't it? A cuddly bunny rabbit 
    protecting a dragon? Heh heh... Ha ha ha!
    Nah: ...Hee hee! Yeah... maybe just a bit. Oh, c'mere, cuddles!
    5. Inigo C
    Nah: Hello, Inigo
    Inigo: Oh, hello, Nah!
    Nah: Off pursuing females again?
    Inigo: That's rather crass, don't you think? I'm simply a man who appreciates 
    beauty! And frankly, I'd settle for a nice chat over a cup of tea.
    Nah: I hear you normally settle for being punched in the face.
    Inigo: Once! That happened ONE time! ... Er, in the recent past. Say, how do 
    you know about that, anyway?
    Nah: Word of the shameless spreads quickly. Everyone in town knows you're an 
    indiscriminate flirt.
    Inigo: I'll have you know, I'm very discriminating! ...I only approach ladies 
    who seem likely to say yes.
    Nah: What about the woman who dislocated your shoulder? Did she look 
    Inigo: You're dredging up a lot of painful memories here, Nah...
    Nah: Did it never occur to you that women might find what you're doing 
    It's little wonder some get violent when they learn they're just one among 
    Inigo: Every lady is one in a million to me! And they all seemed perfectly 
    happy while we were on the date.
    Nah: That isn't the point!
    Inigo: I'm sorry, Nah, but I can debate the fine arts of low with you no 
    longer. The day is young, and there are many ladies to meet. Ta-ta!
    Nah: What? But I'm not done lecturing you yet! Inigo! Get back here this 
    Inigo B
    Inigo: *Sigh* ...She didn't have to yell like that. A simple no would have 
    Ah, well. Plenty of fish in the sea.
    Nah: Still haven't learned your lesson, I see.
    Inigo: No one has ever won a woman's heart through capitulation!
    Nah: Or creepiness. How do you not surrender after being turned down this 
    many times?
    Inigo: It's who I am. Flirting is in my blood! I'm constitutionally incapable 
    of NOT talking to beautiful women.
    Nah: Ugh, I'm wasting my breath trying to convince you with words. I suppose 
    I'll just have to eat you and be done with it.
    Inigo: Ha ha! Ha! Oh, what a wit! What a razor-sharp... um... wit. You know, 
    I really wish you wouldn't tell jokes with a straight face like that.
    Nah: Honestly, I don't see why you need to ask women out at all. You're 
    handsome enough. If you kept your mouth shut, they'd come to you.
    Inigo: Who would even know to look for me if I didn't put myself out there?
    Nah: Well, me, for one. I imagine I could find you tolerable if you stopped 
    Inigo: Ah, the sweet naivete of youth! You're too young to be worrying about 
    other people's affairs of the heart, Nah. But I'm sure you'll find someone 
    perfect once you're older. Now why don't you run along and see if Uncle Chrom 
    will read you a bedtime story?
    Nah: ...Get back here, you idiot! Manaketes just grow slowly! I'm the same 
    age as you!
    Inigo A
    Nah: Might I have a word, Inigo?
    Inigo: Hmm? Oh, of course Nah. What is it?
    Nah: I've been thinking about what you said before.
    Inigo: What did I say?
    Nah: That I was too young to be worrying about other people's affairs of the 
    Inigo: Ah, yes. That. Look, I've apologized several times. And you DO look 
    very young...
    Nah: Exactly. Which is what got me thinking. If I were bigger, you wouldn't 
    treat me like a child anymore, correct?
    Inigo: Is this a trick? This seems like a trick. But, well... No. I suppose I 
    wouldn't. -But the point's moot, isn't it? It's not like you can grow 
    Nah: Oh, I don't even need a night, Inigo. I can do it right here.
    Inigo: Damn, it WAS a trick! I knew it!
    Nah: On your mark, get set... GROOOOOOW!
    Inigo: W-wait, Nah! L-let's not be hasty... AAAIIIEEEEEE!!
    (Time passes)
    Inigo: I... I just saw my life flash before my eyes... I saw the faces of a 
    thousand girls, dressed in black. They... wept for me.
    Nah: Oh, please. You're exaggerating.
    Inigo: Am I?! You weren't five paces away when you transformed! I thought I 
    was going to get trampled to death by a giant dragon!
    Nah: NOW will you stop saying that I'm young?
    Inigo: Y-yes ma'am! Of course, ma'am!
    Nah: Ha ha, good! You're lucky I'm in a good mood today. I'll let you off the 
    hook with a warning.
    Inigo: ...Oh, gods. I was almost dragon chow!
    Inigo S
    Nah: How are you today, Inigo?
    Inigo: Gah! I'm fine, ma'am! My, but you're looking old and wrinkly today!
    Nah: No female-chasing for you this afternoon?
    Inigo: Nope! Nuh-uh! Not me!
    Nah: Finally grew out of it, eh?
    Inigo: I got the feeling that continuing to flirt might be...harmful to my 
    life span.
    Nah: Well, I suppose it's only natural the stress of all those rejections 
    would take their toll.
    Inigo: I'm worried less about stress than I am about some dragon eating... 
    Er, you know what? Never mind.
    Nah: Well, I'm proud of you regardless. Now we just need to pick a date for 
    the wedding!
    Inigo: ...Wedding? Whose wedding?
    Nah: Ours, silly! You have quite the knack for getting into trouble when you 
    aren't supervised. So I've decided to be your lifetime chaperone!
    Inigo: You WHAT?!
    Nah: Well, we already established that I'm old enough for you.
    Inigo: Yes, but that hardly means that we should be MARRIED!
    Nah: Hee hee! I understand. You're still shocked a catch like me agreed to 
    look after you.
    Inigo: I'm shocked about a LOT of things at the moment! Er, I don't have a 
    veto about this, do I?
    Nah: Now why on earth would you want to... ...Waaait a minute! You're not 
    thinking of cheating on your new wife, are you?! Bad husband! That's a BAD 
    husband! I suppose I'll have to eat you after all!
    Inigo: You REALLY have to stop joking around with that whole eating thing!
    ...Er, joking around, yes? ...Joking? ...Ha ha ha? R-right, then! I'm done 
    with the ladies forever! Just call me Mister Faithful!
    Nah: Good. And remember, if you break your promise to me... Chomp, chomp!
    Inigo: *Gulp* R-right. Chomp... chomp. One question, though...
    Nah: What's that?
    Inigo: Does inviting a girl out to tea count at cheating?
    Nah: ......
    Inigo: I mean, it's just tea, right? Nothing wrong with a cup, right?
    Nah: CHOMP, CHOMP!
    Inigo: Aaaaaah! H-help! Heeeeeelp! My fiancee's gonna eat meeeeee!
    5. Gerome C
    Gerome: ...... Someone is following me.
    Nah: So you finally noticed.
    Gerome: You.
    Nah: I have a name. It's Nah!
    Gerome: Why are you following me?
    Nah: You interest me.
    Gerome: In what way?
    Nah: You're always sulking about on your own... That makes you different. I'm 
    interested in "different."
    Gerome: That still doesn't explain why you are following me.
    Nah: I wanted to see how you'd react when you discovered me. Out of 
    enlightened curiosity, of course.
    Gerome: You wanted to scare me? Is that it? I don't have time for games. 
    Don't talk to me again. ...Minerva, away!
    Nah: No. Wait! ...He flew off. If only I could follow him somehow... Well... 
    I am a dragon. I could just transform and then... Er... Drat. He's long gone 
    Gerome B
    Gerome: ...I'm being followed again. Come out and show yourself! I know 
    you're there!
    Nah: Ah. Caught me again!
    Gerome: I should have known.
    Nah: Gerome, I have a favor to ask.
    Gerome: *Sigh* What is it?
    Nah: ...Will you let me touch your mask?
    Gerome: No.
    Nah: Why not? I don't care about seeing your face. I'll even close my eyes if 
    it makes you feel better. Again, I'm just curious, is all.
    Gerome: Even so, no. ... And whatever for? It's just a simple mask.
    Nah: But I won't know that until I touch it. So come on!
    Gerome: No. End of discussion.
    Nah: Now you're just being stubborn! You know you don't need it! If you 
    thought about it for a second or two, you'd see that.
    Gerome: Hmph.
    Nah: ...... Done thinking about it yet? Then go ahead, take it off!
    Gerome: What are you blathering about? I thought you didn't want to see my 
    face?! The mask stays and that's that!
    Nah: Oh, very well! It's not that important anyway. Calm down, Gerome... It's 
    not like I think you're ugly under there or anything. I'm just curious.
    Gerome: That's not the point.
    Nah: All right. I'll go. ...... GIMME THAT! Just... give me... that... 
    Gerome: Get back, you madwoman! Ow! Argh! Put that stick down! Put it down, I 
    Nah: Not so tough now, are you?! Now! Give me that mask! Hrrngh!!!
    Gerome: I don't have a stick! ...Ow! ...Right, that's enough! Minerva, to me!
    Nah: Don't you dare! Come back here right now! ...Blast it! He flew off 
    Gerome A
    Gerome: Huh? Is that...?
    Gerome: Does that woman never rest?! ...Wait, what's she--? Oh, gods! She's 
    charging right at me!
    Nah: The mask! The mask! Give me that mask!
    Gerome: Heavens save me, she's gone insane! Must get out of here! Minerva, to 
    Gerome: Egads, the very ground trembles when she roars! How can such a 
    diminutive figure produce such a bloodcurdling sound?!
    Nah: *Pant, pant*
    Gerome: Why, damn you?! Why are you chasing me with such desperation?
    Nah: I thought I told you? Curiosity!
    Gerome: That hardly justifies your obsessive ferocity!
    Nah: ...Well, your obstinance isn't helping!
    Gerome: W-what's that supposed to mean? Aaargh! You're like a small child 
    throwing fits for no reason! ...Wait. You are a child, aren't you?
    Nah: Well, in manakete years I'm practically a mewling babe. But in human 
    years I'm the same age as you.
    Gerome: So, you're just playing with me, then? Is this all some... game?
    Nah: Well, by now it is, yes. Take a good look. It's rare that I ever get 
    this way. Never toy with my voracious curiosity!
    Gerome: Why didn't you just tell me?! It would have saved a lot of 
    Nah: Because puzzles are more fun if you must put in a little work to solve 
    them! Besides, you wouldn't have played if I told you! You're always so 
    grumpy. I couldn't even keep you in one spot long enough to talk to until 
    Gerome: I don't know...
    Nah: Come, now. Admit it. You would have brushed me off like an annoying 
    child. Actually, you've been doing just that, no?
    Gerome: ...So this started out as curiosity, and gradually devolved to... 
    this? ...You wanted to be friends but were afraid I'd refuse if you asked 
    directly. So instead, you've been playing these annoying games?
    Nah: Well it's all over now that you've discovered my fiendishly clever plan. 
    Gerome: Nah, wait! Come back. ...Damn. She's gone. ...Perhaps next time we 
    meet it wouldn't hurt to play along...?
    Gerome S
    Gerome: Hello, Nah.
    Nah: EEEEEEK!
    Gerome: Hey, careful with those claws! They're sharp!
    Nah: Well, you're the one who snuck up on me! Er... what do you want, anyway?
    Gerome: I want to clear the air... I think you may have the wrong idea. I 
    don't dislike you, Nah. Far from it, in fact.
    Nah: So why do you jump on Minerva and fly off in the middle of 
    Gerome: I don't know. Perhaps I don't know how to respond to a woman so... 
    interested in me. Though honestly, I've never been good at talking to people 
    in general. I do wear this mask for a reason...
    Nah: So I see. I guess I can understand... But really, I'm just like everyone 
    else, underneath it all.
    Gerome: I... know that now. It just... took me some time to come to that 
    realization. So...
    Nah: So...
    Gerome: So in the interest of starting over... I'm wondering if you'd like to 
    play a game together? You can choose it. I promise I won't fly away on 
    Minerva this time.
    Nah: Really? You'd do that for me?
    Gerome: Yes, I feel like... I owe it to you, after all. And, I suppose I 
    could... loosen up a bit... Plus, if we're going to be friends, then I have 
    to do things for you. Friends do that... right?
    Nah: Can we get married, then?
    Gerome: Er, is that what the game is called? I'm not quite familiar with the 
    Nah: No, you silly man. I mean for real!
    Gerome: Wh-where is this coming from?!
    Nah: Don't you realize why I've been following you around all this time? It's 
    because I've fallen in lo--
    Gerome: Stop! That's enough. ...... Look. Why don't we pretend to marry for 
    now and get to know each other? That would be fun, right?
    Nah: No! I don't want to pretend! I truly do want to get married.
    Gerome: Yes, but perhaps if we wait until we're both a little older--
    Nah: Then you have to promise!
    Gerome: I swear, on my honor as a soldier, that I will consider it. 
    Nah: I'm more than willing to wait for a man that piques my curiosity like 
    you do... After all, what's a few years to a manakete?
    6. Owain C
    Noire: Hnnnnrrrggghhh!
    Owain: Whoa, Noire! That an awful big load you've got. What are you up to?
    Noire: Eep! ...O-oh! Hello Owain. I'm just bringing some ingredients back 
    from the market.
    Owain: Geez, they look heavy. Here, lemme help you.
    Noire: Um, but... are you sure?
    Owain: Sure, I'm sure! Just drop 'em there, and let your white knight take 
    Noire: I'm sorry for the trouble. Thank you.
    Owain: I'm a lone wolf by nature, but the call of an innocent in distress 
    By the red hair of Eliwood! This really is heavy! Is all this stuff for 
    tonight's dinner?
    Noire: No, not exactly. I thought I'd try my hand at confections.
    Owain: Ah! And what do you have to confess? Go on now, you can tell old 
    Noire: Er, no. "Confections." Baked sweets. Little cakes and the like? So 
    I've got flour, milk, eggs, honey, and a few random fruits.
    Owain: Wow, I didn't know you were such an amazing cook!
    Noire: Um, well, I haven't cooked anything yet. Actually, this is my first 
    But maybe you might... try it? I mean... if you... want?
    Owain: I'd love to! My sword hand is always hungry for conventions!
    Noire: Um, "confections." It's pronounced... N-never mind. Thanks, Owain. 
    I'll try not to let you down.
    Owain B
    Owain: Hey, Noire! I'm here to put some cake in my belly!
    Noire: Eep! O-Owain! Hello...
    Owain: Whoa, it smells amazing in here! It's making my mouth water.
    Noire: I hope it's all right. Some of these proportions are a bit tricky.
    Owain: I'll let my stomach be the final arbiter of quality here. Give me 
    *Horf, snorf, chomp* By the juggled axe of Kieran! This is amazing!
    Noire: R-really? Oh, I'm so glad...
    Owain: It's like a lightning bolt of flavor from a fluffy nimbus of perfect 
    Is this your mother's recipe? Because it tastes like magic!
    Noire: I'd always wanted to try it, but... Well, we never had the 
    Owain: Ha! Tell me about it! I spent most of my time in the future eating 
    So what do you call this delicious morsel, anyway?
    Noire: I... I don't know. The recipe never mentioned a name.
    Owain: Then I must give it one!
    Noire: Er... You will?
    Owain: Sure! If you don't know it, I doubt anybody does, so I may as well 
    give it a new one!
    Noire: I... I suppose that's okay.
    Owain: A harmonious clash of sweet and bitter rise up through a field of 
    earthen brown... A single whole, when sliced, shows two tiers joined by 
    icing, as two hearts by love... It's coming to me... Brace yourself! It's... 
    coming... to... me...!
    Behold! The Garden of Eternal Devotion!
    Noire: That's... That's beautiful, Owain! You're a poet! You just poemed!
    Owain: I did? I mean, um... Ha ha ha! Of course I did!
    Noire: Oh, there are so many cakes I'd like to have you try! But even here in 
    the past, this stupid war makes it hard to find ingredients.
    Owain: Ha! Never fear, my dear chef! I'm sure we'll figure something out.
    Noire: Um, so if I do... will you name it again? L-like before? I mean, like 
    a poem?
    Owain: S-sure, why not?!
    Owain A
    Owain: Hey, Noire!
    Noire: Eep! H-hello, Owain...
    Owain: Any chance you could whip up another cake? I'm craving something 
    Noire: Oh, I'm so sorry! But I'm all out of ingredients.
    Owain: Ah... I figured as much.
    Noire: I really am sorry...
    Owain: Don't apologize! It's just one more reason for me to fight for peace!
    Noire: I... I was looking forward to hearing your poems again.
    Owain: You're really stuck on that, huh?
    Noire: Eep! S-sorry! I didn't mean to---
    Owain: Heh, you sure are jumpy. Anyway, if you could make any cake you 
    wanted, what would it be? The last one tasted like chocolate, but there have 
    to be other kinds.
    Noire: Well, there are sweet breads you eat with jam and butter... Um, and 
    then spongy cakes that you put berries on... All kinds, really. I don't know 
    which one I'd like to try.
    Owain: Oof, I shouldn't have asked... I'm drooling just hearing about them!
    Noire: S-say, Owain...?
    Owain: Hm?
    Noire: Could describing them be enough to come up with a name? I mean, um...
    Could you maybe poem a cake that didn't exist yet?
    Owain: Sorry, no can do. The engine of inspiration is sparked by frosting on 
    the palate. It's like the flavor shakes the words out of my very soul!
    Noire: Oh. ...Then I'll just have to try doubly hard to find ingredients.
    Owain: Just don't do anything crazy, all right? I don't want you robbing an 
    old lady's larder or something.
    Noire: I won't do... that.
    Owain: I don't want to know!
    Owain S
    Noire: O-Owain! I made another cake!
    Owain: You did? Can I have a bite? Please? Pretty please?!
    Noire: Of course! I... I made it for you.
    Owain: Ooh, now this looks great! Don't blink or you'll miss this 
    disappearing act! *Horf, norf, snark, chomp, shlurp* ...BRAAAAAAAAAP! Oh, 
    gods. I feel it! ...I feel inspiration! Get ready! Here it comes!
    Noire: I've never been so ready in my life!
    Owain: The flavores swirl like veining in the marble walls of a giant cakey 
    cathedral! A symphony of scent scintillates the space with notes of supple 
    Citrus-tinged light shines forth as if through a stained-glass window! 
    Here... it... COOOOOMES... The High Temple of Austere Majesty!
    Noire: A... t-temple? My cake is a temple?
    Owain: And at it's altar, a prince and princess exchange their wedding vows!
    Noire: A royal wedding?! Oh my goodness!
    Owain: Oh, Noire! I cannot bear the thought of life without your sweet cakes!
    Marry me, Noire! Marry me!
    Noire: ...... Heh... Heh heh heh... Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! BLOOD AND THUNDER!
    Owain: Gah! L-look! I'm sorry! You can just say no if you want! It's totally 
    Noire: YOU STOLE IT!
    Owain: I stole wh-what?!
    Noire: YOU STOLE MY PLAN! The cake was but a way to butter you up before 
    asking the same question! And now you have o'erstepped your bounds and ruined 
    my plan! INSOLENCE!
    Owain: B-but wait! We both get what we want! Who cares who asks who first?!
    Noire: ...... ...Oh. R-right. Yes, of course. I'm terribly sorry. I shouldn't 
    have yelled, Owain. I was just a bit... overcome.
    Owain: Hey, I know how it goes. I have trouble reining it in sometimes, too.
    Maybe that's another reason why we'd be good for each other? ...Maybe?
    Noire: Oh, Owain! I am so very fond of you! I love how you chew with your 
    mouth open! I love how you name your utensils! I love it all!
    Owain: Now you're making ME feel a little overcome!
    Noire: Hee hee!
    6. Laurent C
    Noire: All right... On to the next task.
    Laurent: You seem exceptionally busy, Noire. What has you so occupied?
    Noire: Oh, nothing. Just on my way to draw water for tonight's dinner.
    Laurent: In that enormous bucket?
    Noire: W-well, yes?
    Laurent: Then pray, allow me.
    Noire: What? No, I couldn't ask you to do that.
    Laurent: A slight person like yourself oughtn't put undo strain on their 
    frame. I won't explain the physics behind it, save to say it may bring about 
    a fracture.
    Noire: B-but, this is the same bucket I've been using for years.
    Laurent: What if your anemia acted up and you grew light headed? You could be 
    badly injured.
    Noire: But, Laurent, I feel fine! ...Oh, okay! You can help! But just for 
    Laurent: Excellent. Leave it to me. And this water is bound for the mess-tent 
    team, correct?
    Noire: Yes, that's right. Thank you.
    Laurent: Thanks are not required. I insisted, did I not?
    Laurent B
    Laurent: How are you feeling, Noire? Taking care not to overexert yourself, I 
    Noire: I'm fine, thank you. I've been feeling quite well for some time now.
    Laurent: Excellent news. But pray, stay wary. Our marches have been grueling 
    of late, and exhaustion is a relentless foe.
    Noire: R-really, Laurent, I'm fine. You don't have to worry so.
    Laurent: You ought to express this level of concern as well. Frankly, your 
    body is rather frail. You must be realistic and cautious in how you treat it.
    Noire: Look, everyone else is busy keeping the camp clean and well supplied. 
    I can't be the only one lounging about!
    Laurent: And yet, I would impress on you that resting adequately is your 
    greatest responsibility.
    Noire: Even if I tried, I don't think I could sit still with everyone else 
    buzzing around. If the guilt didn't keep me up, the sheer amount of activity 
    around me would.
    Laurent: And what if thinking of you pushing yourself beyond reason keeps the 
    rest of us awake?
    Noire: ......
    Laurent: Have you eaten today, Noire?
    Noire: N-not yet, no.
    Laurent: This is unacceptable. Run along and eat.
    Noire: I don't really... I'm not hungry.
    Laurent: Caloric intake is critical for success in all areas of life... 
    Unless this lack of appetite is a symptom of some ailment you've contracted?
    Noire: Laurent, I'm fine, okay? I. Feel. Fine.
    Laurent: Maintaining energy levels is critical, and yet you leave food 
    uneaten at every meal. This cannot continue. It's the duty of every soldier 
    to clean his or her plate.
    Noire: Look, would you... Can you just... Fine. I'll eat more.