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"A FE to beat all some."

Having finally played Fire Emblem: Kakusei, I can say without a doubt that the game is most definitely a polished, amazing game. The graphics are spot on, the sound is good, the music falters a bit, but...the gameplay while at core is still the same ol' Fire Emblem stuff, is enhanced by many things such as the Double system, Dual Tag, Dual Guard/Dual Attack et cetera et cetera et cetera.

As stated in the introduction, the gameplay at the core of things is the same FE typical stuff: grab your unit, move X tiles, and attack enemy units for victory. Sometimes, capture the objective. But, with a new addition called the dual system, the game takes on a whole new level. During the pre-battle screen, along with hit rate, critical percentage, and damage dealt...there will be a tab that shows you the percentage that a Dual Attack -- your attacking character plus a nearby support character attacking the enemy in the same turn-- or a Dual Guard -- your defending character plus a nearby support character defending against the enemy for zero damage -- will occur. What, doesn't seem interesting? The preface of having two characters gain EXP in the same battle definitely is. Just for something so simple as this, FE13 easily has an edge over all previous Fire Emblems. However, it does suffer in that one should be able to dual attack at will -- in a war situation there is no such thing as percentage of two units working together. They either do or they don't, and usually it's the commander, in this case the player, who directs such things.

Final Score: 9.5/10

CG is amazing, we get a couple of animated scenes, and overall it's just a great work for the 3DS. However, some SpotPass DLC looks rather...unruly, and while that is an opinion, I'm sure that others can EASILY tell that previous existing characters compared tot he SpotPass DLC are changed for...the worse?

Final Score: 8/10

This is your typical story. While I won't spoil much, it pretty much follows the precepts of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. Your playable units start out in their royal station, go out to fight a brooding neighboring country, then face some final boss int he awkward twist. Not much to comment on.

Final Score: 5/10 as it really isn't original and has been done before...a LOT.

FE13 is a great game and definitely shouldn't miss out on it. While yes there are some qualms that I myself may have, you should NOT use this review as a gauge to tell whether or not you will buy the game. Trust your feelings, you've got to live and LEARN!

Final Overall Score/notanaverage: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/07/12

Game Release: Fire Emblem: Kakusei (JP, 04/19/12)

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