Can someone help me on 3-8 and 3-10?

  1. 3-9 Was easy but 3-8 and 3-10 is driving me crazy..Someone Help me?

    User Info: CrazedGamer123

    CrazedGamer123 - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. naming conventions: color#(if multiple of that color otherwise color) numbers left to right top to bottom (shape if ambiguous),
    Pink out 2 or 3 (does not matter). jump up
    Blue out 1. jump up, hit button. brown1 out 2. jump up
    Pink to flat. white1 out 3. brown1 in 1. green out 2. jump up
    whute1 in 2 brown2 out 1. jump up on top of blue.
    Pink out 2. jump into gap in front of white2.
    blue in 2. white2 out 1. jump to ground.
    Pink out 1. jump up. blue out 1. jump on button.
    brown1 out 1. jump up.
    white1 in 1. pink to flat. white1 out 3. jump on top of blue.
    white2 out 2. jump up pink out 1. goal.
    Pink1 out 3. blue out 2. jump int red hatch. jump up.
    pink3 (+) out 2. jump down.
    pink1 in 3. pink2 out 3. take blue hatch. jump up blue4 (+2) out 1. jump down landing on pink2.
    pink3 (+) in 1 take yellow hatch. jump up. goal.

    User Info: gardain06

    gardain06 - 5 years ago 2 0

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