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  1. OK so during my online adventures ive noticed some different cows. One of them is a black and white cow with out the blonde hair tuft. it looks like the older HM cows. the other is a large cow. not the enormous one you get with 4 players, just a bit bigger than normal. ive seen big versions of both black and white, and the brown and white. how do i go about getting these cows? the olde fashioned black and white, and the larger versions

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    ooglopboy - 4 years ago
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    Also, black faced sheep

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    ooglopboy - 4 years ago

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  1. The old style cow is an alternate prize you can choose if you win the Cow Festival on Fall 04.

    The slightly larger cows you see in WiFi are cows that have 10 hearts and give 5 products. This happens with sheep, alpacas, llamas, and yaks too.

    Black faced sheep are called Suffolk Sheep, and you get them by either having 3 sheep born on your farm or waiting until Spring of Year 3.

    The brown cows are Jersey Cows, and you get those by either having 3 cows born on your farm or waiting until Fall of Year 2.

    (You didn't ask this, but for the sake of completion)

    The black chickens are Silkie Chickens, and you can get them by either hatching 10 chicks, waiting until Winter of Year 2 OR trading for a Silkie Egg on WiFi.

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  1. The old style cow you can get by winning the cow festival and choosing the cow as your prize instead of item. The brown cows are jersey cows and are sold by Neil in fall of second year or by getting 3 cows pregnant.

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    Johnnynorth - 4 years ago 1 0

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