Crop Festival?

  1. Hi, I need to win an intermediate class for crops for the town renevation. I'm wondering how many stars to win and how do you make it so your crops do get a lor of stars? My crops keep being one star. Help, please? :)

    User Info: utterlymuah

    utterlymuah - 5 years ago

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  1. To win intermediate you need at least 3 star. For advance 4.5 star. To get a lot of star you'll need a seed maker. This is how it's work:

    1. Plant seeds like normal
    2. Fertilize it
    3. Harvest the fertilized crop ( you should get an increase of 0.5 star. More if you're lucky.)
    4. Put the 1 star seed into the seed maker
    5. Repeat step 1 with your 1.5 star seed

    if you keep doing this you will eventually get a 5 star seed.

    User Info: Master666Z

    Master666Z - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. ^just like master666z have said or if you don't have seeds maker yet, you can plant re-growed crops like tomato, broccoli. Then give it fertilizer everyday. I did it with broccoli and at the end of winter I can get 3.5 stars.

    User Info: rubenz_d

    rubenz_d - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. when you construct the makers shed, rebecca will start selling 4 different machines for the makers shed, buy the seed maker and build it for the makers shed, then put one of your crops in the seed maker, the seeds will have the same quality ass the crop you put in, repeat the process to have high quality crops :P

    use fertilizer in the crops to raise ther level(use it once per week)

    to win the begginers class you will need a star and a half crop
    for the intermediate a 3 star crop
    and for the advanced class a 4 and half star

    User Info: the-mage-zeref

    the-mage-zeref - 4 years ago 0 1
  3. Er, mage you are incorrect about fertilizer use. You'll want to use it EVERY DAY, not once per week.

    Remember you guys can always check the fogu pages on this kind of stuff.

    User Info: IvyX

    IvyX - 4 years ago 0 0
  4. There is actually a better method that I use but you really need to master timing for this method. I use soybeans that take 45 days to grow and I use fertilizer on it everyday and I ended up getting 4.5 stars at the closest crop festival when they were finished growing :D And you need 3 stars to win the intermediate crop festival so this is a shoe in to win technique! Good luck! :D

    User Info: YokaiTenshi95

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  5. I would actually recommend wheat as it grows all year long and you can re-harvest it over and over so yeah...

    User Info: minecraft4ever9

    minecraft4ever9 - 2 years ago 0 0
  6. Based upon this information, as per these conditions such that a certain (1) aforementioned Seed Maker is not available in the first season of Spring and the (2) aforementioned Crop Festival is in Spring, one can conclude that it is impossible to raise crops above one and five-tenths stars quality in the season of Spring in 'Year One'; ergo, rendering it impossible for the player to obtain first place in any ranking other than Beginner Rank in the first season. I apologize for my fractured English, my brain moves faster than my fingers and I am a busy person.

    User Info: ChronosGiegue

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