How to build a garden for the garden tour event?

  1. I was asked to launch a garde tour event in the game. But all I have is the garden platform. I do not know what do I need to build in order to build a nice garden for the event to earn more money.

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    yuki12341 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The gardening system is really complicated (even the Fogu page on it is confusing).
    Basically you use the blueprints you find/buy for things like flower pots, hay bales, street lights, fences, ect. to make a garden. Each item has a point value that contributes to a total score. If you're score isn't high enough, the villagers aren't pleased and you basically get booed and lose a lot of Friendship Points. Also you can't use the same set up for each gardening tour and expect to get a good score. According to Fogu, If you use more than 50% of the same items, you'll get a bad score. I feel like it's even less though, I had to take most of my items off after the first time (Even though I failed the first Tour, I still couldn't use most of the items for the next one.

    The best way to go about it is to put items on the Gardening Space that fit into sets.

    From Fogu:
    Brick Set: Brick Stack, Brick Pillar, and Brick Wall
    Stone Set: Stone Bench, Stone Pillar, and Stone Fence
    Wooden Set: Wooden Bench, Wooden Pillar, and Wooden Fence
    Farm Set: Scarecrow, Weather Vane, Hay Bale, and Well
    Beach Set: Beacon, Old Table, Log Chair, and Hammock
    Sakura Set: Stone Lantern, Eastern Table, Tea Table, and Parasol
    Bistro Set: Fancy Street Light, Table, Garden Chair, and Parasol Table

    You get the blueprints for these items from Rebecca's shop, mining, and the other villagers.
    That's just my beginner's advice on how to have a successful Garden Tour. Here's the URL for the Fogu page:
    ^It goes into greater detail on the system and gives you the individual point values for items and sets. Hope that helps.

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