The Witch Princess?

  1. To be short, I want to date/Marry the Witch Princess, but I can't find any straightforward answers on all the prerequisites on the web, and all I know is that you have to get black fragments, which have their own requirements. If someone could please take the time out of their day to explain to me all the stuff it requires, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. someone said something on another board about having to find 300 mined this true?

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  1. I have to ask this but have you checked the fogu website for this game: -> Fragment Info -> Witch Princess Info

    Hope this helps,

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  2. You have to build her house first. You get the plans from the Black Fragments (After you get them go to the night stand and select them and they will form together).

    1 Black Fragment from fishing - in Group 1, shouldn't take long.
    2 Black Fragments from mining but you can only unlock them after you've mined up 300 things and it has to be the second year. (You have to unlock the blueprint group they are in and it has requirements)

    Now to build her house you need 30 Black Material Stone, 30 Black Lumber, 15 Linen, 3 Glittering Stones, and 5 Ancient Clay Figures.

    Ancient Clay Figures can only be found on the last vacation spot you can unlock. That takes some work. You need to go on 5 vacations (to any of the places but I think you must unlock them in order before the 4th one with unlock) and you need to be have 12,000 FP with the pilot Charles.

    I think that's all there is to it but it will take a lot of time (unless you have a friend to trade them to you).

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