Town restoration plan 3?

  1. I have completed all of the tasks for town restoration plan 2 but I have not been given town restoration plan 3 it has been 5 days. I am on Fall 25. Is there something I am missing?

    User Info: kestier25

    kestier25 - 4 years ago

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  1. Town Restoration #3
    Plan #1: Please build a cottage.
    Plan #2: Please build a restaurant.
    Plan #3: Please build a inn.
    Plan #4: Please build a clinic.
    Plan #5: Please raise your value of crops shipped above 200,000G.
    Plan #6. Please make it possible to hold a Sheep Festival.
    Plan #7: Please make it possible to hold a Music Festival.

    First, did Rod, Clement, Felicity, Hossan, Niko and Klaus moved in?

    Second, do you have an adult sheep? If you do, that should have unlocked the Sheep Festival.

    Third, do you have a total of 15 villagers (you should have 15 after you build every single house to this part)? If you do, you should have unlocked the Music Festival.

    Fourth, did you ship over a total of 200, 000G? You cannot keep track, there's nothing to show how much you have shipped so you have to keep checking in the Town Restoration Plan to see if that part has been circled.

    If you said yes to all of those, double check! To double check, simply do the following two steps:

    1. Open the Town Restoration via the menu when you press X.
    2. Check to see if each of the plans has this orange-red circle on the images. This means that it has been done.

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  1. When you look at the town restoration plan menu, are all the items circled?

    User Info: bettynoire

    bettynoire - 4 years ago 0 0

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