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    FAQ by KeyBlade999

    Version: Final | Updated: 10/02/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                  ( (____  _   _   _  __ _ ____  _ __   ___ | |_  ___
                   \____ \| | | | | |/ _` |  _ \| '_ \ / _ \|  _|/ _ \
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                       |                Swapnote               |
                       |                 An FAQ                |
                       |             By KeyBlade999            |
                       |                                       |
                       |           File Size: 11.0 KB          |
                       |         Current Version: Final        |
                       |  Previous Update: 12:19 AM 10/2/2012  |
                            Section Negative One: Donations         **SWAPNOTE_-1**
    While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
    effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
    appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
    donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping
    me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated,
    and are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do
    decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the
    e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for considering this!!
    By the way, this is also my contact e-mail, so if you want to contribute
    something to this or any of my other FAQs, or have a question to ask about one
    of them, go ahead and use this e-mail.
                            Section Zero: Table of Contents          **SWAPNOTE_0**
      [Section Title] ............................................. [CTRL+F Tag]
      -1. Donations ............................................... **SWAPNOTE_-1**
       0. Table of Contents ....................................... **SWAPNOTE_0**
       1. Introduction ............................................ **SWAPNOTE_1**
       2. Version History ......................................... **SWAPNOTE_2**
       3. Legalities .............................................. **SWAPNOTE_3**
       4. Basics of the Game ...................................... **SWAPNOTE_4**
                               Section One: Introduction             **SWAPNOTE_1**
    Welcome to another FAQ of mine. This one covers the Nintendo 3DS application,
    Swapnote. Swapnote is an application akin to the Flipnote Studio app on the
    Nintendo DSi. In fact, it is basically the same thing, but with more variety
    and 3D-ness.
    Crappy intro aside, let's get this FAQ on the road.
                             Section Two: Version History            **SWAPNOTE_2**
    Final - First and likely only version of this FAQ completed.
            12:19 AM 10/2/2012
                               Section Three: Legalities             **SWAPNOTE_3**
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    © 2012 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).
    If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
    e-mail: keyblade999.faqs@gmail.com, or PM (Private Message) me on the GameFAQs
    message boards.
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    |                                   |    |  Cheats Guru (www.cheatsguru.com)  |
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                           Section Four: Basics of the Game          **SWAPNOTE_4**
    ~~ Circle Pad/D-Pad: - (Left/Right) Choose different notes; change ink color.
                         - (Up/Down) Choose between 2D and 3D tools; select page.
                         - (Right) Speed up note reading.
                         - (Left) Slow down note reading.
    ~~ A Button: - Read a chosen note.
                 - Display entire page of note while playing note.
    ~~ B Button: - Return to main menu.
    ~~ X Button: - Suspend delivery via StreetPass.
    ~~ Y Button: N/A.
    ~~ L/R Buttons: - Show unread/favorite notes.
    ~~ Start Button: N/A.
    ~~ Select Button: N/A.
    ~~ HOME Button: Return to home menu.
    After using Swapnote for the first time, you'll be asked several settings-based
    questions, which you can find in the Settings option of the main menu.
    Afterwards, you can tap a note to read it, write a note, or go into the options
    menu, more or less.
    Writing a Note
    Initially, you can only use a four-page note with no real special effects. You
    can write various things on it, and erase them as needed. As you make more
    notes, you'll unlock other features. I'll just mention them all; write more
    notes if you haven't gotten them all yet.
    Tap the pen icon at the bottom if you want a 3D pen, or to swap to a 2D pen.
    You can also choose a 3D eraser, or a 2D eraser. Icons show up marking what
    you're using. Next to these is an inkwell - it just marks how much ink you're
    able to use.
    The block-and-arrow button next to them is more interesting. There, you can
    attach Nintendo 3DS photos, recordings (5.00 seconds or under), change
    stationery and paper design, assign a date, and just quit making the note.
    Photos and recordings, once made available, will cost Play Coins, as will the
    stationery, though the stationery will come for free for some, and beyond
    that will coin five Play Coins for each new stationery. Stationery applies a
    new theme to the background of the note.
    Attaching a date allows you to make it look like it was made that day, in the
    past, or prevent its opening until a set future date. You can set up to a week
    either way, though note that the 3DS date must be set properly for correct
    Other than that, once you've fixed these just-mentioned details, you're ready
    to roll. Draw on the four pages with your stylus, using the arrows to switch
    pages as needed. Beware the ink you use, and how it counts both 2D and 3D.
    Also note that erasing will return ink to your inkwell.
    Once you're ready, tap "Save".
    Sending & Receiving Notes
    In Swapnote, you can get and receive notes through both StreetPass (walking
    near a local person's 3DS) and SpotPass (the Internet). They need to be
    active before you can use them.
    To set a specific note to send - you apparently only are allowed just one -
    cycle to that note in the main menu and tap the icon at the top of the Touch
    Screen. Choose how to send it and you're ready to go.
    With StreetPass, it is mostly just limited to anyone you pass by on your
    friend list. They also must have this game amd its StreetPass activated.
    With SpotPass, you will pick one specific person on your friend list who you
    want to have it. As with StreetPass, they must have the game and the SpotPass
    Reading Notes
    Tap the note at the main menu to read it. That's pretty much it.
    If you want, you can tap the specific page you want to begin at, mark the note
    as a favorite (tap the crown), or open the reading menu with the arrow button.
    This will let you edit the note (if you wrote it), see who you sent it to via
    SpotPass and their friends, save photo attachments, and save Nintendo 3DS Sound
    recordings. These latter two options will not be immediately able to be used,
    and will be require Play Coins once you can use them.
    |                      This is the end of KeyBlade999's                       |
    |                        FAQ for the Nintendo 3DS game                        |
    |                                  Swapnote.                                  |
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              | |            | |
              | |            | |
              | |____________| |________________________________________
              | |____________| |_________________________               |
              | |            | |                         | |\   /\   /| |
              | |            | |                         | | \ /  \ / | |
              | |____________| |                         | | (_)  (_) | |
              |________________|                         |_|          |_|
                              ___       ___       ___
                             /'__`\    /'__`\    /'__`\
                            /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \
                            \ \___, \ \ \___, \ \ \___, \
                             \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \
                                  \ \_\     \ \_\     \ \_\
                                   \/_/      \/_/      \/_/

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