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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    Table of Contents

    1. Donations
    2. Introduction
    3. Walkthrough
      1. Notes and Formatting (READ!)
      2. Prologue 1: The Wanderers
      3. Prologue 2: Where the Strong Survive
      4. Prologue 3: The Swords That Smite Evil
      5. Prologue 4: The Man the Devils Fear
      6. Prologue 5: Dead Re-Rising
      7. Chapter 1: Welcome to the Koryuji House
      8. Chapter 2: The Fighting Vipers
      9. Chapter 3: The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne
      10. Chapter 4: Arisu in Wonderland
      11. Chapter 5: The God Eaters
      12. Chapter 6: Justice Among the Skyscrapers
      13. Chapter 7: The .hackers
      14. Chapter 8: The Domain of Dreams
      15. Chapter 9: Justice Over Evil
      16. Chapter 10: The King of Iron Fist
      17. Chapter 11: Across Infinite Time
      18. Chapter 12: Fury Sparks
      19. Chapter 13: Valkyries' Adventure
      20. Chapter 14: Eternal Rivals
      21. Chapter 15: The Gain Ground System
      22. Chapter 16: Detestable Golden Sunny Demon
      23. Chapter 17: Operation Crackdown
      24. Chapter 18: Light and Darkness
      25. Chapter 19: Thus Spake Eternity
      26. Chapter 20: The Maverick Hunters
      27. Chapter 21: The House of the Dead
      28. Chapter 22: God, Man, and Demon
      29. Chapter 23: Ulala's Swingin' Report Show
      30. Chapter 24: Maidens of the Battlefield
      31. Chapter 25: A Storm of Romance
      32. Chapter 26: Warriors Beyond Reality
      33. Chapter 27: The Dimensional Cliff
      34. Chapter 28: The Realm of Overlords
      35. Chapter 29: An Unbeatable Love
      36. Chapter 30: City of Mercy
      37. Chapter 31: Key to Another World
      38. Chapter 32: Dead Rising Again
      39. Chapter 33: Die Even Harder
      40. Chapter 34: Is Paris Burning Again?
      41. Chapter 35: The Dark Savior
      42. Chapter 36: Nemesis
      43. Chapter 37: A Familiar Future
      44. Chapter 38: The Lord of Puppets
      45. Chapter 39: The Devil Never Cries
      46. Chapter 40: Treasure on the Horizon
      47. Chapter 41: The Winged Wanderers
    4. Fighter Profiles
      1. Section Format (READ!)
      2. Mii & Kogoro
      3. Akira & Pai
      4. Jin & Xiaoyu
      5. Ryu & Ken
      6. Haken & Kaguya
      7. Dante & Demitri
      8. Toma & Cyrille
      9. Chun-Li & Morrigan
      10. Frank & Hsien-Ko
      11. Chris & Jill
      12. Reiji & Xiaomu
      13. Soma & Alisa
      14. Gemini & Erica
      15. Zephyr & Leanne
      16. Kite & BlackRose
      17. Ichiro & Sakura
      18. Yuri & Estelle
      19. Kurt & Riela
      20. KOS-MOS & T-elos
      21. MegaMan X & Zero
      22. Sänger
      23. Valkyrie
      24. Arthur
      25. Rikiya
      26. Bruno
      27. Heihachi
      28. Bahn
      29. Tron
      30. Vashyron
      31. Lindow
      32. Flynn
      33. Devilotte
      34. Lady
      35. Batsu
      36. Imca
      37. Alisa
      38. Ulala
      39. Saya
      40. Juri
    5. Enemy Bestiary
    6. Items Listings
      1. Apple Gel
    7. Gear Listings
      1. 765kg Hammer
    8. Accessory Listings
      1. Aura Figurine
    9. Credits
    10. Version History
    11. Legalities
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    • Game: Project X Zone
    • Console: Nintendo 3DS
    • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
    • Version: v1.00
    • Time of Update: 1:43 PM 7/11/2013
    • File Size: 614 KB


    While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

    Donation/Contact E-Mail




    Welcome to my most recent FAQ/Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS. This will cover what will probably be my first major FAQing project this summer: the new release Project X Zone! To be honest, I have no idea as to why I bought this. I'm not saying it's bad - I'm writing this intro before even playing - but it's not quite something I've heard of. I guess it might have something to do with me wanting to get off of those crappy GameBoy games?

    Eh, whatever the reason, here I am, playing another 3DS game. Something to tide me over until Mario & Luigi: Dream Team comes out, although perhaps I'll find myself hoping for future entries into a series from this. Project X Zone is indeed an excellent multi-series crossover game, including characters from famed series such as MegaMan X, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and numerous others, battling in a style not unlike that of Final Fantasy Tactics, perhaps one of my favorite turn-based strategy/RPGs.

    All of my meaningless babbling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ!!


    Notes and Formatting (READ!)

    Firstly, we'll cover some notes on the guide in general. I got this type of complaint a lot with my other FAQs for similar games (Pokémon Conquest, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses for example), so I will note it now.

    I cannot and will not hold your hand through every battle like other FAQs might for other games. This is not possible in this game; the enemies' movements are determined by the AI and are random for even having done the same movements. It's all random in that. I can and will give general strategies, don't get me wrong - but I cannot tell you to move X spaces here, attack in X manner, and so on. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but that's how the game works. Get over it.

    And another note - this walkthrough is written from the viewpoint of a New Game. New Game+ will differ slightly in enemy statistics and items.

    As far as formatting is concerned, it should be pretty easy to interpret. The main thing I wanted to note are the abbreviations used in the enemy data charts. Most of those (ATK = Attack, DEF = Defense) are pretty obvious. One stat there is called "A / S / M-Atk. Ranges". This means, in order, the range of the enemy's normal attack, his Special Attack, and his Multi-Attack. It was abbreviated as such to try and make the data tables look a lot less crappy - which they still do - and still fit within GameFAQs's standard cell-merging max of nine cells.

    I think that's about it. Hope you enjoy.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    The year is sometime in the 21st century, much like in the MegaMan games. The world is being attacked by an unseen evil. Dimensional portals are connecting the world of reality to more fantastical ones. As time passes, people understand and accept these things without knowing who is fighting the evil.

    The Koryuji Estate.

    A certain family has worked hidden throughout history, altering it as needed to maintain a relative level of peace. This story will begin with the theft of the treasure called the Portalstone - an item the family has protected throughout time. Mii Koryuji has enlisted the aid of a detective to help find the stolen Portalstone, while the burning question is "Why?"

    The fates of a number of beings have been changed because of this, causing a great source of turmoil - the past, future, and present worlds, even those in other dimensions, have been drawn together into this long adventure and quest for our heroes.

    Our adventure begins as we see Mii outside her mansion, awaiting the detective. Kogoro soon arrives - Mii's private tutor. After some talking, they finally get on the subject of the theft. Several people suddenly arrive, perhaps the thieves back for more!

    • Victory: Defeat all enemies
    • Defeat: Kogoro and Mii are both defeated or exceed 99 Turns
    • Enemies: Oros Serpus x3
    • Allies: Mii & Kogoro
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Oros Serpus3,3571091001008741 / - / -Green Herb, Panacea Bottle, Restore Pill

    This battle will begin with a brief tutorial. You can move allies of yours via the Circle Pad within the blue tiles. The D-Pad below it can adjust the camera zoom (Up/Down) and the angle (Left/Right). The X Button will be used to open the Command Menu, which will allow you to use Skills, use Items, view Stats, or make a Quicksave. You can also "Standby" with the B Button - basically skip or end the turn. The Touch Screen (or L/R with the Circle Pad) opens Free Cursor Mode, allowing you to check the other units on the map or such things; use B or X to exit this mode. The Tutorial found under "Database" on the Command Menu's second page (X switches pages) will give more info.

    After some talking, you learn how to do battle. If you move an unit's surrounding orange area - what they can hit - over an enemy, press the A Button to start a normal battle. Use the attacks shown on-screen (which use the Circle Pad/D-Pad with the A Button) to attack. If you get 100% XP - Cross Points - you can also use the Y Button to do a Special Attack; XP is also used in Skills and Responses. Units' turns end after the battle, like in Standby.

    Okay, that'll suffice for now, given the simplicity of this battle. Since your attack range is 3 right now, going to the southeasternmost tip of your movement range will allow you to begin a battle with the Oros Serpus there. Use whatever attacks you like against it; you'll probably get three in. Right + A seems ideal. I will note that properly timing your attacks so that the opponent doesn't touch the ground will allow you to get in critical hits, extending your Max Hit counter and also allowing you to deal more damage!

    Afterwards, you'll learn that turn order is, obviously, determined by Speed (SPD) - the higher yours is, the faster you get to go. The cumulative of every units' turn is a Turn - if you have more than 99 taken, then it's a Game Over regardless of your closeness to winning.

    During your opponent's turn, you can use XP to use a Response if hit by a Normal Attack - you can Counter(attack), Defense, or Full Defense. However, the Stun status prevents any Response.

    That's about it. For this battle, there is no particular level of strategy needed, to be honest - just smash them up, really, and liberally use XP on Responses, preferably counters. If you do get in trouble, you can use the Skill "Emergency Rations" (20% XP) to heal 30% of your HP, or just a Green Herb to do it. These enemies often drop Green Herbs, after all.


    After the battle, we still have no idea as to why these monsters appeared here, especially after having already taken the Portalstone. Hm...

    Anyways, you'll reach a menu next. For now, all you can really do is save ("Data Save"). You can also press the X Button to look at the previously-mentioned tutorials and other details. Press the B Button to move on.


    Prologue 2: Where the Strong Survive

    In another place, we find Xiaoyu chasing after Jin - woo, Tekken universe. The latter is trying to figure out what's happening to him. Suddenly, a fountain glows a searing yellow and a number of demons leap from the portal! Jin begins to have a strange reaction to their presence, as if they want him. Allying these enemies, perhaps, is a silver-skinned humanoid. (Anyone with Virtua Fighter knowledge knows it as Dural.)

    Soon enough, Pai and Akira pop up. Apparently famous movie stars, Xiaoyu begins to think they're on a movie set; it's no movie however. Pai and Akira are chasing down Dural. After the introductions are made, Jin requests that everyone else flee, in vain. After some more talking, the battle begins.

    • Victory:
      • Use the Y Button to rescue Jin by Turn 1's end
      • Wipe out all enemies
      • Defeat Juri or V-Dural
    • Defeat:
      • Allies are defeated
      • Jin is not rescued by Turn 1's end
      • 99 Turns are exceeded
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Juri Han (Lv. 1)12,2011001061069662 / 2 / 3Mochi Balls
    Red Arremer2,853100100921016 (flies)1 / - / -Ether Pack S, Restore Pill
    V-Dural (Lv. 1)18,7721001141069662 / 2 / 3N/A

    As your turn comes around, you learn that you can rescue KO'ed (0 HP) allies if you have 100% XP; all you need to do then is get next to them and press the Y Button to restore half of their maximum HP. This will end the rescuer's turn.

    Anyways, once your turn comes around, head southeast to the green guy, Jin - this is how a character will look at zero HP. Press the Y Button to rescue him, lest you lose. After this, you get a brief tutorial on Support Units/Attacks. If you have an ally in one of the eight squares around yours, you can call that other unit into battle alongside yours for a Support Attack. The R Button will suffice for their Support Attacks. Additionally, the simultaneous hit of your attacks and those of a Support Unit will allow the special Cross Hit, suspending the enemy in mid-air. This will let the XP gauge go beyond its 100% cap to 150% during the time a Cross Hit is in effect!

    When Jin's turn comes around, you can initially attack one of the Red Arremers nearby. However, I recommend going to the southwest of Akira and Pai to get closer to the other enemies. During the battle with that enemy nearby, do be sure to use Right + A on your attack and the Support Moves (R) as well to deal out a cross hit and lots of damage. ;) A one-hit KO is very likely.

    Soon after this, someone runs up to Dural, possibly an ally ... of Dural's, obviously. This is Juri Han, who has some association with Pai and Akira, but mostly with S.I.N., some kind of evil military organization, I suppose. As she threatens for battle, some more allies - this time, yours! - arrive. You should know them, hopefully - Ryu and Ken!

    After some banter, you regain control of the battle. It would be ideal to focus on V-Dural or Juni at this point - not both, though! Since you only need to get one of them, and they're obviously resilient (look at their stats), you need to finish them quickly. When you battle V-Dural, do note that it cannot be hurt while in the air; the same is true for Juni. I prefer to focus on Juni (she has about 65% of the HP V-Dural does) and vigorously abuse Support Units and Cross Hits. In this battle, in every case, the preferable attacks are executed with Right and A in battle.

    Also note that it is easy in this battle to get multiple targets in your sights. If you want to attack a specific enemy, use L/R to make that small blue triangle move onto the enemy you want to hit; their name also appears in the bottom-left. Pretty much just gang up on Juni and you should win; I would recommend spending your Responses on Defending from Juni's/V-Dural's attacks - they're rather powerful.


    After the battle, Juni and V-Dural will leave. As Xiaoyu begins to elaborate on what's going on with Jin, a light erupts from the fountain nearby, leaving only Pai and Akira behind - Jin, Xiaoyu, Ryu, and Ken are gone! Akira's thoughts pretty much sum up our own - what's going on!?

    Save and move on.


    Prologue 3: The Swords That Smite Evil

    We find ourselves in a rather technologically-filled area. As our two new heroes enter, they find the dimensional transport rather dysfunctional. Kaguya thinks the portal is actually connecting to another world at the moment. Anyways, they decide to clean up the area nearby as, suddenly, a number of enemies teleport from beyond the portal!

    • Victory: Defeat all enemies
    • Defeat: Haken & Kaguya are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Defense Droid Alpha x2
    • Allies: Haken & Kaguya
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Defense Droid Alpha (Lv. 1)2,349106106100975 (flies)1 / - / -Restore Pill, Green Herb

    As the battle begins, "breakable objects" are noted. To get rid of them, you simply need to move next to it and press the Y Button. This may yield items, per RPG tradition. Here, the big craggy stones are the breakable objects, but you can also use Free Cursor Mode (L+R+Circle Pad) to see. Typically, breaking rocks will not affect turns - of course, their placement is more than just to annoy you. I mean, you can see that it would have a strategic use in more complex battles.

    Anyways, you may want to begin by breaking open the nearby smaller rocks. I suppose that, if you want, you can move to the southwestern tip of your move range to be able to get the Droids on the next turn. Thanks to your big movement and attack range, you can try also to get a Droid while close to the other on Turn 2. Keep that kind of stuff in mind in case the Droids wisely decide to flee. ;)

    By the way, overall, Left + A is the best attack here. It has the same strength as our usual choice (Right + A), but more chance of critical hits - three of these usually land me 36 hits totalling around 3,300 damage. If you want the XP, though, go ahead with Right + A.


    After the battle, the teleporter will suddenly turn on - something is probably being sent from the other side. It turns out to be a human, dazed as to his location. Haken asks for his name, and gets a similar request in return. As the man wonders if their names and this world is simply a coincidental meeting, he tells them his name: Sänger Zonvolt, pilot of the Dygenguard and crew member of the Kurogane.

    After they get to talking, it seems Sänger's "New AD" world is close to Haken's. Haken offers him the chance to return, which he accepts. As the transporter is readied, more enemies travel through! Kaguya suddenly senses some spiritual power from Sänger's blade and requests to hold it; after a quick chant, a colossal sword is revealed! Sänger names it the "Type-X Colossal Blade"; how ... creative.

    Another enemy drops through, this one more powerful than the previous ones - he greets you as Jedah Dohma. After some odd talking from him, his deviousness is sensed pretty easily - maybe he's not even human. Jedah ignores this and simply says that he is looking for souls. Soon, the battle begins.

    • Victory: Defeat Jedah
    • Defeat: Haken & Kaguya are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Jedah Dohma x1, Q-Bee x2
    • Allies: Haken & Kaguya, Sänger
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Jedah Dohma (Lv. 1)11,263100102106996 (flies)2 / 3 / 4Gold Orb
    Q-Bee (Lv. 1)3,692106102951035 (flies)2 / - / 2Green Herb, Mochi Balls

    NOTICE: The turn count from the previous battle will carry over into this one. As if it matters much.

    As the battle begins, you learn about Solo Units, such as Sänger. If you place Solo Units with Pair Units (which as those like we've used previously), you can call them out to perform Solo Attacks in battle. The L Button will activate their Solo Attack once per battle sequence. Additionally, Solo Units will have their Skills affect the Pair Unit. Solo Units can be used in conjunction with Support Units and/or Pair Units in battle sequences, effectively allowing three simultaneous strikes!

    You'll get to place this Solo Unit at the Unit Settings screen, which just so conveniently appears after all of the text. Place him with Haken and Kaguya, for the obvious reason that it makes things easier. After this, you get details on Cross Hit with regards to three simultaneous attacks. Cross Hits only require two attacks to be maintained.

    Anyways, with regards to your first move... If you look nearby, there should be three pink pools, to the southeast of which you'll see some lights on the floor. Stand on the southern corner of the southwesternmost light - you'll be just beyond the reach of an attack. This should let you get one in on the next turn.

    During this battle, I don't really recommend using your XP to counter - it's better for you to save it up for Jedah. You'll need to trudge through those two other enemies to get to him anyways, so you'll be able to build it up in plenty of time. Be sure to liberally use the Solo Attack command, and also time it well to get in bunches of hits. You will likely run somewhat low in HP on this fight because of the enemies' strength; you can always use a Green Herb if you need to. (For the record, Jedah does around 600 damage per attack.)


    After the battle, Jedah will express only mild surprise at being beaten, but it's of no concern - the "salvation" still can happen in the future. His retreat will wreck the teleporter, leaving Sänger here in the Endless Frontier, for now - Haken will get some kooky scientist to fix it.

    You get the idea by now - save and move on.


    Prologue 4: The Man the Devils Fear

    We will watch as a woman, the Valkyrie, enters the Devil May Cry agency - as you can probably guess from that alone, she is going to meet with Dante. Bad news it is, for she's been blacklisted in the demon world. But that's another matter for another day - some creepy-looking dude is behind her, Demitri. They seem to have came here for the same person, albeit for different purposes.

    Anyways, to business. It seems that Jedah Dohma - you know him, right? =P - is causing the crisis in the underworld. Valkyrie needs Dante to go to the Marvel Land, a sealed-off site in the desert.

    We later watch their arrival at the circle of light deep inside a pyramid. There is a magic circle nearby - unstable, but safe for now. It is a portal to another world, through which demons sometimes enter. Obviously, you need to beat them. As for the chests? They sometimes come by, too. So, anyways, battle.

    • Victory: Open all of the treasure chests
    • Defeat: Dante & Demitri are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Chaox x2
    • Allies: Dante & Demitri, Valkyrie
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Chaox (Lv. 1)2,349102102100975 (flies)1 / - / -Ether Pack S

    You'll begin with a tutorial on treasure chests, which can be opened by simply moving next to them and pressing Y. They will get you items to use. Like with breaking items, getting them won't waste a turn, either.

    Anyways, begin by breaking the chest nearby and perhaps the stone near where you started. Go ahead and focus on beating the enemies for now, since they're pretty weak - the use of a Solo Attack with the Left + A Pair Attack should really work it well, and those aren't even your most powerful moves! (Right + A is.) After beating the two weaklings, go grab the chest(s)' treasures.

    NOTE: For an ideal position in the next battle, regarding Support Attacks, try to move Dante & Demitri to the northwest side of the chest before opening it.

    Just after grabbing the second, some kind of enemy will pop through the portal, allied by several underlings - she is Riemsianne, ruler of Fyrlandt. She seems to have no allegiance with the nearby demons, though. Odd... As Valkyrie asks how she even got here, two others (Toma and Cyrille) teleport nearby, saying it was their system that was used.

    As the banter rambles on, another development occurs - Arthur, the Knight of Silver and an old Devil Hunter, appears. Anyways, after some more rambling, Toma, Cyrille, and Arthur join you and...

    • Victory: Defeat Riemsianne
    • Defeat: All allies are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Hell Pride x2, Succubus x2, Riemsianne La Vaes x1
    • Allies: Dante & Demitri (paired with Valkyrie), Toma & Cyrille (paired with Arthur)
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Hell Pride (Lv. 1)3,8601021001009751 / - / -Green Herb
    Riemsianne La Vaes (Lv. 1)14,079100103106996 (flies)3 / 3 / 5Ether Pack L
    Succubus (Lv. 1)3,8601021001101015 (flies)1 / - / -Panacea Bottle, Restore Pill

    As far as the turn count is concerned, this one again leaves off where the previous did.

    Anyways, odds are, you'll be starting with Toma & Cyrille's turn. That one is simple enough - move southeast to the Succubus and battle. Like with the enemies in the previous battle, it's pretty likely that you'll one-hit-kill these guys with use the of the Solo Attack. You could also use an additional Support Attack if you did as I asked and put Dante & Demitri in the northwest side of the treasure chest (now Riemsianne).

    I do recommend keeping the two parties close together. It will help out with Support Attacks, and will greatly enable you in defeating the side enemies for additional EXP./XP. To note, I would quit using Responses with the last enemy other than Riemsianne to be fought. Otherwise, it's a pretty easy slaughter, actually. Just beware Riemsianne's Special if you take too long - it's rather painful, dealing over 1,500 damage easily.


    After the battle, Riemsianne notes the power that these foreigners have and wonders if she could obtain all of the power across all of the worlds. She suddenly activates the magic circle, taking everyone but Dante, Demitri, and Valkyrie with her - probably back to their own world. The group splits to do their own things.

    Well, save and continue onward!


    Prologue 5: Dead Re-Rising

    We find ourselves now on a cruise liner. Chun-Li, an Interpol agent, is speaking with Rikiya concerning the shipping of the goods on the ship. They speak on as Bruno comes in, and they speak on... They decide to inspect the ship. Chun-Li meets with Hsien-Ko on the way - she being a Dark Hunter and all makes things a bit more complicated. Things suddenly get ever more quiet.

    Outside, Chun-Li notes the obvious, Rikiya gets ideas about ghost ships, and stuff. Suddenly, we notice Morrigan in the pool - she's from some other world, apparently. Suddenly, a bunch of monsters pop in, led by Lord Raptor. Meanwhile, Frank West comes in, we give a backstory to him, and tensions rise until...

    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Ebitan (Lv. 1)2,349100103959251 / - / -Ether Pack S, Orange Gel, Restore Pill
    Lord Raptor (Lv. 1)15,9561001061069962 / 2 / 3First Aid Spray
    Ooze (Lv. 1)2,853102102908952 / - / -Restore Pill, Green Herb
    Zombie (Blue) (Lv. 1)2,517100100928944 / - / -Panacea Bottle, Poison Bottle

    When the battle begins, start by pairing off your Solo Units. I felt it ideal to stick Rikiya with Frank and Hsien-Ko because their Range can be increased by their Skill, and his Skill raises attack. Do as you will, though.

    As could be assumed, Lord Raptor is on the opposite side of the field from your parties. Going to him directly and only doing so will be a pointless effort, given the Zombies surrounding him. Rather, I'd first take out the nearby Zombies to grind up EXP./XP. Also, around the field, you'll see icons that look like encircled P's or S's - these are treasures you can break open while waiting on Lord Raptor to come to you.

    Most of the fights are going to be pretty easy, given the Zombies' weakness, so you shouldn't have much problem beating them, especially if you abuse the Support Attacks and Solo Attacks.

    After a while, you'll see two more new people: Chris and Jill, members of the anti-bioterror unit known as the B.S.A.A. They've been here tracking some people and apparently just got caught up in this mess along with bringing some new enemies. After all of the introductions are done, Heihachi Mishima arirves. After some more backstory/intro, he joins you, too.

    After the scene, you'll regroup the solo units with the parties, with Heihachi as a solo. You'll then get a tutorial on Multi-Attacks (M-Atk). They cost 100% XP to use; press the Start Button to change your Attack's range to a light-blue, showing that you can do a multi-attack. Some allies have them initially, others as they level-up.

    Anyways, once you regain control, head several steps to the southwest and get all three of the Oozes in your attack range to hit them with a Multi-Attack. Trust me, you'll kill them - you'll deal over 16,000 cumulative damage. O_o After this, you can pretty much return to your earlier strategem of ganging up on the undead guys and using Support/Solo Attacks liberally. Try to save what you can of the XP gauge as you widdle down the enemy's numbers so you can do Specials on Lord Raptor - remember, he's still your goal, even if you delve off for EXP./items like I did.

    Speaking of delving off, you'll want to send Chris & Jill to the southeast. Odds are, Lord Raptor is going there to get Chun-Li & Morrigan. He's also likely to be accompanied by several Zombies, so the Multi-Attack will be plenty useful there. Also, regarding Lord Raptor, you need to fight him in mid-air because he can't be hit on the ground - be sure to use your attacks with decent timing!


    After the battle, Lord Raptor reveals the critical fact that it is Jedah backing him up, for whatever reason, before leaving.

    Once the enemy has fled, a story is almost dragged out of Heihachi before Morrigan senses something coming from the fountain. This probably has something to do it being a dimensional portal. Since the crew's gone, could it be perhaps their proximity to the fountain that got them sent away somewhere el--

    Oh, yeah, I guess so. Anyways, save and move on.


    Chapter 1: Welcome to the Koryuji House

    We find ourselves back outside the Koryuji mansion with Mii and Kogoro - you remember, from the first part? They haven't found much pertaining to the monsters from before, although Kogoro suspects the nearby fountain. It's a good thing, too - it suddenly shines bright and the earth shakes. We then find Chun-Li and Morrigan popping out; went for a swim, did they? After some introductions, they get the backstory from the previous prologue episode.

    Soon thereafter, some more things pop through the portal. Well, we might as well "get physical" with these suspects.

    lol I love Morrigan's sense of humor. ... She was kidding, right? Right?

    • Victory: Wipe out all of the enemies
    • Defeat: All allies are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Oros Primus x2
    • Allies: Mii & Kogoro, Chun-Li & Morrigan
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Oros Primus (Lv. 1)3,524106109909751 / - / -Green Herb, Cure Kit

    Okay, so nothing complicated with this one, now that you've had plenty of time to get used to this game's battle system. Simply approach the northeastern enemy and attack it. If you kill it, great; if not, let your other unit (Mii & Kogoro) take care of the other unit with the aid of a Support Attack. ;) Then you can swap roles if the Counter response fails you.


    Soon after the battle, several more enemies pop up, one of whom is obviously the leader, claiming his scouts were late. Oh, they're late - just not in that sense. >:) He also claims to be looking for something before giving his name: Eins Belanos. Obviously, he's here to get something, but we're not going to just let him walk in.

    • Victory: Defeat Eins Belanos
    • Defeat: All allies are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Oros Primus x2, Kamaitachi (Blue) x2, Eins Belanos x1
    • Allies: Mii & Kogoro, Chun-Li & Morrigan
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Eins Belanos (Lv. 1)18,77210310610610362 / 2 / 3Omnipotent Soda, Tiger Pancakes
    Kamaitachi (Blue) (Lv. 1)2,34910010292975 (flies)1 / - / -Restore Pill
    Oros Primus (Lv. 1)3,524106109909751 / - / -Green Herb, Cure Kit

    The main thing here is little different from the previous battle. At least for a few turns, though, sit around - the Kamitachis should come to you, which will isolate them from their allies, making things easier on your HP. Other than that? Really, there's not much - just be sure to gang up on everyone and heal when needed.


    After the battle, Eins frustratedly leaves, making the group of four think he's the main one to blame insofar. He's probably being backed up by some powerful group as well. This is not boding well... Anyways, the group decides to head to Roppongi in Tokyo.

    During the intermission, be sure to actually equip your party with any Gear/Accessories, such as Orbs, you may have gotten in previous areas. This is the first time you get to do so, and should do so. There's not much else to deal with here, so save and move on.


    Chapter 2: The Fighting Vipers

    Meanwhile, in Tokyo, we find Akira and Pai, still searching for their missing allies. The fountain yielded nothing to them. They decide to look around some more. Meanwhile, Kogoro and the others arrive. Suddenly, the fountain flashes a bright yellow, spewing out more monsters - kind of funny the way Akira and Pai jumped back. =P Confusion and familiarity abound as the groups converge.

    • Victory: Wipe out all of the enemies! (Later, just Drei Belanos.)
    • Defeat: Kogoro & Mii are defeated; 99 Turns are exceeded
    • Enemies: Ebitan x6, Kamaitachi (Orange) x3, Oros Serpus x2, Drei Belanos x1
    • Allies: Mii & Kogoro, Chun-Li & Morrigan, Akira & Pai, Bahn (Solo)
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Drei Belanos (Lv. 1)20,6491001061069162 / 2 / 3Tiger Pancakes
    Ebitan (Lv. 1)2,349100103959251 / - / -Ether Pack S, Orange Gel, Restore Pill
    Kamaitachi (Orange) (Lv. 1)2,517100102100975 (flies)2 / - / -Poison Bottle, Restore Pill, Panacea Bottle
    Oros Serpus (Lv. 1)3,3571091001008741 / - / -Green Herb, Panacea Bottle, Restore Pill

    The battle begins with just the Ebitans. You've dealt with these guys before; that alone should signify their weakness. It won't be hard for you to one-hit-kill these guys with each unit individually, seeing as they're probably Level 2 by now. So, for now, just take them on one-by-one.

    As you work on the last few, a group of five more monsters will appear, obviously through a dimensional portal of some sort. The leader quickly notes that he is Drei Belanos, apparently Eins's overseer. After the traditional banter, someone else appears - Bahn, one of the Fighting Vipers, and an acquaintance of Pai and Akira. He's apparently looking for someone who likely got caught in the teleporting frenzy that's been going on lately to "settle a few scores". But I suppose he won't object to a warm-up. Slip him into whichever party you want - I'd go for Mii & Kogoro, due to the "Defeat" conditions.

    Once you regain control... Well, honestly, the strategy isn't all that much different. Most of the enemies can still be killed in one battle without Support Attacks, except for Drei, obviously. Drei isn't much harder to beat. I would recommend devoting two units first to clearing out the local enemies and let one more widdle down on Drei's HP before sending all three in to rip him a new one. >:) Primarily, keep Specials in mind and that they don't count towards the attacks-per-turn counter.


    After the battle, the group soon decides to search for Ryu and the others again. They take residence outside Kogoro's office for the time being as they rib him for his financial status before entering. Meanwhile, on the roof...

    Anyways, in the intermission, shuffle Bahn around as you like, though I'd keep him with Mii and Kogoro. That's about it beyond the usual, so save and move on.


    Chapter 3: The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne

    Hey, cool, a place I actually freakin' know! (To the curious, it's Kattelox Island from MegaMan Legends / MegaMan 64, the first game I ever wrote an FAQ for. ^_^) It seems they've picked up an odd energy source on Kattelox, not to mention weird goings-on, including "blasts from the past", so to speak. The rocket for MML3's never-going-to-happen release (darn you, Capcom) will be further delayed as the energy source is tracked to a fountain.

    Meanwhile, we see Frank and Hsien-Ko in Williamette - before the zombie outbreak. Perhaps these portals can distort time then, too. Meanwhile, we find Tron Bonne and some of her Servbots nearby - pretty far from Terra, I imagine. The Servbots also see a number of zombies and Reaverbots nearby. Meanwhile, the three human(oids?) talk and find out that Tron's from the far future. (The canon being like in the ninth or tenth millennium.)

    Someone else teleports in - the one who phased the Gnosis back to normal space. Which may be odd, given she's an android made to fight it: T-elos. She's currently looking for KOS-MOS, and is willing to kill anyone in her way.

    • Victory:
      • Initial: Wipe out all enemies
      • Later: It switches to just T-elos
    • Defeat:
      • Initial: Frank & Hsien-Ko are defeated; 99 Turns exceeded
      • Later: It switches to Kogoro & Mii; 99 Turns exceeded
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Goblin (Lv. 4)3,129106117959351 / - / -Green Herb, Restore Pill
    Horokko (Lv. 4)2,577108112959341 / - / -Ether Pack S
    Red Horokko (Lv. 4)2,761108112959342 / - / -Orange Gel
    T-elos (Lv. 4)25,12612210911210762 / 2 / 4VB-Rain

    Do take note of the four chests around the field - one to the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. Also note that T-elos is in the southeast, so it may be best to avoid her - or, then again, maybe not. If you're not confident in your skills - FYI, these enemies are easily one-hit-killed - you should aim straight for T-elos and blast her. Otherwise, progress through what enemies you can for extra EXP., then get her.

    After one turn, you'll three familiar allies, anyways! Yeah, it seems you didn't get all that far off - you're still in Tokyo! And not near Kogoro's probably-nonexistent office! I gotta say, though, this mood does not fit the Tron Bonne/Servbot/MegaMan Legends mood at all. I'm also finding it weird how all these people know each other. Eh, whatever. You just got some people to join ya. Swap the Solo Units around as desired. To note, Tron is only useful with Mii & Kogoro - can't fully revive someone if you're having a Game Over, right? - and is helpful to them in general. As for Bahn? You can generally try anyone - he's a bit of a jack-of-all-units.

    Strategically, you should be more than fine! You have plenty of powerful people up against one-hit-kill enemies and T-elos. I'd stick around to get the enemies and treasure done with before T-elos - you have plenty of time and plenty of man (and woman (and Servbot)) power to spare. T-elos should definitely be ganged-up on, though - you may even want to get someone to widdle down her HP before you're done plundering, for the sake of doing it.

    Personally, my thoughts on the worst-case scenario? You drop your 3DS and the game cartridge ejects. Mostly just be careful on XP consumation - those Specials help with tearing down T-elos.


    After the battle, T-elos decides to leave. (Franks snaps a picture as he does - read what comes on-screen. XD) Apparently, Tron and T-elos (and KOS-MOS) are from the same world. Odd, but whatever. So, anyways, Ryu and Ken and the few others? Well, the group decides to go back through the door and hope for the best.

    During the intermission, configure everyone as desired, though I'd still keep Mii and Kogoro with Tron Bonne for the sake of survival. Also do something with that VB-Rain T-elos hopefully dropped for you. Then save and move on.


    Chapter 4: Arisu in Wonderland

    As luck would have it, through the door, we find ourselves face to face with Saya back in Shibuya. Shibuya is rather hectic place, dimensionally, with the numerous portals wreaking havoc to the point that the place was abandoned. Apparently, Ouma - a group of supernatural criminals - has made it their base, too... Saya is one of them - being a werefox and all - so of course we have to fight.

    After Frank makes more erotica out of Saya first. *rolls eyes*

    • Victory: Defeat Saya
    • Defeat: All allies are defeated (later just Reiji and Xiaomu); 99 Turns exceeded
    • Enemies: Kamaitachi (Red) x3, Kamaitachi (Blue) x3, Kamaitachi (Orange) x3, Aku Tengu x4, Saya x1, Dokumezu x1, Dokugozu x1
    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Aku Tengu (Lv. 3)4,313118121991015 (flies)1 / - / -Mochi Balls, Ether Pack S
    Dokugozu (Lv. 4)21,7591231211139762 / 2 / 3Traffic Safety Charm
    Dokumezu (Lv. 4)20,69812611812410663 / 3 / 3Ouma Mask
    Kamaitachi (Blue) (Lv. 3)2,74411211493995 (flies)1 / - / -Restore Pill
    Kamaitachi (Orange) (Lv. 3)2,940112114102905 (flies)2 / - / -Poison Bottle, Restore Pill, Panacea Bottle
    Kamaitachi (Red) (Lv. 3)2,94011211893995 (flies)1 / - / -Restore Pill, Cure Kit, Panacea Bottle
    Saya (Lv. 4)26,53612311512910862 / 2 / 3Fashionable Lip Cream

    From the get-go, begin by splitting your four units into two groups - one to head northwest and one to head southwest. This is to primarily help eliminate the enemies and doing so with Support Attacks is going to be a bit easier - sometimes, especially the Aku Tengu, are just a few hundred HP points away from a one-battle kill. >_< Additionally, it will help you if Saya comes. Frankly, I'd prefer to leave her for last so as to grind for EXP. more readily, but if she comes, she's a pretty decent threat to you.

    Oh, and don't forget the treasures in the north, east, and west corners of the area!

    Several turns in, Dokugozu and Dokumezu - Saya's underlings from before - come in to complicate things. As things begin to get messy, someone else calls from up above - some new characters to this game, but not to Saya's cronies: Reiji & Xiaomu! After some long introductions (and a reference to Super Mario Bros.: "Welcome to Warp Zone" lol (and perhaps another to FFVII with Shinra?)), we finally get back into the swing of things.

    So, anyways, what now? Well, first note that for Reiji and Xiaomu, the ideal non-special move is Left + A. Other than that, pretty much continue on with your previous strategy. Do be sure to get into Dokugozu and Dokomezu for the sake of getting EXP., obviously - using Support Attacks on him might be ideal, anyways. Specials also aren't too bad if you have several enemies left - XP is easy to grind for here, after all, and these guys are a bit painful.


    After the battle, Saya will leave, just like the others - nope, we can't simply kill anyone. Afterwards, Kogoro reveals that he contacted Shinra - i.e. Reiji and Xiaomu - about the missing Portalstone, and that's apparently something serious...

    You know the deal after the battle. Sift Solo Units around as desired, configure equipment, save, take a nap, etc., before going on to the next bit.


    Chapter 5: The God Eaters

    Meanwhile, we watch a meeting between Eins and Drei and their superior, who remains unnamed, but opting to head to Shibuya, unbeknownst to our heroes. Meanwhile, everyone flashes back to their journey so far. Frank focuses notably on Williamette; Hsien-Ko, the ship... Why and how these areas come about is still a mystery, but Bahn puts it suitably: "A pain in the ass, that's what it is." The group decides to return to Roppongi and plan there, and they quickly zip out of there.

    Meanwhile, you get to watch as three strangers pop through a hole in the wall - one of whom is new to them. As they get acquainted, some Aragami from Alisa's and Soma's realm pop out through the wall. After some banter, the trio decide to fight. Meanwhile, Mii, Kogoro, and the rest of the group walk back and find the big hole in the wall and the battle. After some more chattiness, we got on with business.

    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Blood Doll Chainsaw (Lv. 4)3,017124117979551 / - / -Green Herb, Restore Pill
    Dolled-Up Dwellest (Lv. 4)4,7051151231028941 / - / -Mochi Balls
    Fallen Ogretail (Lv. 4)4,742124120979751 / - / -Green Herb, Mochi Balls
    Ogretail (Lv. 4)4,311120120979551 / - / -Restore Pill
    Treasure Mimic (Lv. 4)2,5481121359611341 / - / -Ether Pack M, Tiger Pancakes
    Vajra (Lv. 4)34,84713712711110862 / 4 / 4First Aid, Upgrade Parts: CQC

    As the battle starts and wears on, remember to remove those roadblock signs and stuff to make sure everyone can actually move freely. Also, treasure-wise, there's one to the northeast of your arriving party (Mii, etc.), and one just beneath the big rift in the wall.

    In all honesty, to guide you through this part is pointless. These four enemies can be killed without Support Attacks in a single battle rather easily, so just obliterate them. >_> Of course, this ease does not last long, as some reinforcements come into the fray soon. Apparently they're Vajra, from Vashyron's world.

    Afterwards... Well, most of the enemies other than the Vajra are still one-battle-kills, really - grind against them for some decent EXP, but remain aware of the Vajra, especially due to his relatively high movement and Special ranges. You may even want someone to grind on him while the rest of the battle rages around you since you won't be easily killing him quickly - Support or no Support - anyways.


    After the battle, we find all of the enemies dead. Soma begins to speak, noticing he's 60 years in the past of his world - and Vashyron several millennia. Suddenly people begin to realize the parallelisms and decide to leave the quantum time physics to the space-time continuum. Alisa, Soma, and Vashyron leave back to their worlds.

    So, what's next? Suddenly, Mii feels the power of the rift growing - and so the suction pulls the whole group in while Saya merely looks on.... A lot is revealed in the next scene as well in a few simple sentences. Anyways, adjust your groups as usual during the intermission.


    Chapter 6: Justice Among the Skyscrapers

    It seems that Soma and Alisa have made it back to their world and time safely enough - and apparently Vashyron is not in his proper place. And neither is Kogoro. Or Bahn. Or anyone. We decide to opt for the simple solution - jump back in. But RPGs never make things simple; the hole has closed up. Soma decides to bring them to the Fenrir for now - basically a God Eater base. First, though, Soma needs to check on Lindow.

    At the church ruins, you are made aware of the infestation. Well, get the bug spray or something.

    NameMax HPATKDEFTECSPDMove RangeA / S / M-Atk. RangesItem Drops
    Blanche (Lv. 5)5,648136142999951 / - / -Mochi Balls, Restore Pill
    Blood Doll Chainsaw (Lv. 5)3,189130123989551 / - / -Green Herb, Restore Pill
    Blood Doll Flame (Lv. 5)3,684131129999952 / - / -Restore Pill
    Cocoon Maiden (Lv. 5)3,1891231191195206 / - / 3Green Herb, Ether Pack S, Orange Gel
    Ogretail (Lv. 5)4,311120120979551 / - / -Restore Pill
    Prelude (Lv. 5)34,01614614811910162 / 4 / 4Apple Gel, Mage's Soul, Red Round Spectacles
    Zygote (Lv. 5)3,0171201241081005 (flies)2 / - / -Poison Bottle, Green Herb

    This won't be all that hard of a battle - all of the enemies here can be killed in a single battle, as before, especially if you begin to use the Support Attacks. The only real difficulty here are the Cocoon Maidens because they can use Multi-Attacks - not necessarily something you want to be hit by. To get them, be sure to end a turn with three or more tiles between you and it, then advance and attack on the next turn.

    Soon, though, an odd being with some nice patriotism for the U.S.A. (XD) appears - Ciseaux. I suppose we could take him and his two new cronies ourselves, but someone else appears suddenly - Erica and Gemini. After some introductions, you regain control.

    Honestly, not much is going to be different this time, nor than usual. You can pretty much send most of your massive party to slaughter the minor enemies under the aforementioned strategy while sending one party or two to decimate Prelude in the meantime. You may also want to double-up against the Blanches, given their obvious resilience. It's not going to be hard - odds are, you have plenty of healing items to survive even if you get hurt.

    Also do be sure to save up your XP towards the end. You can definitely squander it earlier on, but once you hit three or so enemies, just stop countering, using Specials, etc., so you can tear Prelude a new rabbit hole. >:) And, finally, if you're looking for treasure, those small flashing dots - like on the building in the center of the battlefield - contain treasure when you break them somehow.


    After the battle, Ciseaux will flee in a rather skillful manner into the church, then out of there through the glass. Erica and Gemini give their backstory - they came from New York and Paris, France from the 1920s, albeit different from ours, apparently. Lindow is still missing, too... After some prayer, sometime actually happens - just a rift appearing.

    This triggers an intermission. Shift everyone around, equip/re-equip, save, etc. You know what to do by now.